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by super_luigi16

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FAQ/Walkthrough by super_luigi16

Version: 1.21 | Updated: 09/12/2013
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2012

Appendix A: Unlockables (Continued)

Light-Blue Yoshi

Codes are region-locked, so point at the correct one for your region.

Yellow Yoshi

Codes are region-locked, so point at the correct one for your region.

Pink Yoshi

Codes are region-locked, so point at the correct one for your region.

White Yoshi

Codes are region-locked, so point at the correct one for your region.

Black Yoshi

Codes are region-locked, so point at the correct one for your region.

Appendix B: The Item Shop

The Item Shop will be your best friend; you get to buy tennis gear modeled after various Mario favorites! In this section, I will list all of the gear and their stats so that you can easily browse the selections without annoyingly clicking through them on your 3DS. As with Appendix A, there are SPOILERS that I do not obscure, so proceed at your own risk. If you don't want to know about the gear, do not look at the table.

Also, all gear (excluding costumes) is unlocked by playing in exhibition (single or local multiplayer) or tournament matches. It comes in a random order, so your first piece of gear may be the 150th piece of gear for someone else. Costumes are unlocked through different means, which are outlined in Appendix A: Unlockables.

Power, Spin, Move

The item graphs have three different categories each with a color-coded pie graph depicting three sub-stats for each category. In the power category, there is serve, stroke, and volley. In the spin category, there is side, top, and slice. Finally, in the move category, there is speed, acceleration (accel.), and agility. Each of these are explained below.

  • Power
    • Serve - This stat depicts the power of your serves. The higher this stat is, the faster your serves are (and the more blowback they cause).
    • Stroke - This stat depicts the power of your returns if the ball has bounced once. Stroke mostly comes into play towards the back of the court.
    • Volley - This stat depicts the power of your returns if the ball does not bounce. Volley is more important with net-play, and can be potent for forcing points.
  • Spin
    • Side - This stat depicts how much your ball will turn as it is moving through the air. The higher this stat is, the more your shot will look like a banana slice (with shots that utilize spin).
    • Top - This stat depicts how much topspin your ball has, and how powerful your topspin shots will be. Generally, power characters and gear have high topspin stats.
    • Slice - Although I'm not entirely sure (clarification?), I believe this stat depicts how much spin your slice will have, though not side-to-side movement. Rather, it is more a gauge of power than lateral movement.
  • Move
    • Speed - This stat depicts how fast you're moving at top speed--basically, when you're running. The higher this stat is, the faster you will be running.
    • Acceleration - This stat depicts how long it takes you to get to top speed. If this stat is high, it won't take you very long to reach top speed.
    • Agility - This stat depicts how fast you react; reaction-time is critical in returning flat shots, and other fast shots around the net. I also believe (clarification?) that agility correlates to how far you lunge when you press "R."


All stats are relative to the initial sliver which is about one-tenth of the graph. However, the base stats are different for each graph: the power category is about one-twelfth per sliver, the spin category is about one-tenth, and the move category is about one-eleventh. However, I've equalized them so that one-eighth of the graph is 2.5, one-fourth of the graph is equal to 5.0, and one-half of the graph is equal to 10.0. Any addition is added to the base stat (which can be rounded to 1.0). Disclaimer: these stats are RELATIVE, and I do not claim complete accuracy. I intend for these stats to be a gauge of how the piece of gear performs. It may not be mathematically correct in terms of ratios fractions, etc. Therefore, I will not accept contributions or appreciate advice that tells me to "overhaul" this table because it doesn't work; there are over 200 items with no clear-cut definition of how the stat increases function, so I tried my best to determine a method to gauge these increases. However, I will welcome contributions that give the stats for missing costumes (I have a few that I haven't unlocked yet), and that point out minor errors (e.g. incorrect math, mistaking a large increase for a stat with no increase, etc.).

