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    FAQ/Walkthrough by aquashiram14

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 04/04/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate:
    The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
    Version: 1.20
    by: aquashiram14
    contact: aquashiram14 (at) gmail (dot) com
    Wii U Nintendo Network ID: foxwaffles
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: foxwaffles
    PM me or something if you want to derp around online. If I'm at home or have
    access to my Wii U I'll be more than happy to casual hunt, farm, or if you are
    a beginner and want someone to show you the ropes, I'd be more than glad to!
    I'm not too much of an artsy ASCII person so don't expect much beyond nice
    headings and occassional boxes.
    I've written one other guide, the Dual Swords guide.
    When I'm not playing Monster Hunter, I'm either drawing, writing, or playing
    Pokemon and/or Legend of Zelda, among others.
    Game: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (or Monster Hunter 3G)
    Console: Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U
    Cross-platform compatibility? Yes
    Able to transfer save files?  Yes
    Online capabilities?          Yes, only on Wii U
    Local multiplayer?            Yes, only on Nintendo 3DS (or on Wii U copy and
                                     one 3DS copy)
    The Monster Hunter Tri online server for the Wii has been shut down as of
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's release.
    Every monster can be fought solo offline, but of course every monster can also
    be fought online/local multiplayer with friends.
    Please email me with anything helpful and even your own opinions and tips that
    you want included.
    Guide only allowed to be used by GameFAQs, Supercheats, and Neoseeker.
    Please give me credit if you recommend it to someone else.
    Please do not distribute or reproduce for profit or stupid things like that.
    This is MY work and I reserve the rights to editing it.
    Really guys give credit where credit is due it's not hard.
    Capcom for making such a great game (and promising us Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate,
    Blu for correcting many, many mistakes in my weapons section, and correcting
         some inaccuracies about Ceadeus weapons vs. Plesioth weapons (among other
         things). Also he's the author of the Dire Miralis section.
    Nintendo for allowing this game to be played on their consoles
    Me for creating this guide
    You for reading
    Started May 27th, 2013
    July 29th, 2013: Finished the basics and has whole Table of Contents outlined
       Finished up to Section 3
       Ver. 0.10
       Not released
    July 31st, 2013: Finished up to 3-star quests
       Ver 0.20
       Not released
    August 1st, 2013: Has at least a skeleton for everything
       Finished up to 4-star quests
       Ver 0.50
       Not released
    August 6th, 2013: Finished up to 8-star quests (for the most part)
       Ver 0.70
       First version released
    August 12th, 2013: Finished all the 8-star quests, including Brachydios
       Correcting minor typos
       Fixed some inaccuracies
       Ver 0.75
    August 13th, 2013: Finally finished the Zinogre urgent quest (why had I
       forgotten that??) and begun 9-star quests.
       Filled out the Arena and DLC quest sections
       Ver 0.85
    August 20th, 2013: School's started, updates are comin' slower.
       Lots of stuff from Blu, including a new Dire Miralis section
       Filled out some brief introductions to other G-Rank new subspecies, etc.
       9-star quests about 2/3rds done
       Ver 0.90
       Not released
    August 27th, 2013: Finished off Mark of a Hero and begun a rough draft
         for Alatreon's village quest "The Brilliant Darkness"
       Revised some typos, finished off most of the 9-star quests, including
         Deviljho and Ivory Lagiacrus
       Fleshed out the G Rank section and corrected minor inaccuracies
       Can be considered "complete"
       Ver 1.00
    September 13th, 2013: Filling in more G Rank monster infos as I plunge into
          the deeper throes of G Rank!
       Beginning to offer more in-depth guides for the new monsters you encounter
          and added a more in-depth guide on Goldbeard Ceadeus--similar in-depth-
          ness to the normal Ceadeus quest guide. Figured it'd be handy for all
          the people farming him for Helios/Selene X/Z armor
    March 20th, 2014: Ver. 1.20
        BIG FAT OVERHAUL to the Village Alatreon section. Everything is in sections
          and there are nice, neat bullet points. Hopefully this makes Alatreon
          a bit easier to handle! And the section easier to read
        G Rank being streamlined, weapons section in the beginning streamlined
        Considering adding an FAQ/aqua's recommendations for recommended armor/
          weapons and whatnot--if you think you'd like that let me know!
    Table of Contents
    0.  Preamble, Legal Information, Credits, Version History
    1.  Introduction
        What is Monster Hunter?
    2.  Your Most Basic Assets
        Armor and Armor Skills
        Farming for Resources
        If You're Defeated
        Tanzia Port
    3.  Your Allies
    4.  The Beginning of an Adventure
        Moga Woods pt. 1
        Moga Woods pt. 2
        Moga Woods pt. 3
        Moga Woods pt. 4
        Moga Woods Freehunting
    5.  1-Star Quests
        Harvest Shroom
        Farm Aid
        Guts: It's What's for Dinner
        No Love for Ludroth
        Prescription Pickup
        Goldenfish Opportunity
        Sunken Treasures
    6.  2-Star Quests
        Harvest Tour: Sandy Plains
        Pain in the Plains
        Bear Trap
        Shakalaka Savior
        Bug Hunt
        My Lord's Errand
        Who's the Boss?
        Secret of the Crystal Bones
        No Guts, No Glory
    7.  3-Star Quests
        Harvest Tour: Flooded Forest
        Playing with Fire
        Save Our Boat
        Leading the Charge
        Accident Investigation
        Trapping a Trickster
        A Royal Pain
        Rhenoplos Rampage!
        Herbivore Egg Hunt!
        Toxic Troublemaker
        Pest Control
        The Deadliest Catch
    8.  4-Star Quests
        Harvest Tour: Tundra
        The Snowbound Slider
        Leader of the Icepack
        Dragon Lady
        Trial of the Sea Dragon
        Fell the Lagiacrus!
        Hunter Killer
        Lost in the Blue
        Cold Stones
        Poached Wyvern Eggs
        A Royal Rumble
        The Creeping Venom
    9.  5-Star Quests: The Final Showdown!
        Harvest Tour: Volcano
        The Lord of the Seas
        Heat Exhaustion
        Shakalaka Savior II
        Walk 'N' Roll
        The Desert Gourmand
        The Wrath of Rathalos
        A Bard's Tale
        The Volcano's Fury
        Save Moga Village!
        Poison Control
        Hammer Time
        The Horned Wyvern
        The Omen
        Denizen of the Molten Deep
        Uragaan's Trail
        The Decisive Battle
    10. 6-Star Quests
        Harvest Tour: Sandy Plains
        Harvest Tour: Flooded Forest
        Harvest Tour: Misty Peaks
        The Jaggia Menace
        Field Trip
        Toxic Troublemaker
        Bye-Bye, Bloom
        Pink Queen of the Peaks
        Splash Damage
        The Merchant's Mission
        Current Events
        Herd Mentality
        Leading the Charge
        Desert Warfare
        Hair of the Dog
        Double Jeopardy
        Bully the Bullfango
        Under the Yolk
        Siren's Song
    11. 7-Star Quests
        Harvest Tour: Tundra
        Snowball Fight
        Shocking Development
        Masked Robbery
        Scene of the Crime
        On Thin Ice
        Leader of the Icepack
        Research Assistance
        Designer Antlers
        Toxin Avenger
        The Write Stuff
        Rumble in the Great Desert
    12. 8-Star Quests
        Harvest Tour: Volcano
        The Fishermen's Fiend
        Denizen of the Molten Deep
        The Moving Mountain
        "Brachydios" Means Trouble
        Howl at the Moon
        Troubled Waters
        The Horned Wyvern
        The Desert Gourmand
        The Lost Expedition
        The Volcano's Fury
        Twin Peaks
        [Canteen]The Endless Hunt
        Clobberin' Time!
    13. 9-Star Quests
        Desert Storm
        Jumping at Shadows
        Heaven and Earth
        Midnight Madness
        Ace in the Hole
        Echo Location
        Conqueror of Land and Sea
        Into the Fire
        Mark of a Hero
        The Brilliant Darkness
        Azure Attack
        Triple Threat
        Operation: Paradise Lost
        Lurkers in the Woods
        Triumph of the Tyrants
        Frozen Bloodlust 
    Too lazy to add tags, just use Ctrl+F to find stuff. Use your brain it's there
    for a reason.
    Hello everyone, I am aquashiram14. There's only one other guide on Monster 
    Hunter 3 Ultimate out currently so I figured having one more with its own unique
    insights couldn't ever hurt. I won't call my guide anything special, but 
    considering that I started this game as a total, noob beginner, I will
    include EVERYTHING that any beginner will need help with.
    I guess you might be wondering a little about me. I'm just your average hunter
    person, was introduced to this franchise by a friend of mine and I definitely
    don't regret blowing my money on this game (what little money I have...).
    Currently derping around in G Rank and celebrating finally that I have managed
    to acquire the Wii U version of this game and a beautiful Zelda Wii U.
    You jelly :D
    Dual Swords will always be my bread-and-butter weapon, if I need to get the job
    done fast and efficiently it's the Dual Swords that I'll use. Currently I am
    also mastering the Lance, Switch Axe, Hunting Horn, and Long Sword. Gunlance,
    Sword and Shield, and Hammer to follow!
    I was a beginner (and still am, in some ways) and so I know what beginners need 
    help that veteran hunters might not even think about. Therefore, if you are a 
    beginner, then this guide should suit you very well. There might be a seemingly
    large amount of unnecessary information, but believe me, I hung onto every bit 
    of knowledge that I could to get by.
    Continue on and let the Monster Madness begin!
    What IS Monster Hunter?
    All right, so you don't even really know what this game is. You've picked it up 
    because someone gave it to you, lent it to you, or you were super rich and 
    decided, hey, why not buy the thing and give it a spin.
    Monster Hunter is exactly what it says on the tin. You hunt monsters.
    That was the short answer.
    Here's the long answer.
    This game operates on a very quest-centered gameplay. What you do is you talk 
    to the Guild Sweetheart (more on that later) and you pick a quest. Then you 
    agree to take it and off you go to your quest. Complete its required objectives,
    get your rewards, rinse, repeat.
    But woah! That's too simple for such a great game!
    Most of the quests involve hunting large, boss-class monsters. They are 
    ENORMOUS. Like, legit, bigger than you. And some of the bigger monsters are so 
    big you can climb them and HARVEST STUFF off of them. Without them noticing. 
    Each monster has its own set of weaknesses and strengths and will
    roam different set areas (like dungeons, I suppose) that you will roam around 
    looking for the monster and chasing it around. Expect them to USE that
    terrain to their advantage as well.
    Quests themselves belong to three classes. Low Rank, High Rank, and G Rank. In 
    order of ascending difficulty. Low Rank in 3 Ultimate is much easier with a 
    much smoother learning curve than in previous installments, so kudos to
    you, you picked a good game to start with :) That said, transitioning into High 
    Rank can be a nightmare...and that's where I will be doing my best to assist 
    you as well!
    CRAZY preparation is required, as such. Some armor sets have skills that will 
    be great on one monster and useless on another. Some monsters are weak to 
    elements that another monster may be immune to. So you'll need to pick your 
    armor and weapons carefully.
    You also will have to gather materials to forge said armor. For the most part, 
    such parts come from defeating or capturing boss-class monsters, and the 
    rewards are usually their parts: Hides, scales, fins, beaks, whiskers, etc. 
    (nothing gruesome I promise). Other miscellaneous materials, such as ORES,
    BUGS, and lots of MONEY will also be needed. Such materials come from you 
    farming around on mineable rocks and fluttering bugs using pickaxes and bug 
    nets. And the money is part of quest rewards. 
    You can also sell stuff.
    But I don't recommend it unless it's explicitly useless.
    Your Most Basic Assets
    There is a TON of information that will be tossed right at you when you start a 
    new game file. Just take a deep breath, save, and read this. The following will 
    take up a large chunk of this guide but believe me, as a beginner, you will 
    NEED to know everything that I am telling you.
    NOTE: Press START and you will open up a menu. Find "HUNTER'S NOTES" and you'll
          find an IN GAME MANUAL. READ IT.
    First off, the most crucial. Your currency in this game is the "zennie", or z 
    for short. There, now you know. Zennie is very, very important. Upgrading and 
    forging armor and weapons will always require money in addition to the
    resources (the "ingredients". More on that later). So save up.
    Second. Controls. It's in your Hunter's Notes in-game, too.
    These controls are exchangeable between Wii U and 3DS.
    Circle Pad: Move around
    D-Pad: Scroll through lists and options (the touchscreen
            D-Pad will serve the same function)
    START: Open up the main menu
    A: Talk to people, confirm choices/options. Press A in
            front of your bed in Moga Village to save.
    B: Cancel choices/options.
    X and Y: No use
    L: Can target specific people to talk to. Scroll between
    R: Scroll between pages.
    HOME: Go to the HOME menu.
    The touchscreen has several other functions and is fully
    Circle Pad: Move around. Depending on how far in a direction
            you push it, you'll creep up, walk, or jog.
    D-Pad: Scroll through lists and options (the touchscreen
            D-Pad will serve the same function). Also use this to
            toggle the camera.
    START: Open the main menu
    Hold L: Your item menu will pop up in your lower right hand
            corner of the main screen. Use A and Y to scroll
            left and right, respectively, between your items.
            You can also use items by touching them in the touch
            screen if it's customized accordingly.
    Circle Pad + Hold R: Sprint/swim fast. Costs stamina!
    A: Confirm options in the main menu, gather/mine/catch bugs
            near gathering points.
    B: Cancel options in the main menu or duck. If you're moving
            and you press B, you'll roll.
    Wii U users and Circle Pad Pro owners can utilize the right
    circle pad/joystick to toggle the camera. If you customize the
    touch screen with the virtual D-pad, you can toggle the camera
    via touch screen.
    X: Unsheathe your weapon and do an unsheathe attack if your
            weapon wasn't previously unsheathed
    A: If your weapon is unsheathed, you'll do a secondary attack
            that's normally shorter than your main attack
    X: If your weapon is unsheathed, you'll use your primary
    R: If your weapon is unsheathed, you'll use your special
            ability if using Dual Swords, Great Swords, Long
            Swords, etc., and your shield if using a weapon
            that includes a shield.
    Hold L: You can still scroll through your items.
    Y: Sheathe your weapon. Use item that you've chosen by
            scrolling around if weapon is sheathed.
    Tap L: If the monster has spotted you and you've tapped its
            icon on the touch screen, you can tap L and the
            camera will auto-lock on the monster. Useful if you
            do not own a Circle Pad Pro for your 3DS, underwater
            combat, or if you're a beginner.
    Circle Pad + R + B: If your weapon is sheathed and the monster
            has spotted you (i.e. you can auto-lock on it),
            you will do a "panic dive" that will grant you a moment
            of invulnerability that's longer than a standard roll.
    B: Sheathed or unsheathed, you'll go into a roll. Demon Mode
            hunters will instead do a Demon Dash. While you're
            moving really fast through the air, you're also
            invincible for roughly 2/30ths of a second.
    Complicated? Sure. But it's nothing you can't handle.
    Obviously, one of your most important pieces of gear will be your WEAPON. Good 
    for you, Monster Hunter offers an astonishing TWELVE Weapon classes. You really 
    shouldn't have any trouble picking a weapon that suits you.
    Good piece of advice: Don't pick a weapon right away because it looks so cool. 
    Because it might be a very difficult weapon to master.
    If you know what you want, though, dive in. But if you have no idea, I HIGHLY
    recommend you start off with a Sword and Shield.
    All right. Weapons at their broadest can be divided into two specific classes: 
    Blademasters and Gunners. Blademasters use bladed weapons...or hammer-like 
    weapons. Because apparently all Blademaster weapons lose sharpness, even
    hammers. Gunners use ranged weapons such as Bows.
    Blademasters will need to carry Whetstones with them at all times to keep even 
    their hammers sharp, and Gunners will need to carry Ammo and/or Coatings 
    depending on the ranged weapon you pick.
    Blademasters weapons can be divided even further into two more classes: Cut and
    Impact. Weapons in the Cutting class deal cutting damage, and can cut tails.
    Weapons in the Impact class deal impact damage, and can KO monsters (they will
    fall to the ground with stars above their head, giving you a good few seconds to
    wail away) but cannot cut tails. Cutting weapons cannot KO monsters.
    NOTE: If you pick up an impact weapon, aim for the head.
    The game will start you out with the most basic weapon from each of the twelve
    classes, meaning it's of no harm to you to try them all out.
    If you're a total rookie, pick a weapon class you're most comfortable with and
    keep on upgrading it. Don't worry about having to keep two or more weapon
    classes continually up to date, it can be an incredibly big drain on your
    money (upgrading and forging isn't cheap) and can make farming a long and
    incredibly frustrating affair. Get yourself familiar with the game, love it,
    and then later on go back and acquire other weapons.
    Here is a slightly more in-depth look at the 12 weapon classes--a basic
    overview and bulleted pros and cons.
    The most iconic weapon of the franchise. The signature draw of this weapon is
    its massive damage output from its special Charge Attack ability. If you stay
    still for long enough, you can reach the Level 3 Charge and hit for massive
    damage. Good for patient players willing to pick the right time to attack.
    -Massive damage with Level 3 Charge
    -High raw
    -Large range, so you can hit high weak points and targets
    -Slow, requiring perfect timing
    -Steep learning curve
    A great compromise between the power of the Great Sword and the mobility of
    other weapon classes, the Long Sword's signature feature is the Spirit Gauge.
    Each time you attack, the Spirit Gauge will fill up more, and after it's fully
    charged, you can unleash a special Spirit Dance. If completed successfully,
    you gain a significant attack boost. If you are able to repeat the process,
    then you can gain yet another attack boost, and so on, from yellow, to white,
    to red.
    -Much more mobile than the Great Sword with respective power
    -Large range, so you can hit high weak points and targets
    -Spirit Gauge mechanic allows for great offensive and "burst" potential
    -Fairly intuitive to use
    -No shield, so blocking is a no-go
    -Heavy reliance on remaining yellow, white, or red to keep damage-per-second up
    -Requires a very offensive, risktaking playstyle
    The basic jack-of-all-stats, master of none weapon, and generally undervalued
    as the "beginner's weapon", to be replaced with a "real weapon" when the
    player improves. The Sword and Shield's special ability is that you can use
    items while unsheathed.
    -Light and mobile, can use items when unsheathed
    -A shield means you can block
    -Fast attacks, can roll to cancel a combo anytime
    -Simple to use
    -Limited attack range, so hitting higher-placed targets is harder
    -Shield cannot block all attacks like the Lance can and at higher difficulties
     becomes all but useless except as last resort
    -Low power means the player must be very offensive
    -No "burst" ability like the Spirit Gauge or Demon Gauge mechanic (Long Sword
     and Dual Sword respectively) leaves the SnS very "plain"
    Included in Portable 3rd but mysteriously left out of Tri, the Dual Swords are
    basically the Sword and Shield, but replace the shield with another sword to
    unleash a barrage of attacks. Their unique mechanic is the Demon Mode, which
    gives a significant attack boost, a special attack called the Demon Dance,
    and a fast dodge instead of a roll, at the cost of constant Stamina Drain.
    Fill up your Demon Gauge and you'll enter Archdemon Mode, which increases your
    attack further and keeps all those benefits, without the Stamina drain!
    -Fast and mobile, with extremely high damage-per-second
    -Simple to use
    -Demon Mode provides great offensive potential
    -Low power overall forces the player to be very offensive
    -No shield means no dodging
    -Small range means hitting higher placed targets is difficult
    -Heavy reliance on Stamina
    A stick and a shield. You poke things with the stick. The Lance is a heavy
    weapon capable of very precise strikes and at the same time capable of guarding
    even the most brutish attacks with its enormous shield. Combines the shield
    aspect of the SnS with the power of the Long Sword and adds in the ability to
    attack very precise points and even evade if you so choose.
    -Able to hit very specific points on a monster
    -Long range means higher placed targets are no problem
    -Can block even heavy hitting attacks
    -Great balance of raw power and element power
    -Somewhat complicated to pick up, what with all its different attacks
    -Slow and heavy if unsheathed, with a very long sheathing time
    -Cannot roll while unsheathed, can only back or side hop, which can take time
     getting used to
    -Slower attack speed compared to DS or SnS
    One of two impact weapons in the Blademasters class. You bash faces in. The
    unique property of the Hammer and its other impact brother, the Hunting Horn,
    is the ability to STUN the monster--i.e. trip it, knock it over, and leave it
    wriggling on the ground with stars over its head. Always aim for the head.
    The Hammer can also perform a Level 3 charge of its own, but unlike GS, you can
    move around, making it very versatile.
    -High damage power combined with pretty sweet mobility
    -Intuitive and simple to use
    -Can Stun (KO) monsters
    -Cannot cut tails because it does impact damage
    -No shield means no blocking
    -Level 3 Charge can be a bit tricky to master
    Very similar to hammer, but it loses the charge ability in exchange for the
    ability to play SONGS that can buff not only you, but all your teammates if
    you're playing with others. Songs include speeding up running speed while
    weapon is unsheathed, to healing, to antidotes, to giving an earplug effect,
    to negating or healing blights, to giving resistance to wind or current
    pressure... And to pretty awesome things like NEGATING STAMINA USE or boosting
    Attack and/or Defense by a pretty big margin. The ultimate team weapon.
    -Simple, easy to learn combos
    -High damage and great mobility, similar to the hammer. Amplified if you play
     the Self-Improvement song, which makes you move faster than even an unsheathed
     DS user
    -Can KO monsters
    -Songs provide unique, convenient buffs
    -No shield, no blocking
    -Cannot cut tails
    -Songs can be tricky to memorize and play if the player has not memorized which
     button plays which attack--and thus which note color
    Another new weapon, the switch axe is normally in its AXE form where it's
    fairly mobile. The Switch Axe's big gimmick here though is the ability to
    change into SWORD FORM, which is essentially a hack'n'slash version of the
    Great Sword, and thus the ability to use a PHIAL which comes with the SA.
    The PHIAL gradually charges over time and can be anything from a status to
    an element to simply a big power boost. Also if you want you can DISCHARGE
    all of the Phial with the PHIAL DISCHARGE move to deal massive damage.
    -Axe Mode is mobile and has insane raw power
    -Very high reach with the upswing allows for ease with cutting tails
    -Sword Mode unleashes massive amounts of damage and has pretty high DPS too
    -Complex to learn and has a bit of a steep learning curve
    -Axe Mode can be very slow in attacking speed
    -No shield, no blocking
    -Sword Mode restricts mobility, similar to Great Sword and Lance
    A bit of a hybrid between Blademaster and Gunner. You can shoot stuff with it. 
    And you can also get up close and attack with its lance. Unlike the Lance, the
    Gunlance is much more offensive (it has a shield though), preferring to use
    brute force to SMASH EVERYTHING TO BITS. It also has a special WYVERN FIRE
    which you can use in exchange for sharpness to smack a MONSTER IN THE FACE.
    -A good compromise between the pros of a Blademaster and the pros of a Gunner
    -Wyvern Fire hits like a truck
    -A good balance between raw damage and elemental power
    -Complex to learn because it can shoot ammo
    -A heavy weapon, so you move slowly when unsheathed
    Entirely gunner. You cannot get into melee range with this and expect to make 
    it out alive. So keep your distance and unleash hell on the monster. It is,
    obviously, the lighter and mobile version of the Bowgun, exchanging raw power
    for mobility and adaptability.
    -Reach is a complete non-issue, you can shoot anywhere!
    -Different ammos mean you can easily adapt to the situation
    -Mobile, easy to be within range without being too close
    -Learning about the ammo mechanics can be very daunting
    -Gunner Armor has half the defense of Blademaster Armor. Absolutely cannot
     afford to get hit, especially in the higher ranks
    -Low raw means an offensive playstyle is mandatory
    The more powerful but slower version of the Light Bowgun. Sheathe it if you're 
    not using it. It has much higher raw power, so consider it if you want to save 
    ammo. The HBG is often the weapon of choice for people who are Speedkilling or
    "cheesing" (using cheap methods) big bosses, because of its SEIGE MODE, which
    lets you fire basically forever but in exchange you are rooted in place. You
    can attach a shield to an HBG if you want.
    -Much more powerful than the Light Bowgun
    -As earlier, reach is a non-issue
    -Can attach a shield which can serve as a cushion for mistakes
    -Again, complex to learn, particularly with its Ammo mechanics
    -Low mobility, either get in the habit of rolling or learn to sheathe
    -Gunner Armor's low Defense can be crippling at times
    A bit of an odd Gunners weapon. You don't need Ammo because you have UNLIMITED
    arrows (it's like a bottomless quiver). It's a light weapon, like the Light
    Bowgun, but as with all light weapons, it has lower power. In order to acquire
    the different characteristics of damage, such as elemental power and status
    effects, you can combine different items together to create COATINGS. You coat
    your arrows with it and fire it at the monster. You can also charge your
    shots and then fire them to inflict more damage.
    -Light and mobile, can shoot anywhere you want
    -Don't have to worry about ammo because you have unlimited arrows
    -Different coatings allow for a very versatile team player
    -Don't use Bows underwater. They are crippled underwater
    -Low raw damage means an offensive playstyle is mandatory
    -Can be a bit difficult to learn, especially if switching from a Blademaster
     style of play
    -Gunner Armor has half the Defense
    There you have it. Your weapons.
    You obviously can't stick to your very basic Hunter's Knife or Iron Sword 
    forever. You'll eventually have to FORGE and UPGRADE to get even BETTER weapons 
    with better MAX SHARPNESS and higher RAW POWER. And even better ELEMENTAL 
    Do NOT confuse ELEMENTAL AFFINITY with AFFINITY. AFFINITY is basically how 
    friendly your weapon is to you. The higher the affinity, the greater the chance 
    you could score a CRITICAL HIT on your monster (i.e. hit for a wallop of damage 
    and maybe even flinch). Affinity really only comes into play once you reach High
    and G Rank. Elemental Affinity is simply the element of your weapon and the 
    elemental power of your weapon. If a boss monster is weak to a weapon with the 
    fire element, the weapon will strike bonus damage based on the
    fire element's power.
    Some weapons that you'll look at don't have any elemental affinity! What??? I 
    thought ALL weapons did. Well, they do. Your Matched Slicers actually have an 
    elemental affinity of Ice 50. It just doesn't show up, nor will it exist even
    if you fight an ice-weak monster.
    So what's up with that?
    Such an elemental affinity is dormant and requires a special armor skill called
    AWAKEN (G Rank only). You can get through Low Rank and most of High Rank without
    having to worry one tiny bit about such a thing, but in G Rank is when you'll
    want to consider if you want to get Awaken to use weapons that need Awaken,
    or forego it entirely and simply use weapons that have elemental power without
    any other requirements.
    Now, then, you can forge weapons. Or you can upgrade weapons. About 90% of the 
    weapons ever in existence can ONLY be obtained via long and ridiculously 
    complex upgrade trees. I'll give you one as an example. The Matched Slicers can
    upgrade to Matched Slicers+, which could upgrade to Jaggid Shotels (which you 
    could forge off the bat, but for more resources and a higher cost). These in 
    turn upgrade to Jaggid Shotels+, which could upgrade to either Leader's
    Shotels or Twin Acrus. The Leader's Shotels upgrade to Flamestorm, the Twin 
    Acrus upgrades to Twin Acrus+. Both are upgrade-only. But the Twin Acrus itself
    can be forged, skipping a great deal of the beginning of the tree, meaning
    you'll likely take the Leader's Shotels path to reach the Flamestorm, a 
    ridiculously powerful fire weapon based on the Agnaktor.
    Another example (again, Dual Swords because I am a DS user, bear with me and 
    KNOW that this applies to ALL weapon classes) is the Ludroth Pair. This is 
    splat in the middle of an upgrade tree, again, but can be forged off the bat. 
    It upgrades to either Ludroth Pair+ or Bloodwings. But both are upgrade-only,
    so either pick one, or forge another Ludroth Pair to get both via upgrade.
    So as you can tell, you'll probably want an external source. Google is your
    best friend.
    Cool, now you know. So how to FORGE weapons? Talk to the goblin-like guy named 
    Smithy, he'll forge you your weapons. Your weapons will always last, don't 
    worry about there being any age or wear'ntear mechanic in this game. Let's
    say you want yourself a cool-looking LANCE. Ah! The THANE LANCE. It's based off 
    the Jaggi and is accessible enough, and is right splat in the middle of an 
    upgrade tree.
    It will cost you 4,000z and requires 5 Pelagicite Ores, 2 Machalite Ores, and 8 
    Jaggi Scales. Woah. That's a lot. Forging weapons will require much more than 
    upgrading weapons. Given the option, you might want to consider upgrading 
    instead of forging, unless you want to take both upgrade paths and one is 
    upgradeable and the other is upgradeable or forgeable.
    So save up your zennie and have fun forging!
    By the way, it is for this reason that hunters who have mastered several
    different weapons will always have a harder time scrounging up the materials
    and zennie they need.
    Armor and Armor Skills
    All right. Armor can be a bit more complicated than weapons. The game starts 
    you out with a full set of Leather Armor. Ridiculously generous of them. Monster
    Hunter Tri kicked you out the door naked. I suppose it's part of the whole
    let's-try-to-make-this-game-noob-friendly thing.
    There's virtually a set of armor for each big boss-class monster. If you've 
    defeated a Barroth, sooner or later you'll unlock the Barroth armor set. Some 
    armors don't correspond to any specific monster, such as the Chainmail set and 
    the Bone set.
    You definitely do NOT need EVERY single monster's armor set. In fact, I strongly
    discourage you from doing so unless you're aiming for 100% completion or until 
    you hit High or G Rank. At Low Rank, all you need are maybe 3 or 4 different
    armor sets that are resistant to a wide variety of elements,
    and that's that. (Same goes for weapons, by the way)
    Before I dive into the explicit stuff, I'll just tell you some of the better 
    armor sets to have at Low Rank. In fact, these are the ONLY armor sets you'll 
    really actually kinda want to get.
    Great Jaggi (one of the earliest armor sets, and definitely good)
    Great Wroggi (negate poison plus razor sharp for blademasters is a godsend)
    Gobul (actually not required, but you swim faster which will help with the
                final boss and others)
    Qurupeco (for its early-game-ness, its defense is awesome)
    Lagiacrus/Rathalos (its high base defense means it'll help you transition
                smoothly into High Rank)
    Certain armors have certain skills that, while certainly not mandatory, can 
    make other stuff easier. For example, the Altaroth, or Loc Lac, armor, 
    increases the speed with which you transport things like eggs and stones. The 
    Bone armor set has the Capture Guru skill, which, if you paint
    balled the monster (more on all this later), will flash the
    monster's icon when it's captureable.
    All right. You're confused now. I can see that furrow in
    your brow. Don't give up just yet. I'm turning around and
    going right back into the basics.
    All right, well, you can't exactly figure out what armor is
    unless you've got some. First things first, a full armor
    set will nearly always have these pieces:
    99.9% of all armor sets will have all 5 pieces. Some, like the Loc Lac set,
    only have a few, but these are few and far between.
    In Moga Village, there's a goblin-lookin' guy named the Smithy. Talk to him, 
    he's the forger who will forge all your armor for you. Don't worry about armor 
    falling apart or anything. Once it's forged, it'll stay together and work like
    a charm no matter what. Even if you put it away and never use
    it ever again. (The Smithy also forges your weapons)
    Pick a piece of armor and you'll see its cost (normally around
    1,000 - 4,000 z for Low Rank) and resources necessary. For example, a Jaggi Helm
    costs 1,150z and requires 3 Great Jaggi Hides, 1 Great Jaggi Claw, 2 Jaggi 
    Scales, and 3 Iron Ores. In order to obtain such materials, you'll have to 
    defeat a few Great Jaggis, a few Jaggis, and mine for some Iron Ores. This is 
    where you'll see the farming aspect of this game occur (in fact, farming
    is like, the only aspect of this game, but it's still fun). 
    Thankfully, farming boss monsters isn't ever boring.
    Forging armor is the most basic of basic knowledges you'll
    need. Good. Now you know.
    On to armor skills.
    One of the more complicated parts of the game that most beginners choose to 
    ignore, but it can make your game a hell of a lot easier if you take the time 
    to learn.
    The basic, short answer I could give you is this: Make a
    full set of armor. Bam. Instant skills.
    But the longer answer will be more useful to you in the long
    run. Please take the time and learn and understand. Trust
    me on this one.
    Okay. Look at your Leather Armor. Press the START button. Press the right 
    button on the D-Pad to go to the INFO tab. Go one down and you'll see the 
    "Status" option. Press A to open it up. Ta-da! Your current armor status!
    If you're wearing the LEATHER ARMOR, then likely this will
    pop up (ignore my weapon and other variable information):
    Name: foxwaffles
    Weapon: Dual Blades
    HR: 1
    Funds: 11,307z             Res: 4,602p
    Health: 100                Fire: -5
    Stamina: 100               Water: 0
    Oxygen: 100                Ice: 0
    Attack: 168                Thunder: 0
    Element: none              Dragon: 5
    Defense: 55
    Pretty much ignore the left column and look at the right column. Ignore the Res
    (your RESOURCE POINTS which I will explore later) and look at your elements. 
    There are FIVE elements in monster hunter: Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, and
    Dragon. There isn't really a set weakness circle like Pokemon, so you'll likely 
    be researching each monster's weaknesses individually. In general, Fire is weak 
    to Ice or Water, Ice is weak to Fire, Water is weak to Fire.
    Thunder and Dragon elements are a bit less common in Low
    A negative rating will indicate you are WEAK to that element. Don't go wearing 
    this Leather Armor to fight a Qurupeco, now! But a positive rating indicates a 
    resistance. You have Dragon resistance, for example.
    One very important note. If you forge armor out of a monster weak to an element,
    the armor will also be weak to that element. So if you need an armor set
    resistant to fire, don't go making a Royal Ludroth set.
    Next page. It will show you your current EQUIPMENT and
    ACTIVE SKILLS. Let's see what we've got
    Active Skills              Weapon: Jaggid Shotels
    Spirit's Whim              Armor   Leather Headgear
    Speed Gatherer                     Leather Vest
    Gathering+1                        Leather Gloves
                                       Leather Belt
                                       Leather Pants
    Ignore charms for now, I'll talk about those later. They're the more intricate 
    aspect of armor customization. The cursor will automatically highlight Spirit's 
    Whim in YELLOW and below a box will show a description of Spirit's
    "Decreases the likelihood of Pickaxes, Bug Nets, Boomerangs,
    and Horns breaking."
    So this skill enables us to gather things easier. Press the
    down button on the D-Pad to highlight Speed Gatherer.
    "Increases carving, gathering, bug catching, and mining
    Another gathering skill that allows us to do it all faster.
    Move down to Gathering+1.
    "Sometimes raises the number of times items can be gathered
    at Gathering Points."
    Oh, nifty! Means more chances of getting those elusive
    Carpenterbugs, eh?
    As you can tell, the Leather Armor is the perfect gathering armor to wear. If 
    you're going out on harvest tours, just stick this on. Other armor sets may be 
    more defensively or offensively oriented.
    All right. So far, so good?
    Next page! This is where things can get pretty screwy, so I
    will take up a LOT of space to be as simple as possible.
    You'll see a table at the right and a box called "Active Skills" on the left. 
    The table at the right will have the icon for each armor piece across the top 
    and the three skills across the leftmost vertical column.
    In the table itself, you'll see the there's numbers. For example, "Whim" will 
    have the following numbers in this order: nothing for the weapon, +2 for the 
    head, +1 for the chest, +1 for the arms, +3 for the waist, +3 for the
    legs, and nothing for the charm. At the farthest rightmost
    vertical column, you'll see a grand total of +10.
