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by Domokun225

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Guide and Walkthrough by Domokun225

Version: 1.0.5 | Updated: 07/06/2015
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This walkthrough is written for the Japanese version of the game, the only one out at the time of this writing. As such, this guide will try to use all existing western localizations for items, monsters, locations, etc. For new terms, I will do my best and give a close translation of it and will do some attempt at localizing it to make it sound less Engrish-y as possible. Should there be terms that I might have missed that have already been officially localized or if there are translation errors, be sure to hit me up via PM as I'm usually on GameFAQs on a daily basis.


Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca's Marvelous Mysterious Key (ドラゴンクエストモンスターズ2 イルとルカの不思議なふしぎな鍵) is a 2014 Nintendo 3DS remake of the two DQM2 Game Boy Color games that were released in Japan back in 2001. Much like the previous 3DS remake for it, Terry's Wonderland 3D, this version of the game has been overhauled to match the scouting and monster synthesis system that was introduced in the Joker series on the Nintendo DS.

You might have noticed there's only one version this time around as the game will give you the choice of being either Coby or Tara at the start. The sibling that you didn't pick will stay at the family monster ranch to take care of your scouted monsters (while also wearing any of the outfits you've found in your little island saving journey).

Also new to this remake is the inclusion of your own create-a-monster called the モントナー (Montona, a portmanteau of 'monster' and 'partner') using a small variety of preset body parts. For the rest of this guide, I decided on the name of Moddy ('monster' and 'buddy') to replace Montona as I think it rolls of the tongue a bit easier, but feel free to tell me otherwise. In any case, the Moddy's main purpose is only fully realized in the remake's new postgame scenario where it becomes integral to defeating a dangerous new threat that looms over the island of Greatlog.

One last revision is smithing for both weapons and keys. Unlike in the original GBC game, you can come across ★'d weapons in your travels which can then be taken to Mirita, the blacksmith that resides in Greatlog Castle. With the right materials, she can affix these weapons with passives that can do a variety of things such as add additional stats, increase drop rates, or even influence stat growth for the monster that equips the weapon.

You can also now finely tune Magic Keys in this game by using specific key words. With the right combination, you can create keys that give you access to fast moneymaking, EXP grinding, high ranked monsters, etc. It's a fairly interesting system that unfortunately doesn't up open until the postgame. Further specifics about it will be mentioned in the walkthrough at that given point.

Overall, I feel this game is quite the step up from Terry's Wonderland 3D as there's plenty to do once you've beaten the game. Aside from slight graphical hiccups on fields, this is an excellent remake and can be quite the timewaster if you're deeply invested into the metagame with online battles.


Circle PadMove Coby/Tara around in any direction, make selections in menus, conversations, etc.
Directional PadUse various field actions, ↑: Shout (use behind a monster to surprise them with a chance for it to drop an item), ↓: Duck (when chased by a monster, ducking may cause it to lose sight of you), ←: Dance (when chased by a monster, dancing may distract it, allowing you to get away safely), →: Whistle (draws nearby monsters to you, great for ones that are inaccessible by foot)
A buttonConfirm actions, interact with people, objects/etc.
B buttonCancel actions, makes you jump up hella high, not enough to go over ledges, but can mitigate damage taken when crossing swamp tiles by jumping constantly
X buttonBring up the menu
Y buttonBring up a description when an item/skill/etc. is highlighted. In battle, when selecting a monster on your team or an opponent/enemy, bring up a status menu that displays information such as current level of monster, HP, gender, etc.
Y+D-pad up/downShifts camera angle up/down
L/R buttonMove the camera either left (L button) or right (R button). In the menu, pressing either L or R will shift between displaying your main party and your substitutes on the top screen, takes screenshot when in screenshot mode (R button)
L+R buttonRecenters the camera
Start/Select buttonSort items/monster families in their respective menus, enables screenshot mode when on field
Touch screenCan be used to drag monsters from main party to substitutes and vice-versa. Used to arrange the menu options to your liking by dragging one option to another. In battle, tapping on a monster portrait, whether ally or opponent, will open a small menu showing its current condition


Title Screen

  1. つづきから (Load Game)
  2. はじめから (New Game)
  3. すれちががい通信 (StreetPass Battle)
  4. みんなの通信広場 (Wi-Fi Room)
  5. 引越しアプリからつれてくる (Transfer Monsters from Terry's Wonderland 3D) [Appears after beating the main campaign]
  6. 引越しアプリをダウンロードする (Download the DQM2 Monster Transfer App from eShop) [Appears after beating the main campaign]

