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An exciting new 3D horse adventure awaits you! Start a new adventure!

After the exciting incidents last year, the main character returns to the riding stable of her mother. After her arrival, she has to face new challenges: Her old rival Pamela is the new jockey and a cold-hearted banker wants to close the stable to establish a hotel. There is only one chance left – to win the semifinal of the most famous horse show world-wide, organize the final tournament at the riding stable, welcome the greatest jockeys of the world and finally be recognized. The girls have to stick together to save the riding stable - and that means a lot of fun for all players enjoying numerous minigames on their beloved animals!

Sequel to the successful "Rivals in the Saddle"-Story in an amazing 3D comic look.

New exciting minigames

Augmented Reality feature: The horse magically appears in front of the player and jumps over obstacles.

Extensive StreetPass mode: Compare results with other players around the world and gain cool extras.

Create your own horse.

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