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by KeyBlade999

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Guide and Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

Version: v1.90 | Updated: 09/18/2015
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Table of Contents

  1. Donations
  2. Introduction
  3. Walkthrough
    1. General Notes (READ!)
    2. Intro: On the Precipice of Despair
    3. Chapter 1: Sit & Stay are Tricks for Dogs
    4. Chapter 2: One Day, Beneath a Blue Sky
    5. Chapter 3: Beloved Bonds
    6. Chapter 4: Black and White
    7. Chapter 5: Yesterday's Scenery
    8. Chapter 6: A World of Echoes: Equal
    9. Chapter 7: World of Echoes: Dash
    10. Chapter 8: World of Echoes: Circle
    11. Finale: Where the Fairy Flies
    12. The End: Bravely Default
    13. Extra Dungeon: Dimension's Hasp
  4. Sub-Scenarios
    1. The Desert Oasis
    2. Grand Mill Works
    3. The Florem Garden
    4. The Twisted Treetop
    5. The Withering Wood
    6. DeRosa the Red Mage
    7. S.S. Funky Francisca
    8. Battle at the Big Bridge
    9. Starkfort's Salve-Maker
    10. Return to Starkfort
    11. Meanwhile, in Hartschild...
    12. Keystones & Vampire Castle
    13. Conjurer Sub-Scenario
    14. Chapter 5 Boss Rebattles
    15. Chapter 6 Boss Rebattles
    16. Chapter 7 Boss Rebattles
    17. Chapter 8 Boss Rebattles
  5. Enemy Bestiary
    1. Monster Statistics
    2. Monster Steals & Drops
  6. Norende's Reconstruction
    1. Introduction
    2. Rebuilding Strategy
    3. The Rebuilding
  7. Job Analyses
    1. Introduction
    2. JP Mechanics
    3. Job Stat Changes
    4. Freelancer
    5. Monk
    6. White Mage
    7. Black Mage
    8. Knight
    9. Thief
    10. Merchant
    11. Spell Fencer
    12. Time Mage
    13. Ranger
    14. Summoner
    15. Valkyrie
    16. Red Mage
    17. Salve-Maker
    18. Performer
    19. Pirate
    20. Ninja
    21. Swordmaster
    22. Arcanist
    23. Spiritmaster
    24. Templar
    25. Dark Knight
    26. Vampire
    27. Conjurer
  8. Magic Listings
    1. White Magic
    2. Black Magic
    3. Time Magic
    4. Sword Magic
    5. Summon Magic
    6. Invocation
    7. Genomes
  9. Item Compounding
    1. A Brief Intro
    2. Quick Jump
    3. Compounding List
  10. Special Move Details
    1. Introduction
    2. Special Moves
    3. Special Move Parts
  11. Item Listings
    1. Restorative Items
    2. Battle Items
    3. Compounding Items
    4. Stat-Boosting Buns
  12. Equipment Listings
    1. Abbreviations
    2. Equipment Affinity
    3. Weapons: Axes
    4. Weapons: Bows
    5. Weapons: Daggers
    6. Weapons: Katanas
    7. Weapons: Knuckles
    8. Weapons: Rods
    9. Weapons: Spears
    10. Weapons: Staves
    11. Weapons: Swords
    12. Armor: Helmets
    13. Armor: Torso
    14. Armor: Shields
    15. Accessories
    16. Costumes
  13. Shop Listings
    1. Equipment Affinity (READ!)
    2. Caldisla's Shops
    3. Ancheim's Shops
    4. Yulyana Woods Needleworks's Shops
    5. Florem's Shops
    6. Grandship's Shops
    7. Hartschild's Shops
    8. Starkfort's Shops
    9. Eternia's Shops
  14. Miscellany
    1. Combat Bonuses
    2. Special Movie
  15. Credits
  16. Version History
  17. Legalities

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  • Game: Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies (a.k.a. Bravely Default: For the Sequel in Japan)
  • Console: Nintendo 3DS
  • File Type: Formatted FAQ/Walkthrough
  • Author: KeyBlade999 (a.k.a. Daniel Chaviers)
  • Version: v1.90
  • Time of Update: 10:29 PM 9/17/2015
  • File Size: 869 KB


While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping me make more quality FAQs! Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated, and they are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. If you do decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the e-mail address listed below. Thank you so very much for at least considering this!!

Donation/Contact E-Mail



Hello, and welcome to my next 3DS FAQ. This FAQ concerns the February 2014 release of Bravely Default. Back in late 2012, there was a somewhat different Bravely Default released exclusively in Japan. As I happened to look into stuff about it, expecting a localization sometime soon (come on, Square Enix was attached to it!), I quickly was enthralled by it, ever-hoping I would be able to play it. Sadly, I didn't really get a chance ...

... until now! Not only was the game localized for the U.S., it was expanded in an effective rerelease. It may not be the same as the original I hoped to play, but I cannot say I'm disappointed by an expansion, either. =P Maybe I'm a bit late to the game with this FAQ, since others have worked on the earlier-released Japan and European versions, but, nonetheless, I am highly looking forward to walking you through this game!

