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by KeyBlade999

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FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

Version: v1.15 | Updated: 09/10/13

Winner of GameFAQs's FAQ of the Month award for the month of August 2013! Huge thanks to everyone who helped me to achieve this!
  __    __            _                          _    _           _       _
 |  \  /  |          (_)                        | |  | |         (_)     (_)  _
 | | \/ | | __ _ _ __ _  ___      __ _ _ __   __| |  | |    _   _ _  __ _ _  (_)
 | |\__/| |/ _` | '__| |/ _ \    / _` | '_ \ / _` |  | |   | | | | |/ _` | |  _
 | |    | | (_| | |  | | (_) |  | (_| | | | | (_| |  | |___| |_| | | (_| | | (_)
 |_|    |_|\__,_|_|  |_|\___/    \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|  |_____|\__,_|_|\__, |_|
           ____                              _____
          |  _ \                            |_   _|
          | | | |_ ______  __ _ _ __ ___      | | ___  __ _ _ __ ___
          | | | | '__/ _ \/ _` | '_ ` _ \     | |/ _ \/ _` | '_ ` _ \
          | |_| | | |  __/ (_| | | | | | |    | |  __/ (_| | | | | | |
          |____/|_|  \___|\__,_|_| |_| |_|    |_|\___|\__,_|_| |_| |_|

  • Game: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
  • Console: Nintendo 3DS
  • File Type: Formatted FAQ/Walkthrough
  • Author: KeyBlade999 (a.k.a. Daniel Chaviers)
  • Version: v1.15
  • Time of Update: 10:35 PM 9/9/2013
  • File Size: 422 KB


While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping me make more quality FAQs! Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated, and they are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. If you do decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the e-mail address listed below. Thank you so very much for at least considering this!!

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Welcome to what is now my fifth major FAQ for this summer, and fittingly the final for now. Like the previous four, it is for the 3DS and for a title I have been yearning for for a while now: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team! It's been nearly a decade since the start of the Mario & Luigi RPG series, with Superstar Saga filling in the GBA era. It was my first, and quickly got me addicted. Partners in Time later came onto the DS, followed by Bowser's Inside Story, which will perhaps no longer be my favorite in the series once this four-year gap is filled.

One after another, I have kept finding that each has gotten better than the last, so I can't help but wonder how Nintendo can improve on this formula with the fourth entry into the series, especially given the decline in quality of other Mario series games (NSMB2, I'm looking at you).

It's been a fun summer so far, starting with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon back in June, and going up to Shin Megami Tensei IV most recently, I've bit off more than my fair share of new games before school starts back. =P It only feels fitting that I culminate this by going back to my comfort zone and producing a great FAQ for a great game in one of my favorite series - saving the best for last, eh?

All of my mindless babbling aside, I hope you enjoy my FAQ!!

Pi'illo Island

[_] 5 Coins[_] 5 Coins[_] 1 Coin[_] 1 Coin[_] 1 Coin[_] 5 Coins
[_] 5 Coins[_] 5 Coins[_] 1 Coin[_] 10 Coins[_] 0/50/100 Coins[_] 1-Up Deluxe

Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
Gromba8 HP3 EXP.1 CoinN/AMushroom (10%)1-Up Mushroom (4%)

After the opening sequence and the invitation to Pi'illo Island, the dynamic duo will be riding along in a balloonship. After the rather odd meeting with Dr. Snoozemore, you'll be introduced to something that looks rather evil before Mario engages it in battle.

  • Max HP: ?
  • EXP. Earned: 0 EXP.
  • Coins Earned: 0 Coins
  • Item Drops: N/A
  • Attacks:
    • Bat swarm; leap over those that are low and aiming for you

This is simply so you can get used to the battle system - it's the same as previous Mario & Luigi RPGs. You simply pick a block, then a target with the A Button (since you're using Mario). You can tap the A Button again as you bounce so you can get an extra jump for more damage. Still like usual, when an enemy's turn comes up (after you and your allies), you can use the A Button to have Mario dodge. In this case, you can jump with it, so dodge the bats - you can tell which ones are actually heading for you with the gridular field design.

The boss will quickly die off and you'll end up crashlanding on Pi'illo Island.

There, during the scene, you will learn about those Action Icons in the top-right. You normally can use the Circle Pad to move and the A Button to jump (with Mario), although that same icon can change to reflect the action that can be taken with that button at that time. What's not yet mentioned is that Luigi gets his own icon (B Button), but dude is out. Anyways, leave this area off to the southeast.

In the next area, there is simply a parade to greet you - after all, you're the famous Lui-- I mean Mario! As you near the end of the path, you'll learn about saving - either tap the big "S" on the Touch Screen for an "anywhere, anytime" deal, or you use the Save Block, which typically comes before important bosses. Save and head on east to the next area.

