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by SBAllen / x_loto

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FAQ by SBAllen
/ x_loto

Version: 1.90 | Updated: 09/01/17


CollectaCard Groups

After completing a stage on any mode, you can earn CollectaCards. What might not be inherently obvious is that each stage will only drop from a small group of CollectaCards. That means that if you're looking for a specific card, you can only get that card to drop by playing certain songs. Below you will find the different groups of songs and the CollectaCards that you can earn from playing those songs, along with the percentage chance that a dropped CollectaCard will be that particular card.

Group A

Protect the Espers!Final Fantasy VIBMSArdent RhythmSquare Enix TitlesBMS
Battle ThemeFinal Fantasy XIBMSMatoya's CaveFinal FantasyFMS
Desperate StruggleFinal Fantasy XIIIBMSCrystal CaveFinal Fantasy IIIFMS
Battle 1Final Fantasy Mystic QuestBMSWithin the GiantFinal Fantasy IVFMS
United, Heaven-SentFinal Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesBMSCosmo CanyonFinal Fantasy VIIFMS
The Price of FreedomCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIBMSEnding ThemeFinal Fantasy VIIIFMS
DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY [FINAL TRAILER]Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final FantasyBMSA Place to Call HomeFinal Fantasy IXFMS
The Ultimate ConfrontationSquare Enix TitlesBMSEclipseFinal Fantasy XIII-2FMS
Evil WingsSquare Enix TitlesBMS
001Warrior of Light11%126Bangaa Thief11%
024Squall11%132Manasvin Warmech11%
043Fran11%144Sand Worm10%
071Shiva11%146Magic Pot10%

Group B

Final BattleFinal FantasyBMSFisherman's HorizonFinal Fantasy VIIIFMS
Flash of SteelFinal Fantasy XIIBMSAboard the Hilda GardeFinal Fantasy IXFMS
Heart of ChaosFinal Fantasy XIII-2BMSLaunchFinal Fantasy XFMS
Devil Lord Confrontation ISquare Enix TitlesBMSVoyagerFinal Fantasy XIFMS
SwivelSquare Enix TitlesBMSThe Archadian EmpireFinal Fantasy XIIFMS
FinaleFinal Fantasy IIFMSOn Westerly WindsFinal Fantasy XIVFMS
Troian BeautyFinal Fantasy IVFMSThe Farplane AbyssFinal Fantasy X-2FMS
In Search of LightFinal Fantasy VFMSCloud SmilesFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenFMS
The ChaseFinal Fantasy VIIFMS Meridian ChildSquare Enix TitlesFMS
002Princess Sarah11%093Gilgamesh11%
030Garnet11%097Magitek Armor10%
054Paine11%111Tonberry King10%
067Fat Chocobo11%149Mover3%

Group C

Battle Theme 2Final Fantasy IIBMSVermilion FireFinal Fantasy Type-0 BMS
Battle 1Final Fantasy IVBMSWe Have ComeFinal Fantasy Type-0BMS
PremonitionFinal Fantasy VIIIBMSLast Battle -T260G-Square Enix TitlesBMS
The Final BattleFinal Fantasy IXBMSFour HeartsFinal Fantasy VFMS
Final BattleFinal Fantasy XBMSSearching for FriendsFinal Fantasy VIFMS
Melodies ErrantFinal Fantasy XIBMSDust to DustFinal Fantasy XIIIFMS
Ending MovieFinal Fantasy XIIBMSOlivia's ThemeFinal Fantasy TacticsFMS
Beyond the WastelandFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenBMSThe Dead Dunes Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIFMS
Leviathan BattleFinal Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's DungeonBMS Into the Thick of ItSquare Enix TitlesFMS
038Aphmau12%115Black Waltz 311%
076Knights of the Round12%159Flan11%

