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FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/15

              | This guide has a 70% GameFAQs approval rating. |
              o----------------o              o----------------o
                               | 7 Yes / 3 No |  (01/06/2018)

         ____   _   _  _   _  _   ___  ___   ____   ____  ____    ____
        /    \ | | | || | | || | /   ||   \ |    \ |  __||  _ \  /    \
       |      || | | || | | || ||    ||    || | | || |__ | | | ||      |
       |  ||  || |/ / | | | || || || || || || | | ||  __|| |_| ||  ||  |
       |  ||__||   /  | |_| || ||    || || || | | || |   |  _  /|  ||__|
       |  |__  |   \  |___  || || || || || || | | || |__ | | | \|  |__
       |     \ | |\ \     | || ||_||_||_||_|| | | ||____|| | | ||     \
        \__   || | | | ___| || |___________ | |_| | _____| | | | \__   |
        __ |  ||_| |_||_____||_____________||____/ |_______| |_| __ |  |
       |  ||  |   _______  __   ______  ______   ______  _____  |  ||  |
       |  ||  |  |   ____||  | /  _   ||   _  \ |_    _||   __| |  ||  |
       |      |  |  | ___ |  ||  | |  ||  | |  |  |  |  |  |__  |      |
        \____/   |  ||   ||  ||  |_|  ||  | |  |  |  |  |__   |  \____/
                 |  |_|  ||  ||   _   ||  | |  |  |  |   __|  |
                 |_______||__||__| |__||__| |__|  |__|  |_____|

              |   WALKTHROUGH   |
          |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |      i - Controls.............................[010100]  |
          |     ii - Experience...........................[010200]  |
          |    iii - Upgrades.............................[010300]  |
          |     iv - Hats.................................[010400]  |
          |      v - Elemental Gates......................[010500]  |
          |     vi - Giant Areas..........................[010600]  |
          |    vii - Challenges...........................[010700]  |
          |   viii - Adventure Packs and Magic Items......[010800]  |
          |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
          |      i - Pirate Bay...........................[020100]  |
          |     ii - Tiki Island..........................[020200]  |
          |    iii - Sand Dune Seas.......................[020300]  |
          |     iv - Tech Theme Park......................[020400]  |
          |      v - Rust Marsh...........................[020500]  |
          |     vi - Pirate Fortress......................[020600]  |
          |    vii - The Maelstrom........................[020700]  |
          |   viii - Pirate Seas..........................[020800]  |
          |     ix - Empire of Ice........................[020900]  |
          |      x - Darklight Crypt......................[021000]  |
          |     xi - Dragon's Peak........................[021100]  |
          |  3 - Frequently Asked Questions...............[030000]  |
          |  4 - Updates..................................[040000]  |
          |  5 - Contact..................................[050000]  |
          |  6 - Copyright................................[060000]  |
               |                                    |
               | Author: dark52                     |
               | Version: 1.0                       |
               | Updated: 06/06/13                  |
               | Website: http://www.darkspyro.net/ |
               | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net |


Welcome to my complete Walkthrough to the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders:

The walkthrough itself tries not assume you have any specific Skylanders and
will mention when you need a certain element or ability to complete a task. To
play the game you will need at least two Skylanders to load in with the
infra-red portal otherwise it will not let you continue beyond the very start.

 ,--------,                      ,----------,                       ,--------,
| [010100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Controls  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010100] |
 '--------'                      '----------'                       '--------'

                 |         ACTION          |     BUTTON      |
                 | Pause                   | Start/Select    |
                 | Move                    | Circle Pad/Dpad |
                 | Jump                    | B               |
                 | Primary Attack          | Y               |
                 | Secondary Attack        | X               |
                 | Sprint                  | A/L             |
                 | Use Magic Item          | R               |
                 | Switch/Revive Skylander | Touch Screen    |

 ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
| [010200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Experience  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [010200] |
 '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'

When you kill an enemy you gain a small amount of experience in the form of
small glowing dots. You also get bonus experience at the end of a level based
on how many coins you've collected, whether you're matching the daily elemental
bonus (+25% for one element or +50% for both), and how much time you had left
on the clock.

 ,--------,                      ,----------,                       ,--------,
| [010300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Upgrades  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010300] |
 '--------'                      '----------'                       '--------'

Upgrades are automatically given to your Skylander when it levels up. At the
end of a level the game will notify you that you've gained access to a new

 ,--------,                        ,------,                         ,--------,
| [010400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Hats  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010400] |
 '--------'                        '------'                         '--------'

In each platforming level you can find a few hats, it should be noted that in
the 3DS game these are purely cosmetic items. You'll find them inside the
presents that are hidden throughout the levels.

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [010500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Elemental Gates  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010500] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

In each exploration level you will find a pair of elemental gates, these are
entirely optional and by skipping them you do not hinder progress through the
story. To open an elemental gate simply stand near to it with a Skylander of
the corresponding element.

 ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
| [010600] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Giant Areas  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010600] |
 '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'

Most levels have special Giant Areas which require you to use a Giant Skylander
to open, that usually requires you to hit the marked gate with an attack or
jump and smash down onto one if it's on the floor. What's inside the Giant
Areas varies from level to level, sometimes it's simply a small alcove with a
chest in it and other times there's a whole platforming section with a hat at
the end.

 ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
| [010700] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Challenges  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [010700] |
 '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'

Each level has five goals, four of which are possible to do on your first time
through. When you have completed the level once you can go through again to
complete the time challenge.

The tasks vary from level to level and include collecting coins, collecting
several of a special item, killing a certain number of enemies, smashing
chests, completing Giant or Elemental areas. You get a different set of tasks
in the smaller boss fight levels such as not being hit by a hazard and not
eating any food.

There are three stars to earn, the first you will gain from the story mission
when you first complete the level. The second is for the time trial run through
on your subsequent trips through the level (you can choose not to do the time
trial) and the third is for completing all four of the other challenges.

 ,--------,           ,---------------------------------,           ,--------,
| [010800] |~-~-~-~-~|  Adventure Packs and Magic Items  |~-~-~-~-~| [010800] |
 '--------'           '---------------------------------'           '--------'

With the release of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure there were Adventure Packs
these came with a Skylander, a Location Piece and two Magic Items. The Location
Pieces unlock the same level in Giants as they did in Spyro's Adventure so can
be used again.

The Location Piece when placed on the Portal of Power will unlock a brand new
pair of levels. An exploration level and an arena level. Unlike the consoles
this item has no further use in the 3DS game.

The Magic Items do not unlock anything but instead temporarily provide your
Skylanders with something special. You can only have one Magic Item active at
any point and they cost thirty coins to use.

The main thing is to remember to actually use them. To load them into the game
simply put them on the Portal of Power and talk to Hugo as if you were swapping
out your Skylander. The Skylander that was active when you summoned the item
will be the one that can use it, if you want the other to be able to use the
same item then switch to that Skylander and summon the item again and both
characters will be able to use it - although if you switch between them while
it's active then it still deactivates like normal.

  | [010801]      Pirate Seas      [010801] |

The Pirate Ship unlocks Windjammer Bay and Pontoon Point. It has no further use
in the 3DS game.

The Hidden Treasure when activated will temporarily cause coins to be attracted
towards you. It costs thirty coins to use and only lasts about fifteen seconds
so not a very useful item.

The Ghost Swords make your Skylander's attacks do 50% more damage for twenty

  | [010802]      Empire of Ice      [010802] |

The Empire of Ice unlocks Winterwatch Keep and Coldburn. It has no further use
in the 3DS game.

The Sky-Iron Shield will protect your Skylanders from damage for ten seconds.

The Anvil Rain will surround your Skylander with three anvils that knock back
enemies if touched that lasts fifteen seconds.

  | [010803]      Darklight Crypt      [010803] |

The Darklight Crypt itself unlocks Wighthaunt and The Spectery. It has no
further use in the 3DS game.

The Healing Elixir will continue to heal your Skylander for twenty seconds.

The Time Twister will surround your Skylander with three hourglasses, if these
hit an enemy that enemy will freeze in place for a few seconds. The hourglasses
last about twenty seconds and don't have any effect on large enemies.

  | [010804]      Dragon's Peak      [010804] |

The Dragon's Peak unlocks the levels The Wingwarrens and The Pit. It has no
further use in the 3DS game.

The Winged Boots allows your Skylander to run without having to stop every few
seconds for twenty seconds - perfect for Time Challenges.

Sparx the Dragonfly will hover around your Skylander occasionally shooting
nearby enemies for twenty seconds.

  | [010805]      Dragonfire Cannon      [010805] |

The Dragonfire Cannon (both regular and Golden) fires a burst attack in the
direction your Skylander is facing for a few seconds.

  | [010806]      Scorpion Striker      [010806] |

The Scorpion Striker Catapult rains down attacks from the sky on all enemies
nearby for about twenty seconds.


 ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
| [020100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Pirate Bay  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020100] |
 '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'

  | [020101]      Daring Rescue      [020101] |

    * Rescue Flynn

    * Time Challenge - 3:20

    * Collect Coins - 200
    * Elemental Gates - Fire / Magic
    * Giant Areas - 2
    * Bash Chests - 8

   1. Princess Hat
   2. Toy Solider Hat
   3. Trucker Hat
   4. Umbrella Hat
   5. Bottle Cap Hat

The game begins by Hugo asking you to summon two Skylanders (if you want to
finish all of the optional challenges first time through the level you'll need
a Fire and a Magic Skylander, one of them as a Giant), you will be unable to
progress until you load them both in. Once they're loaded you'll be shown how
to switch, just tap the bottom screen anywhere. After that you'll be taken
straight to the first level.

Move forwards across the bridge and pick up the coins on it, if you played the
3DS version of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure then these coins are exactly the
same as the radiance that you'll have seen there. They aren't used like in the
console versions to buy upgrades but instead serve as part of a challenge to
gather enough and bonus experience once you reach the end of the level. Keep on
moving forwards and jump over the gaps using the B button as the game
indicates. If you fall down onto the sand you can either double jump back up or
walk back up the nearby slope.

The next small area has a couple of Chompies in it, these little blue guys are
the most basic of enemies in the game and only take one hit before they die.
Your most basic of attacks is with the Y button.

There's a Mabu over the next bridge, he's standing next to a raised bridge with
a Giant symbol on it, that means that only a Giant can access it [Giant Area
1/2]. If you have a Giant loaded then attack the icon. You'll usually you'll
find something interesting behind one of these blockages such as a present or a
chest with coins in it and this one has a chest [Chest 1/8], smash it to reveal
several coins - the large central one is worth five. Getting 10 coins in quick
succession will trigger the game to temporarily double the value of the coins
you collect..

Going down the path to your right will take you to a sandy area with a couple
of barrels and a single Bag O' Boom enemy throwing bombs at you. The game
suggests you attack him using your second attack, the X button, but you can do
whatever you like. To the right of him is a few small round islands, on the
right one is a red and yellow chest [Chest 2/8].

Jump back to the land and go up the red tiled bridge up to the place where the
Giant bridge also led to. Carry on forwards up a small slope to a lever, pull
it to form a bridge. On the left side at the end of the bridge is a Fire Gate,
if you have a Fire Skylander then approach it.

 | Fire Gate                                                                 |
 | Avoid the rotating fire blasts and jump along the platforms to the end,   |
 | there's not all that much to do in here [Elemental Gate 1/2]. At the end  |
 | is a present [Hat 1/5 Princess Hat].                                      |

Completing that will bring you right back to the same place so now go right up
the slope to a small group of enemies consisting of a couple of Chompies and a
tiny Seadog Pirate. Kill them before jumping onto a wooden mast platform, this
leans from side to side depending on where you stand on it. If you lean it to
the left you'll be able to reach a chest [Chest 3/8] on an island by itself.

Jump onto the next bit of land ahead and the game will suggest you run along
the tiled path, it's not essential but you might as well. At the end is a
Chompy and a Bag O' Boom. Jump over to the building ahead of you, go up the
slope to talk to a Mabu by the entrance. Follow the purple arrow inside and
you'll be transported to the top of the Lighthouse. Circle around it to find a
present on the other side [Hat 2/5 - Toy Soldier Hat]. To get back down simply
go through the door up here.

If you go right but don't go down the slope you'll find a Bag O' Boom standing
in front of the next chest [Chest 4/8]. Kill the three Chompies below and then
jump along the small green islands to the right. Stick to the sand instead of
going up the slope, kill another Seadog Pirate and a couple of Chompies before
smashing through some boxes to reach another chest [Chest 5/8]. Smash through
the blockade and go up the slope to a couple of Bag O' Booms. Kill them and
carry on forwards down to a large pirate carrying a flamethrower. He'll take
more damage than the others you've fought so far but as long as you watch out
for his attack you should be fine.