My meaningless babbling aside, I hope you enjoy this FAQ!!

General Notes (READ!)

  • Localization: I'm not 100% sure on its relevance, but since I'm including other stuff here... This FAQ was written from the point of view of the U.S. release of Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies, released on February 7th, 2014, specifically the digital download on the Nintendo eShop. This and other international releases are seen as a remake of the original Bravely Default game (Bravely Default: Flying Fairy), a 3DS- and Japan-exclusive title released near the end of 2012. Since this newer game is an expansion, those following the original will still be able to get some amount of help, but the FAQs are not 100% compatible for both versions. Be warned. (The main differences include rebalances in the job and boss systems and an extra dungeon, but there are others.)

  • Friend Summoning: In Bravely Default, you are able to summon registered friends (some of which can be AI generated) to dole out special attacks in battle. Some of these attacks can be outright nasty, depending on who sent them - it's not all too unlikely to see people hitting the damage cap! So, why mention it here? This is an unnecessary part of the combat in this game, even if outright useful - never throughout this FAQ will I mention a thing about gathering friends as a viable battle tactic (even though it is!). The skills yielded for the most part are random unless you know who you're registering, and I can't really force you to sit down updating data on a daily basis until you get "that" skill. That said, it's always nice to keep some in back-up, just like it's nice to keep some SP spare ... just in case. To further this note, I will not accept strategies for bosses in which specific Friend-based strategies are to be used unless they have something REALLY special about them; this type of thing would almost certainly require the registry of FCs around here, which just won't happen in an FAQ since most people won't bother looking back. Use the message boards.

  • Job System: One of the most pertinent things to consider with the use of this FAQ is the freedom of the job system. As you are probably well aware, each job can vary significantly in a number of ways, such as being physically- or magically-focused, or being the general healer, or the like. This, in turn, will significantly affect the strategies you are able to use in the game: a party of four Black Mages usually cannot do the same as four White Mages (even if both combos are outright idiotic). As result, I will try to cover a general strategy and cover a number of possible tactics instead of forcing the following of this guide start-to-finish. If you wish to contribute additional data or tactics, e-mail me in the Legalities section!

  • Items & Equipment: As an extension of my previous point on the job system, for the most part, I won't go into in-depth analysis on which equipment and the like to buy, since there are too many variables to predict regarding these things. However, for the most part, you can consider almost any new shop an improvement upon the old, though not always. Of special note are the stat listings for equipment, which assume a Rank E affinity. If you're unsure on the mechanics of equipment affinity, PLEASE read up on it here - Equipment Affinity. This stuff can be crucial to making a particular character stronger!

  • Chapters 5-8: Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8 are quite influential to how this guide works. Under circumstances I will not mention, you will end up reawakening all four crystals once in each chapter. This leads to a number of redone bosses and dungeons and extra bosses. Because there are no new areas in Chapter 5 on - except for the end of the game, if you did everything right - a lot of stuff will be repeated or glossed over. For example, dungeon walkthroughs are typically skipped on the whole; you already went through them once, and you have the map; if you really need help again, just go to the Chapter in which you first were in that dungeon. The bosses become stronger, too, but their tactics differ little; initially, this leads to newer strategies in some bosses, but eventually all strategies will be repeated at some point. Ultimately, Chapters 5-8 are more of a boss rush than actual "stuff" to deal with; once you've mastered 1-4, all you really need to do is alter your strategy a bit. Finally, still regarding these Chapters, the Crystal-reviving tasks there can be done in any order, but are presented in this guide as they were in Chapters 1-4 (Wind, Water, Fire, Earth); do as you will, though, since I don't make a consistent flow between the crystals from that point on. *phew!*

  • Game Settings: There are a number of options in the game's config settings you can change to fit your playing style: even as far as how many enemies you find or whether you earn EXP.! For the sake of consistency, the settings I used were to allow EXP., pg (money), and Job Points from battles, and my difficulty was at Normal. (Difficulty affects the stats of enemies - see Game Start-Up.) My encounter rate was bumped to +100% so I could more easily find more enemies to document for the FAQ. Why do I bother mentioning this? If you do not match at least my difficulty, you will find enemy stats to vary quite noticeably! You're more than welcome to stay on Easy or Hard, or to have alternative encounter rates, but if you find stats that weren't supposed to be there ... hey, I warned ya.

Game Start-Up

Once you reach the title screen, you can opt to play a saved or new game. Since we're in the Prologue section of this FAQ, you'll probably opt for a new game. After choosing to play one, you can choose one of three difficulties: Easy, Standard, and Hard, with their effects being pretty easy to glean from the context. (Harder difficulties equal stronger enemies. The specifics are below.) You can also choose to use the Autosave function of the game wherein you will automatically save after leaving and entering dungeons and towns and dungeon floors. Confirm your settings and the game will begin in earnest.


Depending on which difficulty you choose, there are various changes to the stats of enemies. Consider Normal to be the baseline for enemy stats.

