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Imagine is introducing a 3D baby simulation game where players can interact with the most true-to-life babies yet. As a babysitter, players travel the world caring for babies and helping them grow, keeping both the babies and their parents happy in order to build their reputation and ultimately open their own dream day care business. Experience the life of a successful babysitter with incredibly lifelike 3D visuals, animations and baby reactions!

Key Features:
- As a babysitter, youll see all your babies grow up in 3D. Follow your realistic babies through different development stages, from 6 to 18 months.
- Show off your babysitting skills and bond with babies like never before with features that fully leverage the Nintendo 3DS systems cutting edge technology: - See your babies grow via incredibly realistic 3D graphics. - Discover your babies unique personalities and abilities. - Watch, hug, and even talk to your baby and teach them new words via voice recognition. - Take your baby to the park and have fun watching him/her interact with other babies. Even meet other babies when you pass other players via the wireless StreetPass feature. - Play peek-a-boo via facial recognition with the camera
- Customize your babies appearance and surroundings, then manage your budget to buy baby clothes and room accessories.
- Earn a great reputation among parents to ultimately open your own day care business!
- Travel to different countries to babysit: Choose your destination city from San Francisco, Shanghai, Rome, Paris, Tokyo and more.
- Interconnectivity with the Imagine Town virtual world: Unlock exclusive items in Imagine Town, and play in the virtual world to unlock an exclusive baby boy to care for in the Imagine Babies 3D game. !

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