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by Zoelius

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius

Version: 0.45 | Updated: 02/24/2017

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright and Other Information
  2. About Bravely Default
    1. About For the Sequel
    2. Differences between Flying Fairy
    3. Main Character Profile
  3. Main Walkthrough: Prologue
    1. First Kingdom Caldisla
    2. Norende Ravine
    3. First Kingdom Caldisla Revisit
    4. Ruins of Centro Keep
    5. Lontaro Villa
  4. Main Walkthrough: Chapter 1
    1. Ancheim, The land of Sand and Time
    2. Sub Quest 1: Thief and Merchant's Asterisk
    3. Temple of Wind
    4. Yulyana Needleworks
    5. Vestment Cave
    6. Side Quest 2: Time Mage and Spell Fencer's Asterisk
  5. Main Walkthrough: Chapter 2
    1. Miasma Woods
    2. Florem
    3. Temple of Water
    4. Side Quest 3: Summoner's Asterisk
    5. Side Quest 4: Ranger's Asterisk
    6. Mount Fragmentum
    7. Side Quest 5: Red Mage's Asterisk
    8. Side Quest 6: Valkyrie's Asterisk
    9. Twilight Ruins
  6. Main Walkthrough: Chapter 3
    1. Grandship
    2. Hartschild City
    3. Sub Quest 7: Pirate Asterisk
    4. Grapp Keep
    5. Sub Quest 8: Performer Asterisk
    6. Mythril Mines
    7. Starkfort
    8. Underflow (Volcano Underground Cave)
    9. Sub Quest 9: Swordmaster Asterisk
    10. Sub Quest 10: Ninja Asterisk
    11. Engine Room
  7. Main Walkthrough: Chapter 4
    1. Eternia City
    2. Eternia Council Headquarters
    3. Eternia Prison
    4. Sub Quest 11: Vampire Asterisk
    5. Everlast Tower
  8. Main Walkthrough: Chapter 5
    1. Chapter 5 Bosses
  9. Main Walkthrough: Chapter 6
    1. Sub Quest 12: Conjurer Asterisk
  10. Main Walkthrough: Chapter 7
    1. Asterisk Bosses (Chapter 7)
  11. Main Walkthrough: Chapter 8
    1. Asterisk Bosses (Chapter 8)
  12. Main Walkthrough: Finale (Final Chapter)
    1. Dark Aurora *
  13. Main Walkthrough: The End (True Final Chapter)
    1. Dark Aurora
  14. Bonus Dungeon
  15. Norende Reconstruction
  16. Special/Deathblows
  17. Nemeses
    1. Seven Deadly SIns
    2. Ba'al
    3. Special Bosses
  18. Job Classes and Abilities
    1. Freelancer
    2. Monk
    3. White Mage
    4. Black Mage
    5. Knight
    6. Thief
    7. Merchant
    8. Spell Fencer
    9. Time Mage
    10. Ranger
    11. Summoner
    12. Valkyrie
    13. Red Mage
    14. Salve-Maker
    15. Performer
    16. Pirate
    17. Ninja
    18. Swordmaster
    19. Arcanist
    20. Spiritmaster
    21. Dark Knight
    22. Templar
    23. Vampire
    24. Conjurer
  19. Abilities
    1. White Magic (White Mage)
    2. Black Magic (Black Mage)
    3. Time Magic (Time Mage)
    4. Summon (Summoner)
    5. Compounding (Salve-Maker)
    6. Genome Ability (Vampire)
  20. Equipment List
  21. Achievements
  22. Special Thanks and Credits

Copyright and Other Information

This guide was written by Chao Min Wu (Zoelius) or previously known as Zoel Giradel in Gamefaqs. This guide cannot be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal private use. It may not be published on any website or otherwise distributed publicly at all, no exceptions. This guide shall only be allowed for public display on www.gamefaqs.com, and www.neoseeker.com; any other use is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright laws.

If you have any questions, tips or concerns relating to this game, my contact email is Chaomin@gmail.com and be sure to put "Bravely Default" in the subject title.

*Please don't send me flames and spam via email, as it will be immediately deleted and your email address will be blocked.

Donation: If you want to make a small contribution to this guide, you can donate it to my paypal account at "Chaomin@gmail.com"or Amazon Gift Cards under the same Email Address. Any amount is very much appreciated.

FAQ Version

2012 - December 100.01 - 0.20Original guide based on Bravely Default Flying Fairy.
2013 - January 13 - 2014 January 70.20 - 0.44Guide was revised for International Release.
2017 - February 240.45Guide has been given a major overhaul, converted into HTML along with pictures.

