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by SBAllen / x_loto

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FAQ by SBAllen
/ x_loto

Version: 1.90 | Updated: 09/01/17

Main Menu

Quest Medleys


Quest Medleys is a mode where you journey across a map, taking winding paths on your way to find the last boss deep in its lair. You’ll find tons of great loot as you complete the maps, but you’ll need to beware of all of the enemies and locked doors that try to bar your way. You can find new maps by completing old ones or by obtaining them from friends or opponents that you battle in Versus Mode. This mode is the quickest and easiest way to earn Crystal Shards to unlock characters.


When you enter into Quest Medleys, you must first select which of the four types of quests you’d like to embark upon: Short Quest, Middle Quest, Long Quest, and Received Quest.

When you first select Quest Medleys, you’ll only have a single Short Quest to choose from. Completing it will unlock a Middle Quest and completing that a Long Quest. The difference between the first three is implied by the names. Short Quests are shorter than Middle Quests which are shorter than Long Quest. Received Quests are quests that you have obtained from exchanging ProfiCards with other players. You can also access the Party Menu from this screen as well.

After selecting a quest type, you’ll make it to the quest list. Here you’ll see one or more quests that you have available in that category. The quests have an associated level that suggests roughly what level you’d want your party to be in order to defeat the last boss without exploiting abilities. They also have rarity levels, with N being Normal, R being Rare, and P being Premium. Rarer quests have better loot. You can tell at a glance if you’ve completed the quest before as the word “CLEAR!” will be above the level. You can hold up to 50 quests in each category.

These are a special type of Premium Chaos Map displayed with a gold "P" rather than the normal yellow "P" symbol preceding its name. The maps' names follow the pattern of "A nostalgic trip into a ____ fantasy." Each comes in one of four possible levels (25/50/75/99), and each has special qualities denoted by the second half of its name:

  • ancient: Only contains songs from FFI-III
  • aging: Only contains songs from FFIV-VI
  • recent: Only contains songs from FFVII-IX
  • new: Only contains songs from FFX-XIV
  • foreign: Only contains songs from FF spinoffs
  • fierce: Contains mostly BMS songs
  • pastoral: Contains mostly FMS songs
  • bracing: Contains many songs with Movers/Magic Pots as monsters for fast leveling

These maps may be obtained through trade, or there is a small chance of obtaining one by completing a Chaos Map on your own to obtain a new one.

On the top screen, you’ll see the boss or bosses of that quest. If you have not battled it yet, you’ll only see the silhouette, otherwise you’ll see a full image and its name. Short Quests have one boss, Middle Quests have two, and Long Quests have three. Each boss has three possible drops and a reward attached to it, usually several crystal shards. The drops will drop each time you kill the boss but you’ll only receive the reward once. You can tell if you’ve already gotten the reward as it will be written in gray instead of white and “GET” will be written above it. Drops will show up as question marks until you get them at least once then you’ll see what it can drop for future reference.

Pressing will change the top screen to show some information about the quest. You’ll see the number of BMS and FMS stages (there are no EMS stages in Quest Medleys), the number of locked and unlocked doors, and the number of other events that you can encounter, which will be covered shortly. You’ll also see a chain of players who have obtained the stage, which will only be you unless you’re playing a Received Quest.

Pressing a second time will show you a map of the overworld for the quest. All quests have an overworld section and a dungeon section.

Pressing will allow you to sort the various quests that you have by things like rarity or level. There’s also a trash can at the bottom that you can tap to discard a quest if you no longer want it.

Finally, you can use an airship ticket by tapping the airship at the bottom. You can either use an Economy Ticket (green) or a Premium Ticket (blue). Using either one will replace the next stage on the overworld map with an airship FMS stage. Completing it will move you on the map. Economy Tickets will move you somewhere random while Premium Tickets will move you directly to the dungeon entrance.


Once you have selected your quest, you will be deposited at the beginning of the map (unless you are continuing). You may have one or more choices of paths that you can take from here. Unless you have played that particular node before, or the person who sent you the quest has played it (or you use certain items/abilities), you will only see what game the song is from. If you/someone else have played the node, you’ll also see the song title and difficulty. You can scroll the map on the top screen with the analog stick to plot out the most interesting path to take. Some nodes can only be accessed depending on the branches that you take.

In addition to just regular nodes where you play a stage and move on, there will be some bubbles above some nodes with an icon in them. Those are as follows:

  • Key: Completing this stage will earn you one of four colored keys: red, yellow, blue, purple. You cannot tell what color it will be until you complete the stage for the first time. These are used to unlock doors.
  • Fat Chocobo: This guarantees that a Fat Chocobo will meet you at the end of the FMS for rare loot.
  • Airship: Much like using an airship ticket, you’ll zoom to another part of the map after completing the airship FMS.
  • Aetheryte: These are basically save points, which allow you to begin again at the last Aetheryte you used in case you are defeated.
  • Monster: This inserts a Boss class monster into the BMS for better loot. If there is a number on it (Middle/Long Quests only), it’s one of the mini bosses.

Aside from BMS/FMS nodes, you can also come across locked doors that require a key of the same color to open. Once a door is opened, it remains opened for all future visits to that quest.

Finally in the overworld, the far left purple node allows you to enter the dungeon where the Last Boss is found. This is just another map like the first, only you cannot use airships and the final node is the Last Boss.

Another thing to note is the day system. You begin at Day 1 and each stage that you play advances a day. You can also advance a day by using a Tent. You receive a bonus to EXP earned based on the current day up to a 2x bonus around Day 20 or so. This makes Long Quests a great way to earn EXP to level up characters.

There’s another interesting way to earn extra EXP from any quest. If there’s an Aetheryte in the quest, it will allow you to resume from it when you fail. When you return to it, it’ll be the same day that it was when you failed the quest. You can exploit this by going through an Aetheryte, making it to the lass boss and losing on purpose, then resuming and playing through again for even more EXP.

If you need a break or just want to abandon a quest, hit the Button on the map screen and you can choose to abandon the quest (blue option) or save and quit (red option). Saving allows you to resume the action right where you are whenever you want.

Once you complete a quest, you’ll receive the rewards for whichever bosses you beat the first time and then you’ll be able to attach that quest to your ProfiCard for sharing.