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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough HTML 10/18/13 RedIsPoetic 1.05 632K
FAQ/Walkthrough HTML 04/26/17 KeyBlade999 v3.01 2100K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/21/19 vinheim / super_luigi16 2.25 1395K
Walkthrough 10/29/13 vhayste 108K

In-Depth FAQs

Ability List HTML 02/07/16 spooky96 1.00 30K
Base Speed Reference Guide 12/20/14 Charlie_Supreme 2 404K
Base Stats Guide 11/17/13 spooky96 1.00 42K
Battle Chateau Guide 02/11/14 Paladin_Rolan 1.0 56K
Clothing List 07/23/15 Andrew Testa 1.0 46K
Dowsing Machine FAQ 11/04/14 Liquefy C 31K
EV Chart 01/02/14 Freezezzy 4.0 84K
Evolution Chain Guide HTML 02/11/16 spooky96 1.00 16K
Kalos Pokedex Guide HTML 08/10/14 Magicxgame 1.00 50K
Living Pokedex Checklist HTML 02/04/20 videogamefan1 73K
Mega Stone Location FAQ 10/23/13 MKaykitkats 1.00 39K
Moveset Guide HTML 08/09/16 KholdStare88 1.3 98K
Pokemon Amie Petting Guide 10/19/16 bugsbob 2.0 84K
Pokemon Breeding Guide HTML 02/13/14 Terotrous 18K
TM/HM List 11/14/13 Platinum Sonic 10 1.2 47K

Maps and Charts

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