    What on EARTH does this mean?
    Each piece of armor has its own unique SKILL POINTS. Press
    Y on "Whim". You'll see that the Whim Skill class has the
    15     Divine Whim (blue font)
    10     Spirit's Whim (blue font)
    -10    Spectre's Whim (red font)
    -15    Devil's Whim (red font)
    This means that if you had +15, you'd unlock Divine Whim, which is better than 
    Spirit's Whim. But if you had -10 at the rightmost column, you'd have Spectre's 
    Whim, which will negatively affect your gathering skills (i.e. make your nets
    and pickaxes, etc. MORE likely to break). But with this full armor set, you just
    have +10 skill points for Whim, so you get Spirit's Whim. Blue skills are good, 
    red skills are bad.
    Later on, you'll also see NEGATIVE numbers in this table. Just as armor pieces 
    GIVE skill points, they can also SUBTRACT skill points. Arzuros armor, for 
    example, will give you exactly -10 skill points for Paralysis, giving you the
    unfortunate skill Double Paralysis. This means if you're paralyzed, you'll be 
    paralyzed for twice as long as usual. Never wear Arzuros armor into a fight 
    with Gobul.
    Besides a full set of armor, how could you get that elusive
    Divine Whim???
    Well, that's where CHARMS and DECORATIONS can come in handy.
    I hope you understand how skill points work.
    Later on, you can mix and match armor sets to get the specific
    skill points you want. For now though, forging a full set
    of armor will get you the skills you need.
    Charms (also called Talismans by the game) and Decorations (Jewels) can further 
    customize your armor. You won't unlock it at the very beginning of the game--
    play through it a bit first!
    For now, though, I'll go over the basics. It's basically free skill points in a 
    particular skill area. For example, the Blessing Jewel 1 gives 2 skill points 
    to the Whim skill area. Oh, cool, let's equip it to our Leather...
    ...Darn. The Leather armor doesn't have any SLOTS. Slots are necessary for
    your Decoration Jewel things. Weapons, armors, and Talismans can each have
    up to 3 slots. Later on in the higher-up ranks, you could equip so many
    Jewels to yourself that you could essentially gem in a whole new set of skills!
    You'll need things like Aquaglow Jewels and Bloodrun Jewels plus random
    monster parts to forge new jewels. So when considering if you want to gem in
    a new skill or not, make sure you consider the rarity of the parts in question
    because sometimes farming for just a set of armor that gives that skill is
    easier than finding a bunch of very rare carves.
    Speaking of Talismans, these are much more random. Sometimes in your quest
    rewards or when mining, you'll get "Mystery Charm" or "Shining Charm" or other.
    At the end of the quest, these are "appraised" and turn into a charm giving
    random skill points (or subtracting) to random skills.
    The main difference between Decorations and Talismans is this. Remember when 
    you were looking at your status? And you saw Charms, and saw that there was a 
    (none) under it? Well, you can equip at most ONE Charm at a time. Or Talismans,
    as they're also called (jeez, make up your mind Capcom). Pick one and equip it, 
    regardless of your armor. Decorations can be applied to each individual piece of
    armor only if slots are available, but there'll always be ONE space for
    a Talisman!
    And later on in the game, some Talismans will have their own slots, meaning
    the possibilities for your Jewels are ENDLESS!
    Similar to armor, Talismans can have NEGATIVE skill points
    associated with them.
    Talismans are also very RANDOM. When appraised, you cannot control which one 
    you'll get unless you attempt some pretty hardcore RNG. But this guide will 
    not explore RNG because I personally do not RNG and because as a beginner,
    you don't need to go RNGing. Keep perservering and you'll
    find your collection of Talismans slowly growing!
    As you've probably noticed by now, a great deal of forging will require you to 
    farm. You don't just farm for boss monster parts, though. You'll have to farm 
    for ores, bugs, mushrooms, plants, honey...you name it, you'll probably have
    to farm it.
    I'll first go over farming for actual materials.
    If you're roaming around in Moga Woods, you might see a bug that resembles a 
    tan butterfly, or a weirdly shaped and colored blob rock. Or a plant that looks 
    out of place, or a group of toadstools...or even a pile of bones. Or what
    looks like a grey beehive. 
    If you walk up to them, you'll see a little icon along with A. Press A and 
    you'll GATHER materials from it. If you want to gather bugs, bring bug nets.
    If you want to gather from those weird rocks, use a pickaxe. Everything else is 
    going to show you a question mark (?) with A to the bottom right of it. Just 
    press A and you'll gather.
    What you get from these Gathering Spots is purely up to chance.
    This (?) will also show up over SMALL and LARGE monsters that you kill. Walk up 
    to their carcasses and you'll be able to CARVE. Carving is basically you 
    harvesting parts off of a dead monster. Most small monsters will only allow you 
    one carve before their carcasses fade. Sometimes the big Aptonoth will allow 
    you two. Most boss monsters allow you three, and some of the largest monsters 
    may allow you up to NINE. But for you Low Rank folks, expect three.
    If the boss monster you're fighting has a tail you can "break" (i.e. cut off),
    and I will go into this later as well, the tail will usually allow you one
    Then you'll acquire the respective items. Be aware that your Item Pouch can be 
    filled up. If it fills up, you'll have to either discard what you just farmed 
    or discard something else to make room. So before any quest or freehunt, store 
    your unnecessary items in your Item Box inside your house!
    You can also actually farm your plants, bugs, mushrooms, and honey. Moga Village
    has a farm run by cats (called Felynes in this game) and they will happily 
    plant, raise, and harvest for you. In this way, you can harvest tons
    of things like Herbs without having to go and actually gather the darned things.
    At first only one Felyne farmhand will be there, but by the time you've 
    completed your 3-star quests, you'll have all three back. Over time, you'll
    unlock more fields, a Honey Box, an Insect Box, and a Shroom Box.
    Next are RESOURCE POINTS. These are more annoying to farm for but you WILL need 
    them. VILLAGER requests are going to require Resource Points in addition to 
    actual resources that you'll need to defeat boss and small monsters for and
    go gathering for.
    By the way, you'll also need RESOURCE POINTS to send out boats from the 
    Fishmongress and to use the Moga Village FARM. So it's crucial you keep your 
    resource points up. Best way to acquire a few points? Get onto the DLC. Monster
    Hunter has FREE WEEKLY DLC. Yeah, that's awesome. Search around a bit and 
    you'll find you can download for FREE...
    FIVE THOUSAND RESOURCE POINTS. It will VERY EASILY get you through Low Rank 
    (unless you use the farm a TON and the fishmongress a TON in addition to EVERY 
    SINGLE villager request lol). Just go freehunting in Moga Woods every now
    and then and you'll easily be able to stay above 4,000
    Resource Points, which you can use for just about anything.
    So how to EARN Resource Points? You go freehunting in Moga Woods, which you 
    unlock after you can start doing quests. At first, things like Jaggi and Kelbi 
    only get you around 5 resource points, which is hardly anything to be impressed
    with. But after defeating your very first big monster, the Great Jaggi, big 
    monsters will start showing up in Moga Woods if you go there to freehunt/gather.
    Just talk to Junior, who stands on a bit pile of boxes/pillar thing, or
    use your touch screen to access the MOGA WOODS FORECAST. It will tell you 
    things like if there's a ton of Jaggi breeding, or if the herbivores are 
    breeding (a great way to get dung and super-sized dung for your fertilizer), AND
    if there's been large monster sightings.
    Large monsters are worth 100 - over a thousand resource points, meaning you'll
    be freehunting a lot. You get infinite lives, too, so you can't possibly
    It'll also be good practice for you too :)
    Your Item Box, as you've probably gathered (no pun intended) by now is pretty 
    important. Go to your room and you'll see a big blue box. Go up to it and press
    A, and the following options will appear:
    Store Items (obviously, you store items)
    Remove Items (remove items)
    Combine/Manage Items --> Combine Box Items, Combo List, Reorder, Sell
    Manage Equipment --> Equip, View Talismans, Set Decorations, Reorder, Sell
    Change Appearance --> Change Clothing, Change Hairstyle, Facial Features,
                          Change Armor Pigment (High/G Rank only)
    Equipment Sets --> Equip a Set, Register Equipment, Reorder, Remove a Set
    As you can tell, tons of stuff you do here. You'll want to store your monster
    carves and quest rewards here, along with spare healing items, etc. You'll
    want to remove items that you will need for quests (Potions, etc.), but you
    don't need to remove items necessary for forging, as it is automatically
    removed from your box once you choose to forge/upgrade.
    You can COMBINE items here. That means, you take two items, and they mash
    together to magically form a better item.
    Crucial combinations:
    Herb + Blue Mushroom = Potion
    Potion + Honey = Mega Potion
    Blue Mushroom + Godbug = Nutrients
    Nutrients + Honey = Mega Nutrients
    Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom = Antidote
    Bomb Casing + Airweed = Oxygen Supply
    Catalyst + Popfish = Cleanser
    Catalyst + Rare Steak = Dash Juice
    Well-done Steak + Dash Extract = Mega Dash Juice
    Hot Pepper + Bitterbug = Hot Drink
    Ice Crystal + Bitterbug = Cool Drink
    Sap Plant + Stone/Iron Ore = Bomb Casing
    Bomb Casing + Bitterbug = Deodorant
    Bomb Casing + Toadstool = Poison Smoke Bomb
    Bomb Casing + Flashbug = Flash Bomb
    Bomb Casing + Dung = Dung Bomb
    Sap Plant + Paintberry = Paintball
    Bomb Casing + Exciteshroom = Farcaster
    Gunpowder + Screamer = Sonic Bomb
    Ivy + Spider Web = Net
    Net + Trap Tool = Pitfall Trap
    Thunderbug + Trap Tool = Shock Trap
    Tranquilizer + Bomb Casing = Tranq Bomb
    Ammo combinations normally involve an item plus Huskberries, Wyvern Fangs,
    etc. There's a TON of them out there, Gunners will be using this list
    a LOT. You can also combine out in the field when hunting. This is a good way
    to circumvent things like the 10 Mega Potion limit (bring 10 Potions and 10
    Honeys to combine more) and for Gunners to make more Ammo on the fly. Be careful
    though: There is a SUCCESS RATE for each combination, and it's higher in the
    box than out in the field. If you fail a combination, you get GARBAGE, which is
    Your box at first can only hold so much stuff, but as you play through Low
    Rank, the small little shop at Moga Village will stock items like Pack Rat
    Guide, which will increase the number of item spots up to 10 pages maximum.
    You can sell items, too. Things like Steel Eggs are utterly useless...sell them.
    You can also use the Moga Village farm to grow absurb numbers of NULBERRIES
    (TIP-ALA) and sell them all to make 11,000 z per 99 Nulberries! I do not
    recommend you go selling monster parts, bugs, or ores. Never sell your bugs or
    ores or bones, and things like that, and try not to sell your monster parts.
    That said, if you have like fifty bear asses, go ahead and sell twenty of them
    or so.
    Your equipment box is totally separate from your item box and will max out
    along with your item box, but it fills up much slower. It's where your Armors,
    Weapons, and Talismans go (Jewels for Decorations are in the item box). You
    can equip which weapon you want to use here. You could also equip your armor
    here, but that's time-consuming. Instead...
    Go to the "Equipment Sets" page, register a custom set of armor (whether it be
    a full set or a mixed set) and then whenever you need that particular set,
    you just equip a set rather than having to go through your equipment box!
    Decorations and Talismans are saved along with your armor, so you don't have to
    re-gem and re-charm yourself either.
    As you can probably guess, quests are going to take up about 90% of your
    gameplay. They're fun, though, so don't expect to get bored or anything!
    50% of successful questing is in the preparation. As such, here's the basic
    process you'll want to use. As you play more, you'll be able to eliminate
    certain steps because of prior knowledge, but try to follow these very, very
    stringently in the beginning:
    1. Go to the Guild Sweetheart (the girl who has the quest list) and look at
       the quests available to you.
    2. Decide which quest you want to take BUT DON'T ACTUALLY TAKE IT JUST YET.
    3. Read through it using the L and R shoulder buttons to scroll through the
       information. Make sure you learn about the monster you must hunt/materials
       you must deliver, the area it's in and whether it's day or night, and other
       special requirements. Also look at the acceptance fee and make sure you
       have enough z to pay (yes, you must pay to accept a quest)
    4. GO ONLINE or use a phone app or guidebook and look up the monster and area
       you are hunting and exploring in, respectively. This will tell you which
       armor will give you the best resistance, which weapon will give you the
       advantage, and what special items you might need or want to bring.
    5. Now go to your room and equip the equipment and withdraw the items. Double
       and triple check!
    6. If you've unlocked the Argosy Captain trade feature, you'll be able to
       check in with the Felyne chef to eat. So swing by before accepting a quest
       and eat. You'll get better ingredients as the game goes on and you'll be
       able to get special FOOD SKILLS. Some, such as DUNGMASTER, are super helpful
       if the environment is unstable, while others, like UNLUCKY CAT, could
       potentially hurt you.
    7. Now go to the Guild Sweetheart and accept the quest! You're all set!
    Here's a good rule of thumb Item Pouch to keep with you:
    10 Potions/Mega Potions (or both)
    10 Honeys (to combine with Potions)
    10+ Paintballs
    10 Well-done Steaks
    5 Hot Drinks or Cool Drinks (if the area is very cold or very hot)
    10 Dung Bombs
    1 Farcaster
    8 Tranq Bombs
    1 Pitfall Trap
    1 Shock Trap
    5 Mega Pickaxes
    5 Mega Bug Nets
    20 Whetstones (Blademasters only, Gunners bring Ammo/Coatings)
    10 Nulberries (if a monster can inflict Blights)
    And Antidotes if a monster can poison you, Energy Drinks if a monster can put
    you to sleep, Cleansers/Deodorants if a monster can make you dirty, snowmaned,
    or soiled. Learn this all when you do your research.
    Once you're at your specific area, you'll appear at your base camp. There'll be
    a Blue Item Box and a Red Item Box. The BLUE box is where there'll be plenty
    of SUPPLY ITEMS for you to take. Some are Supply Items that will be returned,
    like EZ Flash Combs, Mini Whetstones, Mini Oxy Supplies, EZ Shock Traps,
    Rations, First-Aid Meds, etc. But some are not, and if you take them, even if
    you don't use them, you keep them, like Paintballs and Ammo. So take advantage
    of this and take all the non-supply items anyways.
    But at the same time, do NOT rely on your blue box for crucial items. Someday
    it will all be taken away from you!
    The Red Item Box is easily ignored and is only necessary for when you go and
    do quests where you must deliver items. That's where you deliver the items.
    So take your items and go forth!
    You'll have to run around to search for the monster, but if you did your
    research, you'll have a general idea of where the monster starts, so go look
    there. Keep on running around and you'll find it eventually. If it's your
    first time finding the monster, you'll be greeted with a short cutscene that'll
    later be added to your Gallery to view anytime. Then the fight starts and
    things get serious!
    As you can imagine, you'll be stuck fighting monsters a lot. It's called 
    "Monster Hunter" for a reason. If you did your research (I'll be saying this
    a lot), you'll probably have a vague idea of what the monster looks like and
    what its attacks might be. Good for you--most attacks are pretty logical and
    intuitive. A monster with wings might fly and dive at you. A monster that
    swims might try to swim and bite at you. Both kinds might try to whack you
    with its tail.
    However, just because you researched doesn't mean you know everything. Stand
    back. Evade and block for a few minutes. Every monster gives off certain
    "tells" before it actually attacks (Arzuros wiggles its butt before sitting on
    you, to give a blatantly obvious one). Some tells are barely there, other
    tells can be seen a mile away. The bigger the tell, usually the more deadly
    the attack. Once you notice such habits, you'll notice the openings between
    attacks. Abuse these openings and attack! But don't attack too long. Get out
    of there before you get hurt!
    Remember the golden rule: DON'T GET HIT! HIT IT TILL IT DIES! (Actually it's
    a meme but it's a good rule to keep in mind)
    Something pretty cool is that if you do enough damage to a certain part of a
    monster, it will break. You will hear a breaking noise and see shards fly
    off the monster, and the monster will also probably flinch and roar with
    pain, or be knocked back an absurb amount. Breaks can increase the chances of
    certain rewards, and can also give rewards only given when a certain break is
    achieved. Breaking tails can give you the monster's tail as a reward, for
    example. You can also break things like fins, claws, chests, backs, heads,
    wings, and just about everything. But tails are the most notable, their breaks
    are very VISIBLE (90% of monsters have tails that, when broken, are severed off
    completley), and if the tail can be cut off, the tail gives one extra CARVE!
    All boss monsters also come equipped with a RAGE MODE. When they roar in rage,
    causing you to clap your hands over your ears (the armor skill "Hearing" gives
    you EARPLUGS to prevent this, you know!) and they begin emitting a puff of
    smoke, or there's roiling fire in their mouths, etc., they've gone into
    RAGE MODE. They will move noticeably faster, chain attacks together, and they'll
    hit like a nuclear explosion. You'll want to be especially careful with some
    monsters in Rage Mode, while other monsters in Rage Mode don't represent a
    terribly large increase in challenge.
    All the same, Rage Mode leads to the elimination of many tells and signs.
    Monsters can become very unpredictable and aggressive.
    Be on your guard at all times, ready to evade and perhaps even leave the area to
    heal if you're hurt. The monsters won't be offended if you do. If you really
    just can't keep it together, leave, go do some gathering, BBQ some Well-Done
    Steaks, and wait a while for the monster to calm down.
    Be careful about leaving, though, because just like you, monsters can switch
    between areas. Bring PAINTBALLS and use Y to toss one at them to mark them
    on your map. That way, even if they fly away (making them outright impossible to
    track without a Paintball or a ton of frustration without one), you'll be able
    to see where they are so you can find them in a timely manner.
    On the flipside (excuse my cross-video-gaming references), you'll have monsters
    that are TIRED and that are ready to GIVE UP and that just want to RUN AWAY,
    DON'T LET THEM DO THAT. As merciless as it sounds, you are the hunter, you must
    SLAY these monsters. When they begin to sit there for a while, giving off
    roars that don't hurt you and breathing heavily, you'll know they're beginning
    to tire. Most monsters will leave the area to certain designated spots to
    kill small monsters and eat them to regain their health. Other times, they will
    go to a designated resting area and SLEEP. When they're tired enough that they
    want to sleep, they'll often leave the area in a very odd manner--limping,
    swim-limping, sand-swim-limping, dragging their feet, etc. The number one
    way to tell a monster's exhaustion is their limping. Others give off more
    subtle signs, such as Plesioth's fin laying flat on its back instead of being
    It's beneficial for you, though. Limping monsters are very vulnerable, and
    SLEEPING monsters are even more so. SLEEPING monsters take triple damage!
    If you have BARREL BOMBS, you'll want to put a few next to its face. Or,
    alternatively, a sleeping monster is a guaranteed capture, so put a trap next
    to its face and wake it up, then tranq it with no worries.
    Monster Hunter does not give you a health bar for your monsters. So learn to
    Speaking of capturing...
    Capturing a monster is one of those more "difficult" aspects that simply gets
    easier after it's actually done. It sounds so easy but it can go oh so
    horribly wrong.
    For one thing, quests that specifically ask you to capture a monster will FAIL
    you if you accidentally KILL the monster. This isn't helped by things like the
    fact that the first monsters you must capture are super easy to kill. This
    means you'll have to be generous and give them many opportunities to run away
    so that you'll know they're captureable.
    A way to remedy this is to go forge a set of BONE ARMOR. It comes with a skill
    called CAPTURE GURU. If you Paintball the monster, the pink icon will flash
    pink and yellow, meaning capture away!
    Once the monster has limped off or something or other, follow it and lay a
    SHOCK TRAP or PITFALL TRAP down in its path. Hopefully, as you stand on the
    other side of the trap waiting for it, it'll take notice of you and run towards
    you. It'll get caught in the trap. Now, take the TRANQ BOMBS that I hope you
    brought and use Y to toss TWO at them. Monsters that are barely capture-ready
    might need three. Monsters that are almost dead might only need one.
    You'll get an OBJECTIVE COMPLETE and the monster is asleep and you've done it
    Simple, right? But it can go horribly wrong, especially when underwater, where
    it's only too easy for your TRANQ BOMBS to miss. To remedy this, no matter
    where you are, be up close and point blank. That way, small minions can't get
    in your way either, WHICH CAN AND WILL HAPPEN because the game is going to
    actively work against you.
    Also, the traps only work for 10 seconds or so. So be right quick about it!
    You can't put Pitfall Traps underwater. Really. How do you even make a hole in
    the water I don't even know goodness.
    You'll learn to love capturing eventually. I capture myself around 65% of the
    time. Not out of laziness, but because you get more rewards! And some rewards
    are either capture-exclusive or much easier to get if you capture! Also,
    something really nice is if you're ordered to simply kill a monster, it's still
    a QUEST CLEAR if you capture the guy. So if things are dire or if time's
    running out, you can pull off a capture to save you time, money, and resources
    and still call it a successful day.
    Tanzia Port
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has an awesome multiplayer hub. Hunting with others
    is always hands down more fun! 3DS offers local multiplayer, and Wii U offers
    online multiplayer.
    The hub is called TANZIA PORT and it's broken into two sections: MARINA and
    TAVERN. Go to the left of the Fishmongress and talk to the cat named
    NEKO ("MEANS CAT") and you'll be able to pick where to go. The MARINA has the
    forge, a bed, the Streetpass cat for 3DS players, and is the place to change
    your equipment. TAVERN is where you accept standard quests, challenge quests,
    arena and grudge matches, or event DLC quests. There is an item box there too,
    but you can't change your equipment there. You can also have arm wrestles over
    a barrel...settle any disagreements via arm wrestle! There's a chef Felyne so
    you can eat too (the Canteen is upgraded seperately). If you're going Solo,
    there'll be hunters you've met via Streetpass or online (Wii U) that can go
    on quests for you for a fee. It's a good way to get items you're too lazy to
    otherwise procure yourself.
    TANZIA PORT has its own Low Rank and High Rank, as well as the exclusive G
    Rank. Because it's a multiplayer port, the monsters are designed for up to four
    players and as such will be difficult to solo because of more health and
    things like that. As such, a 1-star Tanzia Port quest could easily be a 4-star
    Moga Village quest's equivalent.
    Although theoretically you could get all the way up to G Rank in Tanzia and
    come back to Moga and burn through everything...but don't do that.
    Talking to the two Guild Sweethearts there allows you to take quests. If you're
    playing multiplayer, it'll get posted on the Quest Board for others to also
    accept. Then you can all go and hunt together.
    If You're Defeated
    The following ways are ways for you to DIE:
    1. You die three times (or your quest reward hits 0 z)
         Each time you faint, your reward is decreased by 1/3.
    2. You kill a monster you were supposed to capture.
    3. You run out of time.
    If you die, you will keep the items you got, like those Carpenterbugs you
    were catching when the monster suddenly killed you with its fireball, but
    you will LOSE all those Mega Potions you burned through. They ain't coming
    back. You also get no quest rewards.
    Alternatively, if you're going to fail the quest anyways for some odd reason,
    or you forgot crucial items, you can ABANDON the quest. Basically, you're
    deliberately failing. You will LOSE all items you got during the quest, but
    those 10 Mega Potions, 5 Paintballs, 1 Shock Trap, 1 Pitfall Trap, and 8 Tranq
    Bombs you burned through as you were about to fail will come back.
    Either way, that acceptance fee you paid is paid and you've lost a couple
    hundred (or couple thousand!) zennie.
    And you will be returned to Moga Village as a failure.
    Even if you're defeated but once in a quest, it can be pretty painful trying to
    get back up and keep on going. For one, if you ate before the quest, those
    food boosts will be gone. G-O-N-E, unless you have the Felyne food skill
    "Felyne Foodie", which keeps the food boosts in place. Likely though you don't,
    and if you were relying heavily on the boosts it gave, you might want to
    consider Abandoning if you know 100% for sure you won't be able to complete
    it. Then and again, this is why you always bring things like Well-Done Steaks to
    reboost your Stamina, no?
    Just keep on trying!
    Having more than one hunter makes quests easier and more fun. Set up your
    room or join someone else's (many game sites have forums that you could use to
    your advantage to make sure you have people to hunt with). You can name your
    room so people have an idea of what you're goal is. So if your goal is to
    get yourself a full set of a monster's armor, or upgrade a particular weapon
    line, or to just farm, make sure you let others know through the room name.
    3DS players simply select "Multi" when talking to NEKO MEANS TIGER to create a
    "room" of sorts, or do "Friend Search" if someone else has already set up a
    There is ONE item that, once you reach high enough ranks, you should always,
    always, always, always, ALWAYS try your best to have at hand, along with
    materials to combine to make more: LIFEPOWDER. Why, you ask? The Lifepowder
    will not only restore your HP, but everyone else's, regardless of whatever
    armor skills you've got. It's a Cure-Everyone for your entire team! If you
    see one of your teammate's HP bar dropping like a rock from a cliff, do them
    a favor and take a Lifepowder if you can, and your entire team will
    appreciate your efforts. Keep each other alive, okay?
    Here's some ETIQUETTE, both for online and local multiplayers. Mostly for
    No no no no no! You can't just hop into Tanzia and not do anything in Moga!
    Don't do that! No! No! No!
    Play the game for at least ~10 hours or so...at least have better armor forged
    (if you go to Tanzia port wearing Leather Armor you are going to be booted
    out I promise you. At least have Jaggi armor) and a weapon that's not the very
    beginning of its line. Each time you ascend a tier in Tanzia, have that tier's
    equivalent complete first in Moga. That way you have the equipment and weapons
    that are up to par to hunt EFFICIENTLY with your ONLINE ALLIES.
    At the very least just know what the controls are so you don't bring everyone
    else down because of your own inexperience.
    Don't spend a few minutes deliberating over your armors and weapons. Pick the
    weapons and the armor set quickly, because when you're in Marina, no one can
    communicate with you and so no one knows where you are. The quicker you are
    about things, the better your reputation will be. If you're leaving Tavern to
    go forge something, be sure to LET EVERYONE KNOW so they can wait for you.
    And don't even dillydally in the Tavern while everyone else is ready to go
    either. That shows inconsideration of others and irresponsibility.
    Unless EVERYONE is doing a Harvest Tour for the exact same reason, don't
    request a Harvest Tour for the sake of your own farming. Oftentimes, ESPECIALLY
    online, people play together to take down monsters in a boss marathon of
    sorts. So be prepared for more than an hour of nothing but boss fights, both
    mentally and item-box-wise. You'll be in for one shabby time if you run out of
    Mega Potions. If you must farm, simply leave the room and let them know you
    intend on rejoining after some time.
    When playing local, people tend to be your actual face-to-face personal friends,
    so it's a bit easier, but do keep their goals in mind too.
    Again, more online than anything. Know your weapon and its perks and its
    weaknesses. With multiple people, you don't have to focus on breaking everything
    because you've got other players also focused on breaks. So if you're a
    Hammer user, you can be pretty sure that Blademaster ally is already focusing
    on the tail for you, so you can focus on bashing the monster's face. If
    you're a DS user, you don't have to worry about everything being out of reach
    and you can focus on slashing at the ankles, hoping to TRIP the monster.
    If you are a DS user and you decide to hack at the monster's face, you will
    probably bother a Hammer user and irritate everyone else.
    Like seriously.
    Just give the monster a toenail trim, you small unimportant DS user.
    ...I'm just kidding.
    I use DSes.
    But really.
    Actually Long Swords are awful offenders online.
    ...I think I'll stop.
    This is what can make people annoyed very quickly. As a group of hunters all
    wielding instruments of death the size of small cars and/or buildings, it is
    logical that the programmers made hunters immune to collateral damage, but
    you're all still prone to being sent flying through the air/tripped/falling
    back on your butt/etc. from your ally's poorly aimed attack.
    If a Great Sword user is going to preform a level 3 charge (which can score
    upwards of 1,000 damage at the higher ranks) and you accidentally whack him
    with your Long Sword, he won't be pleased that you just wasted his time and
    denied everyone 1,000 damage and possibly a few minutes. This is especially
    true if you're in a room where very serious, very efficient hunts are being
    carried out.
    Gotta love them elite min-maxers...
    The worst offenders are Long Sword users, Hammer users, and any Gunner,
    especially Gunlancers using Wyvern Fire. This is by no fault of the hunter,
    the nature of the weapon is very ranged and so it's too easy to accidentally
    hit someone else. But now that you know this, you can prevent it.
    Once again, this is more of a bother online. With your personal friends, they'll
    probably just laugh it off. But, all the same, always be considerate, and be
    Which leads me to....
    If you're simply being "carried" through the ranks of Port Tanzia's quests
    and you're that one noob that's with veteran hunters for the rewards to get
    super overpowerful stuff for where you are in the game, you're going to be a
    BIG liability. Whenever you fight with someone, you don't want to be useless.
    If you know you'll die in a few hits, and all you do is stay in base camp,
    you're useless. If you go out and die anyways, you're worse than useless.
    You know how you have 2 lives in solo and the third time you faint, you fail?
    Well, that holds true in Port Tanzia multiplayer too, except that this time,
    the 2 lives are COMMUNAL and if YOU die three times, everyone fails because
    of YOU. So you'd better be careful and don't die. Once in a while, a freak
    attack is okay. But all the time? That's a big no-no.
    The better you can communicate things like where you are, what you want to
    accomplish, and your skill level, the more understanding people will be. There
    are a veteran hunters out there generous enough to take time out of their 
    personal hunting schedules to build up beginner hunters, but just because 
    they're nice doesn't mean you ought to abuse it. Be considerate and ALWAYS be 
    polite, even if you're being cussed at. It will earn you a better reputation 
    from everyone else and you will be liked more!
    Love each other.
    That's all I have to say.
    If you own Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3DS and magically obtain a Wii U
    but CANNOT AFFORD to buy a copy of Monster Hunter for the Wii U, here's a
    cheaper (still not free) workaround that'll let you hop online through your
    3DS! What you'll need:
    1. A copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3DS
    2. An actual Nintendo 3DS system to play it on
    3. A Wii U you magically obtained
    4. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Packet Relay Tools for the 3DS: Free eShop download
       from Wii U's eShop. Search for it and it'll pop up. Download it!
    5. A Wii U LAN Adapter. Sold separately, about 12 USD
    6. A laptop with wireless Internet access or your actual router box
    And here's what you do:
    1. Change your settings on the Wii U's Internet settings so that it feeds off
       of wired Internet, not wireless Internet. This will enable your 3DS to
       connect because the 3DS version does not have any programming inside it to
       recognize a wireless Internet network.
    2. Once that's been changed and your Wii U has LOST INTERNET CONNECTION you
       should plug your LAN ADAPTER (buy it off Amazon or something) into the back
       of your Wii U. There are some USB ports in the back. Pick one and roll with
    3. Plug that into your laptop or Internet router box.
    4. Your Wii U should obtain WIRED INTERNET momentarily. Check by seeing if you
       are online on the Miiverse. If you connect to your laptop with wireless
       Internet, it will take slightly longer because the laptop has to relay
       to the router. If you connect dierctly to the router then it's quicker.
    5. Start up your Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on your 3DS and make sure you're
       by Neko (means "Cat"). Don't do anything yet. Make sure your wireless switch
       is on.
    6. Start up the Packet Relay Tool software. If all goes well, you'll find
       LOBBIES and ROOMS you can participate in with their target monster and etc.
       all neatly laid out for you. You cannot CREATE a room unless you own the
       Wii U game, sorry!
    7. Pick a lobby/room. The Packet Relay Tool software will reserve a spot so the
       other players will see a dummy hunter there.
    8. Go back to your 3DS and go to Multi for Tanzia. After the connection is
       established, you should be able to actually be in the spot reserved for you.
    9. Happy hunting!
    Your Allies
    There are plot spoilers.
    At a certain point through the game, you will gain two Shakalaka companions.
    One, Cha-Cha, returns from Tri. The second, Kayamba, is new to 3 Ultimate.
    Similar to Felyne Battle Comrades in the past, yet different at the same time,
    they are pretty much fully customizable. They level up in a more RPG style,
    with a level cap at 50, and they have stats:
    Valor: Determines how long the Shakalaka will stay in battle before retreating
    Health: Hit points
    Attack: Attack power
    Element: If the mask ability is an elemental attack, the power is shown
    Defense: Defensive capabilities
    Stamina: Amount of "hit points" available for dances
    Recovery: Rate of stamina recovery
    Plus the mask and the MASK MASTERY LEVEL (maxes out at 5), the masks abilities,
    which are customizable, and the effects of the dances you have selected.
    Cha-cha joins in the Shakalaka Savior! 3-star urgent quest. Kayamba joins in the
    Shakalaka Savior II 5-star urgent quest. Cha-cha will briefly leave after you
    defeat Lagiacrus, but returns for the final fight against the boss Ceadeus.
    In High Rank, Kayamba will retrieve an Unfortunate Mask, but throughout High
    Rank, and by its end, it will have transformed into the Ultimate Mask.
    At first, Cha-cha and Kayamba won't like each other because they each say
    the other ruined their quest for the "Ultimate Mask". But if you take them
    both out questing with you (you should!), they will become friends. This,
    their "Chum-Chum", will gradually increase to level 5. The higher the level,
    the more often they will dance with each other, which will amplify the effects
    of the dances.
    An interesting "easter egg", if you will, concerning the Chum-Chum is that in
    Marina, the "Savvy Tabby" will give you Chum Chum Tickets if Chum-Chum has
    increased by a certain hidden value. The only way to check is to go to Marina
    and look for the speech bubble. These tickets are only necessary for the
    Shaka Scarecrows Dual Swords upgrade tree, however.
    When you talk to your Shakalakas, the following options will appear:
    Invite on Quest or Leave Behind: Make sure they're with you always
    Change Mask: Masks give your companions different abilities and personalities.
                 Some are useful, like the Fluffy Mask, which acts as a free
    Select Dances: Pick the dances. Which two you pick changes the effects of the
                 dances. Health recovery is what I recommend as a dance effect.
    Select Abilities: Change the mask abilities.
    View Stats: Look at things like their level/valor/etc. all talked about above.
    Multi: Take Along or Leave Behind: In multiplayer, you can only bring one of
                 the two with you. Pick which one you want. If you're soloing the
                 multiplayer quests though, both of them can accompany you.
    One of the more important features of the Shakalaks is their ability to dance.
    The effects are akin to Hunting Horn songs, they will give you boosts, restore
    your health, act as Antidotes, and all sorts of other great things. Each
    dance, however, costs Stamina points. These gradually recover over time, but
    don't expect to get two Health Recovery (L)'s in a row because that takes a lot
    of Stamina!
    Here's all the dances:
    Rah-Rah Dance:   Default
    Ooga-Boo Dance:  Default
    Waka-Waka Dance: Rare Trade with Argosy (Hunter Realm)
    Boom-Boom Dance: After completing 5-star "The Desert Gourmand" or
                     "Walk 'N' Roll", then Rare Trade with Argosy
    Woo-Hoo Dance:   Kayamba's default
    Here's a list of the potential dances you could have and their effects. Play
    around with the dances to find something you like!
