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by MasterVG782

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FAQ/Walkthrough by MasterVG782

Updated: 02/27/15

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gameplay
    1. Tips & Tricks
  3. Walkthrough
    1. Persona 3 Prologue
    2. Persona 4 Prologue
    3. You in Wonderland Ch. 1
    4. You in Wonderland Ch. 2
    5. You in Wonderland Ch. 3
    6. Group Date Cafe Stop 1
    7. Group Date Cafe Stop 2
    8. Group Date Cafe Stop 3
    9. Group Date Cafe Stop 4
    10. Destined Partner Questions
    11. Evil Spirit Club 1st Story
    12. Evil Spirit Club 2nd Story
    13. Evil Spirit Club 3rd Story
    14. Evil Spirit Club 4th Story
    15. Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 1
    16. Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 2
    17. Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 3
    18. Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 4
    19. Clock Tower 1F
    20. Clock Tower 2F
    21. Clock Tower 3F
    22. Clock Tower 4F
    23. Clock Tower 5F
    24. Clock Tower 6F & 7F
    25. Clock Tower 8F & 9F
  4. Elizabeth's Requests
    1. Fuse Xiezhai
    2. Help with the Trading Showdown
    3. Defeat the Card Soldier
    4. Legendary Medicine
    5. Procuring Arrow Materials
    6. Arrest the Food Bandit!
    7. Investigate a Rumor
    8. Investigate You in Wonderland
    9. Request from Mr. X
    10. Obtain a Love Potion
    11. Time for a Warm-up
    12. I Want To Play, Too!
    13. Defeat the Angel of Love
    14. Solve the Music Room Mystery
    15. Obtain a Hellish Pacifier
    16. Which Mascot Reigns Supreme?!
    17. Investigate the Group Date Cafe
    18. Obtain an Evil Eye
    19. Pharmacy Collection
    20. SOS: Save Our Stomachs
    21. Time to Test Your Skills
    22. Convey a Secret Message
    23. Please Escort Us
    24. Defeat the Old Doll
    25. Find Out What Zen Wants!
    26. Walking Time
    27. Share the Fun of a Festival
    28. Box Full of Shadows
    29. Let's Make Zen a Collar!
    30. Investigate the Evil Spirit Club
    31. Obtain a Fluffy Tail
    32. Treasure Hunters Wanted
    33. Study Hall is in Session
    34. Time for a Trial
    35. Lost: Prototype Arrow
    36. Defeat the Festival Dudes
    37. Bring Me Something Memorable
    38. The Battle of Wits
    39. Investigate Inaba Pride Exhibit
    40. Open That Treasure Box!
    41. Obtain a Prosperity Shard
    42. Zen's Inner Conflict
    43. The Power of the Wild Card
    44. Defeat the Reaper
    45. Time for the Finale
    46. A Family Affair
  5. Characters
    1. Persona 3 Characters
    2. Persona 4 Characters
    3. Zen/Rei
  6. Fusion Mechanics
    1. Fusion Table
    2. Special Fusions
  7. Weapons
  8. Armor
  9. Accessories
  10. Items
  11. Skill Cards
  12. Bestiary
    1. You in Wonderland Shadows
    2. Group Date Cafe Shadows
    3. Evil Spirit Club Shadows
    4. Inaba Pride Exhibit Shadows
    5. Clock Tower
  13. Updates
  14. Frequently Asked Questions
  15. Acknowledgements

This FAQ is copyrighted (c) by Jarrod Garripoli. You can e-mail me at mastervgamer782 (at) hotmail (dot) com if you have any questions or if you feel something is wrong in the guide. You can also send a PM to me on GameFAQs, but that requires a GameFAQs user account on your part.

This guide is for private and personal use only. No part or whole of this document shall be reproduced in any form whatsoever. This document is free and may not used for any commercial uses, unless it has my permission. This document may not be altered without permission from the author. Only GameFAQs and Gamewise.co are allowed to host this FAQ/Walkthrough.


Welcome to my Persona Q FAQ/Walkthrough, which will hopefully guide you through the dungeon-crawling goodness from beginning to end. As a huge fan of the Persona series, particularly the third and fourth games, I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this game. This guide will guide you through the entirety of the story, as well as have a walkthrough for every single request in the game. In addition to that, there will be plenty of miscellaneous info, such as mechanics on fusion, listings for weapons and how to utilize your characters.


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is a crossover game that incorporates elements of the Persona franchise (particularly Persona 3 and 4) into the dungeon-crawling gameplay of the Etrian Odyssey series. Some aspects of Persona 3 and 4 are either missing (like Social Links) or have been changed to make some things not as overpowered, such as One More Time being changed to something called Boost.

Choosing Your Party

At the beginning of the game, you get to choose between the Persona 3 main character and the Persona 4 main character, with an emphasis on the story revolving around the characters of the game you have chosen. That is the biggest difference between the two, as the main story will be the same no matter which you have chosen, although interaction between the characters will be different.

Game Flow

The game is a dungeon crawler, with players having access to a base of operations. Here, they can sell items they have obtained, heal at a hospital, fuse personas and even tinker with the formation of their party. Once the player is ready, they can explore the dungeon, either by starting from the beginning or going to the furthest floor they have gotten to. Since the game is modeled after the Etrian Odyssey series, the point of view will be in first-person and every floor of a dungeon will have a map that starts out blank. Also, each dungeon will have multiple floors, with the ultimate goal being to reach the end and fight the boss there to progress.