Here, the group will meet a dude familiar to you if you've played Bowser's Inside Story - of course, that applies to about 90% of the residents, too. =P Anyways, the French block guy (the Broque Monsieur) will mention a welcoming quiz. Basically, it's a true-false test for coins; if it's true, speak with the guy on the left, or false for the guy on the right.

  • Question #1: This island is named Pi'illo Island.
    • Answer: True
    • Reward: 5 Coins

  • Question #2: The leader of the island is called Dr. Sneezemore
    • Answer: False; it's Dr. Snoozemore
    • Reward: 5 Coins

After, head south an area. As you enter, you'll find some ? Blocks nearby. You can normally hit these (typically jump) in some fashion to get treasure. The northern one has 1 Coin, as do the southern and western ones. Atop the eastern boxes, you'll see a red "M" box. This is a box only Mario can get treasure from; 5 Coins in this case. Continue east to the Broque Monsieur; after his speech, continue on.

Jump on the boxes nearby to get 5 Coins from each of the ? Blocks, then jump onto the L-shaped set to the right. Get the 1 Coin from the southern block, then get on the northern portion of the L. Jump east across the gap and hit the ? Block ten times for 10 Coins. That's about it for this area unless you wanna speak with people or hug the Zeekeeper, so head on east an area.

There, a gate will rise up from behind. Some evil block guy will reveal some rather naughty monsters before they attack.

  • Maximum HP: ~8 HP
  • EXP. Earned: 3 EXP.
  • Coins Earned: 1 Coin
  • Item Drops: N/A
  • Attacks:
    • Throwing a rock you can leap over
    • Bounce-'n'-roll; you can leap on or over them

As Toadsworth points out to you early on, battles begin when an enemy touches you. If you are attacked from behind, then they get an extra turn against you. Likewise, if you jump on them or otherwise hurt them in the field, then you will deal some damage to all enemies as the fight starts.

Grombas are pretty weak, so don't worry much here. Just bounce 'em to death like their Goomba cousins.

Anyways, Toadsworth will then point out the numbers (damage in HP) that appeared as you stomped. He then gets onto the good stuff. It's like I explained earlier. With the Jump command, you can press the A (or B with Luigi) Button as you hit an enemy to bounce again. It's not infinite, though - just two bounces, which usually means double damage. Presumably, pressing the A/B Button properly on the second jump will deal an extra amount of damage, although it won't be readily apparent until you get more powerful, and doesn't always occur.

Anyways, the Gromba will get a turn. To dodge his attack, you must jump over the rock he launches. Anyhow, that's about it - just leap on him until he's dead.

After the battle, you'll get Coins (currency) and EXP. (gain enough to level up and get stronger). After you return to the field, Mario, ever the hero, is sent on ahead. Head east for the pre-emptive attack tutorial, which is basically the first paragraph of the previous one, and a counterattack one, which is basically in the previous one. Kill the Grombas after Toadsworth finally stops pestering you.

Of course, any Bowser's Inside Story vet knows that zee Broque Monsieur was behind zis spectacle. -_- After the report on Luigi (throwing up Z's like an alcoholic), head east an area. There, go east, south, and east along the path. You'll meet up with the main group in the next area to the east and automatically head into the castle. ... Mine's better.

Nice to see Luigi woke up though. As it is pointed out, he won 40 Coins from that quiz earlier whereas we got 10 for a total of 50. The bros decide to play a game for some more - the Coin-Up Challenge.

In it, you need to alternatingly hit the two blocks - the "M" for Mario and the "L" for Luigi, each exclusively. Basically, switch between pressing A and B rapidly. You basically need to hit them about ... forty or fifty times? Whatever it is, the more you do in 25 seconds, the bigger the multiplier on your 50 Coins. You can have a x1 (earn 0), x2 (earn 50), or x3 (earn 100). If you make it to the top, you also get the extremely useful 1-Up Deluxe! You also get a Mushroom just for playing. Anyways, into the castle!

Pi'illo Castle

[_] Mushroom[_] 5 Coins[_] Mushroom[_] 1 Coin[_] 10 Coins[_] 1-Up Mushroom
[_] 1 Coin[_] Mush Badge[_] Starter Badge[_] Mushroom

Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
Gromba8 HP3 EXP.1 CoinN/AMushroom (10%)1-Up Mushroom (4%)

Oh, cool, it's Starlow! After Luigi's style is insulted, the Broque Monsieur recommends Luigi use that Mushroom from earlier to heal his HP. Begin by using the Start Button, then tap "Items" (or use the cursor and A), then do a similar thing for the desired item. Choose the bro to use the Mushroom in again a similar manner - in this case, use it on Luigi to bring his HP back up to 30. Then press B to return to the previous screen, then again to the main menu, then again to the field.