    Taunt: Monster will pay attention to the Shakalaka
    Attack Boost (S): Slightly boosts Attack of your entire party
    Attack Boost (L): Significantly boosts Attack
    Defense Boost (S): Slightly boosts Defense
    Defense Boost (L): Significantly boosts Defense
    Antidote: Acts as a free Antidote and removes poison
    Health Recovery (S): Slightly restores health
    Health Recovery (L): Significantly restores health
    Hot & Cool: Acts as a free Hot or Cold Drink and gives the respective effects
    Stamina: Acts as a free Dash Juice
    Weatherbreaker: Gives immunity to wind and currents (so if a monster takes off,
             instead of recoiling and shielding yourself, you can still attack and
             move around)
    Flash: A free Flash Bomb
    Sonic: A free Sonic Bomb
    Blight Res Boost: Increases resistance to the blights (ex. Fireblight)
    Health Recovery Bonus: Increases health recovery (that red bar when you are
              attacked is potential health that can be restored back over time)
    Item Effect Up: Increases duration of items
    Elemental Attack Boost: Increases elemental damage and Slime resistance
    As you can probably tell when you receive Cha-Cha and Kayamba, they are a very
    mask-oriented race. As such, the masks have special abilities. Use these masks
    to your advantage to make your quests easier! All masks are interchangeable
    between both EXCEPT the ACORN MASK, which is for Cha-cha, and the PINCER MASK,
    which is for Kayamba.
    Here's a list of the masks and their special abilities:
    Acorn Mask
    -Cha-cha only-
    Rage: Attacks rapidly
    Lamp Mask
    -Will act as a torch if you signal the wearer-
    Rage: Throws balls of fire
    Ancient Mask
    -Refreshes your oxygen when signaled-
    Rage: Throws knives
    Mystery Pot Mask
    -Give wearer an item and a different one pops out-
    Rage: Throws Poison Smoke Bombs
    Fluffy Mask
    -Shows location of all large monsters when signaled-
    Rage: Throws Dung Bombs
    Grill Mask
    -Acts as a Double BBQ Spit and can cook meat for you-
    Rage: Attacks with flames
    False Felyne Mask
    -Will throw bombs and other explosives-
    Rage: Attacks with Barrel Bomb L's
    Pincer Mask
    -Kayamba only-
    Rage: Attacks rapidly
    Mock Melynx Mask
    -Can steal things from monsters-
    Rage: Throws Felvine bombs
    Stink Mask
    Rage: Throws Dung Bombs if you're pinned or if there's two bosses in one area
    Whetstone Mask
    -Is a free Whetstone-
    Rage: Throws knives
    Pitfall Mask
    -Will make a Pitfall Trap upon signal-
    Rage: Throws balls of fire
    Nulberry Mask
    -Acts as a free Nulberry when signaled-
    Rage: Spreads paralysis
    Gag Gargwa Mask
    -Will flee if hit and leaves an item-
    Rage: Attacks rapidly
    Rathalos Mask
    -Can roar and act as a free Sonic Bomb-
    Rage: Breathes fire
    Ultimate Mask
    -Takes no damage until angered-
    Rage: Attacks nonstop until no more HP
    Idol Mask
    -Acts as a free Farcaster-
    Rage: Attacks with flames
    Artillery Mask
    -Launches other Shakalaka at the monster like artillery, sacrificing them-
    Rage: Attacks with cannonballs
    Kebab-boo Mask
    -Acts as a Frog to fish out Gobul and Plesioth-
    Rage: Attacks rapidly
    Feeding the Shakalaka companions things like Exquisite Meat, White/Pink Liver,
    and Well-done Steaks can rapidly increase Mask Mastery, which improves the
    Shakalakas' abilities to use the masks (ex. Cook better with BBQ Mask). Also,
    the food skill Felyne Trainer can increase the rate at which Shakalakas gain
    "Mask EXP" as I like to call it.
    Moga Village
    The Beginning of an Adventure
    Start up a new file by poking "New Game", toggle your options, and create your
    character. There's a TON of customization you can play around with, but don't
    worry about getting it absolutely perfect. Remember: Your true unique hunter
    self will come from your weapons and your armors (of which there's hundreds
    of thousands of combinations to choose from!). Name yourself something silly
    and let's go!
    Oh, and don't forget to pick how you want your touch screen to look like. If
    you choose "Standard Mode", your health bars and map will be on the big
    screen (or the top screen of your 3DS). But if you choose the new "Dynamic
    Mode", then it'll be on the touch screen (although later on you can choose
    whether you want one here and one there). Pick one!
    You will be shown a short cutscene of the life in MOGA VILLAGE, the hub of
    quests and preparation. You will also see an earthquake and children running in
    fear (to be honest it really isn't a bad earthquake because the buildings are
    still standing). The village CHIEF will tell you that the earthquakes are
    being caused by some strange monster LAGIACRUS and you have come to help
    hunt this LAGIACRUS and all other monsters between. For the tl;dr it's an
    excuse plot to justify killing things.
    You'll also receive some starting funds (not too much) and then you will go talk
    to JUNIOR. He should have a yellow speech bubble. Yellow speech bubbles mean
    they have something important to say!
    You have your own house here (wow so it's like you're permanently moving or
    something) and you can save on the bed and visit your Item Box which is here.
    A Felyne Chamberlyne is said to keep your room tidy. Use him to change your
    furniture if you have some, watch gallery videos of the monsters you've
    encountered, and access the important DLC. Every now and then a boy named
    "Future Alpha Male" will be inside with the Felyne guy. He doesn't ever have
    anything to say, so don't bother with him.
    Oh by the way, Chamberlyne will give you a mushroom lamp called the "Prismshroom
    Lamp". You can put it out on your table if you wish!
    If you don't like the Sword and Shield you are default equipped with, you have
    one of each weapon in your Item Box, so hoof on over there and change your
    weapon if you want to. You also have a full set of Leather Armor on. How
    generous of Capcom! Anyways, exit your room and the GUILD SWEETHEART, a genki
    kind of girl, is going to want to speak with you! According to her, JUNIOR,
    that chief's son guy, wants to talk to you, but he's out in Moga Woods right
    now. Let's finish up the basic tour of the village.
    There's a girl in blue who owns a small SHOP. It is actually incredibly useful
    for buying Whetstones and Potions and things, especially in the beginning of
    the game when trying to find Herbs and Blue Mushrooms just isn't really working
    out. Later on, stock will be increased and you will inevitably come here to
    buy things like Trap Tools which can only be bought here!
    To her left is another cat (well, it's Japan, you surprised?) named NEKO
    (MEANS "CAT") and he will take you to Tanzia Port if you want to play
    multiplayer (or just do the Tanzia quests solo).
    The fat lady in yellow is the FISHMONGRESS, after a while you'll be able to send
    out "her boys" to various parts of the sea and they will bring back splendid
    treasures, fish, and maybe even monster parts at the cost of Resource Points.
    If you continue right of the Fishmongress and cross a small bridge, you'll
    find a FARM...or what's left of it after the earthquake. His Felyne Farmhands
    have fled in fear. Oh well. You'll also be introduced to the farm pet, POOGIE
    the PIG. Name POOGIE whatever you want if POOGIE isn't cute enough and then
    receive your 5 free BLUE MUSHROOMS. If you need a string of luck, make sure you
    Actually just kidding the Desire Sensor does not care if you pet the pig or
    Or maybe it does.
    Near the Moga Woods next to a goblin guy with a big hammer is a small boy named
    "CAREFREE LAD". He'll give you 5 free WHETSTONES, useful if you're a Blademaster
    but useless if you're a Gunner. Keep them anyways. Just a for-your-information,
    next to the goblin guy is another lady. She sells WEAPONS, but she'll quickly
    go out-of-use because she only sells the lowest level of weapons in the upgrade
    tree. Don't bother with her.
    Let's get started, shall we? Head right into Moga Woods!
    Moga Woods the First
    You'll automatically get a map of the area, and at first you only have access
    to a pitiful amount of the region (the excuse plot here is earthquake damage).
    Anyway, the chief mentions that JUNIOR is probably at the base camp, and that
    hey! He might be a bit hungry! Why don't you go into AREA 2 and kill some
    innocent, un-harmful APTONOTH who never did anything to you and are in fact
    beneficial as beasts of burden?
    Well, fine, Mister Animal Cruelty. Best go do what he says. Go to AREA 2.
    See those dinosaur-like grey quadrupeds? They're APTONOTH. They're very cute
    yet you must kill them all, even the babies. They will never attack you, they
    will instead roar with fright and attempt to run (do you feel guilty yet?).
    Go ahead and kill a big one (let the little babies live). It will fall, writhe
    around, shudder, and finally die. Put your weapon away (press Y to sheathe)
    and you will see an action icon. Press A and you will carve some RAW MEAT
    from its DEAD CARCASS.
    Head to the right now and you'll end up at the BASE CAMP area. There will never
    be chaos here so you can come here to rest up anytime and just put yourself back
    together. JUNIOR is staring at some rubble that used to be a Base Camp. He's
    hungry, though, give him the RAW MEAT. Now go back the way you came and
    return to the Village. Lots more people will want to talk to you now, so talk
    to them. JUNIOR's permanent spot in the village is on a pile of box things.
    Feel free to talk to him and he'll explain how Resource Points work (I explained
    it already up somewhere in this walkthrough), and he will also give you a
    BBQ SPIT. Cook the Raw Meat with it and you could get WELL-DONE STEAKS if you
    time it right (wait for the color to change twice), which will boost your
    Stamina! Take it with you whenever you're out freehunting, or even questing, and
    cook up some steaks in your spare time.
    The goblin guy wants to talk to you now. He's the SMITHY and he's called the
    WYVERN ARTISAN. He forges everything for you. The shopper girl, the GAL WITH
    THE GOODS, also now sells BBQ Spits if you ever randomly lose yours. Go buy
    some Bug Nets and Pickaxes from her--you'll need them to farm items, which,
    as I mentioned above, is important.
    The important thing you've gotta do now is fix up the Base Camp. Check out
    Junior's VILLAGER REQUESTS option and you'll see a "Fix up the Base Camp!"
    * Fix up the Base Camp *
    * 30 Resource Points   *
    So let's dive back into Moga Woods, shall we? Be sure to store your unnecessary
    items in your ITEM BOX, and why don't you go buy some POTIONS from the shop?
    Moga Woods the Second
    The woods have gotten bigger! Now, you'll need 30 Resource Points. Aptonoth only
    give 1 Resource Point. Every time you kill something, you'll see a box tallying
    your points and your kills. Junior will pop up telling you to go kill some
    CARNIVORES instead, annoyances that actually could potentially hurt you. Head
    over to AREA 6. Be sure to catch bugs and mine ores and gather from plants and
    bones and other sparkly areas along the way to start building up some materials!
    You'll be greeted with a cutscene of JAGGIS, incredibly deadly carnivores who
    could SNAP YOU IN HALF WITH ONE BITE. You'll finally be getting actual practice!
    If you can't kill Jaggis without taking considerable damage, definitely either
    reconsider your weapon or come back here and practice a LOT more. You'll get
    6 Resource Points per Jaggi, so kill 5. If you run out, gather from the bone
    piles and mine the rocks--more will leap out of the surrounding area.
    Also, be sure to CARVE the dead Jaggi for their scales and fangs and whatnot.
    Your first ever monster parts!
    Return to the guild, talk to Junior, and poke the option "HUNT REPORT". This
    converts your kills to resource points. Hopefully you have 30. Cool. You do.
    After they're converted, Junior will have some items to give you. They're
    COMMODITY ITEMS necessary for trading with Argosy (more on him later when he
    shows up). Then go to VILLAGER REQUESTS and press OK to fulfill it. Your
    resource points will be taken away (if you downloaded the free resource points
    DLC, you'll still have 4,900 or so left to spare).
    The base camp is FIXED! You can now do QUES....no you can't, sorry.
    The SMITHY guy wants to talk to you. He wants to become your forger, but in
    order to do so, you'll have to pass a TEST. Go to Moga Woods and use that MEGA
    PICKAXE he just gave you for free to mine an IRON ORE. All right, well, let's
    go do that, but first, the chief wants to talk again. He'll talk about using
    TORCHES to light up the caves and give you some more funding.
    Torches aren't mandatory in this game, just f.y.i. All they do is attract a
    bunch of bugs. If you turn up the brightness, you'll be able to see just fine.
    Let's dive back into Moga Woods!
    Moga Woods the Third
    Head over to AREA 4 and look for the oddly colored rocks. An action icon with
    a small icon of a pickaxe will appear next to it. Press A over and over again
    until you've got a couple of IRON ORES (or until your pickaxes break). While
    you only need one, I recommend you get as many as you can, so mine all the
    rocks you see.
    Return back to the village after you're done doing whatever. The SMITHY guy
    will then explain some basics about upgrading your armor (I went over that up
    above somewhere). Keep it in the back of your mind. Keep your IRON ORES too,
    although if you're a Great Sword user you can upgrade your Iron Sword thing
    already because all it needs is one ore. Lucky you. The rest of you all will
    have to wait a bit.
    Talk to everyone that wants to talk to you. The Carefree Lad will give you a
    free MEGA BUG NET. Go to the farm and one of the Felyne farmhands has returned!
    In exchange for Resource Points, you can grow plants and later on, mushrooms,
    bugs, and honey. If you have that 5,000 points DLC, feel free to start growing
    Herbs now. The Felyne will give you a free SUSHIFISH (kinda useless) and if
    you want to you can name him something silly.
    You still can't do guild quests yet, unfortunately, you now have to go...and
    make a splash! You'll receive some free FISHING HARPOONS and you will now have
    a new task: Go to the water and hunt a fish called a MOLID.
    Store your unnecessary items and let's head out.
    Moga Woods the Fourth
    The whole of Moga Woods is open for you to explore now. You'll have to head to
    AREA 11. In order to do so, you can run up through Area 5 and jump into the 
    water and swim, or you can run left through Area 8 and jump off a cliff to the
    left. It's a nifty shortcut. The underwater swimming controls are somewhere up
    above in the guide. Make sure you move the camera a lot--where you're facing
    (the camera's facing) determines which way you swim.
    You'll see two large flatfish, they're the Molids and they look suspiciously
    like Mola Molas (Alomomola?). In order to successfully hunt both these and every
    other type of huntable large fish (jellyfish, sharqs, etc.) you must WEAKEN
    them. Think Pokemon, why don't you? Only after they are weak, give 'em a few
    stabs with your Harpoon. They will die as opposed to running away and leave
    behind a carveable carcass.
    While it is quite "cool" in a sense, you're never required to really farm off of
    fish except for one other time much later on. So do it if you want fish-themed
    weapons and armors, but otherwise, it's not mandatory that you master it
    through and through.
    You might be wondering now how to get back to Moga Village. Press START and
    you'll see the option "Return to Village". Whenever you're out in the woods
    for long enough, you can use this option to return without having to walk all
    the way back. Nifty.
    The chief will want to talk to you again. He has more money for you. Go buy
    some Bug Nets and Iron Pickaxes (don't buy the old stuff, it breaks). I
    recommend you buy the maximum number possible (5). You'll need them.
    Incidentally, you can also buy COMBO BOOKS to increase the chances of a combo
    being successful. You don't need NEED them now-now, but if you have zennie to
    spare, why not?
    Moga Woods Freehunting
    You can now to go Moga Woods at your leisure. You have infinite time and
    infinite lives. It's a great place to get materials and kill monsters, and
    the only way to keep your Resource Points up, so you'll find yourself coming
    here often. Later on, LARGE MONSTERS might show up for you to freehunt for
    even BETTER Commodities and huge Resource Points! Junior can see into the
    future: Use his "Moga Woods Forecast" option to know where things are and
    when they'll appear. If there's a "Herbivore Breeding", you'll want to go out
    and kill the Super-sized Aptonoths to get Super-sized Dung, a great Fertilizer.
    Moga Woods freehunting is also the most reliable way to get Commodities, and
    later, RARE COMMODITIES for doing RARE TRADE with Argosy (more on him later
    when you have access to him). You'll find yourself out there a lot.
    Well all right. You're ready for REAL QUESTS. And good news for you, they've
    finally decided to give you some!
    You can't wait!
    Let's go!
    1-star Quests
    Well here's the bad news: All you're doing is delivering and killing small fry
    for now. I know, I know, you wanted a BIG BIG monster. Unfortunately, you'll
    have to get the questing system before you can do any of that, so let's get
    these 1-star Quests done already, why don't we?
    I've already gone over how questing works up above somewhere, so read that again
    if you forgot. Remember that if you accept the quest, you CANNOT access your
    Item Box! So get your items before you leave, okay? And your equipment.
    Each quest tier has certain quests called "KEY QUESTS". The game won't tell you
    they're key, but you MUST complete them to unlock the next tier (no you don't
    have to complete everything). For your benefit, I will list the Key Quests first
    unless I REALLY think you ought to do a non-key quest before the key ones.
    However, the very last two quests in the single-player excuse plot can only
    be unlocked via doing EVERY SINGLE QUEST, so do yourself a favor and just do
    them all. It's good practice and more money and rewards.
    All right, your very first quest...involves getting mushrooms! Now isn't that
    Objective:  Deliver 3 UNIQUE MUSHROOMS
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Easy (0/10)
    O-HO! Deserted Island looks exactly like Moga Woods! But you can't return to the
    village so too bad.
    If you did some gathering, you'll remember that mushrooms on logs laying on the
    ground can give you Blue Mushrooms and other useful stuff. Well, UNIQUE
    MUSHROOMS are an "ACCOUNT ITEM". They do not serve any use other than either to
    sell as pocket change or to give you Resource Points or, on a quest, extra
    Talk to the item box by pressing A and grab yourself the Supply Items,
    especially the MAP but not so much the torch. That MAP will be invaluable to you
    as you figure your way around places.
    NOTE: Some items, like RATIONS, are clearly labeled as "Supply Item". Some are
          not. You know what that means? Even if you take 'em, you can KEEP 'EM.
    Anyhow, UNIQUE MUSHROOMS can only be found in the mushroom gathering sites in
    areas 2, 3, 6, and 7. Just press A and gather.
    Tip: If you kneel down first by pressing B while stationary and then gather,
    you gather super fast!
    You can also pick up CHOICE MUSHROOMS and RIPENED MUSHROOMS for extra zennie!
    Once you've got three or three hundred Unique Mushrooms, go ahead and hoof your
    way back to Base Camp (hope you have your map) and talk to the RED BOX by
    If you're lucky, you'll get the very rare DRAGON TOADSTOOLS. Now these are
    actually incredibly valuable. They are also a pain to grow because they cost
    400 Resource Points per cycle. Hang onto them, okay? If you need more free
    DRAGON TOADSTOOLS, you can do this quest over and over again!
    The future alpha male wants to talk to you. He'll give you two free MEGA
    Talk to the Guild Sweetheart after you've saved and you'll see you've unlocked
    pretty much all the rest of the quests. The key quests here are "Farm Aid"
    and "Guts: It's What's for Dinner".
    Store excess items and keep your bag prepared. Also, you might want to go talk
    to the SMITHY and see if it's possible to UPGRADE anything with Jaggi parts
    and the whatnot. It's also always good to look and know what you need so you
    can figure out what you need to farm. So take a look and then prepare for your
    next quest!
    Farm Aid [KEY]
    Objective:  Slay 5 Jaggia
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Easy (1/10)
    JAGGIA are the female counterparts of Jaggi and about 30% bigger. They can deal
    a tad bit more damage and take a tad bit more damage, but the only important
    thing about them is they give you two carves instead of one. They're scattered
    around areas 5, 6, and 7 (especially 6), so kill 5 and harvest their parts.
    You might want to kill more JAGGI, get more BUGS and mine more ORES and whatnot
    while you're at it as well. Get in the habit of gathering during your quests
    when you have some down time.
    Once again, the carefree lad will have a gift for you, two free SNAKEBEE LARVA.
    That's the game's way of saying that you should combine the two and make
    GOLDENFISH BAIT to go goldenfish fishing. You can gather more of these lure
    ingredients at bug spots and honey spots (the grey bee hive things you see).
    You'll want honey anyways, you can combine them with Potions to make MEGA
    Guts: It's What's for Dinner [KEY]
    Objective:  Deliver 3 Monster Guts
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Moderate (3/10)
    You are about to be introduced to an "Unstable Environment". I don't think this
    quest will have a "?" in its information, but whenever there's the big question
    mark with DANGER! written, it implies that another boss-class monster could
    potentially show up. If you kill said boss-class monster, you get additional
    rewards, but usually it's a big fat waste of time to do so. Because it's an
    optional kill, it will be at super full strength, unlike quests that tell you
    to hunt more than one monster, in which case the health is scaled down because
    you're going solo.
    Anyhow, get your items ready and head over to area 10. Jump on into the water
    and you'll see these green Nessie-like herbivores that are as friendly as
    Aptonoths (aha, I can see the guilty look in your eyes...). If you kill them
    I believe they give you one carve. There's around a 35% chance it could be
    Monster Guts. Anyways, there's only one or two in the area, so not enough for
    three even if they both gave you guts, so head over to area 11 where there'll
    be more...
    And instead you see a cutscene involving the nasty LAGIACRUS! What is that
    FIEND doing here?!?! The Guild Sweetheart will tell you to FLEE FOR YOUR LIFE
    but apparently the guild is heartless and you still have to get your Guts
    anyways. So SWIM ON OVER BACK TO AREA 10 and kill the Epioth quickly! You'll
    know if Lagi shows up in your area because the monster icon in the touch screen,
    if you have customized it to show the icon, will show up and you'll be able to
    lock your camera onto the monster. If that happens, run as fast as you can onto
    land and OUT OF THE AREA and just wait--Lagiacrus is on a timer and will
    return to Area 11 eventually. If you're feeling brave, swim as fast as you can
    to Area 11 and finish your Epioth hunts.
    If you've got your Monster Guts and you're in Area 11, swim on over to the
    surface and you'll see some vines. Just like LEGEND OF ZELDA, you can CLIMB
    those vines and get to area 8! Lagiacrus can't follow you, so get to Area 8
    and head back to Base Camp to deliver your guts and reap your rewards.
    If you're a dunderhead and you decide to fight Lagiacrus, Lagiacrus cannot be
    killed. It is programmed to be unkillable, and in any case your small little
    weak weapon will be bouncing off.
    Once your quest is completed, you'll have a new VILLAGER REQUEST that you can
    look at via Junior.
    * New Shroom Box!    *
    * 80 Resource Points *
    The Fishmongress can now send out one boat (the other two still need fixing
    up, so it seems). Feel free to go fish hunting or treasure hunting or
    You've completed all the Key Quests! A new "URGENT QUEST" will show it. It's
    a 2-star quest. Complete it and you will access all of the 2-star quests
    and officially move up a tier!
    URGENT: No Love for Ludroth
    Objective:  Slay 6 Ludroth
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Easy (2/10)
    You can take a secret passage from the base camp by jumping into the water and
    you'll wind up in Area 9 so that you can get to Area 10 easy or just head on
    over there through the traditional route. You'll see a cutscene introducing
    the LUDROTH!, alligatorlike things (actually, those are the females, the
    male Ludroths are actual boss-class monsters called ROYAL LUDROTH). So go
    hit the girls (how dare you!) and kill 6 of them. There'll only be 4 or so
    on land, so kill them, CARVE THEM, then jump on in and kill the rest.
    This is your first foray into underwater battle. The Ludroth are mobile
    underwater, which you aren't, so they could actually hurt you (but about as
    much as Jaggia could). So practice up on them. Most Urgent Quests, when
    completed, become regular quests in their tier so you can do this quest over
    and over again if you need practice (these small monsters will also be in
    Moga Woods to free hunt for some good resource points).
    You've now unlocked the 2-star quests. Either proceed, or finish up all the
    rest of these 1-star quests (you will have to eventually).
    Once this quest is completed, it will appear in your 2-star Quest List.
    Prescription Pick-Up
    Objective:  Deliver 2 Kelbi Horns
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Easy (1/10)
    All you have to do is go kill the cute, innocent, friendly deer. Don't worry,
    you can't kill them, they're made of NINTENDIUM and they will only fall stunned.
    If you're unlucky, you'll carve their liver (but they still don't die), but
    you should get some horns. Carve 4 or 5, this quest is a very good way to
    make EASY MONEY.
    When you deliver the 2 Kelbi Horns, you'll get more horns as rewards. Do this
    quest over and over again and deliver your rewards and you can easily make
    GREAT money, which is of utmost importance for upgrading weapons and making
    armor! So hey, this non-key-quest is actually quite handy!
    The Kelbi are hanging around in areas like 1 and 3. You can also find a few
    in area 7, and if you're lucky, you'll see a super big Kelbi that actually
    tries to attack you, and you can get a BLUE KELBI HORN which is rare!
    Goldenfish Opportunity
    Objective:  Deliver 3 Goldenfish
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Annoying (2/10)
    Fishing taken to a whole new level, yet still quite boring. Anyhow, head to the
    rightmost area of area 10 and you'll see an action icon to fish. Be sure to
    grab the Goldenfish Bait in the blue supply box in addition to the 2 lures you
    should have made by combining your gifts from the carefree lad.
    Instead of pressing A, scroll through your items and press Y to use your
    GOLDENFISH BAIT. That means ONLY Goldenfish and Small Goldenfish will bite.
    Stare carefully at the water and you'll see a fish approach the lure and then
    suddenly change direction and become attached to it. Press A as soon as that
    happens and you'll get yourself a fish. If you're too late, the lure will be
    eaten up and you'll have to use another one, and if you run out you should just
    abandon the quest and give up.
    When I did this quest I didn't use my Goldenfish Bait so I had all sorts of
    random Tunas and things--it took me 45 minutes to get three Goldenfish! Save
    yourself the frustration and use the actual Goldenfish bait, why don't you?
    You'll be glad to know that Goldenfish are useless and Small Goldenfish are too
    but can be sold, and that this quest has a pretty fat sum of money to award
    you with.
    Sunken Treasure
    Objective:  Deliver 8 Red Coral Stones
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Easy (1/10)
    During your Molid, Ludroth, or Epioth hunts you might have noticed bone piles
    on the ocean floor. Well now you'll want to actually swim up to them and gather
    from them and you will get your coral stones. You don't have to leave Area 10
    for them because I've never seen bone piles in Area 11. There are SHARQS in the
    area (they're...sharks) and they might attack you. If you brought a harpoon,
    harpoon them and carve Sharqskin from them, you'll be needing one later in the
    game (and if you like Lances the Sharq Attack Lance is hilarious).
    This quest gives you ores and stones and things and so it's a good quest for
    getting ores you need to upgrade your weapons and forge better armor. You might
    find yourself doing it two or three times for that. It's easy.
    2-star Quests
    All right, you'll finally get your first boss-class monsters here! You excited?
    You ought to be.
    Just know this: Said big monsters could actually KILL YOU! So make sure you
    follow my instructions and bring all the items you need that I listed up above
    somewhere in the beginning of the guide. You know, stuff like 10 Potions, 10
    Mega Potions if you're a careful person, and 20 Whetstones. But for your
    convenience, here's all you really need for now:
    10 Potions
    20 Whetstones (Blademaster)
    Ammo (Gunner)
    5 Bug Nets/Mega Bug Nets
    5 Iron Pickaxes/Mega Pickaxes
    5 Paintballs (you'll get some soon enough)
    And as always be sure to pick up everything in the blue supply box. Keep on
    growing HERBS and BLUE MUSHROOMS and keep on gathering HONEY to keep your
    Potions and Mega Potions up.
    You'll also have unlocked ARGOSY TRADE. Use those commodities to fill up a
    meter. Then pick items from him to fill up a meter. If your meter is larger or
    the same size as his meter, it's a successful trade. Later on, rare commodities
    that have stars will be used for RARE trades for better items and furniture!
    Whenever Argosy's in town, the Gal with the Goods will have sales. She'll be
    selling Tranquilizers and Trap Tools now--go buy some, you'll be capturing
    soon. Also, go buy some Hot and Cool Drinks. You'll be needing them.
    But more importantly, his companion, the Felyne called the ITINERANT COOK, is
    going to be opening up for business. For a small fee (very small fee), you can
    eat and get those food skills I mentioned somewhere up above. ALWAYS EAT BEFORE
    You'll also get a VOUCHER from him. Save it for a free meal or something.
    Another Villager Request will be here so you can grow INSECTS:
    * New Insect Box!     *
    * 150 Resource Points *
    * Monster Fluid x1    *
    Mister Wyvern Artisan wants to talk to you too about charms (I went over those
    too) and he'll give you your very first PAWN TALISMAN. I believe it's the
    "Auto-Guard" Charm, put it away and never use it ever again. Learn to use
    your shield yourself! Don't sell it, though.
    Anyways, mussy your way on over to the Guild Sweetheart. You'll learn about your
    new area, SANDY PLAINS. It's a desert and so temperatures can fluctuate, and
    that's what your Hot/Cool Drinks will be needed for. You will also unlock a
    special kind of quest: HARVEST TOUR.
    You will also unlock a second kind of tree that starts with a bone weapon.
    Consider buying one to upgrade it. Upgrading your weapon is always a priority
    over upgrading armor, always. See what you need and see if you can get it.
    Anyways, the Key Quests in this section are: "Bear Trap", "Pain in the Plains",
    and of course the obligatory urgent quest.
    NOTE: From now on, I will always list the Harvest Tour quests first because it
    is a good opportunity for me to introduce the area. You should go on them for
    the sake of going on them, hm?
    Harvest Tour: Sandy Plains
    Objective:  Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Ridiculously Easy (0/10)
    I will also explain here how Harvest Tour quests work. First off, expect nothing
    in your supply box except a Map and a Torch. After two minutes, a PAW PASS
    TICKET will appear. Put this in your bag and then DELIVER IT to the red box
    and you will get a quest clear.
    Why don't you explore base camp? You'll see a strange guy. He's called the
    VEGGIE ELDER and if you trade account items with him he'll give you some pretty
    neat stuff. He's not that important though.
    There's a new small monster here too, the RHENOPLOS. They are incredibly
    annoying--if a large boss monster accidentally hits them (they are not immune
    to friendly fire), they will target YOU by bullfighting you and they will
    literally sending you flying through the air. The damage is nominal, but it
    is incredibly irritating to suddenly see yourself flying right as you're,
    say, capturing a monster. Anyways, you can kill them and make yourself some
    Rhenoplos armor if you want. Catch some bugs here and you'll find yourself
    Nothing you couldn't find at Deserted Island or Moga Woods, but hey.
    There's a TON of places to mine ores from--there are many precious ores here
    that WILL come in handy. Earth Crystals, for example. Area 6 is, once again,
    a Jaggi/Jaggia den. You can go there and kill them for parts if you want.
    Areas 8, 9, 10, and 11 are the wonky areas. If you are out in the day, they're
    incredibly HOT and you will need COOL DRINKS. If you are out at night, they're
    incredibly COLD and you will need HOT DRINKS. If you are too hot, you will
    steadily lose health. If you are too cold, your stamina will deplete very
    fast and the bar will shrink very fast. They are much more desertlike than
    the other areas, and you'll see fish swimming about. SONIC BOMBS will get
    them out wriggling, and you can kill them and carve them (although their parts
    aren't very important).
    In one of the caves (I think it's area 7), there is an HERBIVORE EGG NEST. That
    will come in handy in one of the egg-delivery quests in this tier.
    As usual there are Altaroth and Bnahabra everywhere.
    For the next quest I recommend you forge a set of Chainmail armor. Iron Ores
    and Earth Crystals are very easy to mine in the this quest or the quest called
    "Secret of the Crystal Bones".
    From now on, every boss-class monster quest will have a section of items that
    I recommend you bring!
    Pain in the Plains [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt a Great Jaggi
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Somewhat easy (3/10)
    Items:      Potions, Paintballs, Whetstones, Cool Drinks
    Great Jaggi is of the BIRD WYVERN class, one of the first classes ever. Unlike
    their name, they cannot fly. They are typically the smallest large monsters
    and consist of small minions led by one alpha, distinguished by a crest or
    frill of some sort.
    The game starts you off nice and easy. Make sure your bag's filled with the
    right stuff, store your unnecessary materials, EAT SOMETHING, and head on out
    for your first ever big monster! Great Jaggi is a pushover. As you farm him
    more and more, you'll be able to kill him in, I kid you not, 1 minute or less.
    But for now, expect to take no more than 5 - 20 minutes. If you can't get
    under 20 minutes, then you'd better do this quest over and over until you
    Great Jaggi is weakest to the FIRE element, but you won't have any of that stuff
    yet obviously. So don't worry--as your very first big monster, it's not a hard
    fight. But if you're not careful, you can potentially lose a lot of health and
    DIE so be on your guard, okay?
    All boss-class monsters (and some small fry) will have their standard physical
    attacks, which targets your armor's defense, and one or more SPECIAL attacks
    that are either their gimmicks or their elemental powers. Elemental special
    attacks play off of your armor's defense AND elemental resistances/weaknesses.
    Great Jaggi has no elemental attack as his special attack, his only special
    attack is the ability to make minions appear to pester you. By now I hope you've
    forged a Chainmail Armor set, it's much better than your Leather set and will
    protect you better.
    Anyways, like I said earlier, Great Jaggi's den is area 6, so head on out over
    there. You'll see a brief cutscene of a VERY LARGE Jaggi creature with a VERY
    PRETTY CREST. His crest is breakable! Once it's broken it will appear frayed
    and have holes in it, like worn cloth.
    But before I get too ahead of myself, and before you get too awful excited,
    I recommend you clear the den of all the small minions. It will help you
    immensely because you won't have them all crowding around you and giving you
    claustrophobia or something.
    Next: Chuck a paintball at the Great Jaggi. Now a pink icon will show up marking
    where he is on your map. This is going to save you a lot of pain, because
    Great Jaggi can navigate a network of caves that YOU don't have access to, and
    he can use it to jump from area to area in a very illogical way.
    All right...on to Great Jaggi's attacks!
    Great Jaggi's standard physical attacks are very standard for Bird Wyverns.
    He can lean forward abruptly to try to bite you. Sometimes, he'll step forward
    and bite to the side. It has a surprisingly large range and can make you land
    on your butt if you're not careful.
    Great Jaggi can and will use that tail of his too. He'll twist to the side
    and then twist to the other side, his tail whipping through the air as he tries
    to whip you with it. It's fairly easy to see coming and very easy to dodge--as
    he's tail whipping just approach him from the opposite side and you'll be able
    to land some free hits.
    Great Jaggi's most dangerous attack (not saying much) can potentially send you
    flying through the air. He will rush to the side, attempting to bash into you
    with his shoulder. He will travel very far, so move out of the line of attack
    and approach him from a diagonal.
    As I mentioned somewhere up above in this guide, boss monsters can go into
    rage mode. Great Jaggi can go into rage mode. He'll have a white puff of smoke
    in front of his face. He'll begin to link attacks together, and he'll move a
    bit faster and attack a bit harder. Be careful around any monster in rage mode,
    and Great Jaggi's no different.
    One think about Great Jaggi that you'll notice is that quite often when you
    attack him, his head will be knocked back or he'll just fall onto the ground
    altogether. This will happen a lot, but since he gets up quickly it's not very
    useful. Other monsters, when they fall over, they will flail there for a bit
    and give you a chance to land tons of free hits.
    Great Jaggi's special attack involves lifting his head to the air and howling
    to summon more minions. Use this chance to attack him, if you land enough hits
    on him while he's summoning, he'll be cut short and fall over or flinch or
    something and that means less annoyances for you.
    As you get more adept at fighting, try attacking Great Jaggi's face to break his
    crest and get more rewards.
    The moment Great Jaggi dies, the quest complete fanfare will play and you will
    have one minute to carve. You can get scales and hides and claws from him, that
    you will want to keep for both weapon upgrades and armor forging. I consider it
    practically mandatory to forge a set of Great Jaggi armor, especially if you
    chose to bypass the Chainmail armor set. Not only will you learn about the
    intricacies of armor and farming for it, you'll have a set of armor with much
    higher defense than your Leather and Chainmail sets if you have them.
