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by RedIsPoetic

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FAQ/Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 10/18/13

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Controls
    2. Exploring, Collecting and Battling
  2. Walkthrough
    1. Vaniville Town
    2. Route 1 - Vaniville Pathway
    3. Aquacorde Town
    4. Route 2 - Avance Trail
    5. Santalune Forest
    6. Route 3 - Ouvert Way
    7. Santalune City
    8. Route 22 - Detourner Way
    9. Santalune City Gym
    10. Route 4 - Parterre Way
    11. Lumiose City
    12. Route 5 - Versant Road
    13. Camphrier Town
    14. Shabboneau Castle
    15. Route 7 - Riviere Walk
    16. Route 6 - Palais Lane
    17. Parfum Palace
    18. Route 6 - Palais Lane (Side Paths)
    19. Route 7 - Riviere Walk Continued
    20. Connecting Cave - Zubat Roost
    21. Route 8 - Muraille Coast
    22. Ambrette Town
    23. Route 9 - Spikes Passage
    24. Glittering Cave
    25. Route 8 - Muraille Coast Continue
    26. Cyllage City
    27. Cyllage City Gym
    28. Route 10 - Menhir Trail
    29. Geosenge Town
    30. Route 11 - Miroir Way
    31. Reflection Cave
    32. Shalour City
    33. Tower of Mastery
    34. Shalour City Gym
    35. Route 12 - Fourrage Road
    36. Azure Bay
    37. Courmarine City
    38. Courmarine City Gym
    39. Route 13 - Lumiose Badlands
    40. Kalos Power Plant
    41. Lumiose City Again
    42. Lumiose City Gym
    43. Lumiose City Exploration
    44. Route 14 - Laverre Nature Trail
    45. Laverre City
    46. Laverre City Gym
    47. Poke Ball Factory
    48. Route 15 - Brun Way
    49. Lost Hotel
    50. Route 16 - Melancolie Path
    51. Lost Hotel Continued
    52. Route 16 - Melancolie Path Continued
    53. Dendemill Town
    54. Frost Cavern
    55. Route 17 - Mamoswine Road
    56. Anistar City
    57. Anistar City Gym
    58. Lysandre Labs
    59. Team Flare Secret HQ
    60. Route 18 - Vallee Etroite Way
    61. Terminus Cave
    62. Couriway Town
    63. Route 19 - Grande Vallee Way
    64. Snowbelle City
    65. Route 20 - Winding Woods
    66. Pokemon Village
    67. Snowbelle City Gym
    68. Route 21 - Derniere Way
    69. Victory Road
    70. Pokemon League
  3. Post-Game Walkthrough
    1. Back In Vaniville Town
    2. Kiloude City
    3. Catching Zygarde
    4. Catching Mewtwo
    5. Catching The Legendary Bird Pokemon
  4. Other Areas
    1. Battle Chateau
    2. Battle Institute
    3. Battle Maison
    4. Friend Safari
    5. Hotel Richissime
  5. Appendices
    1. Type Vs. Type Chart
    2. Move List - Old Moves
    3. Move List - New Moves
    4. Shop List
    5. Item List - General
    6. Item List - Medicine
    7. Item List - Berries
    8. Item List - Key Items
    9. Item List - TMs & HMs
    10. Medal List
  6. Version History
  7. Legal Notice
  8. Contact Me
  9. Credits
  10. Final Word

Dedicated to Danni! Thanks for being so patient with me while I write this. <3

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Spoiler Warning: This guide naturally contains plot spoilers, as well as spoilers on who Gym Leaders are, what other characters are present in the game etc. You've received fair warning.


Hey, hey, hey everyone! I'm back with another Pokemon guide, this time for the newest generation! Get keen! I know I am! It's been a while since I've done a decent FAQing project, so I figured I'd smash it out. And with all of the great feedback from the last one, how could I say 'no'? So here I am, writing a guide for you guys. I really hope you enjoy!

The newest installment of Pokemon, on a basic level, included a lot of additions that should have happened a while ago but simply never did, as well as including the best bits of a lot of the previous installments. It also has some beautiful pop culture references which are just awesome and really cater to the older audience, which is much appreciated.

I hope you guys enjoy the guide. It was genuine fun writing for it and a bit of an adventure in its own right. Have fun!

- RedIsPoetic


The in-game controls vary depending on whether you're in battle, navigating a menu or exploring the world. The varying uses are explained below. The control is listed on the left and it function's listed to its right.

AUse, Select Option
BCancel, Hold and use D-Pad to run
XOpens/Closes Pause Menu
YUse registered item, if one is registered
StartNo Use
SelectNo Use
UpMove character up, scroll up options
DownMove character down, scroll down options
LeftMove character left, move left through options
RightMove character right, move right through options
LSwitch between minigames
RSwitch between minigames
Touch ScreenSelect pressed option
Circle PadUse roller skates

Exploring, Collecting and Battling

Exploring the world of Pokemon, collecting Pokemon and using them to battle are the three primary elements that constitute the core of every Pokemon game's gameplay. Each of these will be given an overview.


