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Reviewed: 11/01/12

The best RPG on the Eshop!

The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave is a RPG by the people who helped Nintendo make various Pokemon console games, such as Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, Genius Sonority. The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave is $9.99, and so worth it! Why? Read everything below!

Story: 7/10

A Denpa Man wanders into your 3DS, and tells you that a special someone has been captured by the King of Evil, and you need to make an army of trained Denpa Men to stop the King of Evil and save a special someone! Pretty basic objectives. Build a army of Pikmin-like things, go on a epic journey, and stop the villain.

Gameplay 9/10

To start, you must build your army. And to do that, you need to look for Denpa Men. You start out with 1 that is chosen by random, and he'll show you most of the basic stuff about catching Denpa Men. The Denpa Men come in all shapes and sizes, come with different names, different colors, different antennas, and stuff like that. You'll always find a different Denpa Man! Oh, and speaking if antennas, if a Denpa Man comes with an antenna, they will have different powers they can use.

You: Where can I store my Denpa Men?

Me: Simple! You store them in a Mii Maker-like place called The Denpa House! You store them like you store Miis on Mii Maker. But if you ever run out of room, go and get some Room Parts, which can be found at various points in the game. Then when you are all set, you can go to battle in dungeons, get treasures, level up you're Denpa Men so they can be able to beat the King of Evil! When you run into a monster (or it runs into you) a battle will start. The battle rules are simple. Either attack, use your antenna power if that Denpa Man has it, use an item, or run away. Of course monsters will fight back too. Now if all of your Denpa Men are defeated, they'll go back to where you caught them, but your starter will not because that will affect the entire storyline! If some of your Denpa Men were found in a far away place that you can't go to right now (like a grocery store, or a Walmart) you can buy some Offerings to get them back. But this method can be a pain getting all that money farther in the game, considering they are only 60g. To avoid losing Denpa Men, you can just press the HOME button on your 3DS and close the software, but you will start when you last saved, so be careful! One last thing. Once you get the PC on your island, you can scan QR codes for other Denpa Men. To do so you must either find one on the internet that someone posted, like the official Denpa Men page on Facebook, or scan one on a friend's 3DS. But be warned! QR Denpa Men start as LV.1!

Sound: 9/10

The music really fits the game. It may be sometimes annoying, but it is pretty good! Gotta love that boss battle music!

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics are pretty good, but when a bunch of Denpa Men attack all at once, you can see that they go through each other. You'll understand when you see it.

Difficulty: 9/10

The characters may be all cute and cuddly, but this is pretty hard! It really forces you to level up, get more Denpa Men, and buy really expensive items! But unless you have awesome gaming experience, I don't recommend this to beginners or young players. Maybe some really awesome young players can try, but they will be very frustrated sometimes. It is fun but hard I say!

Replay Value: 6/10

This is the only thing this game lacks: REPLAY VALUE! Once you're done beating all of the levels, all you can do is collect every item, collect Denpa Men, and level up your Denpa Men.

Length: 9/10

This game is pretty long! Taking you 20-30 hours for people who keep getting killed, or for people who want to open all of the treasure chests, and maybe 15-20 hours for awesome players. 20-30 hours is pretty darn good for a $10 game!

Cuteness: 10/10

All of the Denpa Me are cute! Even some of the monsters are cute! But if your starter Denpa Man is not handsome, you can just start a new game until you get the one you want!

Overall: 9/10

Everything about this game is awesome, but if it was easier I would recommend this to all players. And also, who can resist Denpa Men? They're so darn cute! If you're up to the difficulty, then step right up! The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave is tough, but fun!

Rating: 9

Product Release: The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave (US, 09/27/12)

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