1. Ok. So I got Bravely Default Flying Fairy for Christmas for my 3ds and the box is completely in Japanese except for the title. I live in America. The game won't read at all. I'm certain that we bought the wrong version, we bought a Japanese version of the game. But I wanted to know: does the language of the game effect whether it can be read in a 3ds of a different game?

    User Info: Tridoggo

    Tridoggo - 3 years ago


  1. It does, Nintendo 3ds Systems in America work entirely different from Japanese ones, there are many things that a Japanese system has that the American ones don't.

    The eShop is entirely different, DLC codes and games from Japan are useless in America, Miiverse recommends different communities, games from Japan have acess to DLC that American games don't...the rabbit hole runs deep, my friend.

    My advice? Learn Japanese and move to Japan.(Joking)

    Seriously, though, just return the Japanese game and get an American one. The two are entirely different.

    User Info: Eldin

    Eldin - 2 years ago 0   0

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