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Reviewed: 04/03/13

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS review

Monster Hunter is a series that has been entertaining and impressing people ever since the original games was released for the PlayStation 2 back In 2004, and monster hunter 3 ultimate is no exception. The game was released on both the 3DS and the wii u, however, this review will cover the 3DS version. The game is Great. I want every one to Know that. That doesn't mean it is perfect. This game has its problems.

The first major problem I ran into was the camera. It sucks. You move with the control stick but adjust the camera with the D-pad and center it behind you with the L button. you can use the D-pad on the 3DS its self, or you can put one on the modifiable touch screen where you can also display your health/stamina, your map, and even your items. I had to buy the circle pad pro to fully experience the greatness in this game. I did not regret the purchase at all. The other problem that stuck out was the lack of online play. You can still get together with friends to play, but it would have been nice to play online any time you want like on the Wii U version. This game doesn't suffer to much from these problems though, it is still a great game. The game will last you a long time too.

There is hundreds of hours of game play packed into the game. There are tons of quest varying from the easy one star missions, up to the harder five star missions. The game doesn't stop there. There are G ranked missions where you attempt to take down some of the largest and toughest monsters the game has to offer. Due to the difficulty, it would be a good idea to do these missions with friends. All of the monsters are also really impressive. To someone familiar with the monster hunter series, they won't be ground breaking, but they are still impressive.

There are so many monsters in this game and each one of them feel and look different when fighting them, even the tiny monsters in the beginning of the game. No matter how good your equipment is, each monster has a chance of killing you if you don't pay attention. This is especially true for the larger monsters. The larger monsters tend to be bigger, stronger, and more detailed versions of creatures you have already fought, but they still seem different and awesome. There is also no health bar for the monsters. When fighting the large monsters, you have to watch for signs of fatigue during the fight, such as limping, missing scales or ripped fins, and sleeping. This adds a cool and more interesting spin on fighting. In the later portions of the game, the bosses get stronger and get different colors to show this. Where this game really shines is the weapons and armor.

Both are completely customizable. There are 12 different weapon Types with thousands of total weapons. It's fun to spend a few hours just testing each of them on different monsters, and since the game starts you off with one of each weapon type, it's easy to find your favorite, and easy to change it as you play. All of the weapons are different when you use them. They all move and deal damage in their own way, but its balanced enough so no one weapon feels overpowered in any way. Each weapon has ups and downs, like the quick but weak duel swords, or the slow but deadly hammer. The different armor is just as cool as all of the weapons. Slaying giant monsters and harvesting their insides so that you can wear them as a symbol of power and awesomeness has never been so fun! It does get a bit tedious and repetitive when trying to complete a full set of armor, but only slightly. You will need to kill the monster a whole lot to get the parts you need from them, but its rewarding. This game never gets old and there's so much to do.

From slaying giant fire breathing dragon and capturing monsters, to simply mining rocks, cooking monster meat, fishing or even bug catching, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is filled with amazing quests and fun game play. All of these are necessary and fun. No matter how much time you put in, you will always have a reason to return to this game. That is why my final rating for this game is a nine out of ten, due to its minor imperfections. I do highly recommend this game to any one with a 3DS or even a Wii uU. Buy a copy of monster hunter 3 ultimate and you won't regret it! Then convince your friends to buy it and spend days on end slaying monsters together. So good luck to all of you hunters out there, and happy hunting!

Rating: 9

Product Release: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (US, 03/19/13)

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