About Bravely Default

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is a RPG developed by Silicon Studio and published by Square Enix for the 3DS. The game is a successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light a "spin-off"game to the Final Fantasy Series.

About For the Sequel

Bravely Default - Flying Fairy is the original version of Bravely Default, the international version is based on the "For the Sequel" version of the Bravely Default. For the Sequel contains a new story scenarios, various improvements and other minor changes. For players in Japan, you can purchase For the Sequel as a 2990 Yen DLC if you owned a copy of Bravely Default Flying Fairy. The retail physical version will go for a retail price of 4990 Yen. For the Sequel also contains uncensored costumes and an English language option.

Differences between Flying Fairy

Q: What is Flying Fairy?

A: Flying Fairy is the original version of Bravely Default that was release back in late 2012. The game has many new features and changes as the game was release again in Japan. The European and American version is based on the Improved version of Bravely Default "For the Sequel".

New Features

  • Multi Language - You can now select multiple languages. The game now contains English and Japanese voiceovers. With the option to select English, French and Spanish text.
  • Event Viewer - Lets you see past events.
  • Bravely Second - During battle, you freeze time in battle giving you a temporary advantage. To do this, you will need SP, SP is filled by putting your 3DS in Sleep mode, or can be instantly refill by spending real money.
  • Monster Invasion - This feature in found in reconstructing Norende. A monster will come and invade Norende. The monster can be defeated by using the villagers you have found through street pass and other WiFi functions. If you successfully removed the monster, you can get another villager for your village.
  • Difficulty Adjustment - You can now adjust the game difficulty and encounter rate. Because of the encounter rate settings, some of the abilities found in the Freelancer class has been removed and been replaced with new ones.


  • Additional Save Slots - The original Bravely Default only let you have one save slot, the current saves slots has expanded to three.
  • Graphic Touch Ups - Some location have small graphical touch ups in the new version. For example, the town Florem now has a brighter and larger flower in the center in town and the shops have color icons to differentiate them apart.
  • Party Chat Improvements - The original Party Chat has a static image of each character's face. This has been replaced actual 3D models.


  • Norende Reconstruction Time - All reconstruction time in the Norende reconstruction have been increased. For example, to clear the Downstream area in the original takes 50 hours, now it takes 70 hours to clear.
  • Job Classes have been rebalanced - All job classes have been rebalanced For the Sequel, some classes have been upgraded and some were heavily nerfed. Classes such as Pirate, Spiritmaster, Dark Knight, Conjurer and Merchant has been nerfed horribly.
  • Costumes - Costumes are now regarded as a sub category in equipment instead of being an armor type.
  • Increased damage cap - Damage can now exceed more 9999. *Only works during Bravely Second.
  • Vampire Sub Quest - To unlock the Vampire Sub Quest, you need to find six keystones around the world to gain access to the Vampire Castle. In the original you need to collect the six keystones per every chapter.
  • Storyline Changes in late game - Chapter 7 and 8 contains different events scenes unlike the original game.
  • Bosses has been rebalanced - Some of the boss fights has changed. Some of them are stronger than their original counterpart and some are weaker.

English Differences

  • Age Differences - In the English localization, all the ages of the four protagonist are older. Some characters have their age adjusted.
    TizAge : 16Age : 19
    AgnèsAge : 17Age : 20
    EdeaAge : 15Age : 18
    AlternisAge : 20Age : 23
    ArtemiaAge : 14Age : 17
    MephiliaAge : 21Age : 24
    EinheriaAge : 25Age : 28
  • Name Changes
    There are several character and locations with different names in the two versions.
    Alternis DimAnazel Dee
    Barras LehrBearing Out
    Ciggma KhintIkuma Naerik
    Erutus ProfiteurNikolski Boritori
    Khamer VIIIMatamatto VIII
  • Costume Differences
    The international version of the Bravely Default have several costumes altered to reveal less skin, probably due to censorship reasons.

Main Character Profile

Tiz Arrior

A shepherd from the small village of Norende. Tiz is the only survivor after the catastrophe that struck Norende. Tiz sets on a journey to discover the cause.


Agnès Oblige

The Vestal of the Wind Crystal. Agnès's duty is to protect the crystals, she sets out on a journey after an incident with the Wind Crystal.



A young man with no memory of his past. Ringabel has a book called the "Notebook of D" that can predict the future.


Edea Lee

Edea is a daughter of the Holy Templar, she is given the task of capturing the wind Vestal for the sake of her nation.



A crystal spirit who accompanies Agnès and act as a source of guidance.

