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by SBAllen / x_loto

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FAQ by SBAllen
/ x_loto

Version: 1.90 | Updated: 09/01/17


Touch Sounds

These are Rhythmia Unlockables, so check that section to find out when they unlock. Here is a table of the sounds you can get. They unlock in random order.

#DescriptionJP DescriptionGame
01Default Touch/Slide/Hold Chime通常トリガー音N/A
02CursorカーソルFF I
03Confirm決定FF I
04Door Openingドア開けるFF I
05Ally Attack味方攻撃FF II
06Ally Attack Lands味方攻撃HITFF II
07Arrow Loose弓攻撃FF II
08Arrow Strike弓HITFF II
09BlizzardブリザドFF II
10Mapマップに入るFF III
11Sword Slash剣攻撃FF III
12Thunderサンダー系FF III
13Enemy Attack敵の攻撃FF III
14Zantetsuken斬鉄剣FF IV
15BeepビープFF IV
16Cecil’s Slashセシルが剣で斬るFF IV
17Cureケアル系FF IV
18Battle BeginsエンカウントFF V
19White Magic白魔法詠唱FF V
20Black Magic黒魔法詠唱FF V
21Player's Turn自分のターンFF V
22Enemy Defeated敵死亡FF V
23Sword Slash剣で斬るFF VI
24Save PointセーブポイントFF VI
25ChocoboチョコボFF VI
26Magitek MissileまどうミサイルFF VI
27SaveセーブFF VII
28Ally Attack味方の各攻撃音FF VII
29FireファイアFF VII
30Happy Chocobo喜ぶチョコボFF VII
31Dealing Cardsカードを配るFF VIII
32Shuffling CardsカードめくるFF VIII
33Role Set役成立FF VIII
34CursorカーソルFF IX
35Item Boughtアイテム購入FF IX
36Sword Slash剣で斬るFF IX
37Magic Spell魔法詠唱FF IX
38CureケアルFF X
39Basic Attack基本攻撃FF X
40ShootシュートFF X
41WhistleホイッスルFF X
42Confirm決定FF XI
43MoogleモーグリFF XI
44SwordFF XII
45Gabranth's Stepsガブラスの歩行音FF XII
46Wyrmhero Bladeトロの剣_振りFF XII
47CursorカーソルFF XIII
48Sword Draw抜刀FF XIII
49Weapon Draw武器打ち上げFF XIII
50Gunshot銃発射FF XIII