Mario Racket1000+0.5+100+1+1000+3.5
Luigi Racket1550+0.50+100+3000+4.5
Peach Racket1200+0.50+0.5+0.50+2000+3.0
Yoshi Racket1100+0.5+0.500+0.5+1.5000+3.0
Wario Racket1150+1.5+1.500+2+1.5000+6.5
Waluigi Racket1550+0.50+100+2.5000+4.0
Bowser Racket1200+1.5+2.500+3.5+0.5000+7.5
Donkey Kong Racket1200+1.5+2000+2000+5.5
Daisy Racket1000+0.5+0.50+0.5+0.5+1000+3.0
Diddy Kong Racket1200+1+1+0.5+0.50+2000+5.0
Luma Racket2950+0.5+0.50+1.5+4+3000+9.5
Boo Racket1650+0.500+3.5+1+1.5000+6.5
Bowser Jr. Racket1250+0.5+0.50+1.5+1+2.5000+6.0
Dry Bowser Racket1200+1.5+1.5+0.500+3.5000+7.0
Green Shell Racket900+0.500+0.500000+1.0
Red Shell Racket1600+0.500+3.5+1+1.5000+6.5
Super Mushroom Racket1000+1+10+0.5+0.5+0.5000+3.5
Fire Flower Racket1200+1+100+2+1.5000+5.5
Ice Flower Racket1400+1+10+1+1+1.5000+5.5
Super Star Racket4000+1.5+10+0.500000+3.0
Banana Racket1750000+2.5+0.5+1000+4.0
Lightning Racket1200+1.5+100+1.5+1.5000+5.5
POW Block Racket1000+1.5+100+0.5+0.5000+3.5
?-Block Racket1400+1+0.500+0.5+2.5000+4.5
Chain Chomp Racket1000+1.5+1.500+0.50000+3.5
Thwomp Racket1200+1.5+1.500+2+1000+6.0
Bob-omb Racket1000+1.5+100+1+0.5000+4.0
Bullet Bill Racket950+1.5+10000000+2.5
Blooper Racket4200+0.5+0.50+2+1.5+3000+7.5
Cheep Cheep Racket1400+0.500+1.5+0.5+1000+3.5
Lakitu Racket950+0.500000000+0.5
Hammer Bro Racket1200+1.5+10+0.5+20000+5.0
Magikoopa Racket1750000+3.50+0.5000+4.0
Toad Racket115000+0.5+10+0.5000+2.0
Goomba Racket9000000000000
Koopa Troopa Racket1300+0.5+0.5+0.5+0.5+0.5+1000+3.5
Shy Guy Racket1750+0.5+0.50+20+2000+5.0
Birdo Racket1250+1+0.500+1.5+2000+5.0
Wiggler Racket1200+1.5+1.50+0.5+2.5+0.5000+7.5
Petey Piranha Racket1200+1.5+1.500+2.50000+5.5
Fire Mario Racket1150+1+1.50+0.5+2+0.5000+5.5
Propellor Mario Racket1750+0.5+0.5+1+1.5+2+1000+6.5
Bee Mario Racket13000+0.5+1+1.5+1+1.5000+5.5
Cloud Mario Racket18000+0.5+1+2+1+1000+5.5
Tanooki Mario Racket1550+1+10+1+1.5+2.5000+7.0
Metal Mario Racket1750+1.5+200+3+0.5000+7.0
Baby Mario Racket1200+0.5+0.5+0.50+2+1.5000+5.0
Baby Peach Racket2000+0.5+0.5+0.5+20+3000+6.5
Mario Uniform800+1.5+20000+1.5+0.50+5.5
Luigi Uniform1100+1.5+1+1.5000+1+0.50+5.5
Peach Uniform900+0.5+0.50000+1.5+1+0.5+4.0
Yoshi Uniform900+0.5+10000+1.5+10+4.0
Wario Uniform900+2+2.50000+1.500+6.0
Waluigi Uniform1150+1.5+0.5+1.5000+10+0.5+5.0
Bowser Uniform1900+2.5+1.50000+100+5.0
Donkey Kong Uniform950+2+20000+1+0.50+5.5
Daisy Uniform700+0.5+0.50000+1+0.50+2.5
Diddy Kong Uniform900+0.5+0.5+0.5000+1+0.50+3.0
Luma Uniform1700+0.5+0.50000+1.5+0.5+2+5.0
Boo Uniform950+0.5+0.50000+0.5+1.5+1+4.0
Bowser Jr. Uniform900+1+0.5+0.5000+1.5+10+4.5
Dry Bowser Uniform950+2+1.50000+1+0.50+5.0
Green Shell Uniform800+0.5+0.50000+1+1.5+1+4.5
Red Shell Uniform1100+0.5+0.5+1000+1+0.5+1+4.5
Super Mushroom Uniform900+1.5+20000+1.500+5.0
Fire Flower Uniform900+1.5+20000+1.5+0.50+5.5
