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by SBAllen / x_loto

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FAQ by SBAllen
/ x_loto

Version: 1.90 | Updated: 09/01/17


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock all of the main menu items?

The simple answer is to keep playing. After your first few plays of Music Stages, you’ll unlock the ability to play all of the songs. After that, you’ll start unlocking options on the main menu. As you unlock a new mode, enter that mode and play around for a bit. StreetPass is unlocked by completing a quest in Quest Medleys, for example. Another example is Versus Mode. You’ll unlock Online Battle and Local Battle by playing AI Battle. Just play things as they unlock and you’ll be set!

What are the differences between the first game and this one?

  • Significantly more songs, characters, and monsters. This game has over 220 songs, 60 characters, and 80 monsters not even including DLC!
  • New play methods. This game introduces gameplay involving the buttons and stick in addition to the stylus play controls.
  • Chaos Temple has been replaced by the vastly superior Quest Medleys mode.
  • The game now has a Versus Mode mode where you can compete against the computer or human players locally or even online.
  • Series Mode was removed.
  • All of the EMS stages from the first game are now BMS or FMS stages. This game has 11 new EMS stages.
  • All of the DLC songs from the first game are freely available for play in this game outside of Somnus, which is missing completely.
  • Some songs are arranged differently.
  • You can change the sound made when you complete Triggers.
  • Scoring is different. A SSS no longer requires getting all perfect Triggers with no abilities/items on.
  • Characters can all equip four abilities of any type. That is to say, ability slots are not limited to Proactive/Reactive like before.
  • Character growth has vastly expanded. In addition to being able to reset your level to gain more CP, you can also use the Collecta Crystarium to boost your stats higher than ever before.

Does my game save and/or DLC from the first game do anything?

I’m afraid not. No character levels or scores or anything at all are carried over from the first game. As all of the songs (excluding Somnus) are available by default in this game, the DLC songs also do nothing.

What are the maximum stats that a character can have?

The following are the limits for stats:

  • HP is limited to 9999.
  • Base stats (Strength, Magic, etc) are limited to 999.
  • CP is limited to 99.

Does this game feature a Soft Reset?

Indeed it does. Pressing and and together will reset the game.

What is the best way to collect crystal shards?

For crystal shards, you’ll want to complete Quest Medleys quests and ensure that you defeat the boss or bosses. Generally, the more rare the quest, the more shards you’ll get. You can only collect the reward shards from defeating the boss once and then you can’t claim them anymore and need to move to a different quest.

What is the fastest way to level up my characters?

Once again, you’ll want to look toward Quest Medleys quests. The Middle and Long Quests can provide tons of experience. As long as you’re still trying to unlock characters, you might as well keep playing new quests. If you strictly want to level quickly, it’s best to find a quest with songs that you’re good at and play it repeatedly. Be careful when playing higher level quests to ensure that you can defeat enemies or you’ll slow down the experience gain. As you get deeper into the quest, your day counter will get higher and the bonus exp it provides will increase, causing you to gain multiple levels sometimes after a stage. You can increase the amount even futher by using items that increase exp gain.

It’s also a good idea to exploit Aetheryte if you aren’t trying to earn shards. Find a stage with an Aetheryte somewhere near the end before a stage that you can earn a lot of exp on (if the stage has Magic Pot enemies, all the better as they provide a lot of exp) and then defeat it and go on to the Last Boss and lose on purpose. You’ll go back to the Aetheryte and your day counter won’t reset, giving you even more experience!

This can be enhanced even further by giving your characters a scroll to learn Exp Up Lv 1 or higher. The first level gives a 1.2x multiplier to EXP earned for that character, then 1.4x for the second level and 1.6x for the third level. If you really just want to level one character up fast, you can use Exp Hound so that character gets all of the experience.

A final tip is to create and use a “ringer” who can decimate stages and then use him/her to help level up your newer recruits. For an FMS, use CollectaCards to massively boost the Agility of one character (well beyond the usual 255 limit) and make them your leader. You can earn huge exp on harder stages if you can keep them in the whole time. You can try this on BMS as well by buffing Strength/Magic for a character, but the results aren’t as good. Combine this tip with the tips above and you can level three Lv 1 characters up to Lv 99 in well under an hour.

What is the fastest way to earn CollectaCards?

For CollectaCards, you’ll earn the best types the quickest in Versus Mode against the AI. Play through and unlock Platinum Class then defeat it over and over, always fighting the hardest opponent. You’ll earn two rare cards and two normal cards for each victory and some premium cards when you reach the top rank again.

Alternatively, you can use Molulu’s Charm items if you have them during regular stages to force only CollectaCards to drop with an increased chance of getting new cards. This works best by playing BMS stages on a very low level Quest Medleys map with high level characters.

What songs can be found on the various menus?

Main MenuMain ThemeFF V
Versus Mode MenuWhat Becomes of UsFF Type-0
Quest Medleys MenuAttack Team/Trail MarchFF Tactics
Quest Medleys OverworldMain Theme of Final Fantasy VIIFF VII
Quest Medleys CaveDungeonFF IV
Quest Medleys CastleCrystal TowerFF III
Quest Medleys ClearReturn of the HeroFF III
Quest Medleys FailureVictory Fanfare (remixed)FF Series
Party MenuLocke’s ThemeFF VI
Collecta CrystariumCrystal RoomFF III
StreetPass MenuMog House (Remixed)FF XI
Museum MenuHistoria CruxFF XIII-2
CollectionRecollectionFF XI
Settings MenuPreludeFF Series
TutorialPalom and Porom’s ThemeFF IV
Staff CreditOpening Theme (Final Fantasy Tribute –Thanks- Version)FF Series