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by silktail

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Norende Village Restoration Lists by silktail

Updated: 02/20/2014
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This guide lists the things that you unlock by restoring Norende Village and the time each upgrade takes.

Getting Started

Norende Village becomes available during the Intro chapter of the game (before the first boss battle).

To access Norende Village: Press the half-circle on the left of the map on the touch screen (or press right on the D-Pad), then select the Norende Village icon (houses and trees).

Use the touchscreen to navigate the Norende Village screen. Select a (lit) site and Confirm that you want to start building there. Select the number of workers to build it and confirm to start them building.

The time it takes will be divided by the number of villagers working on it. The time will increase while the save file is being played, or in sleep mode. (Using the Home menu with the game in the background, also seems to work.)

Note: The construction will stop if you turn off the game, or leave the game on the title screen.


To buy the items & equipment from the completed shops, talk to the Adventurer (who saves the game) and select to Buy items or Buy equipment.

You can't physically visit the village yourself.


You receive a villager when you StreetPass a person with the game (or demo). You can StreetPass them several times to get more villagers, but usually have to wait 8 hours between each StreetPass.

You can also receive more villagers when you Update Data. This gives you a random number of Net Friend Invites, once per day. (The Net Friends give you a villager and a Summon Guest move, but can't be used for Abilink.)

Update Data is found in the Save Menu. (Select the Save icon on the touch screen. Or talk to an Adventerer and select the Save option.)

Once per day

The "day" seems to change at midnight in Japan (UTC+09:00). You can update for more Net Invites after this time.

E.g. 00:00 JST , 15:00 GMT , 10:00 EST , 09:00 CST , 08:00 MST , 07:00 PST .

(Japan does not change their clocks for daylight saving time, so the time shouldn't change in summer.)

Note: Net Friend Invites are not the same as Registering Friends online. (Friends only give their Summon Friend move and Abilink data. So no villagers.)


The Trader, Combat Item Shop and Compound Shop will periodical send you presents from their stock.

An "update" symbol will appear on the Norende Village icon and you just need to enter the Norende screen to receive the gifts.

Special Moves

The Special Move option eventually becomes available during the Intro (shortly after gaining all 4 characters).

The Special Moves Shop will give you new special moves for the weapons you equip, and the Parts Shops will give you parts to attach to the special moves. (No purchase is necessary. They will appear in the Special menu as soon as they are unlocked.)

See the Special menu for details on their activation conditions.

Unlocked Bonus Equipment

The DLC bonus equipment from the original Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Japanese release, are now available from the Norende shops.

They do not have Encyclopedia entries in D's Journal, because they were originally just DLC and not available as part of the main game.


Outfits have to be bought from the Adventurer just like normal equipment. They have a seperate tab from the other equipment on sale.

Once you own an Outfit a new equipment slot will appear in the Equip menu, which will allow you to equip your outfits.

Note: Outfits are not "Ever-changing" and do not change over time. The description seems to be a mistranslation.

Nemesis in your village

You might receive some Nemesis from Square Enix servers when you update your data, from the Net Invites when updating, and/or from another player you have StreetPassed.

They do not hinder progress with building Norende, so you can leave them there as long as you like. (Or fight them, send them via StreetPass, etc.)

Note: You stop sending a Nemesis if you beat it in battle. So don't kill the ones you want to send on!

Available from start

These sites are the first shops and areas that you can build.

TraderArmor ShopTangled WoodsAncient Boulder

Reclaiming Areas

Reclaim these areas to unlock new shops and areas to build.

Rough LandTimeShops & Areas Available
Tangled Woods2hr 00minSpecial Move ShopBlackwater FenDownstream Area
Ancient Boulder10hr 00minWeapons ShopHill Parts ShopCollapsed BridgeRigid Crag
Blackwater Fen30hr 00minAccessory ShopRiver Parts Shop
Collapsed Bridge50hr 00minCombat Item ShopCape Parts Shop
Downstream Area70hr 00minCompound Shop
Rigid Crag99hr 00minValley Parts Shop


LvTimeItems Available
Lv10hr 15minPotionTeleport Stone
Lv21hr 00minAntidoteEyes Drops
Lv32hr 30minEcho HerbsPhoenix Down
Lv43hr 30minWakeup Bell
Lv55hr 00minHi-Potion
Lv68hr 00minEther
Lv711hr 00minBalsam
Lv815hr 00minRemedy
Lv924hr 00minX-Potion
Lv1036hr 00minTurbo Ether
Lv1199hr 00minKnight's Tunic (Outfit, Bonus Equipment)