    The few weapons Great Jaggi can turn into tend to lead to much better weapons
    later on in the upgrade trees, and likely they'll be one of your first weapons
    with any amount of GREEN SHARPNESS, which you WILL need. Make one, why don't
    Anyways, on to your next key quest!
    By the way, I believe after you've completed this quest there'll be a Villager
    Request to repair the farm's fields (and level them up so you can grow more
    things and reap more harvests).
    *        A Field Trip?      *
    * 300 Resource Points       *
    * 2 Dung                    *
    * 1 Super-sized Dung        *
    Here's how to get Super-sized Dung and Dung: Look for the "Herbivores Breeding"
    label in the Moga Woods Forecast, then go out and kill all the Aptonoth,
    including the SUPER HUGE one. Return to the village, get your Hunt Report in,
    and Dung and Super-sized Dung should be in your Commodities. They're good
    fertilizer, but Dung is more important for making DUNG BOMBS.
    Bear Trap [KEY]
    Objective:  CAPTURE an Arzuros
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Moderately Easy (3/10)
    Items:      Tranq Bombs, Shock/Pitfall Traps
    Arzuros is a PELAGUS. The Pelagus class consists of more mammalian monsters.
    They are quadruped monsters that cannot fly. The Pelagus class can be divided
    into HOMINOIDEA, FANGED BEASTS, and the Frontier-exclusive CANIDAE. Arzuros
    is of the FANGED BEASTS class, they are very bearlike.
    From now on, the "Items" will only list items you probably usually don't bring.
    So while I'm not saying that I recommend you bring Potions, it's implied that
    you've got them always on your person. Same goes for Whetstones/Ammo.
    So this is your first capture quest. You'll want to be careful though, like the
    Great Jaggi, Arzuros is weak and doesn't have a lot of health, meaning you could
    kill it before it even attempts to limp away. At the same time, Arzuros's claw
    swipes are nothing to scoff at (unlike Great Jaggi), so you'll want to come up,
    attack its behind (safest spot), then evade its attacks and see if it'll limp
    away. Be extra nice and it'll show you when its weak.
    NOTE: Generally universal with ALL large monsters, once they start drooling,
          they've begun to tire out. They may not be capture-ready, but if they are
          drooling, that means that you'd better start watching carefully.
    You'll find that your blue supply box is being very generous and has 2 EZ
    Shock Traps for you. Unfortunately, you can only carry one, so if you mess up
    a catch, you'll have to hoof it back to camp to grab the spare. Also be sure to
    grab the EZ Tranq Bombs or whatever they're called.
    Then head on over to Area 3 and you'll be greeted with a cutscene of Arzuros
    eating honey! Yup, Arzuros LOVES honey! If Arzuros is low on health, he'll try
    to eat honey! If you're carrying honey, he might pin you down and lick the honey
    off of you!
    Arzuros has no special attacks and no element, just like Great Jaggi (unless you
    call the honey-stealing a "special attack" but it doesn't do much damage).
    Arzuro will often stand on his hind legs like a person and then swipe at you
    with his reinforced forearm claws. Remember: they're REINFORCED. They're a lot
    harder than the rest of his furry self so try not to hit them, your weak weapon
    will bounce off or will eventually bounce off very quickly.
    Arzuros's physical attacks are as follows: He might dash towards you in some
    sort of comical charge but after a certain distance he'll break and stand right
    back up so it's more of a way of getting nearer to you. He might lunge forward
    and catch the air with his claws in an attempt to catch YOU and send you flying
    through the air. He can also do a 360 claw-swipe spin. It's very deadly and has
    a pretty surprising range. His most annoying attack, and one that he will do
    very often when he's ENRAGED, is he'll roar a bit and then begin doing claw
    swipes, one after the other, following you around (albeit very poorly). He might
    even do it up to 5 times. Just position yourself so that you can attack him the
    moment he's finished.
    In terms of breakable parts, Arzuros's only breakable part is the wrists (called
    by Capcom the "braces"). They are the reinforced forearms. However, if you're
    intent on making Arzuros weapons or armor, you will need a few braces. They are
    also capture awards too, but more so if you manage to break them. So give it
    a go. Arzuros armor is pretty good too--higher defense than Jaggi armor (but
    Jaggi armor is definitely still good) and has a great arsenal of skills. So if
    you bypassed the Jaggi armor then Arzuros armor is practically mandatory.
    Once Arzuros begins getting weak and limping away, go ahead and make chase, then
    run out ahead of him and lay down your EZ Shock Trap and STAND ON THE OTHER SIDE
    OF IT. If you lay it down then attack him, he won't pay attention to the trap
    at all. You have to be the lure. He'll run towards you and then get trapped
    in the electricity. If there's minions in the way, you'll want to be literally
    right next to him to ensure your Tranq Bombs don't miss. Press Y to throw them
    at him--you'll need two--and then you'll get a QUEST CLEAR!
    NOTE: If you're having trouble pulling off a capture, consider crafting the
          Bone armor set. It has the skill "Capture Guru". If you PAINTBALL Arzuros,
          which you should always, then when Arzuros is ready for capture the pink
          dot will flash yellow and pink.
    Arzuros again makes good armor, and also makes a great weapon for those who
    can't make weapons out of Great Jaggi (particularly Long Sword users). Like I
    said, try your very best to have green sharpness.
    Finish up the quest, claim your rewards and money, and you'll return to find
    that some people want to talk to you! The carefree lad has reports of a small
    knee-high human-like creature running around being all mysterious! Junior
    decides that this creature must be a SHAKALAKA. 
    Oh well, all you need to know is that there's a new URGENT QUEST to go see
    just what's going on.
    URGENT: Shakalaka Savior
    Objective:  Protect the Shakalaka
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Lol (1/10)
    Head out and you'll hear a "HELP!!!" (or see it in your text box) and then,
    conveniently enough, your hearing is so good you can mark where the cry came
    from! Go to Area 6.
    You'll see Mr. Shakalaka being harrassed by Jaggia. Kill them all because they
    are small minions and if you are having issues go do the Farm Aid quest or
    something. Seriously.
    Anyways, if Shakalaka kid takes too much damage and faints you'll get an
    automatic quest failure, but these are small monsters so they damage him about
    as much as they damage you. So don't worry. In any case he'll be fleeing a lot
    so it's not like he'll be sticking around to take the punishment. Kill the
    Jaggia and carve them, why don't you?
    After that, you'll see HELLLLP!!!! again and this time, it's Area 9 and there's
    Ludroth harrassing him. After you hit those girls upside the head (like I said,
    they're FEMALE Ludroth cos they're teensy tiny) he'll be fleeing again. Make
    sure you carve them!
    Go to Area 2 and this time it's Jaggi. They're even more pitifully weak than
    Jaggia so kill them. Then carve them.
    After this quest is over, Cha-Cha, as his name is, will explain just what he's
    doing over here and then say that because you're his number one minion, you
    will join him and help him in his adventures of mask-finding. Yeah, right.
    He's OUR minion, not the other way around. But go with it and you have a new
    Shakalaka companion! Actually, he's from Tri but hey.
    The good thing about having another companion with you is that the monster will
    now split its attention between you and the Shakalaka. That means that the
    monster might ignore you completley and go after Cha-Cha, giving you precious
    time to lay traps, sharpen weapons, and/or heal. Make sure you have Cha-Cha
    accompany you on quests always! ALWAYS!
    With that urgent quest bagged, you will now unlock the 3-star Quests! But here's
    the rest of the 2-star Quests. You should do them!
    By the way, now that you've "completed" the 2-star Quests, there's yet another
    Villager Request coming in, it's so you can grow Honeys, which will become
    all but essential once you start fighting bigger and bigger monsters (You can
    combine them with Potions to make MEGA POTIONS, that's why).
    *     New Honey Box!   *
    * 300 Resource Points  *
    * 2 Cactus Flowers     *
    * 2 Earth Crystals     *
    Cactus Flowers and Earth Crystals can be found in Sandy Plains.
    Bug Hunt
    Objective:  Slay 12 Altaroth
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Easy (1/10)
    This is the quest to get your Monster Fluid for that Villager Request. The
    blue supply box will provide you with 2 Poison Smoke Bombs. Use Y to detonate
    one in a group of Altaroth to poison them all. Then, when they die, instead of
    falling apart, they will leave behind carveable carcasses. This is also the
    only way to get things like the Altaroth (and other bug-related) armors and
    weapons (such as the Insecticutters). Monster Fluid is a common carve, so if
    you've got everything else needed, you can fulfill a Villager Request easy!
    This is also a good quest to use to gather other materials.
    Also, sometimes you'll see Altaroth with big fat stomach butt things that are
    different colors. Instead of poisoning them, kill them, and they'll leave behind
    a shiny that is usually either the Altaroth's stomach or another valuable item.
    I will say that weapons crafted from bug parts are unusually capable.
    My Lord's Errand
    Objective:  Hunt an Arzuros
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Easy (2/10)
    Items:      The usual.
    This time, Arzuros starts out in Area 5, I believe, so hoof your way over there.
    You don't have to capture, so it's basically BEAR TRAP but easier! You should
    also have some good armor by now, if you don't, this is the better quest to use
    to farm Arzuros for because capture is completley optional (but you will
    probably want to anyways for those Braces).
    Who's the Boss?
    Objective:  Capture a Great Jaggi
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Moderately Easy (3/10)
    Items:      Shock/Pitfall Traps, Tranq Bombs
    I've mentioned this already, but any item in the supply box that doesn't say
    in yellow "Supply Item" is free for you to grab AND KEEP. That includes those
    TRANQ BOMBS. So if you use only 2, you'll have 1 leftover to KEEP, so KEEP IT.
    Same goes for PAINTBALLS and other things not labeled "Supply Item"!
    This quest can be annoying because Great Jaggi is weak and easy to KILL. So
    again, give it lots of time to limp away. Be careful when attempting a capture
    because the minions might get in the way. Again, it is recommended you throw
    the Tranq Bombs at point-blank range or CLOSER.
    Secret of the Crystal Bones
    Objective:  Deliver 4 Crystal Bones
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains) NIGHT
    Difficulty: Easy (1/10)
    Items:      Pickaxes of all different kinds, Hot Drinks
    Grab the Hot Drinks from the Supply Box. Even though you probably won't be going
    anywhere that actually gets cold (Head to Area 6 because it has a lot of rocks,
    kill all the Melynxes first so your stuff doesn't get snitched), it's not a
    supply item so it's free to keep!
    This is also your very first quest done AT NIGHT. There'll be plenty more of
    them in the future.
    Crystal Bones are account items. You'll need four of them. They're actually
    kinda somewhat rare, but in the process you'll get valuable ORES that you'll
    need for other things (particularly Earth Crystals).
    Therefore, this is a good quest to do over and over again for some free ores.
    You can also use this quest to get CACTUS FLOWERS and whatnot for that new
    Honey Box that you will be needing.
    No Guts, No Glory
    Objective:  Deliver 3 Monster Guts
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Annoying (2/10)
    Items:      Cool Drinks
    The supply box for some reason gives you free Barrel Bomb S, and three of them
    to boot. Grab 'em and save 'em for later. You'll NEED Cool Drinks this time
    around, Delex, the critters that give you Monster Guts, hang around in Areas
    10 and 11 only. So head on over there. There is a shortcut you can take from
    base camp that'll get you to Area 7 and it'll save you time. Before you go,
    also make sure you grab the EZ Sonic Bombs, it'll make life easier.
    The Delex are leaping in and out of the sand, they're basically sand fish.
    If you toss a sonic bomb at them, they'll be ejected from the sand and wriggle.
    Kill them quick and carve them. If you run out of Sonic Bombs, what you do is
    you stand in one place. The Delex will swim towards you then pop out of the sand
    to bite you. Attack them in return and kill them.
    Another carve you could potentially get is a BIG FIN. They'll be needed later
    on (and they might be needed for other things who knows). Get your three
    Monster Guts and head back to base camp. Make sure you drink that Cool Drink or
    else you'll lose health slowly and steadily.
    In order to make Sonic Bombs for yourself, you'll want to combine Screamer with
    Gunpowder, which is made by combining Fire Herbs and mushrooms. You can easily
    grow tons of those with your FARM!!!
    A big bonus for completing all the 2-star quests is that your second Felyne
    farmhand will return! So you can grow TWO THINGS AT ONCE! To make, say,
    SONIC BOMBS which you'll probably want later on.
    On to the 3-star quests! Let's a-go!
    3-star Quests
    Bigger monsters await you here! Make sure by now you have a weapon of at least
    Green Sharpness by the time you hit Barroth in his key quest, "Leading the
    Anyways, the Key Quests are as follows: 
        Playing with Fire
        Save Our Boat
        Leading the Charge
        Accident Investigation
    So there's four this time, which is more than last time, but it's all going to
    be fun! fun fun fun!
    There's a fire monster and a water monster in this tier, meaning you can make
    yourself weapons with actual elements if you so wish. It's highly recommended
    that you do so you can upgrade them and make them BIGGER and BETTER.
    By now you'd better have some sort of armor not named Chainmail or Leather.
    Arzuros armor and Jaggi armor are both great sets. In this tier, there's plenty
    more monsters with good armor, but you'll want some good armor when you fight
    them too, okay?
    You'll also want to keep on freehunting to keep your Resource Points up AND to
    get some new RARE COMMODITIES from those large monsters that are popping up.
    Then you can do a rare trade with Argosy to get the following items that you
    should get: DOUBLE BBQ SPIT (for even more cooking!) and BOOK OF COMBOS 4.
    Later on you can get things to level up the Fishing Boats, furnitures,
    even cuter outfits for Poogie, and other great things.
    And as always, make sure Cha-Cha's with you. Customize his dances as you see fit
    okay? And get the dances from Argosy too.
    If you still have spare zennie, go to the Gal with the Goods and buy the other
    Combo Books plus the Books on Monsters so that you'll have a Monster List that
    can show off to other people you meet and Streetpass the monsters you've killed!
    As usual, there are Villager Requests. I will simply list them all before the
    quests and you can check them off as you please. Simply use Ctrl+F to find the
    request that you want.
    Can you believe that one single tier has THIS MANY REQUESTS?
    *    Fluffy Mask      *
    *---------------------* Unlocked after the Qurupeco fight.
    * 400 Resource Points * Warm Pelts come from Kelbi, and Velvety
    * 2 Qurupeco feathers * Hides come from Giggi, which you can find in
    * 2 Warm Pelts        * Area 6 if the forecast says "Bnahabra Outbreak"
    * 2 Velvety Hides     *
    *    BBQ Mask         *
    *---------------------* Unlocked after Barroth. BBQ Spit comes from
    * 400 Resource Points * Argosy as a Rare Trade. Capture Qurupeco or
    * Double BBQ Spit     * break its wings for Flintstones. Gather from
    * 1 Flintstone        * Sandy Plains and use the farm for the Fire
    * 3 Fire Herbs        * Herbs.
    *  Insecti-pride?     *
    *---------------------* After Royal Ludroth, you can level up your Insect
    * 400 Resource Points * Box. Kill Bnahabra while freehunting to get the
    * 4 Funky Pheromones  * pheromones as a Commodity. Moga Woods, D. Island, 
    * 3 Carpenter Bugs    * and S. Plains can give you Carpenterbugs.
    *  Super Shroom Box   *
    *---------------------* After Gobul, you can upgrade your farm shroom box.
    * 500 Resource Points * Trade with Argosy for the Shroom Germ+ and carve
    * 1 Monster Fluid     * Delex for a Big Fin.
    * 3 Shroom Germ+      *
    * 1 Big Fin           *
    *  Honey to Burn      *
    *---------------------* After Gobul, you can upgrade your farm honey box.
    * 400 Resource Points * Capture or Carve Royal Ludroth for the Dash Extract.
    * 1 Dash Extract      * Cactus Flowers come from S. Plains and you can grow
    * 2 Cactus Flowers    * some more in the farm, and trade with Argosy for the
    * 2 Bizzy Bees        * Bizzy Bees.
    And also after the Gobul fight... (and the last one, huff huff)
    *   Reel Deal         *
    *---------------------* This will improve the food (called the "Canteen").
    * 500 Resource Points * Gobul Whiskers are a quest reward, and you can carve its
    * 1 Gobul Whisker     * whiskers if it hasn't noticed you. Area 10 in Moga
    * 10 Bones            * Woods has a gathering spot where you can find worms...
    * 3 Frogs             * and frogs!
    Now, let's begin with the actual quests, shall we?
    Harvest Tour: Flooded Forest
    Objective:  Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: what difficulty (1/10)
    You can get really really useful KILLER BEETLES from the gathering points, and
    there's one gathering spot in area 4 that gives you Frogs! You'll notice that
    the water is very murky and that overall this place gives you the feeling of
    either a tropical forest or a swamp. As you can imagine, there will be aquatic
    battles here, and you'll probably notice that because the water's so darn
    brown, it'll be annoying. And it will be.
    Look underwater for mining spots. These mining spots are the ONLY mining spots
    that will give you the much-necessary and very valuable PELAGICITE ORE. I hate
    having to look for Pelagicite Ores, it's always that one ore I always have a
    shortage of. Pelagicite Ores are oceanic ores, so they'll never be found
    anywhere else. Stock up on them.
    If you're looking for ores in general, and perhaps AQUAGLOW JEWELS, then Area
    8 has tons more ores to adore!
    After two minutes you can head back to the base camp and deliver that Paw Pass
    Playing with Fire [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt a Qurupeco
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Somewhat difficult (5/10)
    Items:      Sonic Bombs, Dung Bombs, Paintballs, Cool Drinks
    Qurupeco is a TRUE FLYING WYVERN. Flying wyverns are some of the most iconic of
    Monster Hunter and have two legs and two wings. True Flying Wyverns can use
    these two wings to actually fly, while Pseudo (false) Flying Wyverns use these
    two wings more as front legs.
    Obviously you'll also want potions and things, you know. Stock up from the
    supply box and head on over to Area 8. Be sure to grab the EZ Sonic Bombs!
    You'll be introduced to the Qurupeco who is mimicking the cry of a GREAT JAGGI
    who is below it on the ground. Qurupeco will then fly away (to Area 4) and
    leave the Great Jaggi behind.
    This is the game's way of keying you in to the Qurupeco's signature gimmick:
    He has the ability to mimic the roars of other monsters and can SUMMON them,
    turning a boss fight into a DUAL BOSS FIGHT and no matter how weak the monsters
    are, you'd better believe a dual boss fight is damn near impossible to deal
    When I first did this quest I just flung Dung Bombs at the Great Jaggi (Dung
    Bombs will make monsters leave, that's how you deal with 'em) but eventually
    I ran out and they double-teamed me and I died. So what you should do is...
    just go kill the Great Jaggi. It's a weak monster and an easy kill. Then
    you can pursue the Qurupeco.
    NOTE: In later Qurupeco quests, he will summon much tougher customers. Dung
          Bombs will be your only feasible option. So if you want Dung Bombing
          practice, now's the time to get it in!
    Before you hit the Qurupeco, Paintball him because instead of walking to the
    next area like Arzuros did, which was easy to follow, Qurupeco will fly away
    and can make it impossible to track if you don't have a Paintballs. A word
    of warning: after around 10 minutes or so the paintball wears off, so keep
    re-paintballing him regularly to save you some pain.
    Qurupeco can take quite a bit of punishment AND deal some serious damage,
    making this one of many "Wake-up Call" bosses you'll have in this tier. This
    is essentially the LETS-SEE-IF-YOU-HAVE-WHAT-IT-TAKES tier so show up that
    silly bird and prove you're the better of the two!
    Qurupeco's other gimmick is the ability to use those flintstones on his wings
    to create fire and attack you with it. Considering your armor's weak to fire,
    you'll want to steer clear. But let me go over his physical attacks first,
    okay? No need to get ahead of myself here.
    Qurupeco will sometimes step forward and dance around and peck you with its
    big spoon bill. It's an easy attack to see coming, doesn't do a terribly large
    amount of damage, and makes him look like a chicken! But hey! He is practically
    a Yian Kut-ku, so he is practically a chicken! Whoa. Qurupeco can also jump
    and fan out his tail and do two 180's with his tail to whack you with it.
    Because he is a fairly small monster, you're too tall to avoid the tail so just
    step back, or shield yourself if you use a shielded weapon. He can also charge
    at you and then fall on his tummy. Qurupeco will occassionally take off into
    the air just out of your reach (if you're a Blademaster). When he does, you'll
    shield yourself from the WIND PRESSURE and this can be EXCEEDINGLY annoying.
    So step away and hopefully you won't be wasting time covering your face.
    Qurupeco when in the air will flail around like an idiot and then spit mucus
    slime things at you. If you're up close to Qurupeco nipping his tail and
    legs, which ARE in reach, they won't hit you. They don't do much damage but
    they inflict the "Defense Down" ailment which is bad. When Qurupeco lands, the
    same WIND PRESSURE will occur, by the way.
    Now onto Qurupeco's fire attacks. He uses the flintstones on his wings. His
    most easily-avoided fire attack is going to occur when he claps his wings
    together. He'll jump towards you, smacking his flintstones together and creating
    a small fiery explosion. If you run in circles around him he can't hit you.
    If it hits you, you'll be sent flying backwards and you'll be inflicted with
    the ailment FIREBLIGHT, which steadily drains your health. Either use a
    Nulberry if you have one (it cures all blights) or roll 4 times. The next time
    you fight Qurupeco in a more water environment, simply rolling once in the
    water will cure the blight. When Qurupeco is enraged, however, he might quickly
    and abruptly just clap his stones together and explode you. There is no true
    tell for this, so don't be attacking him front-on, okay? He might also dance
    from side to side, puff up his vocal sack, and make little flames as he does
    Qurupeco can also, as I've already said, summon other large monsters, or
    maybe just minions. You'll know the difference. If it's a BOSS monster, he will
    stand on one leg and lean forward from side to side as he summons (and likely
    it will be a cry you recognize). Once the boss monster enters, its icon will
    pop up on the touch screen and the music *might* change, so if your volume's
    up (and it should be), keep your ears clear. If Qurupeco sings and you see red
    or green instead with no dancing involved, he is either boosting his and his
    fellow minions'/other boss monster's attack, or healing everyone. So he's
    basically Hunting Horn...monster edition. How to mess up his songs to boost
    YOUR attack or heal YOU? And how to stop him from summoning? Either inflict a
    ton of damage to interrupt him (like Great Jaggi) or throw a Sonic Bomb. He
    might drop a shiny too that you can pick up! When Qurupeco's songs succeed,
    he'll do a small victory dance. You don't want to see it.
    Now, here are Qurupeco's breakable parts: The 2 Flintstones and its Beak.
    Breaking the beak can be difficult because it holds its head up so high.
    Either use a Shock Trap or flinch the guy and you'll break it and get "Strange
    Beak", which you will need for armors and weapons!
    After you've killed Qurupeco two or three times it gets easier, as all things
    do. And you'll want to, because Qurupeco armor, for so early in game, is
    FANTASTIC. It's also NOT WEAK TO FIRE! Plus if it's available, you'll want to
    turn Qurupeco into some sort of fire weapon, yes? You'll need Flintstones for
    a mask for Cha-Cha anyways. (Remember: GREEN SHARPNESS)
    Once this quest is completed, you'll learn about more quests you should do,
    and the Wyvern Artisan will talk to you about DECORATIONS, which I have already
    gone over in the beginnings of this guide. For now, pass on them. You don't need
    them (later on you'll want to customize more, but now is not later) and they
    will use up precious materials you need for armors and weapons.
    The Fluffy Mask request is unlocked after this fight. Let me say that the
    Fluffy Mask is VERY VALUABLE and acts as basically a free Paintball, and is
    useful if you either forget your Paintballs or it wears off because you forgot
    to paintball the guy again. SO GET IT.
    On to the next key quest.
    Save Our Boat [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt a Royal Ludroth
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest) NIGHT
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    Items:      The usual, plus Oxygen Supplies and Nulberries
    Royal Ludroth is a LEVIATHAN. They are crocadilian monsters that were also
    introduced in Tri and are distinguished by their more reptilian, streamlined
    appearances. They cannot fly. Most are amphibious but some rarely enter the
    Just as a note, when I do difficulty ratings, it's the difficulty an absolute
    beginner would probably agree with. Any monster over time will gradually go
    down in difficulty, yes? But the very first time, a monster can be difficult
    Yet another night quest. Take those Mini Oxy Supplies and NULBERRIES (which you
    will want to grow in the farm, not only because they're invaluable but because
    they also sell for great money so if you're poor you can sell them!). Also
    take those POISON KNIVES. Chuck four at the guy to poison him, which will help
    you immensely.
    Royal Ludroth is hanging around in Area 4, the half land, half water area.
    You'll be greeted with a short cutscene of him ordering his little harem around
    and then he'll begin to face YOU in combat. The little Ludroth can be very
    annoying so clear the area out first. Toss the Poison Knives to poison him
    and also paintball him as usual (even if Cha-Cha has the Fluffy Mask, just do
    Royal Ludroth is a Leviathan class monster, so as you can imagine, there WILL
    be some underwater combat. Annoying, I know. But let's get started with his
    attacks, shall we? I will, as usual, cover his physical attacks first.
    Royal Ludroth on land, for a leviathan crocodile thing, is much more mobile
    than a crocodile. His attacks are also very generic for leviathans, so if you
    study up on them and know them like the back of your hand like you will
    eventually, it'll come in handy for fights against the almighty LAGIACRUS.
    Royal Ludroth can lunge forward once-twice and do a once-twice bite to go
    with it. It's easily avoided. Attack his body for the most part. The mane is
    his weak spot but it's easy to get bowled over. When he's walking aggressively,
    he can easily send you flying. If you're behind him and he peeks back at you,
    that's your cue to get out of the way because he will do a tail two-swipe,
    one to one side and one to the other and it will send you flying as well.
    Perhaps Royal Ludroth's most devastating attack is his side barrel rolls (DO
    A BARREL ROLL!). When not enraged, he will look to the side and lift up his
    claws in preparation, so move out of its range and let him roll closer to you
    for easier attacking. When it rage mode, the only tell he'll give you is that
    he'll suddenly get into what is akin to a kung-fu pose and then launch himself
    Here's Royal Ludroth's special attacks. As you can guess, he's a water-element
    monster. He'll sometimes stand still and simply spit out two waterballs, one
    front, and two side. The two side ones can be farther to the side than you'd
    think, so just stay clear of his front. Another one he'll do is where he'll
    charge forward, spitting bluer waterballs left side-right side-left side-right
    side as he goes. When enraged, he will somersault at the end and do the same
    thing in a different direction. Play catch-up with him instead of attempting to
    dodge them, they have surprisingly good aim. Sometimes if he's feeling lazy,
    he'll just fire one big waterball while standing still, but it's uncommon.
    If any of them hit you, they might not damage you too much but they'll give
    you WATERBLIGHT, which makes your stamina recover at the pace of a snail. Use
    a Nulberry to cure it--especially if you're underwater where stamina is a must,
    you will want your stamina recovering at normal pace!
    As you can guess, fighting him underwater is going to be hard. He's much more
    mobile. Sometimes he'll torpedo charge at you and then reorient himself and
    curl around. It's best to dodge UP and DOWN instead of LEFT and RIGHT. Sometimes
    Royal Ludroth will flip his tail, causing a current of water to go to you.
    You will do what you did when Qurupeco took off, you will shield your face.
    If you had the skill CURRENT RES (HI), then you'd be immune, but oh well.
    Royal Ludroth can still fire off waterballs, but he'll only fire big ones, not
    the small blue ones. He also cannot barrel roll underwater, instead, he can
    somersault and do other contortionist-esque moves. Whenever Royal Ludroth is
    reorienting himself, he'll be swimming with his little legs, and those claws
    might accidentally scratch you and trip you, so be careful.
    Here are Royal Ludroth's breakable parts: You can chop off the tail, break the
    mane, and break his face. If you chop off the tail, you can carve it. It is
    the only way to get R. Ludroth Tails, which you might need. If you break the
    mane, you get a higher chance of getting Dash Extracts AND he will drop a
    shiny you should pick up. If you are a Blademaster, FOCUS ON HIS TAIL to chop
    it off because in general, monsters with cuttable tails are a lot easier to
    deal with without the end of their tail. Also, you'll want the practice. If you
    play multiplayer and you are the swordsman, it is your job to do tailcutting!
    When Royal Ludroth his tired, he will automatically swim to the "Ludroth Den",
    which is AREA 8 in Flooded Forest (AREA 12 in D. Island or Moga Woods, btw).
    Instead of going there immediately and having to fight him even more, wait for
    a few seconds and you'll be able to see him SLEEPING. If you just so happened
    to have Barrel Bombs on your person, set some up near his face--monsters take
    triple damage when they're sleeping and the Barrel Bomb strategy is a common
    one pulled off online. Otherwise, if you're lazy, since he's asleep he WILL
    be capture ready, so you could set a trap down and wake him up, then lure him
    in. Just wake him up and deal with him on land. Be quick about it because he
    might leave the area again.
    Royal Ludroth gives Dash Extracts as awards. They're VERY VALUABLE. Combine
    them with Well-Done Steaks to get MEGA DASH JUICE! You will also have unlocked
    the second of three fishing boats to send out on expeditions. Royal Ludroth
    will also be in Moga Woods now (they provide a lot of Resource Points! 600, I
    believe?), and a new Village Request is in for upgrading your Insect Box.
    You've now unlocked your next Key Quest. Make sure you turn Royal Ludroth into
    a weapon pronto, and make sure it has GREEN SHARPNESS. Have a good set of
    armor, too, this next Key Quest could go very badly if you aren't prepared.
    Leading the Charge [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt a Barroth
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    Items:      Cool Drinks, Cleanser, Paintballs in addition to the usual
    Barroth is a BRUTE WYVERN, a new class of monster introduced in Tri. Brute
    Wyverns are basically giant tyrannosaurus rexes that charge at you to hit you
    like a nuke and are distinguished by their T-rex-esque appearance and
    anatomical similarities, such as balancing most of their weight on their hips
    and possessing very small forearms. They cannot fly.
    I seriously love how Capcom really took the time to study anatomy and make it
    as accurate and true to their real-life inspirations as possible. As an artist
    it just makes me go into SUPER SAIYAN FANGIRL MODE.
    But I digress. Back to the quest.
    Pick up the Cleansers and things from the blue supply box, you WILL need them.
    Then head on over to area 3 and you'll see a cutscene introducing you to the
    loveable Barroth, the result of a T-rex and a bulldozer's affair. Barroth's
    got some really odd elemental weakness thing going on because of his half-blood
    nature, you know. If he's covered in his muddy armor, then he's weak to Water,
    but if you break it all off then he's weak to Fire. Not that it matters, as
    long as you're hitting him you're damaging him, yes?
    Barroth is the first monster you're introduced to that can make you stop and
    clap your hand over your ears with his roar--it's that loud. If you want to
    run through it you'll need the armor skill EARPLUGS, but that's not a necessity,
    just buck up and deal with it. Barroth will roar when you first encounter him,
    and when he's about to go into Rage Mode. Make sure you PAINTBALL that sucker
    because he will dig into the ground to escape you like the jerk he is.
    Barroth's main gimmick is the ability to shake mud off of himself and thus
    coat you in mud, making you look like a fat, obese person. And if you know
    anything, being a fat, obese hunter is a BAD IDEA and you should use Cleansers
    to get it off! Or if you're right beneath him while he shakes himself you
    shouldn't get hit. If you don't have Cleansers, Cha-Cha will get the message
    soon enough and come over and hit you, freeing you. The status, by the way,
    is called "Muddied" or something like that.
    Barroth can chase after you trying to bite you, and when he does he'll lean
    forward and then sweep to the side. It's an easy attack to avoid. He can also
    do the same double 180 tailswing that Qurupeco does, but because you're short
    and he's humongous, if you're smacking his WEAK POINT, the ARMS, then you're
    safe from his camarderie. He can also smash his forehead into the ground to
    But his signature attack, and the most dangerous, is one where he lowers his
    head and CHARGES RIGHT AT YOU. Once he's committed to a direction, he can't
    change much, so GET OUT OF THERE because that attack will hit you like a
    nuke and it will hurt and send you flying and possibly STUN YOU. When enraged,
    he might do this more than once in a row. After his charge, you might think it
    safe to come up and attack him from behind, but BE CAREFUL because after his
    charge, he will sweep his tail down and it can easily catch you.
    Barroth's breakable parts are as follows: You can break the mud off of his
    forearms and legs. You can break the mud off of his tail, but only after the
    mud is removed can you chop the tail off. You can also remove the top part
    of Barroth's head, but his head will bounce you off (it requires a weapon of
    blue sharpness--a sharpness unobtainable until High Rank) so unless you're
    very foolhardy or a HAMMER or HUNTING HORN user, don't bother. The mud can be
    broken off of Barroth's legs and tail over and over again--the tail so long as
    it's not chopped off. You'll want to try your darndest to chop it, though,
    with only half a tail his tail sweeps are less threatening and you get Barroth
    Tails! His arms, as mentioned before, the weak point, and if you're a
    Blademaster, especially if your weapon is a small one, the safest place to be
    is right between his legs (this is true for all exceptionally large monsters
    with legs that can be stood between).
    Barroth makes for a good early game weapon and armor set too, by the way.
    After you've completed this quest you'll unlock the 4-star urgent quest for
    the 4-star Quests, fighting the Gobul. Cha-Cha will have his BBQ Mask idea
    in the Village Requests section too.
    URGENT: Accident Investigation
    Objective:  Hunt a Gobul
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: Somewhat difficult (5/10)
    Items:      Oxygen Supplies, Sonic Bombs, and after the first time, Frogs
    Gobul is also a Leviathan but he's so fat and wide that he hardly looks like
    one. The very first time you fight him, you will have to swim your way to
    Area 6 for the cutscene. That's not how you want to start a fight, right?
    You'd want to start on land. Well good for you, subsequent fights with Gobul
    can be initiated on land by using a FROG to fish him out (just how you do that
    is beyond me but hey, it's Monster Hunter. You don't question it).
    Gobul's biggest gimmick is that stupid, annoying, pointless lantern of his.
    It will flash three times, then act as a flash bomb against YOU and stun you.
    A shielded weapon can shield you from it (wat) and if you have the exact
    expert timing you can roll through it. Or if your weapon's not out you can
    SUPERMANLY DIVE and use that invincibility frame to your advantage. Otherwise
    you're stunned. Rotate your circle pad really fast to recover quicker.
    Gobul's second gimmick is his tail whack. Like Royal Ludroth, he can tail whack,
    but it does like no damage and instead paralyzes you. Gobul's final gimmick
    is the ability to burrow underground and then suddenly leap out of nowhere to
    bite you or something. Just panic run in circles, okay?
    On land, Gobul's a fish out of the water and is essentially a fat Ludroth.
    You'll want to be careful though, his sheer girth means you can't roll to the
    side to dodge one of his biting charges (in which he CHOMPCHOMPCHOMPS while
    rampaging forward) because you'll still get hit, so don't attack him head-on.
    Gobul will puff himself up like a pufferfish and then do barrel rolls similar
    to Royal Ludroth but they're clumsy and easy to see coming. When he's all
    puffed up and looking stupid, his spikes will show up. They are DAMAGING and
    also you will bounce because puffed up hides are extra hard.
    He shares the same two-step two-bite with Royal Ludroth but it's slower and
    harder to dodge because he's a fatty.