Group D

Main Theme of Final Fantasy VFinal Fantasy VBMSBattle #4Square Enix TitlesBMS
Battle to the DeathFinal Fantasy VIBMSMegalomaniaSquare Enix TitlesBMS
Battle 1Final Fantasy IXBMSThe Serpent That Devours the HorizonSquare Enix TitlesBMS
Battle ThemeFinal Fantasy XBMSMt. GulgFinal FantasyFMS
FFXI Opening ThemeFinal Fantasy XIBMSEternal WindFinal Fantasy IIIFMS
FINAL FANTASY (FFXII Version)Final Fantasy XIIBMSThe Highwind Takes to the SkiesFinal Fantasy XFMS
Fighting FateFinal Fantasy XIIIBMSTimely Ambush (from FFVII 'Let the Battles Begin!')Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIFMS
Battle 2Final Fantasy Mystic QuestBMSGate to the RiftDissidia 012 [duodecim] Final FantasyFMS
This is the End for You!Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesBMSNoel's Theme - Final Journey -Final Fantasy XIII-2FMS
005Onion Knight11%133Orphan11%
072Ramuh11%151Hill Gigas10%

Group E

Moonless Starry NightFinal Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEMSBattle with MagusSquare Enix TitlesBMS
Battle Theme AFinal Fantasy IIBMSSoaringSquare Enix TitlesBMS
The Final BattleFinal Fantasy VBMSWorld RevolutionSquare Enix TitlesBMS
The Man with the Machine GunFinal Fantasy VIIIBMSTwisterSquare Enix TitlesBMS
The Darkness of EternityFinal Fantasy IXBMSCrystal TowerFinal Fantasy IIIFMS
A Contest of AeonsFinal Fantasy XBMSThe Airship BlackjackFinal Fantasy VIFMS
RagnarokFinal Fantasy XIBMSThe Archylte SteppeFinal Fantasy XIIIFMS
Struggle for FreedomFinal Fantasy XIIBMSPrologueFinal Fantasy TacticsFMS
Raffaello BattleFinal Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's DungeonBMSThe Glittering City of YusnaanLightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIFMS
031Eiko11%104Ultimate Weapon5%
055Ciaran11%108Esthar Soldier10%
067Fat Chocobo10%155Bomb10%

Group F

OpeningFinal Fantasy TacticsEMSHarvestFinal Fantasy VFMS
Savior of SoulsLightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEMSKefka's TowerFinal Fantasy VIFMS
Battle 2Final Fantasy IVBMSVivi's ThemeFinal Fantasy IXFMS
Maybe I'm a LionFinal Fantasy VIIIBMSZanarkandFinal Fantasy XFMS
ShinryuFinal Fantasy XIBMSStreets of RabanastreFinal Fantasy XIIFMS
The Land BreathesFinal Fantasy XIVBMSThe Earth Under Our FeetFinal Fantasy Type-0FMS
Those Who Fight (Piano Version)Final Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenBMSWind SceneSquare Enix TitlesFMS
Guardian of the Dark IIFinal Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's DungeonBMSIn Search of the Sword of ManaSquare Enix TitlesFMS
Hills of Radiant WindsSquare Enix TitlesBMSCallingSquare Enix TitlesFMS
Main ThemeFinal Fantasy IIFMS
041Ashe10%129The Undying10%
063Serah10%160Jumbo Flan10%

Group G

We Have ComeFinal Fantasy Type-0EMSImperial Army ThemeFinal Fantasy IIFMS

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Special Arrange Medley

Final Fantasy SeriesEMSThe Red WingsFinal Fantasy IVFMS
J-E-N-O-V-AFinal Fantasy VIIBMSMambo de ChocoboFinal Fantasy VFMS
Torn from the HeavensFinal Fantasy XIVBMSBlue FieldsFinal Fantasy VIIIFMS
Resting PlaceFinal Fantasy X-2BMSDark City TrenoFinal Fantasy IXFMS
J-E-N-O-V-A (AC Version)Final Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenBMSMovement in GreenFinal Fantasy XFMS
"Battle 1 -arrange-" from Final Fantasy IXDissidia Final FantasyBMSGustabergFinal Fantasy XIFMS
Devil Lord Confrontation IISquare Enix TitlesBMSGiza PlainsFinal Fantasy XIIFMS
Frog's ThemeSquare Enix TitlesBMS
008Rydia10%084Cloud of Darkness10%
025Seifer10%091Objet D'art10%
056Tifa #210%148Tonberry10%
072Ramuh10%156King Bomb10%

