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by DBM11085

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Guide and Walkthrough by DBM11085

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/24/2012

What's New

Version 1.0 (8/23/12): The walkthrough is now 100% complete. All worlds and Star/Moon Coins are covered!

Version 0.7 (8/22/12): Walkthrough is complete through World 6-3.

Version 0.4 (8/21/12): The first version. The walkthrough is complete through the end of World 4, but check back for more updates!


New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the third installment in the NSMB series, and the first on the Nintendo 3DS. It is a standard Mario platformer with many of the familiar friends, foes, and abilities, including the return of Raccoon Mario and the Koopalings. There is a greater focus on collecting many coins, and some of the new items and gameplay elements emphasize this point. The stages are simple as you would expect, but nonetheless quite a bit of fun. If you are trying to 100% this game, there will be plenty of moments that will make you think, but when has a Mario platformer ever gone wrong?


Circle Pad or Control Pad: Move Mario, move cursor on menu screens

  • Down: Go down pipes, slide (press while running/going down a hill)
  • Up: Climb vines, ropes, fences, enter doors, etc.

Start: Pause game, view menu screens

A: Jump (press Down while in air to ground pound; press again when landing and while dashing to perform double or triple jumps), wall jump (press Control Pad in direction of wall you are sliding on, then jump), confirm selection on menu screens

B: Same as A for Mario's functions, cancel selection on menu screens

X/Y: Dash (hold while moving to go faster), pick up an item in front of you (hold to carry it), use current special ability, punch through fences

L/R: Scrolls the map screen to the left and right

Solo Play

This option will let you enter the single-player adventure. You can pick one of three save files to play, or you can copy/erase already existing data.

Co-op Play

Here is where you can connect to another player with a 3DS in the same room, and play with them. The main draw in this mode is that the camera follows one of the players around, which can cause the other to get stuck. Luckily, by stomping on the other player's head, camera control will go to them instead.

Coin Rush

In this mode, three stages are selected at random, and the whole objective is to collect as many coins as possible within the time limit. There will be less time available than when playing these stages normally, so you need to act fast!


You can change the control scheme and activate SpotPass here.

World Map

If you have played Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World, then you will be familiar with the overhead map view in this game as well. The map shows the individual levels, which you can access by walking along the map with the Circle or Control Pad. There are many levels in each world, and not all of them are accessed by conventional means; that said, you will have to do some extra exploring to find all the secret routes to "hidden" stages.

On the touch screen, you will see a dotted map of the current world. It will show your current position, the world's tower and castle, and all stages you can access (they appear as white dots), secret or otherwise. On the top screen, you will see a graphical version of the world map, which you can move around on. The next course you have to beat is designated by a red circle, completed courses are blue, and courses you are unable to reach yet are black.

Saving Your Game

As you may have already figured out, you can't just save your game at any given time. You will be given the option to save when you complete Towers and Castles (the first time only). Also, when you pay out Star Coins to open up a new path on the map, you will be allowed to save then as well. If you pause on a map screen, you can use a Quick Save option where you save and quit instantly. However, once you reload the file, that temporary save is gone, so you'll need to save through normal means to keep that data!

Star Coins

As you may have guessed, there are two varieties of coins found in this game. The regular kind are plentiful, and give you an extra life if you collect 100, but these Star Coins are much larger and rarer. There are three of them to be found in each stage (4000 points each). While they may be optional to collect, you will need to have them in order to pay and access certain areas on the world map. In World Star, there are no Star Coins to collect, but a variation known as Moon Coins.

Toad Houses

Another aspect of Super Mario Bros. 3 returns to this new title as well. When you go to this house, depending on the color/size of the house, you will get to do one of three things, outlined below.

Green House

In this house, you will play a mini-game of sorts. A bunch of 1-Ups will appear on a ledge above, and a giant boxing glove will move back and forth on a track below it. Hit the glove to knock it upward. If the glove hits a 1-Up, you will earn it. Once the game is over, you get to keep the extra lives you earned.

Item House

In the regular colored house, three random items will be tossed onto the ledges above (Mushroom, Fire Flower, Raccoon Leaf, Mini Mushroom). You can take one or all of them if you want, but keep in mind you can only have one in storage and one currently active!

Star House

This white house with a gold star will give you a Midas Flower when you enter.

Checkpoint Flags

As you run through a stage, you may notice a flag sitting on the ground. If you touch it, you will activate the stage's midway point. If you are small Mario, you will automatically become Super Mario (equivalent of a free Mushroom). If you die or exit/reenter the stage, you will be able to start from the midpoint (as long as you don't enter another stage before returning).

Progress Bar

When you are playing in an actual level, if you look at the touch screen there will be a horizontal bar along the top. It will show your current position (as shown with Mario's head), the level's midpoint (assuming you passed it already), and the stage's goal. The Mario icon will move to the left or right as you progress through the level. It is a good way of judging how far into a given stage you are, and in some places, if you're even going the right way!

Reserve Items

On the touch screen, you will notice there is a large circle where an item can be held. When you get an item from a Toad House, that item will sit in that slot. Also, suppose you are playing a stage and you are Fire Mario; if you find another Fire Flower and you don't already have a stored item, the extra flower will go there. You can use the item in reserve anytime by touching it, obviously. When you lose a life, you won't lose that reserve item, which can really be useful especially in the later worlds.

Please note that certain items have higher priority and will replace a currently stored item if you get them (if you have a Midas Flower stored, other items may not replace the stored flower).