Encounters & Battle System

During the exploration of dungeons, players will notice a little icon in the bottom right corner of the upper screen, which signals how close to fighting a random counter the player will be. At first, it starts out as blue and will turn green as you continue exploring, eventually becoming yellow and then red, which means that a battle will occur very soon. The battle system is turn-based, similar to the Persona and Etrian Odyssey games, borrowing mechanics from both. There are some instances where enemies might get a chance to go first, but players can also get a chance to get a full turn before enemies can act.

At the beginning of most battles, players will start by choosing the commands of their characters, whether it's attacking, using a skill, defending or using an item. The order in which commands are performed, including enemies' commands, is based on the AGI stat, with one exception. Instead of the One More System in the respective Persona games, Persona Q uses a system called Boost when you deal critical damage or exploit an enemy's weak point. When this happens, the character's window (where their HP and SP are) will turn gold and they will gain a few advantages.

Not only will they act before anyone else on the next turn, but any skill used on that turn will cost 0 HP or SP. However, Boost is removed if that character does not get a critical hit or exploit a weakness on the subsequent turn, as well as get hit by an enemy attack. The goal of the battle will be to defeat all enemies without all of your party members being defeated themselves. All-Out Attacks (and individual characters' follow-up attacks) also return, where the entire party attacks all enemies with non-elemental damage, will occur more often if more characters are in a Boost state.


Due to the two main protagonists meeting, everyone in the party, sans Rei/Zen, will be able to equip another Persona in addition to their main Persona. These are called Sub-Personas and they can be gotten in a few ways, such as rewards for after a battle. They can also be fused in the Velvet Room, adopting similar mechanics to previous Persona games. One thing you will notice when you gain access to Sub-Personas is a white portion on your HP/SP bars in battle. Sub-Personas add extra HP/SP to your characters and as long as you don't dip below that in battle, it will be replenished.

Status Ailments/Binds

A majority of RPGs out there have status ailments that can be afflicted on your party, and Persona Q is no exception. You have your standard ones, like Poison, as well as other ones that are more well-known in the Shin Megami Tensei universe, although they might do something a little different in this game. The following are the status ailments and what they do. Note that all ailments and binds, except for Petrification, have a chance to wear off eventually during battle.

Ailment/BindDescriptionHow to Cure
Agility BindHit rate is reduced by half, plus the afflicted cannot dodge or escape from battle.Mutudi, Free Memento, Becalm, Purifying Rain, End of battle
CurseAttacks by the afflicted will take half of the total damage they caused.Patra, Me Patra, Pure Memento, Refresh, Purifying Rain, End of battle
DownWill not be able to act or dodge for that turn.Wait for end of turn
Magic BindMagic stat is halved and will not be able to use magic-based skills.Mutudi, Free Memento, Becalm, Purifying Rain, End of battle
PanicCannot dodge and will randomly attack a target with a physical attack (friend, foe or self)Patra, Me Patra, Pure Memento, Refresh, Purifying Rain, End of battle
ParalysisRandom chance that the afflicted will not be able to act; Can't dodgePatra, Me Patra, Pure Memento, Refresh, Purifying Rain, End of battle
PetrificationEnemy exclusive. Will not be able to act or dodge, but will take decreased damage. Persists from one battle to another.Patra, Me Patra, Pure Memento, Refresh, Purifying Rain
PoisonAfflicted will take damage at the end of every turn.Patra, Me Patra, Pure Memento, Refresh, Purifying Rain, End of battle
SleepWill not be able to act or dodge and first attack will do extra damage.Patra, Me Patra, Pure Memento, Refresh, Purifying Rain, End of battle
Strength BindAttack is lowered and cannot use any physical-based skills.Mutudi, Free Memento, Becalm, Purifying Rain, End of battle

Handcrafted Workshop

The workshop is unlocked in the prologues for each route and functions as the game's shop. You are able to buy and sell weapons, armor, accessories and items in the workshop, but not everything is unlocked at the beginning of the game. How you unlock new items and equipment is to take the stuff dropped by the Shadows in the labyrinths and sell them, with each thing requiring a certain material (and sometimes more than one of that material) to unlock them in the shop.

The Workshop also doubles as a storage facility, allowing you to place things there in case you don't want to sell them. You can only store a total of 99 items in the storage and things like items don't stack, so having five Goho-M items in there will take up five slots.

Creating Maps

Taken from the Etrian Odyssey games, players will have the opportunity to draw in the maps on the bottom screen of their 3DS. Each floor of each labyrinth starts out as a blank map, with the tiles you step on being filled in; there's an option called Auto-Map that will also draw in the walls of the dungeon for you. Everything else, from doors to F.O.E.s, will have to be placed on the map by you. On the right side of the bottom screen are a bunch of icons, allowing you to make the map as detailed as possible, as you can mark doors, FOEs, events and even treasure chests. You're also able to make notes using the little red thing, although you can only have up to a maximum of 32 on a single map at once.

If you happen to choose the help option when the map is displayed, you will have to tap on the blue oval in order to exit the help menu. Yes, whoever designed that wasn't thinking straight.