Main Menu

  1. Inventory: Lets you check your items (general items, blacksmith materials, key items, and your key ring). Pressing the Y button gives you the description of a selected item. Pressing the Start button toggles between sorting items あいうえお順 (alphabetically) or by 種類順 (item type)
  2. Equipment: Lets you equip your monsters with weapons. The top choice 最強装備 (Strongest equipment) will choose the weapon with the highest ATK. The Y and Start button have the same function as it does in the Inventory
  3. Abilities: Lets you use your monster's abilities on the field such as Heal or Kazing. Pressing Y when you select an ability will provide a brief description of its effects
  4. Save: Lets you save the game. Upon successfully saving, you'll be asked to つづける (continue) or ゲームをおわる (end the game)
  5. Allocate SP: Lets you add SP to your monster's skills. Please note that all changes are final and there is no way to respec used SP
  6. Change tactics: Lets you either 作戦を設定 (Change tactics) or AIを設定 (Change AI behavior)
    1. 作戦を設定 (Change tactics): Assign your monster to adhere to six set of tactics:
      1. ガンガンいこうぜ (Show No Mercy): Focus on defeating opponents no matter what using the most powerful abilities in their arsenal. Unless extremely dire, healing abilities are not used
      2. せんりょくうばえ (Weaken Enemies): Focus on debuffing and inflicting abnormal statuses on enemies
      3. サポートたのむぞ (Support Allies): Focus on buffing allies as well as removing abnormal statuses
      4. いのちだいじに (Focus On Healing): Focus on keeping allies' HP up as well as reviving fallen ones
      5. 特技つかうな (Don't Use Magic): Focus on using regular attacks with no usage of MP
    2. AIを設定 (Change AI behavior): Lets you change the frequency of skill usage from:
      1. ◎: よく痞え (Use frequently)
      2. 〇: おまかせ (Up to user)
      3. ✕: 使うな (Don't use)
  7. Help: Lets you review game mechanics that have been introduced throughout the game
  8. Wi-Fi Room: Takes you to the Wi-Fi room where you can do things such as online battling, purchase items from the Wi-Fi shop, and obtain gifts over Wi-Fi
  9. StreetPass Battle: Takes you the StreetPass Battle menu where you can do things such as see who you've streetpassed, check the status of your Dream Egg, and scout monsters from teams of people you've streetpassed
  10. Library: Lets you review all sorts of miscellaneous game data such as monsters you've met/scouted, the skills/abilities/traits you've learned, and your title accomplishments. This function is not immediately accessible from the start of the game
  11. Scout Abilities: Lets you use the scouting abilities you've come across as in your adventure as well as changing the attire of your character
  12. Heal All: Lets you heal your currently completely by using abilities available from your monsters. This function is not immediately accessible from the start of the game


StreetPass Battle

  1. StreetPass Road: Lets you check in and see the players that you've met either from StreetPass or through Wi-Fi battles. The maximum of players that can appear here is 8
  2. Battle Memories: Lets you see the players you've saved as Battle Memories. Here, you can do things such as review their profile, fight their selected team, etc.
  3. Dream Egg: Lets you check the status of your Dream Egg. The egg will hatch once you've passed eight players that have set up their own Dream Egg. Monsters obtained here will have a skill they will normally not have, much like hatching eggs in the Starry Shrine
  4. StreetPass Settings: Lets you change your StreetPass settings such as selecting what team you'll send or changing your profile
  5. StreetPass Help: Lets you read a more detailed explanation of the StreetPass features of DQM2
  6. Save Changes and Return to Menu

Streetpass Road

  1. Battle Player: Lets you battle the player. The battle will play out like a regular one, meaning you can scout. Be aware that you can only scout one monster from the other player's team, so choose wisely
  2. Instant Battle: Lets you immediately see the results of the battle as it happens offscreen. Whether you win or lose will largely depend on the strength of your team versus the other player's
  3. Organize Team: Lets you choose the team you'll face the player with. It will default with your current main party, the options that appear are the same as choosing a team to send to other players
  4. Save to Battle Memories: Let's you save the player to your Battle Memories where you can fight him or her at your leisure. Note that in the Battle Memory menu, there is no option for Instant Battle
  5. Exit to Previous Screen

Battle Memory

Note that in the upper right hand corner, you'll see 配信/スカウト/キー (Share/Scout/Key) which correspond to the area to the far right of a player's name with a ○ (hasn't been done yet) or a × (has been done)

  1. Battle Player: Lets you battle the player. The battle will play out like a regular one, meaning you can scout. Be aware that you can only scout one monster from the other player's team, so choose wisely
  2. Organize Team: Lets you choose the team you'll face the player with. It will default with your current main party, the options that appear are the same as choosing a team to send to other players
  3. Enable Sharing: Lets you share the selected player's data when you StreetPass with others. When confirmed, you'll see a 配信中 (Ready to Share) on the previous screen
  4. Check Player's Team: Let's you see the status of the player's team such as their stats, learned skills, and traits
  5. Erase Battle Memory

StreetPass Settings

  1. Assemble StreetPass Team: Lets you set up a team to send to other players. When you've created a team and select this choice again, you'll be asked if you want to create a new team
    1. メンバー編成をする (Create a team)
      1. 預かり所から選ぶ (Choose from Monster Ranch)
      2. お気に入りメンバーから選ぶ (Choose from Favorite Teams)
    2. 装備を変える (Change Equipment)
    3. 作戦を変える (Change Tactics)
    4. 設定完了(Finalize Settings and Exit)
  2. Use Main Party as StreetPass Team: Lets you use your current main party as the team to send
  3. Choose Magic Key to Send: Lets you choose a Magic Key from your Key Ring to send. When you've chosen a key and select this choice again, you'll be asked if you want to choose a new key
  4. StreetPass Profile Settings: Lets you change your miscellaneous StreetPass profile settings
  5. Create StreetPass Greeting: Lets you create a short, 16 character greeting that will be seen by those you streetpass. The game will warn you that as it'll be public to not input something that might be discriminatory, etc.
  6. Return to Previous Menu

