I cannot download Pokemon X from eShop?

  1. I just bought the game last night at around 8-9pm from the eShop. I clicked download now, and after a few minutes I get a pop-up saying "Error Code: 007-2913 An error has occurred. Please try again later. For help, visit support.nintendo.com."

    So I click "OK" and I get a gift box on my home screen, and it starts downloading again. It wasn't done when I went to bed last night, so I plugged in my 3DS and left it on to download the game overnight. I wake up this morning, and I get another error saying that the download failed and that I had to redownload it. So I start the download over again. Same exact initial error, and then the gift box shows up and it is still downloading. It isn't done by the time I have to leave for work today, so I just leave it on again. I get home from work and AGAIN I got that stupid failed to download error saying I would have to try again. It has been a full 24hrs now and I can't get the game to download. Naturally Nintendo support is now closed, so I can't call for help.

    I started the download over yet again (for the third time) and it is at 40% right off the bat so I have a feeling it might just be restarting from where it got stuck and stopped. I think? At least I hope so. But it is more than a little ridiculous that I bought the game and it won't download correctly. I'm really regretting not buying the cartridge.

    Has anyone else had this problem before?

    P.S. Yes, my system is completely up to date. I had to update the system before I could even access the eShop. I also manually went into my settings and tried to update it and it said my system is up to date.
    moonep - 8 years ago - report
  2. I just got off the phone with Nintendo, and they said it is most likely the firewall in my router not letting the signal go through properly. So it isn't my wifi per say (I can use wifi just fine on every other device), but it is my wifi (because of that darned firewall) heh. He looked up my router model number and found the address to log into it and I first went to the Firewall tab. Then the Content Filter tab. Then I unchecked the "Block fragmented IP packets" and the "Port Scan Detection" options and then hit the Apply button. I then restarted the download and I will see from there. Hopefully this works. moonep - 8 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Sounds like spotty wireless. MatthewJC23 - 8 years ago - report 0   0

Other Answers

  1. I fixed the issue simply by buying a new SD card. I guess my SD card must have been bad. The new Pokemon games require a working SD to use, and I knew this, but I didn't think my card was bad. moonep - 8 years ago - report 0   0
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