• CollectaCard Passwords (EU/NA Version)

    From the main menu, Settings > Enter Passwords

    001 [N] Warrior of LightWhy so serious?
    001 [R] Warrior of LightLight it up
    002 [N] Princess SarahEphemeral beauty
    002 [R] Princess SarahBig sister
    003 [N] FirionWhat? It's free!
    003 [R] FirionA man of passion
    004 [N] MinwuMysidia
    004 [R] MinwuReal age unknown
    005 [N] Onion KnightThat onion kid
    005 [R] Onion KnightLate bloomer
    006 [N] CidThere's not just one
    006 [R] CidWheel of Time
    007 [N] CecilHandy in a pinch
    007 [R] CecilFuture King
    008 [N] RydiaCrybaby!
    008 [R] RydiaGrew up pretty fine
    009 [N] KainActually blond
    009 [R] KainThe original Dragoon
    010 [N] EdgeTwo-faced prince
    010 [R] EdgeHas a great arm
    011 [N] BartzThree stars
    011 [R] BartzHarem party
    012 [N] FarisCan rock a dress
    012 [R] FarisFlames of Courage
    013 [N] LennaPapa, Papuuu!
    013 [R] LennaWaves of Devotion
    014 [N] GalufWho am I?
    014 [R] GalufWarriors of Dawn
    015 [N] TerraWhat is love?
    015 [R] TerraMoogle lover
    016 [N] LockeBleeeuuugh!!!
    016 [R] LockeTreasure Hunter
    017 [N] CelesRunic
    017 [R] CelesOpera Floozy
    018 [N] EdgarMachinery
    018 [R] EdgarLadies' Man
    019 [N] CloudChocobo-head
    019 [R] CloudNot interested
    020 [N] AerithFlowergirl
    020 [R] AerithI want to meet you
    021 [N] TifaMy fists are my weapon!
    021 [R] TifaOrthopedic Underwear
    022 [N] BarretAll for Marlene
    022 [R] BarretGimmick Arm
    023 [N] SephirothThe Promised Land
    023 [R] SephirothBrings the despair
    024 [N] SquallThe aloof warrior
    024 [R] SquallLegendary SeeD
    025 [N] SeiferThe sorceress's pet
    025 [R] SeiferFire Cross
    026 [N] RinoaLost in space
    026 [R] RinoaStronger than Squall
    027 [N] LagunaMy manly charm
    027 [R] LagunaI'm the prez!
    028 [N] ZidaneLoves chasing tail
    028 [R] ZidaneYou're not alone
    029 [N] ViviOrnitier
    029 [R] ViviA bit of a klutz
    030 [N] GarnetOoo, soft
    030 [R] GarnetCan't concentrate
    031 [N] EikoMadain Sari
    031 [R] EikoSpare summoner
    032 [N] TidusStar players first!
    032 [R] TidusThe Zanarkand Abes
    033 [N] YunaHeterochromia
    033 [R] YunaLike father, like daughter
    034 [N] AuronMy story
    034 [R] AuronBushido
    035 [N] JechtWhat a dad
    035 [R] JechtI hate you, Dad
    036 [N] ShantottoLady Karababa
    036 [R] ShantottoI rhyme in time
    037 [N] PrisheAww, hell!
    037 [R] PrisheKnuckle sandwich
    038 [N] AphmauNashmeira
    038 [R] AphmauPuppetmaster
    039 [N] LilisetteTime traveler
    039 [R] LilisetteMayakov's star
    040 [N] VaanTwo a's please
    040 [R] VaanHow old are you again?
    041 [N] AsheCrowned at nineteen
    041 [R] AsheBalthier!
    042 [N] BalthierLeading man
    042 [R] BalthierActually Ffamran
    043 [N] FranMiddle sister
    043 [R] FranNot your plaything
    044 [N] LightningNot your sister
    044 [R] LightningClaire Farron
    045 [N] SnowCrazy about Serah
    045 [R] SnowStubble of love
    046 [N] HopeNow we're even!
    046 [R] HopeTeen rebellion
    047 [N] VanilleSleeping beauty
    047 [R] VanilleHecatoncheir
    048 [N] Y'shtolaScions of the Seventh Dawn
    048 [R] Y'shtolaSharlayan native
    049 [N] BenjaminBenjamin
    049 [R] BenjaminUnknown hero
    050 [N] RamzaAlma!
    050 [R] RamzaEver the squire
    051 [N] AgriasHoly Knight
    051 [R] AgriasHoly knight
    052 [N] Yuna #2Yunie
    052 [R] Yuna #2Defeated Sin
    053 [N] Rikku #2Al Bhed
    053 [R] Rikku #2Astraphobia
    054 [N] PaineKick its ass
    054 [R] PaineGive me a break
    055 [N] CiaranMyrrh drops
    055 [R] CiaranCaravan man
    056 [N] Tifa #27th Heaven
    056 [R] Tifa #2Perfect hourglass
    057 [N] ZackYou're not the only hero!
    057 [R] ZackThe puppy dog
    058 [N] CosmosBarefooted goddess
    058 [R] CosmosThis ends now
    059 [N] ChaosMaster of illusion
    059 [R] ChaosUltimate Chaos
    060 [N] AceCan sleep anywhere
    060 [R] AceLoves chocobos
    061 [N] MachinaBolt Rapiers
    061 [R] MachinaNever skips class
    062 [N] RemCough cough
    062 [R] RemMP not an issue
    063 [N] SerahFights with a moogle
    063 [R] SerahUltima Arrow
    064 [N] NoelA future that has people
    064 [R] NoelLoves Adamantoise
    065 [N] Lighting #2The savior
    065 [R] Lightning #2Back again
    066 [N] ChocoboHandy in a race
    066 [R] ChocoboDoes dungeons, too
    067 [N] Fat ChocoboI'm stuffed!
    067 [R] Fat ChocoboSupersized
    068 [N] MoogleHot dance moves
    068 [R] MoogleNo touching the tail
    069 [N] Curtain Call HeroesQuite the ensemble
    069 [R] Curtain Call HeroesHeroines, too
    070 [N] ChocoboChocobo Kick
    070 [R] ChocoboLoyal steed
    071 [N] ShivaWant a ride?
    071 [R] ShivaCool beauty
    072 [N] RamuhWise mage
    072 [R] RamuhThunder clap
    073 [N] IfritFiery demon
    073 [R] IfritFire master
    074 [N] OdinHe'll cut you down
    074 [R] OdinClippity-clop
    075 [N] BahamutThe Dragon King
    075 [R] BahamutTHE summon
    076 [N] Knights of the RoundRound Island
    076 [R] Knights of the RoundUltimate End
    077 [N] LichFiend of Earth
    077 [R] LichLiving corpse
    078 [N] ChaosGarland
    078 [R] ChaosEvil incarnated
    079 [N] CaptainDo not approach
    079 [R] CaptainRebels!?
    080 [N] Black KnightCannot be beat?
    080 [R] Black KnightDark armor
    081 [N] EmperorUngaahhhh!
    081 [R] EmperorNo known aliases
    082 [N] HeinPhysical immunity
    082 [R] HeinOne styling skeleton
    083 [N] XandeHah hah hah! Die!
    083 [R] XandeNoah's student
    084 [N] Cloud of DarknessGreen lady