Assist Blocks

If you die more than five times in the same level, you will see a golden block appear when you enter that level again. If you hit the block and grab the White Leaf, you will become White Raccoon Mario. This gives you a constantly full P meter so you can fly at any time, plus you will be invincible to all attacks except for lava and falling into pits. Unfortunately, if you use this ability to clear a stage, the stars that show up on your file at the File Select screen may not be shiny. Also, if you use the White Leaf to reach a secret exit, you may not actually unlock the secret path until you complete it normally.

World 1

S: Start Point
#: Stage Locations
T: Tower
C: Castle
W: Cannon
GT: Green Toad House
IT: Item Toad House
X: Path Intersections/Empty Spots
*: Secret path unlocked by finding a secret exit within a level.
x#: Pay the designated amount of Star Coins to open the path.

                 IT                  ****GT ********* W
                  |                 *
                  |^x5              *^x5
S --- 1 --- 2 --- X --- 3 --- T --- X --- 4 --- X --- 5 --------- C
                        |vx5                    |vx5              |
                        |                       |                 |
                         \---GT                  \--- A ---IT ---/

World 1-1

Starting off, head to the right and crush the first Goomba if you want. Hit the blocks above the high platform to get a Mushroom. Continue along and you will see some white musical blocks you can bounce on. Use them to reach Star Coin #1 on the ledge above.

Hit the next long block to get a Fire Flower if needed, then keep going while defeating the Goombas and Koopa Troopas you meet. Above the orange platform, you can hit the block repeatedly to get your first taste of the Coin Block on your head! Proceed onward to the Checkpoint, and hit the next long block to get another Fire Flower. There are more musical blocks ahead, so bounce on them to break the bricks above and retrieve Star Coin #2. When you land, it will also trigger a fountain of coins, so try and grab as many as you can!

Further along, you will find a green pipe. Enter it and you will be shot into a hidden area in the clouds. There, hit the P switch and follow the trail of blue coins, then jump to grab Star Coin #3 at the end before falling back to the level below. Once you land, hop up the platforms ahead and use the tower of Goombas to reach the flagpole, completing the first stage.

World 1-2

Hit the POW block ahead to clear the bricks and stun the Koopa Troopa, then go down the pipe to enter the underground. When you land, hit the next couple of POW blocks to clear large sections of bricks, revealing a Mushroom/Fire Flower and netting you more coins in the process. Up ahead, there is a red Koopa Troopa walking on a brick structure with two POW blocks trapped below. Ground pound through the bricks to trigger them both, revealing Star Coin # 1. Grab it from the right side and proceed onward.

Not too far ahead, there will be two pipes next to each other. Go down the yellow pipe to reach another room. There, hit the P switch to turn the bricks into coins and vice versa temporarily. Run and jump to the right side, then jump on the small brick ledge to reach the upper level, and get all the way to the left side to obtain Star Coin #2 before you get blocked from doing so. Then, exit via the pipe on the right side below.

Up ahead, you will see a strange looking pipe with a wooden sign containing a fire icon next to it. Use the Koopa Troopa to hit the POW block so you can reach the pipe next to the sign, then if you have a Fire Flower, shoot fireballs at the pipe repeatedly until a Mega Mushroom emerges from the top (if you do not, return with a Fire Flower). Grab it and you will become giant-sized, rendering you invincible to damage and able to destroy most obstacles simply by running through them. Use this to your advantage and run/jump to the right, grabbing the Checkpoint flag along the way. After passing the section full of Koopa Troopas, break the solid blocks surrounding Star Coin #3 before the Mega Mushroom's power runs out.

After that, continue along to a sign pointing upward. Jump upward through the thin ledges and into the pipe at the top. When you emerge outside, hit the POW block to get a bunch of coins and form some steps you can jump onto. Use them to reach a high spot on the flagpole ahead to finish the stage.

World 1-3

From the start, slide down the hill to defeat the two Goombas below. Hit the blocks ahead to get a Leaf to become Raccoon Mario (provided you are already big). Continue along and you can get another Leaf from a lone block not too much farther ahead. Be careful of the moving green blocks below so you don't get sucked into a pit by accident. When you reach the wide flat segment with a Koopa Troopa and Goomba on it, defeat them first. Since you should now be Raccoon Mario, get a running start and fill the meter, then fly along the line of coins to reach a perch high atop a tree. You can grab Star Coin # 1 there.

Drop down to the right to reach the ground again, and proceed to the Checkpoint. Ahead, you will see another tree with an endless stream of Goombas falling out of a pipe overhead. Get a running start and fly above that tree to find a pipe. Go down it and you will be launched into the sky. Up in the clouds, fly to the right and grab Star Coin #2 before falling back to the main area again.

Grab the coins when you land and drop down to the area directly below. Use your raccoon tail or a Koopa Troopa shell to break the bricks to the left of Star Coin #3 in the alcove below, then collect the star coin. After that, jump out and continue to the right, grabbing some last minute coins as you head up the hill. At the top, run and jump to the flagpole to exit.

World 1-Tower

Starting off in here, hit the large block above to get another Leaf if needed. Otherwise, make your way upward along the ledges while grabbing plenty of coins along the way. As a note, when you see empty outlines of coins, simply touch them to turn them into real coins that you can collect. Also, you can not kill the Dry Bones, but you can jump on it to stun it temporarily. Continue upward until you reach the red ring (jump through these and eight red coins appear; collect them quickly to get a 1-Up), then get to the small ledge on the left side and wall jump above to reach Star Coin # 1.