    Underwater, Gobul's plain annoying, and the murking water doesn't help.
    Nonetheless, he will puff himself up when enraged and charge at you, or do
    a fancy weird somersault thing that can send you flying through the water and
    stun you. He can't paralyze you underwater. He can still pull off his lantern
    move. Underwater is where one of Gobul's most signaturely annoying moves
    comes into use: His vacuum mouth. You saw what he did to Epioth. Well he's
    gonna use it on YOU.
    Gobul will burrow underwater--put your weapon away and swim AWAY. When he pops
    up, only his head and top fins will show and he'll open his wide piehole and
    SUCK all the water in. What's even worse is that he rotates gradually, meaning
    it's surprisingly hard to dodge. If you get hit you suffer major damage and
    will be inflicted with Waterblight, plus you might be stunned. If you're
    behind him when he does his vacuum move, you can hit him upside the head as
    he attempts to hit you.
    Speaking of Gobul burrowing under the ground, he will do that to escape you
    so paintball him, and sometimes he'll just launch himself upwards into the
    air and then land back in the water. When you enter a new area, you often won't
    see him. You'll see his whiskers though. They look exactly like all the other
    weeds in the area...except that his has additional puffs of air bubbles. You
    can use this time to CARVE his whiskers to get Gobul Whiskers, ATTACK his
    whiskers, or you could use a SONIC BOMB and pop him out of the ground!
    Oh, the options.
    Gobul will go to Area 8 like Royal Ludroth will to hide when he's tired, but
    he won't sleep. He'll hide himself. Use your options and do what you will, but
    kill him and carve his carcass and turn it into a hat or something, okay?
    Gobul's breakable parts are as follows: You can smash his lantern and disable
    flashing abilities. It is the only way to get Gobul Lanterns, which you will
    want whether you need them or not because they're extra rare and shows off your
    mad skills. It's a small target, so do your best! You can also chop off his
    tail. If you chop it off he can still paralyze you, unfortunately, but you
    can carve that tail and get Gobul tails!
    Now you've unlocked the 4-star Quests. Wow, things are passing by quickly all
    of a sudden! You'll also have 3 Village Requests (check out the top section
    and use Ctrl+F to find the request) so get those resources and upgrade your
    farm! Here's the rest of the 3-star quests for you to try out.
    Trapping a Trickster
    Objective:  Capture a Qurupeco
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat difficult (4/10)
    Items:      Dung Bombs, Sonic Bombs, Shock/Pitfall Traps, Tranq Bombs
    Qurupeco might summon Great Jaggi again. If so, kill it dead. Or, he might
    summon a RATHIAN, a flying wyvern female dragon that is currently WAY beyond
    your skill level. Dung Bomb the sucker and get her out of there. Prevention is
    the best method, so if you can, use a Sonic Bomb to stop Mr. Peco's antics.
    When Qurupeco limps, don't put the trap down just yet, because he's limping to
    a particular spot in the area to take off and fly away from. When he lands in
    the next area (did you Paintball?), then lay down your trap pronto, and
    somewhat close to him because he could land and take right back off. Be sure
    to steal that EZ trap and the Tranq Bombs and the Dung Bombs and things from
    the supply box!
    This quest nets you better rewards because it's a capture, so this might be the
    better quest if you're looking for Qurupeco armor.
    A Royal Pain
    Objective:  Capture a Royal Ludroth
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: Somewhat difficult (4/10)
    Items:      Oxygen Supplies, Tranq Bombs, Shock/Pitfall Traps
    When Royal Ludroth is sleeping in Area 8, his den, stick the trap right next to
    his ugly face and then wake him up. The moment he moves he'll be trapped and
    it's a guaranteed catch, just throw those Tranq Bombs. Be sure to steal all
    that nifty-keen free stuff from the supply box as usual.
    Rhenoplos Rampage!
    Objective:  Slay 6 Rhenoplos
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: lol (1/10)
    Items:      Cool Drinks
    Lots of Rhenoplos spawn everywhere, like 1 and 8 (you'll need a Cool Drink to
    get to Area 8 without losing healthy). You'll get lots of bones and Rhenoplos
    parts as rewards too. Rhenoplos are annoying, they'll charge at you and send
    you flying, even if the attacker was another monster (I'm sure you found that
    out during the Barroth fight). So have your revenge.
    Rhenoplos armor, stupid as it looks, has an armor skill that will make you
    immune to the mud from Barroth and later, the snow from Lagombi. Just something
    to think about. You'll also need Rhenoplos parts if you want Barroth armor,
    which is again, stupid looking, but pretty practical.
    Herbivore Egg Hunt
    Objective:  Deliver 2 Herbivore Eggs
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Annoying (2/10)
    Carrying an egg is different than delivering shrooms or something. It will
    actually show up in your arms and it's so heavy you waddle while carrying it.
    If you run, you'll waddle faster. If your stamina gets red, you'll drop the
    egg and you'll fail and have to go get another one. You will drop the egg if
    you jump from a tall height, if you get hit by a small minion or a large
    monster, or if you purposefully drop the egg.
    So practice them dodgin' skills (without rolling!). The egg nest is in Area 7,
    so pick up one and truck it to base camp. Then repeat. Egg quests always give
    really nice money AND rewards (things like Steel and Silver Eggs can be sold
    for another couple thousand zennie, they exist as vendor trash). If you want
    efficiency, get the Felyne food skill Transporter, or if you're really nitpicky,
    forge the Loc Lac armor.
    Toxic Troublemaker
    Objective:  Hunt a Great Wroggi
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: POISON ERMYGERD (3/10)
    Items:      ANTIDOTES
    This is a quest that you will actually want to do--GET THE WROGGI ARMOR JUST
    DO IT LISTEN TO ME. For one, Wroggi armor possess the ability to GIVE YOU
    IMMUNITY TO POISON!!! For another, and this is great for Blademasters, Wroggi
    armor has the skill RAZOR SHARP which cuts the rate your weapon decreases in
    sharpness by HALF. HALF!!! I'm a Wroggi armor person, and you should be too.
    Area 10 is where you'll have to go first time around, subsequent hunts he'll
    be all over the place. His minions, the Wroggi, are especially more annoying
    because of Great Wroggi's special attack so clear them out and carve their
    hides, you'll be needing their parts for Wroggi armor.
    Great Wroggi's special attack, and his main gimmick, is the ability to spit
    poison from that big poison sac of his. So make sure you attack him from a
    diagonal, not straight head on. This is also the reason you'll want to clear out
    the Wroggis, they can spit small teensy minion-sized poison balls that can also
    poison you, and if you run out of Antidotes you're going to be in for a rough
    Great Wroggi can also summon in even more minions like Great Jaggi can. He
    can do the shoulderbarge/hipcheck thing, and it is equally dangerous. He
    sports the same front and side bites that you'll want to watch out for, and the
    double tailswing in which he turns to whip his tail at you, just like Great
    Jaggi. In rage mode, Great Wroggi can, just like Great Jaggi, link attacks
    together and maybe even do a double shoulderbarge that you'll want to not get
    hit by because it's no fun.
    Great Wroggi's only breakable part is his poison sac, but if you break it his
    poison abilities are greatly hindered and you'll get things like KING'S BEAK
    and POISON SACS for your Wroggi armor!
    Pest Control
    Objective:  Slay 12 Bnahabra
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: ARGH BUGS (1/10)
    Items:      POISON SMOKE BOMBS
    Unlike Altaroth, Bnahabra when killed conventionally have a slim chance of dying
    without falling into pieces, leaving behind a carveable carcass, but if you
    want that chance to be 100%, use a Poison Smoke Bomb! It can be tricky working
    with them to aim them right, and likely you can only poison one at a time,
    but you will be rewarded.
    Bnahabra armor, by the way, is pimp-tastic and you should wear it and show off
    what a stylish, gentlemanly kind of hunter lady you are.
    Because the Bnahabra are so spread out, I'll tell you the route I usually take:
    Area 4 has lots of Bnahabra, 4 or 5. Kill them, carve them. Then head over to
    area 7 and kill those. Area 9 has a few more, 1 or 2, and then area 10 usually
    has around 5 and that should fill your Bnahabra quota.
    The Deadliest Catch
    Objective:  Slay 7 Ludroth
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest) NIGHT
    Difficulty: wut (1/10)
    I feel like they put this stupid quest in this tier to make fun of that intense
    TV show called "The Deadliest Catch" because we all know little girl Ludroth are
    oh so deadly.
    Anyways just get this done. They're everywhere, particularly in Area 8, the
    Ludroth den. Ludroth armor is very ugly so you shouldn't wear it, but hey,
    to unlock the VERY LAST TWO QUESTS EVER this quest will need to be completed
    so just do it, why not.
    All right. On to the 4-star Quests!
    4-star Quests
    This is the tier where Lagiacrus will rear his ugly head. Soon enough, you will
    face the village's worst nemesis. Are you ready to save the village? The fate
    of many lies in your hands.
    There are going to be many more Village requests to level up your farm, which
    you will want! So make sure you keep on freehunting. You might also get some
    RARE COMMODITIES so you can rare trade with Argosy and get things like, I
    dunno, a new dance for your Shakalaka? A Combo Book to increase your chances?
    Levelling up your fishing fleet?
    Here they all are:
    *     Lamp Mask       *
    *---------------------* Unlocked after the Rathian fight. Flame Sacs are a
    * 500 Resource Points * Rathian item. Machalite Ores can be mined in
    * Flame Sac           * every single area. Try Moga Woods.
    * Gobul Lanturn       *
    * Machalite Ore x4    *
    *  Field of Dreams    *
    *---------------------* Unlocked after "Lost in the Blue". Fertile Mud is
    * 500 Resource Points * a Barroth item. Catalysts can be made by combining
    * Fertile Mud x2      * Honey and Bitterbug. If you go to Marina in Tanzia,
    * Super-sized Dung x2 * Granny Go-to (that old lady with a HUGE sack) might
    * 2 Catalysts         * sell some on certain days. Try your luck.
    *     Milk Run        *
    *---------------------* Unlocked after first Lagi Urgent Quest. Ivy can be
    * 500 Resource Points * gathered from plants. Mega Nutrients = Nutrients+Honey,
    * Ivy x10             * Nutrients = Blue Mushroom + Godbug. Pale Extract is
    * Mega Nutrients x10  * a Gigginox item.
    * Pale Extract x2     *
    * Calling all Bugs    *
    *---------------------* Bugmaker! Pro is from the Argosy Captain, trade with
    * 500 Resource Points * him to get some. Unlocked after second Lagi Urgent
    * Bugmaker! Pro x4    * Quest.
    * Killer Beetle x3    *
    Your new hunting area this time around is the TUNDRA, although there's plenty
    of other monsters in your old stomping grounds. Around this time you can try
    some of the Tanzia 1-star Quests if you don't have any friends, you should have
    armor and weapons good enough for it.
    Oh. Right. You play Monster Hunter. Of course you don't have any friends.
    Oh, I'm sorry. Was that offensive?
    There's lots of new monsters in this tier, so there's many options. I recommend
    you go turn Gigginox, Rathian, and Lagombi into weapons if possible. Great
    Baggi isn't all that important.
    While there are four key quests, you don't actually have to do all of them.
    You do one to unlock the first Lagiacrus fight, and one to unlock the second.
    As per usual though, you'll be needing to do all these quests eventually, so if
    you don't want to have to come back here later, just do all the quests now,
    why don't you?
    You will also probably have some strange items called ARMOR SPHERES. What are
    these used for? You can use them to increase the defense of your armor. It's
    like upgrading your weapons but instead you're increasing defensive abilities.
    You should use them!
    I will start of as I always do, with the Harvest Tour of your new area.
    Harvest Tour: Tundra
    Objective:  Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: lol (1/10)
    Items:      Hot Drinks
    Make sure you bring your Hot Drinks, okay? The Gal with the Goods sells them
    in abundance, just go buy 99 for your box so you won't have to worry for a long
    long while.
    You can find more Killer Beetles and Thunderbugs in the Tundra than anywhere
    else, but there's nothing bug-tacular about this place until High Rank. What
    makes this place so valuable is its ores. Head on over to Area 4 and mine the
    place. Did you bring your Pickaxes? You'll absolutely ABSOLUTELY want to get
    your hands on the precious ISSISIUM and LIGHTCRYSTALS you could possibly find
    here. You can also mine Armor Sphere+'s, necessary for even BETTER armor
    upgrades, as well as the account item Bloodstones. But definitely go for the
    Issisium! Later on in High Rank there'll be even better ores.
    Area 5 is where there will always be a strange, blobular, writhing nest of...
    what the hell are those worm things WHAT ARE THEY WHY ARE THEY SUCKING ON MY
    HEAD OH MY GOD. Yeah, terrifying. I don't find them cute, I find them
    TERRIFYING. They're called GIGGI and they're Gigginox babies! Awwww aren't they
    just precious? Actually, some people find Giggi to be kinda adorable. If you
    give them the chance, they will leap onto your face and suck the life out of
    you and also grow bigger! Roll 3 times to get rid of them, then kill them and
    carve them for things like VELVETY HIDES and MONSTER FLUID, both of which
    you'll need! Unless you destroy the Giggi nest (yes, you can destroy it), there
    will be unlimited Giggis for you to farm, so go crazy.
    Those big, friendly mammals you see are called Popo, they don't give anything
    particularly precious. The small Jaggi-like carnivores that are a pretty shade
    of blue are Baggis, they're the resident annoying idiots that hang around here.
    If you're going to be wanting some ice weapons, kill a few so you'll have
    spare Baggi parts in case you need some. They'll have more health than what
    you're used to, but they're no problem.
    That's it for our Tundra tour! When you're ready, hoof it back to Base Camp,
    deliver the Paw Pass Ticket, and you're done!
    Our first Key Quest that you will be attempting involves hunting what is a
    combination of a koala, a bunny, and a penguin. Are you ready? Prepare your
    fire weapon, if you have one, and let's get ready to...slide!
    The Snowbound Slider [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt a Lagombi
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Somewhat Easy (3/10)
    Items:      Cleansers, Hot Drinks
    Lagombi is yet another Pelagus Fanged Beast, similar to Arzuros. As such, you
    can be expecting this big ol' bunny to share many similar attacks. So grab
    the stuff (plus the free stuff!) from the supply box and head on over to...
    Area 2! You'll be introduced to the Lagombi, who slides on ice (and wants
    HUGS!) to get to you. As you can probably guess now, Lagombi's special
    gimmick is his ability to slide around on his penguin tummy.
    Unlike Arzuros, who was a bit clumsier considering his wide girth, Lagombi's
    love handles don't see to interfere with his ability to fight. If you need
    practice, Lagombi is the Novice monster in the demo, so download that and
    have fun. Or you could, you know, read this guide?
    Lagombi has the standard Arzuros move where he'll step forward and try to
    catch you with his claws. He does not have the 2 - 5 multi-claw-swipe. He
    will, like Arzuros, stand on his hind legs like he's a person. The best place
    to attack him is, of course, his rear end. But even his behind isn't safe.
    Every now and then he'll give his buttcrack a wiggle and then he'll sit on you.
    This is his BUTTCHECK attack and it's hilarious looking but can also deal a
    whopping lot of damage (he's so fat, why wouldn't it?). So roll over to the side
    when you see it coming and use the attack animation to fix yourself up and
    reposition yourself for an attack!
    Now I'll talk to you about Lagombi's icey-slidey attacks. He can torpedo himself
    forward at you, and he can do this up to 3 or 4 times when enraged, so play the
    catch-up game carefully or you might be on the receiving end of a hit, and they
    hurt! Lagombi's most annoying attack to try and dodge is his 180 slide spin.
    Well, scratch that. It's annoying, and it does a lot of damage, and it's a full
    180. But Lagombi has an even specialer move: He'll do a complete 360 donut
    spin. Unless you're right in front of his nose or super far away from him,
    expect to get sent flying unless you can use a shield (if you even have one).
    Lagombi's special, elemental move is, quite obviously, ice, so if your armor's
    weak to ice, be careful. He'll jump and throw ice-snow-balls at you. If it
    hits you, you're essentially encased in the ice version of Barroth's mud, and
    you have the "Snowman" status. As with Barroth's mud, you can use a CLEANSER
    to get rid of it (or let Cha-Cha hit you). If you dodge the ice ball, be wary
    because it could still hit you if you run into it--it will continue rolling,
    getting bigger and bigger (for once it actually obeys the rules of logic) until
    it randomly vanishes after a certain distance.
    Lol what happened to the logic
    Lagombi otherwise is a fluffy hair-raising hare and isn't the worst monster
    ever. He can be made into all sorts of super-duper ice weapons--if you're a
    Dual Swords user you'd better make the Snow Slicers.
    Lagombi's breakable parts are as follows: His ears. That's it. They'll both
    break at one time. His head is a small target and he's constantly standing on
    his hind legs, but when he's tired and falling over all the time (like Arzuros)
    it's a good time to bash his face in, don't you think?
    On to our next Key Quest!
    Leader of the Icepack [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt a Great Baggi
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Surprisingly not-easy (4/10)
    Items:      Energy Drinks, Hot Drinks
    Make sure you always bring your usual stock of Potions and Paintballs as well.
    Similar to all of his "Great"s cousins, he can utilize a network of caves that
    you can't, so Paintball the sucker.
    Great Baggi has all of the moves of Great Jaggi and Great Wroggi and is
    essentially their good aspects mashed together into one. Like Great Wroggi,
    he can spit saliva and like Great Jaggi he can summon more minions (although
    Mr. Wroggi can too).
    So you might be thinking, "Hell yeah! Great Jaggi impersonator! So easy!" and
    you'd probably be right, because many others think the same thing. But in
    reality, Great Baggi actually presents a very surprisingly annoying challenge.
    Don't go diving into this fight thinking you'll get it easy, because Great
    Baggi can be very very annoying.
    First of all, head on over to Area 7 where you'll see the cutscene (I believe it
    is Area 7). You might also see him in Area 2, same as Lagombi. After you're
    introduced to him and his minions, clear out the minions. Just clear them out.
    Like the little Wroggis, the little Baggis share Great Baggi's special attack
    and it will result in much pain.
    After they're all gone, you can start dealing with Great Baggi.
    Great Baggi will actually deal out a lot more damage than you'd think, and he
    can take a ton more punishment than both of his cousins combined. He is very
    annoying and the first time I faced him, I thought it'd be easy but nope! I
    fainted instead. Even when not in Rage Mode, Great Baggi can attack very fast.
    He has the exact same physical attacks (bite, side bite, tail whip,
    shoulderbarge/hipcheck, etc.) but they hit like a truck so be prepared.
    He will spam the shoulderbarge attack a lot more than his cousins.
    Great Baggi's gimmick is a lot deadlier than Great Wroggi's. The saliva he
    spits out, as you saw in his introduction video, will put you to sleep. As you
    stagger around and start to fall over, down an Energy Drink. Not only will it
    boost your stamina, but it'll wake you right back up. The little Baggis can
    spit little minion-sized balls of saliva that can also put you to sleep,
    which is why I told you to clear 'em out.
    However, if you run out of Energy Drinks, try your best to stagger towards a
    little minion or your Shakalaka companion because if they attack you, you'll
    wake up but if Great Baggi attacks you, you'll wake up with suddenly no HP and
    faint, which is never a good thing.
    Great Baggi's only breakable part is the crest atop his jaw. Pretty thing,
    I wouldn't want to smash it but let's smash it because he's so annoying.
    After this quest is over you'll suddenly have a message saying THE LAGIACRUS
    similar to the Shakalaka Savior quest is a one-time-only quest, you can never
    do it ever ever again! You cannot do any other quests really until you do
    this one. So get it done.
    URGENT: Trial of the Sea Dragon
    Objective:  Repel a Lagiacrus
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (4/10)
    Items:      Your typical inventory is good enough
    Head on over to Area 5 and you'll see Jaggi bothering a sleeping Lagiacrus.
    Lagiacrus will wake up all annoyed and the Jaggi will scamper. Guess we have
    to deal with the consequences of their stupidity (you can deal with the Jaggi
    later I'd suppose).
    Lagiacrus on land is an enormous Royal Ludroth. Just think of him that way.
    He can do the two-step two-bite, which is easy enough to dodge and brings his
    head within range of attacking. He can swipe a claw at you. My recommendation
    is to just stay away from his front end and aim for his tail, especially if you
    use a cutting weapon.
    Lagiacrus's new moves that Royal Ludroth doesn't pull off are as follows:
    He can torpedo forward and then brake and swing his tail a bit to stop himself.
    It is easy to avoid and you can use the window of tiem that he reorients
    himself to attack his tail. Lagiacarus also has a HIPCHECK. Similar to Royal
    Ludroth's barrel roll, he will position himself and then, like a sidewinder,
    sidewind to the side. It has a very large range and so you'll want to make
    sure you're on the other side. Then just catch up to him and attack him.
    Lagiacrus's roar can stop you in your tracks, and he can go into Rage Mode
    during this quest. So be careful. This fight is scripted in that Lagiacrus
    will go from Area 5 to Area 9, then Area 10, and finally he'll leap into the
    water. Dive in after him, attack him some more if you have to, and then you'll
    get the Quest Complete! fanfare and he'll swim away beyond Area 10 (if you
    try to chase after him, you'll encounter an invisible wall lol).
    All of Lagiacrus's parts can be broken in this quest. If you break his front
    claws, there'll be a scar on top of his feet. If you break his chest, a very
    big and obvious scar will show up. Break his horns and his head will appear
    much less majestic than it ought to. Chop off his tail and you can carve it,
    giving you a Lagiacrus part before you're supposed to get one! Pocket your
    quest rewards and save them for later.
    You'll now unlock what is essentially 4-star Quests part 2. So let's get
    cracking, shall we?
    Dragon Lady [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt a Rathian
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat difficult (4/10)
    Items:      Antidotes, PAINTBALLS, Flash Bombs, DUNG BOMBS
    By now you'll want to consider always bringing a Shock Trap and Tranq Bombs
    along with you in case a quest either comes down to the wire or you're facing
    iminent death and failure...or if you just get lazy and want to save five
    minutes or so.
    Grab the Antidotes (or, if you're wearing Wroggi armor, grab them because they
    are free!) and head on over to Area 3. You'll witness a great big huge FLYING
    WYVERN swoop down and kill an Aptonoth and roar. She is the Rathian and she is
    Queen of the Land, and she will kill you without hesitation using her awesome
    gymnastic skills.
    Oh, grab the EZ Flash Bombs too.
    Paintball her before you do anything else, Like Qurupeco she can fly to escape
    and this can make tracking her annoying. Should you ever forget to tag her
    though, and if she is visibly exhausted, always go ahead and check Area 8.
    She also likes Area 2, 3, and 5. Very rarely will she be in Area 7.
    So, her physical attacks first: She can do a side-chomp thing and lift her tail
    to her right abruptly. Easily avoided and nothing special, just attack her
    as she does it, it looks stupider than it is harmful to you. Rathian can also
    charge forward like Qurupeco. When she's exhausted she'll fall over and have a
    hard time getting back up. Must be because she doesn't have any front legs.
    Rathian can also do the double-180 tail swing. It can be very harmful and will
    send you flying. If you stay between her legs, you should be all right. But
    when she's moving around swinging her big ol' tail, she could trip you by
    accidentally nicking you, so be careful. The FELYNE BALANCER skill will prevent
    you from falling down like a big idiot.
    Rathian, despite her title, can and will fly up a short distance away from your
    puny melee weapon (Gunners can still hit her though). This is where bringing
    items comes in! Toss the Flash Bomb so that it detonates in front of her, it'll
    bring her down and give you time to attack her!
    If you don't know how to use your Flash Bombs or you forgot to take them or
    you're out or whatever, don't fret, she'll land eventually. Her tail will still
    drag on the ground, too, and so you can nip at her tail. I once chopped off
    Rathian's tail while she was in the air, that brought her down very easily.
    When Rathian's in the air, STAY OUT OF HER LINE OF SIGHT. STAY AWAY. AWAY!!!
    Like an eagle, she can swoop down on you and attempt to maul you. She might
    charge while flying at you too, and end with the eagle swoop.
    But most deadly of all, she can do her BACKFLIP attack. If her tail hits you
    as she backflips, there are poison barbs on her tail. Not only will you likely
    get up with half of your health left, but you will be POISONED (unless you have
    WROGGI ARMOR which is too awesome to be poisoned) and you will want to drink
    an ANTIDOTE and a POTION so you don't die.
    About her eagle swoops: She has a few different varations but they're all the
    same and they'll PIN you. The camera will suddenly change, you can't move,
    you can't use items, and you'll see a pink-purple bar at the bottom of the
    screen. You are pinned, Miss Rathian is EATING you to restore her own health,
    and when she's done she'll backflip and send you flying with none of your
    health left PLUS poison on top of it all. Detonate a poo bomb in her face and
    you will be freed!
    FUNNY STORY: Once when I was capturing a Rathian, she landed down as if to
                 pin me but because it was in a very weird corner, she didn't
                 touch me at all and instead landed and began to attack my
                 Shakalakas. But guess what: My hunter still had the pinned
                 animation (on the back rolling from side to side curled up in
                 a ball) and so I had to wait for Rathian to FIREBALL me before I
                 could get back up and lay down my Shock Trap!
    Now, on to Rathian's special attacks: As you can probably guess, she breathes
    fire, and lots of it. Mostly she'll stand still and fire three fireballs,
    one center, one left, one right. If you're next to her, just attack her.
    She's too busy firing fireballs to notice you. When she's exhausted, she'll
    attempt to breathe fire and instead will get a small puff of flame. If you're
    in the line of firing, the fireball will never reach you, but if you're right
    next to her face, you're still susceptible to fireblight, so roll or use a
    Nulberry to get rid of it, why don't you?
    Rathian in Rage Mode can be terrifying, and if she's raising up a bit of a
    party then lay down your trap and use it to immobilize her. Then if you can
    land enough hits, she'll be demoralized and she will limp away and you should
    either capture her for good or head over to Area 8 where she's sleeping,
    detonate a few Barrel Bombs, and kill her dead.
    Rathian's breakable parts are as follows: Two wings, head, and you can pop off
    the tail. The tail has all sorts of rare items just waiting to be carved out
    of it, most notably the PLATES, so do yourself a favor and chop it off. She
    can still poison you but it's worth the tail chop. Breaking her head increases
    your chance of receiving the PLATES as a quest reward, and you'll want them to
    make Rathian/Rathalos weapons, which are very durable and good. Breaking her
    wings gives you WEBBINGS and MARROW and you'll also want them. Yup, she's full
    of precious items.
    Now the Lagiacrus has returned. Do you have your Fire or Ice weapon ready? If
    so, go forth and kill it dead!
    URGENT: Fell the Lagiacrus!
    Objective:  Hunt a Lagiacrus (and save the village!)
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Actually hard (6/10)
    Items:      Nulberries, Oxygen Supplies
    Too bad for you, Lagiacrus is awaiting your challenge underwater. Grab the
    supplies and use the shortcut to get from base camp to area 9, then hoof
    your way over to Area 10 and jump on in. After the opening cinematic, the
    battle of destiny will start!
    Bring a Fire or Ice weapon, some Thunder-resistant armor that you have upgraded
    to the max with Armor Spheres and Armor Spheres+, and why don't you try getting
    the Felyne skill Thundercaller? It boosts your Thunder resistance even higher,
    Lagiacrus underwater is much like Royal Ludroth's speed and Gobul's power all
    mashed up into one enormous LEVIATHAN. As usual, I'll start with the physical
    attacks, going from the trivial to the deadly.
    Whenever Mr. Lagi (that's his name now) reorients himself, he'll be paddling
    with his claws. If you're within range, you'll probably get nipped, similar to
    Rathian and Royal Ludroth. It's very annoying, especially if you're using a
    charged attack of some sort. Mr. Lagi can do the same two-bite attack that
    Royal Ludroth can pull off, and he can torpedo charge through the water and
    then swerve up and curl his tail to turn around. It causes currents and unless
    you have the armor skill Current Res (Hi) you'll shield your face. It's not
    a necessary skill though, just tossing it out there. Mr. Lagi's most deadly
    physical attack is one where he swims up to the surface. Don't follow him,
    though, swim away! He'll swim down to the bottom at a frightening speed, and
    if you're caught in the blast you'll probably end up being Stunned as well as
    without half your HP!
    Physically, Mr. Lagi is a giant Royal Ludroth. He has a few special LIGHTNING
    tricks of his own though. Remember how Royal Ludroth could spit water balls
    at you? Well, Mr. Lagi can spit thunderballs. If they hit you, they'll cause
    a new status condition: THUNDERBLIGHT. Thunderblight will double your chances
    of getting Stunned after taking a hit, so use a NULBERRY and cure it right
    away because being stunned is super sucky for you.
    Mr. Lagi has other, far more deadly lightning-imbued physical attacks. He can
    perform a watery counterpart to his land hipcheck that is much deadlier because
    he is covered in electricity and if he hits you it'll cause Thunderblight as
    well as tons of damage. Sometimes Mr. Lagi will curl up for a moment. It's
    like the calm before the storm--sheathe your weapon and get the hell outta
    there because he'll then make basically a box of electricity around him. If
    he curls up for like 1 second, you can take the hit and just Nulberry yourself.
    But if he's curled up there for what is a very nervewrackingly long time,
    you'd better GET OUT because that electricity attack is nothing you want to
    ever trifle with. Kapeesh?
    Lagiacrus's breakable parts are as follows: You can smash his face, break both
    of his front claws, scar up his chest, smash the BROWN SHELL SHOCKERS on his
    back, and pop off the tail. The Shell Shockers are what release the electricity
    and if you break them his ability to use electric attacks will be hindered.
    It's very hard to break them, though, so you might want to come back later with
    a higher powered weapon to try it. Even if you broke parts off in the previous
    "Trial of the Sea Dragon" urgent quest, he'll have his tail end back for you
    to pop off again. I didn't mention the Shell Shockers in that quest either
    because you wouldn't be able to reach them, but underwater now you can. They're
    the most durable parts of his body though, so do it at your risk. I recommend
    you smash his face, for horns, and cut his tail, for PLATES.
    When he's weakened a bit he'll leap up on land and you can handle him just like
    with the "Trial of the Sea Dragon". On land is the best time to try and attack
    his chest and tail, and his head because he holds it so low. If you're having
    trouble with the head, bring a Pitfall Trap. Once he's even weaker, he'll 
    leapt back into the water and swim to Area 12. That's where Royal Ludroth would
    go to curl up and sleep, and that's where Lagiacrus is headed. If you want it
    easier, hang around in Area 10 for a while so you don't have to fight him in
    Area 11 all over again, then make chase. If he's asleep, you can Barrel Bomb
    him, attack him to wake him up, or capture him (yes, you can capture him).
    Congratulations on taking on the Lagiacrus! You'll earn the "Tidal Necklace
    Award" for your bravery and you've now finally stopped the earthq...
    Never mind.
    On top of that, Moga Woods has Lagiacrus for you to freehunt, AND Cha-Cha has
    gone missing! Way to get him killed, hey. Way to break it, hero.
    While you're lamenting over the loss of your method of monster distraction,
    why don't you soothe your agony and take on the rest of these 4-star quests,
    Hunter Killer
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Great Jaggi and 1 Barroth
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Easy (3/10)
    Items:      Cool Drinks, Cleansers, Shock/Pitfall Traps, Tranq Bombs, Dung Bombs
    This is your first ever two-monster quest, and once again the game starts you
    off nice and easy. Great Jaggi will be in his den in Area 5 and Barroth will
    be lurking in the mud in Area 3. Take on Great Jaggi first and don't dawdle
    too long or else they'll both come to you. If they're both in the same area,
    follow my Qurupeco advice and Dung Bomb the Barroth, okay? If you're having
    trouble with the Dung Bombs working, consider getting the Felyne skill
    Dungmaster when you eat at the Canteen.
    Great Jaggi should go down really fast because you have better weapons. Barroth
    will be a bit of a challenge but if you've farmed Barroth a bit (and even if
    you haven't) it's leagues easier than Mr. Lagi and so it's more of a break
    for you. Capturing could make things easier, so bring traps if you get lazy
    or if things go wrong. But don't waste the traps on Great Jaggi. Be sure to
    Paintball both of them so you know where they're at if they happen to double-
    team you, or have Cha-Cha wear the Fluffy Mask (if you haven't defeated Mr.
    Lagi yet, that is).
    Lost in the Blue
    Objective:  Slay 20 Baggi
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: lolkillingjaggis (1/10)
    Items:      Hot Drinks, Pickaxes, Bug Nets, Dung Bombs, Paintballs
    This is a good quest to do some gathering in if you don't feel like doing the
    pointless and rewardless Harvest Tours. The Baggi are all over the place, and
    once you've wormed them all out you'll have to wait for them to respawn, so
    catch bugs, get honey, and GET SOME ISSISUMS! while you're waiting. Yup,
    definitely mine some of the ores. They're very very valuable. Get yourself
    some Baggi parts while you're at it, hey hey!
    As for the environment, it is an UNSTABLE environment and in case you forgot
    what that means (go to those Qurupeco quests, you Dory) it means a large monster
    could show up for you to either run away from or kill. In this case, our
    honored guest is the GIGGINOX! and she can be very terrifying. Paintball her
    if you're unlucky enough to see her and just run away, she has her own
    quest later.
    Cold Stones
    Objective:  Deliver 8 Bloodstones
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Very Easy (1/10)
    Items:      Pickaxes, Mega Pickaxes, Dung Bombs, Paintballs, Hot Drinks
    Yet another quest but this one, like "Secret of the Crystal Bones", pays well
    in precious ores. The supply box will only give you 1 Old Pickaxe, and because
    you might become very unlucky, you'd better bring 5 Iron Pickaxes AND 5
    Mega Pickaxes because you might get Bloodstones super quick or you might have
    to wait for the stones to respawn.
    As you've probably gathered (punintended), you can get the Bloodstones from
    the mineable rocks. They are an account item as usual. Mine 8 and bring them
    back to Base Camp. I think Gigginox can also make an appearance in this one,
    so make it quick (if you can!). Otherwise, tag her and Dung Bomb her away.
    Poached Wyvern Eggs
    Objective:  Deliver 2 Wyvern Eggs
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: annoyingmamabear (2/10)
    Items:      Dung Bomb, Paintball, Dash Juice/Mega Dash Juice
    Like delivering Herbivore Eggs, but there's a unique twist: Rathian is a
    MAMA BEAR and the moment you grab those eggs from the nest, she'll be coming
    in after you. How to make it a quick trip from Area 8 to Base Camp? Go to the
    Canteen and eat a combination of a Fish and a Dairy and get the Felyne Lander
    skill. This means you can jump from Area 8 to Area 5 without breaking the
    fragile Wyvern Egg. Then move it from Area 5 to Area 2 to Base Camp and head on
    back. If Rathian's not in area 8, just Paintball her and run on to her
    nest, which is (obviously) Area 8.
    Make sure you watch out for the Jaggis and Bnahabra who will try and break your
    egg. There will be tons of Jaggis at her nest when you first get there, so kill
    them all before you get the egg.
    Then repeat once more and you'll get some nice STEEL and maybe SILVER EGGS
    that you can sell for a couple thousand zennie, plus nice charms and a lot of
    I don't see why you as a hunter have been tasked with POACHING the eggs. Isn't
    that illegal? This is morally wrong and against the guild law, yet you are
    supposed to do it anyways because some guy forgot that he shouldn't have put
    wyvern eggs on a dinner menu. This is all so messed up! Oh well you're a
    hunter just do what they say, eh?