An integral part of any Pokemon game is its sense of adventure and seeing wondrous things. Visiting towns and cities with your Pokemon and speaking to residents to hear many of the entertaining, informative and quirky things that they have to say are just one element of the many that make up exploration. The Pokemon world is made up of a three primary places, which are:

  • Towns and cities
  • Routes
  • Special Wilderness Locations

Within towns and cities, there are few trainer battles, except in specially designated areas such as Pokemon Gyms where there are many more. In these places you can buy and sell items, heal your Pokemon and talk to other people, sometimes getting some very cool items!

Routes are the primary areas of wilderness that connect towns. They almost always feature many trainers that are itching to battle. They also contain grass (or dark sand or another equivalent depending on the climate of the route) which can be moved through to find wild Pokemon, which can be caught.

The final area type is special wilderness locations. These generally don't connect cities, but instead branch of from other areas of all kinds. They also feature wild Pokemon and trainers and quite often need to explored to advance the plot and tend to have a more interesting 'theme' to them than what Routes do.

Exploring the Pokemon world is all about imagination and losing yourself in a bit of a child-like fashion. It's about the sense of realism and the feeling that the world is very much alive and not just a computer-generated entity.


Collecting and assembling your own unique party of Pokemon is one of the many awesometastic things that you can do in any and all Pokemon games. You collect Pokemon through catching them in the wild. This is done by throwing Poke Balls at them when they're weak and about to faint.

Although you can collect as many Pokemon as your PC can hold (which is a lot), you can only carry six around with you at any one time which form your party. These are the ones that you use in battle. Collecting and assembling a strong party is all a part of the fun!


The heart of Pokemon games, battling is where the game shines. In battles, one Pokemon is pitted against another. These Pokemon duke it out, attacking each other with moves until one prevails and the other faints. Obviously there is more to it than that, but this gives you an overall idea.

There are two types of battles, Wild battles and Trainer battles. Wild battles are against a single (or sometimes two or three in double and triple battles) wild Pokemon. Wild Pokemon are generally weaker than Pokemon that have been raised by a trainer, but can still be very dangerous.

The basic structure of a Pokemon battle is as follows. The first Pokemon in your party is sent out, followed by the first Pokemon of your opponent's party. If it's a wild Pokemon, it simply appears alone. Each Pokemon takes turns using a move. Moves can either be offensive and directly damage the enemy, or passive, meaning that they boost your own Pokemon stats, lower your opponent's stats or maybe even inflict them with a Status Ailment.

Both sides choose which move they will use at the beginning of the turn. The Pokemon with the higher speed stat generally uses their move first, followed by the other Pokemon's move. Play continues until one Pokemon faints. If the battle was against a Wild Pokemon which faints, it ends. If it was against a trainer which has more than one Pokemon and the first one faints, he chooses his next Pokemon and it appears. If your own Pokemon faints, you must choose your next Pokemon. Once all Pokemon on one side have been defeated, the other team is declared the winner.

Moves that deal damage sometimes have secondary effects and have different 'Base Damage' values. Type Match-Ups come into play here and often decide whether a Pokemon wins or loses.

Besides attacking, a player has two other options (three if it's a battle in the wild). The first is to use an item. Using an item means that the Pokemon can't use a move that turn. Items have a range of effects, from healing to Pokemon to catching them. Items are used before the other Pokemon uses its move. Items are an essential part of battling and using them well can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The second option is to switch Pokemon. This costs you a turn, but this means you can send out a Pokemon that is more powerful against the enemy, or just simply stronger. A third option is available in the wild, which is to 'Run'. if you run from a battle, it immediately ends. If your Pokemon is of a higher level than your opponent's, it's more likely that you will be successful in running from a battle. If you fail in running however, you lose your turn and your opponent can use a move.

These various features are the basics of what a Pokemon battle is.

Double, Triple and Rotation Battles

Besides single battles, there are also Double, Triple and Rotation battles. In these battles, two or three Pokemon are on the field at once, for each side. They each have a variety of special rules.

Double Battles

In these battles, it's obviously 2v2. The first two Pokemon in each player's party are sent out. The actions of the two Pokemon on both sides are chosen before anything happens. This can include using items or switching with other Pokemon, allowing for you to use items, switch Pokemon out twice etc. in a single turn. Using moves now also requires you to use select your target. Moves can have a number of target types and you can target both team mates and enemies. After all Pokemon have performed an action, any Pokemon that fainted during that turn will be replaced by another Pokemon, not immediately after they faint before anyone else performs their action. Other than this, battles play out in a similar way to Single Battles.