Just above, grab the Checkpoint and enter the door a little bit further along in the stage. In that room, hit the block to get a bonus amount of coins, then exit via the other door.


Instead of exiting the room, watch the green blocks moving around the perimeter of the room. Wait for the blocks to leave an opening in the right wall, then jump through the opening to find a hidden passage. Go through the pipe and continue to the secret flagpole.

This secret exit opens the path to the Green Toad House and the Cannon, which will lead to World Mushroom.

Back in the main area, look above to see more green platforms moving back and forth. In the upper-left wall, you will see a red pipe. When the platforms emerge from the wall directly below it, jump onto them and enter the pipe. There, hit the P switch to make some blue coins appear, but disregard them. Wall jump via the vertical green platforms to reach the upper level of the room. Quickly jump on the brick ledges to reach Star Coin #2 at the top, then exit via the pipe.

After you exit, jump up the next couple of ledges and avoid the skeletal Piranha Plants on the ledges. To the left, you will see an alcove where Star Coin #3 sits. If you are Raccoon Mario, wait for the green blocks to retract to the sides (you can see the pattern), then flick your tail to defeat the enemy and grab the star coin safely. Once you do that, continue upward to find even more green blocks moving around in the center. Wall jump from the sides to get onto them, then ride the platforms upward and jump onto the final ledge above.

Enter the boss door and you will meet a familiar mini-boss from Super Mario World: Reznor. There are four platforms rotating around, and two of them have Reznors sitting on them. Simply hit the block directly below the Reznor, or flick your raccoon tail from the side to kill it. Once both Reznors are gone, you have cleared the stage.

World 1-4

In this stage full of funky-moving mushroom platforms and Paratroopas, start by heading to the right. Hit the blocks to find a Leaf, then following the second Paratroopa, jump to the high yellow ledge to reach Star Coin #1.

Up ahead, you will spot a golden ring. If you jump through these, all enemies turn gold temporarily and you can earn all sorts of extra coins by defeating them, kicking Koopa shells around, etc. Defeat the trail of enemies as you proceed, and you will soon come to an upside-down blue pipe. Jump into it to reach another room. There, head right across the platforms and jump to retrieve some coins and Star Coin #2 before falling back to the ground below.

Upon landing, trigger the Checkpoint and hit the blocks below if you need another Leaf. Continue along past the red ring and some Koopa Troopas and Paratroopas. Soon after, you will see a formation of two rows of blocks with a gap between the bottom rows. Jump from below to reveal a hidden beanstalk; climb it to reach a hidden area in the clouds. Hit the P switch, then quickly jump your way upward within the brick structure, grabbing blue coins all the way up. Wall jump to reach Star Coin #3 at the top, then drop back down to earth.

From here, continue along to find another gold ring you can activate. Defeat the Koopa Troopas and Goombas along the flat portion of the stage until you reach the flagpole.

World 1-5

From the start, jump/swim over to the yellow pipe and go down it to reach the obligatory underwater level. Swim your way through the area, collecting coins and avoiding the Cheep Cheeps. When you reach the first block you can hit, collect the Fire Flower, which will be very helpful in these water stages since you can kill the fish this way. Up ahead, you will find Star Coin # 1; you may want to shoot a fireball at the blue Cheep Cheep to stay safe.

Continuing along, hit the bonus coin block and defeat the giant Cheep Cheep behind it. Pass the water current and swim around the platform to reach the yellow pipe below it. Clear the way and go down the pipe there. Down there, sink downward to the fast-moving current and grab Star Coin #2, then quickly swim back out and exit via the upper-right pipe.

When you emerge, activate the Checkpoint and keep going through the level. Once you reach a section where red Cheep Cheeps are moving in a circular pattern around a square rock, you will see a small opening in the ceiling above. Swim through it to reach the surface, then jump out to collect some coins along with Star Coin #3.

Jump back into the water and continue to the right as usual, navigating around the fish and defeating them, including the big blue Cheep Cheep ahead. Trigger the P switch to collect a bunch of blue coins, then continue to the pipe at the end. Back on dry land, jump up the blocks to reach the flagpole.

World 1-A

In this pipe-filled stage, start by going right and either avoiding or defeating the Piranha Plants and other enemies as you advance. You will soon find a couple of bricks covering a one-way door with an arrow pointing downward in the ground. Ground pound through the bricks and you will fall through to a room below, where you can grab Star Coin #1.

Next, go through the one-way door to the right and enter the pipe to get launched back out to the area above. From there, continue right until you reach another pipe at the end. Go into it to be shot above by the Checkpoint. After you activate it, you can either wall jump between the pipes to the left, leading to an area below where you can get a LOT of extra coins, or you can proceed to the right (both paths meet at the same spot anyway).

If you take the non-coin route, defeat the giant Piranha Plant and regular- sized enemies with fireballs as you progress. After you reach the bonus coin block, drop through the first one-way door below. Walk to the left onto the second one-way door, but just slightly enough so that the first one retracts upward. Once that happens, go right and collect Star Coin #2.