Tips & Tricks

  • Remember that whoever you use for your parties is entirely up to you. While some characters may excel at some things over others, that doesn't mean you're forced to use them. In fact, the only character you HAVE to use is the protagonist of the route you choose.
  • Magic is not as powerful as Physical in this game, most likely due to how expensive spells can get later on and how late it seems that SP-healing items come into play. Magic can still be useful, as a Boosted character completely negates the SP cost of skills, so using your most powerful magic at 0 SP is always good.
  • Ailments and Binds are considered ideal for most encounters, as there isn't a single boss/enemy in the game that completely nulls everything. In fact, you could even use Panic and/or Poison during the ultimate boss battle!
  • If using Ailments, try and get Impure Reach on the character using the ailments, as this passive skill increases the chance of them landing. Also, Binding Hands is the same as Impure Reach, but it's for binds and not ailments. In fact, the earliest you can get Impure Reach (even as a Skill Card) is at level 14.
  • Don't neglect your Navigators, as they can be powerful characters in their own right, especially Fuuka, as her healing capabilities are top notch and make her great for battles. Rise has great skills for battle as well, but Fuuka outshines her due to her healing.
  • Always have a backup healer in your group, as relying solely on Fuuka can make some battles later on challenging. All you really need is one of the Media family spells on one or two characters, just to play it safe.
  • Manage your inventory wisely, as you want to keep enough space in there so you don't need to keep going back to sell things. There's always time later to farm for money, as Power Spots are the best. You want to make sure you can unlock everything in the shops.


The first thing you need to do is choose who the main protagonist will be, which will affect how the story pans out. Also, the story will center around the characters from those games, so choose one and then input the character's name. After that, choose a difficulty, noting that you can change it at any time during the game, unless you choose Risky, which cannot be changed. Safety allows you to continue the game if you should fall in battle, with the enemy in the same state as before you died. Besides being harder, Risky also makes it so you can't escape from FOE battles (there's a Navigator skill that allows you to, anyways).

Persona 3 Prologue

You begin in the Velvet Room, where you're talking to Elizabeth. After some conversation, you'll get to name the protagonist of Persona 4, so pick whatever you want and the game will begin. Watch the following cutscene, where you're introduced to the characters from Persona 3, and after some more scenes, you'll appear in a school. After everyone goes to investigate the surroundings, they regroup and find out they're trapped there. Fuuka senses some Shadows and everyone gathers in front of the display where she senses them.

Before you go in, though, two mysterious people show up and warn you not to enter. These are Zen and Rei, who appear to be students at the school and they have lost their memories. They want you to take them with your party into the dungeon, and your initial party will be yourself, Akihiko, Shinjiro, Zen/Rei (they are one unit) and Mitsuru. Choose to go into the labyrinth and once you're inside, go straight and through the door. Turn right and follow that path until you're forced into a battle against three Lying Hableries, who are weak again Bash, Fire, Elec and Light.

The path so far is pretty linear and you can't get lost, so keep going until you come to another door. Go through it and you'll be in another room with a door, but everyone decides to head back for now, so you'll have to backtrack to where you entered the labyrinth. On the way, you'll be forced into another battle with two Lying Hablerie and a Cowardly Maya. You already know the former's weaknesses, and the Maya is weak to all four elements and darkness. These Shadows will drop an item, a Shadow Piece, so keep going and exit the place.

Back at the school, you head to a workshop to see about new equipment, with Theo offering to lend his assistance. You hand him the Shadow Piece you picked up, which he uses to make a Goho-M and a Short Blade. The former is a very important item when exploring the dungeons, as you can use it when not in battle to return to the school at any time. This workshop also doubles as a storage for your items, should you ever find yourself carrying too much. Elizabeth will bring you to the Nurse's Office next, where you can rest from your battle wounds. After finishing up there, you get to reconsider your formation, so choose whoever you want to place in your party. Skip ahead to You in Wonderland Ch. 1 to get started.

Unless there are any major changes, going through the dungeons themselves is largely the same for both the Persona 4 Hero and the Persona 3 Hero, so you should be able to follow anything after this no matter which you chose at the beginning of the game. Of course, the biggest different between the two, until you clear You in Wonderland, will be the conversations that happen, but everything else, especially in regards to monsters and events that happen within the labyrinths are the same.

Persona 4 Prologue

You begin in the Velvet Room, where you're talking to Margaret, who mentions about something that's about to happen to you. You'll then get to name the protagonist of Persona 3, so choose that and then the game will begin. Watch the scenes, choosing whatever you like as it doesn't really have any impact. Eventually, after introductions and such, all of your party will hear a bell and then meet up with Margaret at the culture festival. She'll bring you to the Velvet Room and the bell will be heard again. You head back to the school and everyone heads after Teddie and Yosuke to the Cosplay Cafe, which is when you'll be in control.

All you can do at the moment, though, is either go to the Cosplay Cafe or save your game, so go ahead and save for now. Head to the cafe and you'll find that it's been replaced by something else. Everyone heads inside and it turns out that Personas can be summoned here, along with Shadows being present, so the group decides to investigate some. Your party consists of the P4 Protagonist, Chie, Teddie and Yukiko. Ignore everything else for now and head straight forward, where you'll find a door. Go through it and Yukiko will give you 5 Medicines, which will be useful should someone get hurt. Anyways, there's only one path for now, so take it and you'll get thrown into a battle.

You're forced into a battle with three Lying Haberlies, which are weak against Bash, Fire and Lightning (you have two of those right now in your party). The enemies only have two attacks of their own, a physical one, which does little damage, and Bufu, which does a lot of damage. Using one of their weaknesses will put that character into a Boosted state, which has two advantages.

A character in Boost will act before everyone else on the next turn and all of their skills, both HP-costing ones and MP ones, will cost zero for that turn, unless they use another weakness. However, should the Boosted character get hit with an enemy attack before they can act again, then they lose their state and everything returns to normal.

After the battle, continue going through the labyrinth and into the next room, where you'll meet Zen and Rei, who will join your party. It's now time to leave, so go back the way you came, where you'll be forced into another battle, this time against two Lying Haberlies and a single Cowardly Maya. You already know the Haberlie's weakness, and the Maya is weak to all four elements and dark.