StreetPass Profile Settings

  1. Change Name: Lets you change your name that will be displayed when you streetpass others. The game will warn you that as it'll be public to refrain from picking something that will be discriminatory, etc.
  2. Change Title: Lets you change your displayed title on your profile.
    1. すべて(All Titles)
    2. ゴールド (Gold Titles)
    3. シルバー (Silver Titles)
    4. ブロンズ (Bronze Titles)
  3. Change Region: Lets you change your displayed world region.
    1. アジア (Asia)
    2. ヨーロッパ●NIS (Europe)
    3. 中東 (Middle East)
    4. 北米 (North America)
    5. 中南米 (Central and South America)
    6. アフリカ (Africa)
    7. 大消州 (Oceania)
  4. Change Avatar: Lets you change your displayed avatar either with the in-game model or with a Mii
  5. Change Outfit: Lets you change your in-game character's (Coby or Tara) outfit
  6. Return to Previous Menu

Monster Storage

  1. Move Monsters: Lets you deposit or withdraw monsters from storage.
  2. Register Favorite Teams: Lets you create a maximum of 10 saved teams that you can switch to. Note that this feature is not accessible until you've befriended 20 monsters
  3. Examine Monsters: Lets you handle your monsters in a more in-depth manner:
    1. スキルわりふり (Allocate SP)
    2. 名前を変える (Change Name)
    3. 冬眠させる (Hibernate): Lets you put a monster to sleep to prevent it from gaining EXP from battles. Monsters can be reawakened by selecting this option again
    4. 別れる (Release): Let a monster go and let it return to the wild
  4. Free Battle: Lets you simulate Wi-Fi battles using your own monsters as well as the top 3 in Master GP Cup. Note that this feature is not available until you've befriended 30 monsters
    1. 対戦開始 (Start the Battle)
    2. 相手チームセットアップ (Organize Opposing Team): Lets you change the opposing team, their tactics, or allocate SP into their skills. When choosing monsters for this team, you can use the top 3 from Master GP by selecting the ランキングから選ぶ (Choose from Ranked Monsters) option
    3. 味方チームセットアップ (Organize Home Team): Lets you change the home team, their tactics, or allocate SP into their skills
    4. ルール変更 (Change Rules): Lets you change rules from a selection that can be found in Wi-Fi battles:
      1. スタンダードルール (Standard Rules): 10 turns, can give direct commands, substitutions prohibited, 2 of the same monsters not allowed, but 2+ of the same family OK, equipment is allowed, 30 sec. input time
      2. SQEXルール (SquareEnix Rules): 10 turns, AI only, substitutions prohibited, 2 of the same monsters not allowed, but 2+ of the same family OK, equipment is allowed, 15 sec. input time
      3. マスターズGPルール (Master GP Rules): 10 turns, AI only, substitutions prohibited, 2 of the same monsters not allowed, but 2+ of the same family OK, equipment is allowed, no time limit for input time
      4. カスタムルール (Custom Rules):
        1. ラウンド (Turns): 無制限 (Limitless), 5ラウンド (5 Turns), 10ラウンド (10 Turns)
        2. 作戦 (Tactics): フリー (Can give direct commands), AIのみ (AI only)
        3. 入れ替え (Substitution): フリー (Can use substitutes freely), 1回のみ (Can only switch once), 禁止 (Not allowed)
        4. 種族 (Monster Families): すべて (No monster restrictions), 同系統OK (Teams can have more than 1 of the same monster family, but cannot have 2 of the same monster), 同系統禁止 (All monsters in the team must be of a different family)
        5. 装備 (Equipment): フリー (Equipment is allowed), 禁止 (Not allowed)
        6. 入力時間 (Input Time): 無制限 (Limitless), 15秒 (15 seconds), 30秒 (30 seconds)
        7. 設定完了(Finalize Settings)

Before Starting

  • The EXP and G listed for boss battles were intended to come from a four member team. Some of the values might be a bit off due to having EXP/G bonuses at the time, so I apologize if they're not entirely accurate
  • Save often! As you can save both anywhere and at anytime, take advantage of that when you don't feel like wasting precious Marbled Meat when it fails to help scout particular monsters.
    • Having said that about saving, don't bother saving right before you fight another scout in a realm as the next time you reload your file, he/she will be gone
  • Story related realms generally do not have day/night cycles until after you clear them
  • G is a bit scant for most of the game, you'll mainly be relying on finding money from both regular (brown) chests and green chests (both of which will respawn with new things after leaving the realm. Don't feel like you need to upgrade your weapons right away as they tend to get fairly expensive in the second half of the main game
    • Try to deposit your G at a bank whenever you can, the maximum amount of money you can have at a time is 999,999
  • Whenever you see a swamp that you absolutely have to cross and have no Safe Passage Grass handy, abuse your jumping to minimize your contact with it
  • One of the nice little things Square Enix has done with this game is code in monster behavior when on the field. Often times, you'll see various monsters behave differently depending on if its day, night, or even when the weather is goin' nuts. Some monsters may even prey on others which is both rather depressing to watch and slightly cool! All of this, from what I can tell, is purely cosmetic and helps liven up the world
  • Unless otherwise stated, cardinal directions that I will use will refer to the mini-map on the bottom screen



When you start a new game, you'll be asked to choose between Coby (Male) or Tara (Female). Once you've picked a character, you'll be taken to the name entry screen, hit Start when you've entered a name and choose the first choice when prompted to confirm it.