Ice Flower Uniform950+1.5+20000+1.500+5.0
Super Star Uniform1350+2+1.5+0.5000+2+1+0.5+7.5
Banana Uniform700000000+0.5+0.50+1.0
Lightning Uniform900+2+1.50000+1.5+1+1+7.0
POW Block Uniform850+1.5+1.50000+100+4.0
?-Block Uniform850+1.5+20000+100+4.5
Chain Chomp Uniform1000+2+20000+1+1.50+6.5
Thwomp Uniform900+2.5+20000000+4.5
Bob-omb Uniform850+2+1.50000+100+4.5
Bullet Bill Uniform900+2.5+1.50000+200+6.0
Blooper Uniform1150+1.5+1.50000+0.5+0.50+4.0
Cheep Cheep Uniform700+0.5+0.5+0.5000+0.500+2.0
Lakitu Uniform900+0.5+0.5+1000+1+2+1.5+6.5
Hammer Bro Uniform900+2+1.50000+1+0.50+5.0
Magikoopa Uniform700000000+1+0.50+1.5
Red Yoshi Uniform900+0.5+0.50000+1.5+0.5+0.5+3.5
Blue Yoshi Uniform900+0.5+0.50000+2+0.50+3.5
Light-Blue Yoshi Uniform900+0.5+0.50000+2+10+4.0
Yellow Yoshi Uniform900+2+2.50000+100+5.5
Pink Yoshi Uniform900+0.5+0.50000+1+1+0.5+3.5
White Yoshi Uniform800+0.500000+0.5+1+0.5+2.5
Black Yoshi Uniform900+1.5+2.5+0.5000+1.5+0.50+6.5
Mario Wristbands250+1.5+1.500+1+1000+5.0
Luigi Wristbands700+1+1+100+2000+5.0
Peach Wristbands400+0.5+0.5000+1.5000+2.5
Yoshi Wristbands300+0.5+0.5000+1000+2.0
Wario Wristbands350+1.5+2.500+1.5+0.5000+6.0
Waluigi Wristbands700+1+0.5+1+0.5+0.5+2000+5.5
Bowser Wristbands400+2+2+0.50+2+0.5000+7.0
Donkey Kong Wristbands+400+2+2.5000+0.5000+5.0
Daisy Wristbands250+0.5+0.5000+0.5000+1.5
Diddy Kong Wristbands400+1+1000+0.5000+2.5
Luma Wristbands14500+0.5+0.5+0.5+2.5+3000+7.0
Boo Wristbands900+0.500+3+0.5+1.5000+5.5
Bowser Jr. Wristbands400+0.5+0.50+1+0.5+2000+4.5
Dry Bowser Wristbands400+2+2+0.500+2.5000+7.0
Green Shell Wristbands10000+0.5000000+0.5
Red Shell Wristbands800+0.5+0.5+1+1.5+1+1000+5.5
Super Mushroom Wristbands250+1.5+1.500+1+1000+5.0
Fire Flower Wristbands400+1.5+1.500+1.5+1000+5.5
Ice Flower Wristbands550+1.5+1.50+1+1+1.5000+6.5
Super Star Wristbands700+2+1.5+0.5+0.50+0.5000+5.0
Banana Wristbands700000+2+1+1.5000+4.5
Lightning Wristbands400+1.5+1.500+1+1000+5.0
POW Block Wristbands300+1.5+1.500+0.5+0.5000+4.0
?-Block Wristbands500+1.5+1.500+0.5+2000+5.5
Chain Chomp Wristbands250+1.5+200+0.5+0.5000+4.5
Thwomp Wristbands400+2+200+2.5+1000+7.5
Bob-omb Wristbands350+1.5+200+1+0.5000+5.0
Bullet Bill Wristbands200+2+1.500+0.5+0.5000+4.5
Blooper Wristbands2050+1+10+1.5+1.5+3000+8.0
Cheep Cheep Wristbands550+0.5+0.5+0.5+1+1+1.5000+5.0
Lakitu Wristbands250+0.5+0.5+0.5000000+1.5
Hammer Bro Wristbands400+1.5+20+0.5+2+0.5000+6.5
Magikoopa Wristbands700000+2.5+0.5+1.5000+4.5
Red Yoshi Wristbands400000+3+0.5+1.5000+5.0
Blue Yoshi Wristbands300+0.5+1000+1.5000+3.0
Light-Blue Yoshi Wristbands300+0.5+1000+1.5000+3.0
Yellow Yoshi Wristbands350+2+300+1.5+1000+7.5
Pink Yoshi Wristbands400+0.5+0.5+0.500+1.5000+3.0
White Yoshi Wristbands400+0.5+0.50+3.5+0.5+1.5000+6.5
Black Yoshi Wristbands250+1.5+200+1+1000+5.5