From here, continue heading downward through the level while avoiding or defeating the Piranha Plants. At the bottom, go right and jump on the Paratroopa coming your way. You will spot a structure with four pipe openings, one on each side and all with Piranha Plants popping out. Defeat the left plant and drop to the ground below, then jump upward to reveal a hidden block between the pipes. Jump on it and walk into the pipe to the left of the four-sided structure. In that hidden room, defeat the giant Piranha Plant and go down to reach Star Coin #3, then exit the room and continue to the flagpole.

World 1-Castle

Here in the first Koopaling's castle, you will see a rope hanging overhead. Simply jump to grab onto it, and move Down on the Circle Pad to let go. Use it to cross the first lava pit while avoiding the spiked blocks. Hit the blocks at the other side to get a Leaf, then continue along the next hanging section. Watch the pillars rise up from the lava below, particularly the one below Star Coin #1. When it rises, drop down to get the star coin, then jump across to dry land ahead.

Stun the Dry Bones and hit the blocks, then hop onto the blocks and jump again to reveal some hidden ones. Jump up to a new ledge above and run to the left, where you can collect another Leaf in a block. With it, run to the right and fly along the line of coins to obtain Star Coin #2 (do not worry about grabbing every coin in the large rectangular formation). When you land, go through the Checkpoint.

Up ahead, you will now see swinging ropes which you can grab onto as well. Use them to get across the lava pit, and you will then meet the familiar Thwomps. Trigger them, then run or jump across safely as they retract upward. When you reach the giant Thwomp, trigger it from the left and wait for it to fall, crushing one row of solid blocks below it. As it retracts, quickly run and drop into the alcove to retrieve Star Coin #3. With the coin in hand, jump out and run to the right, then enter the boss room.

Inside, run to the right and you will meet the first Koopaling: Roy Koopa. He attacks by charging in your direction. If he crashes into the wall, he will be stunned temporarily. Jump on his head to counter, which will cause the room to become slightly smaller. Roy will shoot a magical ball from his wand before charging at you once more. Jump on him again to make the room even smaller. Do this one more time to win, clearing World 1!

World 2

S: Start Point
#: Stage Locations
T: Tower
C: Castle
GH: Ghost House
GT: Green Toad House
IT: Item Toad House
ST: Star Toad House
X: Path Intersections/Empty Spots
*: Secret path unlocked by finding a secret exit within a level.
x#: Pay the designated amount of Star Coins to open the path.

           IT                GT                            ST
            |                 |                             |
            |^x5              |^x5                          |^x5
S --- 1 --- X --- 2 --- X --- 3 --------- T ---GH --- 4 --- 5 --- X --- C
                        |vx5              |     *                 *
                        |                 |     *                 *
                         \--------- A ---/       ****IT *** B ****

World 2-1

Starting off here, go right and hit the first block if you need a Fire Flower. Get across a series of tilting brick platforms while avoiding the Piranha Plants in between, then activate the red ring following that part if you desire. Up ahead, you will see two blocks above; the left one contains another Fire Flower. Jump from those blocks to the upper-right ceiling to find Star Coin #1 in its hiding spot.

From there, drop down and trigger the Checkpoint. Beyond that, you will see a yellow pipe in a lower alcove, so go down that pipe. Hit the block to grab a Midas Flower; when you shoot fireballs in this state, it turns enemies and regular bricks into coins! Make your way through this room while collecting coins, first defeating Koopa Troopas, and then Goombas. Try not to get too ahead of yourself though; when you spot a more solid looking ledge above, jump onto it to reach Star Coin #2. After you get the star coin, continue clearing out the room before exiting at the right end.

As soon as you emerge, go left and jump on the musical note blocks below. Wait for the Paratroopa above to move out of the way, then bounce onto the rotating L-shaped ledge above to collect Star Coin #3. After that, simply continue to the right past the remaining enemies and ledges, and continue to the flagpole.

World 2-2

Here, make your way across the curved platforms while defeating the enemies above them. You can activate a gold ring along the way for a chance at some added coins. Just beyond that, you will spot a Hammer Bro on a brick platform. Defeat it (hit the bricks from below or use a fireball/tail flick), then jump to grab Star Coin #1 above.

Up ahead, you will find a tilting platform that moves based on where you stand on it. Activate the Checkpoint after it, and defeat another Hammer Bro along the way. On the next platform, you will see a vertically-moving ledge. Continue past it and jump to the following platform. Drop into the gap between the two ledges and enter the yellow pipe below. Defeat the Boomerang Bros and collect Star Coin #2 in there, as well as many regular coins before exiting.

Jump directly above to reveal hidden blocks, then get back to the upper ledges and proceed onward. There will be a Boomerang Bro on a ledge just behind a sign pointing upward. At this point, ride the platforms upward while avoiding or defeating the various projectiles being thrown at you along the way. At the top, go left and jump across to reach Star Coin #3.

From here, simply go to the right of the Sledge Bro and up the ledges to reach the flagpole.

World 2-3

Begin by going into the yellow pipe to enter the underground. After the coin- filled fall to start off, go right and make your way across many rotating platforms, some with Pokeys riding them. It is highly recommended you have a Fire Flower to help dispose of Pokey's segments from a distance. When you reach the Checkpoint, use the springboard to reach the bonus coin blocks above, as well as the ability block in the middle.

Continue to the right and defeat the Pokey riding on one of the two moving platforms, then jump to the upper-right ledge. Jump on Buzzy Beetle once, then hold its shell and drop onto the lower of the two ledges. Throw the shell at the POW block in the wall to clear a path leading to a hidden pipe. Go into the bottom yellow pipe to reach the next area. When you arrive, go to the left side and knock Buzzy Beetle into the gap lined with Piranha Plant pipes to clear them. Drop down yourself and collect Star Coin #1 there.