That will open up a Monster Gate behind him, go on through and follow the coins
along the path. On the right side you'll eventually reach the Magic Gate.

 | Magic Gate                                                                |
 | After the first few islands you'll spot some Zeppelins in the air, these  |
 | will fire at you - use the green barriers as a shield to prevent yourself |
 | from getting hurt. [Elemental Gate 2/2]. At the end is a present [Hat 3/5 |
 | Trucker Hat].                                                             |

Back out again go left across a bridge and then up a slope to a group of
Chompies and a Seadog Pirate. After killing them smash through the wooden fence
that's blocking your way. There's another flamethrower wielding pirate being
helped by a Bag O' Boom that's standing up on a platform, jump up to kill that
one to open up the gate.

Smash through another fence on the other side to find a Bag O' Boom up a small
staircase next to a chest [Chest 6/8]. The area beyond that has a chest [Chest
7/8] in the centre as well as a Giant are [Giant Area 2/2] on the left. Up the
ramp is another present [Hat 4/5 Umbrella Hat].

Smash through the blockade at the top end of the area and then again through
the others and the Chompies in-between. You've finally caught up with Flynn, to
free him all you need to do is kill the enemies in the area. That's a single
flamethrower and a load of Chompies. Talk to Flynn and he'll open up the locked
gate for you.

Going onwards you'll be able to see the Crimson Tide off in the distance but
while you can't reach it you can go along towards it and find another chest
waiting for you at the end of the pier [Chest 8/8]. Jump down onto the square
wooden platforms, these shudder when you jump on them but they won't actually
sink. Keep on going up towards a boat that you can get on. Kill the two Bag O'
Bombs and cross over to the end of the level but just before you go up to Flynn
there's a present on the floor [Hat 5/5 - Bottle Cap Hat].

  | [020102]      Flynn's Ship      [020102] |

You are now free to roam around what will serve as the central hub for the
game. On the left is Flynn who you'll need to talk to to select which level you
want to go to. Up on the right is Hugo who will let you switch out the
Skylanders you have summoned. If you go across the plank onto the Lifeboat you
can see your full collection of Skylanders and all of the Hats that you've
collected as well as where to find the ones you haven't.

The door directly beneath Hugo leads to the Captain's Cabin where you can see a
board with a visual representation of your progress in the quest to defeat
Frightbeard. The door on the other side of the steps leads to the Sheep Room,
here you can practice your attacks on the sheep although they give you no
numbers. The door up next to Hugo leads to where you will find the entrances to
the Adventure Pack levels once you've loaded them in with Hugo (instead of
putting a Skylander on the portal just put the Location Piece instead).

 ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
| [020200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Tiki Island  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020200] |
 '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'

  | [020201]      Head Hunting      [020201] |

    * Locate Giant Tiki

    * Time Challenge - 3:30

    * Collect Coins - 250
    * Elemental Gates - Water / Magic
    * Giant Area
    * Defeat Heavy Enemies - 8

   1. Carrot Hat
   2. Birthday Hat
   3. Anvil Hat
   4. Beret
   5. Bone Head

As you cross the first bridge you'll immediately see the first hat of the level
[Hat 1/5 - Carrot Hat] just to the right. Go up the slope on the left up and
around to some Chompies at the top, carry on forwards and then right over a
bridge when you get to the giant hand sticking out of the ground.

At the end of the bridge you'll find one Drow Spearman who shouldn't be all
that hard to kill, they don't have much more health than a Chompy. Go inside
the mouth where the arrow is pointing. Jump over the gaps between the platforms
to get over to a few Chompies inside here as well as a few more Spearmen to
kill too. Heading left continue forwards over the platforms, there's a Drow
Witch on one of them - again a pretty weak enemy that shouldn't take more than
one or two hits to kill. Head outside at the end.

If you move towards the camera you can find a chest to smash, it's not actually
one of the challenges for the level this time so it's entirely optional
(although I suppose it might help towards the coin challenge). Continue
forwards and you'll reach a crossroads. Straight ahead is a Water Gate, to the
right is a Locked Gate, and left is an open path. Take the Water Gate first but
kill the enemies standing around here before that, the Trollverine on the right
is the first of the "heavies" [Heavies - 1/8].

 | Water Challenge                                                           |
 | [Elemental Gate 1/2] Jump up the blue circular platforms to reach another |
 | heavy [Heavies 2/8] for you to kill, in this large area you'll find a few |
 | more smaller enemies as well as a couple of chests to smash open. Once    |
 | you've got them head to the right over the water, kill the Drow Witch in  |
 | the middle. On the other side of the water you'll find a present [Hat 2/5 |
 | - Birthday Hat], two heavies [Heavies 3/8], [Heavies 4/8], and another    |
 | chest as well as the portal back to the start of the gate.                |

If you go down the left path now you'll find some Chompies to kill as well as a
present containing [Hat 3/5 - Anvil Hat]. Back up go to the right and pick up
the key just to the left of the Locked Gate, not exactly the most well hidden
of keys. Open up the gate by approaching it.

Go forwards to the right down the red and yellow wooden bridge, jump the gap to
reach a few Chompies and a Spearman at the corner, go left and kill a couple of
Witches before heading up and over the gaps in the wooden red and yellow bridge
again all the way up to a large circular area where you'll begin being targeted
by a red X and two Trollverines will attack [Heavies 5/8], [Heavies 6/8].

Ignore the X and go up the wooden bridge on the other side to follow it down to
the right, all the way to solid land again. Up ahead you'll see the [Giant Area
1/1] to smash in, and just before it there are two more Heavies outside
[Heavies 7/8], [Heavies 8/8]. Inside the Giant Area you'll find a few Chompies,
an extra Heavy [Heavies 9/8] and up at the end between a couple of Witches is
[Hat 4/5 - Beret]. Exit the same way you came in.

Further along is another pair of Heavies [Heavies 10/8], [Heavies 11/8] that
you can use if you skipped any before. Take the right-hand path to find the
Magic Gate.

 | Magic Challenge                                                           |
 | [Elemental Gate 2/2] The first large platform in here has a couple of     |
 | Spearmen and a Drow Witch on it, kill them and then smash the two chests. |
 | The second large platform is the last, you'll find another spare [Heavies |
 | 12/8] and a present [Hat 5/5 - Bone Head] along with a couple of Witches  |
 | and Chests.                                                               |

The rest of the level is just straight on along the left path, all there is
in-between you and the Tiki are a load of Chompies and Spearmen as well as one
final Heavy [Heavies 13/8]. Kill the last of the enemies to open up the Monster
Gate and approach the Giant Tiki to talk to it.

  | [020202]      Lost and Found      [020202] |

    * Locate Tiki Idol

    * Time Challenge - 3:30

    * Collect Coins - 250
    * Elemental Gates - Fire / Life
    * Giant Area
    * Defeat Melee Enemies - 5

   1. Wabbit Ears
   2. Chef Hat
   3. Tropical Turban
   4. Rocker Hair

Move forwards past some Chompies and you'll immediately reach the one and only
[Giant Area 1/1] for the level. Smash through it and head inside. At the far
end of the room, past a load more Chompies and a couple of Spearmen [Melee 1/5]
+ [Melee 2/5], is a present with [Hat 1/4 - Wabbit Ears] inside. Turn around
and go back outside again and continue along the path to another bunch of
Chompies and another Spearman [Melee 3/5]. At the end here you'll see a split
in the path, on the left a short bridge with a bounce pad on it. The bounce pad
simply leads to a small island with a chest on it and another bounce pad that
will take you straight back.

Carry onwards over the gap in the bridge ahead to a circular section with a
single Witch and two chests towards the back. Go right to another similar
section this time with two Witches on it. The camera will turn so the path
you're going along is now directly ahead. Kill the lone Goliath and then take
the path behind him up to another circular area with a Spearman [Melee 4/5] and
two chests to smash. Go back down to where you killed the Goliath and take the
right path.

Once you reach solid land again you'll find yourself next to the Fire Gate.

 | Fire Challenge                                                            |
 | Up top at the end of the path jump down into the hole. Make your way      |
 | along the path jumping over the lava, there's one Goliath in the middle   |
 | and a pair of Spearmen [Melee 5/5] + [Melee 6/5]. as well as two Witches  |
 | and your present [Hat 2/4 - Chef Hat].                                    |

The water here is not something to avoid, in fact there is a cave at the bottom
of the waterfall that you will want to go inside. [Hat 3/4 - Tropical Turban].
Outside again go up the slope behind the Witch and move on forwards following
the path as it curves to the right. Jump up the small ledge and kill the two
Spearmen [Melee 7/5] + [Melee 8/5] plus a Witch and a chest.

Cross the gap in the bridge and follow it while the camera moves around to make
it so you're heading right. There's another [Melee 9/5] in the way before
getting to a circular section with a few Witches, another [Melee 10/5] and a
bunch of Chompies. Go up the path behind to reach the Life Gate.

 | Life Challenge                                                            |
 | There's not much to this, just jump over the rotating platforms and       |
 | you're at the end already. Kill the Goliath and the two Witches to take   |
 | the [Hat 4/4 - Rocker Hair] and the two chests before stepping into the   |
 | teleporter back.                                                          |

Fromn the circular section go right, there's a bunch of enemies nearby - a
couple of Goliaths and a Witch mainly. Kill them and go right again. Drop down
and follow the path past another Witch, two more [Melee 11/5] + [Melee 12/5] to
a set of large square floating platforms you will need to jump along. Run to
the left past the giant stone fire breathing heads when they stop breathing
fire. Once you're round there's some more platforms to jump onto before
smashing another chest and stepping into a bounce pad to get up on top of those

Kill the two Goliaths nearby and the two on the opposite side of the circular
monster gate in the middle. Once that's open pick up the Tiki Idol to finish
the level.

  | [020203]      Through the Ruins      [020203] |

    * Locate Map Piece

    * Time Challenge - 3:30

    * Collect Coins - 250
    * Elemental Gates - Air / Tech
    * Giant Areas - 2
    * Locate Cupcakes - 10

   1. Royal Crown
   2. Lil Devil
   3. Biter Hat
   4. Fez
   5. Eye Hat

In the dip directly ahead of you is the first of the level's cupcakes that you
need to collect [Cupcakes 1/10], walk into it to pick it up. On the left and
right are some Chompies you will want to kill and then there's a lone Witch
standing over by the Monster Gate. Go down the water slide behind her.

Kill the Spearmen that approach as well as the Chompies in the area, if you go
to the right you'll find a Witch and the second cupcake down a ledge next to
her [Cupcakes 2/10]. Jump back up and follow the water down to some floating
platforms and then to solid land again. Go right past the moving blocks when
you can, you can actually jump on top of the second one, to a jump pad (if you
ignore it for a moment you can find a chest just past it) that will take you

Head left along the narrow bit above the moving blocks to reach the Tech Gate.

 | Tech Challenge                                                            |
 | You can jump up the grassy steps next to the entrance to find a chest     |
 | above but head inside once you've got those coins. All it is is a large   |
 | square room with a few enemies, take the present from the middle [Hat 1/5 |
 | - Royal Crown] and leave.                                                 |

Now go to the right from where you jumped up, jump over the gap and then go
right up the vine. Then as you go forwards id follow the next vine down to the
left instead of going straight on along the stone path you'll find a chest, get
back on track once you've got it. Instead of jumping off the edge at the end go
left and follow yet another vine (not the one going down, the one going up),
this will lead you to some platforms on your left that you can jump to.

Smash the chest that the Spearman and the Chompy are guarding before continuing
onwards to the left onto another small round platform, keep on going until you
reach the Cupcake [Cupcakes 3/10]. Then turn around and head back to where you
could jump down onto a large square area.

Kill the Chompies, the Goliath and the Witch to open the Monster gate on the
far corner but in the corner to your right you'll find a cake [Cupcakes 4/10].
Take the bounce pad behind the Monster Gate once you've got that.

In the middle of the place where you land is a cracked circle with a Giant icon
on it, to smash it simply jump and then press the run button (A or L) to smash
down into it [Giant Areas 1/2]. Down here there isn't much but a few Chompies,
a couple of Spearmen and [Hat 2/5 - Lil Devil]. Step in the teleporter to get
back up again.

Take the left bounce pad to reach an island with a Spearman and a cake
[Cupcakes 5/10] as well as a chest and a bounce pad back again. The right pad
leads to an island with a present on it [Hat 3/5 - Biter Hat] a few enemies and
a chest. Bounce back and go through the waterfall.

Kill the large number of enemies you find at the bottom before going to the
left side where you'll see the Air Gate.

 | Air Challenge                                                             |
 | Jump over the flipping platforms and through the large rotating wheels to |
 | reach the end, you might have some trouble with a few of the flipping     |
 | platforms if you don't time it just right. Your reward is a couple of     |
 | chests and [Hat 4/5 - Fez].                                               |

Go right now and jump onto the first of the moving platforms, wait for the
second of the second row to appear before jumping on - if you jump on the first
one you'll be knocked off before the third row appears. And then onto the third
row and off onto a stationary platform. Jump onto the first of the next set
then onto the first of the second row and onto the third to wait until you
reach where you can jump off.

