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Strategy Guide by Informed_User

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/07/2013

Harvest Moon 3D:A New Beginning, FAQ/Walkthrough. This
guide was made by Informed_User for hosting on GameFAQs
only. Copyright 2013.

Version 1.0, 9/16/2013, first submission, guide is

If you have questions about this guide, send me a
private message about it. 

A note on sources: A lot of players of this game have
been using a site called fogu for information. I have
tried to minimize my use of that site and write a guide
that is based mostly on my experience with the game.
However, in a few instances some of the information on
game mechanics, i.e. getting better items from chickens
and marriage conditions, I learned from reading about
what other players saw on fogu. 

Table of Contents:
Intro/Starting Tips
Town Restoration/Main Walkthrough
Marriage Guide

Intro/Starting Tips:
Harvest Moon 3D:A New Beginning, HMANB, is a new entry
in the long running, Farm-Sim, Harvest Moon Series.

Unlike most of the earlier games in the series,
this game has no set end point. There is no time-limit.
The closest thing this game has to an ending is after
you complete all 5 Town Restorations, TR's. The credits
will roll, but you will be able to keep playing afterwards.

Getting your character married will also cause the
credits to roll but I imagine most players would
not consider that to be finishing the game.

This guide is intended to help players complete 
the Town Restorations and thus reach the, sort-of,
ending to the game.

Starting Tips:
Completing the 5 TR's will require a large amount of
many different types of materials. Early game you
should be gathering in the outdoors to collect the 3
types of branches and stones, small, large, black. 

You will also need the seasonal herbs that only grow
in the outdoors during certain seasons, chamomile and
mint during Spring and Summer. Also grab a bunch of weeds
you will even need some of those.  
You will not need, and can thus sell: most bugs,
keep some bees, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, plums,
apricots, walnuts.

Your tools can and must eventually be upgraded to
complete the TR's. Some tools, watering can and sickle,
have enhanced range after being upgraded. Hold the "A"
button to charge up and then release the button to
use the upgraded tools higher range moves.

Since the game has no time-limit you the player have
a lot of freedom to choose your play-style. You can
multi-task and spend everday day doing various things
like growing crops, caring for livestock, foraging in
the forest and interacting with the townsfolk. You can
also go for a more focused play-style, i.e. just spend
some time growing crops or raising livestock only.

Q: Can I trade with you?
A: I don't usually trade with people and I probably
don't have what you want, i.e. bottles/pearls. So you
should check the trading topics on this game's board.

Town Restoration/Main Walkthrough:
Early Game:
You can read the game's e-manual by clicking
the "manual" option that is under the Harvest Moon
3D icon, before starting the game.

You start off by creating a young man or woman to serve
as your character in the game. Later in the game
you will gain the option of being able to change
your character's hair style and color, skin tone and
eye color. The things you must choose at the start of
the game that you can't change later are: name,
eye-shape, birthday and sex, no sex-changes, but you
can cross-dress!

The only real difference is that the young man can
marry one of the game's young women. The woman can
marry one of the game's young men.

After making your character the game starts and a
long tutorial on playing the game begins. During the
tutorial you meet the game's first
Non-Playable-Character, NPC, Dunhill.

On day 2 the tutorial continues and you meet Hana
and Emma. After the town and mini-map tutorial
ends you can start foraging in the outdoors. Keep
all branches and rocks. Keep any mint, chamomile and
honeycombs. Keep some bees and sell the other bugs.
Sell the mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

The 3 major outdoor areas are: the river to the east,
the mountains in the northeast and the forest in the

In the river area use the "B" button to jump on the
large white boulder that acts as bridge to the 
northwest section where you can find colored tree
stumps. The stumps become important later in the game.
You can also check the tree stumps with flowers on
top to get items.

In the mountains you can use the large mushrooms
as a spring to jump across the water and reach the
east side. 

In the forest you can use a hammer, which you get later,
to knock some items off the large tree in the center,
once per day.