Exit via the right pipe, then jump on the nearby Buzzy Beetle once. Take its shell and jump to the upper-left ledge, then toss the shell into the opening below so it hits the POW block. This will trigger all of the bricks below, creating a path for you to use. Drop down to ground level and defeat the Goombas as you head right, then jump over the Goomba pipe to get Star Coin #2.

Go through the one-way door and hit the higher set of blocks to get a Leaf. Up ahead, you will see three sets of moving platforms with a red ring in the middle. Clear the Pokeys, then jump onto the highest platforms in the right column. From there, jump to the upper-right block platform in the air to reveal a new path above. Jump up the square ledges with POW blocks in them (perfect opportunity to use a Midas Flower if you have one), then run and jump to grab Star Coin #3 in the air at the top.

Follow the line of coins as you land below, then slip into the pipe to get launched outside. When you land, get past the remaining Pokeys as you jump up the final couple of ledges before the flagpole.

World 2-Ghost

Welcome to the game's first Ghost House. The key thing to remember is that ghosts will not chase you if you are facing them, so use that to your advantage when exploring. Head to the right and hit the blocks to find coins and a Leaf. Go through the door at the end to reach the next room. There, walk to the right and a giant Boo will appear behind you. The screen will scroll to the right from this point onward, but will stop/slow if you turn to the left. Anyhow, continue to the right while collecting more coins and avoiding the smaller Boos. You will soon spot Star Coin #1 on a high ledge. Jump to it from the right side to obtain it.

Continue ahead, jumping on the hidden trampoline floors to grab the coins above. When you come to a block that sinks as you stand on it, turn to the left to stop the giant Boo, and sink to the bottom. Go right through the lower passage to reach Star Coin #2, then jump through the thin ledges above to escape.


To the right of Star Coin #2, there is a gap between the two middle platforms. Drop to the ground level and jump upward to reveal a hidden beanstalk. Climb it and go through the door to reach the secret flagpole.

This secret exit opens the path to the Item Toad House and World 2-B.

Continuing onward, jump across the rotating purple block and you will come across a few hidden trampoline platforms ahead. You will see Star Coin # 3 swinging back and forth above, so be sure to grab it as well. After grabbing more coins and passing another rotating block, go through the door at the end.

In here, make your way down the stairs to the bottom level, ignoring all of the doors you see. At the bottom, go right and jump onto the block to sink it, revealing a hidden door. Go through that one to make it back outside. Jump between the groups of ghosts and continue to the flagpole ahead.

World 2-Tower

Here, you will meet a giant-sized Dry Bones below. You will need to ground pound it in order to stun it temporarily, so keep that in mind. Hit the right block to get a Leaf, then jump upward as the platforms move back and forth. After riding the center block upward, stand on the block to the left and crouch down. When it retracts, you will make it through the low wall, allowing you to collect Star Coin #1.

Crouch and ride the platform back out, and continue your way through the stage. There are more big and small Dry Bones, as well as regular mushroom enemies above. Collect the coins as you get past the rows of alternately moving blocks, and you will reach the Checkpoint. For the next part, quickly jump up the next several platforms while moving to the right so you avoid the spiked blocks on their way down.

You will see a door in an alcove to the left where a bunch of coin outlines can be found. Drop into that alcove, then try to jump out along the left wall to reveal a hidden 1-Up. After that, enter the room. Inside, grab the coins and ride the blocks to the upper half of this room. Ignore the door for the moment; instead ride the center block upward and ride another one to the left to reach Star Coin #2 high in the air. Then, exit the room via the door.

For the next part, hit the longer blocks to get three coins apiece as you jump upward between the moving blocks. Crumble the Dry Bones and hop up the thin ledges along the left side until you reach the top area, where you will see the boss door on the opposite side. Instead of running across right away, wait for the giant blocks to move downward all the way, then wall jump between the blocks and the left wall to reach a hidden area above. Wait for the blocks to go back down again, then run across to grab Star Coin #3.

From here, simply drop down and enter the mini-boss door to meet four Reznors this time. As they rotate around, hit the blocks beneath each Reznor to defeat it until they are all gone, clearing this stage.

World 2-4

From the start, go right and hit the random ability block if you want, then use the Koopa Troopa shell to break the lone brick in the right wall. Run and crouch under it, and hit the block inside to get a Star. Continue upward and slide under another low wall to collect Star Coin #1. If you did get the Star, hitting some of the blocks ahead while still invincible will yield additional Stars.

Anyway, make your way upward and to the right along the ledges, and activate the Checkpoint coming up. Hit the right block above to get a Fire Flower (if you have a Leaf, avoid it), then keep going right to spot a yellow pipe in the ground. Go down it and activate the gold ring to get some extra coins from the endless supply of Goombas below. Destroy the lone brick in the ground (hence why you should have a Leaf), then walk through the opening and drop onto a block below. It will actually sink down into a hidden room, where you can find even more coins and Star Coin #2. Exit via the right pipe.

Once you emerge, hop your way upward to the top of the pyramid structure. Hit the blocks there to get another Fire Flower if you want, then go right. You will see a trail of coins within a gap. Avoid them for now and continue to the far right, dropping into a hidden alcove where Star Coin #3 can be found. Now, follow the long trail of coins downward to a pipe far below. After you go through it, defeat the Pokey to get a clear running jump to the flagpole, completing the stage.

