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How do i make 2 miis like and then love each other? 2
Are there any ways to influence love relationships? 11
How long does it take for a Mii to get pregnant? 2
How do I get miis to break up? 14
How many Miis can be in the game, and can a Mii under 18 get married? 1
I know how to get higher and lower love ratings but what combinations make 100%? 2
How can I increase the chance of getting a travel ticket? 5
How to remove a Mii? 3
How many children can a married couple have? 2
How long does it take for a baby to be full grown? 13
Recent Questions Answers
Mii's have 100% compatibility rating? 3
Easy Travel Tickets? 2
Setting up an another island on different cartridge. Will it overwrite any data on SD card? 2
Compatibility issue? 3
It's been sixteen days and no babies Why? 3
Quality of Life unlocked, but Island Ranking isn't? 1
Can you reload your town to a new cartridge? *new* 2
Is it possible to make a mii a traveler? *new* 1
  • Total Recent Questions: 8
Unresolved Questions Answers
How do you make the proposal process go faster? 5
How to get miis to propose quicker? 1
Is it possible to have babies after 100 miis ? 6
How to get 100% loved mii's to fall in love? 4
Is there any definite way of getting 100% on love tester? 4
Why won't my Mii make any friends? 2
How do I control my Mii relationships better? 6
Choosing sweethearts and best friends? 4
Why do all my Miis hate each other? 2
Is there away to get old spot pass items? 3

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