Unlike all the other characters in the game acting as a singular unit, Zen and Rei act as one in battle and only take up one space on your party. Each one of them, though, have their own skillset, with Zen handling the attacking portion and Rei having healing/recovery skills.

The Shadows will drop a Shadow Piece after the battle, which will become useful in a little bit. For now, exit the dungeon and return to Yasogami High. You'll eventually return to the Velvet Room and gain access to a shop and rest area. The shop will use the item drops from Shadows, although you'll have to pay money. The Nurse's Office will also cost money to heal all HP and SP based on your protagonist's level (100 per level, so at level 22, you would have to pay 2,200 to use the Nurse's Office).

Next, you'll learn about setting up your formation, using many factors, such as character strengths, like their ability to attack from the back row without mitigating damage, as well as HP and defense. Make your choice and feel free to visit both the shop and Nurse's Office to prepare for your next entry into the labyrinth. Now, you should have gotten an item called Goho-M along with the Long Sword. The Goho-M will allow you to teleport back to the school no matter where you are in the labyrinth, so don't be afraid to use it and make sure to always keep one in your inventory.

Unless there are any major changes, going through the dungeons themselves is largely the same for both the Persona 4 Hero and the Persona 3 Hero, so you should be able to follow anything after this no matter which you chose at the beginning of the game. Of course, the biggest different between the two, until you clear You in Wonderland, will be the conversations that happen, but everything else, especially in regards to monsters and events that happen within the labyrinths are the same.

You in Wonderland Ch. 1

Cowardly MayaFire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Dark----
Laughing TablePierce, Fire, Light, Dark----
Lying HaberlieBash, Fire, Elec, Light----

As soon as you enter the labyrinth, you'll get a Leather Notebook from Zen, which will allow you to draw the layout of the dungeon. The path (and the walls if you have that option on) will be drawn for you, but other things like doors, treasure chests and F.O.E.s will not be drawn for you. Not far into the dungeon, you'll get forced into another battle with a Laughing Table and two Cowardly Mayas, with the former being weak to pierce, fire and light.

There's a chest on the floors inside of the dungeons that will require you to fill in 100% of that floor, meaning you'll have to step on every tile. Thus, it is recommended that you do not use the paint tool to fill in any tiles, as this will allow you to keep track of where you've been or not because the game auto-paints the tiles you've walked on. The only portions of a floor that don't count are those that are blocked by F.O.E.s.

You'll pick up two items off of the floor, which are Blank Cards. Ignore them for now and keep traversing through the dungeon. When you come upon a clock, there will be a short scene. Also, it should be around this time that the blue circle in the bottom right corner of the screen will start changing. This is the Encounter Gauge and as it changes color (blue to green to orange to red), there'll be a chance for a random battle to encounter.

Anyways, keep moving along the only path you can for now, grabbing the treasure chest (Life Belt) and you'll happen upon the other side of the wall with another clock. These are shortcuts on the map, with this one being a two-way one, but some of them can only be opened from a particular side before you can use both ways. The path for now is still linear, so keep going until you encounter an F.O.E.

These enemies are shown on the map, as well as when you exploring, and happen to be tough ones that shouldn't really be fought until you're stronger. The good side, though, is that they usually move in a pattern, so it should be easy enough to slip past them without having to fight them. Eventually, you'll see a short scene that talks about the stairs that lead down to the next floor, as well as another battle on the other side of the door with two Laughing Tables and a Cowardly Maya.

You'll get three more Blank Cards after the battle, which will be used shortly. If you go south here, you should get an event that is a dead end, but will see some conversation about whether you've been drawing the map or not on your bottom screen. At the next door, don't go through it yet and go south to find another chest (Chain Mail). Through the door will be a Power Spot, which will grant you a few items that you can't get elsewhere, but there's a chance that you will get into a battle instead (the game will warn you about this).

Power Spots are glowing spots where you have a chance to get a few items that you normally can't get elsewhere, which can be sold to the shop to help unlock more equipment like items dropped from enemies. If you keep trying for items, there's a chance that you will sometimes get a rarer one, but trying for that also has a chance of throwing you into a random encounter with some Shadows.

You will encounter another F.O.E. further on, but it should be easy to pass, since it just goes around in a circle. There will also be another Power Spot along the way to the exit to the second floor, as well as an event in the dead end before a door. This event is a magical box that will allow you to put a Medicine inside and get another, but it only works twice. The third time you try it out, the box won't produce another Medicine and you will lose the one you put in, after which, you can't use the box anymore.

There's a clock on the wall in the southwestern corner of the first floor that can be used to access a hidden shortcut to an isolated area, which houses a treasure chest (Flame Shot) and a forced battle with a Laughing Table and two Lying Haberlies.

In the final room will be the stairs that lead to the second floor, but there's also a treasure chest. This chest is special, in that, it won't open unless you have explored 100% of the first floor. The percentage that you've explored is shown at the top of your bottom screen, next to the name of the dungeon, and it counts the tiles you step on. Interacting with the chest will show locations on your map that you haven't explored. You can also spend 3DS Play Coins to open the chest, but the amount of coins you have to spend is proportional to how much of the map you have explored (less explored equals more coins).

Either way, use the stairs to go down to the second floor, where there will be a short scene. It seems something weird is going on with the protagonist's ability to use multiple Personas, so Naoto suggests going to the Velvet Room to talk with Margaret. It's a good idea to use a Goho-M for now and return to the school, where you'll automatically head to the Velvet Room. After another scene, you'll learn about Sub-Personas, which everyone except for Rei/Zen can equip.