Mario Shoes800+0.5+10000+3.5+0.50+5.5
Luigi Shoes650+0.5+0.5+0.5000+1.5+10+4.0
Peach Shoes8000+0.50000+2+1.5+1+5.0
Yoshi Shoes8500+0.50000+4+10+5.5
Wario Shoes600+1+10000+2+10+5.0
Waluigi Shoes700+0.50+0.5000+1.5+1+1+4.5
Bowser Shoes600+1+1.50000+1.5+0.50+4.5
Donkey Kong Shoes600+1+10000+2+10+5.0
Daisy Shoes600+0.500000+1.5+1.5+0.5+4.0
Diddy Kong Shoes650+0.5+0.50000+2.5+2.5+1+7.0
Luma Shoes13500+0.50000+3+0.5+3.5+7.5
Boo Shoes950000000+1+3.5+2+6.5
Bowser Jr. Shoes800+0.5+0.50000+3+0.5+0.5+5.0
Dry Bowser Shoes600+1+10000+1.500+3.5
Green Shell Shoes850000000+1.5+2.5+1.5+5.5
Red Shell Shoes850+0.50+0.5000+1.5+1+2+5.5
Super Mushroom Shoes700+0.5+10000+3+0.50+5.0
Fire Flower Shoes700+0.5+10000+3+0.50+5.0
Ice Flower Shoes800+0.5+10000+3+0.50+5.0
Super Star Shoes900+1+10000+3.5+1.5+1+8.0
Banana Shoes650000000+1+1.50+2.5
Lightning Shoes650+0.5+10000+2.5+1.5+1.5+7.0
POW Block Shoes600+0.5+10000+1.500+3.0
?-Block Shoes600+0.5+0.50000+2+0.5+0.5+4.0
Chain Chomp Shoes850+1+10000+1.5+2.50+6.0
Thwomp Shoes550+1+10000000+2.0
Bob-omb Shoes550+1+10000+1.500+3.5
Bullet Bill Shoes800+1+10000+3.5+0.50+6.0
Blooper Shoes900+0.5+0.50000+1+10+3.0
Cheep Cheep Shoes550+0.500000000+0.5
Lakitu Shoes2400+0.500000+2+3.5+2+8.0
Hammer Bro Shoes600+1+10000+1.5+10+4.5
Magikoopa Shoes600000000+1.5+0.50+2.0
Red Yoshi Shoes800+0.500000+2+1.5+1+5.0
Blue Yoshi Shoes850+0.500000+3.5+1.50+5.5
Light-Blue Yoshi Shoes850+0.500000+3.5+1.50+5.5
Yellow Yoshi Shoes600+1+10000+2+1+0.5+5.5
Pink Yoshi Shoes800+0.500000+2+1.5+1+5.0
White Yoshi Shoes700000000+0.5+1.5+1+3.0
Black Yoshi Shoes800+0.5+10000+3+0.50+5.0
Mario CostumeN/A+2.5+30+0.5+1+1+5+10+14.0
Luigi CostumeN/A+2+2+3+0.50+2.5+2.5+1.50+14.0
Peach CostumeN/A+1.5+1.5+1+0.5+0.5+1+3+1.5+2+12.5
Yoshi CostumeN/A+1.5+20+0.5+0.5+1+5.5+2+0.5+13.5
Wario CostumeN/A+4+4.5+0.5+1+4.5+3.5+3+0.5+0.5+22.0
Waluigi CostumeN/A+2+1.5+2.5+0.5+0.5+2+1.5+1.5+1.5+13.5
Bowser CostumeN/A+4.5+4.500+2.5+1+2+0.50+15.0
Donkey Kong CostumeN/A??????????
Daisy CostumeN/A??????????
Diddy Kong CostumeN/A??????????
Luma CostumeN/A+1+1.5+1.5+0.5+2.5+2.5+4.5+2+5.5+21.5
Boo CostumeN/A??????????
Bowser Jr. CostumeN/A+1.5+20+1+0.5+2+4.5+1.5+1.5+14.5
Dry Bowser CostumeN/A+4.5+4+100+2+2+0.50+15.0
Wiggler CostumeN/A+4+40+0.5+2.5+1+2.5+10+15.5
Petey Piranha CostumeN/A+4.5+400+2.5+0.5+3+0.50+16.0
Fire Mario CostumeN/A+3+40+0.5+2+1+4+10+15.5
Propellor Mario CostumeN/A+1.5+1.5+4.5+1.5+2+1.5+4+1.5+1.5+20.5
Bee Mario CostumeN/A+1.5+2.5+3+1.5+0.5+2+3.5+3.5+1+19.0
Cloud Mario CostumeN/A+1.5+2+4+1.5+1+1.5+4.5+0.50+16.5
Tanooki Mario CostumeN/A+3+3.5+0.5+0.5+1+2+4+1.50+17.0
Toad CostumeN/A+1+1+1.5+0.5+0.5+1+3.5+2+4+15.0
Goomba CostumeN/A+1+1+0.5000+2.5+1.50+6.5
Koopa Troopa CostumeN/A??????????
Shy Guy CostumeN/A??????????
Birdo CostumeN/A+3+2.500+2+1.5+3.5+1.5+1+15.0