Armor Shop

LvTimeArmor AvailableNotes
Lv10hr 30minBronze Armor
Lv21hr 30minBrigandine (Light Armor)
Lv33hr 00minRed CapRaises STR & AGI by 5
Lv45hr 30minRainbow DressNullifies Confuse and +3 M.ATK
Lv58hr 30minLambent HatEnhances lightning and +2 M.ATK
Lv612hr 00minBlessed ShieldCura effect when used as an item
Lv717hr 00minBloody ShieldVery defensive but lowers Evade
Lv824hr 00minHeike Gloves
Lv936hr 00minHeike HelmRaises Evade
Lv1048hr 00minHeike Armor
Lv1199hr 00minOnion Shirt (Outfit, Bonus Equipment)

Special Move Shop

These are special moves for the weapon type listed (except the Falcon Knife, which is a weapon).

LvTimeSpecial Moves Available
Lv12hr 00minInfinity (Daggers)Rejuvenation (Staves)
Lv23hr 00minPiercing Bolt (Rods)Horizon (Spears)Maximum Draw (Bows)
Lv33hr 00minMoonbeam (Knuckles)Grand Strike (Axes)Moonshadow (Katanas)
Lv448hr 00minAir Splitter (Swords)Blade Storm (Daggers)
Lv548hr 00minOverpower (Spears)Withering Ripple (Rods)
Lv648hr 00minLux (Staves)Rapid Fire (Bows)
Lv772hr 00minBreaking Wave (Katanas)Maelstrom (Axes)Ascendant Palm (Knuckles)
Lv899hr 00minHoly Weapon (Rods)Divine Light (Staves)Cross Divide (Daggers)
Lv999hr 00minMegiddo Flame (Spears)Angelic Pillar (Bows)Thunderburst (Knuckles)
Lv1099hr 00minSonic Wave (Swords)Gigaton Swing (Axes)Petal Swirl (Katanas)
Lv1199hr 00minFalcon Knife (Bonus Equipment)

Weapons Shop

LvTimeWeapons AvailableNotes
Lv11hr 30minCarving Knife
Lv22hr 30minSimian StaffBoosts multi-target attacks
Lv34hr 30minOgre's Club (Rod)Enhances lightning
Lv45hr 30minBastet Claws (Knuckles)Effective against beasts
Lv59hr 30minSage's StaffRaise effect when used as an item
Lv616hr 00minAngel's BowRarely causes charm
Lv728hr 00minLü Bu's Spear
Lv838hr 00minGrinder AxeRarely causes dread
Lv954hr 00minMutsu-no-Kami (Katana)
Lv1060hr 00minNight Emperor (Sword)Rarely causes charm
Lv1199hr 00minMagic Knife (Bonus Equipment)

Hill Parts Shop

LvTimeSpecial Move Parts Available
Lv12hr 00minFireFire Res UpFire Res Down
Lv23hr 00minWaterWater Res UpWater Res Down
Lv35hr 30minLightningLightning Res UpLightning Res Dn
Lv49hr 00minWindWind Res UpWind Res Down
Lv515hr 00minEarthEarth Res UpEarth Res Down
Lv626hr 00minSpeed UpSpeed Down
Lv742hr 00minLightLight Res UpLight Res Down
Lv860hr 00minEvade UpAccuracy Down
Lv990hr 00minDarkDark Res UpDark Res Down
Lv1099hr 00minCure DoomDoom Res UpDeath Res Up
Lv1199hr 00minLabrys (Axe, Bonus Equipment)

Note: These elemental parts add to the attack element of the special move.

Accessory Shop

LvTimeAccessories AvailableNotes
Lv12hr 00minVenture BadgeRaises your Brave Attack rate
Lv23hr 00minSmiley BadgeFreezes aggro level
Lv35hr 00minGale HairpinRaises your first strike rate
Lv49hr 00minNormalizerLowers enemy Brave Attack rate
Lv514hr 00minRed MuletaIncreases aggro level
Lv624hr 00minReflect RingReflect spell at start of battle
Lv732hr 00minAlarm EarringsLowers enemy first strike rate
Lv848hr 00minTaunt BangleIncreases encounter rate
Lv968hr 00minGolden EggDoubles pg, but gain no EXP & JP
Lv1080hr 00minGrowth EggDoubles EXP & JP, but gain no pg
Lv1199hr 00minMelodist's Shirt (Outfit, Bonus Equipment)