Anyways, you're let loose to do some exploring. To the west is the staff break room where you mostly get the chat with the workers. In the northwest corner, though, are some ? Blocks yielding 5 Coins and a Mushroom. In the area east of the entrance, you will find the Pi'illo Castle Gift Shop. I recommend visiting. If you got the triple-multiplier in the Coin-Up Challenge, I recommend buying a So-So Wear for whoever has the lower HP, then spend the rest on Mushrooms and Syrup Jars.

When done, head to speak with the Broque Monsieur in the north-central part of the entrance hall. After a small video speech from Dr. Snoozemore, Toadsworth and Peach rocket off into the distance - unwillingly, per the RPG standard, by their own semi-idiocy (the rest belonging to the Broque dude). Once you regain control, speak with the blocky staff guy to the left of the platform and opt to go to the ancient hidden area.

As you go along, you'll play a bit of minigame that can yield up to 150 Coins - you basically jump as you approach the Coins, Mario with A and Luigi with B. After the odd encounter where you speak with the flame (too many Mushrooms, Mario?), you'll enter a battle with three Grombas. Just remember now that Luigi uses the B Button for everything he does. After the fight, you are told that "None may approach the revered one" before the path is opened up. -_- Really? Anyways, hit the nearby Save Block and go west an area.

As you reach the first bridge there, you are given the dreadful Trial of Jumping. First, you must climb up the stairs by jumping - you can press the A/B Buttons together to get by; it's what I usually do. =P Then just do this again with gaps further to the left. After this deadly, fearsome trial, go southwest and bop the wider ? Block to find a sequence of L's and M's. You must use Mario (M) or Luigi (L) to hit these in the given order, which you must memorize before the ? Block pattern appears, then you hit them. Continue into the next area.

Head west and bop the M Block for a Coin, then go downstairs and battle the Grombas. There are a few more if you go south and along the path. Otherwise, return to near where you started and go up and west along the northern edge and over the gap for a 10 Coin L Block. Go east and south to find another with a 1-Up Mushroom. Head onto the ledges to the west and beat the Grombas below - remember the one to the west! Get up onto the ledges now and go west. Bop the M Block for a Coin and continue northwest to the ! Block.

Hit it and a circle of blocks will appear. You need to hit the odd one out - it would be the one with the face circling clockwise (to the right), while the rest are going the other way (left/counterclockwise). It should start as the southernmost block, or it did for me anyways. Then go west into the next area.

There, you'll see a massive number of Grombas. You can battle them if you want, but you're mostly supposed to dodge them by jumping over them or going through the holes in their formation as you head southwest. There will be another odd-one-out puzzle there when you hit the ! Block. You have to find which was flashing during the fireball-ghost's speech while it moves around (and not flashing). For me, it ended up on the right side where it started. Whatever the case, the path to the next area will be opened when you get the right one, so continue along.

There, you'll find Peach and Toadsworth surrounded by dark fireballs! They dissipate once they're shouted at though for some reason. Anyways, there's something odd to the north - two Badges (Mish Badge & Starter Badge)! A staple of the Mario & Luigi RPG series, they are like typical RPG accessories and primarily serve to give special effects. Open the menu and look at them. Mario and Luigi each get one Badge - Luigi's determines the general effect (HP heal, BP heal, etc.) while Mario's determines the effect's strength.

You also got that rectangular thingie, like a pillow. =/ As you go south, you'll end up in another battle!

BOSS: Smoldergeist x4
  • Maximum HP: 12 HP each (don't jump when aflame)
  • EXP. Earned: 5 EXP. each, 20 total
  • Coins Earned: 10 Coins each, 40 total
  • Item Drops: Cozy Wear (20%)
  • Attacks:
    • Single Fireball - jump over; if eyes flash green, it goes Luigi, and red to Mario
    • Fireball Circle - jump over ring of fireballs with both bros if enemy is on ground, don't if not
    • Somersaulting - jump on or over

As the battle begins, Starlow will note the Badges at the bottom. To use the effects of Badges, you must fill up the gauge there using attacks, like in Bowser's Inside Story. Successful attacks mean gauge buildup - red for Mario's, green from Luigi's. Do your attacks and, this time, the gauge will fill. You can tap the heart on the Touch Screen to activate the Badges' effect: healing 30% of both bros' HP in this case. You can only store up to two Badge effects, though. Anyways, tap the heart twice and you'll get healed. You will also learn how to equip Badges and about Expert Challenges.

Anyways, once you get back to fighting, jump on the enemies pretty much, but avoid doing so while they're on fire or you'll get hurt. If the enemy is on fire, you just need to successfully dodge one of its attack or counter to get rid of the flames.

After the battle, a path to the south is opened up. Go ahead and use it. After the scene in the next area, grab the Mushroom to the left and defeat the enemies as you go downstairs. In the next area, you'll find a Save Block. Use it and continue onward.