  • On Easy, the stats of enemies, except for their Aim and Evade, are lowered by 25% (x0.75).
  • On Hard, the stats of enemies will increase by 25% (x1.25), except for HP which goes up by 35% (x1.35).
  • Stats will cap at 9,999, except for HP.

Below is a table of conversion formulae so you can figure out the approximate stats regardless of difficulty with a simple operation - your accuracy ought to be off by +/- 1 at the most, so it's close enough. All values placed in said table are rounded to the nearest thousandth. (There are also fractions for those who prefer them.) And, of course, there are two values in anything regarding Hard: the first number there will be the general increase, and second is the larger HP change. The only thing that ought to matter in the scope of this FAQ are the conversions to Normal, since that is what the stats are based on, but, hey, you never know...

CurrentNewMultiplierFractional Equivalent
EasyNormalx1.333x (4/3)
EasyHardx1.667 / x1.8x (5/3) / x (9/5)
NormalEasyx0.750x (3/4)
NormalHardx1.250 / x1.350x (5/4) / x (27/20)
HardEasyx0.600 / x0.556x (3/5) / x (5/9)
HardNormalx0.800 / x0.741x (4/5) / x (20/27)

After the brief introductory scene, you'll need to pull out the AR marker. Apparently, it is included with the game and, like all 3DS AR functions, it is ideal to be about 12 inches (30 centimeters) away at an elevated angle of around 30 degrees. I don't really know what the AR marker is as I got the eShop (digital download) version. In any case, if you lack the marker because of having a used version without it or have a digital version, just press the Start Button. Either way, this should start some sort of an AR movie - and holy crap, is it a nice way of opening the game.


[_] 50 pg[_] Potion[_] Antidote[_] Phoenix Down[_] Potion[_] 100 pg[_] Eye Drops

Item NameItem CostItem Effects
Antidote10 pgCures the Poison status ailment
Echo Herbs25 pgCures the Silence status ailment
Eye Drops20 pgCures the Blind status ailment
Phoenix Down100 pgRevives the target from KO; 70% chance to kill the undead
Potion20 pgRestores 150 HP; damages the undead for 150 HP
Teleport Stone100 pgReturns you to the entrance of a dungeon when used

Magic NameMagic TypeBuying CostMP CostMagic LevelMagic Effects
BlindnaWhite200 pg4 MPLevel 1Cures the Blind status ailment
CureWhite200 pg4 MPLevel 1Restores a small amount of HP; damages the undead
PoisonaWhite200 pg4 MPLevel 1Cures the Poison status ailment
BlizzardBlack200 pg5 MPLevel 1Minor Water-based damage
FireBlack200 pg5 MPLevel 1Minor Fire-based damage
ThunderBlack200 pg5 MPLevel 1Minor Lightning-based damage

Equipment NameTypeCostP.ATK.M.ATK.AIMCRITP.DEFM.DEFEVDOther Effects
BroadswordSword70 pg3-90----N/A
Bronze BangleAccessory40 pg-------Max HP +30
Bronze GauntletsAccessory40 pg----2--N/A
Bronze HelmHelmet40 pg----2--N/A
BucklerShield50 pg----5320N/A
DaggerDagger50 pg2-953---N/A
Hempen TunicTorso Armor20 pg----2--N/A
Kenpo GiTorso Armor100 pg----315Agility +2
Leather ArmorTorso Armor120 pg----41-N/A
Leather CapHelmet15 pg----1--N/A
Linen CuriassTorso Armor80 pg----41-N/A
Pointy HatHelmet20 pg-1--11-N/A
RodRod60 pg2290----Mind +1
StaffStaff10 pg2-90----Damage +25% when hitting 2+ enemies

After an introduction into the backstory of the main characters, you'll finally gain control in some kind of hospital as Tiz Arrior. It seems Norende was swallowed up by a great chasm of darkness, and Tiz has been in a coma since that fateful night. After Owen leaves, you will take control of Tiz. Use the Circle Pad to move northwest and down the stairs to the ground floor, then just walk out the door.

Outside, head northwest and along the path; feel free to speak with the people on the way, and note that the man next to the inn will let you save. At the two-way intersection is a shop where you can buy some magic spells; while they are useful, you can't buy them quite yet. If you continue further northeast ward, you can get to an item shop, with a weapon shop further to the east. Whichever you decide to prioritize is up to you - I've always viewed it as "Having a more powerful weapon lets you kill enemies faster and thusly get hit less", but there's also the possibility of prevention with defensive equipment and items. With only 100 pg to spend, you need to figure out which you want. Personally, I stuck with my equipment and just bought two Potions, since the increase in P. ATK is minimal for now.

After you're done shopping, go north along the alleyway between the item and weapon shops to find the palace. There, go north and speak with the king. Tiz resolves to head return to Norende to help those who still may need it. Leave the palace.