    A Royal Rumble
    Objective:  Capture 1 Rathian
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Easy (3/10)
    Items:      Antidotes, Flash Bombs, Shock/Pitfall Traps, Tranq Bombs
    After you've defeated your first Rathian, there'll be a capture quest. So
    let's go ahead and do this.
    Rathian will first be in Area 2 and when tired will go to Area 7, and finally to
    Area 10 to sleep. But if you're quick about it you can capture her in Area 7
    and not have to worry about chasing her everywhere. Paintball her as usual
    because she flies.
    Considering you've already hunted a Rathian, you should know that when she's
    captureable, she'll limp. So let her limp and fly away, chase her into the next
    area, then set down a trap and tranq her. You should know this stuff by now,
    shouldn't you?
    If you can't get it right, just wait till she goes to sleep, then put a trap
    down right next to her, wake her up, and put her back to sleep. A job well done.
    The Creeping Venom
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Gigginox
    Location:   Tundra NIGHT
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    Items:      Antidotes, Hot Drinks, Dung Bombs
    Gigginox is literally made out of poison. Get your Antidotes and Herbal
    Medicines together please (or you could, you know, just wear your awesome
    Wroggi armor?). Gigginox is weakest to fire. Secondary weakness is water.
    So bring your Qurupeco or Royal Ludroth weapon.
    Miss Giggles is a very tough little girl and she is one of my favorite monsters.
    I HATE her babies, the Giggi, and they can make things annoying by latching
    themselves to you while you're already taking damage, so if you can destroy
    the Giggi nest. She'll start off in Area 5 so watch the gross cutscene, then
    paintball her and let's get started!
    Her physical attacks are very annoying because she is made of rubber and other
    stretchy things and can stretch and flab her body. Like many other monsters,
    she can charge forward aggressively and that attack, while it doesn't do much
    damage, has an unusually high chance of STUNNING you so get out of the way.
    She will often hang around on the ceiling too, and then land down on top
    of you. She's easy to avoid when she's dropping down from the ceiling though.
    Sometimes she'll hang around on the walls and then jump down and belly flop.
    She can belly flop with creepily good aim.
    Her more annoying attack is when she arches up and then rears on her hind
    legs and comes slamming down. If you're next to her tail end, you're safe,
    but even if you're barely touching her wings, you'll get it. Finally, the rudest
    attack she could ever possibly have: She will chomp to one side, then the
    other. Her neck will stretch beyond belief and even if you're at her side,
    her second neck-stretch-chomp CAN wrap all the way there and smack you. She can
    do it with her tail end too.
    Like Rathian, she has a pin attack. If she's dangling by her tail from the
    ceiling, she might sweep her neck and head around. That's her attempting to
    cause you to fly through the air. If she gets you, you'll land directly beneath
    her and--no time to react!--she'll plunge her lamprey jaws on you and finish
    you off with a poison bomb. But not even Miss Giggles enjoys a Dung Bomb being
    shoved down her throat (who would enjoy getting poop in their mouth besides
    squirrels?) so detonate a Dung Bomb and she'll let go of you fast.
    Miss Giggles will be giving birth during the fight. When she sticks her tail
    end on the ground and roars with pain, she will then give birth to a new nest
    of Giggis that you should destroy when you have time. While she's giving birth
    she'll be vulnerable to attack so attack her, why don't you? She's not like
    most pregnant ladies, she's ALWAYS pregnant and she's trying to kill you so
    kill her back.
    On to her poison. Like I said, she is made of poison. She'll spit poison at you
    while she backhops away from you. She'll create a poison cloud beneath her
    and then slowly fall while the cloud spreads. Stay away, it has a very large
    range. Sometimes, while she's giving birth, it turns out to all be a ruse to
    lay a poison bomb down that, if it explodes while you're in range, will send
    you flying and make you...poisoned. Oh wait, I thought it would paralyze me!
    How does a poison bomb POISON YOU??? If you're poisoned with a ton of Giggi
    hanging on to you, you'd better do something about that. I've said it before,
    rolling 3 times gets rid of the Giggi (as does just destroying the nest).
    Also, when Miss Giggles is on the ceiling, she'll sometimes, instead of
    attempting to pin you, swing back and forth and fling out poison balls (kinda
    like Khezu). They have very good aim so you should keep on running.
    When Gigginox is in normal mode, her head is soft but her tail is hard. When
    she goes into RAGE MODE, she'll roar her very excruciatingly loud roar (well
    if she's using both ends of her body, it's obviously doubly loud) and she'll
    turn black. So it's a very visible change. Gigginox in Rage Mode isn't nearly
    as scary as other monsters in Rage Mode though. Just play it safe as always.
    When she is in Rage Mode, her head hardens and her tail turns soft. Because she
    will always turn to face you, it can be annoying getting to her tail.
    Gigginox's breakable parts are as follows: You can break her head and you'll
    know because the markings will dim. You can break her stomach/breast and the
    markings will dim and she'll drop a shiny that you should pick up. You can
    break her tail and the markings will dim. But you cannot chop off her tail.
    Breaking her head and/or tail increases chances of certain rewards you might
    want so it's a good idea to do that.
    When Gigginox is weak, she might fly outside. Yeah, I know, those flabby wings
    of hers can actually lift her up. That's why you should paintball her. When
    outside, she obviously has no ceiling so she might fly a bit like Rathian.
    But for the most part, Gigginox will stick to areas 4, 5, and 7. She has a
    very visible limp when she's tired. I recommend a capture over a kill because
    you could get Fearsome Maws, which are needed for many Gigginox weapons, and
    Gigginox weapons are incredibly durable and highly recommended because they
    can poison monsters, and poison's always handy. Not to mention they've got
    edgy names and look super cool.
    Gigginox at her most tired will always return to her den.
    5-star Quests: The Final Showdown!
    The Gal with the Goods will have the Pack Rat Guide available which will
    increase your item box space up to 10 pages. Get it when you can afford it.
    There's a lot more Village Requests in this tier too that you'll want to get
    done, and MANY of them are actually mandatory. Hope you've got your Resource
    Points all ready to be spent. Although some of them require High Rank materials.
    Just why you get them here is beyond me.
    *   Ancient Mask      *
    *---------------------* Unlocked after defeating Nibelsnarf or Volvidon.
    * 500 Resource Points * Harpoon Sharqs to carve them for a Sharqskin.
    * Lagiacrus Scale x2  *
    * Sharqskin           *
    * Pelagicite Ore x4   *
    *  One Chance           *
    * ----------------------* Necessary for Ceadeus. Rath Talons come from
    * 1,500 Resource Points * Rathalos (break his wings).
    * Gigginox Hide x2      *
    * Rath Talon x2         *
    * Machalite Ore x8      *
    *  Yeast Rising       *
    *---------------------* Slagtoth Hide+ comes from killing and carving Slagtoth
    * 800 Resource Points * in Flooded Forest. Torrent Sac is a possible award
    * Shroom Germ+ x5     * from Purple Ludroth or normal Royal Ludroth. Both
    * Slagtoth Hide+ x5   * items are High Rank only.
    * Torrent Sac x2      *
    *  Nulberry Mask      *
    *---------------------* Bathycite Ore is found in High Rank F. Forest where you
    * 800 Resource Points * can find Pelagicite Ores. King Scarabs are found
    * Nulberry x5         * anywhere in High Rank in the bug-catching gather spots.
    * Bathycite Ore x2    *
    * King Scarab x3      *
    This tier progresses in a very odd manner. At first, you'll only have a few
    quests available to you. Here they are:
    Harvest Tour: Volano
    The Lord of the Seas
    Heat Exhaustion
    Fell the Lagiacrus! <--- you just did that one
    You'll have to do "The Lord of the Seas" because it's a key quest, but oddly
    enough you can progress through the story by doing "Heat Exhaustion" too.
    This will unlock an Urgent Quest to get another monster distraction pal.
    After that's completed, you'll get the following quests to complete:
    Hammer Time
    The Desert Gourmand
    Walk 'N' Roll
    The last two are your two keys to pick from. Do whichever one you want and
    then Cha-Cha will come back, so you'll have two Shakalakas officially now!
    You'll get the ANCIENT MASK request (listed up above) so be sure to fulfill
    it. The mask behind the waterfall in the farm is that mask, so go talk to it
    once you have the materials and things.
    After that, you'll unlock the following quests:
    The Wrath of Rathalos
    A Bard's Tale
    The Volcano's Fury
    The Horned Wyvern
    The Omen
    Denizen of the Molten Deep
    Hammer Time
    "The Wrath of Rathalos" and "A Bard's Tale" are your keys this time around.
    Once that's complete, you'll get the "One Chance" request listed up above.
    Complete the request and you'll finally fight the final FINAL boss of the game,
    which then unlocks the urgent quest that will be you first foray into the
    HIGH RANK, the top godly tier of heaven! Well, not quite, because there's
    G RANK on top of that but you know.
    So many new monsters yet again! Can you believe it? At this point there's a ton
    of armor options available for you and plenty of fire monsters because your
    new hunting area is the VOLCANO. Got your Cool Drinks? All of the monsters here
    have armors with top-tier defenses that, if upgraded, can be completley valid
    in High Rank. So make some and begin upgrading it so that you can survive
    your first tier or so in High Rank. I recommend Lagiacrus armor and Rathalos
    armor. They look the coolest and have good resistances.
    By now you really should have a Rare 3 weapon or higher, and many of them too,
    to handle all of these monsters. Also, you'd better go farm Lagiacrus and turn
    him into a Lightning weapon because you will NEED a Lightning weapon for your
    final Low Rank offline battle!
    Harvest Tour: Volcano
    Objective:  Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: it'saharvesttour (1/10)
    Items:      Cool Drinks, Pickaxes, Bug Nets
    The volcano, once again, has many precious ores AND Rustshards AND CHARMS. So
    be sure to mine up every rock you see. Area 1 has a guaranteed bug catching spot
    that you could, if you're ultra lucky, get some nifty-keen Hercudromes from.
    Little monsters show up in the hot areas, like 7, 8, 9, and 10, and they're
    called Uroktor. You'll probably need their parts for weapons and armors so I
    suggest you go kill a few.
    The mushroom spots could possibly net you Dragon Toadstools. You remember those
    random shrooms from your very first ever quest? Well now you can get some more.
    This is one shroom I recommend you gather instead of grow.
    After two minutes you can deliver the ticket for "easy safe passage home".
    That was fun, nya!
    The Lord of the Seas [KEY]
    Objective:  Capture 1 Lagiacrus
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: aarghthewaterhasnovisibility (3/10)
    Items:      Shock/Pitfall Traps, Tranq Bombs, Paintballs, Pickaxes
    A majorly underwater battle in some of the murkiest, ugliest water ever. Oh
    well, best to just deal with it and fight this Lagiacrus. In area 4 he might
    hop onto land if he's feeling merciful, use this opportunity to chop off his
    tail and see if you could possibly get a PLATE.
    You can't put Pitfall Traps underwater (really, seriously, how would you even
    make a hole in the water) so try your best to make sure your EZ Shock Trap AND
    Shock Trap don't fail. I recommend you bring along Trap Tools and Thunderbugs
    to cobble more together, along with Tranquilizers and Bomb Casings if you run
    out of Tranq Bombs. This is one capture quest that, because of the environment,
    can go so screwy it's not even funny.
    If you decide to wait awhile after he's exhausted, he'll go to Royal Ludroth's
    den, Area 8, and you can simply sneak up on him while he's asleep for an easy
    capture. Otherwise, it's incredibly easy to miss while throwing Tranq Bombs
    underwater for some ungodly reason, so be careful.
    What's so annoying is you might do this quest a lot for the weapon and armor.
    If you want to make your life easier, just do the "Fell the Lagiacrus!" quest
    instead, you'll get the same awards if you capture him there too, you know?
    Heat Exhaustion [KEY]
    Objective:  Deliver 2 Powderstones
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: aughmyhealth! (2/10)
    Items:      Dash Juice/Mega Dash Juice, Dung Bombs, Paintballs, Cool Drinks
    This is your basic deliver-the-egg quest but with a twist. For one, it's not
    an egg, it's a Powderstone. And for another, the Powderstone is REALLY HOT
    and will continuously drain your health whether you have a Cool Drink or not
    (but you'd better drink a Cool Drink to keep your health up). Also if you get
    hit or your Stamina runs low, when the Powderstone is dropped it will explode
    and take away even more health.
    Similar to Deserted Island, the Volcano has its own little shortcuts, so get
    the skill Felyne Lander (or not, if you want to avoid a guaranteed guest
    monster). Gemming in the Transporter skill might help you too (this is one
    quest where having Transporter could actually save your life, literally).
    Anyways, head on over to Area 10 and grab the Powderstone. It's very hot,
    and the game will tell you that it is. If you've got a Dash Juice, drink it
    beforehand so you can run nonstop.
    Jump to Area 5 and immediately run out of the first exit you see before the
    Uragaan can notice you (he's impossible to miss, he's a large brute wyvern
    with a humongous chin) because if Uragaan roars then your essential BOMB will
    detonate. Then you can head on back to Base Camp. If you choose to not take
    such a risk, or you don't have Felyne Lander, you'll have to take the
    following path: 10 --> 9 --> 8 --> 7 --> 4 --> 2 --> 1. If you don't have
    much health left, and even if you have a lot, nap in the bed, then head on
    back and repeat the whole bonanza over again.
    After this quest, there'll be sightings of...someone that looks like Cha-Cha!
    So let's get out there and save him.
    URGENT: Shakalaka Savior II
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Duramboros (and save Kayamba in the process)
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: Actually difficult (5/10)
    Items:      All the health items you can, Well-done Steaks, Paintballs
    Duramboros is a BRUTE WYVERN like Barroth with enormous horns and is like a
    cross between a camel, a mace, and a T-rex. Oh, and toss in a little bit of
    Grima from Fire Emblem: Awakening because he's got sweet horns. Duramboros is
    also gigantic. It's to the point where your camera will likely have issues
    focusing right, so I would recommend instead of rolling, you simply run out
    of the way because if you roll, the camera's not going to like it.
    Duramboros is weakest to fire but because he is literally made out of hitpoints
    and is a big fat stone wall log barrier of steel diamonds a POISON weapon will
    slice through him like a knife through butter. When I say "poison weapon" I
    mean "GO KILL GIGGINOXES and get Bloodwings, Bleeding Crosses, etc." So go do
    what I say and get yourself a poison weapon. I'll be waiting!
    You got it? Good. Head on over to Area 7.
    You'll see a cutscene with the sleeping massive thing (that's Duramboros) and
    a little guy with a blue mask (that's not Cha-Cha). Because this little guy is
    a big damn idiot, he'll PLUNK Duramboros's big hammer tail and wake him up.
    Guess who has to clean up this entire mess? You. Don't worry about the
    not-Cha-Cha, he'll vanish and reappear after you've killed Mr. Has-Sweet-Horns.
    As you can imagine, Duramboros will normally use his enormous tail. He can do
    a very slow 360 tailspin. Learn that tailspin, it's going to become a classic
    move from now on in every brute wyvern, and if you can't dodge that tailspin
    by the time Deviljho decides to come ruin your High Rank quests, you'll wish
    you'd learned it earlier. Duramboros can slam his hammertail on the ground too,
    and this can cause TREMORS and you will stumble arouond because you have horrid
    balance. Like Barroth, Duramboros can lower his head and charge at you with
    those sweet horns. It hurts, but you might have to take the hit. Like Gobul,
    the fact that he's so massively WIDE means it'll be hard to run out of the way.
    Hope you got some Potions and Mega Potions...and Blue Mushrooms, Herbs, and
    Honey because this fight can drag on for the full time you're given.
    Duramboros has other Barroth-esque moves, such as doing a quickcharge and
    then flinging his head upwards. But Duramboros's tail gives him some unique
    moves all to his own. His most hilarious looking move, yet incredibly deadly,
    involves him standing on elegant tiptoe and spinning around in pirouettes
    like a dancer. If you're right underneath him as he does this, just hit him
    and you could potentially tip him over. If you're not, run away as far as you
    can, that tail can swing in a pretty big circle. Once he's done spinning,
    he'll go into Duramboros Hammer-Tail Project: Phase Two. He'll launch himself
    up into the air and then LAND VERY HEAVILY. You'd better stay clear.
    But then of course, Duramboros will get his tail stuck in the ground. You can
    mine it if you'd like, which is why you were given 1 Old Pickaxe, or, if you
    have a Hammer, you can break that tail like the hammer wannabe it is.
    Duramboros's weak points are his humps but because he's so freaking huge you
    won't be able to reach it. If he falls over though, take advantage of the
    opportunity and wail away on them. This guide, by the way, makes Duramboros
    sound easy but he really isn't, he's so big that his bigness makes him almost
    impossible to dodge properly.
    Duramboros will dig away to escape you like Barroth, by the way, so do take
    care and Paintball him.
    Duramboros's breakable parts are as follows: You can break his horns, but
    your weapon will probably bounce so be careful about that. You can break his
    humps, but you'll have to tip him over a lot, and you can break his tail,
    AND cut it off. Once the tail's off you can mine the hammer, and that's
    probably the safer route. Cutting and breaking the tail increases the chance
    of you getting a Duramboros Tailcase, a valuable item.
    When Duramboros is tired, he'll go to Area 10 like all the other monsters do
    in Flooded Forest. Just let him sleep. Then trap him because by the time it
    happens you'll be running out of time or you're otherwise just plain annoyed
    and you'll want this quest over and done with. So capture him.
    The not-Cha-Cha that started this whole riot is named KAYAMBA and he will join
    you whether he likes it or not. He'll know everything Cha-Cha knows, level up
    appropriately, and be able to use all the masks you got when you had Cha-Cha
    except the Acorn Mask. Now you have someone else to take the hits for ya!
    This will unlock the next strain of quests to do. Let's keep going, shall we?
    Walk 'N' Roll [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Volvidon
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: Easy (3/10)
    Items:      Paintballs, Cool Drinks, Deodorants
    Mosey your way on over to Area 5 and you'll see Volvidon, who has a very long
    tongue and likes to eat bugs. He is weakest to water and so you should have
    yourself a relatively decent water weapon.
    Just like Lagombi and Arzuros, Volvidon is a Fanged Beast in the Pelagus class,
    so you can expect him to share many clawing moves with his bear brethren.
    Volvidon does, of course, have his own share of unique gimmicks, just like
    the rest of them. Just as Lagombi slides on ice, Volvidon rolls around. He's
    got the sort of armadillo look to him, doesn't he?
    When he rolls around, there's not much of a tell which way he'll roll, so just
    keep your distance and be wary. Sometimes, Volvidon will roll and then launch
    himself into the air and bounce around. If he's tired, when he finally lands
    he'll be stuck in a ball. Use the opportunity to attack him lots. Volvidon
    can also use his overly long tongue to whip you around. Sometimes it's hard to
    see coming, but it doesn't do a terrible amount of damage and overall Volvidon's
    easy anyways.
    Volvidon's special attack can paralyze you. He'll spit a yellow disgusting ball
    of saliva slime, and if it hits you, it doesn't do much damage but it leaves
    you paralyzed. If you're lucky, Cha-Cha or Kayamba will hit you to snap you
    out of it. Just take it like a champ and keep on going, all right?
    Finally, Volvidon can...fart...on you. He'll be on all fours and he'll act
    constipated and then you'll see all this brown gas coming out of him
    everywhere. And if you get hit by it, you get the "Soiled" status and you can't
    use items. Like, you can't use any items, even those Mega Potions you need
    because you don't have much HP left. It's disgusting and you should either be
    able to dodge, or bring Deodorants, like those Deodorants the supply box
    provided you, because you CAN use those and they'll cure you and make you
    all clean and not-smelly.
    Volvidon, like his cousins, only has one breakable part, the shell on his
    upper back. When he's fallen over or he's stuck in a ball, feel free to attack
    it and break it, it's not hard to break and you'll get Volvidon Rickracks.
    The Desert Gourmand [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Nibelsnarf
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: whatthehellisgoingon (4/10)
    Items:      Sonic Bombs, Barrel Bombs, Cool Drinks, Paintballs
    NIBELSNAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRF. How on earth can I take this monster seriously?
    Not only is Nibelsnarf incredibly random in terms of name (what was Capcom on
    when they named this guy) but the battle, half the time I have no idea what's
    going on. Nibelsnarf would be akin to Gobul but not really. Bring Barrel
    Bombs, it's funny.
    Head over to Area 10 (down a Cool Drink before you set off) and you'll see
    a very comedic cutscene that will clue you in to Nibelsnarf's nature. It's
    all about that enormous jaw and CHOMPCHOMPNIBBLENIBBLESNARFSNARF. Snarfsnarf
    (that's the name for Nibelsnarf now) is a very random ADHD monster.
    For the most part, Snarfsnarf will be swimming underneath the sand and then
    popping up to attack. He might do a chomp-charge, in which he acts like a
    Chain Chump and chomps as he charges. Snarfsnarf's weak point is deep in his
    mouth, the uvula, but attacking it is very risky because as you attack it
    he might CHOMP and then send you flying.
    Snarfsnarf also has bright pink-and-purple gills. Sometimes when Snarfsnarf
    pokes his head up above the sand, he'll send sand flying behind him from his
    gills. It can easily catch you by surprise and inflicts Waterblight for some
    reason (I think, anyways). Similar to Gobul's vacuum mouth, Snarfsnarf can also
    eat up a lot of sand and then spit it out in a big vortex that can also hurt
    you for a ton of damage. Attack Snarfsnarf's gills whenever you can, they are
    equally viable weak points.
    Whenever Snarfsnarf is underground, he's vulnerable to Sonic Bombs, just like
    the Delex are, so feel free to use the EZ Sonic Bombs you were given, and
    bring some of your own if you want. Snarfsnarf won't burrow to escape you, but
    Paintball him anyways.
    Now, here's the reason I told you to bring Barrel Bombs (and to take those
    Barrel Bombs given to you). Put a Barrel Bomb down and then stand on its
    other side. Snarfsnarf will charge at you with his mouth wide open to CHOMP
    CHOMP (he's like Nah and you're like Inigo and you cheated on her) and he'll
    swallow the Barrel Bomb, which will explode. Run up to him, quick! You'll see
    an action icon...for FISHING HIM OUT?!
    Just do it. Press A, button mash, Circle Pad spam, and you'll fish him out
    in all his bright-blue-belly-glory. He has a tail, you'll notice, but it's
    funny because you can't break it nor do you even see it often. Attack attack
    attack. Feel free to repeat it over and over again.
    When Nibelsnarf is really tired,  he'll go to Area 11, the resting point for
    most monsters in Sandy Plains that hang around in the hot/cold areas. You
    can capture him then or kill him dead. His death animation is very funny,
    like Gigginox he flips over revealing his brightly colored tubby and it's
    amusing to stare at. Nibelsnarf parts are needed for a lot of random
    non-Nibelsnarf-related parts so you'll need to farm him a bit anyways.
    The Wrath of Rathalos [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Rathalos
    Location:   Volcano NIGHT
    Difficulty: notasbadasrathian (4/10)
    Items:      Cool Drinks, Dung Bombs, Flash Bombs, Antidotes
    Head over to Area 8 to witness Rathalos's introductory cutscene. He is a FLYING
    WYVERN who is the male counterpart to Rathian, who you already fought.
    Unfortunately, Capcom seems to have mixed up their difficulties: I find Rathian
    to be much more of a threat than Rathalos, and this will hold even truer for
    their subspecies. Nonetheless, here you are and it's Rathalos time!
    Rathalos and Rathian share the exact same ground-based attacks, and many flying
    ones. Rathalos can do the double 180 tail spin, side-chomp, running charge,
    and he can shoot fireballs while he's standing waiting for you to attack him.
    Rathalos, however, flies a lot more than Rathian does, hence his title the
    "King of the Skies", whereas Rathian is "Queen of the Land".
    Rathalos will do most of his fireball shooting from the air, where you can't hit
    him. This increases his vulnerability to Flash Bombs though, so spam a few and
    bring him back down. Hitting his head will damage him more, but because of his
    charging and his fireballing, you'd best not stand in front of him, just like
    Rathian. He has his own special reason for this too: Especially if he's enraged,
    he'll leap into the air backwards and blast you as he does. If you're standing
    in front of him, the fireball he shoots as he leaps backwards will hit you. It's
    like Gigginox's poison-shooting backhop.
    Rathalos, like Rathian, can poison you, but he cannot backflip. Like Rathian
    though, he can eagle swoop and attempt to gash you, and that will leave you
    poisoned (unless you have...Wroggi armor!). Rathalos can pin you just like
    Rathian, too, and his finisher is going to be a fireball.
    Finally, Rathalos has his own unique sky attack that is a counterpart to
    Rathian's backflip, only it's stupid and boring to deal with. Rathalos will fly
    up high but, instead of leaving, you'll notice his Paintballed icon (you did
    Paintball him, right?) will circle the area you're in. If you use the L-target,
    you'll notice that he is indeed soaring in pointless circles for no pointless
    reason at all. Then he'll begin to dive at you. It's super easy to avoid, if
    you stand still and let him target you, then you run out of the way, he can't
    swerve to get you.
    In subsequent matches, Rathalos will be around Areas 1, 2, 3, or 4, and will
    rarely venture to the hot zones. Once he's exhausted, though, he'll fly to
    Area 6 to sleep and you can capture him or kill him dead.
    Rathalos has all the breakable parts of Rathian: Head, two wings, and you can
    chop the tail. Chopping the tail could give you PLATES so focus on breaking that
    tail off why don't you?
    A Bard's Tale [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Barioth
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    Items:      Hot Drinks, Cleansers
    Unlike Duramboros, Rathalos, and Lagiacrus even, Barioth focus on all-out speed
    and so you'll want to be prepared to be rolling and diving a lot, or otherwise
    playing tag with this guy. Once you've grabbed your supplies, packed a fire
    weapon, and downed your Hot Drink, head on over to Area 2 to witness Barioth
    attacking a Popo quicker than lightning. That should clue you in on Barioth's
    sheer attack speed.
    If Barioth takes off into the air a little, he might lunge from the air at you,
    swerving around to catch himself so he doesn't slidey-widey everywhere. His
    tail is very long and if you're behind him it will probably nip you. Do yourself
    a favor and try to cut it off. He'll charge at you too, and then he'll suddenly
    jam his shoulder into your face. His shouldercheck will be spammed a lot. It is
    very abrupt and will leave you Stunned, so you'd better be careful and make
    sure you're not on the receiving end of one. He can swipe his tail at you
    too and otherwise whip it around in the air. Like I said, you should try to cut
    it off, but his tail's still as long as his body even then and the swipe can
    still cause Iceblight. Keep your wits about you.
    If Barioth is in the air, you'd better watch it. Even if he's high in the air
    and he looks like he's about to leave, be aware that you can lightning-dive
    at you and then swerve around to catch himself, and if he slams straight into
    you it will hurt and you will be left with a surprisingly not-a-lot amount of
    HP. Run around and he might miss you.
    Barioth's special attack is when he creates an ice cyclone. If it's anywhere
    near you it'll give you the snowman status like Lagombi's iceballs did. That's
    what Cleansers are for! Actually I'm just kidding the cyclone's hitbox is
    generously tiny but that's no excuse to go stepping into it to test how far
    you can go, so just stay away. When enraged, Barioth can create the cyclone
    on the ground too.
    Barioth will use his wings to fly so Paintball him, okay? When exhausted, and
    in later quests, he will be at Area 6 on top of the plateau. If you run around
    the plateau, you'll find a spot with a lot of horizontal grooves. You can climb
    up those and you'll be pleased to know the Baggis and Melynxes hanging around on
    the ground can't follow you.
    Barioth's breakable parts are as follows: You can break the claws on his wings,
    you can break his sabertooth tusks, and you can chop off his tail. If you break
    his claws, similar to Mr. Lagi, his attack ability will be greatly hindered.
    His claws stabilize him on the ice and without them, he'll be slipping around
    and be unable to chain things together, so do yourself a favor and break them.
    And if you can chop the tail, then he  can't hit you with his tail as easily!
    The tusks can be broken for additional rewards, like AMBER TUSKS which you will
    want to make Barioth ice weapons which are all very good and durable.
    The Volcano's Fury [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Uragaan
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (4/10)
    Items:      Cool Drinks, Energy Drinks, Nulberries
    Uragaan is a very big ugly steely thingy. Head on over to Area 6 with your
    nifty-keen WATER weapon, witness his cutscene, and then prepare for a battle.
    Uragaan, being the same BRUTE WYVERN that Duramboros is, and looking a lot
    like him to in both ugliness and size, shares many moves with Duramboros.
    But before you attack him, you might want to know that unless you're hacking
    away between his legs and at his arms, you're going to bounce. He has a stone
    hard hide and so don't bother trying to attack his face, back, or even his tail
    because you will bounce. Focus on his tummy area.
    Okay, so for his most generic attacks. He has the same shortcharge that
    Duramboros and Barroth will use but lacks the longcharge (you know, the one
    Barroth is notorious for?). He can do a very slow 360 tailspin just like
    Duramboros, and has the same number of hitpoints as Duramboros too, so it seems
    (ugh). You'll notice that Uragaan has like this super massive ugly chin.
    Well, Uragaan will be using that chin a lot to bash it onto the ground and
    cause TREMORS. If you forge a set of Volvidon armor, you'll get the Tremor Res
    skill which will be helpful.
    Uragaan's big one-time chin slam will cause tremors everywhere and blow up
    explosive rocks, be careful. Uragaan also has a five-chin-slam. That one has
    a big range over the course of it so stay away from his face (you shouldn't be
    near it anyways because your low rank weapon will bounce). Uragaan, similar
    to Volvidon, can roll around. He'll roll himself into a ball and roll around,
    but in a much faster and much more dangerous fashion. When not in Area 6, he
    can roll around very randomly and quickly and so you should run around and
    have your dive ready to use.
    When in Area 6, he might dig into the ground and then show up on a small
    plateau that you don't have access to. This attack is Area 6 exclusive, and it
    can be very dangerous. Then he'll roll and roll down the plateau's slope and
    roll all over the place before finally unrolling and landing on his feet (and
    whipping his tail to stabilize himself, as always). It's a very fast roll and
    so keep your camera on him, okay?
    Finally, Uragaan, like Volvidon, can fart. But instead of farting, Volvidon
    will fart fire gas or something, and it will inflict Fireblight on you. The
    fire gas is orange. If he farts blue gas, that's sleeping gas and you'll fall
    asleep. I hope you have Energy Drinks. If you don't, run over to a minion or
    to your Shakalakas and hope they hit you, because if Uragaan hits you, you'll
    take a lot more damage trying to wake yourself up.
    Since Uragaan is of the same class as Duramboros, they share similar moves,
    so if you're having trouble with Uragaan, go fight Duramboros some, and
    vice versa.
    URGENT: Save Moga Village!
    Objective:  Repel Ceadeus
    Location:   Underwater Ruins
    Difficulty: Difficult (6/10)
    Items:      Oxygen Supplies, UW Ammo, Mega Dash Juice
    Well, the time has come. I hope you've used Lagiacrus to forge a lightning
    weapon, because at this point it's quite likely that you don't have any sort
    of Dragon weapon (however, if you made weapons forged from bug parts, they will
    have a minimal amount of Dragon power and that might be preferable). Once
    you've completed the Village Request "One Chance", you will have the opportunity
    to complete the Urgent Quest to save Moga Village! Are you ready? Well, of
    course you are. If you want, you can also do a trade with Argosy to get some
    Ammo, it'll come in handy.
    Anyways, you'll be introduced to the Moon of the Water, Ceadeus. He'll swim
    away. Once you've got all your items and your Stamina is UP (did you eat?),
    you can jump on in and follow him. If you swim the wrong way, use the
    Farcaster and try again. After a little while, Ceadeus will appear. Focus
    your camera on him and attack.
    The catch here, however, is this: Ceadeus's hide is very thick and too hard for
    your low rank weapon to get past, so you'll have to attack either his face
    or his beard. Definitely his beard, obviously, being in front of him is a
    somewhat dangerous place to be. This fight, like a great many Elder Dragon
    fights, is broken into two sections, and if you can't damage Ceadeus enough
    during the first stage, it's a quest failure and you suck.
    You'll notice straightaway that Ceadeus doesn't give a half-a-ton-of-Aptonoth-
    Supersized-Dung about you, so of course, make sure you focus your energies on
    attacking his beard and keeping up with him. If he so much as flips his fin or
    his tail to reorient himself, you're going to be sent flying through the water.
    He's that big.
    For the sake of it, I'll list his breakable parts here: You can give him a scar
    on his (very tough) back, you can break off his overly long horn, you can
    give him a scar on his tail, and you can give him a scar somewhere in between
    (I believe). Oh, and you can trim his beard. Focus on giving him a beard trim,
    and if you have successfully broken his beard, you'll know for sure you're
    ready for Stage Two. Keep your weapon sharp!
    Every now and then, Ceadeus might shake his head like you're an annoying fly.
    If you're caught in the storm you'll take a veritable amount of damage. At
    all costs, though, avoid his WATER BEAM. He'll suck in water and spit it out
    at you as a blue laser beam-thing. Your Low Rank shield can't block it, so just
    stay out of the way because Waterblight sucks. Did you bring Nulberries?
    If your oxygen runs low, call over whoever has the Ancient Mask and they'll
    replenish your oxygen. If they're unreliable though, and they could be if
    they're caught up attacking, use those Oxygen Supplies you should have brought
    with you.
    Once you get far enough, Ceadeus will use his Water-beam attack, but to
    blast an opening through a blocked part of the passage. Avoid the attack and
    then swim on in after him. This will likely take you the better part of 10
    minutes. Yeah, it's a long battle. Tough it out!
    If you've done enough damage, you'll make it to Area 3 and be greeted with
    yet another cutscene of Ceadeus doing his most damaging attack. Now you know
    exactly what the tell for that attack is, plus its sheer power. Once you've
    regained control of your character, IGNORE Ceadeus for now and instead swim
    up, forward, and left to where you see some golden cubes on the rock. That
    is called the DRAGONATOR and if you activate it, black spikes will emerge and
    can deal quite a bit of damage. The Dragonator is practically required at
    this point if you want to hope to defeat him. The reason you'll want to be
    incredibly careful with the Dragonator is this: The Dragonator, in all its
    majestic power, takes 10 minutes to recharge. Yup, that's a long time.
    So swim there for a bit and lure Ceadeus up. Once his head is somewhat close
    to you, press A and you will damage him.
    For the remaining 10 minutes, just wail away on him. Ceadeus's attacks are
    as follows: Ceadeus can do the same two-bite attack that Lagiacrus does,
    but since he's so big it's long and slow and easy to see coming. Ceadeus also
    has a very slow hipcheck, but it does a massive ton of damage as long as you're
    anywhere near him because of his size, so be careful! Ceadeus also has a
    pointlessly long attack like Rathalos where he swims around the area to a
    specific spot, and then torpedoes down like Lagiacrus can do. It is very
    dangerous to get caught up in and if you're anywhere near his tail while it's
    whipping around, you won't take damage but you'll be inflicted with
    Waterblight, which you don't want because swimming is very Stamina-intensive.
    If you got the UW Ammo from Argosy, on the other side opposite the Dragonator
    is a Ballistae and near it is a gathering point for Ballista Ammo (unless you
    have UW Ammo). You can use this Ballista to aim at Ceadeus and deal lots of
    damage from a safe distance as well.
    The second time the Dragonator is active, swim on over and lure him over once
    more. If it hits and the timing is right, you will break off his overly long
    horn and that will be the victory condition for this Urgent quest. His horn
    can be carved twice so go ahead and carve it for Crooked Horns and whatnot.