In there, you'll find a collection of old-looking artifacts, including the Broque Monsieur. =P It is a collection room filled with Pi'illo Island artifacts. This apparently includes the pillow you found earlier. Suddenly, Luigi points out the ancient bed nearby. The Monsieur moronically allows Luigi to rest on the bed - using the ancient pillow no less!

Feel free to look around and investigate the plaques, but eventually try going south to meet up with some Toads, then Peach and an old Toad. Suddenly, Peach notifies the out-cold Luigi and a multi-colored ... thing appears from Luigi's head... his dreams, perhaps? Only Dr. Snoozemore would know, but he's elsewhere for now. Per RPG tradition, though, Peach plays the damsel in distress and gets sucked into Luigi's dream. And Mario, also per usual, enters.

Enter the Dream

[_] 1 Coin[_] 5 Coins[_] Nut[_] 5 Coins[_] 1 Coin[_] 1 Coin
[_] 5 Coins[_] Super Mushroom

Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
Dromba6 HP1 EXP.0~1 CoinN/AMushroom (2%)Discount Boots (1%)

In the multicolored space, you need to rotate Mario around with the Circle Pad and use the A Button to paddle around towards the top-right where Peach was. On the other side of the wormhole, you'll be in a 2D platformer area. Head to the right across the ledges and into the next area.

Head to the right and ascend the ledges, grabbing the Coin as you do. Get on the moving platform to the left and ascend the ledges to the ... Broque Monsieur? Continue up and to the gate he entered. Delve off to the right first and hit the ? Block for a Coin. On the other side of the gate, head to the far right and grab the 5 Coins from the ? Block. Head into the second gate and you can reach a Nut. Then head into the rightmost gate, then into the middle of the three to find ... Luigi!? ... Well, not quite: this is the Luigi of the dream world, aptly named Dreamy Luigi. Okay, whatever. Anyways, use the gate to the right.

Head right, save, and continue into the next area. After seeing Peach there, you can go through the gate to find the Dreamy Chez Broque Shop. If you've already gotten the Expert Boots, then you should just get the Picnic Boots for the other brother; if you've found Cozy Wears, they'll be fine over the So-So Wear. Other than that, just stock up on items.

Back in the main area, head to the right and bump the ! Block to release an enemy, causing a battle versus...

  • Maximum HP: ~12 HP each
  • EXP. Earned: 1 EXP. each, 10 total
  • Coins Earned: 1 Coin each, 10 total
  • Item Drops: N/A
  • Attacks:
    • Rolling at you - Jump on or over
    • "T" Strike - See strategy below

When the battle begins, Dreamy Luigi will become part of Mario, making him stronger. In fact, when you attack and get an Excellent, a crapload of Luigis will also attack, dealing out about six times the normal damage. O_o

You will also learn about countering in the dream world. You can use the Circle Pad to maneuver Up and Down here, which may cause you to deal more counterattacks. For example, in that "T"-shaped formation of Drombas, you get in line with the tail of the "T" and jump on them multiple times!

Anyways, that's about it for this tutorial. You should be readily able to slay 'em now! ;)

Get the 50 Coin in the enclosure, then jump up the ledges nearby and continue right into the next area. Go right and downhill there, beating Dromba hordes on the way. You'll soon reach a set of ledges where you can find 5 Coins in a ? Block, then 1 Coin further right, then 1 Coin on a ledge further to the right. You can ride a nearby moving ledge to five 5 Coins from an M Block and a Super Mushroom from an L Block. Continue right along ground level into the next area.

BOSS - Dreamy Mario Horde
  • Maximum HP: 96 HP each
  • EXP. Earned: 75 EXP.
  • Coins Earned: 45 Coins
  • Item Drops: So-So Boots
  • Attacks:
    • Tackle - Jump on or over
    • Meteor Mario - Jump over
    • Item Toss - Run for Coins and Mushrooms, but dodge fireballs
    • Star Tackle - Run from side to side to dodge or jump over

You just really need to be careful about not getting hit too much in this fight, since the horde of Dreamy Marios (number varies) will attack individually and as a whole at times, neither of which is particularly desireable. It will help if you get in a lot of Excellents, though. Especially true is that you should jump on the Dreamy Mario that jumps when they regenerate to stop such annoying attacks.

After the battle, Peach and the dark cloud go through a hole in the floor. Agh! Head right and into the next area. There, you see something ... big. Hop under it fifteen times to break it, releasing Prince Dreambert in the process.

Under the Castle

[_] 1 Coin[_] 1-Up Mushroom[_] 10 Coins[_] 5 Coins[_] 10 Coins[_] Mushroom
[_] 10 Coins[_] 1-Up Mushroom[_] 10 Coins

Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
Bloatula14 HP5 EXP.4 CoinsN/ANut (4%)Secret Box (2%)

Back in the real world, Luigi awakens and Prince Dreambert is released from the soft, fluffy clutches of his prison. After some revelations, we decide to simply follow the Prince for now, so go south an area. There, go up the east or west sets of ramps and north another area. Continue along the linear path into the next area.