The next screen will then explain the [モントナー] Moddy process, or essentially, your original monster partner. Unlike past DQM games, you can create your very own monster using various body parts. The next page will explain that regardless of which parts you use, there is no difference in strength. You can press Y on a part to see a brief description.

You'll then be taken to a new screen with two choices:

1st choice: Creation through image associations

In a new screen, you'll be given three broad categories on the bottom screen:

  • Cool
  • Strong
  • Cute

Each time you highlight to a different category, you'll see three randomly generated monsters on the top screen. Once you've chosen a category, the bottom screen will now display the three monsters and a fourth option to see more. When you pick a monster, you'll be given two choices:

  • Confirm this monster and move on to fine-tune the details
  • Save this monster (will check the box on the bottom screen)

When you pick the second option, you can choose see more to replace whatever monster(s) that hasn't been checked off with new ones so that you can compare with the one(s) you've saved

When you're ready to fine-tune your monster, confirm the monster you've chosen and you'll be taken to a new screen with the following options for customization:

  • Head+torso (1)/Head (2)/Top half (3)/Body (4)/Head (5)/Outfit (6)
  • Arms+hands (1)/Torso+lower half (2)/Bottom half (3)/Horn (4)/Body (5)/Face (6)
  • Legs+feet (1)/Arms+hands (2)/Weapon (3)/Wings (4)/Weapon (5)/Mode of transportation (6)
  • Wings (1)/Back appendages (2)/Floating back accessories (3)/Tail (4)/Off-hand (5)/Floating accessories (6)
  • Entire color
  • Confirm changes

Note that the number corresponds with the six categories listed below You can use the circle pad to rotate the model and pressing X will have it do a sample animation

2nd choice: Creation through six categories

In a new screen, you'll be given six categories on the bottom screen:

  1. Flying type
  2. Fighter type
  3. Levitating type
  4. Bestial type
  5. Mascot type
  6. Slime type

Once you've picked a category, you'll be shown seven choices of pre-made monsters. You can use the circle pad to rotate the model and pressing X will have it do a sample animation

After picking the one you want, you'll be able to fine-tune it with the following options:

  • Head+torso (1)/Head (2)/Top half (3)/Body (4)/Head (5)/Outfit (6)
  • Arms+hands (1)/Torso+lower half (2)/Bottom half (3)/Horn (4)/Body (5)/Face (6)
  • Legs+feet (1)/Arms+hands (2)/Weapon (3)/Wings (4)/Weapon (5)/Mode of transportation (6)
  • Wings (1)/Back appendages (2)/Floating back accesories (3)/Tail (4)/Off-hand (5)/Floating accesories (6)
  • Entire color
  • Confirm changes

After you've made the finishing touches to your Moddy, you can decide what gender it'll be. After that, you'll decide on its personality which will determine how it grows

  • ふつう Ordinary (Balanced growth)
  • がんばりや Strong-willed (HP★★, DEF★★)
  • じょうねつかEnthusiastic (MP★★★, AGI★)
  • ゆうかん Brave (ATK★★, DEF★★)
  • まけずぎらい Determined (DEF★★★, HP★)
  • せっきょくてきAssertive (MP★★, AGI★★)
  • れいせい Calm (WIS★★★, ATK★)

Once you've selected a personality, the Moddy process will end, so if you have any last minute changes, now is the time to do so. To jump a head a bit, you will get an item fairly soon that will let you repeat this entire process again but note that these are finite, so make sure you're absolutely satisfied with how your little monster friend turns out. When you're ready, choose the first option to continue.


Monsters Encountered (Page 1)
スライムツリーTreeSlimeSlimeFCoast of Beginnings
はなカワセミFlorajayNatureFCoast of Beginnings
イルカちょうちんPumpoiseNatureECoast of Beginnings (water)
デビルパインDevipineDemonFCoast of Beginnings
Important Items/Red Treasure Chests
カギのたばKey Ring
ひのきのつえCypress Staff
モントナーの宝珠 x3Jewel of Moddy x3
木の実パイの包みNut Pie Package
オアシスのカギOasis Key
くんせいにくSmoked Meat
マルタのカギGreatlog Key

You'll see a cutscene, when prompted choose the first choice. When you have control, go ahead and speak to the slime nearby who will introduce himself as Slash. After that, turn around and approach your sibling for a scene. When prompted, pick the first choice. When it ends, Slash will join your party. Before you head off, check the menu to see that you can access everything except the equipment option.