Triple Battles

In these battles, three Pokemon from each side are used, totally six Pokemon on the battlefield. Battles work just like Double Battles, except each side has an extra Pokemon to use. The two main things consider here (and one's an extension of the other) are Range and Pokemon placement.

Most moves have a Range extending only to those adjacent to them (including diagonally). In Triple Battles, Pokemon on the left or right side of the group can only target the enemy on their side, the middle enemy and the middle ally. Meanwhile, the Pokemon in the middle can target all other Pokemon, both enemies and allies. If a move is 'Long Range', they can target all other Pokemon, no matter where they are positioned on the field.

Pokemon placement is important here. You should position Pokemon in a way so that they're up against enemy Pokemon that their type is strong against. Obviously, in the case of the middle Pokemon, they should be hardier than the other Pokemon and should be at least type-neutral to all three enemy Pokemon. If their type's strong against them, all the better.

There is also one extra type of action that can be performed in Triple Battles, called 'Moving'. A Pokemon, instead of using a move, item etc., can opt to switch with an adjacent teammate. When it reaches their turn, the two Pokemon switch places. If the other Pokemon that moved then performs a move after and the target is now out of range, the move misses entirely, so be careful with it. If there's no Pokemon to switch with (ie. there are only two or one that haven't yet fainted in the entire party), they will simply move into the empty position.

Rotation Battles

The black sheep of battle-types, Rotation Battles work similarly to Single Battles, but have three Pokemon on the field at once, per side. In these battles, there is one 'active' Pokemon on each team, with the others standing to the side. Each turn, only this Pokemon performs an action. What differs this battle-type from others is the ability to rotate.

Rotating occurs before any moves are used. Neither side knows the Pokemon that the other side will rotate to, if they rotate at all, meaning that it's all about prediction. Obviously, using a range of Pokemon types will be of advantage here, so that you can switch to a strong type whenever the enemy rotates. If you have one type that's strong against the types of all of the enemy Pokemon, this should be used all the time. To rotate, simply select the 'Fight' option, then press the rotating arrows on the bottom left and right corners of the bottom screen to switch to the other Pokemon. When you do, select a move to use for them. If an item is used the currently active Pokemon will stay active. If a Pokemon is switched with one not on the field, the currently active Pokemon is the one that's switched out. Keep these things in mind when using items or switching Pokemon.

Type Match-Ups

What makes Pokemon battles unique is the use of the type system. Each Pokemon has one or two types, which reflect what kind of Pokemon they are. A fish Pokemon will be a water type, while a plant Pokemon will be a grass type; it's all pretty logical. What does this mean for battling though?

Well, as in real life, some things 'beat' others. Water douses fire and in the same way, Water-type moves used on a Fire-type Pokemon deal more damage. Fire-type moves also deal less damage to Water-Type Pokemon because of this. Not all types are strong or weak against all other types, but there are many that work in this way. Some types can't even damage Pokemon of certain types, such as Poison-Type moves when used on a Steel-Type Pokemon. Taking proper advantage of type match-ups is what separates the best from the rest.

To see the full type match-up chart, click the following link for the Type Vs. Type Chart.

Status Ailments

There a number of special Status Ailments which affect Pokemon in various ways. These can be caused by a number of ways, most notably moves, such as Sing. Just like they can be caused, they can also be cured. Some moves can cure them, but items and healing your Pokemon at a Pokemon Center are the primary ways to cure status ailments.

The primary ailments are as follows:

  • Burn

The Pokemon takes some damage at the end of every turn. Caused by some Fire-type moves. Can be cured with a Burn Heal.

  • Freeze

The Pokemon sometimes cannot physically move and therefore lose their turn. Caused by some Ice-type moves. Can be cured with an Ice Heal.

  • Paralysis

The Pokemon sometimes cannot physically move and therefore lose their turn. Caused by some Electric-type moves. Can be cured with a Parlyz Heal.

  • Poison

The Pokemon takes some damage at the end of every turn. Caused by some Poison-type moves. Can be cured with an Antidote.

  • Sleep

The Pokemon cannot perform any action. Caused by a variety of moves of differing types. Can be cured with an Awakening. Cures naturally after a number of turns in battle. Upon waking, the Pokemon will immediately perform its selected move.

These ailments transfer between battles and can be quite impairing unless dealt with as soon as possible. Of course, your Pokemon aren't the only ones that can inflict status ailments so make sure you're using them against your opponents too!

Becoming Pokemon World Champion

One of your primary goals in X/Y is to become the Pokemon World Champion. This is done by beating the Elite Four, four extremely talented trainers. To be able to face them however, you must defeat the eight Gym Leaders in your region, the Unova region. They are spread out among various cities and you must travel to find, meet and challenge them. If you beat one, they present you with a Gym Badge. Having all eight Gym Badges grants you the right to face the Elite Four. This task isn't easy and will take many hours to achieve, but progresses naturally along with the rest of the storyline.