These Sub-Personas will give you extra skills, as well as increase your HP and SP. This extra HP and SP acts sort of like a buffer, with that amount of HP and SP being restored if you don't dip below it during battle. This is shown as a white portion on those two bars in battle (you don't get the bonus outside of battle). The Personas you get are Sandman, Agathion, Anzu, Pixie and Koropokkur. You will also randomly get Personas after battles in the dungeons now, but you can only hold onto a total of 14 at any given time. You always get a higher level Persona after defeating a FOE.

Something you might have noticed is that you have limited inventory space, as you can only hold 60 items on you at all times. This is problematic, as not a single item stacks (including consumables and materials), so having three Goho-Ms on you will take up three precious inventory slots.

You in Wonderland Ch. 2

Calm PesceElec, Dark----
Enslaved BeastFire, Light, Dark----
Jupiter EagleWind, Light----
Justice SwordIce, Dark----
Laughing TableStab, Fire, Light, Dark----
Lying HaberlieBash, Fire, Elec, Light----
Sleeping TableIce, Light, Dark----

You're in a big room at the start of this floor, but any shortcut you encounter will need to be opened from the other side, so head to the southeast corner to find a door that leads further. Of course, there's a Shadow past the door, which will pit you against two Jupiter Eagles (weak to Wind and Light). There'll be another door right by you, which brings you to a 3x3 room with a Power Spot in the middle. Feel free to harvest it, then continue traversing the dungeon until you go through another door, where there will be a short cutscene.

This room contains nothing, so continue on and through the next door, going west to a dead end where you'll get a Four-Leaf Clover accessory for opening the picture book. Back in the previous room, take the north path and you'll happen upon a pink rabbit. After a brief discussion with your other teammates, you decide to chase after it to try and catch the rabbit. However, any time you move within one tile of it, it will jump away, so keep following it to the dead end. There's a slight problem, though, as the rabbit will jump through the hole, creating a shortcut for you to go through as well.

Follow the rabbit and then open the shortcut going north nearby to be back near the stairs that lead back up to the first floor. If you feel like you need to take a break and return to the school, then do just that (your team says to return, but there's nothing to do there); otherwise, continue south to a split in the road. Going south will lead to a dead end with a Power Spot, while the other path continues the dungeon. There will be a Card Soldier FOE in the next area, which walks back and forth on the horizontal path. If you time it so you can sneak past it, there will be a chest west of the FOE, which contains a Ring Mail.

Time it again to make it back on the previous path south of the FOE, then when it goes west, you go east this time. To the north of you will be another shortcut that leads back to the main room with the stairs that go to the first floor, so make sure you open it. In the next room is the chest that requires you to have 100% map completion for the floor and there will be Shadows on the other side of the door (2 Wealth Hands). These enemies are rare Shadows (there's a golden Shadow in each labyrinth that can be found on all floors) that tend to dodge everything you send their way, but they give great experience if you manage to defeat them.

The dead end north of where you went through the door has nothing and the one that leads south has a Power Spot. Continue north and activate the shortcut that leads back into the first room, then go north of there to a dead end event. There's nothing else along the way until you go through the next door, where you'll meet the pink rabbit once again. The dead end where you need to corner it is to the north, so follow these directions to get it there quickly: west three tiles, north one, east one, north one, north one and then east one more. Just like before, the rabbit will jump through the wall, creating a shortcut for your party.

On the other side of the shortcut, go south to a dead end, where you will find a sword on the ground. Grab the sword and you'll get into a fight with a total of FIVE Justice Swords. Defeat them all and you'll get a Bastard Sword for your reward (this is a Flamberge on the Persona 3 side). Take the other path and head west at the fork to find another Power Spot, then continue east, making sure to open the shortcut to the first room. Before going through the next door, take the path to the dead end to find a rest area, where you'll replenish a little bit of your health. Now, through the door will be two Card Soldier FOEs, but ignore them and follow behind the one.

You should see a treasure chest past the second FOE, but you can't reach it without actually fighting the FOE, which is probably not possible for you at the moment, so ignore it and head south, through the door. Now, as soon as you go through the door, go east to find a shortcut, which will lead you straight to that previously seen chest (Wealth Piece). As you go back, you should see another shortcut to the beginning room to the west, then another door leading east. The pink bunny makes another appearance, going down the stairs when you begin chasing it once more. Before you go down yourself, go south to find yet another Power Spot and a shortcut just north of it, netting you a chest with a Power Tasuki accessory in it. You can now use the stairs to the third level.

You in Wonderland Ch. 3

Agitating HaberlieWind, LightFire, Ice, Elec--
Burning BeetleIceLight, Dark--
Calm PesceElec, Dark----
Enslaved BeastFire, Light, Dark----
Heat BalanceElec, Wind, Light, DarkFire, Ice--
Jupiter EagleWind, Light----
Justice SwordIce, Dark----
Lying HaberlieBash, Fire, Elec, Light----

At the very start of the floor, you'll be told that there's a special surprise waiting for you at the Velvet Room, so exit the dungeon and you'll automatically go there. As it turns out, you now gain the ability to fuse two Personas, creating a new one. You also gain access to the Compendium here, which keeps a record of all Sub-Personas you have had, although they are put into it at their base level. If you want to keep the skills they have on them, then you will need to register that Sub-Persona, but note that it will cost more money to take the Persona out of the compendium.