Back in the castle lobby, you'll see Dreambert run off to the south. First, you can head northeast. There, go northeast and get the Coin from the ? Block. Go upstairs and into the next area, then go west and exit to the south. On the balcony, bop the ? Block for a 1-Up Mushroom, then return inside. In the southwest room is a ? Block with 10 Coins. Near the northern room is 5 Coin block, and there is another 10 Coin block in the northeast room.

You can also speak with the people at the desk to sleep in the inn for 10 Coins, thereby fully healing your HP/BP. After, head south of the main lobby and south of the castle entrance. After meeting with the Monsieur, go east an area and further east to the ? Block for a Mushroom. Go north an area and further west to find an Arrow Block. Basically, you can bounce it back and forth between Mario and Luigi for 10 Coins, then use the ? Block to the southwest for a 1-Up Mushroom.

Go south an area and bop the ? Block for 10 Coins. That'll do it for now; head south of the castle to the next area. There, go south and approach the bridge. As you cross, Luigi gets scared of the creaking noises, and logically so!

Down in the dungeon, head northeast and north along the path to find a Bloatula. Go north and west for two more, then go south and get 5 Coins from the ? Block. Head north to the next area and investigate the pillow on the ground. I suppose it's time to enter the dream world.

Dreaming Beneath Pi'illo Castle

[_] 1 Coin[_] 5 Coins[_] 10 Coins[_] 5 Coins[_] Nut[_] 5 Coins
[_] 5 Coins

Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
Dromba6 HP1 EXP.0~1 CoinN/AMushroom (2%)Discount Boots (1%)
Storch14 HP4 EXP.4 CoinsN/ASuper Mushroom (5%)N/A

Head left and grab the Coin from the ? Block, then go further left to battle the Storch. Head right along ground level to battle a Dromba. Head to the left now for a bit and a chunk of wall will fall down, breaking your bridge. Out of anger, Starlow suddenly tugs on Luigi's mustaches and then Dreambert decides to teach you about Luiginary Works.

Begin by pressing R to change the action icons; Luigi's becomes a parabolic green arrow. Press B and he'll become part of that pillar! Then, when Starlow begins tugging on Luigi's 'stache again, it changes the pillar-Luigi's! Try it out - put Mario next to Dreambert, then use the stylus to make Starlow really snap Luigi's mustache. ... Ouch. You can then use the same process that got Dreamy Luigi in this situation to get him out. Anyways, go left an area.

Battle the Dromba to the left, then use the Luiginary Work like before to get up above. Get Luigi outta there and get the 5 Coins to the right. Use the next Luiginary Work get on the ledge to the above-right, then get the 10 Coins from the block at the top. Use the moving ledge to get the 5 Coin block across the gap, then fall down from the ledge and hang left. Use the next Work to get up above to find a Nut. Get Luigi back and descend down the ledges and battle the Storch at the bottom, then go left to the next area.

Use the Work there to get up above. You can find some Coins to the right, and a ? Block with 5 Coins to the left. Use the vertically-moving ledge to continue up and find another 5 Coin block to the right. Head left from there, ride the ledge, and head right to the next Work. Use it to reach a ! Block, bop it, then use it again to get on the newly-formed bridge. Continue west to the next area.

There, you'll find a Nightmare Chunk, plus several more. Break this first one, then you'll get the counter in the bottom-right corner of the screen counting 'em down. Use the Luiginary Works nearby to smash 'em all - all you need to do is slingshot Mario into them!

Under Pi'illo Castle Still

[_] Mushroom[_] 1 Coin[_] Nut[_] 5 Coins[_] 5 Coins[_] 5 Coins
[_] 5 Coins[_] Mushroom[_] 5 Coins[_] 10 Coins[_] 1 Coin[_] Nut
[_] 5 Coins[_] 19 Coins[_] 5 Coins[_] 10 Coins[_] 7 Coins[_] Mushroom
[_] Mushroom[_] Candy[_] 10 Coins[_] 10 Coins

Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
Bloatula14 HP5 EXP.4 CoinsN/ANut (4%)Secret Box (2%)
Dromba6 HP1 EXP.0~1 CoinN/AMushroom (2%)Discount Boots (1%)
Storch14 HP4 EXP.4 CoinsN/ASuper Mushroom (5%)N/A

Back in the real world, we find that the Pi'illo has heard naught of Peach - oh well, back in the bubble with you! =P He does suggest finding Eldream the elder, found somewhere to the south of here. ('Course, in spherical geometry, that's also north.) So, probably Mushrise Park? The Pi'illo will lower the nearby bridge to ledge us through.