After doing some foraging go back to your house and
rest in your bed to start day 3. On day 3 Dunhill
will give you a tutorial on farming. Use the "R"
button on the back of the 3DS to open your tool
and seed inventory. Use the hoe to til the soil
plots, drop some seeds on a til spot and use the
watering can, after filling it at the watering spot,
to water the seeds.

You start with 1 bag of potato seeds and 7 turnip
bags. Using 1 bag of most seed types will let you
fill 4 tiled spaces, half of a soil plot. You can
make crops grow faster by watering them twice per
day, once in the morning and then 12 hours later after
they dry. You must water most crops, not fruit, at
least once per day or they will wither. Use the
sickle to get rid of unneeded/withered crops.

Since you need to grow and sell 30 potatos as part of
a TR you may want to go and buy more potato seeds
from Hana right away. You can Check the bookshelf in
your house for various data included the number of a
certain crop you have obtained. You might also want
to buy 2 bags of grass and use them on the soil plot
near the barn on your farm. You don't need to water
grass and you use the sickle on it once to get fodder,
animal food. Use the sickle twice to remove grass.

On day 4 Emma gives a tutorial on shipping/selling.
Drop items into the box outside her house to sell
stuff. You get paid the day after selling the items.

There are no more special events until day 9. On day
9 you meet Neil and get your first animal, a cow.
You keep cows happy by talking to them, feeding them,
brushing, and milking them 1 time every day. You also
need to use the pitchfork to remove any dung when it
appears. If any animal gets max stress they become
sick. You have to buy medicine from Neil and use it on
the animal to cure the sickness. If an animal stays
sick it will die after a few days.

On day 12 Emma will give you a tutorial on cooking.
Use the stove in your house to cook food. You need
a recipe and ingredients to cook. You can eat the food
you make to regain stamina, give it to NPC's as a gift,
or sell it.

On day 15 you meet Iroha. You need to increase
your friendship with her to get blueprints for
upgrading your tools. Talk to her daily and give her
gifts, like flowers and metals, to increase friendship.
You want to keep boosting your friendship until you get
the 2 "Ultra" blueprint sets. Iroha is also someone you
can marry if you chose to play as a male.

On day 17 Aaron and Alice appear. You get a tutorial
from Aaron on playing the Sound Stumps mini-game.
You hit the top of the stumps in the order you are shown
to play a song. Check the bed in Dunhil's house to find
the first music sheet. After getting the sheet go back
to Aaron, at the river, to start the first round of
Sound Stumps.

The stumps are from left to right:
Pink,Purple. R,O,LG,DG,LB,DB,Pi,Pu, for short.

The Basic Scale is just hitting all 8
stumps starting from the left.

1 2  3  4  5  6  7  8

Your reward for finishing the first round of Sound
Stumps is a new mushroom you can use in the forest
to travel faster.

On day 21 Dunhill will tell you about the crop
festivals. On the 30th of each month you
can enter one piece of a vegtable, fruit, flower,
or other in the crop festivals. Show your item
to Dunhill, who will be waiting in the northeast
corner of the town, to enter. You will get more
money when selling that type of crop if you win
one of the festival ranks. Winning is based on
the quality of the crop. 2 stars wins the beginner
rank. 3 stars wins intermediate and 4.5 stars will win
the advanced rank. You need to win the intermediate rank
of at least one of the crop festivals to eventually
complete the TR's. Buy fertilizer from Hana's store and
use it on your crops while they are growing to slowly
raise the crop quality. You need the Greenhouse or
seedmaker, which become available later, to get really
high quality crops.

Visit the river after day 21 and Dunhill will
give you a tutorial on fish traps. You use
the traps in water that has a reed sticking out
to place the trap. Check the traps after about
30 game minutes to collect the trapped fish or junk.
Using traps and fishing poles at the river will help
you get bottles. You will need at least 5 bottles
to make a cloth maker. You need the cloth maker
to finish a later TR. I recommend Getting 10 bottles
so you can make both the cloth and seedmaker.