Now that we're done, it's probably a good idea to start hunting down some items. Begin inside the inn. Just left of the entrance is some kind of plant you can examine for 50 pg, and the southeast corner of the top floor has a Potion. Back outside, go southeast and behind the bush to find an Antidote, then go west and along to the two-way fork. Go west into the graveyard; along the east side is a Phoenix Down and the west side a Potion next to the church. Re-enter the throne room and approach Owen. Examine the torch behind him for 100 pg, then go due west and examine the statue near the doorway there for some Eye Drops. That'll do it - head to the overworld, found south of the inn.

Overworld - To Norende!

[_] Phoenix Down[_] Wakeup Bell[_] Teleport Stone[_] Phoenix Down[_] Antidote

Goblin18221961260665N/AHuman6 / 3 / 1
Great Bat15302961470778Wind, LightAerial6 / 3 / 1
Slime15301961260666FireInorganic6 / 3 / 1
Zombie20252961470777Fire, LightUndead6 / 3 / 1

JOB SYSTEM TUTORIAL: As you reach the game overworld, you'll be told of the Job system in this game. In effect, Jobs are specific classes of warriors with certain specialties, such as Black Mages are good at hitting things with Black Magic, or White Mages are good at healing with curative spells. Each job will gain an ability with each level earned. Granted, this info is a little pointless at the moment since you're a Freelancer with no jobs to choose from, but it's a good thing to keep in mind.

TUTORIAL QUESTS: You'll also be introduced to tutorial quests. These basically are used to teach you the basics of combat in Bravely Default. Press Right on the D-Pad and opt for the quest option to look at them. There are three in all - "Hunt for Hidden Items!", "Save on the World Map", and "View Battle Controls Help". These particular quests are self-explanatory and I shouldn't have to help you with these, so do them at your own leisure. (The only one of remote trouble is the first: the 50 pg is found in the previous section.) Note that completing them will grant you a Phoenix Down, Wakeup Bell, and Teleport Stone, respectively, so it's worth doing them regardless of your familiarity with the system. You will soon also get the "Change Playback" for battles and a Phoenix Down, and "Check It Out" (use Examine to see enemy stats in battle) for an Antidote.

BATTLE DETAILS: As for battles? They go back to a lot of the standard Final Fantasy stuff you may be familiar with. For now, your actions are restricted to Attack, Abilities (spells, etc.), Items, and Run. That's the gist of it anyhow. The system is turn-based, so feel free to take time picking what to do and familiarizing yourself with the interface - the HELP button on the Touch Screen can aid in that. Battles will get more complex later on, in no small part due to the variety of the job system and the enemies, but you'll adapt faster than you think. ;)

Babbling aside, it's time to move on. Head northwest of Caldisla and you'll see a bridge, followed by a cave. Enter the cave.

Norende Ravine

[_] Hi-Potion[_] Potion[_] 200 pg[_] Strange Hourglass

Goblin18221961260665N/AHuman6 / 3 / 1
Goblin Archer18244961681888N/AHuman10 / 5 / 1
Goblin Slasher20234961680888LightningHuman10 / 5 / 1
Sky Archer6026490841444LightningHuman18 / 9 / 1
Sky Dueler6025490841444LightningHuman18 / 9 / 1

LEARN TO BRAVELY DEFAULT: When you enter your first battle in this area, you'l learn above the Brave and Default options - Default is used to store power, and then Brave unleashes it. Default will act like a Defend option - you do nothing, but take less damage, storing up some BP (Brave Points). BP can be spent on the Brave option to perform many actions in a single turn. However ... if you have plan on storing up BP, doing anything other than Brave or Default will drive your BP back down - it's a double-edged sword, really. You can store up power for a future move, but if you get in trouble when you Default, you have no choice but to negate all that work - but then one-turning a boss could be worth it... Use it wisely! The first battle will become a tutorial. The important things to note are that you CAN use Brave without using Default, but it causes you to be inactive for at least a turn. But if you use Default, you get to attack one extra time (twice) with Brave without being inactive - if you Default for X turns, you get X+1 total attacks.

BATTLE BONUSES: This little detail is not really mentioned. Firstly, let's consider that your BP do reset at the end of every battle, which means that you could Brave four times and attack four times on the first turn, making battles in the field quite easy, okay? For winning in a single turn (not attack: turn), you get extra EXP. as a bonus. For winning a battle without being hit, you get additionalJP. Additionally, as you continue getting them in consecutive battles, the bonuses begin to increment! What does this mean? If you're Level 2 or so, you can Brave four times and Attack four times for the first turn of the battle and quickly get extra bonuses. Something to note.

BRAVE FOR A QUAD-ATTACK: A quest will appear with this name as you go through the dungeon. In the context of this tutorial quest, you need to do four attacks by using Brave - whether you go into the negatives is irrelevant. You could go for the four immediately and risk three turns of inactivity, or Default three times. I'd recommend the latter, but whatever. The reward for this is a Hi-Potion.