Run through the maze area watching out for the spikes as they rise and fall. At
the end start going left and jump over the water with spikes in it, keep on the
low path down along to a cupcake [Cupcakes 6/10] and a bounce pad that'll take
you up to the higher path. Go left off the side down onto a collapsing wooden
platform that you'll need to jump off to the right from to where you can smash
a chest and pick up another cupcake [Cupcakes 7/10]. Drop down that wooden
platform now and step onto the bounce pad.

Jump down to the right and take the higher path over the first wooden platform,
go back to the left to find another chest and cupcake next to each other
[Cupcakes 8/10]. Now going back to the right make sure to take the higher path,
this will lead you to a Giant area [Giant Areas 2/2] inside of which you'll
find [Hat 5/5 - Eye Hat], and carrying on to the right you'll spot another
cupcake [Cupcakes 9/10]. Drop down towards the camera and jump over the gap
where you can see a teleport pad (be careful not to stand in it!), you should
now be standing next to the final cupcake [Cupcakes 10/10]. Once you've got
that you can use the teleporter down below.

Talk to the squid person outside to finish the level.

  | [020204]      Tiki Tumble      [020204] |

    * Defeat Squidbeard

    * Time Challenge - 5:00

    * Collect Coins
    * Elemental Match - Earth
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Avoid the Fire

Instead of going back to Flynn's Ship you are instead thrown straight into the
battle with Squidbeard. This is a slightly differently set up level, one you
should recognise if you played the previous 3DS game. All you're doing here is
fighting, kill the enemies that appear until the game decides it's the next
round. Then kill some more! Try to avoid the fires of the rotating fire blaster
in the middle, it should start getting active during Round 2. During Round 3
Squidbeard himself will appear, he's not all that tough so just keep attacking
him, his attacks aren't really going to do all that much damage.

The extra challenge Don't Eat Food simply asks you to complete the fight
without eating any food, straight forward enough but easy to accidentally do so
watch out for the items dotted around the place. Avoid the Fire is equally
straight forward, just be really careful of the bursts of flame as you fight.
The Elemental Match is even easier, simply enter the level with one of your two
Skylanders being that element, you don't even have to use them in battle if you
don't want to.

 ,--------,                   ,----------------,                    ,--------,
| [020300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Sand Dune Seas  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020300] |
 '--------'                   '----------------'                    '--------'

  | [020301]      Sand Trap      [020301] |

    * Meet Cali

    * Time Challenge - 6:00

    * Collect Coins - 250
    * Elemental Gates - Earth / Air
    * Giant Area
    * Bash Chests - 5

   1. Winged Hat
   2. Moose Hat
   3. Jester Hat
   4. Elf Hat
   5. Crown of Light

Watch out for the cactus as you go up the slope to the left, follow the path up
and around over a smaller platform to a place where there are several little
purple Nauteloid bugs, these are a lot like Chompies but attack a little
faster. Jump forwards on the left side over another couple of smaller platforms
and then head right as you hit land, kill the Trog Wanderers and then enter the
Air Gate.

 | Air Challenge                                                             |
 | The small platforms in here are special, when you land on one it'll blow  |
 | you upwards a short distance, you will need to hold down the glide button |
 | to successfully go from the top of the vortex to the next platform. On    |
 | the large circular platform there are three archers to kill before you    |
 | carry on over some pink rectangular platforms to a rock platform, on      |
 | there you'll find a load of Nauteloids, a couple of Trog Wanderers and a  |
 | Lava King. Once they're dead the Monster Gate will open up to allow you   |
 | get [Hat 1/5 - Winged Hat].                                               |
 |                                                                           |
 | To exit you need to jump onto the cracked platform nearby, instead of     |
 | falling down it rises up. Follow the platforms down to a large circular   |
 | platform where there's a small air platform right in the middle, stand on |
 | it until it hits the bottom then run up the slope of pink platforms to    |
 | the teleporter. If you're not fast enough turn around and do it again.    |
 | [Elemental Gates 1/2]                                                     |

Going left now you'll find the first chest all the way around the other side of
the central rock [Chests 1/5]. Go left and down onto a small platform to get to
a larger one with an archer on it. Go forwards past him up past some Nauteloids
and then up the ledges past some more enemies to the top where you meet another
crowd of Nauteloids. If you go left you'll find [Chests 2/5], once you've got
that go right up the slope, at the end of the left headed part there's a third
chest [Chests 3/5] before you reach the archer and the Monster Gate behind him.

As you move right the camera will swing round so you're facing the opposite
direction, on the left now is a [Giant Area 1/1] with a [Chests 4/5] and [Hat
2/5 - Moose Hat].

Forwards from outside the giant area are some platforms that tilt and fall over
when you step on them, go down them to a platform with some Nauteloids and a
Lava King on it. After you pass them go over the platform and then up the
ledges and all the way over to another Monster Gate section, kill the enemies
of course. Before you jump down the hole over on the right is your last chest
[Chests 5/5].

Go up the steps to the right and as you get to the shifting sands jump forwards
onto the tiny platform to reach the Earth Gate.

 | Earth Challenge                                                           |
 | This challenge involves a few spinning and moving platforms before going  |
 | up a slope of sand shifting in the opposite direction - either run or     |
 | jump up it. At the top you'll find the hat [Hat 3/5 - Jester Hat], jump   |
 | down onto another shifting sand section and then finally over a few more  |
 | moving platforms to reach the teleport out. [Elemental Gates 2/2]         |

Follow the sands backwards up to a set of rotating pink platforms, jump along
them to get to another section of pouring sand, this time in the same direction
as you want to go. Not quite at the very end of the sand you'll need to jump
off onto some more of those pink platforms, work your way down to another ledge
platform to go up and then inside the building there.

On the opposite side of the room is a locked gate but no key, so go up the
platforms in the middle of the room and out through the door at the top. In
here you'll find a bunch of enemies guarding a Monster Gate with the key inside
on top of a teleporter, but don't grab it just yet. There's also a sixth chest
in here [Chests 6/5] just in case you missed one earlier. In the corner there's
a platform rising and falling, jump on to be lifted up to [Hat 4/5 - Elf Hat].
Now you can get the key.

Open up the locked gate and then follow the path down, take the lower path at
the split to find [Hat 5/5 - Crown of Light]. Once you've got that turn back
around and take the higher path and exit through the doorway. This final
section of the level requires you to circle up around the central section, over
a few flipping platforms and bits of moving sand all the way to the top where
you'll find Cali.

  | [020302]      The Tar Pits      [020302] |

    * Locate Map Piece

    * Time Challenge - 3:00

    * Collect Coins - 250
    * Elemental Gates - Undead / Fire
    * Giant Areas - 2
    * Locate Jackalopes - 10

   1. Santa Hat
   2. Plunger Head
   3. Pan Hat
   4. Rocket Hat

Before you do anything else turn around and jump down the ledge to the right,
there you'll find [Hat 1/4 - Santa Hat]. Now go back up and jump down the
slope, partway down you'll see an area off to the right side of it, jump off
the slope to stop there. There are a few Nauteloids running about as well as
the first of the Jackalopes, these are the rabbit heads with antlers that are
mounted like a trophy [Jacaklopes 1/10]. Now get back on the slope and continue
all the way to the bottom where you'll need to jump over a gap.

On the left side of this area you'll find another Jackalope [Jackalopes 2/10]
and the Undead Gate.

 | Undead Challenge                                                          |
 | The first set of platforms sink into the water if you stay on them too    |
 | long, so quickly cross these bones and down the spine towards a platform  |
 | with a chest on it. After that go up the rectangular platforms that       |
 | collapse moments after you set foot on them. At the top is [Hat 2/4 -     |
 | Plunger Head] and the teleporter back to the entrance.                    |

Go forwards up the spine, at the end is the third Jackalope [Jackalopes 3/10],
go right over the small platforms and then jump up where the chest is to a
larger platform above to the right. Up here you'll find a few enemies and
[Jackalopes 4/10]. Drop back down to the left and jump over to another large
platform. Kill the enemies and over on the left next to the two white rocks
you'll find [Jackalopes 5/10].

Onwards to another platform with a set of archers on it, kill them then smash
down the Giant barrier [Giant Areas 1/2] to find a chest. Up the stepped
platforms on the left side you'll find the sixth Jackalope [Jackalopes 6/10].
Kill the archers above before going up to the very top and finding [Jackalopes
7/10] on the right. Ahead of you now is a large slope just like at the
beginning of the level. Jump down it. At the bottom where the sand changes
direction you'll find the Fire Gate.

 | Fire Challenge                                                            |
 | Slide down the lava avoiding the spitting rocks all the way to the bottom |
 | where you'll encounter an Oil King, these are just like the Lava Kings    |
 | except spewing oil instead of lava. Anyway, kill it and the archer to     |
 | open up the Monster Gate so you can carry on down the next bit of the     |
 | lava slide. At the bottom of this next section are some flipping          |
 | platforms, jump from one to the next at the point where they flip - the   |
 | 3D view might help here. And your reward is waiting [Hat 3/4 - Pan Hat].  |

On the right side of the pink circle is another Jackalope [Jackalopes 8/10] to
collect, after you've got it jump over the sinking platforms to where there's
another Oil King, a couple of Nauteloids and an archer, on the right of them is
yet another Jackalope hiding behind the tree [Jackalopes 9/10]. Jump up to a
long string of small platforms leading down to another small group of

Go up the slope behind them, kill the enemies and then continue upwards and to
the right towards the second Giant Area [Giant Areas 2/2]. Behind this one is a
hat [Hat 4/4 - Rocket Hat]. Carry on going right and just over the lip you'll
find the final Jackalope on the right [Jackalopes 10/10]. Once you've got that
head inside the nearby cave.

Inside you'll find one final grouping of enemies that open the final Monster
Gate, collect the map piece to finish the level.

  | [020303]      The Windy Dunes      [020303] |

    * Obtain Ship Piece

    * Time Challenge - 4:00

    * Collect Coins - 300
    * Elemental Gates - Water / Life
    * Giant Areas - 2
    * Knock Piggies Free - 10

   1. Wizard Hat
   2. Tiki Hat
   3. Fishing Hat
   4. Trojan Helmet
   5. Unicorn Hat

Go forwards up the slope following the path of coins, a Jawbreaker is your
first enemy of the level. Avoid his punches and attack while he's dizzy. The
mini tornado ahead of you has a pig flying around it, either get close enough
to collect it but try not to get damaged or attack it from range [Piggies Freed
1/10]. To the left there's a chest but you'll want to go past the tornado
following some more coins, kill some Nauteloids on a large platform before
jumping down to another small set of enemies standing next to a Monster Gate.
Ignore the bounce pad and instead go left and up over the gap.

Go down past the tornado and onto the beach where you'll find another empty
tornado and a Giant Area wall to smash in [Giant Areas 1/2], inside is a
present [Hat 1/5 - Wizard Hat]. Step into the teleporter to get back to the
bounce pad. Use it now and move straight on up the steps, at the end watch out
as one small feature of a lot of the level is the wind trying to push you off
the side, it's not very strong but if you just stand still you will fall off.
Jump onto the rotating platform and across to free the pig [Piggies Freed
2/10]. Go right onto the next platform and then over another rotating platform
to another pig infested tornado [Piggies Freed 3/10], go up the steps past a
chest and onto a bounce pad.

The tornado here is empty so keep on jumping forwards towards another bounce
pad that'll take you up to your next pig [Piggies Freed 4/10]. There's an empty
tornado between you and a set of enemies near a Monster Gate, kill them to open
it up and step onto the bounce pad. Grab piggie number five [Piggies Freed
5/10] on your way towards the bottom of the tower to start your journey up it.
At the top is another bounce pad.