    084 [R] Cloud of DarknessParticle Beam
    085 [N] ScarmiglioneZombie fest
    085 [R] ScarmiglioneCall me Milon
    086 [N] CagnazzoKing faker
    086 [R] CagnazzoWho is Kainazzo?
    087 [N] BarbaricciaFlowing locks
    087 [R] BarbaricciaValvalis? Valvalicia?
    088 [N] RubicanteFlash a little leg
    088 [R] RubicanteRubicant? Close enough.
    089 [N] GolbezLunarian
    089 [R] GolbezMan in Black
    090 [N] ZeromusBig Bang
    090 [R] ZeromusBlack Hole
    091 [N] Objet d'artABP farming
    091 [R] Objet d'artGold Needle
    092 [N] EnkiduXezat's foe
    092 [R] EnkiduOr Enkido
    093 [N] GilgameshGenji Gloves
    093 [R] GilgameshNice underneath it all
    094 [N] OmegaRelentless
    094 [R] OmegaTerrifying encounter
    095 [N] ShinryuTreasure!?
    095 [R] ShinryuRagnarok's guardian
    096 [N] ExdeathLoves nothingness
    096 [R] ExdeathThat's a tree!?
    097 [N] Magitek ArmorBack Attack
    097 [R] Magitek ArmorBumpy ride
    098 [N] UltrosOctopus Royalty
    098 [R] UltrosHates muscle men
    099 [N] TyphonSnort
    099 [R] TyphonFUNGAH!
    100 [N] DeathgazeRandom Encounter
    100 [R] DeathgazeCough up that Bahamut!
    101 [N] Kefka PalazzoMad clown
    101 [R] Kefka PalazzoUwee-hee-hee!
    102 [N] KefkaSuch meaningless things
    102 [R] KefkaWarring Triad
    103 [N] RenoTurk
    103 [R] RenoIt's me and Rude
    104 [N] Ultimate WeaponTry and catch me
    104 [R] Ultimate WeaponIt's the ultimate
    105 [N] Diamond WeaponRising Sun
    105 [R] Diamond WeaponMidgar's enemy
    106 [N] Jenova - SYNTHESISThe true form
    106 [R] Jenova - SYNTHESISInside the Planet
    107 [N] Safer - SephirothDisciplinary Committee
    107 [R] Safer - SephirothMomma's boy
    108 [N] Esthar SoldierMy back itches
    108 [R] Esthar itchy...
    109 [N] GesperNo potty breaks
    109 [R] GesperNose-face maniac
    110 [N] PuPuAn alien
    110 [R] PuPuMore please!
    111 [N] Tonberry KingFalling pots!
    111 [R] Tonberry KingWatch the crown
    112 [N] GigantuarHandlebar mustache
    112 [R] GigantuarFalling down flat
    113 [N] EdeaThe Matron
    113 [R] EdeaHates SeeDs
    114 [N] UltimeciaTime Compression
    114 [R] UltimeciaBack-to-back-to-back-to-back
    115 [N] Black Waltz No. 3Kwahahahaha!
    115 [R] Black Waltz No. scum!
    116 [N] OzmaColor sphere
    116 [R] OzmaThe strongest spheroid
    117 [N] Trance KujaFlare Star
    117 [R] Trance KujaWho's the fairest?
    118 [N] NecronThe real final boss
    118 [R] NecronNewton's rings
    119 [N] AnimaDestruction Sphere
    119 [R] AnimaChained danger
    120 [N] Seymor NatusMortibody
    120 [R] Seymor NatusNot done yet
    121 [N] Braska's Final AeonJecht Beam
    121 [R] Braska's Final AeonOtherworld
    122 [N] GigasMighty Giant
    122 [R] GigasHobby: collecting shields
    123 [N] GoobbueScary when mad
    123 [R] GoobbueLives on mandragoras
    124 [N] The Shadow LordFiat Lux
    124 [R] The Shadow LordBeastman master
    125 [N] Eald'narcheBabyface
    125 [R] Eald'narcheSecret left eye
    126 [N] Bangaa ThiefCall me a lizard!?
    126 [R] Bangaa ThiefNot fond of magic
    127 [N] MandragorasHigh sodium
    127 [R] MandragorasCover your ears!
    128 [N] GabranthAggressor
    128 [R] GabranthAnother Noah
    129 [N] The UndyingPerfect Defense
    129 [R] The UndyingNot so Vayne now
    130 [N] YiazmatThe very toughest
    130 [R] Yiazmat50,000,000+ HP
    131 [N] PSICOM EnforcerBare minimum
    131 [R] PSICOM EnforcerWeak but plentiful
    132 [N] Manasvin WarmechTutorial
    132 [R] Manasvin WarmechMechanical stalker
    133 [N] OrphanSpeaks in plural
    133 [R] OrphanHeartless judgment
    134 [N] Ultima, the High SeraphNice body
    134 [R] Ultima, the High SeraphTook Ajora for a ride
    135 [N] Bahamut SINAnother blow to Midgar
    135 [R] Bahamut SINWhere're my wings?
    136 [N] ManikinJust a fake
    136 [R] ManikinA real faker
    137 [N] Feral ChaosRegnum Dei
    137 [R] Feral ChaosTrue Chaos
    138 [N] ColossusMagic armor
    138 [R] ColossusNot fond of lightning
    139 [N] AtlasJust plain huge
    139 [R] AtlasWhere's the off switch!?
    140 [N] GoblinNot all bad
    140 [R] GoblinHobby: roller skating
    141 [N] Green DragonPoison Gas
    141 [R] Green DragonGreen with greed
    142 [N] Iron GiantGrand Sword
    142 [R] Iron GiantActually quite cowardly
    143 [N] AhrimanDoom
    143 [R] AhrimanFlying eyeballs
    144 [N] Sand WormSwallowed!
    144 [R] Sand WormWorm or caterpillar?
    145 [N] ZuOne big bird
    145 [R] ZuMystic Quest's toughest
    146 [N] Magic PotInside's a secret
    146 [R] Magic PotGimme an Elixir!
    147 [N] LamiaEntice
    147 [R] LamiaHalf a hottie
    148 [N] TonberryCreeping closer
    148 [R] TonberryWatch the knife!
    149 [N] MoverDelta Attack
    149 [R] MoverThree musketeers
    150 [N] CactaurCan't hit me
    150 [R] CactaurStop dodging!
    151 [N] Hill GigasPanty shot
    151 [R] Hill GigasThe big one
    152 [N] CoeurlBlaster
    152 [R] CoeurlWatch the whiskers
    153 [N]
    153 [R] SahaginHalf-fish
    154 [N] AdamantoiseQuake
    154 [R] AdamantoiseLong Gui's my hero
    155 [N] BombBoom!
    155 [R] BombGetting mad
    156 [N] King BombUgly mug
    156 [R] King BombKa-BOOOOOOM!
    157 [N] MalboroHalitosis
    157 [R] MalboroGot Remedies?
    158 [N] Great MalboroWorst breath
    158 [R] Great MalboroDouble the stank
    159 [N] FlanFlanitor?
    159 [R] FlanWhere's my spoon?
    160 [N] Jumbo FlanBoi-oing
    160 [R] Jumbo FlanNot a bit tasty
    161 [N] BehemothA real regular
    161 [R] BehemothBig and fast
    162 [N] King BehemothFour in a row
    162 [R] King BehemothMeteor Counter

