What is the best ev spread for Aegislash?

  1. The moveset for my Aegislash is going to be:

    Kings Shield
    Swords Dance
    Shadow Sneak
    Sacred Sword

    Would 252 HP/ 252 Attack/ 4 Defense be good or is there a better spread?

    User Info: 5pyGuy

    5pyGuy - 5 years ago

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  1. Keep it slow, this EV spread is perfect. That EV boost on Attack will help big time when Aegislash does a Swords Dance or two. There is no need to invest in speed when Aegislash has Shadow Sneak, a first priority move. Plus, it needs to move last when it uses Sacred Sword, or it will take massive damage from its frail defenses in Blade Forme when the opponent survives and attacks after Aegislash. This EV spread is good, use that on your Aegislash.

    User Info: Syraz

    Syraz - 5 years ago 3   1


  1. The only change I would suggest would be the situational if-you-know-for-certain-the-enemy-won't-use-special-attacks, in which case put 252 def / 4 hp

    ...but that isn't really going to happen. As Syraz said, with shadow sneak you don't need the speed, and if you really want to hit first, you could try using Aegi in a trick room team, so he'd be a lot faster.

    User Info: heavens__cloud

    heavens__cloud - 5 years ago 0   0
  2. Well in my opinion if your going to run a swords dance on him I wouldn't put any EVs into attack seeing as how swords dance will boost it anyways and put them into defenses or speed. I would recommend checking out Verlisify on youtube as he puts up pokemon builds and Aegislash was one that he did if I remember.

    User Info: FlameTyphoon

    FlameTyphoon - 5 years ago 1   3

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