How do you make a perfect Pokémon in Pokémon X?

  1. I would like a full explanation please.
    From IVs to EVs to Protein to Breeding. Thank you!

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  1. You will need access to Kiloude City for the Friend Safari and the NPC in the pokemon center that tells you what your pokemon's IVs are.

    You are going to want all the power items (Power Bracer, Power Anklet, etc) and the Destiny Knot and Everstone.

    You will also want a pokemon like Fletchinder that has the ability Flame Body as it will help hatch eggs faster.

    Now probably the most difficult thing to obtain are IV dittos from the Safari. You either need to trade for them or find someone on a forum that has a "Normal" type safari with ditto. You will want ones with at least 3 Perfect IVs and all different natures so that you can pass them down with the everstone to the desired pokemon.

    Put the desired target pokemon into the pokemon daycare with a ditto holding the everstone (so that it passes down that nature) to the target pokemon.

    Once you have proper natured target pokemon, move the everstone to the target pokemon so that it's nature keeps and breed it with the 3 perfect IV ditto, now holding a power item (example: power bracelet) so that you are guaranteed a desired stat passdown.

    Once you have that stat passed down switch the previous target pokemon with the new 1 Perfect IV target pokemon and put the everstone on that one and continue breeding it with the ditto.

    Continue this until you have two perfect stats on the newly hatched target pokemon and swap again and repeat the process again until you have three perfect IVs on the hatched pokemon.

    Once you have three perfect IV's on a hatched pokemon swap out your ditto with the next ditto that has Perfect IV's that your target pokemon does not have and put the destiny knot on that ditto. Keep the everstone on your target pokemon.

    Once you have a male and female target pokemon with 4 perfect IV's you will want to breed those ones together, again one with everstone and the other with destiny knot, until you get a 5 Perfect IV pokemon.

    Now here is where things can stop if you wish. Usually when you are breeding a pokemon you only need 5 Perfect IVs as they are usually deemed Physical or Special attackers. It's kind of a waste to have all 6 perfect IVs other than for flexing rights. If you do want perfect 6 just breed your two 5 IV pokemon together.

    For example, having a Gengar with perfect attack IV's is pretty useless because he is a Special Sweeper and has a low base physical attack stat. You actually benefit from having the lowest IV value for the attack stat because it will allocate more stat ups into the desired stats like Special Attack

    Also make sure you super train your perfect IV pokemon with the EV mini games.

    I probably did a terrible job explaining this so just google "Breeding Perfect IV pokemon in X/Y" and it should be easy to find one.

    Good luck!

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  1. For breeding, focus on IVs and nature that you want on the pokemon. That alone will be quite an undertaking to get a 6iv bred out, can be a bit time consuming, but otherwise not hard. EV etc is all after its bred out anyways. So the important things that you have to get right at first, that are non reversible, are the IV and nature

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