World 2-5

Here, you will be introduced to the familiar Chain Chomps. Avoid the first one as you hit the blocks to get a Leaf and some coins. Get past the second Chain Chomp in the room, and continue ahead to spot another one in front of a brick wall. Get it to lunge toward the right, then ground pound its post to set it loose (when you do this, the Chain Chomp runs away in the direction they are facing, clearing bricks in its path). If not, flick your raccoon tail if you have the Leaf to clear the bricks, gaining access to Star Coin #1.

Continue upward and to the right, where you will find a Chain Chomp with a taller post holding it down. Ground pound it three times to free it, causing the block to sink into the quicksand. Enter the now accessible red pipe and avoid the Chain Chomps above to reach Star Coin #2 and some coins before exiting via the blue pipe.

When you emerge, trigger the Checkpoint and enter the structure ahead. Hit the blocks to get another Leaf if needed, then go down to the second Chain Chomp below. Free it, then go left to grab Star Coin #3. Continue along and defeat a Boomerang Bro, and you will see a red ring ahead. Activate it if you want the red coins and 1-Up while being cautious of the Chain Chomps. Then, proceed to the right and avoid another Boomerang Bro as you leap toward the flagpole.

World 2-A

This stage is populated by platforms which will move along a track once you jump on. Most of the tracks are open at the other end, causing you to fly across the sky (usually with a line of coins), but some will move back and forth across one or more tracks. Start by going right and jumping across the first platform, then hit the block to get a Leaf. Continue ahead to a bonus coin block above the upper ledge. After that, ride/jump across the next three platforms until you see the Paratroopa. Immediately following it, wait for the platform you're on to reach its peak, then jump to the upper-left one and you will reach Star Coin #1.

After collecting the star coin, jump to the next platform and follow the line of coins to a safe platform. On the second platform ahead, you will find a Koopa Troopa. Jump on its head once and grab its shell, then jump from that platform as it moves to the right. You will see a slightly lower platform to the left of the Fuzzies on their tracks. Throw the shell to the left to indirectly collect Star Coin #2.

Activate the Checkpoint and jump onto the next platform up ahead. This one jumps back and forth between two tracks, but look out for the Fuzzy in the middle. When the platform reaches its peak, jump to the upper-left track and continue moving upward via those platforms. At the top, defeat the Koopa Troopa and hit the block to reveal a P block. Trigger it and ride the next few tracks while collecting blue coins. At the end of the path, you will reach Star Coin #3.

Once you have the star coin, go right and follow the line of coins back down to the main area below. When you land, simply hop across a couple more ledges and ride the final platform on its track to reach the flagpole.

World 2-B

Throughout this stage, there will be Bob-ombs floating downward from the sky. If you attack one, it will stop moving and begin to flash before exploding; you can carry or kick it around during this time to move it into position. The explosion will clear solid blocks and defeat nearby ememies. With that in mind, hit the blocks to get a Fire Flower to start, then head right past the Pokeys on the ledges. When you reach the two cannons shooting out Bob-ombs, attack the bombs and position them so the solid blocks below and to the left of the cannons get destroyed, giving you access to Star Coin #1.

Next, continue right to the Checkpoint. You will see six coins hovering in the quicksand ahead. This time around, sink into the sand and you will enter a hidden room below. Hit a Bob-omb so it lands atop the hill in the middle of the room. When it explodes, the volcano will erupt, shooting out many coins and Star Coin #2. After you're done here, exit via the pipe.

Back outside, you will see cannons to the right shooting out Bob-ombs. There is also Star Coin #3 high above. If you are Raccoon Mario, you can get a running start and fly up to it, or possibly try bouncing off the top of the airborne Bob-ombs to grab it. Afterward, continue along to find a red ring. If you collect all eight red coins, they will yield an extra Fire Flower. Beyond that, jump up the ledges and bounce off the Bob-ombs to reach a high position on the flagpole to finish.

World 2-Castle

In this castle, you will have to ride on a flat moving platform atop the lava. It only moves when you are standing on it, so you need to keep that in mind as you jump over obstacles and enemies. As you ride along, brick ledges overhead will flip over, dumping Buzzy Beetles on your head, so look out! You will see Star Coin #1 floating overhead, so jump from the vertical brick ledges below it to reach it.

After you reach the Checkpoint, hit the blocks ahead to get a Leaf, then continue on the next moving platform. Hit the middle block in the formation ahead, and grab the springboard that appears. You will see Star Coin #2 swinging back and forth above. Avoid the fireballs jumping out from below and use the springboard to reach the star coin.

Carry the springboard along as you proceed onward. For the next part with the brick walls blocking the way, you'll need to place the springboard on the platform and jump over the walls, then stand on the other end so the springboard slides through. Keep holding it so the rotating brick walls in the lava don't knock it away. When you reach the red pipe hanging above, bounce into it to reach a new room. There, jump around in the coin outlines to make coins appear, but do not collect them yet. Hit the left blocks and trigger the P switch, turning the coins into blocks. Jump up the temporary ledges to grab Star Coin #3 at the top.