Main Walkthrough: Prologue

File Transferring

This section is only for those players that have a copy of Flying Fairy. If you do transfer your file over, you need to sync your Square Enix Member account on your Bravely Default Flying Fairy file. Once you have synced your data on Flying Fairy, load For the Sequel and the game will ask you to log in to your Square Enix ID, once you log in, it will sync with your current Square Enix Member data. When it finds your file the game will ask what would you like to transfer over.

*For players that owned the original Japanese version and have register their copy of the game under Square Enix Members, you can unlock free items and costumes on achievements you have successfully accomplished. One of the improvements made to the international version, is that you can check your Achievements by touching the bulletin icon on your touch screen instead of visiting the Square Enix member site.

Once you start a new game, pick the difficulty that you are most comfortable with. For players that own the Japanese version, if you manage to beat the game from the beginning to end on Hard mode without switching the difficulty, you will get a special costume for Agnès under Achievements.

*The Difficulty level in the original Bravely Default released in 2012 is harder than this game's easy mode but easier than the international version's normal mode.

First Kingdom Caldisla

Map Controls

Analog StickMove.
D-Pad (Left & Right)Open Touch Screen options.
A ButtonConfirm.
B ButtonCancel.
Y ButtonTurn off/on Auto Battle.
X Button & StartOpen Status Menu.

After seeing the opening movie, leave the inn and watch the event.

  • You can save the game by speaking to the Adventurer. They wear a red set of clothing and highlighted with a S symbol on the map.
  • If you ever get lost in Bravely Default, go to the yellow pointer highlighted in your map. It points to the next destination objective.
  • To learn new magic spells, you need to purchase them from the magic shop before you can use them.
Item Shop
Potion20 pq
Phoenix Down100 pq
Antidote10 pq
Eye Drops20 pq
Echo Herbs25 pq
Teleport Stone100 pq
Magic Shop
Cure200 pq
Poisona200 pq
Blinda200 pq
Fire200 pq
Blizzard200 pq
Thunder200 pq
Equipment Shop
Broad Sword70 pq Bronze Helmet40 pq
Staff60 pqLeather Hat15 pq
Dagger50 pqPointy Hat20 pq
Buckler50 pqLeather Armor120 pq
Hempen Tunic20 pqKenpo Gi100 pq
Linen Cuirass80 pqBronze Glove40 pq
Bronze Bangle20 pq

Head north to Caldisla Castle. Speak with the King and leave. Head outside to the world map and then go northwest to the caves.

Tutorial Quest
Tutorial Quest can be accessed by touching the bulletin board icon on the touch screen. You can earn free items by doing the quest listed on there.

Norende Ravine

Battle Controls

Analog Stick (Left & RightCheck enemy status (left), Ally Status (Right).
D-Pad (Up & Down)Navigate Up and Down.
D-Pad (Left & Right)Change battle animation speed during animation.
A ButtonConfirm.
B ButtonCancel.
Y ButtonTurn off/on Auto Battle.
X Button & StartOpen Status Menu.
L ButtonBrave
R ButtonDefault.
StartActivate Bravely Second.
Brave and Default Tutorial
BraveUsing the brave command will give you an additional command during your turn. However using the Brave command requires BP, and you will not have your turn back until your BP returns to 0 or higher.
DefaultUsing the Default command, will put your character into a defensive stance and replenish your BP. Use this command to defend and stock up your BP.
  • Learn how to take advantage of the Brave and Default system is the key on winning battles.

Follow the path west until you have reach to the end of the valley. There is an adventurer you can speak to near the end. Talk to him and he'll will give you a special item called "Strange Hourglass. Head out and watch the event, Agnès will join your party.

Bravely Second Tutorial
Bravely Second is a new feature added to the international version of Bravely Default. With this feature you can freeze time during battle by consuming SP. This can help you to get out difficult battles. To replenish SP, you need to put your 3DS in sleep mode. If you need SP instantly it will require actual real money (Microtransactions). *You can exceed the 9999 damage cap during Bravely Second. To activate Bravely Second, simply press the start button during battle.

Now escape from the valley, you will also be forced into two enemy encounters between grunts. Just deal with them like regular monsters. Once you exit out of the cave you will learn about the Friend Summon function.

Friend Summon Tutorial
In Bravely Default, you are given a function called Friend Summon. By using this command, you can record your own attack, ability and other miscellaneous function to be summon by other players from the Street Pass function and vice versa. To update the street pass, speak to the Adventurer. You can only update the Street Pass once per day.
Ablinks Tutorial
Ablinks is a function that works by adding Friend Codes to your 3DS. During the save option, you can add your friend's data. This will let you summon your friend, but at the same time you can use the Ablinks function under the tactics menu. This will link your job abilities to your friends. For example if your friend has a level 10 Black mage and you only have a level 2 Black mage, by linking it with your friend, you can use all the functions of a level 10 Black mage.

