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by SBAllen / x_loto

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FAQ by SBAllen
/ x_loto

Version: 1.90 | Updated: 09/01/17

Main Menu

Versus Mode


Versus Mode allows you to fight against the computer or other players both locally and via Internet. Each team plays the same song and competes for the highest score. As you earn points, you build up your EX Burst Gauge which will unleash an attack against your opponent, causing anything from rotating arrows to triggers that only appear at the last second. There are rankings for Online, Local, and AI battles, so you can compete for the highest score!

You can also toggle on and off the Moogle announcer above the mode selections if you don’t like it, but it’s helpful because it tells you what abilities you and your opponent are playing.


Online Battle

Play against opponents across the world. After you select this mode you then can choose between playing anyone or playing against a friend.

If you choose to battle anyone, the game will try to find you some players to battle against. If it cannot find anyone or they are not to your liking, you can host a game. If you choose to create a game, you then choose difficulty (Basic, Expert, Ultimate, or Ultimate w/o EX Burst) and area (regional or worldwide).

Either way you go about pairing up with someone, you’re then allowed up to one minute to choose a song that you’d like to play. Your opponent will do the same. You can choose from DLC songs if both of you own the DLC. The game then randomly selects one of the two songs for you to battle on.

When the match is over, three CollectaCards are displayed face down. Two will flip over to reveal what they are. The winner gets to choose one of the three cards, then the loser chooses one, then the winner gets the last one. You’ll also exchange ProfiCards with your opponent.

Your overall rank in this mode starts at 0 and you earn points by defeating opponents and lose points by losing to opponents.

Local Battle

This mode works very similarly to the above mode but uses local wireless play instead of Wifi.

AI Battle

Play Versus Mode against increasingly difficult computer players. You’ll start off at the bottom of Bronze Class and can work your way up by defeating computer players. After you reach the top of Bronze Class, you’ll unlock Silver Class followed by Gold Class and finally Platinum Class.

When choosing your opponent, the higher their level compared to yours, the more CollectaCards you’ll receive after winning. If there are fewer than 3 ranks above you, the highest person you can battle gives the highest prize.

ClassOne Rank HigherTwo Ranks HigherThree Ranks HigherClass Complete
Bronze2 Normal Cards3 Normal Cards4 Normal Cards3 Normal, 1 Premium Cards
Silver2 Normal Cards3 Normal Cards4 Normal Cards2 Normal, 2 Premium Cards
Gold1 Normal, 1 Rare Cards2 Normal, 1 Rare Cards1 Normal, 2 Rare Cards1 Normal, 3 Premium Cards
Platinum1 Normal, 1 Rare Cards1 Normal, 2 Rare Cards2 Normal, 2 Rare Cards4 Premium Cards

For a complete listing of all of the opponents in this mode, see Versus Mode AI Opponents in the Database.


Gameplay in this mode will always be a BMS stage. As you successfully land Triggers, you will build up an EX Burst Gauge. When it is full, you’ll randomly unleash one of 9 special attacks on your opponent. The attacks are as follows:

  • Zooming Triggers (ズームアップトリガー): Triggers are smaller and get larger as they approach the circles.
  • Super Speed (スピードアップ): Triggers approach the circles much faster.
  • Random Speed (ランダムスピード): Triggers approach the circles at different speeds in each lane.
  • HP Swap (HPチェンジ): Switch HP with your opponent.
  • Mystery Triggers (はてなトリガー): Triggers are replaced with question marks until just before they reach the circles.
  • Wave Speed (ウェイブスピード): Triggers approach the circles in a wavy pattern.
  • Chain Attack (チェインアタック): Deals damage to the opponent’s HP based on your current Chain number. Cannot KO the opponent.
  • Monster Buff (パワーアップモンスター): Makes the current monster that the opponent is fighting stronger. Causes the Slide Triggers to rotate.
  • Judgment (ストイックジャッジ): Anything lower than a Critical will be considered a Bad. A Bad will be considered a Miss.

If you reach 0 HP at any point, your HP is refilled to max but you lose a chunk of your score. The winner is the person who has the highest score when the battle is over.