The meat of the guide. This is probably what you're here for. You know the drill. Make good use of the blue internal hyperlinks that allow you to skip around sections too. Enjoy!

A town whose flower is about to blossom

Okay! The adventure begins once more! After picking your gender, complexion and name, you'll begin in your bedroom with grand music playing. Feel free to walk around the room and interact with things. When you're ready, head to the mirror and interact with it to change into your clothes. You can hold 'B' in to run now. Head downstairs. You'll be greeted by your mum. Turns out you've only just moved into the town, just like in R/S/E. Cool! Head on outside.

You'll be greeted by a couple of people who'll introduce themselves as Serena (if you're playing as the guy) or Calem (if you're playing as the girl) and Shauna. They'll say to meet the Pokemon professor in the next town to get Pokemon! They'll head out the town gates. Well, may as well follow. Feel free to explore the town first, but there's nothing of real note to do here. Once you're ready, head on out!

Route 1 - Vaniville Pathway

Honestly, there's nothing noteworthy here. Head north straight to the next town.

Water and civilization in harmony

Upon entering Aquacorde, someone to your left will yell out. Head over to the table with people sitting around it. You'll sit down ('sit'?! ohmygod, how new!) and speak with what appears to be 'the gang'. You'll immediately be asked to choose a nickname for yourself. Go ahead and choose one of the three they suggested, or something completely different. Once you've chosen and confirmed, they'll mention that you can choose your starter Pokemon now! How non-chalant of them. And here they are:

The Grass-type Pokemon


The Fire-type Pokemon


The Water-type Pokemon


Once you've chosen, you'll be offered to nickname your Pokemon. Do so if you want. After you choose your Pokemon, your rival and Shauna from earlier will grab the two that you didn't choose. And then you'll get your Pokedex! Awesomeness! You can use that to record information about the Pokemon you meet on your travels. You'll also get given Prof's Letter. It needs delivering to your mother. After that, the two guys will wander off. Turns out you need to get permission from your mother first before you go on an adventure. Pokemon logic is slowly becoming more like real logic!

May as well try and head back to your mother now. Start heading south and you'll get stopped by Shauna as you're leaving. Throwback to Gen I, it's time for a starting Pokemon battle!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Trainer Shauna

[If Chespin was your starter]


[If Fennekin was your starter]


[If Froakie was your starter]


It's an easy enough battle, just spam the enemy with your strongest Pokemon move. They're at a type disadvantage to you, so use the move that's of the same type as your Pokemon and they'll quickly die. Once you've taken her out, she'll heal up your Pokemon. Head back to Vaniville Town, back to your house. Speak with your mum once you're inside and she'll practically start pushing you out the door telling you to start your adventure. Back to Pokemon logic! She'll give you a Town Map though. That should come in handy! If you don't know how to use it, say so and get given the tutorial on it. Otherwise, head on outside. Your mum's Rhyhorn will come over and say a goodbye and your mum will send you off. I guess it's time to go. Head back to Aquacorde Town.

Once you're back, it's time to start exploring the place. Head north and down the set of stairs. At the bottom you'll see a person wandering about. Talk to him and he'll give you a free Potion, how nice. In this area you'll find the Pokemon Center off to your right, as well as the Potion Pokemart. To your left you'll find the Poke Ball Pokemart. The shop lists are as below:

Aquacorde Town Pokeball Pokemart - 0 & 1 Badge

Poke Ball$200

There's no one else of consequence to talk to here, so feel free to visit the Pokemon Center (although your Pokemon's currently fine). Don't worry about buying any Poke Balls, you'll get plenty given to you when you head out so you can catch Pokemon. From there, you should head on out! Head north over the bridge. You'll momentarily be stopped by the hiker there, warning you that Pokemon live in tall grass and explaining that your Pokemon will protect. Once he's done, continue on into Route 2.

Route 2 - Avance Trail

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
BunnelbyNormal%Tall Grass
CaterpieBug%Tall Grass
FletchlingNormal/Flying%Tall Grass
PidgeyNormal/Flying%Tall Grass
ScatterbugBug%Tall Grass
WeedleBug/Poison%Tall Grass
ZigzagoonNormal%Tall Grass

Head north and start walking through that tall grass. You'll probably end up having your first wild Pokemon battle here. Enjoy. Feel free to catch any Pokemon you see in the area, once you get Poke Balls. To do so, you need to get them to low health without making them faint then throw a Poke Ball at them. If you're lucky, you should catch them! Once you head past the first patch of grass, you'll run into Shauna and your rival. They'll actually show you how to catch Pokemon. Once you're done watching the tutorial, your rival will give you ten Poke Balls. Wowee! feel free to stroll around a bit catching Pokemon. If your Pokemon ever get too hurt, just head back into town and heal.