Straight away you'll free the sixth pig [Piggies Freed 6/10], jump over the
rotating platforms to get to a large island with a Jawbreaker, a tornado with
another pig [Piggies Freed 7/10] and the Water Gate over on the right side.

 | Water Challenge                                                           |
 | When you get over the first gap you'll find a few small enemies and then  |
 | a larger cactus type enemy, this guy is just like the Lava Kings you've   |
 | seen before, avoid his breath attack and you'll be fine. After that       |
 | there's a whole load of spinning, falling and rotating platforms to get   |
 | across, when you get to the point where there's a circle of rotating      |
 | platforms go to the right side of it and keep waiting for a moving        |
 | platform to come into range from the right. Once it appears, jump onto it |
 | and then jump off at the hat [Hat 2/5 - Tiki Hat], get back on again and  |
 | make your way over to the next large platform with a Cactus King on it as |
 | well as a few Jawbreakers. Kill them all and then take the second present |
 | in here [Hat 3/5 - Fishing Hat] before teleporting out of here [Elemental |
 | Gates 1/2].                                                               |

Go over the shallow river past the tornadoes to where there's a Cactus King
waiting to attack, kill him and his little friends. Keep on going to the next
bounce pad. Run forwards along the curved path towards piggy seven [Piggies
Freed 7/10] and then up the platforms on the left side to a small area with an
empty tornado and a chest. Go right off to kill a couple of Jawbreakers and a
pair of archers up on the ledge behind them. Up the top of the steps at the end
you should see the Life Gate, go inside the cave.

 | Life Challenge                                                            |
 | First part is just following a path of coins, then it's on to some        |
 | platforming. 3D might be useful here, keep on going along the leaves and  |
 | flipping spiked platforms until you eventually reach the end and can pick |
 | up the hat [Hat 4/5 - Trojan Helmet] and teleport out [Elemental Gates    |
 | 2/2].                                                                     |

To the left of the Life Gate is a pool of water with a couple of Cactus Kings
in it, kill them to open up the Monster Gate to access the bounce pad behind
it. Kill the Jawbreaker and then advance past the tornado to kill a couple of
archers, behind them to the right is the penultimate piggy [Piggies 9/10].
Going along the path to the left you'll find the final pig [Piggies 10/10] and
the second of the Giant Areas [Giant Areas 2/2]. Cross the bridge that it makes
and grab the present [Hat 5/5 - Unicorn Hat] before stepping onto the rather
useless teleporter.

Go on left past the tornado and continue along one final stretch of spinning
platforms to reach the propeller.

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [020400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Tech Theme Park  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020400] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

  | [020401]      A Walk in the Park      [020401] |

    * Locate Information

    * Time Challenge - 3:00

    * Collect Coins - 300
    * Elemental Gates - Magic / Tech
    * Giant Areas - 2
    * Collect Flamingos - 5

   1. Pirate Doo Rag
   2. Cossack Hat
   3. Future Hat
   4. Cowboy Hat
   5. Pumpkin Hat

Go up the slope and head right along the yellow brick road, there's a key next
to the booth on the left of the locked gate but further on there's the Magic

 | Magic Challenge                                                           |
 | [Elemental Gate 1/2] Jump onto the platforms as they rematerialise,       |
 | there's three before you get to attack a Mace Major. Beyond him there's a |
 | set of four vanishing platforms and then the last island with a couple of |
 | Mace Majors and a D. Riveter on it, kill them, take the present [Hat 1/5  |
 | - Pirate Doo Rag] and leave.                                              |

Open up the locked gate using the key that's right next to it, go down the
steps past some Chompies to a Trollverine at the bottom. Kill him and then walk
forwards towards another couple of enemies ahead, they're standing next to a
circle on the ground with a Giant icon on it. To smash through all you need to
do is switch to a Giant, jump and then use the run button to smash down onto
it/near it [Giant Areas 1/2]. Go down the hole and collect [Hat 2/5 - Cossack

Go up the slope on the left now and take the path to the right at the top, over
the fence you'll find a few chests but what you're really after here is on the
path at the right end, the first of the Flamingos [Flamingos 1/5]. Go back to
the left and kill a couple of Trollverines before jumping down towards the
screen, you should land on a platform with a few Chompies on, another flamingo
[Flamingos 2/5] and a present [Hat 3/5 - Future Hat]. Bounce pad back up and
continue going left.

At the top you'll find a bunch of enemies and two cave entrances, the right one
covered by a Giant blockage, smash through that one and go in [Giant Areas
2/2]. Moving forwards kill the Mace Majors and then grab the present up the
slope [Hat 4/5 - Cowboy Hat]. Go back out and go into the left entrance.

Kill the small group of enemies at the bottom of the slope and then go through
the Monster Gate that opens, after killing the Trollverine ahead go up the
curved slope a short distance, on the left you should see a path leading off.
Follow it and make your way through the steam vents killing the trolls that
attack you. At the end you'll find another flamingo [Flamingos 3/5] and a
teleporter back to the circular area. Carry on upwards and go down the next
path off, this leads to a Tech Gate.

 | Tech Challenge                                                            |
 | [Elemental Gate 2/2] A little bit of platforming in here, jump across the |
 | pipes, kill the Trollverine, jump across some small gear platforms and    |
 | then onwards to the end where there's a few D. Riveters shooting at you   |
 | from the teleporter and the present [Hat 5/5 - Pumpkin Hat].              |

Going further up the next path off is locked so continue on around to an exit
in the middle. Kill the Trollverines and the D. Riveters, on the right side of
the slope with the key on is a flamingo [Flamingos 4/5], turn around and go
back outside and open up the locked gate. Go on through killing the enemies and
jumping over the conveyor belts towards the exit.

To the right you'll see the final flamingo [Flamingos 5/5], make sure to grab
that before talking to the robot sitting on the ground as that'll finish the

  | [020402]      Westernland      [020402] |

    * Flip the Power Switch

    * Time Challenge - 4:00

    * Collect Coins - 4000
    * Elemental Gates - Earth / Air
    * Giant Area - 1
    * Locate Jackalopes - 5

   1. Firefighter Helmet
   2. Bowling Pin Hat
   3. Vintage Baseball Cap
   4. Atom Hat

Go forwards into Westernland past a couple of small orange dogs to the centre
of a town where there's a couple of stockades, straight ahead is a locked gate
under a couple of purple beer mugs. Go left (right is a dead end) and kill a
few D. Riveters and Mace Majors, go into the bank at the far end on the right

Inside you'll find a few enemies including an ogre dressed up as a sheriff,
kill him and advance into the bank vault where the key is found. Go back out
and open up the saloon door near the stockades. The first of the Jackalopes
[Jackalopes 1/5] is found over by the bar, kill the enemies on the floor and
then head up the slope on the left side of the room. There's a few more enemies
to kill before the Monster Gate up here opens.

Follow the tracks to the right and you'll find a second Jackalope [Jackalopes
2/5], now go back to the middle and jump over the small platforms dead ahead.
Up on the ledge to the left is the Earth Gate.

 | Earth Challenge                                                           |
 | The brown rocky platforms will rise up a short distance before collapsing |
 | so don't take too long on them. On the first solid land you'll find a few |
 | enemies on a ledge, go past them over a bridge that collapses as you walk |
 | on it and then past some dogs onto some more collapsing platforms.        |
 | There's one more bridge to cross before reaching the last island with a   |
 | couple of enemies on it, kill them and grab the present [Hat 1/4 -        |
 | Firefighter Helmet], [Elemental Gates 1/2].                               |

Continue straight on and then right up a series of small platforms until you
get to a chest. Then jump down towards the green section. There's nothing
special at either end of the tracks so just go forwards up the ledges past more
enemies, as you get to the circular parts on the left there's a chest with a
Jackalope floating about next to it [Jackalopes 3/5]. For some reason there are
some purple arrows on the next bit pointing you up to a Giant Area [Giant Area
1/1]. Follow the path left over a collapsing bridge to the present [Hat 2/4 -
Bowling Pin Hat].

Follow the tracks to the right over some small platforms, then when you get to
a set of grassy ledges go up them, follow the platforms to an area with a few
enemies, a chest and the fourth Jackalope [Jackalopes 4/5]. Turn around and
follow the track a short distance further, jump up the collapsing platforms and
go right to the Air Gate when you reach the small grass platform.

 | Air Challenge                                                             |
 | Jump over to the jump pad and then jump along the platforms until you     |
 | reach a Monster Gate, kill all of the enemies nearby and then jump onto a |
 | bouncy net platform, it'll bounce you up into the air so you'll need to   |
 | try to land on the small platform between it and the next net. The        |
 | present [Hat 3/4 - Vintage Baseball Cap] is up next, kill the enemies to  |
 | open the Monster Gate and then jump along some more platforms to reach    |
 | the end [Elemental Gates 2/2] where there's a Sheriff Ogre waiting for    |
 | you next to the teleporter.                                               |

Jump onto the collapsing platforms to make your way down to where the tracks go
over a bridge, watch out for the carts that are coming towards you - jump over
them - and follow the track all the way to the end where you can jump off to
the left. Kill a few more enemies, behind the Sheriff Ogre here you'll find the
last hat [Hat 4/4 - Atom Hat]. Go up the slope to your left and then follow it
round to the right over where the present was. The platforms will tilt over
after a short time so keep moving.

The bounce pad will take you up onto a ledge above, go left under a series of
moving blocks, it's not a difficult pattern, just go when you can. Same thing
as the path curves back to the right, then as you go left jump over the rising
pistons and just beneath the entrance at the top is the final Jackalope
[Jackalopes 5/5].

Inside all you need to do is walk forwards and pull the lever.

  | [020403]      Tunnel of Love      [020403] |

    * Locate Clue

    * Time Challenge - 5:00

    * Collect Coins - 350
    * Elemental Gates - Fire / Water
    * Giant Area - 1
    * Locate Duckies - 7

   1. Officer Cap
   2. Nefertiti Hat
   3. Lampshade Hat
   4. Graduation Hat

Kill the Mace Major and then jump onto the moving boats to your right, wait on
one of them until you fall down onto a water slide. Jump over the first gap and
then pass by a D. Riveter up on a green platform to the side, there's nothing
of interest on that platform so keep on going down the slide over another gap
and then off the end.

Jump the gaps in the wooden platforms and kill the Mace Major on the metal
grating, beyond him are some more wooden sections and then the water slide
again (to the right is a green platform with a chest on it but again nothing
else). Go down the slide and just before the wooden blockage that you can smash
through is the Fire Gate on the right.

 | Fire Challenge                                                            |
 | There's not much but simple platforming in here, just try to avoid the    |
 | middle of the circular platforms as they spew out fire. At the end you'll |
 | find a Miner Ogre, a chest and a present [Hat 1/4 - Officer Cap]. Leave   |
 | through the teleporter [Elemental Gates 1/2].                             |

Beyond the wooden blockage on the first green platform to the right you'll find
the first of the Duckies [Duckies 1/7], be careful not to go too fast. At the
end of the slide you'll end up on a large metal grating area, kill the Troll
Dogs there and go up the ramp to the right, at the top of the green before
going off onto some more metal grating go towards the camera and pick up
another duck [Duckies 2/7]. Now to the right past a couple of Mace Majors and
then round a corner and forwards past another load of enemies to get to a
present [Hat 2/4 - Nefertiti Hat] in the main path. Kill the Miner Ogre, smash
the chest and pull the lever on the right.

That'll take you back out to that odd large grate area, now the large door at
the end is open to allow you through. Carry on down the slide. Avoid the spikes
until partway down you see a platform on the left side opposite one of those
cupid statues, on there you'll see a couple of Troll Dogs and a duck [Duckies
3/7]. Further on down the slide you'll start to go through an electrical
section, jump the bolts to avoid getting hit. At the end of the slide jump off
down onto a wooden bit.

Follow the red sign under the archway and through onto a platform with water
rushing off it, this is slippery so be careful. Jump off onto another platform
and then up a series of rotating gear platforms. There's a bit of a split in
the path at the next larger platform, take the right one to kill a couple of
enemies and pick up a duckie [Duckies 4/7], then double back and take the left
path up the gears. On the left you'll see the Water Gate.

 | Water Challenge                                                           |
 | The rocky platforms all tilt over when you stand on them so move quickly, |
 | get to the end for a fight with another Miner Ogre [Elemental Gates 2/2]  |
 | and the present [Hat 3/4 - Lampshade Hat].                                |

Carry on up the gears and platforms to the slide again. Now there's a split in
the path, take either one it doesn't really matter. Quite far down where they
get close together again there's a platform between them with a duckie on it
[Duckies 5/7], keep on going down the slide and where it splits up again jump
off onto a platform between them again and grab another duckie [Duckies 6/7] as
well as smash open a [Giant Area 1/1] with a present inside [Hat 4/4 -
Graduation Hat]. You'll teleport back to where that duckie was.

Follow either side of the slide further on again and you'll eventually land
down in a large water filled area, jump down to a grassy bit with a Miner Ogre
in it and the final duckie over on the right [Duckies 7/7] just before picking
up the map piece.

 ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
| [020500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Rust Marsh  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020500] |
 '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'

  | [020501]      Murky Waters      [020501] |

    * Search for the clue

    * Time Challenge - 4:00

    * Collect Coins - 150
    * Elemental Gates - Water / Earth
    * Giant Areas - 4
    * Bash Chests - 6

   1. Mariachi Hat
   2. Sombrero
   3. Pilgrim Hat
   4. Paper Fast Food Hat

Walk forwards along the thick branch, kill the few Chompies that you see as
well as a Mace Major at the first trunk. On the second one you'll spot a Bag O'
Boom throwing dynamite at you, kill it and then follow the next branch over to
an island with a whole load of enemies on it. Jump up onto the tree trunk on
the left and follow the path past a couple more Mace Majors to a chest [Chests
1/6], smash it and then turn around and go back to that last island. On the
right now is another chest [Chests 2/6]. Kill the Bag O' Booms and then start
jumping over the logs that are floating in the water - watch out for the
jumping Chompies.