On day 25 you meet Rebecca and Toni. In the mountains
you have to grab 10 rocks and branches off the 
ground. Talk to Iroha after getting the materials
and your character will build and place a new
building in town, Rebecca's Shop. After making
her shop Rebecca will give you a tutorial on
edit mode. Edit mode is how you add new buildings
and objects to the town and farm. Enter the workshop
on the right side of your house to use edit mode.
You need to cut down trees using your axe to make
room for new buildings and objects.

On day 27 you meet the Harvest Goddess. You can give
the Harvest Goddess gifts by throwing them in the pond
at the top of the mountain. You can get all 3 titles
related to gifts to the goddess by throwing 300 bags
of soil into the pond. You can get the soil for free
from Hana's shop and you can throw all 300 bags in to
the pond in 1 day. Check the bookshelf in your house
to see the long list of title earning actions. Getting
most titles is totally optional and unnecessary for
completing TR's.

On day 1 of Summer Dunhill gives you the plans
for Town Restoration 1. Completing these projects
is the main focus of the game. You need to buy
the blueprints from Rebecca's shop and then build
the required objects using various materials. After
building them you can place the objects in town
however you wish. The remainder of this guide
will be focused on completing the TR's.

Town restoration 1:
What you need:
15 Small Branches, 5 Small Material Stones, 15 Moondrop
Flowers, to make 5 Ball Topiaries.

10 Small Material Stones, 30 Iron, to make 10 Street

15 Small Lumber, to make 3 Wooden Benches.

How to get it:
Gather the small branches, Moondrop Flowers and
small stones in the outdoor areas. Use your hammer
on the small stones to convert them to material.

Use your axe to cut down the light green trees on
your farm and in town to get small lumber.

Buy the iron from Rebecca's shop.

Go to the workshop next to your house and place the
objects in town using edit mode. After finishing the
first project Dunhill will visit you in the next day
or two to give you Plan 2.

Town restoration 2:
What you need:
25 Material Stone, 50 Small Lumber, 5 Copper, to make
the Newspaper Carrier house.

25 Material Stone, 50 Small Lumber, 5 Iron, to make
the Salon.

50 Small Branches, 30 Soil, 20 Weeds, 10 Chamomile,
to make 10 Bushes.

8 Small Lumber, 5 Honeycomb, and 1 bee
to make a Beehive. Collect and sell 10 pots of honey.

Get a Cow to unlock the Cow Festival.

How to get it:
You can buy the Material Stone, Copper, and Iron
at Rebbeca's shop. Use your axe to chop down the
light green trees to collect the Small Lumber.

Gather the Small Branches, Weeds, and Chamomile in
the outdoor areas. You can get the Soil for free from
Hana's shop.

Get the Honeycombs and Bee from the outdoor areas.
Place the bee inside the Beehive to start making
honey. Make more hives if you want to get the honey

If you don't still have the cow you got early in the
game, then buy a new one from Neil's shop. After
Dunhill tells you about the Cow Festival you don't
need to keep your cow.

You will probably need to cut down some dark green
trees to make room for the new buildings. You will
need an iron axe to chop the dark green trees around
town. Give gifts to Ironha to get the tool upgrade
blueprints. Buy the iron from Rebecca's shop.

After building and placing the courier house
Aaron will tell you about a new music sheet. The sheet
is hidden in the flower pot on the second floor of
the courier building. After finding the sheet go
talk to Aaron in the river area to play another round
of music stumps. Hit the stumps in the order of:

R, O, LG, DG, LB, DB, Pi, Pu, 
   2   1      6           7
   4   3

Finishing the second music test unlocks a bouncy
mushroom in the southwest of the river area.

Dunhill gives the plans for TRP 3 after you finish
all parts of TRP 2.

Town restoration 3:
What you need:
50 Small Branches, 25 Material Stone, 40 Lumber, 5
wool, to build the Cottage.