  • CollectaCard Passwords (JP Version)

    From the Main Menu, select Config and then Password. Enter the password shown to unlock 3 copies of the listed card. For rank, [N] = Normal, [R] = Rare.

    001 [N] Warrior of Lightまじめか!
    001 [R] Warrior of Lightせかいにひかりを
    002 [N] Princess Sarahはかなげびじょ
    002 [R] Princess Sarahいもうとがいるよ
    003 [N] Firionタダだし!
    003 [R] Firionあついおとこ
    004 [N] Minwuミシディア
    004 [R] Minwuねんれいふしょう
    005 [N] Onion Knightネギぼうず
    005 [R] Onion Knightたいきばんせい
    006 [N] Cidたくさんいる
    006 [R] Cidときのはぐるま
    007 [N] Cecilかばうのがとくい
    007 [R] Cecilしょうらいはこくおう
    008 [N] Rydiaよわむし!
    008 [R] Rydiaりっぱになりました
    009 [N] Kainかぶとのしたはきんぱつ
    009 [R] Kainりゅうきしといえばおれです
    010 [N] Edgeふくめんおうじ
    010 [R] Edgeなげるとつよいほうちょう
    011 [N] Bartzほしみっつ!
    011 [R] Bartzハーレムパーティ
    012 [N] Farisドレスもにあう
    012 [R] Farisひのこころゆうき
    013 [N] Lennaぱぷぱぷゥ
    013 [R] Lennaみずのこころいたわり
    014 [N] Galufきおくそうしつ
    014 [R] Galufあかつきのよんせんし
    015 [N] Terraあいってなに?
    015 [R] Terraモーグリふかふか
    016 [N] Lockeふなよいげろげろ
    016 [R] Lockeトレジャーハンター
    017 [N] Celesまふうけん
    017 [R] Celesノリノリオペラ
    018 [N] Edgarマシーナリー
    018 [R] Edgarじょせいをくどくのはれいぎ
    019 [N] Cloudチョコボあたま
    019 [R] Cloudきょうみないね
    020 [N] Aerithおはないちギル
    020 [R] Aerithあなたにあいたい
    021 [N] Tifaこぶしがぶき
    021 [R] Tifaちょっとせのびパンツ
    022 [N] Barretマリンいのち
    022 [R] Barretギミックアーム
    023 [N] Sephirothやくそくのち
    023 [R] Sephirothぜつぼうプレゼンター
    024 [N] Squallここうのせんし
    024 [R] Squallでんせつのシード
    025 [N] Seiferまじょのペット
    025 [R] Seiferざんてつけんがえし
    026 [N] Rinoaうちゅうのほうろうしゃ
    026 [R] Rinoaスコールよりちからもち
    027 [N] Lagunaおとなのみりき
    027 [R] Lagunaよっ!だいとうりょう!
    028 [N] Zidaneしっぽ!
    028 [R] Zidaneひとりじゃない
    029 [N] Viviオルニティア
    029 [R] Viviよくこけます
    030 [N] Garnetやわらかおしり
    030 [R] Garnetコマンドミス!
    031 [N] Eikoマダインサリ
    031 [R] Eikoおませなしょうかんし
    032 [N] Tidusだっつーの!
    032 [R] Tidusザナルカンドエイブス
    033 [N] Yunaオッドアイ
    033 [R] Yunaちちおやゆずり
    034 [N] Auronものがたり
    034 [R] Auronまさむねげんかいとっぱ
    035 [N] Jechtむすこおもい
    035 [R] Jechtぶきようなおとうさん
    036 [N] Shantottoカラババ
    036 [R] Shantottoれんぽうのくろいあくま
    037 [N] Prisheなんじゃあこりゃー!?
    037 [R] Prisheごせんまんばいがえしだ!
    038 [N] Aphmauナシュメラ
    038 [R] Aphmauむてのくずつし
    039 [N] Lilisetteタイムトラベラー
    039 [R] Lilisetteマヤコフトップスター
    040 [N] Vaanバンじゃなくて
    040 [R] Vaanフランってなんさい?
    041 [N] Asheでんかはじゅうきゅうさい
    041 [R] Asheバルフレアーッ!!
    042 [N] Balthierしゅじんこう
    042 [R] Balthierメガフレアテラフレアバルフレア
    043 [N] Franさんしまいのじじょ
    043 [R] Franクールなうさみみせんし
    044 [N] Lightningだれがねえさんだ
    044 [R] Lightningエクレールファロン
    045 [N] Snowセラにくびったけ
    045 [R] Snowねっけつぶしょうひげ
    046 [N] Hopeおあいこです!
    046 [R] Hopeホープくんはんこうき
    047 [N] Vanilleねむりひめ
    047 [R] Vanilleデスがとくいです
    048 [N] Y'shtolaあかつきのけつめい
    048 [R] Y'shtolaシャーレアンしゅっしん
    049 [N] Benjaminベンジャミン
    049 [R] Benjaminアメリカンヒーロー
    050 [N] Ramzaアルマ!!
    050 [R] Ramzaえいえんのみならいせんし
    051 [N] Agriasホーリーナイト
    051 [R] Agriasアグリアスねえさん
    052 [N] Yuna (2nd ver)ユウナん
    052 [R] Yuna (2nd ver)シンをたおしました