A scene will play when you enter the monster ranch outskirts. You're objective right now is to scout your first monster. If you're unfamiliar with scouting, it's essentially how you recruit monsters into your party. This was first introduced back in Dragon Quest Monster Joker on the Nintendo DS and has thus stuck with following DQM games. To scout, choose the fourth option, スカウト, when you select your commands, this will make all your monsters, or just Slash in this case, attack the monster you've chosen to scout in a sort of 'test of strength.' This corresponds to the circular gauge in the upper right corner. Each hit your monster does will raise the gauge, how much it fills depends on the monster's ATK.

One tip that you can do right now to fill it faster is have Slash psyche up to gain tension. You can do so by picking the second choice 命令 (Direct Commands) and choose the third choice テンション (Psyche Up). If you're coming straight from the previous Joker games/Terry's Wonderland 3D, this will be a nice improvement as a given monster had to have the trait テンションアップ (Psycho) to be able to do it. Here, all monsters can go nuts right off the bat. Tensions come in four stages: 5, 25, 50, and 100, if you absolutely want to have the best chances of scouting something, you may want to consider going all the way to 100. For now though, you can get by with just scouting without resorting to psyching up. If it fails, it will either watch you closely and you can try again, or it'll get angry and psych up and will be unscoutable. Should this happens, defeat it and fight another Devipine or Florajay and start the process over.

Once you've scouted a monster, a scene will play. Slash will inform you that if you head back to the ranch and speak with the Drake Slime, it'll heal your party completely. Continue forward and open the chest next to your sibling for a ひのきのつえ (Cypress Staff) which will now unlock the equipment option in your menu. Go ahead and have one of your monsters wield it. When you're done, head into the nearby cave.

You'll see another scene, when it finishes, go up the ladder near your sibling to continue. Yet another scene will happen and you'll eventually be asked to name the Moddy you created earlier. After you do so, your sibling will give you モントナーの宝珠x3 (Jewels of Moddy).

When you regain control, speak to your mother and choose the first choice and then leave your house. Note that if you speak to your Moddy, you can use one of your Jewels of Moddy to undergo the creation process again. Remember though, you only get so many of these so don't use them unless you absolutely feel like it needs a makeover! To continue, head to the bridge past your father to arrive at Greatlog proper.

You'll see a cutscene where you'll meet Prince Kameha and Warabou. When it's over, head down the eastern path and head into the northern house and speak with the man here (Posta) to receive the 木の実パイの包み(Nut Pie Package). Attempt to leave and you'll see a scene. Follow your sibling up the northern path to the castle. Enter it for another scene, then go inside the huge golden double doors up ahead. Another cutscene will occur and Warabou will plug Greatlog's Navel with himself to prevent the entire kingdom from sinking. Head back home and go inside for a scene. Afterwards, inspect the pot in your room and you'll automatically return to Warabou. Following the scene, he'll give you the オアシスのカギ (Oasis Key).

The next day, speak to your mother for 100G. Outside, your sibling will act as the caretaker for your monsters and will bring up the monster ranch menu. For now, you can only deposit/withdraw monsters (1st option) and see all your monster's information (3rd option). Speak to your father and he'll open the Library option in your menu which will allow you to see various things such as the monsters you've scouted, all of the skills you've learned, etc. He'll also give you くんせいにく (Smoked Meat). This is the other way to increase your scouting chances, all you have to do is pick the fifth option 道具 (Items) when you select your commands and use a meat item. Meat items come in tiers, and the higher it is, the more effective (and expensive) it is. Afterwards, head into Greatlog.

You can now access all the shops located here. Starting from northwest and going clockwise, there's the weapons store, the general store, the meat store, the bank, and lastly the book store:

Greatlog Weapon Shop
どうの剣Copper SwordATK+10270G
てつのやりIron LanceATK+9, Slime★310G
いしのオノStone AxeATK+7180G
こんぼうOaken ClubATK+3, DEF+5120G
かわのムチLeather WhipATK+4, hits all enemies380G
いしのツメStone ClawsATK+5, AGL+8200G
ひのきのつCypress StaffATK+4, WIS+10150G
Greatlog Item Shop
やくそうMedicinal HerbRestores ~30HP8G
どくけしそうAntidotal HerbHeals [Poison] status10G
まんげつそうMoonwort RootHeals [Paralysis] status30G
めざめのはりSmelling SaltsHeals [Sleep] status80G
トラマナ草Safe Passage GrassWon't be affected by swamps for a while60G
しろいタマゴWhite EggRequires 1,000EXP to hatch1,000G
Greatlog Meat Shop
魔物のエサMonster BaitRaises scouting % (low effectiveness)300G
くんせいにくSmoked MeatRaises scouting % (medium effectiveness)1,500G
Greatlog Book Store
エッチな本Naughty BookWhen used on field, guarantees next fight to have only ♂ monsters250G
イケメンマガジンPretty Boy MagazineWhen used on field, guarantess next fight to have only ♀ monsters280G
きんだんのバイブルBible of AbstinenceWhen used on field, guarantees next fight to have only genderless monsters630G
レッドの証Red ScrollTeaches one monster the レッドファイター Fire Fighter skill7,500G
イエローの証Yellow ScrollTeaches one monster the イエローファイター Boom Boxer skill7,500G
グリーンの証Green ScrollTeaches one monster the グリーンファイター Wind Blower skill7,500G
ブルーの証Blue ScrollTeaches one monster the ブルーファイター Icemeister skill7,500G
ホワイトの証White ScrollTeaches one monster the ホワイトファイター White Knight skill7,500G
ブラックの証Black ScrollTeaches one monster the ブラックファイター Dark Knight skill7,500G
攻撃力の証Brawn over BrainsTeaches one monster the 攻撃力アップAttack Boost skill2,000G
守備力の証Duck and CoverTeaches one monster the 守備力アップ Defense Boost skill2,000G
すばやさの証Life in the Fast LanesTeaches one monster the すばやさアップ Agility Boost skill2,000G
かしこさの証Knowledge is PowerTeaches one monster the かしこさアップ Wisdom Boost skill2,000G