BRAVELY SECOND TUTORIAL: This detail becomes more apparent in the Vista area of the dungeon. Bravely Second, in effect, stops time in regards to the enemies: you get to act as many times as you can in a given time period! During the battle at any point, press Start and time will halt for all but you! You can still enter commands and obliterate the competition. This is governed by SP (Sleep Points). When you use attacks and items, for example, you lose SP; BP-consumers turn into equivalent SP-consumers. Just like with your BP, you can go ahead and immediately use Bravely Second and go into negative SP. To gain SP, the 3DS must be carried around in Sleep Mode with Bravely Default as the suspended title - for every eight hours logged in sleep mode (the average of one school day or one night of sleep, by the way), you get 1 SP. It's cumulative, so 2 hours in one session and 6 in another yields 1 SP still. Alternatively - and this is the crap I hate about it as far as ethics go - you can spend some real-life Nintendo eShop funds (credit or prepaid card) to get an SP Drink, which boosts SP by 3. How much they cost is a bit unknown to me at the moment. As a note, SP maxes at 3 and you cannot use an SP Drink if you have 1 or more SP.

This dungeon is pretty linear, to be honest. After traveling for a bit, you'll reach a fork. There, if you go west, then west at the next fork, you can go to the next area where you can find a chest containing a Potion. Return to the previous area and go to the first fork you reached, then head north and along the path to the next area.

In the Climb area, you'll soon reach a west/southeast fork. Head southeat to the dead-end to find a chest containing 200 pg, then return to the fork and head west. Eventually, you'll get into the Vista area - it's another linear path. There, speak with the adventurer to save, then proceed on to the next area; he will also give you a Strange Hourglass, which enables you to use Bravely Second, described above.

Go north to the next area to view a scene as you come upon Norende. In the events there, Anges will become part of your party as you escape the Eternian air forces. Backtrack through the dungeon (yay, Touch Screen map!) and you'll fight some force battles against Sky Duelers on the way. As you progress back to the Trail area, you'll fight a Sky Archer in addition to a Sky Dueler, but that's nothing special, really.

After finishing 'em off (triple Brave and quadruple attack FTW), you'll be told about Party Chat: basically, press Y when there's something to talk about. Do so after the fight and Agnès will run off to the next area. Follow her and watch the scene thereafter. (Seeing the Final Fantasy influence yet?) Then use Party Chat again and continue out of the dungeon by the way you came in - there will be more chattin' and scenes on the way.

Friends & Caldisla Revisited

Goblin18221961260665N/AHuman6 / 3 / 1
Great Bat15302961470778Wind, LightAerial6 / 3 / 1
Slime15301961260666FireInorganic6 / 3 / 1
Zombie20252961470777Fire, LightUndead6 / 3 / 1

FRIENDS: Once you've finished up in the Norende Ravine, you'll head to the overworld map. There, you'll get an introduction regarding Agnès's Pendant, which allows you to communicate with other players - by registering Friend Codes to your 3DS, you can summon friends for aid in battle and to share abilities. You will have to use StreetPass or use the Adventurer (the save point guy) to register them in regards to the game. It's also a good idea to use the Update Data option (limited to once daily) to be able to get the latest stuff about your friends.) You'll then enter a battle where you learn how to summon your friends - friends can be summoned in battle, and grow in power with more use. To help a friend, use Summon, then Send - you'll use the named attack, then it's send to your friends.

STREETPASS: You can activate StreetPass for this game. Press Right on the D-Pad and tap the inbox - those you StreetPass can be registered as guests and summoned like your friends! Granted, StreetPasses are pretty uncommon unless you live in a densely-populated often-urban area, so don't rely on it too heavily - you gotta do some of the work yourself. ;)

NORENDE'S RESTORATION: Soon, you will be able to restore Norende, but it will take time. For every StreetPass you get, another resident comes to the village. Each resident does the same amount of labor in the same amount of time, so you know. Once the option is available, you can tap the areas there to send workers to build it up. As this is used, you may find Nemeses (singular: Nemesis) that come when you Update Data or get a StreetPass; you can fight them, but it's no different than a regular fight (other than that it can be exorbitantly hard), so you CAN lose. They stand no real threat to the restoration, so if you don't want to battle them, don't worry - you can keep up to seven at a time, after which the oldest ones get deleted as new ones arrive. Those from Update Data will also disappear upon defeat, but StreetPassed ones can be rebattled. If needed, you can just use Sleep Mode and/or your 3DS/2DS charge to keep the game on overnight and really get progress on those long-to-rebuild areas.

Anyhow, once you're back in the overworld, head back southeast to Caldisla. (If you need to review the shops, go to the section Caldisla's Shops - it may be a good idea to buy some equipment now.) Once back in town, heal up at the inn, shop if you want, and then head into the palace. Speak with the king there. After the scene there, Agnès will run off and you'll be told about the Norende restoration effort. Once you regain control, return to the overworld and go eest to the lake.

Southwestern Lake

As you approach the lake, you'll watch a scene. It will culminate in your first earnest boss battle.