Go north and battle the Bloatulas, then snatch the Mushroom from the ? Block to the east. Head west and get the Coin from the block, then stomp on the Bloatula to the south. Head southwest and along the path to find another Pi'illo to rescue. Whelp, Luigi probably needs his beauty rest anyways.

In the dream world, go left an area. There, you'll find the area shaking again, this time as the exits seal themselves. Hm... What about that tornado back there? Have Luigi possess it and then scratch his nose - don't worry, if you use your stylus, you have no worries about germs. The sneeze will make this Luiginary Work blow a gust, sending stuff from the background (like that ? Block) to the foreground. Go ahead and hit that block for a Nut, then move around so that Luigi is behind the ! Block - he'll follow Mario - and tickle his schnozz. Hit the ! Block and the exits will re-open! Get Luigi back and move on.

Head to the left and possess the tornado in the background, then make Luigi sneeze to bring the ? Block to the foreground. Hit it for 5 Coins and continue right and up the ledges - you'll soon see five ? Blocks, so bring 'em here - they contain four sets of 5 Coins and a Mushroom. You can get 5 Coins form the ? Block to the right, too. Go back to where the five ? Blocks where and go left and across the gap. Break the Nightmare Chunk and return to where the ? Blocks were. Cross them and break the Nightmare Chunk to the right, then the two to the left and you'll free a Pi'illo.

Outside of the dream world, you'll meet said Pi'illo and get introduced to how they got in bubbles the first place. Anyways, speak with the bluish Pi'illo and ask for help to get on the ledge - simply press A and B as Mario and Luigi jump on him. Use the Arrow Block nearby for 10 Coins, then head south an area.

Defeat the nearby Bloatula, then go south and east at the fork to find a ? Block with a Coin and an L Block with a Nut. Head west to the next open area and battle the Bloatula there, then go south and east to find another Pi'illo. Enter the dream world through it.

Within the dream world, head up the ledges to the right and you'll see a huge Nightmare Chunk and a huge tornado nearby. For now, ride the nearby moving ledge and head right to the next area. there, battle the Dromba to the right. Get the 5 Coins further ahead, and dowse the nearby Storch. Continue right to the next area.

Defeat the Storch as you continue to the right. You'll soon find a bunch of ? Blocks in the background. Fall into the gap here and beat the Storch at the bottom. Head left and possess the Work in the background and sneeze all of the ? Blocks forward as you move to the right. The western bunch has 19 Coins, then there's 5 Coins in the area further east. Head up the ledges to find a Storch to torch and 10 Coins in a ? Block. Go back to the first set of ? Blocks and ascend to find another set in the background. Sneeze on them, for they are something to sneeze at, and plunder 7 Coins from them.

Go west and use the moving ledge to reach the upper area, then go to the right and cross the ? Blocks and bop another for a Mushroom. Head onto the big set of ? Blocks from before and cross them heading left. Continue left along ground level to a Dromba to battle. Further left is a Mushroom in a M Block, then there's another Storch to battle. Continue left into the next area. Possess the large tornado here and head to the far left. Sneeze and you'll be able to reach the Nightmare Chunk. Break it to release a Pi'illo, all in one piece.

Back in the real world, we find that Peach may be in Dream's Deep, the bottom of the bottom of the dream world, so to speak. Speak with the newly-released Pi'illo after this. You can bounce on his head like before, but this time hold Left on the Circle Pad to reach two ? Blocks. One has a Candy, and the other is a block alternating between M and L that can give around 10 Coins. Now bounce on the Pi'illo again and this time hold Right on the Circle Pad to reach the warp pipe. First get the 10 Coins to its east, then walk on in and, outside, go south an area.

A Walk in the Park

[_] 1-Up Mushroom[_] 1-Up Mushroom[_] Run-Down Hammer x2[_] 1 Coin[_] 10 Coins[_] 1 Coin
[_] 1-Up Mushroom

Use the nearby Save Block, then go south some towards what looks like a treasure chest. A merchant will come up and snatch it, though, claiming it's part of his wares. This "Shell Hutch" will fully heal you, first for free for now, but later for 10 Coins when buying a Pi'i-latte. You can also buy items here; see Mushrise Shell Hutch for details. You will probably want to buy some healing items and a Cozy Wear or two. Anywho, go south an area.

There, you'll watch some block guys speaking about the boulders that fell all over the place. Starlow eventually questions the supervising one about the Pi'illos; he pulls out one and notes that there are more all over the place. He doesn't wanna give up his special pillow, though, and flees. Suddenly, another wicked nor'easter blows through, tearing up a wind turbine that generated some power.

Begin by heading to the southeastern portion of the park area and speak with the block guy near the big rock. He'll speak of his hammers being on the nearby platform. Hm... Anyways, head south and jump on the flowers there and follow the chain of bridges to a ? Block with a 1-Up Mushroom within. Go north from there and you'll find a Pi'illo on the ground. Use it to enter the Ma-- I mean the dream world.

