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Reviewed: 09/23/14

Collection of Final Fantasy's Greatest Music: The Sequel

When I first heard of the original Theatrhythm, I was very skeptical. I knew that the Final Fantasy series has great music, but a game about it? I certainly wasn't excited for it, that's for sure. However, as time went past, I heard great things about the game, so I broke down and bought it. I loved every minute of it, from getting my first SSS to unlocking new songs, I was hooked. When I heard about Curtain Call, I didn't believe it would be able to top it. How wrong I was.

Curtain Call is an amazing game, and I rarely dish out praise like that. When I first booted it up, and looked at all the songs it had to offer, I was blown away. I had heard there were a lot, but I had no idea so many would be unlocked from the start. It was amazing, and it still is, as I play it today. Now, the game isn't perfect, the story, for instance, is very weak, but as it's a rhythm game, that is inconsequential to the score I'm giving it. This game has so many strong points, and so few weaknesses, that it's hard to not give it a 10/10. However, there are a few weaknesses, and I'll address them below.


Curtain Call is a very good looking game. The first thing I noticed was the characters, who are made to be cute, and are. Even the most deformed looking monsters still have a degree of cuteness to them, which I find very impressive. The stages are very well made as well, they have a nice, cartoonish look to them. If you were looking for the gritty realism of recent Final Fantasy games, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. However, if you enjoyed the art style of the first game, then this one won't disappoint. I will admit, however, that it leaves me wanting slightly more detail, as great as it looks.

They look great! Graphics are 9/10


I found the controls to be rather intuitive, I had no trouble adjusting to the new Button Mode. There are 4 official ways to play this game as recognized by the game. First is Stylus Mode, where you use the Stylus to tap and swipe notes on the 3DS touchscreen. Secondly is Button Mode, where you use any of the buttons (The exceptions being Start, Select, and Home buttons) to tap the notes, and the Circle Pad to swipe the notes in the direction you move it. The third is called Hybrid Mode, where you use both the Stylus and the buttons or Circle Pad to tap and swipe the notes. The final is called One Handed Mode, where you only use the L Button and the Circle Pad to tap and swipe the notes. Of course, the reason for that name is the fact that you can use your left hand only for it, without use of your right.

There are three different types of stages you can play. Field Music Sequences, Battle Music Sequences, and Event Music Sequences. In FMSes, the lead character runs to the left of the screen, and the camera follows. You tap the notes as it gets close or in your reticle, and for green notes, you move the reticle up or down using either the Stylus or the Circle Pad to have the reticle follow the green note, until you have to let it go or swipe. In BMSes, your four party members line up from the top of the screen to the bottom, and they individually have their own music line, though they'll never overlap. It's very similar to the FMS, except you don't have to follow the green note, as it goes in a straight line. EMSes are both very different and very similar to the former two. For one, the notes never move, the reticle is what is in motion. And it doesn't move to the side, instead, it goes up, down, diagonally and in a circle. In these stages, you have to time your taps and swipes very carefully, as it is very easy for you to time it incorrectly, I've had a much harder time than in the original.

The EMSes are the worst part of the game for me, so I give Gameplay 8/10


I'll go right out and say it, the music in this game is amazing. With so much to choose from, and nearly all of it being great, there's no other word for it. This game shows how great the music in the Final Fantasy series, really is. And it shows it very well. There's not much to say about it honestly, you'd have to listen to the music yourself to be the judge.

I give Music 10/10

End Notes:

While this game has the potential to be one of my favorite games of all time, there's no denying that there are some flaws holding it back. The biggest problem for me is definitely the EMSes, it doesn't ruin the game for me, but it definitely doesn't make it better to me. Besides that and the very slightly plain art, this game is just about perfect. With three difficulties to keep things interesting, a VS mode so you can play against friends and people online, and the Quest Medley, I can see this lasting anyone at least a year. So, that's why my final score is


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (US, 09/16/14)

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