Group H

Warrior GoddessFinal Fantasy XIII-2EMSAnswersFinal Fantasy TacticsBMS
Battle 1Final Fantasy VBMSMeridian DanceSquare Enix TitlesBMS
Dancing MadFinal Fantasy VIBMSAirshipFinal FantasyFMS
Battle 2Final Fantasy IXBMSThe Boundless OceanFinal Fantasy IIFMS
Blitz Off!Final Fantasy XBMSJudgment DayFinal Fantasy VIIFMS
AwakeningFinal Fantasy XIBMSSound of the WindFinal Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesFMS
Boss BattleFinal Fantasy XIIBMSA Flower Blooming in the Slums (from FFVII 'Aerith's Theme')Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIFMS
Nascent RequiemFinal Fantasy XIIIBMS Canto Mortis -An Undocumented Battle-Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final FantasyFMS
Song of the Ancients / DevolaSquare Enix TitlesFMS
015Terra12%131PSICOM Enforcer11%
033Yuna12%134Ultima, The High Seraph11%
059Chaos5%142Iron Giant11%

Group I

CRISIS CORE Theme - Dreams and HonorCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIEMSAntipyreticFinal Fantasy TacticsBMS
Lux ConcordiaeDissidia 012 [duodecim] Final FantasyEMSCrimson BlitzLightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIBMS
Battle 2Final Fantasy VBMSChrono TriggerSquare Enix TitlesBMS
Don't be AfraidFinal Fantasy VIIIBMSSunken ShrineFinal FantasyFMS
Swords of FuryFinal Fantasy IXBMSAria, the Maiden of WaterFinal Fantasy IIIFMS
AssaultFinal Fantasy XBMSTerra's ThemeFinal Fantasy VIFMS
Battle With SeymourFinal Fantasy XBMSThe Sunleth WaterscapeFinal Fantasy XFMS
Tough Battle #2Final Fantasy XIBMSPromised GraceFinal Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesFMS
Battle with an EsperFinal Fantasy XIIBMS
039Lilisette12%137Feral Chaos5%

Group J

Battle Theme 1Final Fantasy IIBMSLife and DeathFinal Fantasy XIIBMS
Battle at the Big BridgeFinal Fantasy VBMSApoplexyFinal Fantasy TacticsBMS
Opening - Bombing MissionFinal Fantasy VIIBMSBattle on the BridgeFinal Fantasy TacticsBMS
Liberi FataliFinal Fantasy VIIIBMSDungeon Hero X's ThemeFinal Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's DungeonBMS
Force Your WayFinal Fantasy VIIIBMSThe Megalopolis of SaloniaFinal Fantasy IIIFMS
Festival of the HuntFinal Fantasy IXBMSEdgar & Sabin's ThemeFinal Fantasy VIFMS
ChallengeFinal Fantasy XBMS March of the DreadnoughtsFinal Fantasy XIIIFMS
Fighters of the CrystalFinal Fantasy XIBMS Across the DivideFinal Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesFMS
019Cloud12%141Green Dragon11%

Group K

BattleFinal FantasyBMSTheme of LoveFinal Fantasy IVFMS
Aerith's ThemeFinal Fantasy VIIBMSThe AirshipFinal Fantasy VFMS
Under the WeightFinal Fantasy XIVBMSFind Your WayFinal Fantasy VIIIFMS
Advent: One-Winged AngelFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenBMSIifa, the Ancient Tree of LifeFinal Fantasy IXFMS
DISSIDIA - ending -Dissidia Final FantasyBMSThunder PlainsFinal Fantasy XFMS
War: Warrior Worth a ThousandFinal Fantasy Type-0BMSSarutabarutaFinal Fantasy XIFMS
The Last HunterFinal Fantasy XIII-2BMSThe Mosphoran HighwasteFinal Fantasy XIIFMS
Coup de GraceSquare Enix TitlesBMSKUON: Memories of Waves and LightFinal Fantasy XIII-2FMS
Boss Battle 2Square Enix TitlesBMSEchoes of the SpiralSquare Enix TitlesFMS
Tower of the MagiFinal Fantasy IIFMS
065Lightning #211%157Malboro10%

