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by SBAllen / x_loto

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FAQ by SBAllen
/ x_loto

Version: 1.90 | Updated: 09/01/17



Trophies are unlocked by accomplishing various feats within the game. You can track the Trophies you have earned in the Record section of the Museum right after the Record Statistics.

01Achieved first Perfect Chain!
01Achieved first All Critical!
01Cleared score using Stylus style!
01Cleared score using Button style!
01Cleared score using One-Handed style!
01Cleared score using Hybrid style!
01Summoned the Knights of the Round!
01Successfully shared ProfiCards!
02Defeated AI in Versus Mode!
02Defeated first online opponent!
02Defeated first Local Play opponent!
02Collected all shards for a Crystal!
02Reset a member's level for the first time!
02Unlocked Chaos as team member!
02Summoned all of the summons!
02Rode on all of the chocobos!
03Rode on all of the vehicles!
03Watched all Extended Versions!
03Played all of the songs!
03Cleared all of the songs!
03Defeated all of the monsters!
03Played for more than 100 hours!
03Obtained 99,999 Rhythmia!
03Summoned Knights of the Round 10 times!
04Rode chocobos 100 times!
04Encountered moogles 100 times!
04Met Fat Chocobo 100 times!
04Watched 50 EX movies!
04Played Music Stages 100 times!
04Played Music Stages 300 times!
04Played Music Stages 500 times!
04Activated abilities 500 times!
05Activated abilities 1,000 times!
05Used 50 items in Music Stages!
05Used 100 items in Music Stages!
05Faced 100 enemies in battle!
05Faced 500 enemies in battle!
05Faced 1,000 enemies in battle!
05Used 10 CollectaCards for boosts!
05Used 100 CollectaCards for boosts!
06Used 300 CollectaCards for boosts!
06Obtained 15 different ProfiCards!
06Obtained 50 different ProfiCards!
06Obtained 99 different ProfiCards!
06Four characters reached Lv99!
06Sixteen characters reached Lv99!
06Thirty-two characters reached Lv99!
06Reset members' levels 4 times!
07Reset members' levels 8 times!
07Reset members' levels 12 times!
07Won 10 Online Battles!
07Won 30 Online Battles!
07Won 50 Online Battles!
07Filled 10 whole Critical Charts!
07Filled 30 whole Critical Charts!
07Received one billion points!
08Received three billion points!
08Received five billion points!
08Completed 10 Short Quests!
08Completed 30 Short Quests!
08Completed 50 Short Quests!
08Completed 5 Middle Quests!
08Completed 15 Middle Quests!
08Completed 30 Middle Quests!
09Completed 5 Long Quests!
09Completed 10 Long Quests!
09Completed 15 Long Quests!
09Cleared 5 Inherited Quest Medleys!
09Cleared 15 Inherited Quest Medleys!
09Cleared 30 Inherited Quest Medleys!
09Completed all songs on Basic difficulty!
09Completed all songs on Expert difficulty!
10Completed all songs on Ultimate difficulty!
10Obtained a Full Chain for all songs on Basic difficulty!
10Obtained a Full Chain for all songs on Expert difficulty!
10Obtained a Full Chain for all songs on Ultimate difficulty!
10Collected all Normal-class CollectaCards!
10Collected all Rare-class CollectaCards!
10Collected all Premium-class CollectaCards!
10Obtianed all playable characters!
11All characters reached Lv 99!
11Filled all Critical Bars!
11Collected all possible chime variations!
11Mastered the Bronze Class!
11Mastered the Silver Class!
11Mastered the Gold Class!
11Mastered the Platinum Class!
11Obtained Critical success on 8 CollectaCards at once in the Crystarium!
12Beat 7 or more enemies in one BMS!
12Covered 10,000m or more in a single song!
12Activated 10 or more abilities in one song!
12Triggered 10 or more EX Bursts in one song!
12Defeated 50 or more enemies in a quest!
12Covered over 50,000m during a quest!
12Recovered more than 500% of the HP gauge in a single Quest!
12Beat Feral Chaos during a Quest Medley!