50 Material Stone, 65 Small Lumber, 5 Bricks, 5 mint,
to build the Restaurant

20 Small Material Stone, 80 Material Stone, 35 Lumber,
5 Silver, 10 Glass Stones, to build the Inn.

65 Material Stone, 15 Small Lumber, 40 Lumber, 3 Iron,
to build the Clinic.

200,000 total money made from shipping.

Sheep Festival Unlocked.

15 people living in town.

How to get it:
Buy the Material Stone from Rebecca's shop and chop
trees to get both lumber types. Gather the small
branches and mint in the outdoor areas. Gather small
stones in the outdoors and use your hammer on them
to turn them into small material stone.

Get bricks from the stump on the cliff in the southeast
of the river area.

Buy a sheep from Neil's shop and use clippers on it
to get wool for building the cottage. You can buy
the blueprints for clippers from Rebecca's shop or buy
them from Neil after buying a sheep. Having the sheep
will also unlock the Sheep Festival. You will need more
wool for a later TR so you may want to get at least 35
wool before selling your sheep  back.

You need to build and place all three of the restaurant,
cottage, and clinic before you can get the Silver and
Glass Stone. After placing the restaurant Aaron will
tell you about a new music sheet. The sheet is hidden on
a chair on the east side of the restaurant. After
finding the sheet go talk to Aaron in the river area
and the third round of music stumps begins. You play the
stumps in the order of:

R, O, LG, DG, LB, DB, Pi, Pu,
1  2  3       5   4       8
      6       7

Finishing Earth Song unlocks the honey tree in the
forest area. Put honey on the tree to find a bug the
next day.

After finishing Earth Song and placing the cottage you
will be told to find another music sheet. The sheet is
in the barrel in the northeast corner of the cottage.
Take the sheet back to Aaron and play round four of
music stumps:

R, O, LG, DG, LB, DB, Pi, Pu,
      7   6   1   2       10
          8   3   4

Finishing Birdy Banquet opens the cliff in the mountain
area so you can travel faster.

After finishing Birdy Banquet and placing the clinic
you must find another music sheet. The music sheet is
hidden on the north side of the partitions on the
clinic's first floor. Talk to Aaron to play round five
of music stumps:

R, O, LG, DG, LB, DB, Pi, Pu,
3     2   5   1
      4       7

Finishing Rock Dance opens the mine in the northwest of
the forest area. Use your hammer in the mine to get
Silver and Glass Stone.

After placing the inn there will be a music sheet hidden
inside. The sheet is in the plant pots in Hossan's room.
You know the rest:

R, O, LG, DG, LB, DB, Pi, Pu,
3  2  4   6    1  8
   5  7        9

For finishing Round the Big Tree you get access to the
second tree that you can get items from if you hit it
with your hammer.

Just keep growing crops and selling them until
you have made 200,000 in total money made.

Once you finish building and placing the new buildings
there will be 15 people in town. 

Dunhill will give you TR 4 after you finish all the
parts of 3.

Town restoration 4:
What you need:
15 Material Stone, 80 Lumber, 20 Fodder, 1 Amethyst,
5 Wheat, to make the Eastern-Style House.

60 Material Stone, 60 Lumber, 10 Yarn Ball, 10 Glass
Stone, 5 Fluorite, to make the Fantastical House.

120 Material Stone, 10 Small Lumber, 10 Lumber,
10 Copper, 10 Brick, to make the Travel Agency.

10 Material Stone, 5 Small Lumber, 5 Iron, 5 Cotton
Fabric, to make a Well.

Host 3 Gardening Tours on your farm.

Win the Crop Festival Intermediate class.

20 people living in town.

30 yams and 30 potatoes sold.

500,000 made in total from shipping.

How to get it:
Buy the Material Stone from Rebecca's shop. Use your axe
to chop down the trees in town and on your farm to get
the two Lumber types.

You can buy grass and wheat seeds from Hana's store.
Harvest them with the sickle to get the fodder and wheat.

You can get the Amethyst, Fluorite, Glass Stone, Copper,
and Iron all from the mountain mine.

