Review by Woorm_Wood_

Reviewed: 07/24/14

Fun arcade-style time waster

I'm only writing this because it is painfully obvious that the so-called professionals panning this game never got past the screen describing the control scheme.

Many reviews of this game describe it as a very poor RPG that is mindless shovelware, completely lacking in strategy, yet having lush graphics and excellent sound.

All of those claims are ridiculous.

Yes, "Witch and Hero" draws obvious visual inspiration from the RPGs of old, particularly the 8 and 16 bit entries in the "Dragon Warrior" series. But to call it an RPG suggests that the reviewer never even bothered to play the game. "Witch and Hero" revolves around protecting the center of the screen from enemies and defeating them by running into them. You don't explore dungeons or talk to villagers because there is nothing beyond the tower defense gameplay and stat screens that you have any control over. You can't even change swords. The sword and shield in the "store" are merely visual shorthand for attack and defense statistics. This is an action game with an RPG-like stat system based on tokens, a linear world map, and a rudimentary storyline, that is all window dressing.

Calling it mindless or lacking in strategy is only defensible if you would say the same of "Space Invaders", "Asteroids", or any of the thousands of other simple arcade games which rely on reflexes and hand-eye coordination rather than reading skills or the ability to patiently wait out badly acted cutscenes.

The gameplay of "Witch And Hero" requires you to carefully position Hero to take out enemies as swiftly and painlessly as possible while still gathering coins, powerups, and XP tokens. Every enemy has their soft spot, but sometimes you need to run into them headlong to defend the center successfully. You must also consider when and where to kill, when to give powerups to Witch for maximum effect, and even how to strategically faint. This game requires good timing and coordination, and reviewers who complain about having to grind in order to get through levels just don't have the finesse necessary for this genre.

Finally, to say that this game has lush graphics or excellent sound suggests that the reviewer has only now emerged from the bunker they entered in the late 1990s, Gameboy Color safely ensconsed in their TMNT fannypack. You can get a lot of gameplaying done while waiting for nuclear winter to end, but that does not excuse calling a game with graphics and music on par with the first two generations of Pokemon "lush". It is flapjack-flipping silly.

The graphics and sound are not exactly bad, and are perfectly in keeping with the game's style, but that style is old. This is a game that looks and sounds old. Old enough to reference memes on these very forums.

Numerical ratings for games are also intensely silly, but are required by the GameFAQs format. This one gets a 8 because it is above average in fun and excitement, but rather shallow, as games in its genre tend to be.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Witch & Hero (US, 04/18/13)

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