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by TourianTourist

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StreetPass Guide by TourianTourist

Version: 1.16 | Updated: 07/09/2015

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

StreetPass Guide

Version 1.16

by TourianTourist (touriantourist[at]gmail[dot]com)

StreetPass Setup

A Link Between Worlds supports the StreetPass functionality of the Nintendo 3DS. Here you can receive Shadow Links to battle them for their bounty and even create a Shadow Link of your own.

To do so, you have to talk to Gramps on the StreetPass meadow in the west of Kakariko. Let him explain to you, how StreetPass works, and then chose "setup" to create your own Shadow Link. It will be equipped with your current gear and you can select the two items, he brings into the battle (only one item, if you don't have the pouch yet). Your bounty will be calculated by the power of your equipment and can range from 50 to 999 Rupees. Take a look at the "Bounty Calculation" section for more details. The name of the Shadow Link is based on the name you have in your current save file, while the player name is taken from your user name in the system settings of your Nintendo 3DS.

Whenever you want to update your Shadow Link (to have better gear, use different items, show your new records or refresh your player name), you have to talk to the Gramps again and select "setup". Keep in mind that you don't get anything, when your Shadow Link wins a battle. So, the only reason to update your Shadow Link is to show off and to provide a maximum bounty. If you want to help people with their challenges, you might want to never update your Shadow Link again and keep him low profile.

You can create one Shadow Link per save file and therefore receive up to three Shadow Links per person. If you receive any Shadow Links, signs will appear on the StreetPass meadow (the area in front of Gramps) telling you their name, bounty and location. Depending on the bounty, the signs will look different (you get a silver sign at 400, a golden sign at 700 and a massive golden sign at 999). You can receive up to 20 signs on the StreetPass meadow, however, additional Shadow Link data will simply queue up and appear as soon as there's space on the meadow. The Shadow Links won't appear in the environment, until you saw their sign pop up.

You can only battle the received Shadow Links in one save file. As soon as you load a file and visit the StreetPass meadow, the StreetPass encounters will be stuck with this file until you clear them. So, chose your save file wisely, whenever loading the game after a StreetPass encounter.

Hero Mode

It doesn't matter, whether the file is in Hero Mode or not. You can receive Shadow Links from a normal game in a Hero Mode file and vice versa. Only your name, equipment and medal count will be transmitted. However, the Shadow Links will deal four times the damage in Hero Mode. A purple potion for example causes 32 hearts of damage on you... You will only deal normal damage on them, so be prepared.


The game does NOT support SpotPass, so sadly you can't receive any Shadow Links from other people via the internet (ah, come on, Nintendo...!). However, it might appear that way, because the game is creating sample Shadow Links during your playthrough. With them it's possible to unlock everything without getting a single StreetPass hit. See the "Pre-Generated Shadow Links" section for more information.

The Apple Tree

Setting up StreetPass for the first time spawns an apple tree west of Link's house. This can be useful for the challenge with the green apple and it's also one of the many locations, where you might meet a Shadow Link. It also has more apples, the more signs you receive. Every three Shadow Link encounters adds an apple to the tree with a maximum of 20 apples. This also increases the chance of finding a green apple. The tree has only three apples in the beginning, so you need 51 signs to appear in total for a fully grown tree. This includes signs from the pre-generated Shadow Links.

Bounty Calculation

The following table shows how your bounty will be calculated based on your equipment. But no matter what you have equipped, your minimal bounty will always be 50 Rupees! The maximum bounty is 999 Rupees.

Also, each additional Heart Container gives you 10 Rupees, so 20 hearts give a total of 170 Rupees extra. Rented items are worth the same as bought ones.