In the dream realm, head right and along ground level, dodging the boulders being blown around. You'll soon reach some platforms, and one has a 1-Up Mushroom ? Block on it. Get on the nearby platform and smash the Nightmare Chunk to release a Pi'illo.

Back outside, use the Pi'illo to get thrown onto the big pillar nearby. Head west and down to find some hammers. (I wonder... Mario has been getting hammers at least once per game since Super Mario RPG over 15 years ago. What keeps happening to them?) The block guy below will thank you for finding them, and you will therefore really get the two Run-Down Hammers. =P You can now change your action icons (R Button) to hammer stuff.

You can hammer the boulder to the east to grab one of the windmill feathers. Head to the southwest corner of the area and break the boulder there to find a block guy out cold ... by a feather. (Hey, it's not the craziest thing I've ever heard of. Play Zork I on the PC and tell it to throw a leaflet at yourself to kill yourself. O_o) ... Well, never mind, he was just napping. Anyways, free yellow feather.

Go south an area real quick and break the rocks there to the east and also bop the ? Block for a Coin. Return to the previous area and speak with the guy panicking near the unbudded flowers. After, smack the red button on the machine to fix the flowers. Use them to get on the ledge and down to the ground on the other side. Break the rocks there and head west to the next area.

Break the rocks here and climb onto the northern ledges, then head east to the previous area. Bop the ? Block further east for 10 Coins, then go back an area. Head southwest to find another ? Block with a Coin, then go north and break some more boulders. Head up top and speak with the grateful Toad who will hand over a 1-Up Mushroom for your trouble. That's about it for here; head southwest and south to the next area.

The Chase Continues

[_] 1 Coin[_] 10 Coins[_] 5 Coins[_] 1 Coin[_] 10 Coins[_] 10 Coins
[_] Candy[_] 5 Coins[_] Syrup Jar[_] 1 Coin[_] 1 Coin[_] 10 Coins
[_] 1 Coin[_] Mushroom[_] 10 Coins[_] 1 Coin[_] Super Candy

Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
Capnap16 HP15 EXP.5 CoinsN/AMushroom (5%)Candy (2%)
Flibbee38 HP17 EXP.7 CoinsJump when flying, Hammer if notSyrup Jar (10%)So-So Hammer (2%)
Thorb8 HP16 EXP.6 CoinsSpiked - can't jump on itNut (5%)N/A

As you enter, you'll see a Toad get cornered by some kind of spiky enemies. This just ends up being a tutorial on how to use hammers in battle, which is good in case you fight spiky enemies because you can't jump on them. The idea is the same as previous Mario & Luigi RPG games - choose and approach your target. The further back you draw the hammer, the more damage you do, but too far and you do very little. A similar idea works for counterattacking, but the charge-up is not automatic, but based on you holding A/B.

After the battle, you'll get an Attack Piece for Mushrise Park. Attack Pieces, again like previous Mario & Luigi RPG games, give you special Bros. Attacks that are more powerful than normal ones, but use BP. Get all ten for an area and you get the attack. Anywho, head southeast and you'll find something called a "Slingshroom" - it is a platform you can stand on and hammer to fly. The more you hammer, the more you fly. Hammer it twice to find an Attack Piece!

Hammer your way out of the enclosure and dethorn the nearby Thorb. Go north and hit the Slingshroom once to find another Attack Piece. Go south for yet another Slingshroom - hit it twice for yet another Attack Piece. Beat up the Thorb to the east, then go further east for two more. Eventually, you'll need to go south to the next area.

There, head south and you'll soon run into a Capnap. To the southeast of there are some Seesaw Mushrooms. Basically, you hammer one and another of the same color goes up. In this case, hit the east one so you can get on the ledge to the north for another Attack Piece. Climb the ledges to the east of there and grab the Coin from the ? Block, then break the nearby rocks because, y'know, we can.

Go south and west across the bridge to find a ? Block yielding 10 Coins and head south. Bang the Seesaw 'Shrooms there, then hit the nearby Slingshroom twice to reach another Attack Piece. Get out of this tight space and head to the southwest corner to find another block, this one yielding 5 Coins. Go north from there to find a ? Block with 1 Coin, then further north to find a Capnap, probably napping. Now then, head back along to the first Slingshroom used in this area and hammer it three times, then hammer the next Slingshroom once.

Hey, this looks familiar... Anyways, grab the nearby Attack Piece plus the 10 Coins further east. Then use the Slingshroom again. Use the Seesaw Mushrooms to the west of there - first hit the tall blue one, then quickly get the tall red one twice to get on the ledge. There, you'll find another Attack Piece, plus an Arrow Block yielding 10 Coins. Return to ground level and head further west. Hammer this Slingshroom twice to be able to reach a ninth Attack Piece! Just one more to go; head south and east from the northeast corner to head to the next area.

