Get Tornadus, Thundorus or Landorus twice ?

  1. So far, i've captured all legendaries possible in the game. I know that for generation IV mascots, you can't get their extension once you've caught them. Same goes for the original extension where you get Tornadus, Thundorus and Landorus. But once you've caught Landorus, you have access to altered extensions that feature them, except this time you have to pay orbs to use these extensions.

    I've tried use those to get a second Tornadus, but so far every time i do that he just rewards me with an item instead. Is there any way with these extensions to actually catch the trio a second time ? Or do I have to delete my data to do it ?

    User Info: Darth__Killer

    Darth__Killer - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Got the answer from elsewhere : it's a no. To get another legendary force of nature (or another any legendary, for that matter) you have to restart the whole game, by deleting it and its save, then redownloading it from e-shop.

    User Info: Darth__Killer

    Darth__Killer - 5 years ago 0   0

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