Forgotten Sword0Nice Fire Rod100
Master Sword100Ice Rod50
Master Sword Lv2150Nice Ice Rod100
Master Sword Lv3200Tornado Rod50
Great Spin100Nice Tornado Rod100
Green Mail0Sand Rod50
Blue Mail50Nice Sand Rod100
Red Mail100Net10
Shield50Super Net80
Hylian Shield100Hint Glasses1
Bee Badge50Red Potion40
Pegasus Boots30Blue Potion80
Stamina Scroll50Yellow Potion80
Lamp10Purple Potion80
Super Lamp80Milk40
Nice Bow100Bee20
Boomerang50Golden Bee60
Nice Boomerang100Heart10
Nice Hookshot100Green Apple30
Hammer50Letter in a Bottle1
Nice Hammer100Premium Milk40
Bomb50Empty Bottle1
Nice Bomb100Foul Fruit20
Fire Rod50Scoot Fruit1

This list was compiled by Petter1789!

Yes, you can actually use the Premium Milk inside the arena! It heals five hearts like normal milk and will be refilled after the match like all other bottled items. You can bring the Scoot Fruit, but you will be unable to use it.

Pre-Generated Shadow Links

You might have gotten a Shadow Link without ever meeting someone via StreetPass. That's because the game is offering a free sample every so often. Those are not received via SpotPass, but were pre-generated by the game. You can recognize them by the player name "Shade" ("Kage" in some languages), which is why the community simply calls them "Shades".

It seems that you get one every five hours of play time on a save file. This doesn't have to be five continuous hours, but time spent inside the item, gear and pause menus, as well as leaving the game in Sleep Mode does not count. Time spent during dialogues or using the Bell's warp screen does count though, it works similar to the timer in the Hyrule Hotfoot race. The pre-generated Shadow Links stack beyond the 20 signs on the StreetPass meadow, so don't worry about that. Their sign will appear, as soon as there is space. If you don't get any of them, make sure that you have setup StreetPass properly, visited the apple tree and talked to Gramps about it.

The following list contains all currently known pre-generated Shadow Links and their data sorted by bounty:

NameBountyMedalsHeartsSwordMailShieldBee BadgePegasus BootsStamina ScrollX&Y Items
Varnis500/503ForgottenGreen----Rented Bow
Bandle1205/507ForgottenGreen----2x Fairy
Adom1602/505ForgottenGreenShield---Red Potion & Rented Fire Rod
Barmon1703/505ForgottenGreenShield---Rented Tornado Rod & Rented Bow
Byll18010/5010ForgottenGreen-xx-Bee & Net
Tablo2303/508ForgottenGreenShield-x-Rented Boomerang & Rented Hammer
Vale28020/5010MasterGreenShield-x-Apple & Foul Fruit
Loki34020/508MasterGreenShield---Milk & Nice Boomerang
Matti35015/5010MasterGreenShield-x-Tornado Rod & Sand Rod
Ecru36015/508Master Lv2GreenShield---Nice Fire Rod & Lamp
Dock39015/509MasterBlueShield-x-Hookshot & Bombs
Keelo41020/5010MasterGreenShieldx--Yellow Potion & Golden Bee
Reita49025/5011MasterBlueHylian---2x Blue Potion
Burin52025/5014Master Lv3GreenShield-x-Rented Ice Rod & Purple Potion
Ebon66135/5016Master Lv2BlueHylianxxxHint Glasses & Nice Bombs
Grisa67040/503Master Lv3RedHylianxxxNice Tornado Rod & Fairy
Rasset68025/5015Master Lv2BlueHylian-xxBlue Potion & Nice Bow
Slatt70245/5020Master Lv3RedHylianxxx2x Empty Bottle
Goush72035/5017Master Lv3Red--xxNice Sand Rod & Nice Ice Rod
Leef99949/5020Master Lv3*RedHylianxxxNice Hookshot & Nice Hammer
 *Great Spin Attack

There are 20 pre-generated Shadow Links in total, one for each spot on the StreetPass meadow.

Goush and Matti like to chose the spot in the desert, if it's available, because they are using the Sand Rod and that's the only spot with the desert arena.

Shadow Link Locations

Shadow Links can appear anywhere in Hyrule or Lorule, but not in areas, where you don't have access yet. The signs on the StreetPass meadow will tell you the locations of all current Shadow Links. In many cases they will wait directly next to the weather vane, so they're easy to find. However, it's not always clear, where you can find them based on the sign alone, which is why the guide will have descriptions for some locations.