    Don't worry about trying to forge Ceadeus weapons or armor (and definitely
    don't bother with the armor, you're about to enter High Rank) for now, wait
    until you've got better Dragon and/or Lightning weapons with which to kill
    him with.
    You'll earn yet another award, the "Gem of the Depths" award and you'll get
    to see Moga Village partying and preserving your name and your heritage
    forever. You're still sticking around though, you're Moga Village's offical
    one-and-only hunter protector person.
    Now you're going to unlock the Urgent Quest that, if completed, will give you
    access to the new and awesome HIGH RANK. Plus, you'll be able to hunt previously
    unknown Monster Subspecies! Oh, and talk to Argosy and he'll give you a special
    water Long Sword that, I will say, is pretty good. Free weapon for you Long
    Sword users.
    URGENT: Poison Control
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Purple Ludroth
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficulty: Difficult (6/10)
    Items:      Everything you can because there's nothing in the supply box
    All right, you're going to start off in Base Camp and there'll be nothing for
    you but a Map and a Torch. Grab the Map, and I hope you're prepared. Look up
    in the beginning of my guide for what you should always have in your bag at 
    all times. And I hope you've eaten too! Purple Ludroth will start off in
    Area 9 but by the time you've figured your way out around this place, Misty
    Peaks, he'll have left so look around in watery areas. There's no truly watery
    area so you won't have to fight him underwater, good for you.
    Anyways, in case you haven't noticed yet, the color of poison seems to be pink
    and Purple Ludroth is very pink and purple. Purple Ludroth, being a SUBSPECIES,
    is exactly identical to Royal Ludroth in terms of attacks. But, because this is
    High Rank now, he does have a few new attacks that, while you've seen them
    before, you've never seen a species of Ludroth do them, so I'll list them
    Purple Ludroth can do the claw swipe and land-torpedo attack that Lagiacrus
    is capable of. Since he's smaller, it's easier to avoid, but you are attacking
    a High Rank monster with Low Rank gear so be wary. Purple Ludroth also sports
    the same Lagiacrus land-hipcheck. Easy to see coming.
    Now, since this is a poison Ludroth, things are a bit mixed up because it would
    be boring otherwise. When Purple Ludroth does the belly flop that Royal Ludroth
    likes to pull off a lot, poison will radiate out of him, kinda like Gigginox.
    And when Purple Ludroth spits balls, whether it's when standing still or when
    charging, they're poison balls, not waterballs.
    If it's taking a while, just go capture him. Oh, when he's exhausted, he'll
    go underneath a waterfall to restore his moisture and health. Feel free to
    attack his tail as he does it.
    Purple Ludroth's breakable parts are as follows: You can chop off the tail,
    you can break his mane and pick up the shiny, and you can break his face. Just
    like Royal Ludroth.
    Beating Purple Ludroth unlikes a new time of day in Moga Woods: Night Mode.
    Everything is now basically Deserted Islands: High Rank Mode and so there's
    High Rank gathering items and monsters are all High Rank-level monsters. Up
    until now, you always went during the daytime because during the night is
    when the dangerous critters come out. You'll find yourself hunting at night
    a lot. Oh, and monsters at night give just as many resource points as their
    daytime counterparts, so too bad.
    Congrats, you've unlocked the 6-star quests! Now you don't have anything High
    Rank in terms of gear or weapons, unless you got carried like a noob through
    Tanzia Port's quests, so I'm going to put a few quests above the Keys because
    you had better do those first. No, I'm serious. You're going to have to forge
    new HIGH RANK level armor. It's going to have much higher defense than your
    Low Rank armor. Visibly higher defense. So go forge some High Rank Jaggi armor
    or something, please.
    Also, about the Wyvern Artisan. He's going to give you some Advanced Armor
    Spheres, good for even better upgrades, and he'll mention he can make even
    sweeter, stronger gear.
    High Rank level armor will have an "S" attached to the end of it. Your low
    rank Wroggi armor was just that: "Wroggi Helm". But High Rank Wroggi armor will
    say something like "Wroggi Helm S". If there were a Wroggi subspecies (no,
    there's not), then it would say "Wroggi Helm U". Just so you understand those
    weird alphabet letters. Make sure you forge S armor, obviously.
    Hammer Time
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Duramboros
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Easy (4/10)
    Items:      Paintballs, Shock/Pitfall Traps, Tranq Bombs
    This is the Duramboros quest because the urgent Shakalaka quest is a quest you
    can only do once ever. Now that you're more familiar with Duramboros, he's a
    bit easier. Bring Poison or Fire weapons, but Poison weapons are highly
    recommended over anything else. He'll range around the same areas as
    Duramboros, and when he's tired and wants to go sleep he'll go to Area 10,
    the Wroggi den.
    The Horned Wyvern
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Diablos
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Difficult (6/10)
    Items:      Sonic Bombs, Flash Bombs, Shock/Pitfall Traps, Tranq Bombs
    Diablos is going to be a hard fight. If you can't handle Diablos, then don't
    think that you're still a noob because Diablos is actually hard. Area 10 is
    its starting area, I believe, so you'll witness it fishing some Delex out of
    the sand. It may surprise you, but Diablos is actually a VERY FRIENDLY
    HERBIVORE who likes to eat cactus, so you can't put meat on the ground because
    he won't care. Diablos's major weakness is Ice, but he can also be damaged
    with Water weapons. Don't bring Fire though.
    Diablos's roar is a high-grade roar, like Gigginox's, so if you only have
    normal earplugs, you're still going to cover your face in your hands when he
    roars. High Grade Earplugs are going to be needed for this guy.
    Anyways, let me tell you the best strategy to pull on him, which is why your
    bag is stuffed full of bombs waiting to explode. When Diablos is not enraged,
    and if he digs under the ground, throw a Sonic Bomb right as his tail begins to
    disappear. He will reappear in a free Pitfall Trap and you can hit him a lot.
    As he begins to recover, put your weapon away. He will fly up a little (he'll
    never fly anytime else) and that's your chance to chuck a Flash Bomb. Make sure
    it ignites and flashes him so that he can see it--if the bomb detonates behind
    him then that's too bad for you. He'll come crashing to the ground, just like
    Rathalos, and you can hit him even more. Remember: This only works when he's
    not enraged.
    Speaking of Rage Mode, Diablos's gimmick is that he'll be in Rage Mode. A LOT.
    When he's enraged, his speed and attack effectively double and you had better
    stay away, and just wait for him to calm down and then pull that trick on him
    again. Please.
    I'll go over Diablos's attacks now. Diablos and Rathalos actually share very
    similar attacks. Diablos can do the same double 180 tailswing and the same
    side-chomp (that's very pitifull) and he can do the running charge. Thankfully,
    Diablos can't breathe anything (if he could it'd be awful).
    Of course, Diablos has some moves of his own too. First and foremost, and most
    deadly of anything is his head-charge. Just like Barroth and Duramboros, he's
    gonna put those sweet horns to good use and he will send you flying higher than
    he ever could fly, plus take of a huge chunk of your health. Please be careful.
    Oh, if you're standing in front of a rock, feel free to let him charge at you
    and then move out of the way and you'll get him stuck. Good chance to attack
    Diablos can also use the axe on the end of his tail (and you thought only his
    head was deadly) and sweep it across the ground once-twice. This attack CAN
    hit you, unlike Rathalos's tail, because its hitbox is a bit weird. Diablos
    can also do Barroth's quick charge, and his tail then can also send you flying
    if you're not careful. Finally, Diablos can do a one-step two-step as he
    swings his head from side to side, his tail balancing him and still able to
    dish out damage. Diablos can also do a hipcheck. It can be very abrupt and
    out of nowhere, not to mention its hitbox is also a bit off, so stay clear
    of his hips. I would say the safest place to attack him is his legs, like
    Rathalos, but it's not because of his absurd tail, so all I can say is use
    the double-bomb trick to do most of your damage, and try to attack his neck
    and stay behind his head anytime else. For the love of all that is holy, do
    NOT be in front of his face. You're just asking to be gored.
    Finally, Diablos can burrow underground, like Nibelsnarf, and then literally
    fly out of nowhere RIGHT AT YOU and then land. That attack does a LOT of
    damage. Put your weapon away and run like a headless chicken why don't you?
    And, like I said, Diablos in Rage Mode is all the worse--stay away. Thankfully,
    Diablos actually seems to not have many hitpoints (or am I just using a weirdly
    powerful weapon?) and so he'll limp quick and then I recommend you just
    capture him and be done with it.
    Diablos's breakable parts are as follows: You can break his horns (they break
    individually) and you can chop off his tail. His tail, if you can, should be
    your main priority. I find that his danger level decreases dramatically without
    that axe waiting to cleave you in half. When he's been Pitfalled by a Sonic
    Bomb or flashed out of the air, feel free to cleave off his horns, though. They
    get you nice prizes.
    Not to mention the practically the ONLY way to get his horns is to wound them.
    The Omen
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Rathalos
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Easy (4/10)
    Items:      Paintballs, Flash Bombs, Dung Bombs
    Rathalos starts in Area 8 but will probably fly away before you get there--
    check for him in Area 3, Area 2, and Area 5, his favorite stomping grounds.
    He will rarely be in Area 7, and when he's tired, he'll try to go sleep in
    Area 8. Wait a few seconds before following him so that you can capture him
    or wake him up or whatever, because sleeping monsters are easy to sneak up
    on. Remember that Rathalos likes to be Flash Bombed.
    Denizen of the Molten Deep
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Agnaktor
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: lagiacrus (4/10)
    Items:      Cool Drinks, Sonic Bombs, Nulberries
    Agnaktor will be hanging around in Area 7, so head on over there. Agnaktor,
    like Diablos, can burrow into the ground, only this time it's ROCK and LAVA.
    Agnaktor is, otherwise, Lagiacrus on land, with the same two-bite, hip check,
    coil-tail-swing, and everything else that Lagiacrus likes to pull on land.
    This time, of course, Agnaktor is a FIRE LEVIATHAN and so you should bring
    Water weapons.
    Despite all these similarities to Lagiacrus, Agnaktor still couldn't be much
    more different, and now it is time to talk about Agnaktor's differences from
    his thundrous cousin. First things first: Agnaktor can burrow into the rocky
    lava. Obviously. When he emerges, you'd better be prepared because you don't
    want to get sent flying through the air. In certain areas, such as Area 7,
    there is a bit of a ceiling above you guys, and Agnaktor is more than capable
    of emerging from the ground and launching himself up and burrowing into the
    ceiling, then emerging and diving down back into the rocky ground. Be prepared
    to have to use your dive. If Agnaktor is not enraged, use what you learned from
    fighting Diablos and Sonic Bomb him to bring him right back up.
    Agnaktor also has a special attack utilizing his nifty beak that Lagiacrus is
    jealous of. He will jam it into the ground over and over again. If you're
    near this it'll send you flying. It's mostly easy to avoid though and it looks
    like it hurts him more than it could ever hurt you (it doesn't but that doesn't
    keep it from looking stupid anyways). Agnaktor has a ridiculously long tail,
    all the same, that you'll really want to keep tabs on.
    Sometimes, Agnaktor will emerge from the ground only halfway, rest his front
    claws casually on the ground, and then let loose a sweeping fire beam attack not
    unlike Ceadeus's water beam. It will inflict Fireblight and once more, it cannot
    be blocked. So run around or, if you're up close to him, use this as an
    opportunity to simply attack him. Make sure you attack what looks like molten
    lava spots on him, those are his weak points and your weapon won't bounce.
    Oh, and Agnaktor will sometimes spit out the firebeam when he's just standin'
    on the ground chilling.
    Speaking of his armor, Agnaktor's armor is a very unusual case. When Agnaktor
    first starts out, you'll see that he's become almost black and, for the most
    part, you're gonna have a bouncing party. Once he burrows through the lava,
    however, he becomes soft again and you're able to attack him. If you can break
    any parts of him, they will remain soft even as he goes into "Armor Mode", as
    it's called. So in some ways Agnaktor is kinda stupid for burrowing and letting
    his armor soften up like that.
    Agnaktor in Rage Mode can become decidedly faster and more powerful, and he can
    be scary. Sonic Bombs don't work on him in Rage Mode, unfortunately for you,
    so be careful and just pick your places carefully. If he goes into Armor Mode,
    just wait for him to burrow so that he'll be all soft and cuttable/smashable
    Agnaktor's breakable parts are...a LOT: You can break the molten core on his
    chest, you can break his beak. You can break each one of his claws. Yeah.
    All FOUR of them. You can break the fin on his back. And finally, you can break
    the tail, and once it's broken, you can chop it off. That's a ton of breaks,
    and by the time you've got them all (it's easier than you'd think) he'll
    probably be limping his way over to Area 10 to go sleep. You'll know when a
    part is broken because the fiery lava will disappear or greatly diminish.
    Once you've broken the armor off a part, it's just skin underneath and so
    even if Agnaktor goes into Armor Mode, those spots are still game to hit.
    You will want to fight Agnaktor a lot, especially if you are a Dual Swords user
    because Agnaktor, besides Rathalos, is the first monster you'll find that gives
    you access to fire weapons. And I will tell you: EVERY SINGLE WEAPON that can
    be created from Agnaktor is, while expensive, EXTREMELY durable and a veritable
    powerhouse, sporting ridiculously high fire elemental power. You'd better go
    out of your way to make one, they lay waste to any monster weak to fire.
    Uragaan's Trail
    Objective:  Capture 1 Uragaan
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: Somewhat Easy (4/10)
    Items:      Cool Drinks, Energy Drinks, Shock/Pitfall Traps, Tranq Bombs
    Uragaan will start off in Area 6. Make sure you capture him, okay? If you
    kill him, you fail the quest. So bring some extra traps (but only bring 5
    Tranq Bombs so you can steal the 3 that Capcom so generously provides).
    The Decisive Battle
    Objective:  Slay or Repel a Ceadeus
    Location:   Underwater Ruins
    Difficulty: long (4/10)
    Items:      Oxygen Supplies, UW Ammo, Mega Dash Juice
    You'll want to come back and do this quest once you have better High Rank
    weapons so that you can actually kill Ceadeus within 30 minutes. Or maybe
    G Rank weapons, with my best Dragon weapon I still took 35 minutes to kill
    him, so I had to repel him after 30 minutes, then swim all the way back the
    second time to kill him.
    Make sure you use that Dragonator and don't miss, and attack him as often as
    you can. If time runs out but you have sufficiently damaged Ceadeus, you'll
    get the "The Elder dragon swam away". Then next time, you can come back, swim
    to Area 3, and finish him off. Try and break all the breakable parts he has.
    Oh, and breaking his horn off gives you 2 extra carves but this time, it's not
    the victory condition. You should break it anyways (use the Dragonator).
    Once you manage to slay Ceadeus, his body gives you SIX carves instead of the
    usual three, so don't dillydally about and get to carving. The best things to
    get out of him is the Luminous Organ and the Deep Dragongem. Unfortunately I
    seem to be getting nothing but Deep Dragongems and no Luminous Organs, which
    I actually need.
    Now, I'm not saying "Don't go making Ceadeus weapons or armor". Well, because
    you're about to enter High Rank, forging Low Rank Ceadeus armor at this point
    is somewhat redundant, but if you overforge it it's by no means a bad armor
    set to go with, and you can mix and match with other pieces too for some cool
    skills. Ceadeus weapons are extremely durable weapons in their own right and
    boast a veritable amount of sharpness. Some Ceadeus weapons are the best water
    weapons in the game, so especially if you're a Lance, Switch Axe, or Great
    Sword user (credit to BLU), then you'll want a Ceadeus weapon eventually.
    Like I said though, it's time consuming to farm Ceadeus if you can't kill him
    within the half an hour given, so come back when you have a more powerful
    Dragon or Lightning weapon, okay?
    6-star Quests
    Welcome to High Rank! I'm going to assume you know to bring everything with you
    because now the supply box won't be stocked immediately and all you'll have is a
    Map...if you even land at Base Camp! So I won't be providing item
    recommendations anymore, it's up to you to know that Rathalos can be Flash
    Bombed and that the Tundra is cold! I'll remind you in the Quest description
    because I'm a nice person though.
    Oh and since I've already gotten past High Rank I can't remember any of the
    Village Requests, and nowhere online seems to have any of them. If you know
    any of the High Rank Village Requests and what's needed, I would LOVE to
    know and you will receive credit.
    One more thing about High Rank quests: You will see "Unstable Environments"
    far more often from here on out (and later on in G Rank almost every single
    quest will be unstable). And more than that is the unpredictability of the guest
    monster, and if it even shows up at all. Always have Dung Bombs on your person.
    Even if I've already said that! Even if I will continue to say that! I will
    say it again! DUNG BOMBS! BRING THEM!
    Harvest Tour: Sandy Plains
    Objective:  Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: lol (1/10)
    The new Carbalite Ore can be found in every area. Sandy Plains is otherwise
    the exact same, besides the new items. Oh, and the bug spots have King Scarabs,
    and you'll want them because they're super rare.
    Also, from now on, Harvest Tours are unstable and you could run into a large
    monster. Here it's Great Jaggi. Go ahead and kill him if you run into him
    with your sweet Agnaktor fire weapon.
    Harvest Tour: Flooded Forest
    Objective:  Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: lol (1/10)
    Underwater you can find not only Pelagicite Ores but its even rarer sister, the
    Bathycite Ore. You'll want a few, they're valuable. King Scarabs and
    Hercudromes can be found here, you'll want Hercudromes too.
    A new herbivore might show up here, the green ugly things called Slagtoth.
    It has its own armor set but it's a very ugly and not that great armor set,
    but it'll do if you're lazy and its defense is definitely okay.
    Great Wroggi can show up here. He's weak to Water, remember?
    Harvest Tour: Misty Peaks
    Objective:  Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficulty: lol (1/10)
    Misty Peaks is the same Misty Peaks you found when you had to fight Purple
    Ludroth, but it is a new area and so I'll go over it.
    This is a very Oriental-inspired area. Area 2 is the Jaggi's den (sheesh, they
    are everywhere). You can find sweet Carbalite Ore, among other things, and
    also in Area 1 there's bird things called GARGWA. They are friendly herbivores
    that won't attack you unless you attack them. They can lay eggs if you surprise
    them though (which is hilarious).
    There's a cave area too, and there's a beautiful ambient music in the background
    for some reason. Lots of ores to mine here, and lots of Bnahabra to kill and
    carve if that strikes your fancy. The rest of the areas are all somewhat
    watery and are otherwise extremely beautiful. The Bug spots can also give you
    King Scarabs and Hercudromes but are more likely to give the normal:
    Godbugs, Flashbugs, Thunderbugs. All in all, a very sweet addition.
    It doesn't get cold or hot because it's a not-too-high mountain so you won't
    need any special drinks here. Monsters of all sorts will be here, it's a
    temperate area and a "cradle of life", so to speak.
    There are no fully underwater spots in this location.
    Farm Aid [KEY]
    Objective:  Slay 10 Jaggia
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: surprise! (2/10)
    Well now you're High Rank and you're so bad at this that you have to settle
    for slaying defenseless small girls. Go through Areas 1, 2, 3, and 5, and
    you'll find that there were only 3 or so Jaggia. Logic dictates that the Jaggi
    den will have all the rest of the Jaggia you need to kill, so let's head
    on over there, shall we?
    And what's this? A GREAT JAGGI? Pfft...that's nothing, I'll just go march up
    and atta--
    That, my friends, is G.I. JHOOOOOOOOOOO and you will want to run away from him
    like the small defenseless girl you are because he can and will one-shot you.
    But if you're stupid like me, you can run around listening to his SWEET battle
    theme (which is basically The Rite of Spring).
    Anyways, pull out your Dung Bombs and shoo him away, then proceed to kill the
    Jaggia. Carve them--you'll get new High Rank items like Jaggi Scales PLUS and
    Jaggi Hides PLUS which you will need for your High Rank armor! Also the quest
    will always spawn two butterflies in Area 5 that can give you Hercudromes and
    King Scarabs. Sweet.
    Field Trip
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Great Jaggi
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficulty: Easy (2/10)
    I put this quest as one of the first because you'd better get yourself some
    High Rank armor before targeting this tier's big Key monsters. Just please.
    Great Jaggi is wandering all over the map and because you get dumped in some
    random-shit area, you'll have to run around looking for him! If you're
    unlucky, you might run into Arzuros, the guest monster. Either Dung Bomb him
    or kill him for extra parts and rewards because he's also not terrible and
    you could use the practice.
    Great Jaggi will move noticeably faster and dish out noticeably more damage--
    you might find yourself actually using those Mega Potions you should always
    have on your person. But because Great Jaggi is otherwise so simple and easy
    to avoid and attack, you really should have no problem taking around 10 minutes
    to just kill this thing. Carve him and get your rewards, come back, and make
    yourself a full set of JAGGI S ARMOR. Just like when you first started your
    game, you made some Jaggi Armor because it was the first bit of good armor,
    do the same with High Rank. You have to work your way up!
    Toxic Troublemaker
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Great Wroggi
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: Easy (3/10)
    This is another armor set you will want to forge. In fact, I only forged
    Jaggi S and Wroggi S, and currently I only use Wroggi S. I've just been
    keeping up with its upgrades as I unlock the armor spheres and it has served
    me beautifully. Wroggi S armor is just as good as its Low Rank sister, it has
    Negate Poison and Razor Sharp, and this time around it also has Speed Eating
    and Shakalaka Rally. It also has Defense Down as its negative skill but you
    can easily just stick in a Defense jewel to negate that.
    Great Wroggi is similarly more powerful than its Low Rank counterpart and will
    actually give you some issues with both its poison and its attack increase.
    Bring Antidotes, okay? High Rank Poison drains your health faster than Low
    Rank Poison (and G Rank is even faster). Great Wroggi this time around for
    some reason loves to spam the side bite, and its noticeably large range will
    easily catch you off guard. Other than that he's the exact same and you'd
    better make Wroggi S armor too, especially if you're a Blademaster.
    Bye-Bye, Bloom [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Crimson Qurupeco
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: Difficult (5/10)
    First things first: BRING 10 DUNG BOMBS, 10 DUNG, AND 10 BOMB CASINGS BECAUSE
    All right, here's the first of our key quests, the Crimson Qurupeco, yet
    another subspecies! Are you wearing High Rank armor? Do you have your Ice
    weapon? Good. There is no introduction cinematic for Crimson Qurupeco,
    similar to Purple Ludroth. I think he's hanging around in Area 1 or 2, and
    if he's left, check Area 7.
    The first thing you'll notice that's new with Mr. Crim is that his roar, unlike
    normal Qurupeco, can actually stop you in your tracks. He also has, similar
    to Purple Ludroth and, of course, everyone else, higher attack power and
    speed. Mr. Crim shares every single physical attack with Qurupeco (he is a
    subspecies, remember?) but he has some new moves up his sleeve too.
    Unlike Qurupeco, Crimson Qurupeco is a lightning-based monster. Instead of
    Flintstones, he's got some nifty Voltstones with which he generates
    electricity! Instead of Fireblight, he causes Thunderblight, so use Nulberries
    okay? You don't want to get stunned. His wings are noticeably tougher and
    you will bounce, but Voltstones are Crimson Qurupeco exclusive and if you want
    to upgrade your Lagiacrus weapon you'll be needing a few, so just keep on
    trying (or come back later with a better weapon to try breaking them, hey?).
    Crimson Qurupeco can use those Voltstones for purposes other than doing that
    dancing attack that Qurupeco does that's oh so easy to avoid (you know, where
    he claps his stones and causes fire...or electricity in Mr. Crim's case).
    You'll know what he does it. He'll smack his volts together sorta gently.
    He'll also lean slightly forward as he does it. Once...twice...three times...
    maybe a fourth...and suddenly...wait for it...
    Flash of light and you're stunned, just like Gobul. You can roll through it,
    but his timing is unpredictable so good luck. Tough it out!
    Crimson Qurupeco can sing attack songs, songs of healing, and a new one, a song
    that puts you to sleep. Bring Energy Drinks if you're paranoid, he has yet to
    do it to me.
    Mr. Crim is also a MUCH MORE AGGRESSIVE SUMMONER than his cousin. Like, every
    minute or so I had to deal with him and G.I. JHOOOOOOOOOOO in the same room.
    I counted--he summoned TWELVE times and I only had 10 Dung Bombs. You know
    how I finally ended the quest? I threw Tranq Bombs at the trapped chicken...
    the most epic capture ever, but please don't attempt that.
    I'm serious when I say that Mr. Crim will summon THE DEVIL over and over again.
    Because THE DEVIL has a shweet battle theme it overrides EVERYTHING else no
    matter what it is and so you'll know when he's arrived. If you're lucky he'll
    stomp in with you retreating into the corner and you'll get Mr. Crim and
    GI JHO to fight each other. But, trust me, it's a stupid idea to let two
    monsters into a room at the same time, and if one of them is a DEVIL then you're
    being even stupider and you'd better toss Dung Bombs. If you're having serious
    issues try getting the Felyne food skill "Dungmaster".
    Mr. Crim has the same breakable parts as Qurupeco: Beak and Voltstones.
    Crimson Qurupeco armor is very lightning resistant, which can come in handy,
    but its skills are somewhat lackluster.
    Beat Mr. Crim and he'll show up in Moga Woods for revenge.
    Pink Queen of the Peaks [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Pink Rathian
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficulty: Difficult (6/10)
    Don't worry, Pink Rathian is far too beautiful for the UGLY DEVIL to try and
    rear its UGLY HEAD in front of her. He's so unladylike that his mere existence
    would repel her away.
    But if beauty is a way of gauging power, then Pink Rathian is very, very deadly
    and you'll want to make sure you've got Antidotes (or Wroggi S armor) and
    a nice set of High Rank armor on your back to protect you, she won't hesitate
    to KILL YOU DEAD for fun and she is an incredibly dangerous subspecies.
    Pinkian will have all the same attacks with her cousin, Rathian. However, she
    has some new additions that increase her deadliness, in addition to the usual
    speed and power increases overall. First off, do you remember that stupid,
    weak side-chomp attack that Rathian, Rathalos, and Diablos like pulling off?
    You know, that one you never paid attention to because it was a good
    opportunity to lay down the hurt on her. Well, now it's accompanied with a
    BLAST OF EXPLOSIVE FLAMES in the vicinity of her jaw and you will want to
    STAY AWAY because its range is ridiculous. Stick to her legs, okay?
    Also, Pinkian has another EXPLOSIVE FIRE attack that she will pull on you,
    especially if she's enraged. She'll breathe fire, and instead of just the
    usual easy-to-avoid fireballs, it'll be an EXPLOSIVE CIRCLE OF EXPLODING
    FIRE because she is a pyromaniac and loves it.
    Pinkian's final new, and most deadly, attack, is her corkscrew backflip.
    It's as awesome looking as it sounds (Rathalos, you really need to catch up
    because you're not as cool as a girl is!), but even deadlier. Instead of just
    backflipping, because that's boring, she decides to add SPINNING to the mix.
    Like before, it can and will poison you in addition to dealing a nuke of
    damage. Pinkian can also pull off your standard backflip if she so chooses.
    Unpredictable little gal, isn't she?
    Other than that, Pink Rathian has all the same as Rathian. Fire balls, tail
    swings, eagle swoops, the ability to pin you, and everything else. Oh and
    if she's in the air you should Flash Bomb her to bring her down. It will
    put her into Rage Mode, and Pink Rathian in Rage Mode can be terrifying.
    Pink Rathian has all the breakable parts of Rathian. You can bash her face
    to destroy her beauty, wound her two wings, and chop off her tail. If you
    chop her tail, her backflip and corkscrew become notably less deadly because
    the tail is shorter. Don't let that let your guard down though.
    Once you've beat her, Pink Rathians will pop up in Moga Woods because the
    villagers love seeing gymnastics.
    URGENT: Splash Damage
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Plesioth
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: hitboxdissonance (5/10)
    I know what you want. You don't want no subspecies. They're boring. You want
    a monster, a real NEW monster. Well good for you, there's a new monster for
    you! His name is the Plesioth and you will either love him or hate him.
    Head on over to Area 10 and you'll be introduced to the lovable Plesioth.
    Bring a FROG and head to the fishing spot and you'll be able to fish him out
    of the water just like Gobul. He'll spazz out like he always does and you can
    lay the hurt on him. When Plesioth finally stands up, you'll notice something:
    His odd and absurd size.
    It is this odd and absurd size that gives him some pretty severe (but tolerable)
    hitbox dissonance, and this can be an issue. Lucky for you, I know most of
    the issues and so I will be telling you! First, let's learn about Plesioth's
    On land, Plesioth is actually not so easy as he is in the water. Strange,
    I know. Plesioth can wriggle forward similar to Lagiacrus, and if he's tired
    he'll fall over and spazz out. He can also do a double 180 tailswing and a
    hipcheck. Finally, he will stand on his hind legs and stand up super tall and
    fire a water beam. If you're attacking his legs (which you can probably only
    reach up to there) then you're safe. When Plesioth's about to enter the
    water, he'll run like...well...nothing's really as traumatic as a Plesioth
    running, let's just say.
    Underwater, Plesioth can charge at you super fast. If you're on land and he's
    in the water, he'll pop up and waterbeam you. It has a ridiculous range so
    be careful. Plesioth will often leap out of the water like some stupid fish.
    No monster will ever be as traumatizing as Plesioth, I swear. Plesioth can
    also do a very spastic figure-8 sorta of random thingy. Its hitbox is very
    odd, I've seen the end of his tail go right through me and not hurt me one
    bit. Plesioth's underwater hitboxes are all off--i.e. they're all smaller than
    they ought to be, so you should take advantage of it.
    Plesioth's breakable parts are as follows: You can break the fin on his back,
    you can scar his head, you can wound both his wings. Unfortunately, you cannot
    chop off his tail. Too bad!
    Which leads me to his hitbox dissonance. When he was first introduced, his
    hitboxes were absurd. They've been somewhat fixed, but his size is still very
    odd and weird and this means his hitboxes are still off. His hipcheck will
    hit you even if you're right under his tummy with nothing but air above your
    head. If you're on the opposite side of his hipcheck direction, you will still
    be sent flying through the air. Stay away from both sides of Plesioth's hips
    to avoid this issue, please. Plesioth's double 180 tailswing is also perfectly
    capable of smashing into you even though it's 8 or 9 feet up in the air.
    Too bad you can't cut it off, like I said. But if you can keep these dissonances
    in mind, then you'll be fine. The absurdity of his hitboxes aren't as bad as
    they used to be, and if you've mastered your evasion, you can easily roll or
    dive or shield, you know.
    When Plesioth is only land and tired, his head will droop to attacking range,
    and for a weirdly long time. Feel free to cut his head to pieces. When he's
    exhausted, his torpedo charge will end in him flinching, falling over, and
    becoming all spastic, so attack him then too, why don't you? When he's tired
    he'll attempt to go to Royal Ludroth's den in Area 12 but I've seen him all
    over the place. I've killed him on land in Area 10 and I've trapped him in
    the water in Area 11.
    Plesioth underwater really isn't that bad. Half the time he's sitting there
    contemplating the vastness of the universe so I guess you can just jolt him
    out of his philosophical reverie if you so choose.
    Plesioth, similar to Agnaktor, makes for incredibly high quality water weapons.
    Do go ahead and make some (especially if you're a Dual Swords user).
    Now Plesioth will be hanging around in Moga Woods and also you've unlocked the
    7-star quests! Now let's go ahead and do the rest of the 6-star quests, hey?
    The Merchant's Mission
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Rathian
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Easy (4/10)
    Rathian is basically more powerful and faster now that she's a High Rank
    Rathian. She does not have the spinny backflip or the explosive fireballs that
    Pink Rathian possesses, she is a plain Rathian. She'll start and end in
    Area 8, and if you're lazy, steal a Wyvern Egg to lure her right back.
    The precious item you'll want from her this time is the Rathian Ruby. Good
    luck getting one.
    Rathian will appear in Moga Woods at night now.
    Current Events
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Royal Ludroth
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Medium (4/10)
    Royal Ludroth is the same as ever. Bring your Fire weapon and break all his
    parts and be careful of Waterblight, so bring Nulberries too. When he's tired
    he'll retreat to Area 12 so kill him dead or capture him. His parts are good
    for upgrading your Ludroth water weapon if you chose to make one, and you'll
    need Torrent Sacs for a Village Request.
    Herd Mentality
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Great Jaggi and 1 Pink Rathian
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    Great Jaggi starts out in Area 6 in his den and Pink Rathian starts out
    in Rathian's nest, Area 8. This is an "Epic Hunt" so monsters show up
    one at a time and when defeated give you Mega Potions, so break all their
    parts and capture them. Pink Rathian will be the first that you have to defeat.
    Since it's a multi-monster quest their health has been scaled down, so she
    is notably easier than her debut quest.
    After that, go kill Great Jaggi. He's super easy and you can either cap him
    or kill him. I'd recommend just killing him, it's not like he's hard. Use
    a Lightning weapon.
    Leading the Charge
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Barroth
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Easy (4/10)
    Well Barroth gets easier with time and to tell you the truth he's not that
    bad as other monsters (like Rathian) are in High Rank. Starts in Area 3
    and ends in Area 3 of Sandy Plains and can burrow to escape you. Bring
    Cool Drinks. In High Rank his head cannot be damaged unless you have White
    Sharpness weapons (which are pretty much unobtainable until G Rank) so
    unless you're a Gunner or you use Impact weapons stick to his weak point
    (the arms).
    New to High Rank is a hipcheck. It's slow and easy to see coming, but I'm
    just letting you guys know.
    Defeat him and you'll unlock Barroth in Moga Woods. Interesting.
    Desert Warfare
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Rathian and 1 Barroth
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    This is yet another Epic Hunt. Barroth starts in Area 3 and Rathian starts
    out somewhere hot, so bring Cool Drinks. Same old, same old. Capture them
    if you want since they only give Mega Potions, even their tails once you
    pop them off. Break as many parts as you can to get the Wound rewards.
    Hair of the Dog
    Objective:  Deliver 5 Slagtoth Oil
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: Easy (2/10)
    Slagtoth, as mentioned before, are scattered EVERYWHERE that's terrestrial
    in Flooded Forest. If you kill them, you have approximately a 30% chance of
    carving Slagtoth Oil, an Account Item. So go ahead and kill some until you
    have 5, then return to Base Camp to deliver them. Generic Delivery Quest,
    not hard.
    Oh, by the way, this quest is unstable and either Pink Rathian will show you
    to kill you with her beauty, or THE DEVIL will appear to try and eat everything.
    Maybe bring Dung Bombs along?
    Double Jeopardy
    Objective:  Hunt 2 Arzuros
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (4/10)
    The 2 Arzuros this time around will tend to follow each other a lot so it
    will happen multiple times that they're doubleteaming up on you. You'll run
    through a few Dung Bombs doing this. This isn't an Epic Hunt quest because
    they all show up at once so you can kill them.
    They don't have too many new attacks, but they will use their 360 claw swipe
    a lot more than they ever did back in Low Rank, and they can hit you for a
    veritable amount of damage. Hit their behinds, break their wrists, and take
    the rewards like the greedy hunter you are.
    Arzuros will appear in Moga Woods at night now.
    Bully the Bullfango
    Objective:  Slay 15 Bullfango
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficulty: Easy (2/10)
    The Bullfango are scattered all around Misty Peaks and you should have no
    trouble killing them and harvesting their parts (which really aren't that
    useful). Purple Ludroth could potentially show up, just shoo him away.
    And of course other guest monsters could show up too.
