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Not since Red and Blue have I been this surprised and impressed with the Pokemon series 10/22/13 BigReed
Even with a near-perfect entry, the cracks are showing in the fundamentals... 10/21/13 super_luigi16
Taking Pokemon one step forward ... and two steps back. 10/23/13 KeyBlade999
The pieces are all there, and for what they are separately, they're beautiful...but they never come together. 10/22/13 KMAnsem
A love letter to the franchise's oldest fans, and a welcoming embrace for the new ones. 10/28/13 DDJ
You know where it ends, it usually depends on where you start... 10/23/13 discoinferno84
As a Pokemon fan in my 30's, X is an incomplete game and a dissapointing entry overall 11/07/14 EmptyTome
Let's "X"amine the New Pokemon Entry and "Y" It's the Best Yet 10/21/13 eternal_evil
The X Factor 04/04/14 GBAlberto
It's time to go ahead and do what we've been doing since the Game Boy days. 07/14/17 Junior_AIN
Not a horrible game, but a disappointing one 05/12/15 leetic
Each new set of Pokémon games always manages to blow the previous ones out of the water, and X and Y are no exception. 10/21/13 Missingno_Mastr
The pretty graphics cover up the flaws 04/11/14 MithrilMonarch
Congratulations! Your Pokémon Game Has Evolved! 10/28/13 PChaosWM
A new generation of Pokémon + the same traditional formula + a small spice of change 10/23/13 Skimbles
Another great Pokemon game from Game Freak, with a somewhat disappointing execution 10/22/13 Super Slash
To put it simply, it's possibly the best Pokemon game for all ages. 10/24/13 The Retro Goat

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