i need help for elite 4 team and champion team?

  1. Ok soo this is a custom pokemon e4 and champion that i want to defeat:
    Elite 4 -1st person (poison)
    Mega genar (ice move , ghost and thunderbolt)
    Dragalge (onyl uses sludge wave)
    Naganadel (fire blast and draco meter)
    (HA) scolipede (speed boost)
    Toxapex (recover )
    Crobat (uses brave bird non stop)

    Elite 4 -2nd person (Ghost)
    Aegislash (uses king guard most of the time then shadow ball)
    Marshadow (shadow sneak close combat)
    Mega sablye
    Dawn wings necrozma

    Elite4 - 3rd person (fighting)
    Keldeo hydropump , fighting sword move
    Blaziken big gay ( blitz flare and flame kick)
    mega lecario (all fighting moves i think)

    Elite 4 4th person (dragon)
    Garchomp ( stealth rocks first then attacks)
    Dragonite (fly and earthquake)
    Reshriam (ice beam and dragon moves)
    Zakrom (strogn electic move)
    Mega rayquaza (dragon accent)
    Salamence (roost dragon dance and a move that didn't effect ghost)

    Darkrai (Dark pulse)
    White kyurem
    Mega kangaskan (seamsonic toss)
    Primal Groudon (big gay )
    Arceus (judgment)
    ? don't know last groudon swept my team

    Currently available pokes i have:
    Tapu lele:(choice scarf0 (maxed out)
    Mimkyu (life orb or choice band)
    marshadow (marshadowium z)
    Feroseed (rocky helmet) (my stealth rocker)
    Tyranitar (tyranitarmite) nearly max

    now the team preferable uses the tapu lele as it one shots the whole team excluding the toxapex
    but don't forget the rest of the avalibel other then that its national pokedex up to gen 7 (no gen8)
    can be pokemon i don't own
    ty in advance

    User Info: EagerFarmer91

    EagerFarmer91 - 1 month ago


  1. This section is for questions about Pokémon X: is this a modified rom of that game (or Pokémon Y)? Since you mention Gen 7, I take it it's more likely that it's a rom of one of those games..

    Either way, this question is more apt for the forums related to this rom, because, aside from the aforementioned placement problem of the question and the fact that I think we can't technically even discuss roms, we don't know the full details of this rom: are all Pokémon available before the League, including all Legendaries? All with their HA? Are Tutors and all TMs available? Are Stats and Level-up pools changed?

    Because, in a vacuum, I'd say that setting up with Geomancy Power Herb Xerneas can deal with a lot of these (especially with Item usage), but, again, we just don't know how the game is structured, so any suggestion would likely be superficial and only based on the vague information you've provided (this isn't me pointing fingers at you, I'm just saying you're much better off asking on forums related to that rom, where people would already know the setup of the game).

    User Info: Andrex_93

    Andrex_93 (Expert) - 1 month ago 0   0

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