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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 12/20/13 DBM11085 1.15 206K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/25/14 vinheim / noz3r0 1.00 206K
FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 11/10/14 Aleandre6579 527K

In-Depth FAQs

Boss FAQ (HTML) 01/06/14 Codebreaker1234 1.00 24K
Heart Piece Location List (HTML) 11/30/13 DBM11085 1.05 9K
Lost Maiamai Location List (HTML) 11/30/13 DBM11085 1.05 18K
StreetPass Guide (HTML) 07/09/15 TourianTourist 1.16 35K
Text Dump 12/15/14 Anton299 1.1 1063K
Zelda Series Ending FAQ 02/05/18 ReyVGM 7.0 197K

Maps and Charts

Hyrule: Death Mountain Area Map (GIF) 01/27/14 StarFighters76 105K
Hyrule: Desert Of Mystery Area Map (GIF) 01/27/14 StarFighters76 36K
Hyrule: Eastern Palace Map (GIF) 01/28/14 StarFighters76 51K
Hyrule: Eastern Ruins Area Map (GIF) 01/27/14 StarFighters76 57K
Hyrule: Graveyard/Zora's Domain Area Map (GIF) 01/27/14 StarFighters76 52K
Hyrule: Great Swamp Area Map (GIF) 01/27/14 StarFighters76 38K
Hyrule: House Of Gales Map (GIF) 01/28/14 StarFighters76 61K
Hyrule: Hyrule Castle Area Map (GIF) 01/27/14 StarFighters76 57K
Hyrule: Hyrule Castle Map (GIF) 01/28/14 StarFighters76 70K
Hyrule: Kakariko Village Area Map (GIF) 01/27/14 StarFighters76 51K
Hyrule: Lake Hylia Area Map (GIF) 01/27/14 StarFighters76 42K
Hyrule: Lost Woods Area Map (GIF) 01/27/14 StarFighters76 67K
Hyrule: Sanctuary Map (GIF) 01/29/14 StarFighters76 24K
Hyrule: Tower Of Hera Map (GIF) 01/29/14 StarFighters76 88K
Hyrule: Treasure Hunter Rooms Map (GIF) 01/29/14 StarFighters76 81K
Lorule: Dark Palace Map (GIF) 02/04/14 StarFighters76 77K
Lorule: Dark Ruins Area Map (GIF) 02/03/14 StarFighters76 84K
Lorule: Death Mountain Area Map (GIF) 02/03/14 StarFighters76 63K
Lorule: Desert Palace Map (GIF) 02/04/14 StarFighters76 85K
Lorule: Graveyard Area Map (GIF) 02/03/14 StarFighters76 30K
Lorule: Ice Palace Map (GIF) 02/04/14 StarFighters76 99K
Lorule: Lorule Castle Map (GIF) 02/05/14 StarFighters76 100K
Lorule: Misery Mire Area Map (GIF) 02/03/14 StarFighters76 32K
Lorule: Sanctuary Map (GIF) 02/05/14 StarFighters76 29K
Lorule: Skull Palace Map (GIF) 02/05/14 StarFighters76 82K
Lorule: Skull Woods Area Map (GIF) 02/03/14 StarFighters76 60K
Lorule: Swamp Palace Map (GIF) 02/06/14 StarFighters76 63K
Lorule: Thieves Hideout Map (GIF) 02/06/14 StarFighters76 72K
Lorule: Thieves Village/Great Swamp Area Map (GIF) 02/03/14 StarFighters76 93K
Lorule: Treasure Hunter Rooms Map (GIF) 02/06/14 StarFighters76 36K
Lorule: Turtle Lake Area Map (GIF) 02/03/14 StarFighters76 43K
Lorule: Turtle Rock Map (GIF) 02/06/14 StarFighters76 63K

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