After the logs go right along a branch to the Water Gate.

 | Water Challenge                                                           |
 | The first tree trunk ahead has a few enemies on including one new one, a  |
 | Drill Stomper, controlled by a Troll these move slowly and start drilling |
 | with their arms, pretty easy to get to the side or back where you can     |
 | attack safely. They'll occasionally fire rockets at you so watch out for  |
 | those.                                                                    |
 |                                                                           |
 | Jump onto the rolling log and then across a series of cogs that will dip  |
 | into the water after being stepped on, so don't stop moving. Again with a |
 | set of logs and jumping Chompies before you reach the end [Elemental      |
 | Gates 1/2] and find the hat box [Hat 1/4 - Mariachi Hat]                  |

Go forwards and defeat another one of those Drill Stompers, jump down onto the
saw blade and then across to a large stump with a couple of Bag O' Booms on it,
at the bottom you'll find a chest [Chests 3/6] behind some debris. Up top is a
Giant gate [Giant Areas 1/4]. Walk along the path killing the Bag O' Booms in
your way before you reach the bounce pad back that's next to a Drill Stomper
and a present [Hat 2/4 - Sombrero].

Now go left past some Chompies and over some floating gears. On the next tree
stump first kill the Bag O' Boom and then drop off the bottom left side to find
a chest [Chests 4/6]. Jump back up and then down along the next set of floating
gears, kill the Mace Majors at the end and then those along the branch leading
towards a Giant gate. Go inside. [Giant Areas 2/4]

Up the left edge and over the gaps, where there's some coins in the air watch
out for the saw blade that comes slicing through. Jump over it and all the way
to the top where there's a present [Hat 3/4 - Pilgrim Hat]. Drop off the side
and exit the way you came in. Go left past the Corn Hornets and you'll find
another chest [Chests 5/6]. Go left down the branch then down over the gear
towards some wonky metal platforms. Directly ahead you'll see another Drill
Stomper next to another Giant gate. [Giant Areas 3/4]. This time there's not
much to it, just a chest [Chests 6/6] and a few bouncy flowers to grab some
coins above. Turn around and go back out, back to the metal platforms and go

Halfway down the long thin one you'll see a path leading off to the right where
you can find the Earth Gate.

 | Earth Challenge                                                           |
 | Watch out for the swarms of Corn Hornets as you jump over the gaps and    |
 | the green stuff, keep on going all the way up along the obvious path past |
 | a few Bag O' Booms to where there's a present [Hat 4/4 - Paper Fast Food  |
 | Hat] and the teleporter out again.                                        |

There's a spare chest ahead if you've missed any, smash it and go forwards
along a branch to a tree stump with a couple more Bag O' Booms on it. Kill them
and make your way down to where there's a Drill Stomper next to a Monster Gate,
you'll have to kill him and the two Mace Majors nearby to proceed.

On the left after the triple branch is the last of the Giant Gates [Giant Areas
4/4], smash through and if you are somehow still missing a chest there is
another spare in here behind a load of Bag O' Booms. Head out and go right,
past a few chompies is a third extra Chest to smash, kill the enemies and
proceed forwards along the branch to a giant metal hand sticking out of the
goop. Cross the two floating gears and walk over a giant metal face that lights
up, go up the branch above it to a second hand, jump from there onto a nearby
tree stump.

Go right over another load of stumps past a few Bag O' Booms and a Drill
Stomper before getting down to a bounce pad. That'll take you over to a large
craggy island with a load of enemies on it, kill them all to finish the level.

  | [020502]      Stuck in the Mud      [020502] |

    * Find a grappling hook

    * Time Challenge - 4:00

    * Collect Coins - 150
    * Elemental Gates - Tech / Undead
    * Giant Areas - 5
    * Collect Ducks - 6

   1. Archer Hat
   2. Rasta Hat
   3. Police Siren Hat
   4. Purple Fedora

Straight ahead across the gears until you get to a lift that will take you
upwards, a couple of Chompies will attack right before you get to the top. Kill
the Mace Major on the platform up there and go up the ramp, watch out for the
D. Riveter's bullets as you jump over the gaps towards it, kill him and carry
on right past a few Chompies to the first Giant area [Giant Areas 1/5].

Be careful of the saw blades on the edges of the conveyor belts as you go along
them, the Corn Hornets in your way too. At the end you'll only find a chest to

After teleporting back out go up the ramp next to the giant entrance and kill
the Bag O' Boom at the top, to the right of the steps you'll see the first Duck
[Ducks 1/6]. Up the steps to a second Giant area with a chest just behind it
[Giant Areas 2/5]. On the right are some saw blades going up and down, jump
over them as they go down. Follow the conveyor belt up to a larger open area
with a couple of Mace Majors and a D. Riveter in, kill them to open up the
Monster Gate over on the opposite side.

Instead of jumping straight across the conveyor belts stay on the first one and
ride it to the right to an area with a couple of redish circles with coins
around them and another duck [Ducks 2/6]. Go back onto the conveyor belt and
jump across them towards the two D. Riveters on the platform. After them take
the conveyor belts (both directions go to the same place) and kill all of the
enemies where you end up. Go up the ramp to the top where there are some more
enemies and a few things to do. Right in the middle behind the large gear from
the layer below is a duck [Ducks 3/6] and on the left end is a Tech Gate.

 | Tech Challenge                                                            |
 | Walk forwards through the rotating fan blade and kill the Drill Stomper   |
 | that's surrounded by loads of Troll Dogs, after that go through another   |
 | fan to a set of four D. Riveters, behind them another fan and another     |
 | group of enemies - this time a few D. Riveters and a Drill Stomper. After |
 | that it's just one more fan to the present [Hat 1/4 - Archer Hat] and the |
 | teleporter out of there [Elemental Gates 1/2].                            |

On the right end there's a Giant area [Giant Areas 3/5], inside there is simply
a present [Hat 2/4 - Rasta Hat]. Jump onto the conveyor belts and make your way
to a platform with a few Chompies and Mace Majors on, along with a couple of
giant saw blades and a Monster Gate you need to open up. Either side will do
for the cable car bit, they both lead to the same place, a platform with a
couple of Troll Dogs and a Drill Stomper to destroy.

Go up the ramp to the right of the Drill Stomper and instead of following the
path keep on going right over the gap down to a Giant Area [Giant Areas 4/5].
To get the present in here you first have to kill a couple of Drill Stompers,
once they're dead the monster gate will drop and let you grab [Hat 3/4 - Police
Siren Hat].

Now carry on along the path and follow it around up a ramp to a section of
rotating gears, if you go to the left you can find a duck [Ducks 4/6], after
that head right along the gears killing the Mace Majors and Bag O' Booms
sitting on them. At the end jump off onto a platform with wheels, it'll start
moving to the right, you'll need to watch out for the swinging axes as you jump
to the next platform and then again off onto some more rotating gears.

Follow straight ahead past the Troll Dogs and the Drill Stomper, go up the ramp
to yet another large area with enemies and saw blades moving along the ground,
kill the Drill Stomper and his friends to open up the Monster Gate. Before the
rising and falling small platforms take the path to the right, there you'll
find the Undead Gate.

 | Undead Challenge                                                          |
 | Go right jumping over the gaps, all the way to a lift, then go left       |
 | jumping over gaps - this time with conveyor belts going in the opposite   |
 | direction. The next layer has some rising and falling platforms to        |
 | contend with - it's about this time that you should spot that the ground  |
 | below is being swallowed up by the green goop, so there is a need to keep |
 | moving onwards. The next layer has moving saw blades to jump over, after  |
 | that it's a bounce pad to take you up to some conveyor belts going in the |
 | correct direction. Get up to the end where the hat is [Hat 4/4 - Purple   |
 | Fedora] and the teleporter out [Elemental Gates 2/2].                     |

Now to get over those rising and falling platforms. Jump onto the first one and
then sit around waiting for the far left platform and the left platform to sync
up so that you can jump from the left one onto the far left one, often it'll be
too high up to get to and instead you'll fall into the green below. Once on
that far left one jump left onto solid ground where there's a duck [Ducks 5/6]
and a Giant Area [Giant Areas 5/5]. Just a chest inside there.

Jump back onto the first one and then as it comes up out of the greenness jump
right onto the next one, from there down to the right when you can and then as
that one reaches the top and starts to go down jump forwards onto the slightly
higher platform that should be now dipping below you. Go left and then forwards
(or up left if you can reach it) and wait for it to get high enough to jump
left and then forwards before reaching a solid open empty platform.

Cross over it and start jumping over the conveyor belts, watch out for those
axes. The piece of solid platform in the middle is where you'll find the last
duck [Ducks 6/6] which should be the last thing you need for the challenges.
Keep on going through the axe/conveyor belt obstacles until you reach another
large open platform with a switch at the far end, pull it to finish the level.

  | [020503]      Overgrowth      [020503] |

    * Find the clue

    * Time Challenge - 5:00

    * Collect Coins - 200
    * Elemental Gates - Magic / Life
    * Giant Areas - 5
    * Defeat Chompies - 30

   1. Sailor Hat
   2. Safari Hat
   3. Kufi Hat
   4. Pants Hat
   5. Knight Helm

Plenty of Chompies in this level so I'll leave it for you to count them.
There's a couple right ahead just before you reach a Giant Area [Giant Areas
1/5] next to a Bag O' Boom. All there is in there is a chest though, go up the
branch that another set of Chompies are sitting on and off to a platform with a
chest on it. Kill the Mace Major and then head up the ramp to get to the Magic

 | Magic Challenge                                                           |
 | There's a couple of Bag O' Booms after the first two small platforms,     |
 | then it's a set of bouncy flowers to jump along before landing on a       |
 | revolving gear and then into a magical blueish light that takes you       |
 | upwards a short distance. Run off the end of the branch to land on the    |
 | gear below, then from there up onto the beams of light - take either path |
 | they both lead to the end (the left one just has a couple of Mace         |
 | Majors). And the present is [Hat 1/5 - Sailor Hat]. That's it, take the   |
 | teleporter [Elemental Challenge 1/2] outta there.                         |

Back down the slope again jump onto one of the fan blades, let it take you
around so that you can reach the land on the opposite side, kill the Drill
Stomper and then walk along the branch to your left off the side, follow it up
past the Chompies and the chest you can smash open, jump over the gap over the
path to reach a Giant Area [Giant Areas 2/5]. In there is a hat [Hat 2/5 -
Safari Hat]. Drop back off the side and kill the Chompies below along the main
path, after killing the two Mace Majors jump onto the giant fan.

Transfer to the second fan before leaping onto land and killing a few more
Chompies as well as a Bag O' Boom and a Mace Major. Go up the ramp behind them
past another Bag O' Boom up onto a massive rolling log. Kill the Corn Hornets
that are flying about on it and the Monster Gate will open, you can drop off
the left side here to get a chest if you like, there's a bounce pad to get back

There's another giant saw blade Monster Gate in the way still, kill some more
Corn Hornets to open it up. Then finish walking down the log and jump off the
far end. Going onto the double fan platforms which collapse as you step on them
you can take either path, it doesn't split too much. Kill the Bag O' Booms at
the other end and smash open the chest there too.

The long line of collapsing platforms in front of you heads off to the left,
follow it to reach the Life Gate.

 | Life Challenge                                                            |
 | Watch out for the leaves as they collapse a short time after stepping on  |
 | them, keep on moving forwards past them beyond a Bag O' Boom sitting in   |
 | the way and down to a few Chompies and other assorted enemies. Again a    |
 | meaningless split in the path, take the Chompie path if you want safety   |
 | from falling off leaves. Kill another couple of Bag O' Booms before       |
 | jumping onto a branch leading towards the end [Elemental Gates 2/2].      |
 | There's a few more Chompies on it before you reach the present [Hat 3/5 - |
 | Kufi Hat].                                                                |

Run right along the floating platforms before jumping off them to a Bag O' Boom
sitting on a solid one. Go right from there and if you turn around after the
first platform that moves in you can go up a series of them to the upper corner
of the building, go past where the purple arrow is pointing and jump over the
gap towards the Giant Area [Giant Areas 3/5].

Jump across the bouncy flowers, using the 3D might help line you up with them,
and to the other end of the room. There's a Giant Area just before the exit
[Giant Areas 4/5], this one has a hat in it [Hat 4/5 - Pants Hat]. Go through
the exit and then stand on the bounce pad to get down. This is where you'd end
up if you continued a little to the right after that first retracting platform
so there's only a few coins you've skipped by.