Once you're ready, continue heading north until you reach the entrance to a forest. A person's standing in front of it. If you move in front of him, he'll want to battle, so be ready. Once you're good to go, start the battle!

Trainer Battle: Youngster Austin

Once defeated, it's time to head into Santalune Forest. Awesome.

Santalune Forest

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
CaterpieBug%Tall Grass
FletchlingNormal/Flying%Tall Grass
PanpourWater%Tall Grass
PansageGrass%Tall Grass
PansearFire%Tall Grass
PikachuElectric%Tall Grass
ScatterbugBug%Tall Grass
WeedleBug/Poison%Tall Grass
KakunaBug/Poison%Tall Grass
MetapodBug%Tall Grass

Once inside, starting walking and Shauna will come up behind you and tell you that she wants to travel with you. She offers to heal your Pokemon whenever you face and talk with her, so no need to complain! Get her to heal them straight away then begin exploring. Let's head west first. Continue that way past a person and into the tall grass. In the corner you'll see an item. Pick it up to find an Antidote. Head back out of the grass and head north. You'll find another item nearby. Go over and pick it up too. It's a Potion. Now head back to the entrance and head east. You'll find an item on the pathway. It's another Potion. Coolbeans.

Follow the path and you'll run into the friends you made earlier. Feel free to speak with them if you want, although there's no need. Once you're good, keep going. Shauna will stop you after a little while and show you how to find hidden items, giving you the Paralyze Heal she found. Cool! Go north and you'll find a youngster there. Feel free to talk with him and have him challenge you to a battle.

Trainer Battle: Youngster Joey

Once he's defeated, head west then south, through the grass. Follow the path along until you see your rival. When you do, speak with her and she'll give you one more Poke Ball. Yay! Continue on and you'll bump into a lass. How freaking swell.

Trainer Battle: Lass Anna

Once she's done for keep going south. You'll see another Lass. Let's do this!

Trainer Battle: Lass Lise

Continue past her down the thin path to your east. You'll find a Poke Ball at the end. Sweet. Head back and continue on. In the next lot of tall grass you'll find a Potion. Snatch it up and head north. Once your out of the tall grass make sure to get Shauna to heal you as you won't get another chance for a while. Keep heading north then and you'll eventually arrive at the end of the forest. Your friends will catch up and you'll be able to head into Route 3! Awesome.

Route 3 - Ouvert Way

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
AzurillNormal/Fairy%Tall Grass
BidoofNormal%Tall Grass
BunnelbyNormal%Tall Grass
BurmyBug%Tall Grass
DunsparceNormal%Tall Grass
FletchlingNormal/Flying%Tall Grass
PidgeyNormal/Flying%Tall Grass
PikachuElectric%Tall Grass
MagikarpWater%Fishing - Old Rod
CorphishWater%Fishing - Good Rod
GoldeenWater%Fishing - Good Rod
CrawdauntWater/Dark%Fishing - Super Rod
GyaradosWater/Flying%Fishing - Super Rod
SeakingWater%Fishing - Super Rod

You'll talk with your friends and your rival will give you the Adventure Rules. Might be handy to check out. Once your friends are done chatting, head north! More battles! THe first one's against a Preschooler. This should be brutal, be careful!

Trainer Battle: Preschooler Oliver

Next up after the Preschooler is a... Preschooler! This one's a girl though.

Trainer Battle: Preschooler Ella

Continue past her and head down the steps. Something will fly past. Wut just happened?? Above you you'll see a bush that can be Cut later once you're able to, but until then you won't be able to grab the item behind it. Anyway, head south instead and you'll find another trainer. You can head into the next city first and heal your Pokemon if you need.

Trainer Battle: Schoolgirl Bridget

From there, head south-west, down to the ledges. Jumping over a ledge means that you can't jump back past it, so it's a one way deal. Jump down to the item below you. Grab it to find that it's a Super Potion. How super! Head west then north, looping back around to where you were before. You'll be stopped by a trainer as you go.

Trainer Battle: Schoolboy Brighton

Keep heading north and you'll be back to where you were. Continue that direction and you'll be in the next city. Hell yes! How exciting!

A traditional city

The Pokemon Center is directly in front of you when you enter Santalune. Let's head in and heal up first. One of your friends will appear and he'll tell you about things and stuff. Once he's done, heal up and buy any items here that you might want. The shop list is as below.

Santalune City Pokemart

Left Clerk
See entry under Shop List corresponding to how many badges you currently have
Right Clerk
X Speed$350
X Attack$500
X Defense$550
Guard Spec.$700
Dire Hit$650
X Accuracy$950
X Sp. Atk$350
X Sp. Def$350

You'll also see that behind the Pokemon Center counter, to the left is a change room. In the future, when you get more clothing, you'll be able to duck in there and customise your outfit. How awesome! The PC next to the Pokemon Center counter can also be used to store and retrieve Pokemon. If you caught more than six Pokemon and want to move one of the stored Pokemon into your party, you can do so now. Once you're ready we can head out and explore!