    053 [N] Rikku (2nd ver)リたんとう
    053 [R] Rikku (2nd ver)かみなりこくふく
    054 [N] Paineパたんとう
    054 [R] Paineクールたんとう
    055 [N] Cairanミルラのしずく
    055 [R] Cairanたびはつづくよ
    056 [N] Tifa (2nd ver)セブンスヘブン
    056 [R] Tifa (2nd ver)ボンキュッボン
    057 [N] Zackなんでもやるんだ
    057 [R] Zackこいぬのザックス
    058 [N] Cosmosはだしのめがみ
    059 [N] Chaosげんそうのはて
    059 [R] Chaosきゅうきょくのこんとん
    060 [N] Aceどこでもねます
    060 [R] Aceチョコボだいすき
    061 [N] Machinaネジネジにとうりゅう
    061 [R] Machinaじゅぎょうはさぼりません
    062 [N] Remケホケホッ
    062 [R] Remえむぴーじきゅうじそく
    063 [N] Serahぶきはモーグリ
    063 [R] Serahアルテミスアロー
    064 [N] Noelみんながいきているみらい
    064 [R] Noelこうぶつはアダマンタイマイ
    065 [N] Lightning (2nd ver)きゅうさいしゃ
    065 [R] Lightning (2nd ver)もどってきました
    066 [N] Chocoboレースもおまかせ
    066 [R] Chocoboダンジョンもおまかせ
    067 [N] Fat Chocoboもうくえない
    067 [R] Fat Chocoboエルエルサイズ
    068 [N] Moogleダンスもとくい
    069 [N] Curtain Call Heroesごうかでしょ?
    070 [N] Chocoboチョコボキック
    071 [N] Shivaバイクにもなる
    071 [R] Shivaクールビューティ
    072 [N] Ramuhけんろう
    072 [R] Ramuhらいてい
    073 [N] Ifritほのおのまじん
    073 [R] Ifritしゃくねつのおう
    074 [N] Odinきりすてごめん
    074 [R] Odinパカラッパカラッ
    075 [N] Bahamutりゅうおう
    075 [R] Bahamutしょうかんじゅうだいひょう
    076 [N] Knights of Roundラウンドアイランド
    076 [R] Knights of Roundアルティメットエンド
    077 [N] Lichつちのカオス
    077 [R] Lichいけるしかばね
    078 [N] Chaosガーランド
    078 [R] Chaosあくのりんね
    079 [N] Captainはなしかけてはいけない
    079 [R] Captainきさまらはんらんぐんだな!
    080 [N] Black Knightかてない?
    080 [R] Black Knightしっこくのよろい
    081 [N] Emperorウボァー
    081 [R] Emperorなまえはない
    082 [N] Heinぶつりはむいみ
    082 [R] Heinおしゃれがいこつ
    083 [N] Xandeしねい!
    083 [R] Xandeノアのでし
    084 [N] Cloud of Darknessみどりのおばさん
    084 [R] Cloud of Darknessわしのはどうほう
    085 [N] Scarmiglioneゾンビまつり
    085 [R] Scarmiglioneはるのスプリミリョーネ
    086 [N] Cagnazzoクカカカ!
    086 [R] Cagnazzoふゆのウィナッツォ
    087 [N] Barbaricciaながいかみのけ
    087 [R] Barbaricciaあきのフォーリシア
    088 [N] Rubicanteなまあしちらり
    088 [R] Rubicanteなつのサマカンテ
    089 [N] Golbezつきのたみ
    089 [R] Golbezいいですとも!
    090 [N] Zeromusビッグバーン
    090 [R] Zeromusブラックホール
    091 [N] Objet D'artえーぴーぴーかせぎ
    091 [R] Objet D'artきんのはりでいちげき
    092 [N] Enkiduゼザといっきうち
    092 [R] Enkiduエクスカリパーみつけたよ
    093 [N] Gilgameshげんじのこて
    093 [R] Gilgameshじつはすごくいいやつ
    094 [N] Omegaようしゃなし
    095 [N] Shinryuおたから?!
    096 [N] Exdeathむがだいすき
    096 [R] Exdeathカメェェェッー!
    097 [N] Magitek Armorバックアタック
    097 [R] Magitek Armorあべこべでござるぞ
    098 [N] Ultrosオルちゃん
    098 [R] Ultrosきんにくもりもりきらい
    099 [N] Typhonはないき
    099 [R] Typhonフンガーーー!!
    100 [N] Deathgazeとつぜんくるよ
    100 [R] Deathgazeくちのなかからバハムート
    101 [N] Kefkaくるったどうけし
    101 [R] Kefkaちっっっっくしょーーーー!!
    102 [N] Kefkaだれからいく?
    102 [R] Kefkaだいよんがくしょう
    103 [N] Renoタークス
    103 [R] Renoあいぼうはルード
    104 [N] Ultimate Weaponつかまえてごらん
    104 [R] Ultimate Weaponきゅうきょくへいき
    105 [N] Diamond Weaponライジングサン
    105 [R] Diamond Weaponミッドガルだいはかい
    106 [N] Jenova Synthesisかんぜんたい
    106 [R] Jenova Synthesisほしのたいない
    107 [N] Safer Sephirothさいしゅうけいたい
    107 [R] Safer Sephirothすべてのけっちゃくを
    108 [N] Esthar Soldierせなかかかせない