First Kingdom Caldisla Revisit

When you have return to Caldisla, go to the castle and speak with the King. You will be given a new function called the Norende Reconstruction. You can access it by touching the village icon on the left side of your touch screen.

Norende Reconstruction Tutorial
With this function you can reconstruct Norende village with Streetpass users. Each area can be reconstructed or upgraded after a villager spend a certain amount of time on that area. Doing this will benefit you with new abilities, and items for the Adventurer to sell. *You do not need to be playing Bravely Default to wait for construction time, you can put the 3DS in Sleep Mode to progress construction time.

Before you head to the next destination, you should equip your characters with new gear and stock up on healing items. Now head to the world map and go to the lake at the south east area. Watch the Event and fight the boss.

Note: Boss strategy varies between players as each have their own play style and job classes. The following boss strategy is based on my methods to win.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
Barras LehrNormal300N/AHi-Potion
Holly WhyteNormal250N/AEther
This is the very first boss battle and it can be a pretty tough one to start. I recommend on taking out Holly first, as she is the support unit, she can cast protect and heal her party. Try to get Holly's HP down to around 25% or more (70 to 80 HP) and then unleash your brave command and attack her consecutively to kill her before she can heal herself. Then focus on Barras. Barras can hit very hard after he use his BP along with the Invigorate command to attack. This can deal around 70 to 100 damage depending on your status. Use the Default command to stock up BP and attack Barras when he is in Negative BP.
  • You will obtained the Monk and White Mage Asterisk, with this you can class change into different jobs. Each job has their own unique abilities and status parameters. For more information, read the Job Section.
  • Each character can use two sets of job abilities. Primary abilities are based on character current job class, sub abilities are abilities you have mastered and can be used for other classes.

Ringabel will join your party. He carries the Notebook of D, which contains information, terminology of Bravely Default. You can also use it to view past event scenes and movies.

Ruins of Centro Keep

Alot of the monsters in this dungeon will have poison properties. I recommend having a White Mage or bring some antidote for this area. The dungeon is pretty straightforward, use the switch lever to open the gate to the next area. Once You reach to the Yellow Exclaimination mark you will fight a boss.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
Ominas CroweNormal1800N/AEther
Ominas is a pretty tough boss, the good news is Edea joins your party and her damage output is insanely high because of her Ise-no-Kami sword. So spam Edea's Brave command and attack Ominas. Use Agnès as a support character and Tiz as another fighter.

Return to Caldisla and enter the castle throne room to see an event and leave the kingdom.

Special Move Tutorial

From now on, you can use the Special command. These commands are attacks that requires a certain condition before you can use them in battle. Using a special command, will give a status buff to your entire party members and will also change the battle BGM (Background Music). Additional Special moves can be unlocked in Norende village.

Example of some of the Special conditions.

  • Sword : Use the Brave Command ten times.
  • Axe : Defeat five enemies with physical attack.
  • Spear : Inflict physical damage to ten enemies.
  • Rod : Use Magic ten times.
  • Staff : Use healing magic ten times.
  • Knife : Use items five times.
  • Bow : Inflict physical weakness five times. (Flying enemies)
  • Katana : Use the Default Command ten times.
  • Knuckle : Inflict critical damage three times.

Note: You can customize each Special Move to have multiple properties. Each property can be unlocked when rebuilding Norende. For more details on Special moves, read the special move section of this guide.

Head back to Ruins of Centro Keep and leave through the center exit. Then head to the fort at the north end.

Lontaro Villa

Watch the event and shortly after your cover is blown, you will be force into a battle with some grunt units. Travel outside you get into the other side of the villa, near the end of the dungeon you will find a Blue Chest, these treasure chest cannot be open at this moment, so don't bother trying, you have to wait till chapter 6 before you will have access to it. Once you find the Adventurer, the exit should be near, saved your game and head outside to the airship. Prepare to fight another boss battle.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
Argent HeinkelNormal2400N/AEther
Resistance: WindWeakness: Lightning
Air Force Archer x2Normal120N/AN/A
Resistance: WindWeakness: Lightning
Heinkel has high defense, its recommended to have a Black Mage for this boss battle. All of the grunts are weak to thunder, so immediately takeout the grunts first. If you don't, the grunts will poison you with their poison arrow. The best way to take out the grunts, is to cast the thunder spell on all targets, this way you can prevent Heinkel from using his cover ability to bodyguard his grunts. When the grunts has been taken out, you can focus on Heinkel. Heinkel's ability Iron Wall and Shield attack gives him a tremendous amount of defense, that makes it very difficult to deal enough damage with your melee fighters. However, when Heinkel HP drop down to 1000, he'll use his charge ability, that will greatly increases his attack power but will lower his defense. This is the best opportunity for your Melee fighters to attack him.