River Parts Shop

LvTimeSpecial Move Parts Available
Lv11hr 00minBeast SlayingCure PoisonPoison Res Up
Lv22hr 30minPlant SlayingCure BlindBlind Res Up
Lv34hr 00minAquatic SlayingCure SilenceSilence Res Up
Lv48hr 00minInsect SlayingCure SleepSleep Res Up
Lv515hr 00minFlier SlayingCure ParalyseParalyse Res Up
Lv626hr 00minUndead SlayingCure DreadDread Res Up
Lv742hr 00minDemon SlayingCure BerserkBerserk Res Up
Lv852hr 00minDragon SlayingCure StopStop Res Up
Lv981hr 00minCrit Rate UpCure ConfuseConfuse Res Up
Lv1099hr 00minCure K.O.Cure CharmCharm Res Up
Lv1199hr 00minSilver Glaive (Spear, Bonus Equipment)

Combat Item Shop

LvTimeAttack Items Available
Lv11hr 00minBomb Fragment
Lv21hr 00minAntarctic Wind
Lv34hr 30minZeus's Wrath
Lv48hr 00minTengu Yawn
Lv512hr 00minEarth Drum
Lv620hr 00minBomb Arm
Lv728hr 00minArctic Wind
Lv845hr 00minPantheon's Wrath
Lv960hr 00minTengu Sneeze
Lv1072hr 00minEarth Mallet
Lv1199hr 00minEdea's Garb (Outfit, Bonus Equipment)

Cape Parts Shop

LvTimeSpecial Move Parts Available
Lv11hr 30minHP Recovery Lv.1Poison TouchPoison Res Down
Lv23hr 00minMP Recovery Lv.1Blind TouchBlind Res Down
Lv35hr 30minHP Recovery Lv.2Silence TouchSilence Res Down
Lv411hr 00minMP Recovery Lv.2Sleep TouchSleep Res Down
Lv522hr 00minHP Recovery Lv.3Paralyse TouchParalyse Res Dn
Lv632hr 00minMP Recovery Lv.3Dread TouchDread Res Down
Lv742hr 00minHP Recovery Lv.4Stop TouchStop Res Down
Lv860hr 00minMP Recovery Lv.4Confuse TouchConfuse Res Down
Lv990hr 00minHP Recovery Lv.5Charm TouchCharm Res Down
Lv1099hr 00minMP Recovery Lv.5Death TouchDeath Res Down
Lv1199hr 00minFox Tail (Axe, Bonus Equipment)

Compound Shop

LvTimeCompounds Available
Lv11hr 00minBeast Liver
Lv22hr 30minHard ScalePhlogiston
Lv34hr 00minInsect AntennaPermacrystal
Lv45hr 30minMonster FiberFairy Wing
Lv514hr 00minSpirit BoneFulmen Shard
Lv626hr 00minDesert Rose
Lv735hr 00minGlitterbug
Lv856hr 00minDark Matter
Lv978hr 00minDemon Tail
Lv1084hr 00minDragon Fang
Lv1199hr 00minPlain Tunic (Outfit, Bonus Equipment)

Valley Parts Shop

LvTimeSpecial Move Parts Available
Lv13hr 00min10% Power Boost+1 Turn
Lv25hr 00minM.ATK UpM.ATK Down
Lv37hr 30min20% Power Boost+2 Turns
Lv415hr 00minP.ATK UpP.ATK Down
Lv524hr 00min30% Power Boost+3 Turns
Lv632hr 00minM.DEF UpM.DEF Down
Lv742hr 00min40% Power Boost+4 Turns
Lv875hr 00minP.DEF UpP.DEF Down
Lv999hr 00min50% Power BoostBP Bonus Lv.1
Lv1099hr 00min+5 TurnsBP Bonus Lv.2
Lv1199hr 00minDonnerschlag (Spear, Bonus Equipment)

Notes for the bonus equipment

Knight's TunicOutfit for AgnèsTrader
Onion ShirtOutfit for TizArmor Shop
Melodist's ShirtOutfit for RingabelAccessory Shop
Edea's GarbOutfit for EdeaCombat Item Shop
Plain TunicFreelancer outfitCompound Shop
Falcon Knife (Dagger)Raises AGI by 20Special Move Shop
Magic Knife (Dagger)Raises M.ATK by 25Weapons Shop
Labrys (Axe)Effective against beastsHill Parts Shop
Silver Glaive (Spear)Raises M.DEF by 19River Parts Shop
Fox Tail (Axe)Raises AGI by 20Cape Parts Shop
Donnerschlag (Spear)Lightning damageValley Parts Shop