    108 [R] Esthar Soldierあしのうらかかせない
    109 [N] Gesperトイレいかせない
    109 [R] Gesperはなのあたまムズムズ
    110 [N] Pupuいせいじん
    110 [R] Pupuもっとちょうだい!
    111 [N] Tonberry Kingおちのタライ
    111 [R] Tonberry Kingロイヤルクラウン
    112 [N] Giguantaurしんしなおひげ
    112 [R] Giguantarすってんころりん
    113 [N] Edeaまませんせい
    113 [R] Edeaシードだいきらい
    114 [N] Ultimeciaじかんあっしゅく
    114 [R] Ultimeciaやすむひまなくよんれんせん
    115 [N] Black Waltz 3カカカ!
    115 [R] Black Waltz 3ヒギュッ
    116 [N] Ozmaカラフルボール
    116 [R] Ozmaさいきょうのきゅうたい
    117 [N] Trance Kujaフレアスター
    117 [R] Trance Kujaぼくがいちばんうつくしい
    118 [N] Necronしんのラスボス
    118 [R] Necronニュートンリング
    119 [N] Animaはのスフィア
    119 [R] Animaくさりでこうそく
    120 [N] Seymor Natusいちげきのじひ
    120 [R] Seymor Natusまだまだつづく
    121 [N] Braska's Final Aeonジェクトビーム
    121 [R] Braska's Final Aeonアザーワールド
    122 [N] Gigasジャイアン
    122 [R] Gigasしゅみはたてあつめ
    123 [N] Goobbueおこるとこわい
    123 [R] Goobbueしゅしょくはマンドラゴラ
    124 [N] The Shadow Lordむえいだいおう
    124 [R] The Shadow Lordたいけんナイトフォール
    125 [N] Eald'narcheおとなこども
    126 [N] Bangaa Thiefトカゲやろう
    126 [R] Bangaa Thiefまほうにがて
    127 [N] Mandragorasしおみずでせいちょう
    127 [R] Mandragorasなきごえにきをつけて!
    128 [N] Gabranthアグレッサー
    128 [R] Gabranthのらいぬのいじ
    129 [N] The Undyingぜったいぼうぎょ
    129 [R] The Undyingかおだけヴェイン
    130 [N] Yiazmatタフさいちばん
    130 [R] Yiazmatエイチピーごせんじゅういちまん
    132 [N] Manasvin Warmechチュートリアル
    132 [R] Manasvin Warmechストーカーきしつ
    133 [N] Orphanにじゅうおんせい
    133 [R] Orphanこころないさばき
    134 [N] Ultima, the High Seraphナイスボディ
    134 [R] Ultima, The High Seraphアジョラさんだいかいてん
    135 [N] Bahamut Sinミッドガルまたはかい
    136 [N] Manikinまがいもの
    136 [R] Manikinみんなだみごえ
    137 [N] Feral Chaosデカオ
    137 [R] Feral Chaosしんのこんとん
    138 [N] Colossusまどうアーマー
    138 [R] Colossusでんきによわい
    139 [N] Atlasとにかくでかい
    140 [N] Goblinいいやつもいるよ
    141 [N] Green Dragonどくガス
    141 [R] Green Dragonドラゴンせんたい
    142 [N] Iron Giantグランドソード
    142 [R] Iron Giantじつはおくびょう
    143 [N] Ahrimanしのせんこく
    143 [R] Ahrimanそらとぶめだま
    144 [N] Sand Wormすいこむ
    144 [R] Sand Wormミミズ?イモムシ?
    145 [N] Zuきょだいなとり
    145 [R] Zuユーエスエーではすごくつよい
    146 [N] Magic Potなかみはないしょ
    146 [R] Magic Potエリクサーちょうだい!
    147 [N] Lamiaゆうわく
    147 [R] Lamiaだいたいびじょ
    148 [N] Tonberryじりじりせまる
    148 [R] Tonberryほうちょうグサッ!
    149 [N] Moverデルタアタック
    149 [R] Moverみっつでひとつ
    150 [N] Cactuarこうげきあたらない
    150 [R] Cactaurフェイントかい!?
    151 [N] Hill Gigasパンちら
    151 [R] Hill Gigasあのでかいやつ
    152 [N] Coeurlブラスター
    152 [R] Coeurlおひげゆらゆら
    153 [N] Sahaginギョギョ!
    153 [R] Sahaginはんぎょじん
    154 [N] Adamantoiseじひびき
    154 [R] Adamantoiseロングイにあこがれて
    155 [N] Bombぼっかーん
    156 [N] King Bombきょうあくフェイス
    156 [R] King Bombぼっっっっかーん!!!
    157 [N] Malboroはみがきしません
    157 [R] Malboroばんのうやくもった?
    158 [N] Great Malboroモルボルきん
    158 [R] Great Malboroクサさばいぞう
    159 [N] Flanえいせいへい
    159 [R] Flanカラメルソースとともに
    160 [N] Jumbo Flanブルルルルン
    160 [R] Jumbo Flanたべてもおいしくないよ
    161 [N] Behemothじょうれん
    161 [R] Behemothでかいのにはやい
    162 [N] King Behemothよんれんだ!!
    162 [R] King Behemothメテオカウンター