Take the western path and enter the westmost house. Take a look inside, if you've played Terry's Wonderland 3D, then you should recognize that this is the man in the silly Hawaiian slime-printed shirt is the King of GreatTree who's apparently here at Greatlog for a vacation. Much like in the TW3D, he'll be acting as the Medal Man who will take any Mini Medals you find in exchange for fabulous prizes. At this point, I doubt you'll have any at the moment, but keep this place in mind when you do find some. You can refer to the Medal Man section for a full list of rewards.

Return to the castle but before you enter, let's explore a bit. Taking the left path leads to the Greatlog Royal Library. You can speak to the woman behind the counter here to access the Library option without going into your menu. There's also numerous bookshelves strewn about with an examinable book in each. They don't serve a lot of purpose right now, but once you've progressed further into the game, they'll be the home to special Magic Keys that you'll find fairly useful. For more information about them, check the Keys of Kismet section.

Now head into the castle and head northwest. The blond woman here is Mirita, a blacksmith. Unfortunately, you're still a bit wet behind the ears so she won't offer her services to you just yet. The room to the northeast leads to the Starry Shrine where all the monster synthesis and egg hatching happens but we can't use the services there either.

For now, return to Warabou. Speak to him to receive the マルタのカギ (Greatlog Key) and he'll tell you to inspect the strange pedestal behind him. If you've played any of the DQM Joker series or Terry's Wonderland 3D, you'll recognize this as a scout stone. Inspect it to learn ルーラ (Zoom), a DQ staple that lets you return to important places. Unlike the mainline DQ games, you can use it virtually anywhere, even indoors! When you're ready, inspect the large keyhole and select the オアシスのカギ (Oasis Key) to go to that world.

Desert Realm

Monsters Encountered (Page 1)
JapaneseEnglishFamilyRankDayNightBad WeatherArea
スライムSlimeSlimeFAlways presentKalka Village region
ぶちスライムMottle SlimeSlimeEAlways presentOasis region
とさかへびCrested ViperDragonFAlways presentNorthern/Eastern region
キングコブラCobra KingDragonEAlways presentRocks in Eastern region, Pyramid region
プテラノドンPteranodonDragonD ★Above oasis on Orligon's back when riding on it
キャタピラーKillerpillarNattureFAlways presentKalka Village region
サボテンボールCactiballNatureFAlways presentDesert region
サボテンゴールドGold CactiballNatureFAlways presentTown of Asiya region (after defeating several Cactiball, east of Asiya)
ガマニアンDread HerringNatureFAlways presentEastern region
デザートランナーDesert RunnerNatureEAlways present★Eastern region
おおさそりScorpionNatureEAlways presentTown of Asiya region
テールイーターMad MolluskNatureE Northern region
サンドシャークPower HammerNatureE ★Pyramid region
キメラChimaeraNatureDAlways present★Western region
ムーンキメラMoon ChimaeraNatureDAlways present★Western region (after defeating several Chimaera, east of Kalka, middle circular region of mountain path)
はりせんもぐらThornmoleBeastF Kalka Village region
いたずらもぐらMischievous MoleBeastFAlways presentMountain path
おおねずみFat RatBeastFAlways presentUnderground Canal
ベビーパンサーGreat SabrecubBeastEAlways presentKalka Village region
キラーパンサーGreat SabrecatBeastDAlways present★★Mountain path (east of Kalka)
Monsters Encountered (Page 2)
JapaneseEnglishFamilyRankDayNightBad WeatherArea
ライオンヘッドInfanticoreBeastCAlways present★★★Near Orligon craters
おばけキャンドルWax MurdererMaterialFAlways presentUnderground Canal
ドロザラーSacksquatchMaterialF ★Desert region
ベビークラウドBabyCloudMaterialF Summoned by Malevolamp near Asiya on field
エビルポットMalevolampMaterialEAlways presentSouthern region (on a pedestal, day/night only), Pyramid region (on a pedestal)
サンドウェーブSandy WaveMaterialD ★★Eastern region
ドラキーDrackyDemonFAlways presentUnderground Canal, Kalka Village region (night only), Pyramid
ブラシこぞうBrusheadDemonF Southern/Eastern region, Eastern Cave
ボストロールBoss TrollDemonBAlways presentEastern Cave
ランプの魔王High DjinksDemonBAlways present★★★Summoned by Malevolamp near Pyramid on field
ゴーストGhostUndeadF Ruins in south and northeastern region
ホイップゴーストWhip GhostUndeadFAlways presentUnderground Canal
ウインドマージGustblusterUndeadC ★★★★★Pyramid, summoned by Cobra Cardinal on field
ボーンバットBone BatUndeadBAlways present★★★★★Pyramid, appears when a Dracky is eaten by a Drakcorpse
ぬけがらへいAnimated ArmourUndeadBAlways present★★★★★Pyramid 2F
エビルスピリッツSoulspawnUndeadB ★★★★★Pyramid
じごくのメンドーサCobra CardinalUndeadB ★★★★★Pyramid 2F
マミーMummyUndeadBAlways present★★★★★Pyramid
ドラゴンコープスDrakcorpseUndeadAAlways present★★★★★Pyramid
★: Appears after Desert Realm is cleared
★★: Appears after Water Realm is cleared
★★★: Appears after Snow Realm is cleared
★★★★★: Dungeon accessible during the postgame
Important Items/Red Treasure Chests
- - - - -[ ] ~213G
にくきゅう[ ] Paws
まほうのせいすい[ ] Magic Water
バトルリボン[ ] Battle Whip
どうのかたまり[ ] Copper Chunk
しあわせの種x5[ ] Seeds of Happiness x5
レアゴス服の型紙3[ ] Rare Gothic Pattern Paper 3
うみなりのかねTidal Bell

