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  1. I've been playing a while and my characters have all almost mastered two jobs already in Chapter 5. I used the Thief job with Tiz for a long time before mastering it, and I've been making him level the Ninja job for a while. He's at level 13 now, but his basic attack still kinda blows. So when does a new job stop sucking and start actually benefiting me?

    Another example: I leveled Ringabel with the Black Mage job for a long time and he mastered it, so I had him level the Summoner job next and just mastered that as well. I heard that Arcanist works well with Black Mage, so I started leveling that and he's at about level 7 with it, but using black magic with Arcanist deals crappy when do new jobs actually help instead of make you weaker?

    Also, is it ever too late to change a character's job type? For instance, if I've been using one character as a mage for a large portion of the game, is it ever too late to turn him into a physical character like a Ninja or Knight?

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    Johlecaster - 4 years ago
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    @MeesterMooo I have equipped my characters properly and everything, but aren't your characters naturally bad at jobs until they work with them a while and increase the stats for them? Like from what you're telling me and looking at my characters damage with new jobs vs. familiar jobs, every character is only good at one or two jobs. Don't you have to increase your character level to increase the stats to MAKE your character good at a new job?

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  1. When setting a job for a character, your base stats are boosted depending on the level of the job. So, your job's level does, in fact, affect your damage output.

    For your Ninja, not sure what the exact problem might be. It is possible you might have forgotten to change equipment, and he only has one dagger equipped. Make sure to equip two. Also, make sure Tiz has the abilities Transience, Comeback Kid, and, optionally, Turn Tables equipped. As long as you keep dodging physical attacks using Utsusemi, you should be doing nice damage.

    For your Arcanist, since you mastered the Black Mage job already, you should equip Pierce M. Defense. Also, the Arcanist should be using his own spells instead of black magic, since black magic won't do as much damage unless you're exploiting a weakness. Vampire is a better sub-job to use with the Arcanist.

    Hope this helps.

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  1. Firstly, the level of a job does NOT effect how much damage any of its attacks do. The only thing leveling up a job does, is unlock new battle commands for said job, such as Arcanist's "Twilight" or Freelancer's "Mimic".

    Secondly, a basic attack is based on the enemy's physical defense stat, and your character's physical attack stat. Obviously, high defense and low attack = low damage, and vice-versa.
    One way to increase your damage output with any job is equip a weapon that that job excels with.
    For a Thief and a Ninja, both excel with Daggers. (You can see what weapons jobs can wield effectively in the Job Descriptions in D's Journal)

    Another thing to note is, with the exception of any character equipped with the "Dual Wield" (learned from Ninja job), equipping two weapons to a character lowers their PHYSICAL attack in each hand.

    It's never too late to change a character's job type, seeing as every job change also lowers and raises specific stats when changed. That being said, you could have Tiz be a Knight the whole game until level 99, and then switch him to White Mage, and with the right equipment, he'd still be just as effective as another character that was White Mage the whole game.

    You can see this in the "Stat Changes" tab when choosing jobs (on the bottom screen).

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