Note #1 - The Goomba Racket does give a miniscule boost to the Power category, though it is practically unnoticeable.

Note #2 - Some of the increases are overexaggerated due to the system I'm using. For example, the power increases reflected in the Petey Piranha Racket are supposed to be about one-eighth of the graph, but they only end up being about one-sixteenth.

Note #3 - If you equip all of the tennis gear in a "theme"--for example, the Mario Racket, Mario Uniform, Mario Wristbands, and Mario Shoes--you'll receive a slight boost in every category. I might eventually have a table detailing these boosts, but as of now, assume they're about +0.5.

Note #4 - Costumes take up the uniform, shoes, and wristbands slots, so you may only equip a racket if you have a costume on.

Note #5 - I have not unlocked all of the costumes, and, as such, some of the costumes have "?"s for their stats. If you have unlocked this stat and can either (a) send me a screenshot of the graphs, or tell me the stats directly, it would be greatly appreciated. You'd be put in the contributors section, and mentioned in one of these notes.

Appendix C: Characters

This Appendix is intended to describe the statistics and strategies for all of the Mario characters--basically, all of the characters that aren't Mii. This section should be your resource for the characters in Mario Tennis Open; it'll cover everything from a general description of the character to general strategies that you should employ as that character. However, by no means should the strategies in this section should be treated in absolution. There is no replacement for experience, and should you find a better strategy for a character, employ that instead. It would also be appreciated if you could communicate your strategy for that character to me (see Contributing) because I'm not an expert on every character. Also, there'll be a tier that has been compiled by the various members of the Mario Tennis Open Message Board that has been adapted from there. I do monitor the message board, so confine tier discussion there instead of my inbox.


What are QR characters?

Quick Response (QR) codes are little squares that you can find on anything from ketchup bottles to city busses. Here's an example:

Sorry, this QR code won't give you anything in Mario Tennis Open

Your 3DS can capture these images to unlock new content, and, in the case of Mario Tennis Open, these unlock characters. For more information on these codes and what characters, see QR Characters.

How do chance shots work?

This question was answered for the most part in this section: Chance Shots.

What are "points" online?