You'll see a cutscene, when prompted choose the first choice. Once it finishes, continue forward. Note that whenever you enter a world, using Zoom will only take you the places specific to it. If you wish to return to Greatlog, choose the option in brackets.

Head behind the shrine for a brown chest, then head to the nearby village surrounded by a wall. This is Kalka Village, it's fairly small without a whole lot going on at the moment. Feel free to check the item shop which sells just the essentials:

Kalka Village Item Shop
やくそうMedicinal HerbRestores ~30HP8G
どくけしそうAntidotal HerbHeals [Poison] status10G
まんげつそうMoonwort RootHeals [Paralysis] status30G
めざめのはりSmelling SaltsHeals [Sleep] status80G

Unlike mainline DQ games, all the inns in this game are free of charge due to your status as a child so definitely take advantage of it whenever you can. When you're ready, leave the village and continue south down the path. Take the ladder nearby and follow the path to another ladder leading to a red chest (~213G). Head back and continue south and you'll see a vista shot as you enter the desert. Head west for a chest, then go around the right wall of the town for a red chest にくきゅう (Paws [Claws], ATK+10, AGI+20). Finally go ahead and enter the town.

When you arrive, you'll see a short cutscene before regaining control. This is the town of Asiya. Go ahead and check the shops around here, there's a few new things in stock:

Town of Asiya Item Shop
やくそうMedicinal HerbRestores ~30HP8G
まほうのせいすいMagic WaterRestores ~30MP300G
どくけしそうAntidotal HerbHeals [Poison] status10G
まんげつそうMoonwort RootHeals [Paralysis] status30G
めざめのはりSmelling SaltsHeals [Sleep] status80G
Town of Asiya Weapon Shop
どうの剣Copper SwordATK+10270G
聖なるナイフDivine DaggerATK+13, Undead★530G
てつのやりIron LanceATK+9, Slime★310G
ダモーレスピアAha SpearATK+12, chance to inflict 'Aha' when attacking3,500G
いしのオノStone AxeATK+7180G
きこりのナタWoodcutter's AxeATK+14, Beast★, Nature★650G
こんぼうOaken ClubATK+3, DEF+5120G
大きづちSledgehammerATK+12, Material★½, Slime★½400G
かわのムチLeather WhipATK+4, hits all enemies380G
バトルリボンBattle WhipATK+10, hits all enemies630G
いしのツメStone ClawsATK+5, AGI+8200G
にくきゅうPawsATK+10, AGI+201,000G
ひのきのつCypress StaffATK+4, WIS+10150G

You can't enter the palace at the moment, to continue, head into the inn and speak to the man with the Great Sabrecub and Whackanape and he'll introduce himself as the Circus Grandmaster. Afterwards, stand in front of the Sabrecub and press the right on the D-pad to whistle for a scene. When prompted, pick the first choice and you'll receive the アラビアン服 (Arabian Outfit). He'll tell you how to change outfits by going into your abilities menu and selecting the 着替え (Change Clothes) option. Go ahead and switch to the Arabian Outfit and speak to the him again for a cutscene. After your performance, if you don't already have a Great Sabrecub with you, the Grandmaster's will join you.

You can now explore the palace freely although it's not as big as you'd think it'd be. Head out the room and go up to meet with the King. When prompted, pick the first choice twice, then leave the palace. Head east on your map to see a scene, then head back to the audience room for another scene. Head back to Kalka Village and enter the building southwest on the map. After the scene, follow the King down for yet another cutscene before you can finally explore the Underground Canal.