Also, depending on the location of the Shadow Link a specific arena gets chosen. So, you can know beforehand, which arena you will get, and prepare for it, for example by bringing the Ice Rod to the fire arena.

Shadow Links in Hyrule

LocationSign MessageDescriptionArena
Link's House"He waits in front of your house."-sky
Hyrule Castle"He waits near Hyrule Castle."left to the main gatesky
Blacksmith"He waits before the Blacksmith."-sky
Sanctuary"He waits before the Sanctuary."-sky
Graveyard"He waits at the Graveyard."at the gatesky
Fortune Teller"He waits in front of the fortune-teller."-sky
Bridge"He waits on a bridge."the bridge east of Link's housesky
Eastern Palace"He waits near Eastern Palace."south of the weather vanesky
Apple Tree"He waits below the apple tree."west of Link's houseforest
Miner's House"He waits south of the miner's house."that's at the tree before the cave leading to Death Mountainforest
Lost Woods"He waits in the Lost Woods."right at the entrance to the mazeforest
Wildlife Clearing"He waits near the wildlife clearing."this is where Gulley gets lost, the "Flute Boy Meadow"forest
Witch's Shop"He waits at the witch's shop."-forest
House of Gales"He waits near the house in the lake."entrance of the House of Galesfire
Death Mountain"He waits at the base of a volcano."right below the spectacle volcanofire
Lake Hylia"He waits at Lake Hylia."in the northeast area of Lake Hylia on the small peninsulaice
Small Lake"He waits near a small lake."the pond east of the Fortune Tellerice
Desert"He waits in the middle of a desert."at the stone platform south of the twin portalsdesert

Shadow Links in Lorule

LocationSign MessageDescriptionArena
Vacant House"He waits before the Vacant House."-sky
Lorule Castle"He waits in front of Lorule Castle."in front of the bridge, on the leftsky
Thieves' Town"He waits at Thieves' Town."in the Village of Outcasts, near the dungeon entrancesky
Lorule Graveyard"He waits near the ruined holy place."near the portal on the ledgesky
Palace of Darkness"He waits near Dark Palace."at the entrance to the mazesky
Misery Mire"He waits in the middle of a swamp."below the bridge left to the weather vanesky
Skull Woods"He waits at Skull Woods."in the northeast area of the woodsforest
Turtle Rock"He waits upon a turtle."entrance to Turtle Rock dungeonfire
Swamp Palace"He waits before the Swamp Palace."at the entranceice
Treacherous Tower"He waits before the Treacherous Tower."-ice
Ice Ruins"He waits before the Ice Ruins."-ice

Battling Shadow Link

Before entering the battle chose your items on X and Y, because you can only bring those two into the fight. Your choice should heavily depend on what challenges you want to try. Bottled items, as well as the Foul Fruit will be restored at the end of the match, so don't worry about wasting them.

The battle itself is very simple. Whoever has no hearts left, loses. If you have played Shadow Battles in Four Swords Adventures, this is actually very similar, but you only fight against one bot. The AI is probably the best the whole game has to offer: the Shadow Link blocks, circles around you, counters your sword moves and knows how to use most of the items. He still might do silly things with weak items and he does have big trouble with hazards and traps.

If the fight takes too long, a timer will end the match. In this case the player, who caused the most damage, wins the match. This is helpful, when your enemy decides to heal himself with Blue Potions, because then you want to aim at the time out and be the one, who did the most damage.

Usually the fights are very unbalanced. This can make it easy for you, but also very hard, depending how well equipped your opponent is. You can just go at it, but for the challenges you need to plan ahead and know what you want to do (see the Challenges section).

Don't overestimate the Fire and Ice Rods. While they are very powerful against normal monsters, the Shadow Link is very good at dodging them. Items with a good stun effect such as the Nice Boomerang, Tornado Rod, the Hookshot or the Nice Sand Rod have proven to be more effective. For example you can easily counter Great Spin Attacks and the Fire Rod by using the Hookshot on your enemy. And if your enemies closes in to attack you, you can counter stun him with the Tornado Rod. Blue Potions are very helpful in Hero Mode, but not so much in a normal game because of the time limit.