Once you have defeated Heinkel, return to Caldisla, then go to the throne room and watch the event scene. Leave the Kingdom. You will now have the airship, "Echalotte" at your possession. Take control of the airship and fly to the southeast continent of Ancheim.

Note: The airship can only land in water, and requires a port to dismount.

Main Walkthrough: Chapter 1

Ancheim, The land of Sand and Time

Head to Ancheim City at the center at the southeast continent. Watch the event, then speak to the villager highlighted with the yellow exclamation mark and then talk to King Khamer VIII at his throne room for another event. Now leave the city. At this point of the game, you will be introduce to sub quest. You can do sub quests or continue with the main story. All Side quest destinations are highlighted with a blue exclamation mark.

Item Shop
Potion20 pq
Hi-Potio150 pq
Phoenix Down100 pq
Antidote10 pq
Eye Drops20 pq
Echo Herbs25 pq
Teleport Stone100 pq
Magic Shop
Protect400 pq
Shell400 pq
Aero400 pq
Silence400 pq
Poison400 pq
Sleep400 pq
Slow200 pq
Regen200 pq
Quake200 pq
Equipment Shop
Long Sword500 pq Iron Armor500 pq
Mace300 pqSilk Robe350 pq
Oak Stick250 pqCopper Breastplate400 pq
Kukri350 pqGauntlet120 pq
Iron Knuckle280 pqIron Bangle75 pq
Round Shield300 pqStar Pendant500 pq
Iron Helm200 pqRed Glasses500 pq
Bronze Bangle40 pq

The first Sub Quest is now available. Finishing this Sub Quest will reward you with the thief and merchant class.

Sub Quest 1: Thief and Merchant's Asterisk

Availability: In Chapter 1, when you arrive in Ancheim and have seen the event between the king.

This is the first sub quest available in the game, the map should now have a blue indicator label with the word "SUB". This is your destination for sub quest events.

First go to Ancheim and enter the mansion on the farthest east end and speak to Profiteur. Leave the mansion and speak to the man that is near the mansion. Leave Ancheim and head to the Oasis on the west to see an event. Now go to the cave in the northwest corner for another event.

Harena Ruins

This dungeon is loaded with statue traps that can blind your party when you touch the gas they breathe out. Clear this dungeon and reach to the end to fight a boss.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
Ciggma KhintNormal6000N/AN/A
This should be a pretty easy boss battle with the proper setup, the two boss does not hit hard, but Khint has a skill that can silence one of your allies, so equip the magic users with silence resist. Jackal will usually try steal a potion from you, so you don't need to worry about Jackal too much. Take out Khint first, then focus all on Jackal. When Jackal's HP reach down to 10% he can heal himself with a potion for 600 HP. Khint will also leave if Jackal's HP drops below 50%.

When you have defeated Jackal and company, return back to Ancheim. Before you confront Profiteur, you should stock up on revive items as the next boss fight can be a little luck based if your HP is below 600. Once you are ready, head to the mansion on the east end of city and confront Profiteur.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
JackalNormal6000Mythril StaffHi-Potion
Gold Hourglass
Ciggma KhintNormal5000Hi Potion
Mythril Plate
This is a pretty difficult battle. Your probably expecting Profiteur to be a complete pushover based on his appearance, but he's not. Khint remains the same as the previous battle. As long as you drop any of the bosses's HP down to 50%, one of them will leave. Profiteur is a whole different story, his skill "Takeover" does a fixed damage of 300 regardless of defense, so each time if he use his brave command to hit the same target twice, one of your allies is guaranteed to be K.O. at this stage of the game. If you have a level 5 Black Mage, you can use the ability Damage Dispersion to spread out the damage taken between your party members. This is helpful for this battle and if you don't waste a lot of revive items.

After clearing the sub quest, resume the main story by going to the Wind Temple (Located south of Ancheim).

Temple of Wind

A lot of debris will be blocking your path on the first floor, so you will need to wander around and use the second floor to get to the other side.

Note: You will notice a Owl Wizard standing at the second floor. Speaking to Owl will unlock a trial, passing the trial will let you learn a new summon when you have unlocked the Summoner Job class.