Head east for a brown chest, then south and east up the stairs for a red chest まほうのせいすい (Magic Water). Head south a bit more and speak with the King for a cutscene which will trigger the game's first boss battle:

ビーバーン Beavern
Maximum HP~100
Maximum MP????
攻撃力 Attack26
守備力 Defense25
すばやさ Agility28
かしこさ Wisdom18

Note that starting with this game, the Aha effect doesn't identify HP and MP when used on bosses, so for at least HP, it'll be a rough estimate.

It can act twice in a turn and psych up to build tension, other than that, it shouldn't pose a whole lot of problems.

30 EXP 100G

After the battle, you can continue down the path the dam was blocking. Follow the stairs up and you'll be back in Asiya. Return to the palace for a scene. When it finishes, leave Asiya and on the overworld, follow the path east and eventually a scene will start. Deviate from the path for a bit and head south on your map to a dead end between Asiya and the Pyramid above for a red chest バトルリボン (Battle Whip). Head back and continue following the path as it curves north and you'll arrive at a small oasis with an inn. Speaking to the priest will have him explain the strange glowing crystal nearby. If you've played Terry's Wonderland 3D, you might recognize this as a Zoom Stone. The stone's purpose has changed slightly, in this game, activating one will add its location onto your list of Zoomable places. Go ahead and examine it to record the camp's location and rest at the inn if you need it. Before moving on, head west from the oasis to reach the raised area near Asiya. Nearby in a little opening is another red chest containing a どうのかたまり (Copper Chunk).

When you're ready, continue north towards the crater on the map and you'll see a strange outcropping as you get close to it. As you approach it, you'll be taken into a new location. Enter the nearby hut to trigger a scene. Leave the hut to start another scene which leads to a boss battle:

ぶちスライム Mottle Slime x3
Maximum HP~60
Maximum MP????
攻撃力 Attack24
守備力 Defense25
すばやさ Agility26
かしこさ Wisdom18

Unlike the Beavern, these Mottle Slimes can do a variety of things such as using Zap and Fire Breath. They'll also do Weird Dance to chip away at your MP. The Mottle Slimes however have a lot less HP than the previous boss so they should go down fairly easily.

45 EXP 150G

After the battle, you'll find yourself at the raised plateau on the southeastern part of the map. Inspect the nearby Zoom Stone and follow the path towards the Pyramid for a cutscene and yet another boss battle:

のろいのランプ Malevolantern, キングコブラ Cobra King (x2)
MalevolanternCobra King(s)
Maximum HP~110~65
Maximum MP????????
攻撃力 Attack4439
守備力 Defense5228
すばやさ Agility4130
かしこさ Wisdom5331

The Malevolantern can act twice in a turn to abuse Sap and lower your DEF. It also has the Hit Squad trait which allows a string of continuous attacks in a single regular attack. For the Malevolantern, this means it can hit three times. The Cobra Kings will be a bit annoying as they'll use Poisonous Poke and Paralysing Punch to inflict poison and paralysis respectively on your monsters.

100 EXP 200G

You'll see a scene after the battle. When you regain control, speak to the Malevolantern and when prompted, pick the first choice and it'll join your party. Before you head back to Asiya, continue down the path and open a chest nearby. Right before the Pyramid entrance, make a right and enter the nearby ruins for a red chest しあわせの種x5 (Seeds of Happiness). If you head back a bit to the northeastern building on your map, there's a staircase you can go up that leads to another red chest containing レアゴス服の型紙3 (Rare Gothic Pattern Paper 3). This particular item is part of a set of 5 Pattern Paper that once brought to a certain NPC, it'll be fashioned into a new outfit for you to wear. For the most part, there will always be the original outfit and then a color variation of it that can be made via Pattern Paper. I'll make a note of this again once you've reached that point in the story.

For now, you can't enter the Pyramid and won't be doing so for quite a while so head back to Asiya and you'll automatically rest for the night. When you regain control, you'll find out that a new shop has opened up next to the general store. This is the materials shop where you can buy items needed for blacksmithing a little later:

Town of Asiya Material Shop
JapaneseEnglishUsed to CreatePrice
てっこうせきIron Ore攻撃力+10 ATK+10, デイン耐性アップ Zap Resistance100G
まじゅうの皮Magic Beast Hide守備力+40 DEF+40, HP成長力アップ小 HP Growth, HP成長力アップ HP Growth+, ヒャド耐性アップ Crack Resistance, ねむり耐性アップ Sleep Resistance100G
ちょうのはねButterfly Wingすばやさ+10 AGI+10, MP成長力アップ小 MP Growth, すばやさ成長力アップ AGI Growth+100G
ビッグサボテンBig Cactus攻撃力+10 ATK+10, せんせいりつアップ Able Ambusher Up, ギガキラー Giant Killer, ジバリア耐性アップ Rum Resistance100G
花のみつNectarしょうひMPせつやく Magic Miser, MP成長力アップ MP Growth+100G
じょうぶな枝Sturdy Branch守備力成長力アップ DEF Growth+, マインド耐性アップ Inactivist Resistance100G
サンドフルーツDune Berryにげあし Escape Artist, スカウトアタック2倍 Scouting ATK 2x, ジバリア耐性アップ Rum Resistance100G

When you're done shopping, head to the palace and speak with the King to get the うみなりのかね (Tidal Bell). You'll then be immediately warped back to the Greatlog's Navel Room.