Fishing rod Location?

  1. Anyone found a fishing rod yet, and if so where did you find it?

    User Info: Aegisbreaker

    Aegisbreaker - 8 years ago

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  1. Super Rod was given to me in a house on route 16 I believe, just outside that big city that starts with an L that I keep forgetting the name of. I AM A HOENN TRAINER OKAY, ALL THESE NAMES ARE NEW TO ME! ;P But yeah, I got my Super Rod out there. If you have someone with Strength you can get there from Dedenne or whatever the windmill town is, as well.

    User Info: purrfectwerecat

    purrfectwerecat - 8 years ago 27   10


  1. The old Rod is at the aquarium in Ambrette Town.

    The Good Rod is given by a fisherman in Coumarine City.

    I am still looking for the super rod...

    User Info: lightbringer77

    lightbringer77 - 8 years ago 21   5
  2. Fishing Shack on Route 16. It's incredibly easy to find :)

    User Info: DanielHutsby

    DanielHutsby - 8 years ago 18   5
  3. The Old Rod is given to you by a fisherman in the Ambrette Aquarium.

    User Info: kaydah

    kaydah - 8 years ago 15   8
  4. In Ambrette Town (The town BEFORE the second gym leader the Rock Gym Leader) by the aquarium entrance there will be some guy standing near it. Talk to him and he gives you a Good Rod.

    User Info: Quagsire77

    Quagsire77 - 8 years ago 8   26

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