Why is my Ringabel doing insanely little damage?

  1. My Ringabel is level 11, level 2 black mage with 33 P. Attack total (two hand), 33 P Def, 19 M Attack, 17 M Defense, 92 Aim but compared to all my other characters, he does no damage. In Acheim, he does 1-2 damage every hit, and when I went back to the open world area of the intro area, he did 25-28 damage to goblins.

    So what's going on? Is my game broken?

    He's wearing a Bronze Helm, a Brigandine, Gauntlets, a Simian Staff, and an Ogre's Club.

    User Info: abimillie

    abimillie - 4 years ago

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  1. Your problem lies in the fact that you have two weapons equipped. When you do that, each of the weapon's attack power is halved. However, in damage calculation during battle, each weapon's damage is calculated separately.

    Your club originally has atk strength 20. But since you have a staff in the other hand, it goes down to 10 atk. In your stats page, it seems like the atk power of both weapons add up, but in battle they don't.

    Since the defense of the monsters in Ancheim are higher, you will then do way less damage.

    But since Ringabell is a black mage, he should be equipped with a rod (which is 2h) to get max m. atk.

    User Info: Kyuyun4Ever

    Kyuyun4Ever - 4 years ago 1   0

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