Back in the labyrinth, head north from the stairs and then north again at the first split, where going north on the eastern path will eventually lead you to a Power Spot, while the other one nearby takes you to a dead end with a flower pot that needs watering. Unfortunately, you don't have one, so go back to the very first fork and head west now to the dead end, where you'll find a shortcut. The bad thing is that this is a one-way shortcut, so you'll need to find another way to get back where you were. In this new passage, going east will lead you to another one-way shortcut that leads back to the beginning area, so go west and take the shortcut there to continue south.

While on this floor, you might run into a regular encounter with an enemy named Burning Beetle. As you can see above, it is weak to ice, but the thing is that it's a pretty tough normal enemy. It is very strong and can sometimes take two actions per turn, so treat it like you would a mini-boss of sorts. If you feel like it's too strong for your team, do not be afraid to try and flee from it.

In the southeast corner of this little area will be two more shortcuts (both one-way), one that goes south and another that goes east. The southern one doesn't have anything worthwhile, so take the eastern one for now. Immediately to your south is another shortcut, but it takes you to the same area the previously mentioned southern one does, so ignore it. Go to the southeast end and take the shortcut there, which will put you right by the 100% map chest for the floor (Media Skill Card). There will be a shortcut to the west of the chest, but ignore it and head through the southern door.

Here, you'll be introduced to a new type of FOE, the Painting Soldier. As you notice, it is painting the roses red and it'll be difficult to sneak by it. Thankfully, you find a Watering Can, which you can use to wash the red paint off of the roses. This will make the FOE rush back to the roses and paint them red again, distracting them so you can sneak by their patrol path. Ignore the one to the south for a second and go west to find another FOE by a chest. You can time it so you can reach the roses without fighting the FOE, allowing you to open the chest for a Wealth Piece.

The Painting Soldier FOE will return to its normal patrol whenever you exit the room it is in, but the problem is that the roses do not actually reset back to red. That's a big problem, since some paths will be block and you'll need to actually defeat the FOE in order to proceed if you don't open up the two-way shortcuts.

Now you can go back to the previous bouquet of roses and water them, allowing you to get by the FOE. Before going through the door, make sure you open the two-way shortcut right by it. Through the door, there will be a picture right in front of you, so go the northern route, opening the two-way shortcut that will lead back to a previous area, then continue west until you find the pink bunny again. Chase it west, then south and east into a larger room, where you'll need to get it to the southeast corner. It'll bust through the wall, creating a shortcut, then go north again.

Go through the shortcut and begin chasing it, but stop when you get the rabbit onto the middle of the crossroad. When it's there, you have to head back the way you came, take the shortcut the rabbit made before, then another shortcut that's just east of where you should have made the rabbit stop. This will make the rabbit go west and right in front of another picture, which it will go through, making it so you can go further into the dungeon. You will come to a door that has a padlock on it, meaning you won't be able to open it until you find a key.

Luckily, the key is nearby, so go south to come to an event where you will end up drinking something to shrink yourself and go through a tiny door. You'll automatically get a key during this cutscene, so go back to the locked door and open it. There will be a Power Spot right past the door, as well as a one-way shortcut in the northwest corner. In this room, go east and before heading through the door, you'll find a one-way shortcut directly west of it that leads to a chest that contains a Twin Jackets armor for Zen/Rei. Return to the door and go north, where you'll find a Card Soldier FOE patrolling the corridor.

Ignore it for now and you'll find a two-way shortcut before that corridor, leading to both a Power Spot (south) and another two-way shortcut that goes back to one of the beginning areas. Back with the FOE, you find that you can't pass it unless you defeat it, but there's a one-way shortcut not long into the hallway that lets you bypass the FOE. Go north and you'll find another pop-up picture book at the dead end, with you having to fight a Burning Beetle if you decide to open it. Anyways, go through the door from before and you'll run into the pink rabbit again, as well as a Painting Soldier FOE.

In order to get by the FOE to the north, you'll have to go south, squeezing by another FOE, where you'll find some roses. Use the Watering Can on these and the southern of the two FOEs will come by to repaint it. This will allow you to go where that FOE was and wash the paint off of the roses there, letting you chase the pink rabbit to the north, where it will jump through another wall. Go through the shortcut, loot the Power Spot and go all the way south, taking another one-way shortcut that leads east. There's an event on the southern end here, where you'll get the White Rose item, which is actually a key item.

The White Rose is one of four items that will eventually unlock a powerful weapon for Zen/Rei after collecting all four of them and bringing them to the Workshop. Since it's a key item, you don't have to worry about it taking up precious inventory space.

Take the other shortcut in the room and you'll be right by a door, which leads to a small room with nothing in it (will be used later). Open the two-way shortcut here, then go through the door to the north, where you'll find a total of THREE Painting Soldier FOEs. You will need to make it so you lure the right FOE here to the correct rosebush, but should you happen to mess up, there are one-way shortcuts in the southern corners that will allow you to reset the puzzle when you re-enter the room. To do this correctly, go up either side to the northern rosebush and make sure one of the side FOEs on the other side is right next to you, which will make that one fixated on painting that particular one.

From here, you can wash the paint off the roses on the same side of the other side FOE, allowing you to do the last rosebush to lure the northern FOE and access the stairs. However, before you use the stairs, go west to find a shortcut that leads to a small room with a chest (Soma Droplet) and east has a shortcut that leads back to the beginning area. Now you can use the stairs and go down to the final floor of this labyrinth, where you'll find the pink rabbit once more. It will disappear completely, so continue forward to find a gold gear-like object floating in mid-air. This thing, which is found at the end of all of the labyrinths, is a save spot that also allows you to exit the dungeon, resuming right back at it when you decide to go back. Do that, sell off items, heal up and anything else before going back and through the door, where you'll face off against the first boss of the game!