Once you reach the north end of the first floor, there should be a switch you can press to open a shortcut to the entrance area. Go the crystal room and see the event.

Leave the Temple of Wind and use the airship to fly to the forest area north of Ancheim. Land in the lake and enter the small house.

Yulyana Needleworks

Speak to Yulyana for an event scene. Rest for the night and before you leave, you can purchase new equipment from the fox or even buy items from the Adventurer based on your current progress on rebuilding Norende Village.

Item Shop
Potion20 pq
Hi-Potion150 pq
Phoenix Down100 pq
Antidote10 pq
Eye Drops20 pq
Echo Herbs25 pq
Teleport Stone100 pq
Magic Shop
Cure200 pq
Poisona200 pq
Blinda200 pq
Fire200 pq
Blizzard200 pq
Thunder200 pq
Equipment Shop
Mythril Sword1000 pq Mythril Helm400 pq
Mythril Axe1200 pqMythril Armor1000 pq
Mythril Spear900 pqMythril Plate850 pq
Mythril Rod750 pqTabby Suit700 pq
Mythril Staff600 pqTiger Mask250 pq
Mythril Dagger700 pqCat-Ear Hood222 pq
Mythril Bow850 pq Mythril Gloves200 pq
Mythril Knuckle500 pqMythril Bangle150 pq
Mythril Shield600 pqMage Shell300 pq
White Cape500 pqClothespin100 pq

Go to the cave in the southwest location, not the one that is directly west.

Vestment Cave

In this dungeon you will encounter enemies that can use the ability to confuse your allies. It is best to finish off each monster quickly to avoid difficulties cause by confusion ailments.

When you reach to the 3rd floor, you should find a Adventurer. Save your game before you go to the next area, because there will be a boss fight just nearby.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
DragonNormal7500Dragon Fang
Spiked Knuckle
Thunder Charm
Resistance: FireWeakness: Water
The Dragon is immune to fire magic and relies on only physical attacks. Just stick to the basic on keeping your HP high and exchange attacks and the Dragon will be defeated in no time. If you have Norende's weapon shop upgraded to the point that you can purchase an Angel Bow. That weapon can make the battle a complete breeze.

Now that you got the Rainbow Thread, leave the dungeon and go back to Yulyana. Watch the event, and rest for the night. Head back to the Wind temple. Before you go to the Crystal Room, save your game as there is boss ahead.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
Orthros (Ice)Normal5000Antarctic Wind
Arctic Wind
Arctic Wind
Resistance: IceWeakness: Fire
Orthros (Fire)Normal5000Bomb Fragment
Bomb Crank
Bomb Fragment
Resistance: FireWeakness: Ice
Orthros has two heads, one is ice and the other one is fire. The ice head does very high damage to a single target, while the fire head will do damage that hit all allies. Focus on taking out one head first, because this boss hits very hard. If your gear is poor at this point of the game, I suggest having two White Mage to heal and support for your party.

Once you have defeated Orthros, you are prompt to shine the crystal again. Just rapidly press the X button until Airy tells you to stop. You will also gain an additional support point. Now return back to Ancheim and watch the event. Leave the city for another event. You can now unlock the Time Mage and Spell Fencer class.

Side Quest 2: Time Mage and Spell Fencer's Asterisk

Availability: In Chapter 1, after restoring wind the back, go to Ancheim and see the speech with the King.

First you need to leave town and enter the Ancheim during night time. To enter during night time, wait outside in the world map for a minute or two. As you enter Ancheim during night time, you can enter the windmill to the left of the magic shop.

Grandmill Works

Head inside enter the secret passage. Clear the dungeon by finding two switches, which will open the door to the elevator. Watch the event scene and fight the boss.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
Khamer VIIINormal6000Antarctic Wind
Arctic Wind
Arctic Wind
Ciggma KhintNormal6000Bomb Fragment
Bomb Crank
Bomb Fragment
This is an easy boss battle compared to the previous sub quest. Your party should have superior gear and at a much higher levels. Khint is much more aggressive in this battle compared to his previous encounter. Take out Khamer first, Khamer act as support unit to his party and sometimes will attack with Earth-based magic spells. Khint will try to use sword magic to cast silence on his blade..

Leave Ancheim and enter your airship to see an event. Your airship will be broken, so you will have to travel everywhere on foot. Go to the forest on the east.

Main Walkthrough: Chapter 2

Miasma Woods

Be careful when traveling in this forest, all the water puddle will poison you when you step on them. If you have a level 4 Freelancer, there's an ability that lets you step on dangerous terrain without getting poisoned. The forest is split into three maps, the south section, middle and north. Once you have reach the exit. Go to the city located in the center.


