Review by Albinosquid

Reviewed: 10/15/12

You won't have problems remembering this Visual Novel

After just finishing this gem, I’ve decided to give it a review because there seems to be none on here at all. To get some things out of the way, True Remembrance is a freeware visual novel that was ported to the Japanese Nintendo Eshop by Arc System Works that can be purchased for 500 yen. This review will be based on the English script put out by Insani.


The game play doesn't really need to be mentioned because your honestly just either clicking, poking the touch screen, or pressing the “A” button and reading the text. No fast, gun slinging action here folks. But I promise you there are guns in this game, don't get too excited though.


The game follows the daily happenings of a man named Blackiris and a girl named La. La has an infectious disease known as the “Dolor” and Blackiris is her caretaker/doctor of sorts that has been sent to live with her and eventually cure her. Because the Dolor has become a pandemic all those who wish to be treated are shipped off to a secluded and isolated town that is only inhabited by victims of the Dolor, and the people who have the power to cure the Dolor. The story spans about over an unlisted month in game in which you'll meet colourful characters and explore the past of La and Blackiris.


The graphics are quite simple. Watercolour-like Manga busts over backgrounds that are real life photography. It might look a little strange at first, but you get used to it and stop noticing. On occasion a fully drawn CG will pop up and after you finish the game you can view them all again.


Unless you want to start over and read the story again there is no replayability to this game at all. No choices are made to change the storyline, you just sit back and watch the story unfold.


The soundtrack in the game is pretty limited, but all the tracks are quite fitting to each setting. Several different music box songs span through the game that give it a mysterious feel and a few piano songs to get you worried for whats about to unfold. All in all, its gets stuck in your head really easily due to being repetitious, but you won't mind because its calming and never annoying.

Although the game is quite short, I guarantee you won't regret playing it. Its a cute heartwarming tale with some dark undertones that will make you wish there was more, and then make you realize its perfect the way it is. If your into visual novels and you haven't played True Remembrance yet, I highly recommend you cure this.

Rating: 10

Product Release: True Remembrance: Kioku no Kakera (JP, 02/22/12)

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