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Can I delete my save data? 10 4 years ago
How do you reset the game? 2 5 years ago
How do you add friends for pokemon y? 193 4 years ago
How exactly does the Destiny Knot work? 1 5 years ago
6th Gen Hidden Ability Breeding? 4 5 years ago
Super Rod (Fishing rod) Location? 5 5 years ago
Fishing rod Location? 5 5 years ago
Where do I get meloetta or keldeo in X or Y? 7 5 years ago
Is this a good team for competitive battling? 20 4 years ago
How do I delete the old file? 4 5 years ago
Recent Questions Answers Last Answer
Will a fishing chain break if I run from a shiny Pokémon? 2 1 week ago
Can't find Super Size Pumpkaboo? 0 ---
Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist Breeding Question? 1 4 weeks ago
if I were to teach my starter(Delphox) a move he can only learn in Omega Ruby, would he still be legit? 3 1 week ago
Why am I finding berries after fights? 0 ---
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Unresolved Questions Answers Last Answer
How to use powersaves with cheat engine? 1 4 years ago
Lost Hotel Hordes - Do they actually exist? 1 5 years ago
2 copies of Pokemon X on 2 SD cards? 1 5 years ago
Where are all the Berry Trees, and how often do they drop new berries? 3 6 months ago
Savefile with Hoopa/Volcanion? 1 4 years ago
pokemon x lost save file while transferring to my new 3ds? HELP! 1 3 years ago
How do I get Furfrou's other forms? 2 4 years ago
Why does the game not save my game? 1 4 years ago
My pokemon x cartridge, is not read more? 2 1 week ago
Pokemon x intro screen black.can someone pls help? 0 ---

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