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  • The Western releases of the game were censored, with several outfits made less revealing, the ages of some characters were raised from 15 to 18, and dialogue was changed to reduce the amount of sexual innuendo.

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  • The western release of the game is based on the Japanese re-release, Bravely Default: For The Sequel. Differences between the original Japanese release and For The Sequel include updated graphics, new story elements, and numerous mechanical tweaks.

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  • After chapter 6, the title screen will change and most of the letters in the subtitle "Where the Fairy Flies" will turn red and disappear, leaving the words "Airy lies". The same can be seen on the Japanese version of the game, where the "F"s of "Flying Fairy" fade, turning the phrase into "Lying Airy".

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  • At the beginning of the game, the fairy is mistaken for Airy. It is actually Airy's sister, Anne, as noted when at the end of the game when the fairy says "Thank you for stopping my sisters plans."

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Famous Quote

  • Agnés Oblige: Unacceptable!

    Contributed By: noz3r0.

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  • Edea: Mrgrgr!

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  • Jackal: Say, chief, what are digits?
    Khint: Another word for fingers and toes. Why do you ask?
    Jackal: I met this girl who sang a song that went, "I gave him my digits just to watch him fidget!"
    Khint: That's... awfully macabre.
    Jackal: Right!?

    Contributed By: P4wn4g3.

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  • Airy: Not yet, just a little longer!

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  • Edea:Not fashionable!

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  • Ringabel: They call me Ringabel. It's a pleasure. My lady vestal, from this day hence, I shall be your sword.

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  • Tiz Arrior: You're a light... My ray of hope!

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  • Praline's Swordbearer Fan Club:
    We! Go! Wild!

    Contributed By: jisn064.

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