Right next door to the center is a clothing shop. Ooooh! Walk in and you'll be greeted. Look at the hats at the back of the store to see what might take your fancy. Enjoy!

Santalune City Clothing Shop

Logo CapRedHat$800
Logo CapBlackHat$800
Knit CapBlackHat$3,100
Camo CapOliveHat$800
Outdoors CapBeigeHat$3,100
ButtonGrayAccessory - Hat$500
ButtonPinkAccessory - Hat$500
ButtonPurpleAccessory - Hat$500
ButtonLime GreenAccessory - Hat$500
FeatherGreenAccessory - Hat$1,400

Feel free to buy anything that you want and head back into the Pokemon Center to change into it. Once you're done, head west from the Pokemon Center. The girl in the house second from the end to your west will measure how strong the relationship between you and the first Pokemon in your party. The house at the end contains a woman who will tell you all about each badge in the game, which you might find useful. Once you're done with those two houses, head back east until you see the fountain. Head up to it, then head east, to the house at the end. Talk to the kid inside and he'll hand you a Great Ball. Cool. Head west back to the fountain, then past it to the house at the other end.

Inside you'll find a hiker willing to trade a Bunnelby, if you have one, for his Farfetch'd. Once you have one, feel free to come back here and trade if you so wish. Once you're done, head back to the fountain. Now head north from it. Just in front of you you'll see the Trainers' School. Feel free to head inside and have a look around. Talking to the old man inside will grant you three X Attacks and three X Defenses. How sweet! You can talk to the other people in here if you really want and check the whiteboard for info on statuses, but there's nothing else really important here to do. Once you're good to go, head back outside. Let's go west first.

You'll see the gym leader, Viola's, sister standing guard to an area. You can't get past her until you defeat Viola, which will come in due time. Keep going west and head up the stairs. Go up to the flower box in front of the building here and check the second from the left tile of the flower box to find a Super Potion. How nice. Now head back to the Trainers' School and go east. You'll find the gym here. Talk to the person waiting out the front to try and clear the entrance. As well as that, they'll give you some roller skates for winning. Awesome!

Trainer Battle: Roller Skater Rinka

And for beating her, you'll get the promised Roller Skates. Awesomesauce! And guess what? All you need to do is use the Circle Pad to use the Roller Skates. Using the D-Pad is what controls regular walking and running, so you can easily switch between the two as you wish. Now, you're able to head inside and challenge the gym if you want to! Although you can, it's recommended to clear out Route 22 for now though, so let's do that. If you want to skip ahead to the Santalune City Gym, feel free to click on the link to get to that section. If not, head east from the Gym and read on!

Route 22 - Detourner Way

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
AzurillNormal/Fairy%Tall Grass
BidoofNormal%Tall Grass
BunnelbyNormal%Tall Grass
DunsparceNormal%Tall Grass
Farfetch'dNormal/Flying%Tall Grass
LitleoFire/Normal%Tall Grass
PsyduckWater%Tall Grass
RioluFighting%Tall Grass
AzumarillWater/Fairy%Flower Beds
BibarelNormal/Water%Flower Beds
DiggersbyNormal/Ground%Flower Beds
DunsparceNormal%Flower Beds
Farfetch'dNormal/Flying%Flower Beds
LitleoFire/Normal%Flower Beds
PsyduckWater%Flower Beds
RioluFighting%Flower Beds
MagikarpWater%Fishing - Old Rod
CarvanhaWater/Dark%Fishing - Good Rod
GoldeenWater%Fishing - Good Rod
GyaradosWater/Flying%Fishing - Super Rod
SeakingWater%Fishing - Super Rod
SharpedoWater/Dark%Fishing - Super Rod

A new route. Sweet. Follow the path along and you'll run into your first trainer in the area.

Trainer Battle: Rising Star Louise

Continuing on, you'll find a Lass.

Trainer Battle: Lass Elin

Keep following the path. You'll see two trainers to you north, but they won't want to battle. Continue on and you'll reach another trainer. This guy does want to battle.

Trainer Battle: Rising Star Loic

Head into the bushes just below Loic, and you'll find another trainer. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

Trainer Battle: Schoolboy Rabbie

Head right, out of the grass. Head south and you'll find yet another trainer.

Trainer Battle: Schoolgirl Mackenzie

Head south from Mackenzie. You'll see a ledge to your left. Don't go hopping over it just yet, for now keep going south, past the steps. Another battle!