Group L

Battle with the Four FiendsFinal Fantasy IVBMSThe Chaos Shrine - TFFCC BMS Arrangement - From FFFinal Fantasy SeriesBMS
Let the Battles Begin!Final Fantasy VIIBMSSacrifice Part ThreeSquare Enix TitlesBMS
The ExtremeFinal Fantasy VIIIBMSTownFinal Fantasy IIFMS
Vamo' alla flamencoFinal Fantasy IXBMSLibrary of AncientsFinal Fantasy VFMS
Good King Moggle Mog XIIFinal Fantasy XIVBMSOver the HillFinal Fantasy IXFMS
real EmotionFinal Fantasy X-2BMSSpira UnpluggedFinal Fantasy XFMS
YRP, Fight! No. 1Final Fantasy X-2BMSVana'diel MarchFinal Fantasy XIFMS
Battle in the Forgotten CityFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenBMSThe Dalmasca EstersandFinal Fantasy XIIFMS
The Troops' AdvanceDissidia Final FantasyBMSSoarFinal Fantasy Type-0FMS
040Vaan10%135Bahamut Sin10%
052Yuna #210%136Manikin10%

Group M

The Final BattleFinal Fantasy IVBMSDungeonFinal Fantasy IIFMS
Fight On!Final Fantasy VIIBMSHome, Sweet HomeFinal Fantasy VFMS
Fallen AngelFinal Fantasy XIVBMSBalamb GardenFinal Fantasy VIIIFMS
Let Me Blow You a KissFinal Fantasy X-2BMSRoses of MayFinal Fantasy IXFMS
Divinity IIFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenBMSMi'ihen HighroadFinal Fantasy XFMS
The Decisive Battle - arrangement - from FINAL FANTASY VIDissidia Final FantasyBMSRonfaureFinal Fantasy XIFMS
Last OrderFinal Fantasy SeriesBMSHeart of a ChildFinal Fantasy XIIFMS
Struggle to the DeathSquare Enix TitlesBMSTempus FinisFinal Fantasy Type-0FMS
MisgestaltSquare Enix TitlesBMS
049Benjamin11%106Jenova Synthesis11%

Group N

Miniboss BattleFinal FantasyBMSWaltz for the MoonFinal Fantasy VIIIFMS
One-Winged AngelFinal Fantasy VIIBMSIpsen's CastleFinal Fantasy IXFMS
DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY [FINAL TRAILER]Dissidia Final FantasyBMSSUTEKI DA NE (Isn't It Wonderful?)Final Fantasy XFMS
Etro's ChampionFinal Fantasy XIII-2BMSHeavens TowerFinal Fantasy XIFMS
Encounter With the Seven HeroesSquare Enix TitlesBMSThe Phon CoastFinal Fantasy XIIFMS
Chocobo ThemeFinal Fantasy IIFMSTo the SunFinal Fantasy XIVFMS
Main Theme of Final Fantasy IVFinal Fantasy IVFMSUnder BevelleFinal Fantasy X-2FMS
In Search of LightFinal Fantasy VFMS Aerith's Theme (Piano Version) Final Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenFMS
Corridors of TimeSquare Enix TitlesFMS
Kainé / SalvationSquare Enix TitlesFMS
029Vivi11%107Safer Sephiroth11%
083Xande11%158Great Malboro10%