BOSS - Barras & Holly
Maximum HP300260
Physical Attack5045
Physical Defense55
Magic Attack2020
Magic Defense1010
Monster FamilyHumanHuman
Possible StealsNoneNone
Possible Item DropsHi-PotionEther
pg (Money) Yield120120
EXP. Yield6060
JP Yield66

If you have any experience with the traditional RPGs of old - Final Fantasy especially - you'll probably understand that, as a White Mage, Holly has got to be the first to go. She has a tendency to heal and boost Defenses, so that can get problematic, if not outright frustrating. She also can use the Wind-based Aero for around 40 damage per use. Similarly, Barras fills the role of an all-out physical attack, often leading with Invigorate to boost his damage output before wailing on you. He will probably explode at least one in the battle for some heavy damage.

So, in its own way, I suppose you could say that Barras also would be a prime target. If you feel you can quickly defeat him in a single turn (Level 10+ probably), then open up with three Braves and four Attacks from both Tiz and Agnès - if he's killed, a White Mage is nothing to worry about since their role is not intended for combat. If he's not killed, he still heavily tries to boost his stats more than anything, so damage will be relatively minimal and a second try is viable.

Either way, when it comes to fighting Holly, it is recommended to first open with three Defaults - especially if Barras is still around - before a quadruple attack, then repeat with another quadruple attack immediately thereafter; it shouldn't be hard to kill her like that.

After the battle, you will be able to use the Job classes that your opponents were using: the all-out-physical Monk and the curative White Mage. If you wish to change jobs, you can do so in the X Button menu. It's recommended to do so. In the following scene, we end up deciding to find out a way to get to Ancheim.

Back in Caldisla

[_] Echo Herbs[_] Echo Herbs[_] Wakeup Bell[_] Wakeup Bell[_] Hi-Potion[_] Ether[_] Remedy

After defeating Barras and Holly, head on back to Caldisla. As you enter, you'll get a tutorial in magic - basically, you need the scroll and someone who is able to use it. If the spell is too powerful, the intended user's Job Level needs to go up. In any case, since you should be using a Monk and a White Mage, be sure to restock and re-equip in addition to healing and saving before you head to the palace. Speak with the king there - it seems the Eternians have returned to Lontano Villa, but there's no way there. Use Party Chat after and head on to the inn.

After the scene there, we opt to head for the place of Black Mage Ominas to the north of the city in the Centro Keep, with a new ally, Ringabel - he joins at Level 5, and offers the Notebook of D option in the Touch Screen menu.

There's also a number of quests we can get around now: "Aquire Magic Scrolls" for Echo Herbs, "Set Job Commands" for some Echo Herbs, "Set Support Abilities" for a Wakeup Bell, and "Rearrange Your Party" for a Wakeup Bell. They're descriptions lead you to what to do. You will also get "Dowse for Treasure" (Hi-Potion), "Sniff Out Hidden Passages!" (Ether), and "Net Friend Invites" (Remedy) soon thereafter. The hidden passages one isn't able to be done yet - it's in the Centro Keep - but we'll cover that passage. Also, the one about inviting friends requires a Wi-Fi internet connection.

Once you're done in town, head back to the overworld. (Be sure to buy stuff for Ringabel!) Once in the overworld, you'll learn about Abilinks - basically, you are allowed to borrow the abilities of a Friend. Their abilities can be linked to a certain character and overwrite them - for example, a White Mage able to use Level 3 magic, once linked with a Level 10-using White Mage, will use Level 10 White Magic. Anyhow, in the overworld, go northeast and across the bridge to the Centro Keep.

Centro Keep

[_] Silver Glasses[_] Phoenix Down[_] Iron Knuckles[_] Echo Herbs[_] Wakeup Bell[_] Mage Masher[_] Potion

Cait Sith605079618140999WaterBeast12 / 6 / 1
Orc806079118909912FireHuman12 / 6 / 1
Orc Leader1006579118909912FireHuman16 / 8 / 1

As a note, if you have not switched someone to a White Mage and bought the Poisona and Blindna spells in Cadisla, you will suffer a bit in this dungeon - the enemies here sometimes can Poison (regular amounts of damage) or Blind (immensely lowers accuracy) you, and you do NOT want that to happen. Antidotes and Eye Drops can circumvent this, but they'll cost more than 400 pg in the long run.

1F: After the cutscene, go into the room to the east. There is a switch in the southeast portion you can trigger to open a door to the north. Yeah, the stuff north of the entrance on the first floor is pointless - anyways, past that opened door are some stairs. Use 'em.

2F: Go south and west along the path to find a fork. There, go south and along to find a switch; trigger it to open the room near the fork. Return to the fork, but ignore the room for now; instead, go west and to the end of the path to find some Silver Glasses, an accessory preventing Blindness. Now backtrack to the fork and go north into the room you opened and head upstairs.

3F: Upon your arrival, go due east and open up the chest for a Phoenix Down. Head south of the stairs into the hall and you'll soon come upon a fork. There, go east and ignore the next fork. This would seem to be a dead-end but, at the end, go south and you'll find a hidden, invisible path in the wall. Once in it, go as far south as possible, then as far east as possible to reach a chest with some Iron Knuckles inside for your Monk. (Remember, this will also let you get the Ether from the quest "Sniff Out Hidden Passages!")