BOSS: Queen of Hearts

Before actually doing battle with the Queen, she sends her minions after you, who all look like miniature versions of the FOEs you've seen in the labyrinth so far. Although not weak or anything to physical attacks, all of them are weak to light/dark, as well as the elemental skills, so it should be easy enough to attain Boosted status. There's four different types of Cards here: Sword (Safeguard and Cleave), Spear (Safeguard and Twin Shot), Staff (Disarm and Scarecrow) and Wand (Zio and Garu). Depending on your party members, it might be wise to take out the Wand one first, then Staff, Spear and Sword.

The problem with them is that if the Sword or Staff use Safeguard on the others, then you can't hit them with single-target skills, so you'll have to use some that hit all enemies. After two rounds of these, a cutscene will occur and the cavalry will arrive in the form of characters from the other game that's represented in the game. You'll have to fight another round of Card Soldiers, with your main protagonist and other characters mixed in (all of whom are level 12). Once you defeat them, it'll be time to finally fight the Queen.

The Queen of Hearts has no elemental weaknesses and nulls Light and Dark, and you will fight her with your original party. It's best to be around level 10-11 (depending on the difficulty), as this should give you some leeway in the battle. At the start, she will use Mow Down, which is a physical attack against a single row, and a regular physical attack. The real battle, though, will start once she reaches 75% HP, which is when she'll start using Soldier Summon. This will summon one of each type of Card Soldier from before, while the Queen moves to the back row.

This wouldn't be a problem if the Sword and Spear ones wouldn't use Safeguard on the Queen, meaning single-target attacks won't actually hit her. To make matters worse, she will begin pulling out elemental moves of her own, as she has access to the single-target mid-tier elemental set (Agilao, Bufula, Zionga and Garula). At 50% is when she'll use even more moves, such as Fire/Ice/Elec/Wind Dance, each of which hits differently (Fire splashes to the sides, Ice pierces to the back row, Elec hits a single row and Wind hits 2-3 times to random characters in a single row).

So, the main problem with the battle is dealing with the Soldiers that will be summoned more than once during the battle, as well as dealing with the Soldiers in a timely manner. If you're playing Persona 3 side, then Yukari is great in this battle, since she gets Media at level 10 (you also get a Media Skill Card for getting 100% on the third floor). Zen/Rei is a great party member, due to Thunder Clap being able to hit all Soldiers and Rei's skills are good for support.

After the battle, watch the cutscenes that follow and in the end, a few more things become unlocked. All characters from the other game now become party members and you also unlock the Triangle Spread in the Velvet Room, allowing you to fuse three Personas. Also, you will unlock Elizabeth's Requests in the Nurse's Office, which are sidequests that will unlock as you progress through the game. Another thing that unlocks are Strolls, which are basically cutscenes that detail the characters talking about a certain subject, although they have no importance other than character interaction (no items or anything else unlocks from viewing them).

Visit the Nurse's Office to unlock The Trading Showdown request and feel free to do it if you want. Otherwise, check out the Workshop and feel free to get new Personas, then visit the next labyrinth.

Group Date Cafe Stop 1

Autonomic BasaltElec, Light----
Lustful SnakeFire, LightElec, Wind--
Possessive CupidWind, Dark----
Spurious BookIce, Dark----
Tranquil IdolIce, LightFire, Elec, Wind--

You'll hear a mechanical voice when you first enter this labyrinth, which will mention about meeting your "destined partner." Ignore that for now and go straight to the first door, where you'll be warned about some Shadows (fight with 2 Lustful Snakes and a single Tranquil Idol). The southern path leads to a door that is locked, so go through the other door and you'll come to some funny-looking tiles with spikes on them. If you choose to walk on them (you will need to get 100% map), they will drain your SP. It's better to avoid walking on them for now and walk around to open the chest, which contains the Winged Sandals item.

The Winged Sandals item will make it so you can walk on the damage tiles safely, but it only lasts a certain number of steps. The best thing is that all it takes is one Dried Rose item from the Power Spots on the first floor to unlock the item in the shops.

There's two doors in this room, one in the southwest corner and another in the southern section, both leading to the same room. However, the southwest door will have you surrounded by the SP damage tiles, so take the other one. Go south, avoiding the spiked tiles and through the next door, where you'll view a short cutscene. Continue through the next door, where you'll spot the 100% map chest (Lightning Gloves). Past that will be a dead end to the south, where you'll get the Heart Mark key item (the second of the four items for Zen's weapon).

Keep going north now and take the west detour to find a Power Spot, then go through the next door, opening the shortcut just north of the door. When you enter the next room, you'll be asked your first Destined Partner question, which is tied to the overall wedding event for this labyrinth.

There's a total of 9 Destined Partner questions through all of the floors in this dungeon, which when answered with the right response, will pair you up with one of the characters at the end. The first two questions will determine which group you will be put into, then the questions after will determine who you will be paired with at the end of the labyrinth. Go to the Destined Partner Questions section to read about the possible outcomes.

After answering the question, the chains will be removed and you can continue. Move past the spiked floor tiles and go east to find a chest (Battle Camisole), then west through the door. You'll be introduced to the first FOE of this labyrinth, the Messenger of Love. As you find out, it does nothing but spin around as you walk, but should you cross into its line of sight, it will shoot an arrow at you, causing your controls to be reversed. Time your movements to get past the FOE when it's not looking your way and head into the next area.

