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by SBAllen / x_loto

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FAQ by SBAllen
/ x_loto

Version: 1.90 | Updated: 09/01/17


Rhythmia Unlockables

Rhythmia are earned when you complete songs. Acquiring a certain number of them will unlock songs or other items in the game. After the initial set of multiple crystal shards, the single crystal shards that you receive will be a random one that you still need. Once you no longer need crystal shards, you’ll begin receiving items instead. A list of these items can be found after the main unlockable list.

00250Red Crystal Shards x4
00500Touch Sound
00750Music Player: Final Fantasy
01000Final Fantasy XIV EMS: Answers
01250Indigo Crystal Shards x4
01500Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII EMS: Savior of Souls
01750Touch Sound
02000Final Fantasy X-2 EMS: 1000 Words
02250Yellow Crystal Shards x4
02500Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children EMS: Advent: One-Winged Angel
02750Green Crystal Shards x4
03000Touch Sound
03250ProfiCard Character: Machina
03500Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles EMS: Moonless Starry Night
03750ProfiCard Bylines: Row 41
04000Pink Crystal Shards x6
04250ProfiCard Character: Rikku
04500Final Fantasy XIII-2 EMS: Warrior Goddess
04750Violet Crystal Shards x6
05000Touch Sound
05250ProfiCard Character: Agrias
05500Final Fantasy Tactics EMS: Bland Logo~Title Back
05750Music Player: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
06000Touch Sound
06250Orange Crystal Shards x6
06500Final Fantasy Type-0 EMS: We Have Come
06750Turquoise Crystal Shards x6
07000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 42
07250ProfiCard Character: Red Chocobo
07500Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII EMS: CRISIS CORE Theme - Dreams and Honor
07750White Crystal Shards x6
08000Touch Sound
08250Gold Crystal Shards x6
08500Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy EMS: Lux Concordiae
08750ProfiCard Bylines: Row 43
09000Silver Crystal Shards x6
09250ProfiCard Character: Noel
09500Touch Sound
09750Crystal Shard
10000Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Special Arrange Medley (EMS)
10500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 44
11000Crystal Shard
11500Music Player: Final Fantasy II
12000ProfiCard Character: Snow
12500Touch Sound
13000Crystal Shard
13500ProfiCard Character: Ashe
14000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 45
14500Crystal Shard
15000Touch Sound
15500ProfiCard Character: Black Chocobo
16000Crystal Shard
16500Music Player: Final Fantasy XIV
17000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 46
17500ProfiCard Character: Prishe
18000Crystal Shard
18500Touch Sound
19000Crystal Shard
19500ProfiCard Character: Yuna
20000Chaos Battle/Staff Credit/Chaos Character Unlocked
20500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 47
21000Crystal Shard
21500Music Player: Final Fantasy III
22000Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon BMS: Dungeon Hero X’s Theme
22500Touch Sound
23000ProfiCard Character: Vivi
23500Crystal Shard
24000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 48
24500Crystal Shard
25000ProfiCard Character: Chocobo
25500Touch Sound
26000Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon BMS: Raffaello Battle
26500Music Player: Final Fantasy XIII-2
27000ProfiCard Character: Seifer
27500Crystal Shard
28000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 49
28500Crystal Shard
29000ProfiCard Character: Aerith
29500Touch Sound
30000Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon BMS: Guardian of the Dark II
30500Crystal Shard
31000ProfiCard Character: Locke
31500Music Player: Final Fantasy IV
32000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 50
32500Crystal Shard
33000ProfiCard Character: White Chocobo
33500Touch Sound
34000Crystal Shard
34500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 51
35000ProfiCard Character: Faris
35500Crystal Shard
36000Touch Sound
36500Music Player: Final Fantasy Type-0
37000ProfiCard Character: Rydia
37500Crystal Shard
38000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 52
38500Crystal Shard
39000ProfiCard Character: Cid
39500Touch Sound
40000Chaos Battle/The Chaos Shrine - TFFCC BMS Arrangement - From FF (BMS)
40500Crystal Shard
41000ProfiCard Character: Moogle
41500Music Player: Final Fantasy V
42000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 53
42500Crystal Shard
43000ProfiCard Character: Minwu
43500Touch Sound
44000Crystal Shard
44500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 54