A cheap way to defeat the Shadow Links are continuous Great Spin Attacks. The Shadow Link will try to block them, but you can still hit him from the side or when he's about to attack you. Also, you can counter an enemy's Great Spin Attack by releasing your own Great Spin Attack a split second later.

Remember, there's nothing to lose! The game only keeps track of your won games, but not the lost ones. Your hearts will be filled up before and after the fight and if you die, it won't count towards your total score at the end of the game. So, don't ever worry about losing. If you lose, you can also reset the game to try again. The Shadow Link should still be there.

StreetPass Arenas

Know your surroundings! There are five different battlefields available, which can heavily influence your tactics and challenges. Usually you begin with the simple sky arena or a nice forest arena, but other arenas are more difficult by utilizing traps, hazards and even enemies. Which arena you get is determined by the Shadow Link's location.

You will notice that the arenas don't have any walls to merge with. But in some of the arenas you can create your own wall using the Ice or Sand Rod.

Sky Arena

This is the most common arena. There are no traps and the only hazard is the abyss on all sides of the platform.

Locations: Link's House, Hyrule Castle, Blacksmith, Sanctuary, Hyrule Graveyard, Fortune Teller, Bridge, Eastern Palace, Vacant House, Lorule Castle, Thieves' Town, Lorule Graveyard, Palace of Darkness, Misery Mire

Forest Arena

The area is surrounded by fences and trees. There's an apple tree in the center, which you can pick by using the Pegasus Boots or the Tornado Rod to heal yourself and even get the medals related to eating apples. It will have the same amount of apples as the apple tree next to your house. In the grass you're able to find hearts, bees and fairies. The water puddles cancel any Fire Rod attack, so if you're a fan of this weapon, be sure to aim on the grass. The Hookshot does magic in this arena, because you can attach it absolutely everywhere to move around quickly and dodge attacks.

Locations: Apple Tree, Miner's House, Lost Woods, Wildlife Clearing, Witch's Shop, Skull Woods

Fire Arena

It's a giant grate above a lava lake, similar to the Turtle Rock boss chamber. You can use the Ice Rod to freeze the lava fountains, which creates walls to merge with for the "Win after using Ravio's bracelet!" challenge. The Fire Rod is near useless in this arena, because the fire balls shoot through the grate. The corners are made of solid ground though.

Locations: House of Gales, Death Mountain, Turtle Rock

Ice Arena

The tiles in the center of the arena will collapse, if you stand too long on them. And they are surrounded by ice floors and bumpers. Obviously it's quite tough to fight in here, so you don't want this arena for any complicated challenges. Fire Rod and bombs are nice to destroy the tiles in the center, which can be used to send your enemy flying. The Great Spin Attack usually gets catched by one of the bumpers, so be careful using this technique. Also, the AI likes to kill itself a lot in this arena. It doesn't acknowledge that the tiles are breaking, so the Shadow Link will constantly drop into the abyss...

Locations: Small Lake, Lake Hylia, Swamp Palace, Treacherous Tower, Ice Ruins

Desert Arena

It's basically just one giant platform made of sand. Here you can utilize the Sand Rod to create sand walls. Merging with the walls scores you the "Win after using Ravio's bracelet!" challenge. The arena has a Devalant in the center (one of the sand worm enemies), which might release a heart or a fairy, if you kill it. If your enemy uses the Sand Rod, you can trick him by staying on top of the sand and attack him from above. You can also use the Sand Rod on the outer quicksands. If the Shadow Link does that as well, you can even continue the path and create your own separate sand platforms, where the Shadow Link will have trouble to reach you or might not be able to reach you at all, because you're too far away. If you have taken less damage than your opponent, you can just sit there and let the timer run out for an easy win.