Head to the dead end to find some tea and should you choose to drink it, your party's HP and SP will replenish some. As you go into the next room, you'll be presented with a choice regarding Yosuke; choose to take him to the Nurse's Office later to make the Legendary Medicine request available. After that's over with, you'll spot a Power Spot in the room, but it's surrounded by some spiked tiles, so either walk on them if you want or use a Winged Sandals item if you have it. In the next room, there's two spiked tiles place at certain points and if you want to avoid them, you'll have to take a long way around; it's best to go straight from where you enter to avoid unnecessary fighting.

There will be two FOEs in the next room, as well as more spiked tiles. The goal is to get to the southwest corner of the room, but there's a chest to the north. The bad thing is that you'll be forced to walk on the spiked floor to get to the room with the chest, which contains a weapon for Teddie (Steeltrap Claw). Should you go for it, there's a one-way shortcut that leads back to the room with the FOEs right next to the chest. When you go through the door in the southwest, you'll see a short scene and the Procuring Arrow Materials request will become available in the Nurse's Office.

Make sure you open the shortcut nearby, then head through the north door for Destined Partner Question #2. Answer the question, then go through the next door to hear a noise. This is the locked door from earlier unlocking, so use the shortcut in the northwest corner of the room to be right outside of the door. Before you head through it, though, be prepared for a challenging battle, as you will be fighting 5 Idle Basalts. These enemies can use Stona on a party member, which makes it so they can't perform any actions and this ailment persists between battles. The good thing is that they're weak to electricity (also light), so using someone like Zen in the battle or someone else with Mazio will help immensely.

Go through the next door and you'll see two paths, one to the north that leads to the stairs for the next floor, and another to the east, which has spiked tiles and leads to a treasure chest (Spiral Sword). When you're ready to continue, use the stairs to go to the second floor.

Group Date Cafe Stop 2

Autonomic BasaltElec, Light----
Elegant MotherLight, Dark----
Lustful SnakeFire, LightElec, Wind--
Possessive CupidWind, Dark----
Soul DancerIce, Dark----
Spurious BookIce, Dark----
Tranquil IdolIce, LightFire, Elec, Wind--
Wondrous MagusElec, DarkFire, Ice, Wind--

Right away, the locked door on this floor is to your west, which the game will point out for you, so ignore it for now and continue south until you encounter what looks like a conveyor belt. As it says in the game, these are moving walkways and will make you go in the direction they're moving when you stand on them. Choose to step on it and it will bring you to a small area with more moving walkways. For now, all of them will just place you right back in this area, so just go through the southern door to continue. Find the moving walkways that go south and step on them, then use the ones directly next to them to go north and step through the door there.

In order to get 100% on this floor, you're going to need to step on every single moving walkway, so keep that in mind for later.

From here, you can step on the moving walkway just north of you and grab the chest at the dead end, which contains an Amenity Suit. Head back to the small area past the south-bound moving walkways and check the southeast corner to get the Arrest the Food Bandit! request in the Nurse's Office. The door nearby just leads to a dead end and there will be two sets of moving walkways to the west of that door. The north set will lead you back to an area you've been to before, while the south set lets you go further into the dungeon.

After you stop, take the south-bound moving walkway and go to the dead end to find a shortcut that will bring you to a chest that has an Onusa Sword in it. Head back to the area before taking the last set of moving walkways and go through the door (make sure to open the shortcut north of those walkways). There will be a Power Spot here and the next door leads to Destined Partner Question #3. After answering it, go through the next door and you'll find the 100% map chest in this area (contains Frozen Stone accessory). Through the next door, you'll be in an area with a few ways to go; the way to continue is in the southwest, but there's other things here to get if you want.

There are two paths that lead east here, one blocked by a door and the other not blocked. Take the non-blocked path to come to a dead end with two two-way shortcuts, one leading to a small room with a Power Spot and the other leading back to a previously visited area. The other eastern path with the door goes to a dead end that has a chest, which contains the Mobile Ankh accessory. Continue via the southwest door for a short scene, then enter the next room to encounter a new type of FOE, the Angel of Love. This one behaves similar to the Messenger of Love from the previous floor, except if you get shot by one of its arrow. Should that happen, for the next three steps, you will move straight towards the FOE, which could possibly mean you might get into a battle with it.

If you go to the dead end path that leads to the southwest corner, you'll find a Power Spot and the door to the next area is in the northwest corner. There's nothing in this new area, except for an event that is really nothing but a dead end. In the next room, there will be another Angel of Love, as well as more moving walkways north of it, which will be guarding a treasure chest (Charming Getup). In order to get to it, time your steps so you step on one of the east moving walkways as the FOE is facing north, as it will then turn east. From that, you can go north and then east to the chest.

There's a path off to the east of the FOE that will let you continue through the labyrinth, but before doing that, head through the door and open the shortcut at the dead end. Go back through the same door and enter the southern door until you eventually run into another door leading north and a dead end to the south. Inspect the dead end to get the Investigate a Rumor request to appear at the Nurse's Office, then head through the door to encounter Destined Partner Question #4. After passing through the next door, the locked door from the beginning of the floor will now unlock.

Return to the locked door via the shortcut just north of you (there's a Power Spot right next to it) and get ready for another Shadow battle, this time against the Gorgeous King. This enemy is slightly annoying, in that, it will use Evil Smile to try and curse your entire party, which means that half of whatever damage you do to the enemy will be reflected back to you. The problem with this is that the Gorgeous King has low defense (its only weakness is fire), so you're bound to do high damage against it. After defeating it, go through the door, open the nearby shortcut, and use the stairs to go to the third floor.