After the switch reverts, collect the coins, then exit via the opposite end. You will land right next to the boss door, so when you are ready, go in. Run ahead and you will face Iggy Koopa as the boss. He will ride in a capsule being pulled along a track in the background by a Chain Chomp. Jump on Iggy's head to attack, and the Chain Chomp will become angry and carry them offscreen before returning, moving more quickly than before. You can see where they will emerge by the dust that's kicked up beforehand. The Chain Chomp will turn to follow you as it makes it way across the room, so keep that in mind when avoiding it. Attack Iggy three times to win.

World 3

S: Start Point
#: Stage Locations
T: Tower
C: Castle
W: Cannon
GH: Ghost House
GT: Green Toad House
IT: Item Toad House
ST: Star Toad House
X: Path Intersections/Empty Spots
*: Secret path unlocked by finding a secret exit within a level.
x#: Pay the designated amount of Star Coins to open the path.

             /--- 2 --------- 3            **** B **********
            |                 |           *                 *
            |                 |           *                 *
S --- 1 --- X          IT --- X --- T --- 4 ---------GH ********* C
            |vx5        |     |     *                 |           |
            |           |     |     *                 |           |>x5
             \--------- A ---/       ****GT *** W      \--- 5 --- X ---ST

World 3-1

Starting off, go right and hit the first block to get a Leaf. Jump on the flying Cheep Cheeps to defeat them more easily than you would if this were an underwater stage. You can activate a gold ring, which will cause coin trails to follow the Cheep Cheeps as they fly by. You will see three barrels floating in the water with Star Coin #1 high above them. Bounce off a Cheep Cheep to reach the star coin; it may be easier if you are Raccoon Mario.

Ahead, you can hit some blocks to find a ? switch. Hit it and coins will pour out of the pipe up ahead, so be sure to grab some! After you reach the Checkpoint, you will see platforms rotating around in the air, with a Piranha Plant in the pipe above. Wait for the plant to hide, then wall jump into a hidden alcove above where you can find Star Coin #2.

Drop back down to the platforms below and continue to the right, where you will see a bonus coin block and barrels floating between the pipes. If you stand on the rightmost barrel, it will sink, allowing you to collect the hidden Star Coin #3 behind it.

There are a couple of gold rings you can activate, allowing for a greater coin bonus via the Cheep Cheeps as you make your way towards the end. Go into the pipe at the end of the path, then jump up the blocks to the top. Bounce on a Cheep Cheep to reach the top of the flagpole, ending this stage.

World 3-2

Begin by sinking into the red pipe to reach the underwater level. Down below, watch out for water funnels which appear periodically. They will make it difficult for you to swim away if you are caught, so be careful. Hit the first blocks above to get a Fire Flower, then proceed to defeat the Cheep Cheeps and urchins you come across. When you spot Star Coin #1 below, wait for the funnel to dissipate before grabbing it.

Continue through the Checkpoint ahead, and you will see a yellow pipe surrounded by two constant water funnels. Swim through them and quickly enter the pipe to reach the next room. Down there, maneuver around the green block platforms as they move around so you can grab the coins and Star Coin #2 in the middle. Shoot a fireball to clear the blue Cheep Cheep chasing you, then exit via the purple pipe on the right side.

Back in the main area, hit the P switch hanging from a pipe above and a trail of blue coins will appear. Follow the trail to the right, using fireballs to dispatch the blue Cheep Cheeps and urchins along the way. The final part is a bit annoying since the openings between the green block walls move up and down, with urchins between each set and blue Cheep Cheeps chasing you if you didn't kill them. Having a Fire Flower is a must for this section. Behind the final two large urchins, you will find Star Coin #3.

Take it and go through the pipe to surface. Jump on the upper-left ledge when you emerge and hop again to find a hidden 1-Up, then go right to the flagpole.

World 3-3

In this stage, the water is poisonous and you will die instantly upon touching it. There are also spiderwebs hanging all over the place; climb them by pressing Up. They disappear when you jump away but will reappear shortly afterward. Climb up the first web and hit the block to get a Leaf, then continue onward. Defeat the spider enemies you encounter by jumping on them.

You will see three webs and a red ! switch hanging upside-down. Hang from the web directly below the switch, then jump upward to hit it, causing a red platform to appear. Run into the yellow pipe to the left. In that room, hit the blocks and trigger another red ! switch to make steps appear. Grab the coins and jump on the spider at the end when it moves downward to claim Star Coin #1. Quickly get back across and exit via the other pipe.

Back outside, go right and jump across three spider enemies in a row to reach the Checkpoint. Above the flag, wall jump into the room above and trigger the red ring. Collect the eight red coins to make a Leaf appear. Grab it and continue along the webs below. There will be two spider enemies ahead; bounce off the second one to reach a yellow pipe on a high ledge. Enter that room and hit the ! switch to make red ledges appear. Hop to the top ledge and bounce on the spider to reach Star Coin #2 in the air to the left.

Leave the room and go right to find some more hanging webs. Take the lower branch to reach Star Coin #3, then jump and climb your way up the webs to find more coins. Continue directly upward and to the right along the webs, grabbing some extra coins and bouncing off a spider before reaching the flagpole.

World 3-Tower

From the start, hit the blocks to get a Fire Flower. If the Fish Bones spots you, it will charge toward you, but it defeats itself upon hitting a wall. Beat this one, then swim to the left behind it. Swim through the narrow passage below the seemingly solid wall, and you will find a hidden room. Avoid the Fish Bones and jump out to get some coins and Star Coin #1 above. Swim back through the passage to the right and take the pipe to reach the next room.