Trainer Battle: Lass Elsa

You can't head any further south. You can't really do anything else either. Heading east up the stairs leads you to a woman blocking your path. You won't be able to get past her for a while either. Instead, go back to Santalune City and challenge Viola. Make sure you go back by jumping over the ledges, otherwise you'll miss finding a Super Potion. Once you're back, it's time to challenge the Gym Leader!

Santalune City Gym

Good TypesBad Types

Wow, your first gym. This is exciting! Now, this is a Bug-type gym, so you'll be facing all Bug-types. Make sure to bring Fire-type Pokemon if you have them, as well as Flying-types. Once you're ready, slip down that pole. Be warned though, once you slide down, you can't get back out until you either get defeated or defeat the Gym Leader. Be careful! You might want some healing items to keep your Pokemon alive while you're down there. Once you slide down, you'll land on a spider web. Neat!

Turns out it's a maze. The white parts of the web can be walked on, while the grey parts can't. Let's head south-east and take on the first trainer. He can be avoided if you instead head north-east, then loop around past him however.

Gym Member Battle: Youngster David

Now head south-east some more, then loop clockwise around the edge of the web. Once you're at the south end of the web, move north into the next ring. If you want to battle the next trainer, move north one more ring. Now move clockwise and you'll move in front and battle him. If you want to avoid him, stay in the second-from-edge ring and move clockwise past him. If not, then battle!

Gym Member Battle: Youngster Zachary

Once you're done, head north and then east, over to the Lass. There's no way to avoid this one.

Gym Member Battle: Lass Charlotte

Once she's beaten, all that's left is the Gym Leader! Get keen for the first Gym Leader battle. You might want to heal up with Potions and the like beforehand. Once you're ready, speak with Viola. Dun dun dun, here we go!

Gym Leader Battle! Leader Viola
PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3
Surskit10Bug/WaterBubbleQuick AttackWater Sport

Has a Potion

After defeating Viola, she'll give you the Bug Badge! This means that any Pokemon up to Level 30 that you received in a trade will obey. She'll also hand you TM83 which happens to teach the move Infestation. Cool, eh?! After hearing about what the move does, she'll allow you to leave. The tent behind her will open up. Head on through and through the exit. You'll wind up back in the room you began in. As you're walking out, you'll be approached by the guy that talked to you when you entered. He'll tell you to head to Lumiose City and talk with the professor there. Sounds like a plan! Let's head outside, heal our Pokemon and head off!

Head to where the Trainers' School is north of the fountain, then head west from there. You see the woman that's blocking the entrance? You can now try and move past her. She'll stop you and introduce herself as Alexa, the older sister of Viola, who you just defeated. For defeating her sister, she'll give you the Exp. Share. Awesomeness! When on, all Pokemon in the party gain a little experience, even if they didn't battle. By default it's turned on, so if you don't want it on, turn it off. Once she's done talking with you, she'll head off. Let's follow after her.

Route 4 - Parterre Way

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
BudewGrass/Poison%Flower Beds
CombeeBug/Flying%Flower Beds
FlabebeFairy%Flower Beds
LedybaBug/Flying%Flower Beds
RaltsPsychic/Fairy%Flower Beds
SkittyNormal%Flower Beds

Well isn't this place just a-maze-ing? Yes, I'm a terrible, terrible person. Oh well! Let's head north to where the clear entrances to the mazes are either side. Let's go into the western one first. Head in and grab the Repel by the entrance. Now head south to the bottom, then west, then north, then east, then north, then west at the first junction, then south at the next possible junction. You should be at a dead end. Stand just before the last tile of the dead end and press 'A' to find the hidden item Honey. Now just head north through the maze until you make past the flowers and into the next part of the maze. There's a person patrolling there, let's take him on.

Trainer Battle: Gardener Wheaton

Now grab the Antidote near Wheaton. Once you have it, you're all done on this side. Backtrack back to where you entered the maze originally. Now enter the eastern maze instead. Follow it as it loops around. Continue until you reach the Super Potion. Once you have it, move north through the flowers into the next part of the maze. Collect the Great Ball here. That's all you can do in the mazes, so head back out onto the path and continue north until you reach the steps with the skaters past them. When you're right to, head down the steps and take on some skaters. The one on the outside going anti-clockwise has the following party.

Trainer Battle: Roller Skater Calida

The one going clockwise on the inside has the following party.

Trainer Battle: Roller Skater Roland

After defeating them, feel free to check out the foutain. Once you're done, head north and up the steps. Up ahead you'll find two paths you can follow. Let's clear out all the Pokemon trainers here. That means we'll take the right path and take on the person at the entrance to it.

Trainer Battle: Poke Fan Agnes

Head past her and take on the next trainer.

Trainer Battle: Preschooler Adrian

After laughing at Adrian and actually feeling a little bad for the poor kid, head west and into that little alcove where the Poison Barb item is. Pick it up and head back out. Now let's take on the next trainer who you can see to the west.