Wipe out the platform of Bag O' Booms before taking on the Drill Stomper on the
next one, keep on going forwards and up onto a giant saw section, kill the Bag
O' Booms at the start of it and then jump over the fiery blasts that are
rotating in a circle, go left off the saw platform. Here you'll find a trio of
Bag O' Booms and another Drill Stomper, you have to kill these ones to open up
a Monster Gate up the nearby ramp.

The lever up here is not a level ending lever so don't get too worried as you
won't have finished everything yet. It moves the saw platform so that it points
a different way, go back down the ramp and onto the saw platform again, over
the fiery blasts to where the other end now leads.

A load of Chompies up ahead, they should help finish off that challenge. Jump
up off the metal platform section to the Bag O' Booms and go up the ramp next
to them, there you'll find another lever to change the saw platform again. Go
down the ramp and instead of going back to the saw platform instead carry on to
the right (the camera will have moved from where it was originally pointed)
where there are some more Chompies and the last Giant Area [Giant Areas 5/5].
There's a few enemies and collapsing platforms as you circle your way up to the
present [Hat 5/5 - Knight Helm] at the top.

After teleporting out walk back to the left and onto the saw platform again,
now go right at the fiery blasts and make your way down to a jump pad to finish
the level off by talking to the pirate at the other end.

But it's on directly to the next level...

  | [020504]      Marsh Madness      [020504] |

    * Defeat Rustbeard

    * Time Challenge - 4:00

    * Collect Coins - 75
    * Elemental Match - Undead
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Avoid Ooze Puddles

Just like with Squidbeard earlier it's time for a boss battle with Rustbeard.
You can take on the optional challenges if you like but the main goal right now
is just to kill the enemies. First round is pretty easy, just a few smaller
enemies coming at you and the occasional laser beam from Rustbeard. Shouldn't
take too long. Round two has a few more types of enemies like D. Riveters and
Trollverines. Round three ups the numbers it throws at you at one time.

Once you've finished round three Captain Rustbeard will jump down and start
battling proper, watch out for his wrist saw blades that he fires out, after he
does a fire breath type attack which leaves him very vulnerable to attack from
behind he will start up a powerful blast attack that you'll want to run away
from, you really just need to get far enough so that he's off screen. Return
and attack again, pull away when he starts moving again as he'll swing for you.
Then the sequence will repeat all over again, sometimes with more saw blades
shooting out than others. Keep on attacking him until he eventually keels over.

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [020600] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Pirate Fortress  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020600] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

  | [020601]      Cannon Fodder      [020601] |

    * Destroy Cannons - 5

    * Time Challenge - 5:00

    * Collect Coins - 250
    * Elemental Gates - Tech / Undead
    * Giant Areas - 2
    * Collect Flags - 5

   1. Caesar Hat
   2. Showtime Hat
   3. Flower Fairy Hat
   4. Funnel Hat

Jump forwards over the water and walk along the island, avoid the first barrel
as it'll explode when you get near it. On the next island you'll start to be
targeted by a cannon from afar, just avoid the red X that moves about and
you'll be fine. Right next to a chest on the next tiny island is a Squiddler,
these just slowly fire their guns at you. Watch out for the exploding barrel
next to it.

The next island has a trio of Troll Dogs on it, at the far end another
Squiddler. There's another load of Troll Dogs and another Squiddler on the next
island too. One quick hop over to a sloped island with yet more Troll Dogs and
a couple of Squiddlers to kill. Jump down to another island where you'll need
to smash through a barricade on a wooden path.

Go right onto the beach and head towards the Tech Gate, ignore it for a moment
and instead go towards the little wooden ramp, on the left side of it is a flag
pole, press Y to lower the flag [Pirate Flags 1/5]. Now go into the Tech Gate.

 | Tech Challenge                                                            |
 | First up is a bit of simple jumping from platform to platform, they won't |
 | sink or anything so don't worry about taking your time. At the end        |
 | there's a set of those fiery obstacles that rotate, kill the Troll Dogs   |
 | and smash the chest on the left before going right to the second set of   |
 | rotating blasts. Jump over them and go right to get the hat in the        |
 | present [Hat 1/4 - Caesar Hat]. On the left is another chest and          |
 | in-between the teleporter out [Elemental Gates 1/2].                      |

Go left back to the main path and then follow it up to a cannon at the top.
Attack it [Cannons 1/5]. Then using a Giant jump and smash down into the Giant
Area below it [Giant Areas 1/2]. There's a hat [Hat 2/4 - Showtime Hat], some
coins and the teleporter back out.

To the right of the curve up to the top of the cannon tower is a ramp off to
the right, you can now go through the gate that was blocking the path before
(there's a chest further off to the right if you want it), smash through the
barricades to get to where there's a Zeppelin shooting at you. Ignore it and
smash through another barricade, up ahead you'll see a locked gate on your
right and a Seadog Pirate at the bottom of a short ramp with a key on it.

Grab the key and pull down the flag behind it [Pirate Flags 2/5], there's also
a chest on the left you can jump up to. Go back and open up the locked gate.
The wooden platforms in the water will sink so jump off them pretty sharpish.
Run along the island over the wooden plank and into a crowd of Troll Dogs and a
Seadog Pirate, kill them and jump up the wooden platforms to where there's a
Captain K9 - a larger enemy with a short distance flamethrower.

There's a path off to the right that leads to a chest but it's a dead end
otherwise, so go left to where there's a couple of Squiddlers, behind them is
the next flag [Pirate Flags 3/5] to pull down, then go back to the right up the
curved ramp to the top of the tower where the next cannon is [Cannons 2/5]
waiting to be destroyed.

Go through the gate it opens and down to the islands before jumping left along
the floating wooden platforms. After some Troll Dogs and a Squiddler jump up
the wooden platforms and then down a ramp onto a beach. Go right up onto a
grassy section and first ignore the platforms going up to the left, instead use
a giant to smash into the Giant Area [Giant Areas 2/2], jump up onto the little
ledge to get the hat [Hat 3/4 - Flower Fairy Hat].

Back outside jump up onto the series of platforms sticking out of the side of
the tower on the left now. At the top if you go left a little further you can
find a chest, go right up the ramp once you've got that and you'll find the
next cannon at the top [Cannons 3/5]. Before going through the gate it opens
make sure to lower the flag on the left [Pirates Flags 4/5].

The red waters here are slightly more dangerous than the blue version you've
seen in the rest of the level only in that it moves in and out. Kill the
Captain K9 at the bottom and then move forwards over the land bridge when the
water recedes. Again past some more enemies before crossing another two similar
land bridges to get to another K9. This time the place you need to jump to is a
small island to the right, it disappears under the red water so time your jump
right and quickly.

Make your way up the tower to the next cannon [Cannons 4/5], there's a couple
of chests off to the sides as you go, and just like last time before you go
through the gate make sure to lower the flag on the left [Pirate Flags 5/5].

Make your way down the floating islands and platforms to the island below, kill
the Seadog Pirates and then jump up onto the pier with the Undead Gate on it.
Do not step on that bounce pad yet!

 | Undead Challenge                                                          |
 | Go up to the back of the ship where you can jump off onto some wooden     |
 | platforms, on the left is a couple of grassy islands with a few enemies   |
 | and a chest on them. After some small rotating wooden platforms you'll    |
 | reach the hat [Hat 4/4 - Funnel Hat] and the teleporter [Elemental Gates  |
 | 2/2].                                                                     |

Now you can use that bounce pad, jump down to the left to it and then make your
way up to the last cannon tower. Destroy it to finish the level.

  | [020602]      Ships Ahoy      [020602] |

    * Locate Clue

    * Time Challenge - 6:00

    * Collect Coins - 200
    * Elemental Gates - Life / Earth
    * Giant Area - 1
    * Locate Pirate Booty - 7

   1. Fancy Hat
   2. Viking Helmet
   3. Scrumshanks Hat
   4. Spiked Hat
   5. Top Hat

Go along the path and jump over the small gap, there's a few Troll Dogs on the
other side. After them it's a short distance to a bouncy net, on the left up on
the side of the cliff you'll find the first of the Pirate Booty [Pirate Booty
1/7]. There's also a few chests around near here, one higher up to the left,
one down to the right and one on the lower level of the next part.

Go up along the top side of that to kill a Seadog Pirate and find the level's
Giant Area [Giant Areas 1/1]. Inside past the rotating flames is a present [Hat
1/5 - Fancy Hat] and a single Seadog Pirate you need to kill to open the
Monster Gate that'll let you out.

Carry on forwards past the square thing on the right that's dispensing the
barrels, jump over the net behind it and go into the little nook on the left to
find some booty [Pirate Booty 2/7], go down the slope to the left under the net
and you'll find a hat [Hat 2/5 - Viking Helmet], use the net here to bounce
back up. Use the net you jumped over to get up onto some thin beams above the
path backwards, carefully jump along them to get the hat [Hat 3/5 - Scrumshanks
Hat] on the small platform.

Go over to the wooden section up here to advance onwards, keep to the lower
section and jump along the retracting platforms, there's a bit of booty on the
solid one sticking out [Pirate Booty 3/7]. Use the net a little further on to
jump back up to the main path, while you have skipped a few enemies there're no
collectables you've missed. Keep on going right up the waterwheel to a platform
with a lever you need to pull to flip it over and turn it into a net.

At the top ignore the purple arrow for the moment and instead go a little
further right to the Life Gate.

 | Life Challenge                                                            |
 | This is all just a bunch of moving green platforms, try to make sure you  |
 | jump when they're moving closer together rather than when they've moving  |
 | away from each other. At the other end is the present [Hat 4/5 - Spiked   |
 | Hat] and the way out [Elemental Gates 1/2].                               |

Now go through that door you passed by a second ago, you'll need to smash it
open. Go down the slope and pull the lever directly ahead of you, after that go
right around the curve and onto a separate wooden section with a circle in the
middle and two wooden parts at right angles, when you step on the central
circle the whole platform rotates, make it rotate one quarter so that the part
you came in on is facing a lever ahead, go pull that lever and then go back to
the circle. Turn it another quarter and run towards the screen along the other
wooden part, jump off the end to a platform with some booty on it [Pirate Booty
4/7]. Now go back onto the moveable platform and run right off it.

Here you'll find another lever to pull and a Monster Gate with a puzzle icon on
it, if you've pulled the three levers that gate will lower. Go through and take
the first left, there you'll find yet another lever to pull. Return to the
curved path and carry on all the way to the next Monster Gate where you'll need
to veer off to the left and pull one last lever. Now use the bounce pad behind
the opened Monster Gate to get up onto some platforms high in the air above.
Walk down the ramp and start bouncing along the nets that you've set up with
the levers.

Before you reach the exit of the room there's a piece of booty in the path
[Pirate Booty 5/7]. Now instead of jumping straight across the moving boats
wait for one to take you to the left where you can jump off onto some land and
find the Earth Gate.

 | Earth Challenge                                                           |
 | Nothing especially tricky in here, a few jumps and some enemies to kill.  |
 | The hat is at the end as usual [Hat 5/5 - Top Hat] right next to the      |
 | teleporter [Elemental Gates 2/2].                                         |

Wait for one to arrive and then jump onto a moving boat, now carry on along the
main path to the right, kill the Seadog Pirate that attacks right away. Just
before another set of moving boats there's a split in the path off to the left,
if you follow that you'll find a chest and some booty [Pirate Booty 6/7] on a
Zeppelin. Jump back off it and make your way up the staircase of moving boats,
the righthand path at the top just leads to a chest on another Zeppelin, ignore
it if you like. Go forwards and jump down onto a series of nets below for you
to bounce along.

On the next section follow the wooden path along, there is a little bit of a
shortcut over a Zeppelin with a chest on it and you only miss a few enemies if
you take it. Down over another set of nets to one last section of platform.
Follow it along past some Seadogs, Troll Dogs and Squiddlers. Just past them
take the right path (left leads to yet another Zeppelin with a chest on) and
the small gap to one last enemy outside and then go inside the pirate ship.

In here you'll want to kill the Captain K9 and the Troll Dogs - avoid the
floating scroll! Grab the final piece of Pirate Booty from the bed [Pirate
Booty 7/7] and then pick up the scroll to finish the level.

 ,--------,                    ,---------------,                    ,--------,
| [020700] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  The Maelstrom  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020700] |
 '--------'                    '---------------'                    '--------'

  | [020701]      Phantom Tide Rising      [020701] |

    * Locate Frightbeard

    * Time Challenge - 6:00

    * Collect Coins - 200
    * Elemental Gates - Undead / Air
    * Giant Area - 1
    * Defeat 25 Swarmers

   1. Battle Helmet
   2. Dancer Hat
   3. Dangling Carrot Hat
   4. Turban
   5. Traffic Cone Hat

Jump forwards onto the small rotating circle and then across a pair of slowly
turning over square platforms, over another circle and then a rolling barrel
before reaching a longer rectangular platform that's rotating. Jump off that at
the far end onto a barrel, a circle and then two final squares before you reach
solid land again.