In this room, you will be swimming upward as the large blocks move back and forth. Collect a bunch of coins at each level, as well as Star Coin #2 on the right side. Following the two center blocks as they move upward, you will now need to watch out for spiky columns above.


If you have a Mini Mushroom, follow the right square block as it moves to the right (below the spiky columns). Enter the mini-sized pipe and continue swimming upward through the trap-filled rooms until you reach the surface. Then, exit via the pipe and hit the blocks to get regular Mushrooms again, and head right to the secret flagpole.

This secret exit opens the path to the Green Toad House and the Cannon, which will lead to World Flower.

When the spiky columns above retract, swim upward through the center to reach the Checkpoint. Continue swimming upward and you will come to an enclosure with a red ring and water currents pushing you back and forth. Collect the red coins to get a free Fire Flower, then swim into the upper-left green pipe to reach a hidden room. Collect Star Coin #3 in here, then go down and right to exit.

Just like you have been, keep moving upward while evading the Fish Bones. When you reach the spiky columns again, swim still between the two solid walls in the center since that is a safe spot. Just above that, go through the pipe to reach a dry room. Hit the blocks to get a Fire Flower, then head through the double doors to meet the four Reznors. Defeat them as usual and the tower will be cleared.

World 3-4

Here, you will get to meet Wiggler again. Jump on it and it becomes angry and moves more quickly. Use a Koopa Troopa shell or fireballs to kill it. The water is again poisonous, so make your way to the right through this stage, jumping across floating crates and defeating enemies. Above a Wiggler is Star Coin #1, which you can retrieve by bouncing off the Wigger's head. Further along, you can hit a ? switch hanging upside-down to trigger a fountain of coins pouring out of the pipe ahead. Collect them, then walk through the red pipe to proceed.

As soon as you emerge, go through the Checkpoint. For this half of the stage, the water will rise up a bit before receding to a lower level. You can tell when this is about to happen since the water seems to move slightly before rising upward. The crates continue to float atop the water, so you will be safe jumping across them. Continue along until you reach a Koopa Troopa walking across three crates in a row. Wait for the water to recede, revealing a hidden path below. Quickly run to the right and grab Star Coin #2, then get back out before the water rises!

Along the upper path, jump between the blocks to reveal a hidden beanstalk, which leads to a bonus gold ring area if you want. Ahead of that, you will see a thin ledge above leading to a hidden coin-filled path. Instead, wait for the water to recede, then go down onto the crates below. Wall jump to reach Star Coin #3 above, then continue across the crates as you head to the right. When you come to the Koopa Troopa on the crates at the end, you will be able to either go up or down.


Wait for the poisonous water to recede, then break the bricks blocking the lower path (Koopa Troopa shell, raccoon tail). Go through the red pipe at the end, and continue ahead to the secret flagpole.

This secret exit opens the path to World 3-B.

Take the upper path to reach a green pipe. Go through it, then bounce off the Wiggler to reach the flagpole.

World 3-5

Go down the pipe in front of you to begin this next underwater level. Hit the ability block if you want to try your luck, then start swimming upward. Avoid or defeat the Bloopers floating around as you collect coins. If you see a giant ball falling from above, avoid it for now. At the top, defeat the Blooper with its kids surrounding it, then hit the P switch. Collect the blue coins and head right, and wait for the next giant rock to roll towards you. Follow it to the left and it will crash into the solid blocks surrounding Star Coin #1.

From here, go right and you will find a yellow pipe in the ground. Go down it to reach another room. In there, swim across the bottom half of the room quickly to avoid the Bloopers, then grab Star Coin #2 at the end before exiting. When you emerge again, go left to the Checkpoint, then head back to the right. Start to swim upward again and you will find another P switch. Hit it and the current shooting out of the blue pipe above will stop temporarily. If you go into the pipe, you can hit another P switch to get a chance at collecting a lot of blue coins.

Anyway, continue going upward through the stage until you find more giant rocks rolling downward from above. Swim to the top of the area where you see Star Coin #3 trapped behind some solid blocks. Wait for an even larger rock to roll down, breaking it open so you can get the star coin. Once that's done, continue to the right and exit via the pipe. Jump up the ledges and over to the flagpole to finish up here.

World 3-A

Begin by going into the pipe to reach a fast-moving underwater stage. The current constantly moves you along to the right, so there is very little room for mistakes or even seeing what's ahead. Hit the P switch on the ground if you can, and follow the blue coin path as you swim upward and then downward around the Cheep Cheeps. Ahead, you will see ledges dividing the main area. Take the upper path to grab Star Coin #1.

Continue along the current until you reach a red pipe at the end; go down it to reach a calmer room below. You will see an opening in the floor below, so swim downward into another section. Go right and hit the ? switch to temporarily stop the current blocking access to Star Coin #2 directly below. Swim around the thin ledges to grab the star coin, then swim back out to the right.

Hit the block to get a Star, then swim back upward along the current to exit. You can hit the block there to get a Fire Flower if you need it, otherwise go up the pipe. If you are invincible, it will be hugely helpful as you need to avoid hitting a bunch of giant urchins along the way upward. Hit the blocks if you can to get some coins, then the action will move to the right once again. You can swim through a red ring to activate the red coins (collect them all to get an extra life). Along the way, you can grab Star Coin #3 floating along the lower half of the path.

Continue swimming along the narrow path between the urchins, and the green exit pipe will be ahead. Go through it, then jump up the ledges and grab some last minute coins before hitting the flagpole to exit.