There, you'll see several Capnaps running around. The block guy has problems with letting you through initially, and he's almost swayed until Luigi decides he needs a migraine. A Toad comes by and hands you the tenth and final Attack Piece, though! We decide to use a Bros. Attack to sway the dude! >:)

This particular attack is called 3D Red Shell and costs 4 BP. It's little different than the usual first Bros. Attack in this series - press A and B (Mario and Luigi) alternatingly to kick a shell, which will deal damage but increment its speed and, in this case, you also get closer. You will get to test this out in battle against three Capnaps, and be told by Starlow of Syrup Jars that can restore BP. (BP is not shared between bros - whoever decides to use the attack loses the BP. That's also why only Mario can use the 3D Red Shell, for example.) You also learn that both bros must obviously be conscious (above 0 HP) and not hit with the Burn/Trip statuses to do these attacks. Anyways, finish the battle - it might be better to just use Jumps/Hammers than Bros. Attacks for now, since there's little point in wasting BP.

Defeat the enemies on the ground nearby. You can break the southern rocks if you want to snatch up some Candy. You can also use the Seesaw 'Shrooms to the north to grab 5 Coins and a Syrup Jar, then head east to the next area.

Hit the ? Block nearby for a Coin, then another Coin further north. Then continue north to the next area to hear a cackle in the distance: Boss Brickle. He ends up slipping on the water fountain and gets stuck. I'd personally just leave 'im there, but he still has that pillow. Whatever then. Head west and north to find an L Block with 10 Coins in it, then go northeast. Hit the red switch on the gate to open it, then ascend the eastern ledges for a Coin. Defeat the nearby Flibbees, then get the Mushroom to the southeast.

Go north an area from there and continue along into another area. Use the M/L Block there for 10 Coins, then the ? Block for a Coin. Go north and defeat the Flibbee, then use the Seesaw 'Shrooms (hit the third, then fourth) to go west an area. Take the Super Candy there, hit the ground, destroy the boulders, and go back to the fountain area - we're done here. Use the northwestern warp pipe to go underground.

Mushrise Park Underground (and More)

[_] 10 Coins[_] 10 Coins[_] So-So Wear[_] 1 Coin[_] Discount Hammer

Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
Capnap16 HP15 EXP.5 CoinsN/AMushroom (5%)Candy (2%)
Flibbee38 HP17 EXP.7 CoinsJump when flying, Hammer if notSyrup Jar (10%)So-So Hammer (2%)
Thorb8 HP16 EXP.6 CoinsSpiked - can't jump on itNut (5%)N/A

After Starlow's chatting, head east and battle the Flibbee, then get on the ledge to the north and head west to a M/L Block for 10 Coins. Get back on the ground and go east and south along the path, battling a Capnap and a Flibbee on the way. Head west from there to find an Arrow Block yielding 10 Coins, then hop onto the ledge to the north and go west. Break the rocks that impede you, as well as the Capnap behind them. Continue north and hammer the crack in the wall, then jump onto the revealed ledge.

Head eastward and, when you exit, head west to get some So-So Wear from a ? Block. Head southeast and southwest from there to find the water pump. There, you need to use a slot machine-like mechanic to boost the water pressure - get three blue circles in a row to boost the pressure. (You will work from left to right.) It's pretty easy, as the circles come in tight groups - when you start seeing blue circles on your slot, press the A Button pretty much. (Turn on the 3D when you're done.)

During the scene, the boss dude will decide to let you have the pillow back in the maintenance hut. Meanwhile, he'll hand over 10 Attack Pieces for a new Bros. Attack: the 3D Green Shell. (Basically the same as the other one.) Cool. Anyways, head after the block guy into the next area.

There, hit the Save Block and head on down. Hit the ? Block to the west for a Coin and the L Block for a Discount Hammer. Then head east to find what all the commotion is about...

BOSS - Grobot
  • Maximum HP: 288 HP
  • EXP. Earned: 250 EXP.
  • Coins Earned: 75 Coins
  • Item Drops: So-So Hammer
  • Attacks:
    • Water Bubble - Jump over small ones, stay still for big ones
    • Water Jet Tackle - Hammer counter
    • 3D Water Bubbles - Jump over them all: this one really hurts! If you successfully dodge all eight (just have both bros jump to make it easy), you'll deal eight damage to the enemy

You just really need to be careful about not getting hit too much in this fight for the most part. I will note that it is a good idea to abuse your Bros. Attacks, since they should be doing about 40 damage each by now. If not that, try to avoid your likely-weaker hammer attacks, since they only did about 75% of the jumps' damage for me.

Anyways, you'll get Eldream's Pillow after the fight. Once you regain control, go northeast to the bed, then head south/southeast and along the path to find some rocks. Break 'em and you can find an M Block with 50 Coins and a ? Block with 10 Coins. Then approach the aforementioned bed and Luigi take an undeserved nap.