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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 09/18/15 KeyBlade999 v1.90 680K
FAQ/Walkthrough 08/13/14 vinheim / noz3r0 Final 977K
FAQ/Walkthrough 06/27/15 Sailor_Nemesis 1.00 1152K
FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 02/24/17 Zoelius 0.45 229K
Walkthrough 03/03/14 vhayste 1.3 145K

In-Depth FAQs

Maps and Charts

Centro Keep Ruins Map (PNG) 03/13/14 Heion v1 15K
Lontano Villa Map (PNG) 03/15/14 Heion v1 21K
Norende Ravine Map (PNG) 03/13/14 Heion v1 10K
World Map (PNG) 03/12/14 Heion 1 227K

Demo FAQs

Demo FAQ/Walkthrough 01/06/14 noz3r0 Final 45K

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