Return into the hall and you'll see two other eastbound paths to the north. Go along the first you can reach to trigger a switch and open a new area. As for the second path, you'll find a chest containing some Echo Herbs at the end. Go back west and south from the chest, then west and north into the new area. Head along to the end of the path to find a fork. Go along both to trigger a switch and open a new area (west path) and to open a chest with a Wakeup Bell inside (east). Go into that newly-opened room to the north and use the stairs.

2F: Once here, go along the path before you and you'll come to a fork eventually. To the south, you will be able to reach a chest containing a Mage Masher sword. Return to the fork and go east to soon encounter another fork. To the north is a chest with a Potion inside; to the south is a switch that opens up a new area. Go back along the path to the room and enter it. Speak with the Adventurer inside to save (and shop if you've been doing some Norende reconstruction), then head down the stairs to the west.

1F: Head south and you'll watch a scene before battling Ominas. Edea will join your party before the start of it.

BOSS - Ominas
Maximum HP1,800
Physical Attack45
Physical Defense10
Magic Attack39
Magic Defense9
Monster FamilyHuman
Possible StealsNone
Possible Item DropsEther
pg (Money) Yield240
EXP. Yield120
JP Yield12

Ominas is the quintessial black mage ... to some extent. If anything, he personifies a number of the class's characteristics. He can use the Fire-elemental Fire spell, which can deal some nasty damage around 40 ~ 75 on most of your characters. He can also attempt to put some of your allies to Sleep, Silence them to prevent Magic, or Poison them to cause continual damage.

That said, the strategy is pretty simple, but you could be doomed without a White Mage to heal the ailments. Said White Mage should be Defaulting for most of the battle, using Brave to cure multiple ailments and/or heal HP when needed - since Ominas tends to favor party-wide ailments, you will be thankful for that in the long run. The other three of your party - the Monks and Edea, as they should be anyhow - are pretty much the offensive unit. Have them also Default three times before unleashing a four-Attack Brave (unless you want to risk some of the lower-accuracy-but-higher-power Monk skills like Strong Strike). Two such rounds of quadruple attacks should manage a win at around Level 11 or so - if at or above that level on Normal, you could probably just go straight into another quad-attack round without Defaulting.

After the battle, you'll earn a Black Mage Asterisk, allowing you to switch to the Black Mage job! It also looks we soon need to focus on stealing an airship, too - and, speak of the devil, one seems to be heading for Caldisla!

Heading to Lontano Villa

Cait Sith605079618140999WaterBeast12 / 6 / 1
Orc806079118909912FireHuman12 / 6 / 1
Orc Leader1006579118909912FireHuman16 / 8 / 1

~ Caldisla ~

After the post-boss scene and Party Chat in the Centro Keep, head outside to the overworld and make your way southwest into Caldisla. In the town - despite the imminent threat the Eternian forces propose - you are still more than welcome to shop at Caldisla's Shops - most pertinent would be the purchase of the various Black Magic spells, since you just got the Black Mage job. As for healing, you'll need to heal yourself.

Once you reach the palace, we find the royal guard decimated and the king kidnapped - all we can do is make for the Eternian base in Lontano Villa. As you leave the palace, you'll automatically head to the inn and Edea will part from the parety, after which you'll control her for a moment; head northwest in the town to the graveyard. After some scenes, the party of four decides not to part, and decide to go on to the Eternian stronghold. Stock up and head to the overworld and to the Centro Keep.

~ Special Moves ~

As you return to the overworld, you'll get some notes on Special Moves - they allow you to store up power over time to release it in a devastating attack. Depending on the type of weapon you're using, there are different conditions you must meet:

  • Axe: Defeat five enemies using physical attacks.
  • Bow: Inflict physical damage to Flying-class enemies five times.
  • Katana: Use Default ten times.
  • Knife: Use items five times.
  • Knuckle: Induce three critical hits.
  • Rod: Use Magic spells ten times.
  • Spear: Inflict physical damage ten times.
  • Staff: Use curative magic ten times.
  • Sword: Use Brave ten times.

After meeting the condition and opting to use the special move, you will give status boosts to your entire party. If you manage to chain together multiple specials before the changed background music ends, the effects pile up, allowing for truly devastating moves. (Think Belly Drum and a priority move if you're a Pokémon player, since Belly Drum quadruples Attack.) You'll get a tutorial battle about these right after the introductory notes.

That all said and done, head to the Centro Keep to the northeast again once on the overworld map.

~ Centro Keep ~

Once you've returned to this dungeon, head north in the entrance hall and examine the big steel door. Edea will unlock it and you'll be allowed through the door.

Overworld - Lontano Villa Region

Electro Lantern120451591239209912GroundInorganic16 / 8 / 1
Orc806079118909912FireHuman12 / 6 / 1
Orc Leader1006579118909912FireHuman16 / 8 / 1
Ratatoskr804589618909910Wind, DarkBeast16 / 8 / 1
Wolf804589118959912FireBeast16 / 8 / 1
Wraith12045991189209912Fire, LightUndead16 / 8 / 1

Finding Lotano Villa shouldn't be too hard: it's basically to the north. Run to the northeast, then north along the coastline for a bit and approach that big building you see - it's unmistakeable.