Group O

Advent: One-Winged AngelFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenEMSThe OathFinal Fantasy VIIIFMS
Battle 1Final Fantasy IIIBMSNot AloneFinal Fantasy IXFMS
BattleFinal Fantasy VIBMSVia PurificoFinal Fantasy XFMS
Blinded by LightFinal Fantasy XIIIBMSSelbinaFinal Fantasy XIFMS
Heart of ChaosLightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIBMSSerenityFinal Fantasy XIVFMS
ShadowlordSquare Enix TitlesBMSWe're the Gullwings!Final Fantasy X-2FMS
Main ThemeFinal FantasyFMSHistoria CruxFinal Fantasy XIII-2FMS
Tower of ZotFinal Fantasy IVFMSHorrible ShadowSquare Enix TitlesFMS
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy VIIFMS
085Scarmiglione12%124The Shadow Lord11%
105Diamond Weapon5%149Mover3%

Group P

1000 WordsFinal Fantasy X-2EMSThe AirshipFinal Fantasy IVFMS
Battle 2Final Fantasy IIIBMSRufus Welcoming CeremonyFinal Fantasy VIIFMS
The Decisive BattleFinal Fantasy VIBMSRide OnFinal Fantasy VIIIFMS
Defiers of FateFinal Fantasy XIIIBMSBehind the DoorFinal Fantasy IXFMS
Hard to MissFinal Fantasy XIVBMSServants of the MountainFinal Fantasy XFMS
NemesisFinal Fantasy XIVBMSThe Sanctuary of Zi'TahFinal Fantasy XIFMS
UltimaFinal Fantasy XIVBMSEngageFinal Fantasy XIVFMS
EncounterCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIBMSKeeping the PeaceDissidia Final FantasyFMS
ZeroFinal Fantasy Type-0BMSGroovy ChocoboFinal Fantasy XIII-2FMS
He of the NameSquare Enix TitlesBMSBirds in the Sky, Fish in the RiverSquare Enix TitlesFMS
Castle CorneliaFinal FantasyFMS
022Barret13%117Trance Kuja12%
069Curtain Call Heroes13%120Seymor Natus11%

Group Q

AnswersFinal Fantasy XIVEMSAnother MoonFinal Fantasy IVFMS
This is the Last BattleFinal Fantasy IIIBMSGold SaucerFinal Fantasy VIIFMS
Locke's ThemeFinal Fantasy VIBMSThe CastleFinal Fantasy VIIIFMS
Saber's EdgeFinal Fantasy XIIIBMSMelodies of Life ~ FINAL FANTASYFinal Fantasy IXFMS
Monster RondeFinal Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesBMSA Fleeting DreamFinal Fantasy XFMS
The SOLDIER WayCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIBMSA New Horizon - Tavnazian ArchipelagoFinal Fantasy XIFMS
Cantata MortisDissidia 012 [duodecim] Final FantasyBMSCrazy Chocobo Final Fantasy XIII-2FMS
The ConflictSquare Enix TitlesBMSHorizon of Light and ShadowSquare Enix TitlesFMS
Opening ThemeFinal FantasyFMSTitle ScreenSquare Enix TitlesFMS
023Sephiroth11%121Braska's Final Aeon11%

Group R

The Rebel ArmyFinal Fantasy IIBMSPop-Up DuelFinal Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's DungeonBMS
The Decisive BattleFinal Fantasy VBMSWar: Warrior Worth a ThousandFinal Fantasy Type-0BMS
Shuffle or BoogieFinal Fantasy VIIIBMSLightning ReturnsLightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIBMS
Something to ProtectFinal Fantasy IXBMSBeat Them Up!Square Enix TitlesBMS
OverworldFinal Fantasy XBMSFinal ConfrontationSquare Enix TitlesBMS
Iron ColossusFinal Fantasy XIBMSLet Me Know the TruthFinal Fantasy IIIFMS
Primal JudgmentFinal Fantasy XIVBMSCeles's ThemeFinal Fantasy VIFMS
Ultima's TransformationFinal Fantasy TacticsBMSThe Gapra WhitewoodFinal Fantasy XIIIFMS
Today Arrives, Becoming TomorrowFinal Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesFMS
027Laguna11%080Black Knight11%
078Chaos5%162King Behemoth10%