Kill the Chompies, the level calls them Swarmers for some reason so those are
your targets for the Defeat 25 Swarmers challenge. I'll let you count those
again, there are plenty of spares - just remember they don't count if they fall
over the side by themselves. On the right side of the area you'll spot the
Undead Gate.

 | Undead Challenge                                                          |
 | Pretty straightforward again, a few Chompies, a couple of Seadog Skippers |
 | and then a Shadow Knight. A little jump past some Chompies to the present |
 | [Hat 1/5 - Battle Helmet] and the teleporter [Elemental Gates 1/2].       |
 | There's a Trollverine by the teleporter for some reason too.              |

Head left and jump over to the large square platform, this thing tilts based on
where you stand but it won't tip you off. Jump onto the mast and then to
another slightly smaller square, to another mast and then a square and then a
circle platform. These fall over after stepping on them so let it take you a
short distance ahead before jumping off. On the next lot of falling platforms
jump ahead to a slanted log off the second falling platform, you'll slide down
it to the platform below. Up on the grass there's a chest and a teleporter to
step on.

That will teleport you to a ship, jump off from the middle of it onto some
rocky platforms. These collapse after a short while so don't hang around before
jumping on down to the next one. Even the ones that rise up will collapse so
quickly make it down to the next ship. On here there's a chest to the left and
some Chompies at the back. Again jump off in the middle, this time onto a
wooden path that vanishes the moment you stand on it, so run along it as fast
as you can before jumping off to a second one and then down onto some more of
those collapsing platforms. Down you go to another ship.

This ship has a few more "Swarmers" on it but that's about it, jump off onto
the square platforms, watch how they change direction when you jump. Use this
to make it so that you don't knock yourself off into the abyss below. The same
applies for the rotating circles but obviously it's as dangerous.

After crossing a long platform (again jumping switches its direction) you'll
get to a long line of small squares that seem stationary but immediately flip
over when you jump. Shouldn't actually cause a problem until the third one
which has spikes on one side. To avoid jumping onto those spikes simply jump in
place on the platform before it so that the spikes are face up, then jump
towards the spiked platform to land safely on the flat side. Keep on going
along to the next ship.

There's a few Chompies on the left and a few more on the ship that's adjoining
you. At the front of that second ship you'll find a present [Hat 2/5 - Dancer
Hat]. Step onto the bounce pad at the back.

Head down the steps and jump onto one of the first set of moving platforms,
quickly jump to the second row and wait for it to take you left, jump back to
the first row and grab the present [Hat 3/5 - Dangling Carrot Hat]. Now carry
on forwards across the moving platforms over to a large locked gate. Go left
down to a Giant Area [Giant Areas 1/1] that you need to jump and smash through.
Down below you'll find a rotating blade with a present over on the other side
[Hat 4/5 - Turban], there are also a few Chompies in here in case you haven't
yet completed that challenge. Go back up to the locked gate and go right.

Kill the lone Shadow Knight to open up the Monster Gate so you can go inside.
Go right along the moving platforms, jumping off as the one you're on reaches
its highest point. Keep on going right until you reach a point where there's a
string of coins going up, then start going left and up. Once at the top of the
mast pick up the key but ignore the teleporter, instead carry on going left
along the platforms, they'll lead you to the Air Gate.

 | Air Challenge                                                             |
 | As you go along through this section watch out for the debris flying past |
 | as it can damage you. A bit of simple platforming at first, then you've   |
 | got to traverse some rolling bits of ship hull. You'll eventually reach   |
 | the end where the present is waiting [Hat 5/5 - Traffic Cone Hat]. Exit   |
 | through the teleporter [Elemental Gates 2/2].                             |

Step straight into the teleporter that you appear next to, it'll take you to
the locked gate where you can use the key to get through. Ahead of you is a
section with some crushing blocks that slide in and out, run between them when
they're out and try to avoid running into the second set - the floor is moving
so watch out for that. Jump over the saw blades to get to a Monster Gate with a
Trollverine in front of it. Some more blocks and saws are beyond it, a few more
than before. That all leads to another Trollverine and some Chompies before
opening the Monster Gate to leave the area.

Walk to the right to find Frightbeard.

  | [020702]      Saving Skylands      [020702] |

    * Defeat Frightbeard

    * Time Challenge - 6:00

    * Collect Coins
    * Elemental Match - Fire
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Avoid Elemental Sword Attacks

First part is a few Mace Majors and Troll Dogs, nice and simple. After that
Captain Frightbeard will jump down to start attacking you, first off he'll
charge right at you so dodge out of the way of that. He'll next try to walk
towards you and stab you with his sword, keep away from the pointy end. He'll
keep trying to charge at you so stay away from his front. Keep attacking him
when you can and he'll eventually jump back up out of the way.

More enemies will start appearing again, this time with some D. Riveters and
Trollverines in the mix, Frightbeard will throw his sword down which will start
an elemental attack.

Fire sits with a pool of lava around it, just avoid going into the lava. Magic
(purple) tries to pull you in towards it, so keep away. Tech will send out a
streak of lightning towards two corners, make sure you're not in-between as
it'll shock all that's between them too. Earth will crash a boulder down out of
the sky towards you.

After you've defeated enough enemies Frightbeard will jump down and start the
whole charging business again. Keep attacking him while you can and he'll jump
away again. Repeat with more enemies spawning and then Frightbeard jumping down
again once you've killed all of them. This time he'll stick around until you
finally finish him off and finish the game.

 ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
| [020800] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Pirate Seas  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020800] |
 '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'

  | [020801]      Windjammer Bay      [020801] |

    * Complete Level

    * Time Challenge - 3:00

    * Collect Coins - 100
    * Elemental Gates - Earth / Tech
    * Lead Mutiny - 4
    * Hunt Snow Chompies - 8

   1. General's Hat
   2. Pirate Hat

Throughout this section of the level you'll be hounded by a targeting icon, as
long as you don't stand still for too long you should be fine. The nearby
Seadog Pirate will attack, move out of the way of his sword as he doesn't get
interrupted once he starts attacking. Go up the slope, past another dynamite
barrel and attack the Seadog Skipper, the one with the hand cannon.

Jump over the gap at the top of the slope and walk down to a pair of Seadog
Pirates who are standing next to a dynamite barrel. After killing them jump
over the water to the north-west up to a higher island with a couple of Seadog
Skippers and an Ice Ogre. The Ice Ogre is your first entry to the Lead Mutiny
challenge [Rear Admirals 1/4]. If you ignore the jump pad for the moment and
instead walk south-west over a grassy bridge you'll find a few more enemies,
including a few Chompies [Chompys 3/8] and a few more exploding barrels.
There's one more further along if you go right down to the water level and
continue going south.

Return to the jump pad in the north and step on, you'll land right next to a
dynamite barrel so move as soon as you can. Kill the three enemies and follow
the path onwards behind them, there's another barrel of dynamite and a couple
of Chompies [Chompys 5/8]. Cross over the gap beyond to get to a grouping of
several Seadog Skippers and a Chest. Jump up over the blue rock bit and you'll
reach the Earth Gate - which in the Adventure Pack levels look like

 | Earth Challenge                                                           |
 | The challenge is made up of several leaning masts, you don't fall off     |
 | them so just walk around so that they tilt in the direction you want to   |
 | jump. The Present at the end is a hat [Hat 1/2 - General's Hat], it's     |
 | right next to the teleporter back out [Elemental Challenges 1/2].         |

Follow the path north, it may look like there's two choices but they both
immediately join back up again. At the end jump up the floating platforms,
jumping straight on from the first is probably preferable as you get to a
Chest. Jump up onto the grassy section above and follow the path left past a
couple of Seadogs around the corner to two Ice Ogres [Rear Admirals 2/4] [Rear
Admirals 3/4] and a couple of Seadog Skippers. There are several dynamite
barrels here that can help damage them.

Smash through the fence to the north and kill the enemies at the fork in the
road - this should finish off the Chompies [Chompys 8/8]. Take the left path if
you want to go the to Tech Challenge, the right one skips it by a tiny little

 | Tech Challenge                                                            |
 | The Tech Challenge is entirely leaning masts, make your way to the end to |
 | collect the hat [Hat 2/2 - Pirate Hat] and exit [Elemental Challenges     |
 | 2/2].                                                                     |

Once out walk forwards until you get to the wooden pier, then left onto them
and down a couple of leaning masts. On the island down there is a load of small
enemies and the third chest of the level (not that you're looking for them).
Follow the platforms north from the north-west end to another small bit of pier
and dry land.

Kill the enemies on the side and then jump up, go left, then off the side of
the road and up to another Seadog Skipper and your final Ice Ogre [Real
Admirals 4/4] to complete the Lead Mutiny Challenge as well as an extra Chompy.
Follow the path north past a curve with three Seadog Skippers standing on past
a few more spare Chompies and up to the end of the level.

  | [020802]      Pontoon Point      [020802] |

    * Coin Challenge

    * Time Challenge - 3:00

    * Defeat 50 Enemies - 50
    * Elemental Match - Earth
    * Avoid the Water
    * Don't Eat Food

Pontoon Point is an arena level just like the boss levels (except there's no
boss) but it's coins that progresses the rounds not just clearing enemies. In
round two the arena will start rotating and a targeting icon will appear. And
round three will cause the platforms to spread out slightly.

Because of the way the rounds advance it is best to avoid smashing the chests
when you're trying to go for the defeat 50 enemies challenge, otherwise you'll
quickly reach the coin targets and the enemies will stop appearing.

 ,--------,                    ,---------------,                    ,--------,
| [020900] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Empire of Ice  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020900] |
 '--------'                    '---------------'                    '--------'

  | [020901]      Winterwatch Keep      [020901] |

    * Complete Level

    * Time Challenge - 3:00

    * Collect Coins - 100
    * Elemental Gates - Water / Air
    * Catch Jackalopes - 5
    * Smash Orange Crystals - 8

   1. Coonskin Cap
   2. Propeller Cap

Walk forwards through a couple of spike gates to a circular area with a couple
of Chompies and a Cyclops Chopper. After you've killed them smash through the
large blue crystals on the left, behind them is a set of six square platforms
that flip over, one side is flat the other spiked. Don't be too concerned with
the spikes, the damage they do is low so it's not really worth waiting for the
absolutely perfect alignment to cross over.

On the other side is a Cyclops Chucker and your first Orange Crystal of the
level [Orange Crystals 1/8]. This time around there are no extra crystals so
make sure to get every single one. Jump onto the oversized spinning gear
platform to your left and grab the floating Jackalope [Jackalopes 1/5] that's
on the right side of it. Walk through the rolling gear as it goes past, and
again through the next. After a spike gate is another set of flipping
platforms, again ignore the damage done and just jump on the spikes.

Slip over the ice patch through a couple of spike gates to a pair of Cyclops
Choppers, behind them a pair of blue crystals to smash through. Kill the
Chucker in front of the rolling gears and then start jumping past them, on the
right side after the second one is the second of the Jackalopes [Jackalopes
2/5]. After killing a few enemies jump onto one of the circular platforms and
then onto a flipping platform in the middle with the third Jackalope on it
[Jackalopes 3/5]. Jump up to the Chucker and the Water Challenge.

 | Water Challenge                                                           |
 | This has several flipping platforms, spinning gears and blades. At the    |
 | end is your present [Hat 1/2 - Coonskin Cap] [Elemental Challenges 1/2].  |

Slide down the icy path through a few spike gates and then past a pair of
rolling gears, kill the Cyclops Mammoth. After getting the contents of the
Chest, smash through the blue crystals to reach a large hole. Before jumping
down it go around the other side and smash the Orange Crystal there [Orange
Crystals 2/8]. Now comes a tricky part, there are four Orange Crystals down
this hole and you need to get all of them. Generally just keep to the bottom
left and left positions and you should be able to move into position to smash
them in time. If you compare it with a clockface the first is at 10, second at
8, then 7 then finally at about 7 again. If you miss one you're going to need
to start the level over again if you want to finish that challenge [Orange
Crystals 3-6/8].