    Contributed By: SBAllen.

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  • Rhythmia Unlockables - Crystal Shards

    By earning Rhythmia, you can earn sets of the colored, Crystal Shards and thus unlock more characters. After a certain point, you will earn random Crystal Shards, or items if you have all the Shards you need - this starts at 9,750 Rhythmia and occurs every 1,000 ~ 1,500 thereafter.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gold Crystal Shard x68,250 Rhythmia
    Green Crystal Shard x42,750 Rhythmia
    Indigo Crystal Shard x41,250 Rhythmia
    Orange Crystal Shard x66,250 Rhythmia
    Pink Crystal Shard x64,000 Rhythmia
    Red Crystal Shard x4250 Rhythmia
    Silver Crystal Shard x69,000 Rhythmia
    Turquoise Crystal Shard x66,750 Rhythmia
    Violet Crystal Shard x64,750 Rhythmia
    White Crystal Shard x67,750 Rhythmia
    Yellow Crystal Shard x42,250 Rhythmia

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    2    0

  • Rhythmia Unlockables - Music Player Tracks

    By earning Rhythmia, you can obtain new sets of music, by game, for the Music Player.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII66,500 Rhythmia
    Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy46,500 Rhythmia
    Dissidia Final Fantasy56,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy750 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy II11,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy III21,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy IV31,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy IX81,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy Tactics106,000 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy Type-036,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy V41,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy VI51,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy VII61,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children76,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy VIII71,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy X91,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy X-296,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy XI101,000 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy XII110,000 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy XIII121,000 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy XIII-226,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy XIV16,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles86,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Final Fantasy USA in Japan)116,000 Rhythmia
    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII5,750 Rhythmia

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    1    0

  • Rhythmia Unlockables - Playable Songs

    By obtaining Rhythmia, you can unlock new songs to play.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chaos Battle/Chaos Dragon - Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call BMS Arrangement40,000 Rhythmia
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Theme of Crisis Core7,500 Rhythmia
    Dissida 012 Final Fantasy - Lux Concordiae8,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon - Dungeon Hero X's Theme22,000 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon - Guardian of Darkness 230,000 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon - Raffaello Battle26,000 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy Tactics - Bland Logo~Title Back5,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy Type-0 - We Have Come6,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Advent: One-Winged Angel2,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy X-2 - 1,000 Words2,000 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Warrior Goddess4,500 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy XIV - Answers1,000 Rhythmia
    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Starry Moonlit Night3,500 Rhythmia
    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII - Savior o Souls1,500 Rhythmia
    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Special Arrange Medley10,000 Rhythmia

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    2    0

  • Rhythmia Unlockables - Touch Sounds

    By earning Rhythmia, you can obtain more Touch Sounds

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Touch Sound500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound1,750 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound3,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound5,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound6,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound8,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound9,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound12,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound15,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound18,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound22,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound25,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound29,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound33,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound36,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound39,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound43,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound46,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound49,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound52,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound55,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound58,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound62,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound64,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound68,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound70,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound74,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound77,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound80,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound83,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound86,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound89,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound92,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound95,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound98,500 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound107,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound114,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound122,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound128,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound134,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound140,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound146,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound153,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound159,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound165,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound171,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound177,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound183,000 Rhythmia
    Touch Sound189,000 Rhythmia