Only if you meet a Shadow Link in the desert, you will play in this arena. But the desert location usually gets chosen, whenever a Shadow Link is equipped with the Sand Rod.

Locations: Desert


This section contains a list of all 50 challenges. If they are not self-explanatory, I will add notes about what to do. Some of the ingame descriptions are confusing, because "win while" might sound like you have to do it while making the final blow, while actually most of these can be done at any time in the match.

There are no missable challenges. If you use an upgraded version of an item, you will unlock both the challenge for the upgrade and the normal version at the same time. This even makes it easier to unlock everything, because you're basically killing two birds with one stone. So, go and upgrade your items without worrying about StreetPass! All medals can be gotten at the end of the game.

#Ingame RecordNotes & Strategies
01Win your first battle!-
02Win 5 times!-
03Win 10 times!-
04Win 20 times!-
05Use the lamp to deal the final blow!This is easier with the super lamp.
06Use the super lamp to deal the final blow!Also unlocks "Use the lamp to deal the final blow!"
07Use the bow to deal the final blow!Can be done with the nice bow.
08Use the nice bow to deal the final blow!Also unlocks "Use the bow to deal the final blow!"
09Win while using the boomerang!You only have to stun your enemy with the boomerang once during the match. Can be done with the nice boomerang.
10Win while using the nice boomerang!You only have to stun your enemy with the nice boomerang once during the match. This also unlocks "Win while using the boomerang!"
11Win while using the Hookshot!You only have to stun your enemy once during the match using the Hookshot or Nice Hookshot.
12Use the Nice Hookshot to deal the final blow!Here you actually have to make the final blow with the Nice Hookshot, which unlike the normal Hookshot does damage. But this also unlocks "Win while using the Hookshot!"
13Use the hammer to deal the final blow!Can be done with the nice hammer.
14Use the nice hammer to deal the final blow!Also unlocks "Use the hammer to deal the final blow!"
15Use a bomb to deal the final blow!Can be done with a nice bomb.
16Use a nice bomb to deal the final blow!Also unlocks "Use a bomb to deal the final blow!"
17Use the Fire Rod to deal the final blow!Can be done with the Nice Fire Rod.
18Use the Nice Fire Rod to deal the final blow!Also unlocks "Use the Fire Rod to deal the final blow!"
19Use the Ice Rod to deal the final blow!Can be done with the Nice Ice Rod.
20Use the Nice Ice Rod to deal the final blow!Also unlocks "Use the Ice Rod to deal the final blow!"
21Win while using the Tornado Rod!You only have to stun your enemy with the (Nice) Tornado Rod once during the match.
22Use the Nice Tornado Rod to deal the final blow!Here you actually have to make the final blow with the Nice Tornado Rod, which unlike the normal Tornado Rod does damage. Also unlocks "Win while using the Tornado Rod!"
23Win while using the Sand Rod!You have to stun or lift your enemy using the (Nice) Sand Rod once during the match.
24Win while using the Nice Sand Rod!You have to stun or lift your enemy using the Nice Sand Rod once during the match. Also unlocks "Win while using the Sand Rod!"
25Use the net to deal the final blow!This is easier with the super net.
26Use the super net to deal the final blow!Also unlocks "Use the net to deal the final blow!"
27Win while wearing the Hint Glasses!You have to wear them when your enemy gets defeated.
28Win after drinking a red potion!Simply drink a red potion during the match.
29Win after drinking a blue potion!Simply drink a blue potion during the match.
30Win while under the effect of a yellow potion!Drink a yellow potion when the Shadow Link is close to death and finish him off, while the effect still lasts. Avoid using any Ravio items, because the yellow potion drains your energy meter and the effect will stop, as soon as the meter is empty.
31Use a purple potion to deal the final blow!It does eight hearts of damage, so your enemy should be below that value. Four hearts with the blue mail and two hearts with the red mail.