Lontano Villa

[_] Ether[_] Antidote[_] Potion[_] Spear[_] 400 pg[_] White Cape[_] Phoenix Down

Cait Sith605079618140999WaterBeast12 / 6 / 1
Panther160501092201020101014FireBeast18 / 9 / 1
Sky Archer6026490841444LightningHuman18 / 9 / 1
Sky Dueler6025490841444LightningHuman18 / 9 / 1
Sky Pikeman12050109220101101011LightningHuman18 / 9 / 1
Wolf804589118959912FireBeast16 / 8 / 1

Outside: After the introductory scene and a Party Chat, we finally can do as we please. ... To some extent, anyhow - we can't throw Ringabel into the abyss below for the fun of it, I suppose. >_> In any case, head northwest and into the Villa proper. There, our cover is blown and we get stuck in a simple fight against some enemies: a Sky Dueler, Sky Pikeman, and Sky Archer, two of whom you're already familiar with and the third being barely more impressive.

1F: Once you regain field control, go east and, as you go, you'll see an archway in the wall to the northwest. Ignore it and continue going northeast and along the path to a chest containing an Ether. Backtrack to where the archway was and go through it and along the path before you. Eventually, you'll come to a gap in the wall if you look to the northwest. Bypass it for the moment and you'll come upon a chest containing an Antidote. Backtrack to the gap in the wall and go on through, heading northeastward on the other side. When you come upon the staircase, use it to go up a floor.

2F: When you arrive, go south and leave the room. As you go along the path, some areas will open up in the outer portion of the area. At the southeast corner of this inner ring, you can go into an alcove, then northeast to find a chest containing a Potion. Via the other path to the southwest of the alcove, you will soon find two paths you can go along. If you go along the western of the two, you will go down some stairs to 1F again; at the end of that path is a chest containing a Spear weapon. Backtrack to 2F and take the other path from the fork. As you reach the next clearing, you'll see a doorway to the northwest; ignore it and head southeast and to the end of the path to find a chest containing 400 pg. THEN leave via the doorway.

Outside: Basically go right along the balcony and back inside.

2F: Go along the path before you and you'll soon find some stairs to the next floor. If you continue along the path past them, you'll find a chest at the end of the path containing a White Cape, an accessory that makes you immune to Silence, and thusly is really good for a White Mage! (Or a Black Mage, really, since you can't yet cure Silence and the choice is not therefore as critical.) Backtrack to the stairs and go on up a floor.

3F: Once you arrive, go north and open the chest there for a Phoenix Down. After plucking it from the chest, go south of the stairs and along the path to the central clearing of the floor. There, you can go north and you'll find a blue chest. This blue chest - like all others - will be locked and you won't be able to open them until some time in Chapter 6. (FYI, this contains a Lustrous Shield.) So just go south and speak with the Adventurer to save and shop as needed, then continue along the path westward. You'll soon meet with Heinkel; the scene will culminate in a battle; there will be a Sky Dueler, Sky Pikeman, and two Sky Archers. Heinkel runs off afterward, though; go after him, through the archway glowing blue.

Outside: Go down the stairs, then head right along the balcony and to the airship. There, you'll meet up again with Heinkel - this culminates in a boss battle!

BOSS - Heinkel, Sky Archer x2
HeinkelSky Archer
Maximum HP2,400120
Physical Attack7050
Physical Defense2010
Magic Attack2020
Magic Defense2010
Monster FamilyHumanHuman
Possible StealsNoneIron Bow
Possible Item DropsGauntletsNone
pg (Money) Yield36018
EXP. Yield1809
JP Yield181

The first thing to deal with in this battle are the Sky Archers. If you've been doing a few battles in the Villa, you probably can already understand how annoying these guys can be, especially with their Poison Arrow attack ... well, it might poison you! Poison is no laughing matter, either; if it happens, immediately cure it with Poisona or an Antidote. Heinkel is no pushover either; he is quite bulky and a physical wall, so it's going to be hard to rip through him. He also has some pretty nasty physical attacks, so it would be nice to beat them all quickly...

The solution - a Black Mage! Risky as it is, on the first turn, I highly recommend using three Braves and four Thunders to all of the enemy party - they'll all be hit for extra damage, and the Archers will surely be eliminated, disposing of the threat for Poison. Heinkel still remains a problem, though. Because of his sheer Physical Defense, it's a good idea for your melee fighters like your Monks to be Defaulting on the first three turns before a quad-Attack on the fourth, followed by another on the next; combined with some more quad-Thundering from your Black Mage, this will end pretty nicely. That said, keep your restorative White Mage Defaulting and storing BP until he/she is needed for the use of Cure or Poisona.

A decent Black Mage ought to be hitting for 100 ~ 150 with each Thunder, being able to take down around 500 ~ 600 HP with each quad-Thunder while the physical units will probably amount to 50 ~ 100 per hit and 200 ~ 300 per quad-Attack. A quick combo of Defaulting thrice, then going in for four Braves two turns in a row ought to suffice around Level 15.