To get Yarn Ball and Cotton Fabric you need wool from a
sheep and cotton which you can buy seeds for from Hana's
store. You need the cloth maker to convert the wool and
cotton into the ball and fabric. Buy the Blueprints for
the maker shed from Rebecca's shop and place the shed on
your farm. 
	After placing the shed, Rebecca will start
selling the blueprints for the various makers. Buy
the cloth maker and build it. You need bottles to build
the makers. You get bottles by setting fish traps in the
river area and using your fising rod at the south pier.
Your odds of getting bottles are better during rainy
days or during a hurricane.

Buy the blueprints for the garden space from Rebecca's
store and place it on your farm. Dunhill asks you on day
2 of every month if you want to host a Garden Tour on
day 11. It does not matter how well you do, you just need
to host 3 tours.

To win the Intermediate Crop Festival you only need a
3 star or higher crop. You can buy seeds for a crop that
regrows, like corn, and put fertilzer on it daily until
it reaches 3 stars near the end of the month. However,
in the long run it is probably better to get the
seedmaker and start working on getting 5 star crops for
mass production. Growing lots of 5 star crops will help
reach the shipping totals you need for TR 4 and 5.

Place the new buildings and you will have 20 people.

Yams are a Fall crop and Potatoes are a Spring crop. You
can buy the seeds for them from Hana's shop during their
growing season. You have to be at year 2 or later to buy

To reach 500,000 it helps to use the seedmaker to make
a 5 star crop for each season, like I stated above. Also,
winning the crop festival ranks gets you more money for
that crop category, Advanced gets you 100% more money.

After placing the Eastern-Style House a music sheet will
be hidden inside. Check the picture of bamboo on the north
wall to find the sheet. The steps for Morning on the Farm

R, O, LG, DG, LB, DB, Pi, Pu,
   1          2   8   4   7
   6          3       5

You get a diamond for finising Morning on the Farm.

Another music sheet is hidden in the Fantastical House
after you place it. Check the box full of swords to find
the sheet. The steps for The Howl of the Wild are:

R, O, LG, DG, LB, DB, Pi, Pu,
              1   2
              3   4
              5   6
              7   8

For finishing The Howl of the Wild you get the Lion
Topiary blueprint.

The Travel Agency will also have a music sheet hidden
inside. The sheet is hidden in the books on the counter.
The steps for Friends on the Farm are:

R, O, LG, DG, LB, DB, Pi, Pu,
   3          9   5   1   2
              11  8   4   7

Finishing Friends on the Farm gets you a pink diamond.

After you finish all the parts of TR 4 Dunhill will give
you the plans for 5, the last TR.    

Town restoration 5:
What you need:
35 Black Material Stone, 60 Black Lumber, 15 Glass Stone,
3 Jade, 5 Amethyst, to build the Bungalow.

260 Material Stone, 120 Lumber, 10 Gold, 6 Adamatite,
5 Mithril, to build the Exotic Mansion.

35 Material Stone, 60 Lumber, 10 Iron, 5 Mint, to build
the Tailor's Shop.

10 Small Material Stone, 10 Material Stone, 10 Black 
Material Stone, 1 Crystal, to build the Watchtower.

4 Yarn Ball, 4 Cotton Fabric, 2 Glass Stone, 8 Iron, to
build the Table and one Garden Chair.

30 Material Stone, 10 Pearl, 5 Crystal, to build the
Lavish Fountain.

23 people living in town.

Yak Festival unlocked.

Win advanced class of one of the animal competitions.

1,000,000 total made from shipping.

How to get it:
Buy the Material Stone from Rebecca's shop. Cut down dark
green trees to get the Lumber. Gather Small Rocks in the
outdoors and use your hammer to convert them to Small
Material Stone. Gather Mint in the outdoors.

Gather Black Branches and Black Rocks in the outdoors. Use
your ultra axe and ultra hammer to convert them to Black
Lumber and Black Material Stone. You get the ultra
blueprints from raising your friendship with Iroha. You
get the Platinum you need to upgrade from the mine.

