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by SBAllen / x_loto

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FAQ by SBAllen
/ x_loto

Version: 1.90 | Updated: 09/01/17


Party Building

Now that we know what the various stats do, it’s time to build up our initial party. From there, as you unlock more characters you’ll want to begin creating specialized teams for each of the various modes. Here are some tips and suggestions for making the best party that you can.

Initial Party

When you first begin, you must build a party from a small handful of available characters. Since you can’t really build a bunch of specialized parties using only four characters, it’s best to aim towards building a well-rounded team that can perform admirably in all situations, though you could begin trying to build towards a specialized group as well. You could also just throw caution to the wind and pick the characters that you like the best as well! It’s all up to you.

I would suggest that you download the 2nd demo from the eShop so that you can upload the data when you start and have access to more characters to choose from. Here is a quick chart of the characters that you can choose from, with and without the 2nd demo.

Default ChoiceOriginExtra ChoiceOrigin
Warrior of LightFFBenjaminFF MQ
FirionFF IIRamzaFF Tactics
Onion KnightFF IIIYuna #2FF X-2
CecilFF IVCiaranFF CC
BartzFF VTifa #2FF VII AC
CloudFF VIICosmosDissidia FF
SquallFF VIIIAceFF Type-0
ZidaneFF IXSerahFF XIII-2
TidusFF XLightning #2LR: FF XIII
ShantottoFF XI
LightningFF XIII
Y’shtolaFF XIV

So having covered all of that, here are the different groups that you’ll be interested in, and who excels in each:

FMS Runner

My top choice for this role is Zidane. The party leader should excel in FMS since they will be the first one walking. Zidane has one of the highest Agilities in the game, which makes him walk faster and thus earn more experience for the group and more chances for loot. He gets Treasure Hunter Lv 1 early on, which helps get better loot. He can also boost his Agility early on with skills like Earth Blues Lv 1 and Hastemarch Lv 1 and can stay on the path longer with Escape Lv 1. Outside of FMS, he can use Steal Lv 1 to help get loot during BMS and his Limit Break Grand Lethal is a strong one. Also of the higher Agility starters, he has some of the highest Strength which helps in BMS as well.

There are a few alternatives if you aren’t a fan of Zidane. You could consider Onion Knight or Bartz for instance. Both have better starting skills for FMS, like Vigilance and Wind Rhapsody Lv 1, but you have to give up Steal and Treasure Hunter. Another one to consider is Vaan, who has lower Agility but makes up for it with more BMS versatility, including Steal and Treasure Hunter. He gets those skills much later than Zidane, though.

Damage Dealers

Now that we’ve gotten our FMS leader decided, the rest of the party should focus more on dealing damage during BMS.

When it comes to magic, there are really only two starters to consider, Shantotto and Terra. At the beginning, there is no contest as Shantotto is just way stronger and will deal much more damage. Once you reach level 40 and get their Limit Breaks, Terra gets a bit more interesting as Trance will triple her magic damage for most of the stage. This comes at the price of a strong attack against each boss, which Shantotto offers with Ancient Magic. Because of this, I give the edge for magician to Shantotto.

When it comes to physical damage, you can’t go wrong with either Warrior of Light, Cloud, or Zack. All three have the best combination of physical skills, being Focus Lv 1, Focus Lv 2, Added Cut, and their Limit Break (or for Warrior of Light, substitute in Focus Lv 3). Physical damage dealers will generally outperform magic damage dealers.

Damage Mitigation and Healing

The final group are the ones that help your party take a beating and keep on going. From the group of starters, there are two characters that really fill this role successfully, Cecil and Cosmos. I personally prefer Cecil as he brings a mix of mitigation, healing, and strength. His versatility can make him successful in any role, meaning that as you get better at the game, you can wean off of his healing/mitigation and switch over to strength. Cosmos focuses more on healing and does it well, but her mitigation isn’t as good and her attacks are very weak.

Putting It All Together

Now that you know the roles, it’s time to figure out what type of party you want to put together. Here are a few examples. Don’t consider these the only options but rather just some starting ideas to work with. And remember, you can always just pick your favorite characters and try the game out as you please!

Balanced PartySafety PartyAssault Party
ShantottoCosmosWarrior of Light

FMS Party

Now that you’ve played a bit and unlocked more characters, you can start optimizing your team to perform well in different scenarios. For this first situation, let’s look into making a party that performs well during FMS.

It’s possible to ensure the appearance of a Fat Chocobo if you stack enough Sight abilities. The easiest way to do this is to make a team with all four characters that have Sight Lv 3, which increases the chance of Moogles/Fat Chocobos appearing by 25%. That would make our team comprised of Rikku, Locke, Y’shtola, and Serah, without relying on DLC characters like Krile.

Of these four, Rikku has the highest Agility, so she should be the leader. Here’s how you would set this party up assuming that you haven’t done any level resetting or Collecta Crystarium boosting:

This is about the best you can do in terms of exploiting FMS. Once you have this setup, you want to begin dumping as much Agility as you can on Rikku so that she runs faster and beefing up all four of their CP so that you can put on more abilities. Here’s what you should aim for:

There are other ways to build a good FMS party, so feel free to experiment. The main things to focus on during FMS are Agility (top priority), abilities to increase/maintain top speed, and abilities to increase loot.

