How well prepared am I to fight the final boss?

  1. I'm on Chapter 7, about to finish all the sub quests, and my team is all at Lv80

    My Team:

    Edea - Ninja/Performer (for buffing and transience, Turn Tables and Utsusemi)

    Ringabel - Arcanist/Vampire (for highest MATK and vampire for the -aja attacks)

    Agnes - Spiritmaster/White Mage (has Conservation of Life and Holy One)

    Tiz - Pirate/Dark Knight (I also have Ninja, Valkyrie and Templar at Max)

    User Info: SaltyTuna125

    SaltyTuna125 - 3 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You should be good, that's a pretty broken setup. I personally use pirate/swordmaster instead of DK (for free lunch).

    User Info: b00g3rs

    b00g3rs - 3 years ago 1   0

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