32Win after drinking some milk!Simply drink a bottle of milk during the match. You can even use the Premium Milk for this.
33Win after using a fairy!Bring a fairy in a bottle and use it during the match. Can be used automatically while dying. Sometimes you can also find a fairy in the forest or desert arena.
34Use a bee to deal the final blow!You can find bees in the forest arena and use the Bee Badge or the net. But you can also bring them into the match with a bottle. However, the Shadow Link can easily kill a bee, so you want to release it, when he only has a quarter heart left and when he's stunned. This also works with a golden bee. However, make sure that your opponent doesn't have a Bee Badge or otherwise the bees won't attack him.
35Use a golden bee to deal the final blow!Whenever you happen to run into another golden bee, you might want to catch and save it for the next StreetPass battle. The Shadow Link can't have the Bee Badge for this to work and you may want to stun him before releasing the bee. The golden bee does 3/4 heart damage, so ideally your opponent should have as little or less health left, before you release the bee. This also unlocks "Use a bee to deal the final blow!"
36Win after eating an apple!This can be easily done in the forest arena, if you have the Pegasus Boots or the Tornado Rod. But you can also bring one in a bottle.
37Win after eating a green apple!You can hope for a green apple in the forest arena, however, they are very rare. So, whenever you see a green apple during the actual game, make sure to use the net to put it into a bottle and keep it for your next StreetPass battle. Just keep checking the apple tree next to Link's house. This also unlocks "Win after eating an apple!"
38Win while using a Foul Fruit!Simply stun your enemy once during the fight using the Foul Fruit.
39Win while using a shield!Simply use your shield or Hylian Shield to block an attack of the Shadow Link. This can happen at any time during the match.
40Win while using a Hylian Shield!Same as before. Unlocks "Win while using a shield!" in addition.
41Use the Pegasus Boots to deal a dash attack final blow!-
42Use a spin attack to deal the final blow!-
43Use a sword beam to deal the final blow!This can be tricky, because one hit from your enemy ruins it. So, you want a Shadow Link with a low bounty and some item to stun him with. Of course you can also bring a blue potion and heal yourself right before making the final blow.
44Use the level 3 Master Sword to deal the final blow!-
45Win after using Ravio's bracelet!This actually means "merge with a wall" during a match. However, you will notice that there aren't any walls inside the arenas to use this ability. You have to make your own. This only works with the Ice Rod in the fire arena or the Sand Rod in the sand arena. Check the "Shadow Link Locations" section to learn what arena you will get and then bring the right tool.
46Win without taking damage!This works best with a Shadow Link that only has a low bounty. Just kill him quickly, before he gets to you.
47Win without taking a single step!This works best with a Shadow Link that only has a low bounty and maybe even no shield. You want to use the Great Spin Attack or the purple potion. Do not touch the Slide Pad and hold B to unleash the Great Spin Attack. But be careful, if you hit his sword, you will move around and lose the challenge. If he shields, you're sometimes still able to break through his defense at the end. So, just keep spinning. A better strategy is using the purple potion. It does the same damage and the Shadow Link can't protect himself from the strike.
48Win within 10 seconds!This works best with a Shadow Link that only has a low bounty. Just finish him off as quickly as possible. This usually can be combined with one of the two previous challenges.
49Win without using X or Y!Only use sword, Pegasus Boots and shield.
50Win without using B, X or Y!Only use Pegasus Boots and shield. Works best in the forest arena, where you can't fall off and can even heal using the apple tree. This also unlocks "Win without using X or Y!"