You get all of the Glass Stone, Jade, Amethyst, Gold,
Adamatite, Mithril, Crystal, and Iron by using your hammer
in the forest area mine.

You need sheep to get wool and you to buy cotton seeds
from Hana'store. Use your clothmaker to convert them into
Yarn Ball and Cotton Fabric.

You get Pearls by using the Travel Agency and going on the
Southern Island Getaway. On the island you can often find
pearls on the beach or on the very small island you reach
by jumping over rocks. It will take a lot of trips to get
the 10 pearls.

You will have 23 people after placing the new buildings.

Buy a Yak from Neil's shop to unlock the Yak Festival.

To win the advanced animal rank you need a farm animal
with max hearts and that also produces the great
version of its product, i.e. great milk or golden egg.
You increase an animals heart level, slowly, just by
properly caring for it, feed it, clean it, talk to it.
The condition to get the great product depends on the
animal type. Cows, Sheep, Alpaca, Yaks, all require you
to take them to Neil's Animal Sanctuary and let them
stay there for 100 total game hours. Chicken and Silkie
start producing golden eggs after they win any rank of
the chicken festival, beginner or intermediate.

You can reach 1,000,000 very easily once you have the
seedmaker and can start mass producing 5 star crops. If
you need more bottles for the seedmaker, then set traps
and start fishing in the river area.

After placing the Bungalow a sheet music will be hidden
in the mirror. The steps for Tranquil Forest are:

R, O, LG, DG, LB, DB, Pi, Pu,
   2  7       1       3
   5          4

After finishing Tranquil Forest you get access to a
mushroom on the north side of the forest area.

After placing the Exotic Mansion there is a music sheet
hidden in the treasure box on the second floor. The steps
for Mammoth Stomp are:

R, O, LG, DG, LB, DB, Pi, Pu,
4  1              2
   7              3
   8              5
   9              6

After finishing Mammoth Stomp you get the Mammoth Topiary

After placing the Tailor's Shop there will be a music
sheet hidden in the small sign on the north wall. The
steps for The Great Legacy are:

R, O, LG, DG, LB, DB, Pi, Pu,
   2          3   7   1   6
   5          8       4

After finishing The Great Legacy you get access to a new
stump in the mountain area.

After finishing all the steps of TR 5, you have won the
game, pretty much. Enjoy the credits.
Marriage Guide:
Getting married in this game is optional but something
most players will probably want to do.

Characters who have a heart next to their name when you
talk to them are the ones you can marry. There are also
two secret marriage canidates, one man and one woman. The
secret canidates don't have a heart at first, but a heart
appears after you give them a ring.

Keep talking and giving gifts on a daily basis to the
character you want to marry. As you increase your
friendship points, FP, with that character their heart
gauge will slowly change color. 
	After their heart changes to blue the Harvest
Goddess will appear and explain about dating. A major
point the Goddess does not meantion is that you must
see a character's heart events before they will accept a
ring or feather. Heart Events are special encounters that
occur after getting a certain amount of FP with a
character. You will encounter that character at a specfic
time and place and have to make some choice. Picking the
right choice gets you more FP, picking the wrong choice
makes you lose FP.

After getting their heart to at least blue and completing
the first two heart events you can offer a character a ring.
A ring in this game means you are dating, not married.
	After you start dating you need to do several
more tasks before you can really get married. Buy the
house and bed upgrades from Rebecca's store and use them
to get a bigger house and bed. Get the character's heart
guage up to red. Witness two more heart events. And 
finally, offer them a blue feather to propose, it needs
to be a sunny, non-holiday, Saturday for the blue feather
to be accepted. You buy the ring and feather from Hana's

After you get married you can have a kid by buying the
child bed blueprint from Rebecca's shop and building the

For specific information on heart events check here:
-beginning/wiki/3-3-bachelorettes- (Women)

(Men, incomplete)

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