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by SBAllen / x_loto

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FAQ by SBAllen
/ x_loto

Version: 1.90 | Updated: 09/01/17


Records Statistics

The first two pages in the Records section in the Museum, along with the Total Count are covered in this section. As you increase your count in each statistic, you’ll earn from one to four small stars. Continue going after that and you’ll get a large star. Increasing it even further results in a sparkling large star, which is the highest mark you can get for that statistic.

Total Counts:

  • Total playtime
  • Songs played
  • Enemies defeated
  • Distance traveled
  • Chained triggers
  • Critical triggers
  • ProfiCards received
  • StreetPasses

Music Stages:

  • Total songs cleared
  • Basic Scores cleared
  • Expert Scores cleared
  • Ultimate Scores cleared
  • Perfect Chains achieved
  • Daily Specials cleared
  • Critical Charts received
  • SSS ranks received

Quest Medleys:

  • Total Quests cleared
  • Short Quests cleared
  • Medium Quests cleared
  • Long Quests cleared
  • Inherited Quests cleared
  • Bosses conquered
  • Stages cleared
  • Keys used

Versus Mode:

  • Total Rating (Ranking, Wins, Losses, Ties)
  • Online Battle Rating (Ranking, Wins, Losses, Ties)
  • Local Battle Rating (Ranking, Wins, Losses, Ties)
  • AI Battle victories
  • Highest Rank
  • Scores played [Not Including AI Battle] (Basic, Expert, Ultimate, Ultimate No EX Burst)
  • EX Bursts used

Battle Party:

  • Levels reset
  • CollectaCards obtained
  • Parameter boosts performed
  • Critical boosts achieved
  • Items used
  • Abilities triggered
  • Fat Chocobo encounters
  • Treasure chests earned

Top Songs Played

This page displays the most played songs, their type, the game they are from, the difficulty played, and the number of times you’ve played it.

Top Characters Used

This page displayes the characters you’ve used in stages the most, along with their current level, how many times they have been reset, and the total number of times used.