45000ProfiCard Character: Princess Sarah
45500Crystal Shard
46000Touch Sound
46500Music Player: Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy
47000ProfiCard Character: Rem
47500Crystal Shard
48000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 55
48500Crystal Shard
49000ProfiCard Character: Fat Chocobo
49500Touch Sound
50000Crystal Shard
50500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 56
51000ProfiCard Character: Paine
51500Music Player: Final Fantasy VI
52000Crystal Shard
52500Touch Sound
53000ProfiCard Character: Hope
53500Crystal Shard
54000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 57
54500Crystal Shard
55000ProfiCard Character: Balthier
55500Touch Sound
56000Crystal Shard
56500Music Player: Dissidia Final Fantasy
57000ProfiCard Character: Shiva
57500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 58
58000Crystal Shard
58500Touch Sound
59000ProfiCard Character: Aphmau
59500Crystal Shard
60000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 59
60500Crystal Shard
61000ProfiCard Character: Auron
61500Music Player: Final Fantasy VII
62000Touch Sound
62500Crystal Shard
63000ProfiCard Character: Garnet
63500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 60
64000Crystal Shard
64500Touch Sound
65000ProfiCard Character: Ramuh
65500Crystal Shard
66000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 61
66500Music Player: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
67000ProfiCard Character: Rinoa
67500Crystal Shard
68000Touch Sound
68500Crystal Shard
69000ProfiCard Character: Tifa
69500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 62
70000Crystal Shard
70500Touch Sound
71000ProfiCard Character: Celes
71500Music Player: Final Fantasy VIII
72000Crystal Shard
72500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 63
73000ProfiCard Character: Ifrit
73500Crystal Shard
74000Touch Sound
74500Crystal Shard
75000ProfiCard Character: Lenna
75500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 64
76000Crystal Shard
76500Music Player: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
77000ProfiCard Character: Kain
77500Touch Sound
78000Crystal Shard
78500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 65
79000ProfiCard Character: Vanille
79500Crystal Shard
80000Touch Sound
80500Crystal Shard
81000ProfiCard Character: Fran
81500Music Player: Final Fantasy IX
82000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 66
82500Crystal Shard
83000ProfiCard Character: Odin
83500Touch Sound
84000Crystal Shard
84500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 67
85000ProfiCard Character: Lilisette
85500Crystal Shard
86000Touch Sound
86500Music Player: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
87000ProfiCard Character: Jecht
87500Crystal Shard
88000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 68
88500Crystal Shard
89000ProfiCard Character: Eiko
89500Touch Sound
90000Crystal Shard
90500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 69
91000ProfiCard Character: Laguna
91500Music Player: Final Fantasy X
92000Crystal Shard
92500Touch Sound
93000ProfiCard Character: Edge
93500Crystal Shard
94000ProfiCard Bylines: Row 70
94500Crystal Shard
95000ProfiCard Character: Barret
95500Touch Sound
96000Crystal Shard
96500Music Player: Final Fantasy X-2
97000ProfiCard Character: Edgar
97500ProfiCard Bylines: Row 71
98000Crystal Shard
98500Touch Sound
99000ProfiCard Character: Galuf
99500Crystal Shard

From this point forward, I’ll only be listing unlockables that are not ProfiCard Bylines or Crystal Shard/Items. Those unlockables seem to go on forever so listing them would be a huge and unnecessary chore. Below are the other things you’ll unlock at 100000 Rhythmia and beyond.

100000ProfiCard Character: Bahamut
101000Music Player: Final Fantasy XI
106000Music Player: Final Fantasy Tactics
107000Touch Sound
110000Music Player: Final Fantasy XII
114000Touch Sound
116000Music Player: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
121000Music Player: Final Fantasy XIII (Last One!)
122000Touch Sound
128000Touch Sound
134000Touch Sound
140000Touch Sound
146000Touch Sound
150000ProfiCard Character: Knights of the Round
153000Touch Sound
159000Touch Sound
165000Touch Sound
171000Touch Sound
177000Touch Sound
183000Touch Sound
189000Touch Sound (Last One!)
200000ProfiCard Character: Sephiroth
300000ProfiCard Character: Chaos (Last One!)

Here is a list of items that you receive once you no longer need crystal shards.

Phoenix PinionMiratete’s Memoirs
Libra Scroll IKnights' Magicite
Libra Scroll IIScapegoat
Libra Scroll IIIPremium Airship Ticket