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    2    0

  • Trophies

    By completing various tasks in the game, you will earn a Trophy - your whole collection can be found within the Records section of the Museum.</p > (Note that DLC content is not required for any of these; however, DLC can help to contribute to some, such as those Trophies accounting for this-many Summons and the like.)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    TrophyGet a Full Chain one time
    TrophyGet a Full Critical Chain one time
    TrophyClear three songs with the Touch Style control settings
    TrophyClear three songs with the Button Style control settings
    TrophyClear three songs with the One-Hand Style control settings
    TrophyClear three songs with the Hybrid Style control settings
    TrophySummon Knights of the Round one time
    TrophyExchange Profile Cards with one player
    TrophyDefeat the CPU one time
    TrophyDefeat a human player via the Internet one time
    TrophyDefeat a human player via local multiplayer one time
    TrophyComplete one set of Crystal Shards
    TrophyReset one character's Level to Level 1
    TrophyUnlock Chaos as a playable character
    TrophySummon all avatars at least once each
    TrophyRide all kinds of Chocobo
    TrophyRide all airships
    TrophyWatch all of the EX movies
    TrophyPlay every song at least once, regardless of whether you win
    TrophyClear every song
    TrophyDefeat all kinds of monsters
    TrophyPlay for over 100 hours
    TrophyObtain 99,999 Rhythmia
    TrophySummon Knights of the Round 10 times
    TrophyRide Chocobos 100 times
    TrophyEncounter 100 Moogles
    TrophyEncounter 100 Fat Chocobos
    TrophyWatch EX Movies 50 times
    TrophyPlay 100 songs in Music Select
    TrophyPlay 300 songs in Music Select
    TrophyPlay 500 songs in Music Select
    TrophyTrigger 500 Abilities
    TrophyTrigger 1,000 Abilities
    TrophyUse 50 items
    TrophyUse 100 items
    TrophyDefeat 100 monsters
    TrophyDefeat 500 monsters
    TrophyDefeat 1,000 monsters
    TrophyUse 10 CollectaCards to power up characters
    TrophyUse 50 CollectaCards to power up characters
    TrophyUse 100 CollectaCards to power up characters
    TrophyObtain 15 Profile Cards
    TrophyObtain 50 Profile Cards
    TrophyObtain 99 Profile Cards
    TrophyGet to Level 99 with four characters
    TrophyGet to Level 99 with sixteen characters
    TrophyGet to Level 99 with thirty-two characters
    TrophyReset four characters back to Level 1
    TrophyReset eight characters back to Level 1
    TrophyReset twelve characters back to Level 1
    TrophyDefeat 10 opponents via the Internet
    TrophyDefeat 30 opponents via the Internet
    TrophyDefeat 50 opponents via the Internet
    TrophyFill 10 Critical Bars
    TrophyFill 30 Critical Bars
    TrophyEarn a combined score across all songs of 1 billion points
    TrophyEarn a combined score across all songs of 3 billion points
    TrophyEarn a combined score across all songs of 5 billion points
    TrophyComplete 10 Short Quests
    TrophyComplete 30 Short Quests
    TrophyComplete 50 Short Quests
    TrophyComplete 5 Middle Quests
    TrophyComplete 15 Middle Quests
    TrophyComplete 30 Middle Quests
    TrophyComplete 5 Long Quests
    TrophyComplete 10 Long Quests
    TrophyComplete 15 Long Quests
    TrophyComplete 5 Received Quests
    TrophyComplete 15 Received Quests
    TrophyComplete 30 Received Quests
    TrophyComplete all songs on the Basic difficulty
    TrophyComplete all songs on the Expert difficulty
    TrophyComplete all songs on the Ultimate difficulty
    TrophyGet a Full Chain on all songs on the Basic difficulty
    TrophyGet a Full Chain on all songs on the Expert difficulty
    TrophyGet a Full Chain on all songs on the Ultimate difficulty
    TrophyCollect all Normal CollectaCards
    TrophyCollect all Rare CollectaCards
    TrophyCollect all Premium CollectaCards
    TrophyObtain every playable character
    TrophyGet to Level 99 with every character
    TrophyFill all Critical Bars
    TrophyCollect every Touch Sound
    TrophyComplete Bronze Class in CPU Versus Mode
    TrophyComplete Silver Class in CPU Versus Mode
    TrophyComplete Gold Class in CPU Versus Mode
    TrophyComplete Platinum Class in CPU Versus Mode
    TrophyGet Critical Success on 8 CollectaCards at the same time in the Crystarium
    TrophyDefeat 7 monsters in one BMS
    TrophyWalk 10,000 meters in one FMS
    TrophyTrigger 10 Abilities in one BMS
    TrophyTrigger 10 or more EX Bursts in one Versus Mode
    TrophyDefeat 50 monsters in one Quest
    TrophyWalk 50,000 meters in one Quest
    TrophyRecover more than 500% of your HP gauge in a single Quest
    TrophyDefeat Feral Chaos in Quest Medley

