Review by Super_MooRio

Reviewed: 01/09/12

You can not teach an old Monster Hunter new tricks.

Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii built the bridge but the 3DS enhanced port just paints it. The game play is literally a double edge sword as the game has new mechanics that improve the game but may upset fans. Graphics while not impressive for what the 3DS can offer are easily better and worse than its console counterpart. The music is well done but the sound effects leave a lot to be desired and many of the monsters sounds kill the immersion of the game.

The game play of Monster Hunter games has always been grind heavy... While Tri is not nearly as difficult as the the first monster hunter this game actually gives you armor and weapons to start out with. This is certainly a great addition to the game play but might offend hardcore enthusiasts who want to make their meat in the world. The targeting system as well as the second screen serve to ail some of the frustration. Many of the new features from Portable 3rd return in this version of the game making it the definitive version of 3 content wise.The main problem with the game play is how little the Monster Hunter franchise has evolved from a grind fest. Not only that but like the psp games using one analog to control the action is frustrating (though the slider is at least more comfortable).

Getting the negatives out of the way, the game has a lower polygon count than the Wii version and seems scaled down in that regard. However this games lighting is brilliant. The dynamic lighting breathes new life into an already beautiful world. Whilst the animations in the game are rather mediocre, the designs of the models look astounding.

The music is well done but the sound effects leave a lot to be desired and many of the monsters sounds kill the immersion of the game. The music can be epic like Bracchidios as well as give a serene sound of tranquility like the hub town. The music in this game is amazing. The sound effects how ever serve to combat this and kill the immersion. The weapons sound like chains being rubbed against something and rather unrealistic. The monsters do not imagine like one would assume they would and the Flagship monster of the game sounds like it is gargling the whole fight. The characters moaning as the move or get hit... Or even when they attack grates the ears like no other.

Monster Hunter is a love hate franchise so it astounds me anyone who has tried the previous ones would like this one. This game is to remarkably similar to the Wii version to warrant its high price tag and the sound effects kill the immersion of the game. Overall it is hard to recommend this port when Monster Hunter 4 is going to be built from the ground up for the 3DS.

Rating: 5

Product Release: Monster Hunter 3G (JP, 12/10/11)

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