BMS Party

For BMS, your main goal is to kill as many monsters as you can in order to get more experience and loot.

For the optimal party, we’ll be exploiting the incredibly strong Added Cut ability. The way this ability works is that after triggering three other abilities, you’ll use Added Cut. Thus, we want abilities that we can use quickly to keep using Added Cut over and over. The best ability for this by far is Focus Lv 1, which will fire after every 13 GOOD or higher Hold triggers. By stacking Focus abilities, we can use Added Cut over and over. Here’s our setup:

We want Cloud to be the leader since he summons Knights of the Round which is the stronger summon. We use Cloud, Paine, and Zack because they are the only three characters that have the necessary skills along with a Limit Break that attacks every Boss class monster. After those two, only Warrior of Light and Auron have the necessary skills without a useful Limit Break and of the two, Auron has better stats.

With this setup, you’ll be using abilities pretty constantly throughout stages on Ultimate which have large numbers of Hold Triggers and you’ll be able to defeat many enemies for experience and loot. To improve this team, simply boost their Strength as much as possible while boosting the accompanying stats for the Limit Breaks as a secondary goal.

Blank Play Style

Finally, let's explore a special concept that I like to refer to as "Blank Play Style". If you play a stage and don't touch the screen at all, when you view the results page, there won't be a displayed Style because you didn't actually play. So basically, Blank Play Style is a way of completing a stage without actually playing.

Why would you want to do this? For starters, it's pretty funny to watch the game play itself, your team getting beat up, and you still getting a complete result at the end. Aside from that though, it can be used to automate earning Rhythmia and even item drops without having to actually play, allowing you to do something else while simply picking a stage to complete over and over.

There are two different ways to approach this concept, defensively to earn Rhythmia or offensively to farm items and CollectaCards. No matter which option we use, we don't want to have to rely on items so we need to make sure we can survive without them. Let's start with the Rhythmia option.

Hands Free Rhythmia Farming

For this method, we want to focus simply on keeping our group alive while earning the most Rhythmia possible. That means that we want to focus on high HP, healing, mitigation, and complete avoidance of damage. Also, as we'll learn soon in the Earning Rhythmia section of the guide, we can earn an extra 120 Rhythmia for completing a stage with four characters that are from the same game as the song that you played. That means we want to comprise a party of characters all from the same game who can take a lot of damage and then play the easiest, quickest song possible to play with that team.

The best team I found for this process that doesn't require any use of the Collecta Crystarium is a team of Final Fantasy IV characters. You will be required to purchase the Rosa DLC for this team. If you don't want to do that, you can replace her with Cosmos but you'll lose 30 Rhythmia per stage and you'll need to bump up her CP to make her viable. Here's the setup:

By using this team and playing the FF4 song Airship, you can easily earn ~140-150 Rhythmia in under two minutes.

Hands Free Item/CollectaCard Farming

This is going to be a lot more tough than the first option. You are absolutely going to need to use the Collecta Crystarium. You will need to sink a lot of time into this to make it really viable, so be prepared to strap in and get comfortable.

The optimal setup for this will be a healer, two melee damage dealers, and one magic damage dealer. Two of these roles can only be filled by one person.

For healing, the single most efficient method of healing is by stacking Paeon skills. As there are only three characters that have all three Paeon skills, that narrows it down quite a bit. The last skill is the one that makes the decision for us. The most viable option for the final option is Soul Voice, which will double the healing effect on the healer and thus provide a huge boost to the overall healing provided. This narrowly outperforms Elegy Lv 3 and makes Cosmos the overall best healer.

We want to have a single magic user as well. This person will just stand around until the first boss enemy shows up and then will unleash a fury that will decimate several enemies in a row. Since these will basically be one shot spells, we want to make them as strong as possible. The best way to do that is to stack Bluff and Dualcast. The only character who can do that is Shantotto. You'll also want to use a scroll to teach her Ultima.

Now, the only way we'll be able to get to a boss in the first place is to be able to kill a few enemies. This is where the physical damage dealers come into play. The only way to deal damage without actually doing anything is by using Counters. There are plenty of character that can use all levels of Counter, so we will narrow the choices down further by considering what other abilities to use. The best overall ability to pair with three levels of Counter is Added Cut since it will activate each time all three Counters activate.

By looking at which characters have all three levels of Counter and also Added Cut, we narrow the choices down to four: Sephiroth, Auron, Lightning, and Paine. Of the four, Paine is the most versatile as she also has a Limit Break that deals damage on boss characters. Of the remaining three, I prefer Auron as he's also a part of my BMS team.

There are a few other characters worth consideration. Edge has the first two levels of Counter and Added Cut. His fourth ability slot can be filled with Chakra Lv 2 for added healing. Prishe has the first two levels of Counter and can fill her last two slots with any two of Chakra Lv 3, Paeon Lv 2, or The Five Lights.

Here is the current setup that I'm using:

Once you raise your overall HP high enough to survive the easier Basic stages, start boosting the Strength and Magic stats of your team. Even getting those stats into the 500 range should enable you to defeat over a dozen enemies in a stage. Pair up this strategy with the CollectaCard Groups section of the guide to find the cards that you need and efficiently farm them without any effort.