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Review by Goldenyan

Reviewed: 12/21/15

Fun RPG with a big dose of Japanese culture

I've spent a fair bit of time in Japan and can assure you that it's pretty true to the culture. I think they probably toned down some of the things characters say to Westernize it. However, you don't need to like Japanese culture to play the game, nor do you need to have ever seen the anime.

It's fun for adults that aren't serious gamers (me) and you can really play at your own pace. It's very easy to pick up and put down for a few minutes or a few hours.

Parts of the game require more focus and effort than others, but the storyline is very doable as long as you level up consistently with the game, which is very easy.

Plenty of content after completing the storyline so that you can enjoy your yokai that you worked so hard to train. Will be interested to see if they offer any updated content over time as they try and create more of a following for this game -- they've been pushing it pretty hard.

The ending of the game seems almost abrupt, which is one of the few things I'd mark it down for. All along it celebrates your wins, but the final fight in the game doesn't have the sort of celebration you might expect.

Controlling the game is pretty easy and gaming skill required to get through battles is pretty minimal. Anyone 10yrs old or older can probably handle it fine. Seemed fairly intuitive to me, and I haven't played a game like this in quite a while.

Graphics are nice and they paid good attention to details. A very rich world for the game that captures the essence of Japanese towns.

Music is nice, and taken from the anime mostly, but it does get tiring as it changes only in different situations. Typical for this sort of game I'd say, but it does get annoying and I just played on mute at times.

I bought this as a bundle with a red/black 2DS. The unit is a decent size but not bulky. I'm not sure why this color combination was chosen to bundle with this game, as it doesn't tie into the game at all. Worst this is more about the 2DS than the game -- the bright blue LED light in the lower right corner is super bright and really distracting in low light conditions.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Yo-Kai Watch (Red 2DS Bundle) (US, 11/06/15)

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