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Unlockable Characters

    With the exception of the four characters you choose to start with at the beginning of the game, you will have to unlock the rest (so choose wisely).</p > The majority of characters are unlocked by collecting Crystal Shards. There are 12 colors of Crystal Shards, and each character is aligned with a certain type. When you collect enough shards of one type, you can then choose (only) one character of that type to be unlocked. Then your Shards (of that type) will reset to zero.</p > Unlockable characters that do not require collecting crystal shards are limited to Chaos (via Rhythmia) and the DLC packs' characters.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ace (Final Fantasy Type-0)Collect enough Yellow Crystal Shards
    Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)Collect enough Pink Crystal Shards
    Agrias (Final Fantasy Tactics)Collect enough Orange Crystal Shards
    Amphmau (Final Fantasy XI)Collect enough White Crystal Shards
    Ashe (Final Fantasy XII)Collect enough Orange Crystal Shards
    Auron 2 (Final Fantasy X-2)DLC character - DLC Pack 06
    Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)Collect enough Blue Crystal Shards
    Barret (Final Fantasy VII)Collect enough Silver Crystal Shards
    Bartz (Final Fantasy V)Collect enough Red Crystal Shards
    Benjamin (Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest / Final Fantasy USA)Collect enough Yellow Crystal Shards
    Cecil (Final Fantasy IV)Collect enough Green Crystal Shards
    Celes (Final Fantasy VI)Collect enough Blue Crystal Shards
    Chaos (Dissidia Final Fantasy)Collect 20,000 Rhythmia and defeat Chaos
    Ciaran (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles)Collect enough Green Crystal Shards
    Cid (Final Fantasy III)Collect enough Orange Crystal Shards
    Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)Collect enough Yellow Crystal Shards
    Cloud 2 (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)DLC character - DLC Pack 03
    Cosmos (Dissidia Final Fantasy)Collect enough Red Crystal Shards
    Edgar (Final Fantasy VI)Collect enough Gold Crystal Shards
    Edge (Final Fantasy IV)Collect enough Gold Crystal Shards
    Eiko (Final Fantasy IX)Collect enough Silver Crystal Shards
    Faris (Final Fantasy V)Collect enough Purple Crystal Shards
    Firion (Final Fantasy II)Collect enough Indigo Crystal Shards
    Fran (Final Fantasy XII)Collect enough Gold Crystal Shards
    Galuf (Final Fantasy V)Collect enough Silver Crystal Shards
    Garnet (Final Fantasy IX)Collect enough White Crystal Shards
    Hope (Final Fantasy XIII)Collect enough White Crystal Shards
    Jecht (Final Fantasy X)Collect enough Gold Crystal Shards
    Kain (Final Fantasy IV)Collect enough Blue Crystal Shards
    Krile (Final Fantasy V)DLC character - DLC Pack 05
    Laguna (Final Fantasy VIII)Collect enough Gold Crystal Shards
    Lenna (Final Fantasy V)Collect enough White Crystal Shards
    Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)Collect enough Red Crystal Shards
    Lightning 2 (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII)Collect enough Green Crystal Shards
    Lilisette (Final Fantasy XI)Collect enough Silver Crystal Shards
    Locke (Final Fantasy VI)Collect enough Orange Crystal Shards
    Makina (Final Fantasy Type-0)Collect enough Purple Crystal Shards
    Minwu (Final Fantasy II)Collect enough Purple Crystal Shards
    Noel (Final Fantasy XIII-2)Collect enough Purple Crystal Shards
    Onion Knight (Final Fantasy III)Collect enough Yellow Crystal Shards
    Orlandeau (Final Fantasy Tactics)DLC character - DLC Pack 04
    Paine (Final Fantasy X-2)Collect enough Blue Crystal Shards
    Princess Sara (Final Fantasy I)Collect enough Pink Crystal Shards
    Prishe (Final Fantasy XI)Collect enough Purple Crystal Shards
    Ramza (Final Fantasy Tactics)Collect enough Yellow Crystal Shards
    Rem (Final Fantasy Type 0)Collect enough White Crystal Shards
    Rikku (Final Fantasy X-2)Collect enough Pink Crystal Shards
    Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)Collect enough Blue Crystal Shards
    Rosa (Final Fantasy IV)DLC character - DLC Pack 02
    Rydia (Final Fantasy IV)Collect enough Pink Crystal Shards
    Seifer (Final Fantasy VIII)Collect enough Purple Crystal Shards
    Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)Collect enough Black Crystal Shards
    Sera (Final Fantasy XIII-2)Collect enough Indigo Crystal Shards
    Shantotto (Final Fantasy XI)Collect enough Yellow Crystal Shards
    Snow (Final Fantasy XIII)Collect enough Pink Crystal Shards
    Squall (Final Fantasy VIII)Collect enough Green Crystal Shards
    Terra (Final Fantasy VI)Collect enough Indigo Crystal Shards
    Tidus (Final Fantasy X)Collect enough Indigo Crystal Shards
    Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)Collect enough White Crystal Shards
    Tifa 2 (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)Collect enough Green Crystal Shards
    Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII)Collect enough Silver Crystal Shards
    Vann (Final Fantasy XII)Collect enough Green Crystal Shards
    Vincent (Final Fantasy VII)DLC character - DLC Pack 07
    Vivi (Final Fantasy IX)Collect enough Orange Crystal Shards
    Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy I)Collect enough Red Crystal Shards
    Y'Shtola (Final Fantasy XIV)Collect enough Indigo Crystal Shards
    Yuffie (Final Fantasy VII)DLC character - DLC Pack 01
    Yuna (Final Fantasy X)Collect enough Pink Crystal Shards
    Yuna 2 (Final Fantasy X-2)Collect enough Indigo Crystal Shards
    Zack (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)Collect enough Red Crystal Shards
    Zidane (Final Fantasy IX)Collect enough Red Crystal Shards

    Contributed By: hitechno and KeyBlade999.

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