Head to the north area of Florem and enter the house on the right. Speak to the Matriarch for an event.

Item Shop
Potion20 pq
Hi-Potion150 pq
Phoenix Down100 pq
Ether1000 pq
Antidote10 pq
Eye Drops20 pq
Echo Herbs25 pq
Balsam100 pq
Remedy500 pq
Teleport Stone100 pq
Magic Shop
Cura1600 pq
Raise1600 pq
Esuna1600 pq
Fira1600 pq
Blizzara1600 pq
Thundara1600 pq
Haste800 pq
Teleport800 pq
Quara800 pq

Equipment Shop
Scimitar2000 pq Yggdrasil Helm700 pq
Valkyrie Halberd1850 pqLaurel Wreath650 pq
Rod of Fire1500 pqAcorn Hat600 pq
Jade Crosier1200 pqYggdrasil Armor2000 pq
Frenzy Dagger1200 pqFloral Robe1500 pq
Composite Bow1950 pqMirage Vest1600 pq
Spiked Knuckles1200 pqEarthing Rod2000 pq
Cross Shield1000 pqPeace Ring2000 pq

Once you have finished speaking to the Matriarch, Leave the city and then head to the Water Temple located southwest of Florem.

Temple of Water

There is no random encounters in the Water Temple. You can see extra events by exploring some of the areas of the Water Temple. When you're done exploring, go to the Crystal Room.

Leave the water Temple and return to Florem and speak to the Matriarch again. Then go to the Item shop and speak to the Shop owner. Then speak to the blue hair girl standing near the center. Then to the man near the bottom of the map. Then talk to the girl near the center. Then go back and speak to the Matriarch.

You can now do sub quest 3 and 4. Finishing them will earn you the summoner and Ranger class.

Side Quest 3: Summoner's Asterisk

Availability: Speaking to the Matriach in Florem after returning from the Water Temple.

Go to the Florem Weapon shop to see an event. Leave Florem and head northwest to the blue exclamation mark. Watch an event and enter the Florem Garden

Florem Garden

In this area, there is a lot of blue flowers that when stepped on, it will cause silence to your entire party, so try your best to avoid them. You can also equip the Freelancer Level 4 ability "Dungeon Master" to avoid taking terrain damage. When you reach to the Adventurer, the main boss will be just right ahead.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
Mephilla VenusNormal9999Turbo EtherFairy Wings
Ice Rod
Legion ImpalersNormal1000Hi-PotionFairy Wings
Legion ArchersNormal2200N/AFairy Wings
Mephilla can summon grunt units in this fight and perhaps they're the most annoying part of this fight. Take out the grunts first, because they can cause confuse and silences. Mephilla can also call out for more grunt units, if you're lucky you might never see her call out another grunt. After 3 turns, Mephilla can use her summon attack which deals around 400 to 500 damage to your party. Best method of winning this battle is have white mages use the Default command and when she summons, have them use their brave command to out heal the damage taken from her summon attacks.

Side Quest 4: Ranger's Asterisk

Availability: Speaking to the Matriach in Florem after returning from the Water Temple.

You will need to speak to three different NPCs in Florem. They are highlighted with a blue exclamation mark. Once you have spoken to all of them, leave Florem and head to the northeast area. You will forced into a battle with two grunts units. Defeat them. Head east until you see a large tree. Before you enter, I recommend you to save your game, because the next boss battle can be rough.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
Artemia VenusNormal9999Artisan GlovesX-Potion
Legion ImpalersNormal1500Hi-PotionFairy Wings
Legion MagesNormal1200N/AFairy Wings
Start the battle by killing the grunt units. If you the grunts are still alive they will most likely end up causing abnormal status on your party. Artemia hits extremely hard, she has two attacks, one is single deadly blow and the other one is her multiburst attack. The damage from her multiburst is quite random but it does around 2000 damage divided among your party. The key of winning this battle is to use your default command to stock up BP and defend against Artemia's attack as she usually like to save up 2 BP before unleashing all her attacks.

Resume the main story by going to the Cave located east of Florem.

Mount Fragmentum

A really straightforward area, just head east until you have reach near to the Adventurer, save your game, a boss will be just right ahead.

Note: If you have Summoner Job Class, you can learn the water summon, Ziusudra's Sin from the Water Sage in this dungeon.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
Land TurtleNormal15000Hard Scale
Iron Pole
Light Curtain
Resistance: FireWeakness: Water
Land Turtle is an easy boss, it has a high physical defense and weak to Ice attacks. Magic is not the best choice of attacking this boss as it can cast reflect on itself. So just fight the Turtle like a regular monster.