Well, there are two types of "points" online: rating points, and (what I call) leaderboard points. The former is a gauge of your playing ability while the latter is a measurement of how much you've played. Rating points start at 2000 and fluctuate from there to measure your strength at Tennis. The better you do, the more your rating will go up; the worse you do, the more your rating will go down. You earn more rating points by winning and lose rating points by losing (generally). However, you earn many more rating points for beating someone rated two-hundred points higher than you than you would for beating someone rated two-hundred points lower than you.

Leaderboard points are a reflection of how much you've played online. They are awarded after every match (you can't realistically lose leaderboard points), though the amount that is awarded varies from match-to-match depending on the length of the match. For example, a tiebreak match that goes 7-0 in one direction will most likley yield ten to twenty points. However, an extended match that drags out to a tiebreaker can award one-hundred to two-hundred leaderboard points. These points reset each month, though a lifetime total will be recorded for unlocking purposes (The Wiggler Costume).

How do I get a star next to my character?

Beat the Champions Cup with that character, and then press "R" when you're on the character select screen.

Wait a minute...my rating went up even though I lost. What happened?

This usually happens when you lose to an opponent that is rated much higher than you (approximately two-hundred to four-hundred points higher than you), and you don't get swept. The game accounts for the fact that you're probably going to lose, and how much you should lose by. If you manage to beat that expectation significantly (and still lose, of course), you can gain some rating points while your opponent will lose some. This also applies in the reverse; if you're rated much higher than your opponent and you don't win by enough, you're going to lose rating points.

I'm in need of a coin fix...what should I do?

Galaxy Rally Challenge is a good choice if you want to get 3000+ coins in one minigame. Novice Rings can yield you 230 coins in thirty seconds. Ink Showdown Challenge will usually get you 900+ coins, though you can get up to 2000 if you complete it perfectly.

Item Farming? I don't wanna do a million tournaments!

You have a few options when you want to item farm: losing on purpose and winning with a purpose. The former involves you playing one-set, two-game exhibition matches against an Ace computer, and letting them win every point. The latter involves you facing a novice Bowser or Wario, and winning quickly with drop, flat, or slice shots. It's really up to you which you prefer since both earn items at about the same rate.


If you would like to contribute to this guide, please contact me if it hasn't been covered already. These contributions can be as small as grammatical errors, or as large as section re-writes. Also, if you believe info provided in this FAQ is misleading, or confusing, let me know. If you have any info that is contrary to what is posted in this FAQ, and you have evidence supporting your conclusion, I will happily update my FAQ to accommodate these new developments.

HOWEVER, I will not read game bashing, FAQ bashing, or Nintendo bashing. I don't care if you hate this game because a lot of people (including myself) don't. I will also not read emails that don't directly relate to this FAQ. I don't care about what you're selling, soliciting, or advertising.

So, if you do send me an email, please put "MTO" somewhere in the title, so that I know how to respond (or not respond) to it appropriately. I usually check my email at least once every three days though that varies depending on whether I'm writing FAQs or not and how busy I am.

Info I'm Looking For

  • Costume Stats
  • More General Strategies

Contact Info

The best way to contact me is via email. I usually check my email once every one to two days, so don't be surprised if you don't get an immediate response. FaceBook, however, is almost guaranteed to fish a near-immediate response out of me, so feel free to like my page and ask questions or give me feedback!


You can also try to search for me on assorted Nintendo boards if you'd rather PM me. However, I will not accept larger contributions via PM because of the character limit.

Also, compliments are welcome. :)

Legal Info

This guide is the sole property of the account holder of the "super_luigi16" account. It may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or private use. It may not be distributed publicly in any manner without the written consent of the owner. The only website that is allowed to have this guide posted is gamefaqs.com. Use of this guide on any other website is a violation of copyright, and is prohibited by law. If you would like to have this guide posted on your website, you must have advance written permission of the owner (feel free to contact me). Copyright 2012 "super_luigi16"

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.



  • masteramr - For pointing out that I put "circle pad" instead of "D-pad" in the QR Characters section. Thanks!
  • hookshot24 - For suggesting the third appendix (Appendix C: Characters). Thanks!


  • GameFAQs Answers Section - For FAQ questions and a variety of useful tidbits that were sprinkled throughout the guide.
  • The Super Mario Wiki - For some pre-release information so that I could start the framework of this guide.

Image Credits

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