• Rangers! You have earned a trophy... and unlocked rewards!

    Just like the Power Rangers Megaforce earn rewards for fighting the good fight, you can do the same by performing certain tasks to obtain trophies and unlock the rewards that come with them. It can be as simple as completing a stage, or something a bit trickier like beating every stage on the Hard difficulty mode with Gold Stars on each stage. There are 40 trophies in total.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Classic Scene 1: Troy Burrows (Megaforce Red)Clear Stage 3-1
    Classic Scene 10: Ultra Megaforce (Victorious), Photo Frame: Robo Knight with Lion Mechazord (card style), Secret Stage 4Defeat 2000 enemies
    Classic Scene 14: Warstar Spaceship, Photo Frame: Megaforce team (with title, standing)Gosei Medals acquired: 100
    Classic Scene 15: Command Center, Photo Frame: Megaforce team (with weapons)Gosei Medals acquired: 500
    Classic Scene 16: Harwood County High School, Photo Frame: Red Dragon MechazordGosei Medals acquired: 1000
    Classic Scene 17: Megaforce in Ultra Mode (holding Ultra Swords up), Secret Stage 9Gosei Medals acquired: 2000
    Classic Scene 18: Lion Mechazord, Photo Frame: Mechazord Heads with Mega BlasterGosei Medals acquired: 3000
    Classic Scene 19: Gosei Great Grand Megazord, Secret Stage 8Gosei Medals acquired: 4000
    Classic Scene 2: Noah Carver (Megaforce Blue)Clear Stage 4-5
    Classic Scene 20: Megaforce in Ultra Mode (explosion), Photo Frame: Troy with Gosei MorpherGosei Medals acquired: 5000
    Classic Scene 3: Jake Holling (Megaforce Black)Clear Stage 5-1
    Classic Scene 4: Gia Moran (Megaforce Yellow), Photo Frame: Red MMPR Morph, Photo Frame: Black MMPR Morph, Rangerpedia entry: GoseiDefeat 100 enemies
    Classic Scene 5: Emma Goodall (Megaforce Pink), Photo Frame: Troy with Dragon Mechazord (card style)Defeat 200 enemies
    Classic Scene 6: Robo Knight, Photo Frame: Jake with Snake Mechazord (card style), Secret Stage 3Defeat 300 enemies
    Classic Scene 7: Troy in Ultra Mode, Photo Frame: Noah with Shark Mechazord (card style)Defeat 500 enemies
    Classic Scene 8: Noah in Ultra Mode, Photo Frame: Emma with Phoenix Mechazord (card style), Secret Stage 6Defeat 1000 enemies
    Classic Scene 9: Jake in Ultra Mode, Photo Frame: Gia with Tiger Mechazord (card style)Defeat 1500 enemies
    Legendary Ranger Mode: Mighty Morphin, Photo Frame: White MMPR Morph, Secret Stage 7Beat the game
    Photo Frame: Gosei Great Grand Megazord, Secret Stage 2Play the game for 10 Days
    Photo Frame: Megaforce team (with title, posing), Secret Stage 1Play the game for 15 Days
    Photo Frame: Pink MMPR Morph, Photo Frame: Green MMPR MorphPlay the game for 5 Days
    Rangerpedia entry: BluefurClear Stage 4-6
    Rangerpedia entry: CreepoxClear Stage 5-6
    Rangerpedia entry: DragonflayClear Stage 3-6
    Rangerpedia entry: LoogiesClear Stage 1-5
    Rangerpedia entry: Megaforce (all five Mega Rangers)Clear Stage 1-1
    Rangerpedia entry: Metal AliceClear Stage 4-1
    Rangerpedia entry: NoJokeClear Stage 2-6
    Rangerpedia entry: Robo KnightClear Stage 3-5
    Rangerpedia entry: TensouClear Stage 2-1
    Rangerpedia entry: VrakClear Stage 5-5
    Rangerpedia entry: YuffoClear Stage 1-6
    Rangerpedia entry: ZombatsClear Stage 2-5
    Secret Stage 10Beat the game on Hard. THAT'S MEGA!!

    Contributed By: WinROCKYWin.

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  • Unlock Classic Mighty Morphin' suits

    After beating the game on any difficulty, you will have the option of playing as the Megaforce Rangers with the classic Mighty Morphin' suits. *Note*: The suits function as skins; you play as the Megaforce Rangers, with the same attacks and mannerisms, but wearing the classic suits.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Unlock original "Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger" suitsComplete the game on Normal or Hard mode. Then, when selecting a Ranger based mission, hold X and press A.

    Contributed By: WinROCKYWin.

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