Leave Mount Fragmentum and go to Yulyana's house. Speak to Yulyana and watch the event. Return to Florem, and go to north section of town to see an event. After this, you can unlock the Red Mage and Valkyrie class.

Side Quest 5: Red Mage's Asterisk

Availability: Returning to Florem after speaking with Yulyana.

Note: If you have the Rebuff Locket Accessory, equipped it on Edea for this event. It could be a huge advantage for the boss fight ahead.

First speak to the man dress in red, he's highlighted with a blue exclamation mark in town. Watch the event. Finish the Saint Flower Festival event or else the next event won't trigger. Go to the inn and rest for the night. An event should trigger where Ringabel is lost in thought. Come back to Florem During night time, then head to the north area and speak to the girl highlighted with the blue exclamation mark and then go near DeRosa to trigger the next event. Ringabel and Tiz will decide to follow Fiore, and should end in a failure. Repeat the same thing for tomorrow, the event will end up in another failure and Edea will suggest that she should be bait. Wait another day and try the same thing again You will end up in the Underground Room, watch the event and then fight the boss.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
Fiore DeRosaNormal20000Ether
Hermes Sandal
Lighting Fragment
You will start this battle with Edea in a charmed state, so if you equipped Edea with the Rebuff locket, you can avoid the charm status at the beginning of battle, this will be an advantage against Fiore. Fiore is far from a pushover, his attacks can cause abnormal status, mostly inflicting fear and charm to your party. If you are feared, you cannot use your brave or default command, so use your remedy on your main attackers. Fiore can also recovery BP after suffering from damage from you. Fiore usually like to overuse his Brave command near to the negative, during that moment it is your best opportunity to spam your brave command to deal as much damage to him as possible.

Side Quest 6: Valkyrie's Asterisk

Availability: After Saint Flower Festival.

Once you finish seeing Agne's speech in the Saint Flower Festival, leave Florem and return at night to see an event. Leave and go north to Witherwood.


Witherwood is split into three sections, when you reach to the last section of Witherwood, you will find the Adventurer on the southeast area. Save your game, because a boss fight will be just right ahead.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
Einheria VenusNormal20000Hi-Potion
Power Wrist
Valkyrie Halberd
Einheria is a hard hitter just like her younger sister Artemia, however all of her special abilities requires BP to use, she usually will use Crescent Moon, or Jump. Her Crescent Moon does high damage too all of your allies and Jump does a massive damage to a single target on the next turn. If Einheria use Jump, It is the best time to use the default command, to defend and saved up BP. When Einheria's HP is running low, she will cast Spirit Barrier on herself which will use her MP as a shield to protect herself. The Spirit Barrier disappears after 10 turns or when you have drain all her MP.

When you have completed the two side quest, travel to the ruins located to the west side of Florem.

Twilight Ruins

Twilight Ruins will have a lot of doors that are split into two. They can be open by pressing a switch right beside each door, when one door closes the other door will open. Navigate this dungeon until you have reach to the Adventurer. Save your game and prepare for a boss fight.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
VictoriaNormal60000Force BraceletN/A
You do not need to win this boss fight. But you will need to survive five turns for this battle to end. The two bosses do carry some decent accessories, so if you have the thief class, steal from them before the battle finish. Heal and use the default command to win.

Note: The end results will remain the same if you manage to defeat them.

Leave the ruins and go back to the Water Temple. Before you enter the Crystal Room, save your game first.

BossHealth (HP)Stolen ItemItem Drop
RusalkaNormal30000Arctic WindTurbo Ether
Resistance: WaterWeakness: Lightning
Rusalka (Fake)Normal2000N/AN/A
Resistance: WaterWeakness: Lightning
This boss can be pretty rough if you don't have someone that have attacks all skills. If you got a white magic user, cast shell on your party. When Rusalka strikes, he will disappear and reappear with a water attack and will split itself into four. If you have the Valkyrie class, the Crescent Moon skill is a great way of getting rid of the Rusalka Fakes in an instant. Once you have gotten rid of the fakes, Rusalka will shortly repeat this pattern again. Rusalka got a lot of HP, so this boss fight might take a while.

Release the Crystal with X button, until Airy tells you to stop. You now gain another Support point. Leave the Water Temple and go to Florem and speak with Obaba. Return to Airship by going through Miasma Woods. If you pick up the summoner job class, you can get the wind summon "Hraesvelgr" by speaking to the Wind Sage in the Wind Temple.