Challenge Combos

There are some strategies for getting many of the more tricky challenges in one single match. These are best done with a Shadow Link that has a low bounty, ideally a character with only up to eight hearts, while you have the best possible equipment.

If you happen to have another Nintendo 3DS system available, you can set it up to create dummy Shadow Links. Just talk to the StreetPass Gramps as early as possible (you'll need a sword) to setup your StreetPass character. You could even do this on all three save files, so you can receive three weak Shadow Links at once. This gives you plenty of possibilities to score all medals within a couple of days. You can StreetPass with the same system every eight hours.

The Great Spin Kill

You'll need the Great Spin Attack and maybe also the Master Sword Level 3, which results in eight hearts of damage. Do not touch the Slide Pad. Hold down B and release the Spin Attack. Repeat, if the Shadow-Link blocks with a shield. You should kill him with one blow and the following results:

  • Use a spin attack to deal the final blow!
  • (Use the level 3 Master Sword to deal the final blow!)
  • Win without taking damage!
  • Win without taking a single step!
  • Win within 10 seconds!
  • Win without using X or Y!

This is not failsafe, however. If your swords clash, you will move and lose the "Win without taking a single step!" reward. Or if he attacks you while charging the Spin Attack, you will lose even more. And don't try any of this in the ice arena. The bumpers will move you around.

You can try to use a Foul Fruit to stun him before unleashing the Spin Attack. However, the time required to charge a spin attack is longer than the stun time, so it's usually not helping. But using the Foul Fruit also gives you an additional medal, which also works with some other items. You could combine this strategy with any of the following challenges:

  • Win while wearing the Hint Glasses!
  • Win after drinking a red potion!
  • Win after drinking a blue potion!
  • Win while under the effect of a yellow potion!
  • Win after drinking some milk!
  • Win after using a fairy!
  • Win after eating an apple!
  • Win after eating a green apple!
  • Win while using a Foul Fruit!

Just bring the necessary item (in a bottle) and use it before unleashing the spin attack. But keep in mind that using any of these items costs time, where the Shadow Link can close in on you.

Bombos Byrna Drink

Ths strategy is similar to the previous one, but instead of the Great Spin Attack you'll use a purple potion, which is a lot safer to use. It does eight hearts of damage at default and it cannot be blocked. So, you should be able to kill a weak Shadow Link by simply drinking it. If you drink a yellow potion right before, you can even cover this challenge as well, since it has only a small time window.

  • Win while under the effect of a yellow potion!
  • Use a purple potion to deal the final blow!
  • Win without taking damage!
  • Win without taking a single step!
  • Win within 10 seconds!

Of course instead of the yellow potion you can bring blue or red potions, milk, a fairy, apples, a Foul Fruit or the Hint Glasses for different challenges.

The Mad Dasher

The idea is only to use the Pegasus Boots to damage your enemy. Do not use the sword or any other items. You can use the shield though. This works best in the forest arena, where you can't fall off and even heal yourself with apples during the match. Since you're basically using the sword (just not using the B-button), you can also achieve the Lv3 Master Sword challenge during this one.

  • (Win while using a shield!)
  • (Win while using a Hylian Shield!)
  • Use the Pegasus Boots to deal a dash attack final blow!
  • (Use the level 3 Master Sword to deal the final blow!)
  • Win without using X or Y!
  • Win without using B, X or Y!

If you're in the forest arena you can also try to get the following challenges in addition:

  • Win after eating an apple!
  • Win after eating a green apple!
  • Win after using a fairy!

Peril Beam

This is a simple one. You want to bring down your opponent to less than a heart (ideally a quarter heart) and then heal yourself using a blue (or red) potion, so you can do the final blow with a sword beam.

  • Win after drinking a blue potion!
  • Use a sword beam to deal the final blow!
  • (Use the level 3 Master Sword to deal the final blow!)

The Foul Bee

For this you bring a Foul Fruit and a golden bee into the battle. Weaken your enemy to less than a heart and then stun him with a Foul Fruit. When he's stunned unleash a golden bee to finish him off. This only works on Shadow Links, who don't have the Bee Badge and who don't have stronger armor! Keep in mind that the golden bee only does three quarter of a heart damage.

  • Win while using a Foul Fruit!
  • Use a bee to deal the final blow!
  • Use a golden bee to deal the final blow!

Alternatively you can also use Boomerang, Hookshot, Sand Rod or Tornado Rod to stun your opponent, however, with the Foul Fruit you get the best stun effect and you can check off this otherwise useless item.