The circular platforms next up go around two square flipping platforms, on the
second of those is your fourth Jackalope [Jackalopes 4/5]. Jump over to kill
the Chucker and the Mammoth, then smash the Chest and the Orange Crystal
[Orange Crystals 7/8]. Smash through the blue ones and jump onto a spinning
gear, on the left side is the final Jackalope [Jackalopes 5/5]. Go right onto a
second gear and off to a rolling one. Jump through that down onto another
spinning gear from which you will need to jump onto a couple of square flipping

The next bit of solid land has the final Orange Crystal on it [Orange Crystals
8/8], smash that then leap down the slippery slope past some spike gates and
straight onto square platforms. There's another Cyclops Mammoth up ahead, kill
him and smash the Chest next to him. Go through the blue crystals and then past
the rolling gears, the ice'll make it more tricky than usual. After the ice
you'll find the Air Challenge on the right.

 | Air Challenge                                                             |
 | A not too long slide down past a load of spike gates will take you to     |
 | your new hat [Hat 2/2 - Propeller Cap] and the exit [Elemental Challenges |
 | 2/2].                                                                     |

Jump up the square platforms and then through a set of four rolling gears
directly onto some circular platforms. From there it's a simple jump to the

  | [020902]      Coldburn      [020902] |

    * Coin Challenge

    * Time Challenge - 3:00

    * Defeat 50 Enemies - 50
    * Elemental Match - Water
    * Avoid the Slicers
    * Don't Eat Food

A level with a fairly annoying obstacle. During the first round you just need
to avoid the large rotating blade in the centre of the arena, the ice will make
it harder than it looks. In round two they up the stakes by starting up the
side blades that rotate over the areas where there's no ice. And in the third
round there are spike gates that exist only to slow you down.

There are a few safe spots that you can stand, on the corners of the dry areas
you'll be safe from both types of blade and you won't be slipping off all the
time. It does mean waiting for things to get near you so you'll probably be
forced to leave your safe spots every so often to kill the lone Cyclops Chucker
that's holding up the next wave. Chests are a great but dangerous resource if
you're not grabbing every coin that drops from enemies. Make sure to time your
attacks on the chests so that you're not going to get stuck in the attack
animation the next time the blade comes round. It can get frustrating but don't
give up.

Don't Eat Food can be made easier by smashing all the barrels at the start,
then just try not to accidentally jump into any floating food and you'll do

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [021000] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Darklight Crypt  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [021000] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

  | [021001]      Wighthaunt      [021001] |

    * Complete Level

    * Time Challenge - 2:00

    * Collect Coins - 100
    * Elemental Gates - Undead / Magic
    * Hunt Haunted Guards - 10
    * Hunt Spooky Spiders - 15

   1. Spy Gear
   2. Miner Hat

Head inside and jump down the hole. There's a large swinging axe ahead, jump
past it and over the gap. After that you'll encounter a few little spiders
[Spiders 1-3/15] and the first of the ten Haunted Guards [Guards 1/10]. Jump
past another swinging axe and proceed to the end of the corridor.

Cross the three spiked flipping platforms and you'll meet a pair of Guards to
kill [Gaurds 2-3/10], there's also a couple of archers nearby that might cause
a nuisance. Up on the right is a chest for your coin gathering, otherwise jump
forwards over the gaps and up the slope. Try to stay out of the way of the
rolling balls, at the top you'll find a couple of spiders [Spiders 4-5/15], an
archer and a Stump Demon. Smash through the coffins to continue.

Jump onto the first rotating wheel then to a second and then a third, on that
third you will want to jump off to the left to reach the Undead Challenge.

 | Undead Challenge                                                          |
 | Pretty easy, just jump along the right side over the spiked platforms,    |
 | your reward for the pain is a hat as usual [Hat 1/2 - Spy Gear] as well   |
 | as an exit [Elemental Challenges 1/2].                                    |

Once out jump back onto the third wheel and jump off it northwards onto some
spiked platforms. Kill the Stump Demon and the archers before moving on past a
coffin barrier and into a couple of spiders [Spiders 6-7/15].

The next set of spiked platforms has a rolling platform in-between, just walk
in the opposite direction if it starts moving. Kill the next Guard [Guards
4/10] and spider [Spiders 8/15] and jump down the next hole. After the fall
it's a distinctly 3D walk through some swinging axes, then there's a skull on
the floor before a set of three spiked platforms. Kill the next guard [Guards
5/10] and the little spiders next to him [Spiders 9-10/15], head up the slope
to the Magic Challenge.

 | Magic Challenge                                                           |
 | Again it's simple platforming to get your hat [Hat 2/2 - Miner Hat] and   |
 | reach the exit [Elemental Challenges 2/2].                                |

There's another Guard at the top of the slope [Guards 6/10] and a few spiders
[Spiders 11-13], once they're dead start jumping the large distances between
the platforms and axes until you get to a ball rolling slope. Kill the Haunted
Guard halfway up it [Guards 7/10] and smash the Chest he's standing next to.

At the top of the slope is a pair of Guards [Guards 8-9/10]. Kill the archer
behind them and cross the platforms to reach the last of the Guards [Guards
10/10] and the last spiders [Spiders 14-15/15]. There's a bit of a split in the
track now but neither path has much interesting down them, so go down whichever
you like and you'll reach the exit.

  | [021002]      The Spectery      [021002] |

    * Coin Challenge

    * Time Challenge - 3:00

    * Defeat 50 Enemies - 50
    * Elemental Match - Undead
    * Avoid the Ooze
    * Don't Eat Food

The arena will slowly fill with purple stuff except in a few key points, stick
to those when it starts to rise to avoid damage.

To Avoid the Ooze just get to know which spots are safe and which aren't, then
stick to the safe spots when you see the ooze start to rise.

 ,--------,                    ,---------------,                    ,--------,
| [021100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Dragon's Peak  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [021100] |
 '--------'                    '---------------'                    '--------'

  | [021101]      The Wingwarrens      [021101] |

    * Complete Level

    * Time Challenge - 3:00

    * Collect Coins - 100
    * Elemental Gates - Fire / Tech
    * Take Trophies - 5
    * Save Dragon Eggs - 4

   1. Combat Hat
   2. Napoleon Hat

On the ledge to your left, the one with a sheep on, is a small, floating purple
Dragon Egg. Saving it is not quite as simple as just picking it up though, once
you pick it up you have a limited time to reach a nearby nest [Dragon Eggs
1/4]. If you run out of time you are teleported back to where you found the egg
so that's nice. The nest for this egg is in the large area ahead of you, over
by the columns. Ignore the enemies while you've got an egg otherwise you'll
just waste time.

After saving it try killing the enemies, the purple blast from the purple
Chompy Pod looking plant shrinks you and causes you to be unable to use any
attacking abilities (except if your run has damage associated with it) so try
to avoid getting hit by that. Kill the Drow Witch standing on the stone section
and then follow the path along beyond her, past a Spearman and then to a second
Witch standing in the middle of a large blue rotating circle. Up the steps now,
a third Witch is at the top.

Jump onto the first of the moving platforms and onto the next one in the
sequence keeping away from the wall. Clear the next platform of the Chompies
and the Pods before smashing through a large rock blocking your path. If you
continue straight from the cracked platform you'll reach a Fire Challenge.

 | Fire Challenge                                                            |
 | The challenge itself is a bit of simple platforming with a few enemies in |
 | the way, nothing special just the last jump perhaps looks higher than you |
 | think you can make but you should be fine. The reward is a hat [Hat 1/2 - |
 | Combat Hat] as you might expect [Elemental Challenges 1/2].               |

Go up the steps, at the top is a dragon head that spews out a stream of damage
inducing steam. Keep out of it, it'll turn off after a short moment. Jump onto
a rotating platform sticking out of a rock to reach a platform with a waterfall
running off to the right, if you look to the right you'll see another rotating
platform that you can jump to. Go right over it to reach a Treasure Chest and
the first of the Trophies [Trophies 1/5]. Go back over the rotating platform to
the waterfall and jump up to the left where there's a Bully and your second
Trophy [Trophies 2/5].

Smash through the rocks and make your way up the cracked platforms to Hunter
four. To the right, next to the tree, is the second Dragon Egg. Pick it up and
then jump up to the next platform, the nest is over to the left near the
blocked up Bounce Pad [Dragon Eggs 2/4]. Open up the Treasure Chest on here if
you like, otherwise smash the rocks off the Bounce Pad and jump away to the
next part.

A Witch is up to the left, another is over to the right, and yet another is a
little further ahead. After that jump onto a cracked platform, to a second one
and then up onto a moving platform. This will move under a cracked platform
that you need to jump on, keep on up the cracked platforms going left (ignore
the first large bit of land with the waterfall) and you'll find the third
Trophy on a small outcrop. From there jump to the main platform with a couple
of Pods and a Dragon Egg between them. Jump up the platforms and go straight on
along the cracked platforms (further up just leads to a pointless Treasure
Chest) to a short bit of stone bridge with a couple of dragon heads and
Chompies on, rush past them to the next green platform where you'll find the
nest [Dragon Eggs 3/4].

Up to the right of the stone section is the fourth Trophy [Trophies 4/5], after
you've picked that up go along the stone path, kill another Witch and jump to
another couple of them on a green patch. Smash through the rock wall to reach a
set of moving platforms, jump onto them and then up onto a cracked platform
before leaping to a pair of Witches. Use the Bounce Pad to reach a platform
with a circular structure on the right and a Dragon Egg on the left. Pick it up
and race forwards along the cracked platforms, past a Witch and onto some
moving platforms, keep jumping onto the next in the sequence until you reach
the next green platform with the final Dragon Nest on it [Dragon Eggs 4/4].

Wipe out the enemies and jump forward up the cracked platforms to a bit of
stone path. On the right is the Tech Challenge.

 | Tech Challenge                                                            |
 | Just like the Fire one this is just platforming and enemy killing almost  |
 | identical to the main level. Your reward for reaching the end of it is a  |
 | new hat [Hat 2/2 - Napoleon Hat]. [Elemental Challenges 2/2].             |

Left up the steps, past another Witch and then onto some rather slow moving
platforms. Jump up to the left onto the next ones and then off onto a rotating
platform with the fifth and final Trophy floating above it [Trophies 5/5]. Jump
to the left onto another moving platform, sit on it ignoring the rotating
platform to the left, then jump up onto the final green section. Kill the
enemies and then jump up the cracked platforms to reach the last fight of the

This is a sort of boss fight against Vathek, to damage him simply attack the
things that drift by in the water and so long as he isn't protecting himself
with his wings it'll hurt him. Keep doing this until he dies and the portal
back to the ship appears.

  | [021102]      The Pit      [021102] |

    * Coin Challenge

    * Time Challenge - 3:00

    * Defeat 50 Enemies - 50
    * Elemental Match - Fire
    * Avoid the Dragonfire
    * Don't Eat Food

A Coin Fountain arena, the edges lined with those fire breathing dragon heads
you saw in the Wingwarrens level. Keep the fountain active by stepping on it
each time an enemy stands on it and turns it off, and of course kill things as
fast as you can.

The other challenges are basic, the food is generally out of the way and should
be easy to avoid and the clocks are rare as always.

|~-[030000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-[030000]-~|

      Q: What do the stats on the Trading Cards mean?

A: As there are no stats in the 3DS version the card stats are completely
meaningless in-game. They do appear to relate to the stats gained in the online
web game Skylanders: Spyro's Universe though.

      Q: Do the Adventure Packs make up any of the percentage complete

A: The Adventure Packs are only added to the completion totals when you have
activated them.

      Q: What do Lightcore Skylanders do in the 3DS version?

A: They have a slight glow to their character model in-game and have a massive
blast that occurs when you switch to them for the first time in a level. After
a few minutes their crystal on the bottom screen will start glowing and you
will be able to use the blast again by switching to them (or switching from and
then back to if you're using the Lightcore character already).

      Q: Do Series 2 Skylanders have any advantages over Series 1 Skylanders?

A: Yes, at some point in their levelling process a Series 2 Skylander gets an
upgraded attack that the Series 1 Skylander does not get. For example a Series
2 Ignitor's Fire Spirit will leave behind a trail of fire that damages enemies,
the Series 1 Ignitor cannot get this upgrade.

      Q: What elements come with the Adventure Packs?

A: They are as following:

    * Empire of Ice = Water
    * Pirate Seas = Earth
    * Darklight Crypt = Undead
    * Dragon's Peak = Fire

That means counting the Starter Pack as Magic, Undead and Life (Giant) you will
still need a Tech and an Air Skylander to fully complete the game.

      Q: Where do I find the entrance to the Adventure Pack level?

A: All four are located in the cabin next to Hugo, once you have loaded them in
through Hugo's summoning they will be activated in there.

      Q: How do I reset a Skylander?

A: Unfortunately there is no way to do so with the 3DS version. You must use a
console version to reset a Skylander. The only exception is to fix a corrupted
Skylander as answered below.

      Q: How do I fix a corrupted Skylander that won't work on the console

A: Simply attempt to summon it into your 3DS game as normal, the game will ask
you to confirm that you want to fix the Skylander. You will not retain your
progress on the Skylander but at least you'll be able to use it again.

      Q: My Portal of Power / Skylander isn't working! What do I do?

A: You will probably need to contact Activision Support through one of the
following channels:

Activision Customer Service:





      1-800-225-6588 (U.S. & Canada) Seven days a week from 7am - 7pm Pacific
      Time except for national holidays.

Self Service Warranty Site:


Check the Customer Service page of your manual for local information.


      v1.0 - 06/06/13
      Completed the walkthrough.


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question hasn't already been answered.

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