Trainer Battle: Preschooler Mia

Head north. You'll see a maze entrance to your left. Go into it. Where you see the first dead end, move up to the last tile before the end and interact with the end tile to find some more Honey. Once you have it keep following the maze north until you reach the next Gardener. Battle time!

Trainer Battle: Gardener Grover

Move west past him to grab the Net Ball. Sweet. Now head back out of the maze and head north, then east. You'll see a man standing in the flowers just south of you. Get his attention for a battle.

Trainer Battle: Poke Fan Gabe

From there, let's head east to the entrance to that maze. Head in and up to the Gardener to take him on.

Trainer Battle: Gardener Fabian

Keep heading north from there. Where you see the area with three dead ends (two of which are very short), look at the last tile of the longer one of the three to find a Super Potion. Once you have it, continue over to the item at the end and pick it up to find that it's an Ether. Head back to the main path over to where you defeated Poke Fan Gabe. Head north from him and you'll have two of the professor's assistants speak with you. They'll tell you about the new Fairy-type and then will ask whether you want to visit the professor. Damn well agree so that you can explore Lumiose City. When you do, they'll head inside. Follow them in and the male assistant will hand you TM27 which teaches Return. Now head on through.

South Boulevard

Whoa, what an awesome city! The female will go stand by the lab and the male assistant will wait around. You can go exploring now! We may as well head to the lab first though. Follow after her and eventually you'll reach it. The female assistant will talk with you, then you'll be able to head inside. First though, continue past it and find the Pokemon Center on the right side of the street. Head inside and heal up, then head back to the Pokemon Lab and enter. Once inside, you'll be directed to take the elevator to the third floor. First, let's go to the second floor and grab us some items.

Once you're there, talk with the scientist to your south-west. She'll give you 5 Luxury Balls. There's nothing else to grab here, but feel free to talk with everyone else on the floor. Once you're ready to, head up to the third floor. Here you'll finally be greeted by the professor. He'll walk off. Head right and talk with the scientist there. She'll check how many Pokemon you've seen. She'll then give you TM54, False Swipe, to help you catch Pokemon. Once you have it head around and speak with Professor Sycamore! After speaking for a bit, your rival and Shauna will drop in. After they do, Sycamore will suggest a Pokemon battle, with him as your opponent. How cool! When you're ready, talk with him and tell him so. Let the battle begin!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Professor Sycamore

And when you defeat Sycamore, guess what happens! Second start OHMYGOD! And it's on of the Gen I Starter Pokemon too, which is pretty sick. You'll probably want to pick one of the Pokemon that isn't the same type as your starter to create a more balanced team.

The Grass-type Pokemon


The Fire-type Pokemon


The Water-type Pokemon


Once you've chosen, you'll get the corresponding Mega Stone for that Pokemon! That's freaking awesome! Sycamore will then give you your next objective, Camphrier Town! He'll then send you on your way. Let's explore Lumiose City first though! When your each the first floor of the lab, you'll see a strange fellow talking to the assistant from before. You'll get called over and he'll introduce himself as Lysandre. Afterwards, he'll leave. Let's follow suit.

Exploring South Boulevard

From the lab, let's go right instead of left. Head down that road until you reach the man at the end stopping you because there's a blackout in that part of the city. Now it's time to work our way back along the boulevard. First turn around and begin going back. Near the parked car is a restaurant. Let's head there first.

Restaurant Le Nah

This is somewhat of a battle restaurant, which presents a cool opportunity where you can partake in battles before you're able to dine. This will be covered in more detail in a later update.

Back outside, continue along the boulevard. You'll see an alley to your right which you can't head down because of the blackout. Continuing on you'll see the Lumiose Transportation Office to your left. Feel free to head on in. It provides you with information about the various transport in the city (none of which currently works). If you want to you can talk to the people on the second floor, including a trash man who leaves, but there's nothing really special there. Head back out.

Continuing down the boulevard, you'll see Cafe Introversion opposite the Transportation Office. Head on over and enter if you want to talk to the people inside for fun, but otherwise, nothing useful there either. Keep heading down the street and you'll reach the Pokemon Lab. You can head down the street Vernal Avenue if you want, but let's finish exploring South Boulevard first.

Further along you'll find the Pokemon Center. Head on in and heal up again if you need. You can also find a guy that will exchange Poke Miles for prizes, but we'll get back to this later on. You can also check the Poke Mart here for some items!

Lumiose City Pokemart

Left Clerk
See entry under Shop List corresponding to how many badges you currently have
Right Clerk
TM78 - Bulldoze$10,000
TM76 - Struggle Bug$10,000
TM75 - Swords Dance$10,000
TM11 - Sunny Day$50,000
TM18 - Rain Dance$50,000

Once you're done in the center, head back outside. More exploring must be done! Opposite the center is the PR Video Studio. Feel free to head in and see what it's all about.