The Final Battle

Clearing all 50 challenges unlocks the possibility to fight Gramps, whenever you want. He goes under the player name "Legendary", has all 50 medals, the best possibly gear, 20 hearts and two random items. He will chose from the upgraded versions of Ravio's items, as well as blue, yellow or purple potions. The arena will be chosen randomly as well, which includes the desert arena, where he picks the Nice Sand Rod as one of his weapons.

To battle him select "challenges" and exit the list. You can battle him as often as you want, but his bounty is only worth 5 Rupees. If you beat him for the first time, there's even a small story as to why his bounty is so low.

StreetPass FAQ

Do I have to wait with upgrading my items until I got the medals?

No, if you score a medal for an upgraded item, you will also get the medal for the normal version of the item. Two birds with one stone basically.

Are any of the challenges missable?

No, you can get them all at the end of the game. In fact waiting until the end makes collecting them a lot easier.

I never met anyone via StreetPass, but still encountered a Shadow Link?

It appears the game offers free samples, which were created by Nintendo and appear during your playthrough after every five hours of play time. The game doesn't support SpotPass in any way, so those are not other players from the internet. You can recognize the samples by the username "Shade" (or "Kage" in some languages).

Do unlocked challenges carry over to Hero Mode / other files?

First of all, Hero Mode is different from Skyward Sword. It doesn't overwrite your existing save file and nothing carries over. Instead you will simply chose "Hero Mode", whenever you decide to start a new file. Each file has its own Shadow Link with its own items and records. Unlocked medals are saved per file. This means, whenever you decide to start over (may it be for Hero Mode or another normal game), you will have to get all medals again.

Do the Shadow Links in Hero Mode cause quadruple damage?

Yes, they do.

Where do I get the super lamp and the super net for the challenges? Mother Maiamai doesn't upgrade these items.

You can get these upgrades from the Treacherous Tower for completing the 300 Rupee course twice.

My bees won't attack the Shadow Link!

Make sure that your opponent is not equipped with the Bee Badge or otherwise bees won't go after him.

What are the most dangerous items I can put on my Shadow Link?

This really depends on the mode. In Hero Mode you don't want a Shadow Link with blue or purple potions, because those can be devastating. But in normal mode potions are a total joke. However, you have no influence over what mode the other player chooses to face your Shadow Link in... The Shadow Links are not too good at utilizing items, but generally the stun effects of the Tornado Rod and the Nice Boomerang can be annoying. And don't overestimate the Fire Rod, it's very easy to dodge and counter.

Why is the battle music so awesome?

Because it's from Zelda II.

Is there a reward for collecting all 50 medals?

Yes, you will be able to battle Gramps, who uses the most powerful equipment and two random items. You only get 5 Rupees, when you beat him (there's even a story to why his bounty is so low), but it's really nice to be able to play the battle mode whenever you want to. To battle him select "challenges" and leave the list.

Version History

  • 1.00: original version of the guide including setup, battles, arenas, challenges, challenge strategies and the FAQ
  • 1.01: added reward for collecting all 50 medals, various small improvements
  • 1.02: reworked challenge strategies, added Bombos Byrna Drink strategy, first insight into "Shade"
  • 1.10: first major update adding "Shade" data, Shadow Link locations & bounty calculation
  • 1.11: added ingame sign messages for locations, sign colors, FAQs about bees and equips
  • 1.12: info about Premium Milk usage, fixed some typos
  • 1.13: Great Spin battle tactics, improved bee challenge advise, updated Shade spawn time
  • 1.14: more info about the Shade five hour timer, apple tree numbers
  • 1.15: fixed Keelo and info about receiving signs
  • 1.16: more insights into the desert arena, explained Shadow Link naming, added Peril Beam and Foul Bee strategies


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  • Petter1789 (made the bounty calculation list, helped with Shade and location data)
  • itsstillgood (Shade and location data, info about Sand Rod medals in desert arena)
  • Nemesis-mkIX (Shade and location data)
  • lankelink (tips for using purple potion)
  • rockmanxv3 (info about using Tornado Rod for the "don't take a step" challenge)
  • walkthrublazer, DarkWind313, Art_Buddy, BloodCurve, uuurrrggh (Shade data contributions)

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