    Under the Yolk
    Objective:  Deliver 3 Gargwa Eggs
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficulty: Easy (2/10)
    Gargwa lay eggs by you startling them. Go up behind them and attack them so
    that they drop a shiny. I like kicking them. But you can stomp on them or
    kickbox them or whatever too. After they've laid their egg or dropped something
    like Gargwa Guano or whatnot, they might try to buttcheck you. Either kill
    them and carve them for their pretty parts or just pick up the egg and
    skedaddle on to Base Camp. You can also trade the eggs with the Veggie Elder
    for things to sell if you want.
    Gargwa appear everywhere. Once you've gotten an egg from Area 1, they'll
    magically disappear so you'll have to look and walk around a bit. Thankfully,
    no large monster cares about Gargwa Eggs. You'll get lots of nice jewels
    and things as rewards.
    Siren's Song
    Objective:  Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    This is a bit of an oddball quest. The only way to get a Paw Pass Ticket to
    show up is to defeat 2 Qurupecos. Totally there's 4 Qurupecos plus one monster
    that may show up if the area is unstable. It should normally be a Rathian,
    but GI JHOOOOOOOOOOOOO seems to have a bit of a crush on me because he shows
    up whenever I do this quest.
    Nonetheless, kill your first Qurupeco and you'll get the message "4 Monsters
    Left!". Kill the second, and it'll say "3 Monsters Left!". Weird numbers,
    considering there's only 4 Qurupecos...unless the guest monster somehow
    figures in? But it's just that, a guest monster, so it doesn't make much
    sense. Needless to say, just go kill two Qurupecos (or more if you need their
    parts), solve the mystery if you'd like when you can kill them more
    efficiently later, and take your rewards. Make sure you Dung Bomb the guest
    7-star Quests
    Well you're pretty deep into High Rank now.
    Harvest Tour: Tundra
    Objective:  Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: lol (1/10)
    There's not much new to the Tundra, but as usual the Ores are just begging to
    be mined. The very precious GRACIUM Ore is a must-have, and the even rare
    FUCIUM Ore is a blessing if you can come across any (I myself only have ever
    had one). Issisium and rare jewels are also commonplace here, as well as
    Bloodstones and Deep Bloodstones, which fetch money if you choose to keep
    Great Baggi can show up here, by the way.
    Rockslide [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 2 Volvidon
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains) NIGHT
    Difficulty: Easy (3/10)
    This is one of those multi-monster quests where the Volvidon could easily
    double-team on you, so bring your Dung Bombs and attack them one at a time.
    Volvidon are soft and weak little Fanged Beasts just like the rest of them.
    Try to break their backs to get some Rickracks--Volvidon S armor, despite
    its ugliness, has some nifty skills if you want some.
    Don't forget your Hot Drinks!
    Snowball Fight [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Jade Barroth
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (4/10)
    Area 2 is where you need to go, I believe. Jade Barroth is essentially the
    shimmering blue, snow-covered cousin of the Barroth (obviously). She shares
    every single attack with Barroth. No, seriously. She's one of the less
    unique subspecies out there.
    The only difference is how she charges. Instead of charging in a straight
    line like Barroth does, which is easy to avoid, Jade Barroth will charge
    in curvy lines! She can make surprisingly sharp turns as she does as well,
    so prepare your dive and otherwise run around as fast as you can because
    she has surprisingly good aim with that big head of hers.
    Something more interesting about her is that when she's limping, she'll go
    over to Area 1. Don't go just yet though, let her charge forward and bust
    open a path that leads to...secret areas 8 and 9! Where she's sleeping, there's
    a bug spot that can give you RARE SCARABS and that bone pile could give you
    DRAGONBONE RELICS. Gather them up before you kill or capture Jade, why don't
    Shocking Development [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Baleful Gigginox
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Difficult (5/10)
    Unlike Jade Barroth, Baleful Gigginox is a tough little cutie with several new
    attacks up her sleeve. While physically she shares every attack with Gigginox,
    her special attacks are no longer poison, they are electric, and she can
    both paralyze you AND give you Thunderblight at the same time! Nulberries,
    You know when Gigginox spits poison at you while she's standing? Baleful
    Gigginox will do that too, only it's a huge electric ball that will split into
    three and travel in separate paths. The radius is quite large, and you'll want
    to never face her head-on, because she'll jolt you and leave you paralyzed
    and Thunderblighted. Baleful Gigginox when attached to the ceiling will
    throw electric balls instead of poison balls.
    Baleful Gigginox's biggest attack, however, is when she'll tense a bit, like
    Lagiacrus, and then suddenly let out an enormous blast of electricity that
    arcs above her like a half-sphere. Its radius is larger the longer she's
    tense. The radius of the jolt is very short-lasting, unlike Lagiacrus, but
    it'll smack you for a whack ton of damage if you're not careful. And leave
    you paralyzed. Yeah, I'll keep reminding you about that always!
    If you break Baleful Gigginox's head, her thunder balls change from yellow to
    blue. Just interesting.
    Oh, and Baleful Gigginox can't give birth to Giggis anymore (which makes me
    wonder where Baleful Gigginox come from. Baleful Giggis???). Instead, she will
    always lay the electric equivalent of Gigginox's poison bombs. When it explodes,
    however, its range is, of course, far larger and you'd better be careful,
    even if you're next to her face you could potentially get hit.
    Baleful Gigginox will turn BRIGHT RED when enraged (definitely not inspired by
    Red Khezu) and her head will turn hard but her tail will be squishy. Baleful
    Gigginox, by the way, seems to go outside a lot more often than Gigginox.
    She'll be in Area 2 a lot when she's weak, although she won't spend a lot of
    time there. If you're aiming on capturing her, keep an eye out for when she
    leaves the confinement of the cave.
    Baleful Giggionx's lightning weapons are more powerful than Lagiacrus's, but
    lack in sharpness and are a lot harder to get. If you've already got a Lagiacrus
    weapon you don't need to bother with Baleful Gigginox...unless you think it's
    too cool to pass up?
    URGENT: Masked Robbery
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Rathalos
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (4/10)
    Well Rathalos isn't any different. It's just that Rathalos happened to steal
    Kayamba's so-called "Ultimate Mask" and you have to kill Rathalos in revenge.
    He starts off in Area 8 but he may well be in Area 3 or something, so check
    there. He uses the predictable paths of Rathian and when tired will try to
    go to Area 8.
    Afterwards, Kayamba will put the mask on and, dispair!, for it is not the
    Ultimate Mask, Rathalos has RUINED it. Cha-Cha laughs because they don't like
    each other much (and I thought their Chum-Chum was maxed) and calls it the
    "Unfortunate Mask". And that is what it is. The excuse plot now is attempting
    to revive it and turn it back into the Ultimate Mask.
    By the way, Rathalos will be stomping around at night and you'll unlock the
    next tier of quests! Getting far into High Rank now, aren't we?
    Scene of the Crime
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Gobul
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (4/10)
    Gobul's the same as ever. Go to Area 4 and use a Frog to fish him out. He'll
    be spamming his Lantern attack more than ever to stun you but if you've
    mastered the timing, you can in fact roll right through it and make use of
    the invincibility frame (or dive, you know). He's faster and a bit bigger
    and he'll leap out at you from underground and all that great stuff. Go ahead
    and smash his lantern and chop off his tail, why don't you?
    Defeating Gobul has hordes of Gobul appear in Moga Woods at night.
    On Thin Ice
    Objective:  Hunt 2 Lagombi
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Easy (3/10)
    Just like Volvidon and Arzuros, and having two of them in the same room can
    make things pretty nightmarish what with both of them sliding around. Dung
    Bomb one and focus on the other. Use these Lagombi parts to upgrade your
    ice weapon while you're at it, hey?
    Leader of the Icepack
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Great Baggi
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: surprisinglyhard (4/10)
    Great Baggi is surprisingly difficult, and it doesn't help things that GI
    JHOOOOOOOOOOOOO could potentially appear and murder you. That's how I died,
    I got stunned by THE DEVIL and then Great Baggi decided it'd be fun to bite
    me. Woo. Then I got mad and frustrated and so when I returned I decided to
    hell with it, I'll let THE DEVIL damage Great Baggi for me, and since neither
    had seen me yet they were fighting each other. It was funny.
    But don't do that (although I'll bet THE DEVIL did a pretty large chunk of
    damage to Mr. Baggi while I vented my rage). Anyways kill him dead as soon
    as you can with your awesome fire weapon yay!
    Funny story about this quest too, since Cha-Cha is wearing the Mock Melynx
    mask (a great mask, everyone ought to wear it!), and the Mock Melynx mask can
    steal items from monsters, I come back from a frustratingly but enjoyable
    success and I find that Cha-Cha has a DEVIL Hide. Interesting. I suppose
    if you hunted quests where GI JHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO could show up enough times you
    could make his weapons without ever fighting him himself. I find that to be
    incredibly amusing.
    Research Assistance
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Gigginox and 1 Baleful Gigginox
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    They both will double-team you because they both hang out in similar regions.
    I'd recommend you tackle Gigginox first, who, predictable as ever, is hanging
    around in her den. Then go and handle Baleful Gigginox, who is the harder of
    the two. This is a good quest for farming Gigginox parts if you need both for
    their respective weapons (like, you know, Venom Wings and Boltgeist, heh heh).
    Designer Antlers
    Objective:  Deliver 5 Anteka Antlers
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Easy (2/10)
    Anteka are those antelope things with the pretty antlers that are High Rank
    only monsters, similar to Slagtoth in Flooded Forest. If you shield bash them,
    they'll be stunned like Kelbi and you'll for sure get antlers, but if you don't
    use a shielded weapon, killing them has a 35% chance of antlers so never fear!
    GI JHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO might show up again but this time, it's not biggie.
    Or other guest monsters. Who knows?
    Toxin Avenger
    Objective:  Hunt 3 Gigginox
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    This is not an epic hunt quest, but the Gigginox show up one after another
    anyways. If you kill them, you'll still be able to carve epic parts. Use your
    awesome fire weapon to plow through them. It took me less than 15 minutes for
    each one, and it should take you that long too, because otherwise you're going
    to run out of time and you'll be sad.
    If you need a crapton of Gigginox parts, do this quest. Because their health
    has been dramatically scaled down, it's much easier and you'll get more carves
    because there's three Gigginox. Each one of them will always start out in
    Area 2 and will roam around Areas 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7.
    The Write Stuff
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Jade Barroth and 1 Gigginox
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    This is an Epic Hunt quest. Jade Barroth will appear first somewhere in Area 2,
    and when she's limping let her break open that secret area and gather stuff,
    okay? Then head to Gigginox's den and take her down. Capture them unless you
    need the Mega Potions, but both of them are pretty easy. If you don't have a
    good weapon though, time could be an issue.
    Rumble in the Great Desert
    Objective:  Slay or repel a Jhen Mohran
    Location:   Great Desert
    Difficulty: don't do this now, save this for later (9/10)
    Well technically you'll save this for like the last few quests of the 9-star
    tier, but in any case I'll go over it now because it is definitely possible
    to do around the 8-star mark with good timing, a bit of luck, and much
    First of all, you can't do this quest until you fulfill the Dragonship Village
    Request. It requires 1,200 resource points, among other things. Do it and
    you'll unlock this quest. It's not key, and you'll only need to do it to
    unlock Alatreon and other end-9-star quests, so you can come back and do this
    after a bit.
    Jhen Mohran's biggest weaknesses are to Dragon and Ice, but unless you've farmed
    THE DEVIL before doing this, you won't have a Dragon weapon, and in fact a
    powerful Ice weapon works beautifully. Defeat Barioth, turn him into a weapon,
    and then come back, okay? Having a good weapon is 50% of winning, here.
    Armor won't matter as much because Jhen Mohran's sheer size means she won't
    be attacking you as much as attacking your Dragonship.
    Your Dragonship is that ship you're on that can TRAVEL THROUGH SAND. It will
    be taking damage from Jhen and thus has levels you can view in the Quest Info:
    NORMAL --> LOW --> WARNING --> DANGER. Once it gets to Danger, you really are
    pretty much going to fail the quest unless you can pull everything off to
    the millisecond...with a ton of luck. Thankfully, your Dragonship isn't totally
    defenseless and has many features that you can use to keep Jhen Mohran at
    bay. If you have the Felyne Skill "Bombardier" then things might go a bit
    easier because it increases your Ballista and Cannonball damage, but don't
    rely totally on it because if your Dragonship is destroyed you'll still fail.
    The general rule of thumb is this: If you can keep doing steady amounts of
    damage, Jhen will be forced back and be unable to try and attack your ship
    via belly flop, the most damaging attack your Dragonship will have to suffer if
    you're not careful. The moment you're in the quest, get the Ballista Ammo
    and the Anti-Dragon Bombs, you'll want them. After you've grabbed whatever
    else you need, head up top and you'll see Jhen Mohran pop up out of the sand.
    Obviously, Jhen's too far away for you to hit via weapon, and that's what the
    Ballista are for. Ignore the cannons, you can use them later. Use the Ballista,
    press R for a more precise aim mechanic, and aim for the TUSKS because you
    will want to break them.
    After a while Jhen, will get closer and you'll see a red arrow pointing to
    her side. That's your cue to jump and get to her back. As you run along her
    back, you'll see grey, cracked parts. Those are her weak spots, and you'll
    want to hit them until they break. After a while, though, Jhen will throw you
    off and you'll have to get back up to the top deck and repeat it over again.
    If you can break both though, that's a sign you're doing well. Dual Swords
    users, you'd better be Demon Moding as often as you can--it's literally
    impossible to break the weak spots unless you are Demon Moding over and over
    and over again. Great Swords users had better be level 3 charging, and Long
    Swords users had better be raising their Spirit Gauge as high as possible.
    Jhen will then leap overhead the ship and go to the other side. While this is
    all occuring, Jhen may sweep across the ship with her tusks. This doesn't do
    much damage to the Dragonship (you stay clear), but the attack that follows
    can be devastating. Did you see the Gong next to the Cannonballs (which you
    can pick up)? Well, right as Jhen rears and shows of her ugly belly, ram that
    Gong and you'll knock her back. Sheesh, Jhen Mohran, lose some weight. If
    Jhen Mohran ever attempts a belly flop again, and the Gong isn't available,
    go to the Ballista and select the yellow icon BALLISTA BINDER in your item bag
    which you definitely should have gotten out of the supply box. That'll also
    stop her in her tracks.
    After a bit, you'll see that Jhen's ignoring you and is moving her way to the
    front of the ship. She intends on ramming you face-on. Luckily for you, there
    is a frontward facing DRAGONATOR, and it is just like the Ceadeus Dragonator.
    Time it right because if you don't, your Dragonship will be sad and you might
    as well as abandon because you will NEED the damage output of the Dragonator
    if you hope to even repel her.
    As you've probably noticed, Jhen Mohran's actions are all very SCRIPTED and
    will happen no matter what. This means that even if you fail, you've gotten a
    good idea of what's going to happen, and so with each attempt you'll get a
    bit better. Keep trying, watch YouTube videos, read this guide, etc. Or you
    know, put this off for later and get a better weapon? Anyways, Jhen will
    then shoot some rocks at you (she'll do it a lot and it'll always hit you
    unless you move out of the way). Then she'll disappear beneath the sand.
    Then she'll reappear, a little closer, and she'll twist back into the sand...
    And the second time she reappears, she'll begin to rear...and...ACTIVATE THE
    DRAGONATOR!!!! The spiraling spike will stab her in the chest and she'll be
    knocked back.
    Continue to gather Ammo and Cannonballs, break her weak points, and if all goes
    well, you'll be taken to "The Final Showdown". This is when it is absolutely
    critical you keep your Dragonship in good shape, because this is the stage
    when many, many things can potentially go wrong. Use the Hunting Gong only
    when you have to, and if the Hunting Gong isn't working, remember that
    strange, yellow BALLISTA BINDER you grabbed? Use that instead. Just go over
    to the Ballistas and make sure the icon over it is yellow, and you'll bind her
    and cause her to stumble back.
    During the Final Showdown, your boat will be stationary and she'll be off in
    the distance. Don't go running up to her, she's nowhere near dead. Instead,
    collect your Ammo and shoot with the Ballista. As she gets closer, try your
    hand with the Cannon and use Cannonballs. And finally, when she's really up
    close, it's time to use the DRAGONATOR again, which is reset and will this
    time, instead of facing frontward, is facing Jhenward (you'll probably notice
    that big metal spike). The theme music will change to something incredibly
    AWESOME and it will feel WORTH IT and you'll feel like the ULTIMATE HERO.
    But it's not over yet! You'll have to keep on using your Hunting Gong, once
    she's within the Nator-range, she's close enough to belly flop you over and
    over and over, and your Dragonship, once it's in the Warning range, can only
    take so many hits before you fail. If you Gong her at the right time, she'll
    fall over, her mouth open. Her MOUTH is another big weak point, attack it
    and you'll see tons of blood and stuff and you can do massive damage. Then
    you'll want to run back and continue Cannonballing her.
    Later on, you can try to attack her legs too, for Jhen Mohran Braces and such,
    but for now just focus on keeping the ship happy, okay? Just remember: If you
    can keep inflicting constant damage, she'll stagger and stop attacking and
    that's good for both you and your Dragonship. If all goes well, you'll get a
    Repel and she'll run away, and if things go flawlessly (or you have a really
    overpowerful weapon) then you'll kill her. You can carve her four times in
    her mouth and four times in her body, so be quick about it. If you're lucky,
    you might get Earth Dragongems.
    Remember: HUNTING GONG and BALLISTA BINDER are your best friends! And if
              they're not available, break Jhen Mohran's breakable parts! Which
              are: Her two tusks (use ammo and cannonballs, they're enormous),
              and her two legs. Oh and the weakpoints on her back, but you knew
              that already.
    If you're confident with hunting Jhen Mohran, remember those blue stones you
    saw? They're mineable, and you can get Jhen Mohran Scales, Bathycite Ores,
    and Pelagicite Ores off of them. It's a reliable alternative to that annoying
    Flooded Forest.
    If you're wondering when I personally defeated Jhen Mohran, it was after I'd
    unlocked the 8-star Quests and upgraded my ice weapon by fighting Barioth 5
    or 6 times. Here's what I used:
    Armor:    Wroggi S
    Upgrades: All the way up to one Hrd Armor Sphere (don't have many of those)
    Defense:  320
    Skills:   Autotracker
              Speed Eating+1
              Shakalaka Rally
              Razor Sharp
              Negate Poison
    Weapon:   Blizzarioths
    I had a Talisman that gave me +10 in Psychic, and then I gemmed in the extra
    points for Autotracker (a valuable skill). The rest came with the armor, and
    I gemmed out Defense Down.
    As you can see, you don't need anything fancy to defeat Jhen, just some luck.
    It took me 4 attempts (Dragonship died twice, missed with the Dragonator once).
    Oh, and practice, of course. Don't expect a win on your first try.
    Finally, some technical things if you're curious: Jhen Mohran staggers every
    time you deal out 2,000 HP worth of damage. She has around 12,000 - 15,000
    total, so you can count how many times she staggers to keep tabs on if you're
    anywhere near close to killing/repelling her or not. Best of luck to you!
    8-star Quests
    This is the second-to-last tier before the almighty G RANK awaits you (unless
    you've been fighting there and you came back to use overpowered gear. How
    This is the tier where you will be introduced to 3 Ultimate's flagship monster,
    the BRACHYDIOS. In order to unlock him, you'll have to talk to Argosy when
    he arrives and he'll talk about Brachydios to you. The very thin Unfortunate
    Mask excuse plot continues and otherwise, it's questing as normal. There's
    not very many new-new monsters here, so for the most part it's all old hat,
    the monsters are just more powerful.
    After completing all the key quests, Kayamba will randomly mention that the
    Unfortunate Mask is "reacting". That's when the Guild Sweetheart will have the
    Zinogre (Jinouga?) Urgent Quest for you. He's a big badass wolf with a
    SUPER SAIYAN mode so Lightning resistant armor will be good for you.
    Harvest Tour: Volcano
    Objective:  Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: lol (1/10)
    This is where you can mine to get the HRD ARMOR SPHERE, which will be necessary
    as you continue upgrading your armor. You can also find very rare charms and
    Rustshards and jewels and everything else valuable. Make sure you bring your
    Cool Drinks!
    Some things you can find here: Fucium Ore, Adv Armor Sphere, Hrd Armor Sphere,
    Dragonite Ore, Rustshard, Timeworn Charm, Shining Charm.
    Uragaan could potentially show up.
    The Fisherman's Fiend [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Lagiacrus
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (4/10)
    Lagiacrus starts in the same area as ever (Area 10) and will wander around
    Areas 10 and 11. When he's tired he'll swim-limp over to Area 12 and you
    can capture him if you please. You'll be farming him a lot if you want to
    upgrade your Lagiacrus weapon.
    High Rank Lagiacrus really isn't any tougher than his Low Rank counterpart and
    to be honest, he's one of the easiest monsters in this tier. High Rank Lagiacrus
    armor is definitely something to consider though, and considering the easiness,
    you could make some because I recommend you have a Lightning-resistant armor
    for the urgent quest at the end of this tier.
    For some reason, I find that this Lagiacrus likes to stay on land a lot. He
    even went as far as Area 9. So don't be surprised if he does that. It's not
    like you dislike it anyways, he's easier on land.
    Denizen of the Molten Deep [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Agnaktor
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: Difficult (5/10)
    I went over Agnaktor in this quest's Low Rank sister, and now that it's key
    well you should have fought him in Low Rank anyways for a nice fire weapon.
    High Rank Agnaktor's Rage Mode, I will mention, can be absolutely TERRIFYING,
    the speed increase is almost disgusting and he has a new burrow attack where
    he torpedoes through the rock, and this can easily send you flying.
    Agnaktor's fire beam will also sweep around much like Plesioth's, only faster
    and more out-of-control. Have your dive ready or otherwise be ready to
    stomach Fireblight. Maybe bring Nulberries?
    Remember that you can't Sonic Bomb Agnaktor if he's in Rage Mode. Good luck!
    The Moving Mountain [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Duramboros
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficult:  Somewhat Difficult (4/10)
    Duramboros in the new Misty Peaks! It's the same old Duramboros, and since
    the last tier was chock-full of Gigginoxes, you should have upgraded your
    Poison weapon by now because Poison defeats Duramboros easily.
    Remember that when Duramboros launches himself into the air, his aim is oddly
    good (and defies physics, darn), and you can run all the way to the opposite
    side of the room and he'll still come crashing down on you. It will guaranteed
    stun you and even with sweet armor you'll find yourself with 1/3 less health
    than you had to begin with. It's very easy to get hit by this guy's flying
    "Brachydios" Means Trouble [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Brachydios
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: Difficult (6/10)
    Brachydios's intro video is up in Area 5. You'll start out in base camp for this
    one, so feel free to grab the map and then head on up there. Once you can engage
    Brachydios in combat, you'll notice that Brachydios is...well...different?
    You'd be right. Brachydios, despite being in the BRUTE WYVERN class, actually
    has useable forearms, and uses them. Let's go over Brachydios's unique perks
    first. Oh, and Brachydios is weakest to the Water element, so pull out your
    Plesioth weapon.
    First of all, as you've noticed with the unfortunate Uroktor, Brachydios likes
    to use this explosive green slime. Second of all, the slime will turn from green
    to yellow to red, and then it will explode, so it's a predictable explosion.
    Second of all, Brachydios doesn't charge like other Brute Wyverns do, nor does
    he have many attacks even remotely similar to other Brute Wyverns like Barroth,
    Duramboros, and Uragaan. So he's a whole new monster. His AI can be pretty
    tricky too. Even if you brought your Shakalakas along (which you always should),
    you might find that Brachydios tends to stick to you, especially if you're up
    close, but the moment you're far away, either he'll leap at you or you go
    ignored in favor of your companions. Rarely will Brachydios distract himself.
    About the Slime, too. Slime is a unique element outside of the element circle.
    It is not an element, nor is it a status, but it is a strange lovechild of the
    both. Monsters have initial tolerances to Slime that will gradually go up,
    but it is also an element in that some monsters are actually weak to it and it
    has its own special characteristic: If you're using a Slime-based weapon,
    occassionally you'll see colorful explosions. What those explosions do is that
    the part of the monster that explodes will lower in DURABILITY, the number that
    must decrease to 0 before a part breaks. That means that using a Slime weapon
    makes it notably easier to break parts you couldn't break before. Some people
    say that Slime is a broken element, but I personally see no reason why. If
    a monster has an elemental weakness, you're better off exploiting that because
    Slime won't deal as much damage, okay?
    All right, onto his attacks. Brachydios's attacks will 99% of the time involve
    those forearms of his, and the other 1% of the time his horn or his tail. First
    of all, he has the very generic double 180 tailswing that if you're right
    between his legs (the safest spot, as always) will whoosh right over your head.
    Let's start with his non-Rage Mode attacks. His most common attack is swiping
    with his fist at you. If it hits you it won't deal a wallop of damage but it'll
    give you Brachydios's exclusive element blight: Slimeblight. The Slime will
    explode, so either roll 3 times, like Fireblight, or use a Deodorant. You
    brought Deodorants, right? Brachydios might also charge in a straight line, but
    in his own unique way: He'll punch at the ground 5 times, leaving a neat
    straight line of slime circles waiting to explode one after the other. Easy to
    dodge. He might also jump through the air and land heavily on his fists, leaving
    two slime globs down. Also easy to dodge. Brachydios when not in Rage Mode is
    prime time for you to attack and break his parts/do whatever damage you possibly
    can because his Rage Mode is a whole different story.
    Brachydios has quite a few new and enhanced attacks in Rage Mode. First off,
    he will move faster and his attack increase is absolutely disgusting. You will
    be much better off staying away, similar to Diablos, when Brachydios becomes
    enraged. Brachydios becomes more easily enraged the more tired he becomes, by
    the way, so you can use that as a tell of whether he's worn out or not.
    I'll tell you about the differences in his attacks first. The most important
    thing you'll want to know is that when he's mad, the slime will explode
    immediately. You'd best not dawdle around him, keep on running.
    Brachydios's 5-punch attack will, for example, not leave behind a trail of
    slime, but a trail of explosions. When Brachydios jumps through the air and
    lands, the slime will immediately explode. Brachydios will also occassionally
    link a one-punch explosion attack with a swipe, and he can do this up to 4
    times in a row, very, very quickly. Brachydios normally won't be linking attacks
    together, but in Rage Mode he can and he will, and this can make him
    enormously deadly because if you get one-two punched, you'll get Stunned and
    that's not a good thing.
    Brachydios has two new attacks in Rage Mode that involve the use of that
    magnificent horn on his head. First off, he'll lunge forward and fling his
    horn into the ground and jerk his head up. This will cause a line of explosions
    down the line of his sight. If you're out of his line of sight (which you 
    always should be), you'll be safe. His second attack is slower. He'll jam his
    horn into the ground, and the ground around him will flare orange. If the
    ground beneath you flares orange, get the hell out of there, because a second
    later, everything that flared orange will explode in a wide radius around
    him and it will hit for a hella lot of damage.
    Oh, occassionally when Brachydios punches the ground he'll leave a shiny, you
    can pick it up and it might be Mystery Slime and whatnot. And as I said before,
    Brachydios's weapons are all Slime-element. Also as I've said, I am of the
    personal opinion that Slime, if used properly, is just as powerful as any other
    element. Just because it's "special" doesn't mean it's broken. Being able to
    break a monster's parts easier doesn't mean you're damaging them faster, it just
    means you're reducing their Durability faster, and that doesn't correlate to
    more damage, okay? Brachydios weapons are all fine weapons to make and you
    should craft some.
    Brachydios's breakable parts are as follows: You can break off the tip of his
    horn, you can break off the slime coatings on his forearms (both can be broken
    individually), and you can chop off that blocky end of his tail. This is one
    monster whose tail really is more useless than anything else, all it does is
    tailswing and swing to one side after his punching charges. Unlike Duramboros
    or Agnaktor or any other monster, Brachydios is still plenty deadly without the
    end of his tail. You should break it off anyways, for Ebonshells though. Oh,
    and breaking Brachydios's forearms or horn will not hamper his slime abilities.
    Breaking Brachydios's forearms can, however, inhibit his ability to keep the
    slime going. If you break his forearms, they'll hold much less slime so he'll
    have to lick them often to replenish the coating, leaving him more open to
    You'll need to break his forearms and horn if you want parts like Pounders and
    Scalps, respectively.
    **FUNNY STORY: I went Brachydios farming and in one particular run, I picked up
                   a shiny dropped by him (when his slime explodes there's a chance
                   a shiny is left behind) and I got...a BRACHYDIOS GEM (1%).
                   After capturing the guy (for Scalps), the capture reward box
                   gave me...a BRACHYDIOS GEM (2%). And when I talked to Cha-Cha,
                   wearing a Mock Melynx mask (can steal monster materials off a
                   large monster), guess what he was holding? A BRACHYDIOS GEM.
                   Which just goes to show that crazy things like that can happen.
    URGENT: Howl at the Moon
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Zinogre
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficulty: Difficult (6/10)
    Area 7 is where you'll be introduced to the fearsome yet awesome Zinogre.
    His intro video will show him charging up with electricity and howling at the
    moon, hence the name of the quest and the reason I hope you brought Nulberries
    (as you always should no matter what).
    As you can probably tell, Zinogre likes to breakdance and is an electric wolf
    who will kill you. He is part of his own class, the FANGED WYVERN class,
    although he doesn't look so wyvern to me. Zinogre's weakest to Ice. If you don't
    have one, try Fire or Water or maybe that new Slime weapon you just turned
    Brachydios into.
    Mr. Zin (that's his name now) is a much more unpredictable monster for you to
    fight. Similar to Brachydios, he's got his own unique attack style, although
    this is more due to his different classification than Capcom deciding to
    screw with us. When Mr. Zin is fully charged up, his attacks are imbued with
    electricity. It will give you Thunderblight and he will most likely stun you
    a lot, and that's no fun. This charged-up-ness is called CHARGED MODE and it
    is also known by most as SUPER SAIYAN MODE (for obvious reasons). When Mr. Zin
    goes SUPER SAIYAN he's basically enraged, and he gains a whole bunch of new
    electrical attacks that are very SHOCKING.
    First off, Zinogre has a series of punches that he'll do where he smacks the
    ground with his front paws, one after another. A bit reminiscent of Brachydios's
    5-in-a-row punch attack, only like Qurupeco, he's got a bit more space between
    them, and he can easily change direction to chase you. Zinogre also has a very
    painful shoulderbarge/hipcheck thing. It's a lot like Barioth's, but it's got
    a lot more power behind it. Once again, if he's gone SUPER SAIYAN you might
    get electrocuted. I hope you have Lightning-resistant armor and maybe the
    Felyne food skill "Thundercaller"? Zinogre can also punch the ground and then
    swing his body around, also kinda like Brachydios. Hmm...maybe Brachydios was
    a warm-up for this?
    Now here's where Mr. Zin gets a bit more unique. Did I mention that he can
    breakdance? Well, he can, and he will...to kill you. He can backflip and
    slam the end of his tail on the ground very hard. As long as his body touches
    you you're gonna be in a world of hurt. Next is Mr. Zin's coolest (and one
    of the deadliest) attack. He'll spin on a paw and then launch into the air...
    and then backflip a bit in the air and then land. Very hard. On you. It hits
    about as hard as Duramboros going flying and if he's in SUPER SAIYAN it will
    also electrocute you and give you Thunderblight. Mr. Zin, like a lot of other
    monsters, has an odd attack where he'll pin you and then proceed to eat you.
    Use Dung Bombs to get rid of him and you'll be okay. I'm not so sure exactly
    how it happens, he just lunges at you and then suddenly you're being eaten.
    And he's done it to me three times in a row. It's nothing deadly, and nothing
    you can't toss a Dung Bomb at to fix. Zinogre can also side-flip through the
    air and in the process send electric balls flying through the air. They are
    semi-homing and if you're in front of him you'll probably get hit. While they
    themselves don't do a terrible amount of damage, they also inflict blights.
    You noticed that Zinogre charged himself up in the intro video. Well for
    starters, the next time you do this quest he won't be charged up the moment
    you meet him. But more importantly, Zinogre can charge himself up in a similar
    manner throughout the battle. He has more than one level of charge too, and it's
    only his final charge that he can unleash his more deadly attacks. When he's
    charging, he'll stand and he'll look like he's pumping himself up. He'll also
    use that super awesome howl you heard (he's a wolf after all). How to break
    him out of it? Dish out as much damage as you can, and you'll see the charge
    shatter and he'll fall over. You can CATCH BUGS ON HIS BACK. No I'm serious.
    It's the only way to get FULGURBUGS. Or alternatively you can bash his face, his
    weak point. For now, just focus on attacking him. Later on, when you can defeat
    him in a timely manner, feel free to get some bugs.
    When Mr. Zin is at the level one charge, most of his attacks, like his paw
    stomps, won't give you Thunderblight. He can use his homing electroball attack
    though, so beware of that. It's level two where he starts getting dangerous,
    and level three is his SUPER SAIYAN MODE and he's a demon. You'll know when he's
    hit is SUPER SAIYAN MODE because he'll unleash a flurry of lightning around
    him that will electrocute you because you were trying to damage him. Once he
    successfully charges because you fail, there's two ways to break him out of
    it. One is to flinch him. The other is to knock him over again and catch enough
    Fulgurbugs from his back. Don't ask questions, it's Monster logic.
    Safest spot to be? Right at his side between his front and back legs. His
    backflip will, ironically enough, miss you, and once he starts charging while
    he punches, you at least won't be crushed beneath his paws. It took me about
    22 minutes to defeat this guy first time around. Just keep on dealing damage to
    him and he'll be hard pressed to charge. But speaking of charging, if you put
    down a SHOCK TRAP, while he's not immune to it, he will absorb the electricity
    from it and if you try to use it simply to pin him down for a few hits, you'll
    have to deal with a SUPER SAIYAN Zinogre for a while. A fully charged Zinogre
    will break out of Shock Traps straightaway. Play it safe with Pitfall Traps
    if you must immobilize him for a bit, or if you're capturing, use the Shock
    Trap and be as quick as you can with the Tranq Bombs.
    After this, Kayamba will be dancing around in his Unfortunate Mask, which now
    looks a little less like a big turd and a little more like something out of
    Egypt. Unfortunately, it's still a bit crusty, as you can probably tell, and
    according to Kayamba needs a little more electricity. Once the whole excuse
    plot has moved on, you'll have unlocked the 9-star quests! Before you do those,
    though, why don't you complete these here?
    Troubled Waters
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Lagiacrus and 1 Plesioth
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    Considering they're both aquatic in nature, you're going to have problems
    with them constantly butting up together. Bring Dung Bombs, and bring lots
    of them. Use a Fire weapon too, that'll take care of both of them. Maybe
    fight Agnaktor a lot?
    Whenever I do this quest, Plesioth's gone within 5 minutes.
    The Horned Wyvern
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Diablos
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Difficult (6/10)
    Diablos is as hard as ever. Remember to use the Sonic - Flash combo and then
    just stay out of the way when he's enraged. Diablos's health bar seems to be
    fairly short and after 3 Sonics or so, he's already drooling. Bring your best
    Ice weapon.
    The Desert Gourmand
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Nibelsnarf
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Nibelsnarf is as snarf as ever. Diablos could potentially show up, so bring
    Dung Bombs. It'd be a monumental waste of time to try to kill Diablos now.
    Again, weak to Ice.
    The Lost Expedition
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Barioth
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Difficult (5/10)
    Barioth starts off in Area 6 as usual. He moves EVEN FASTER (can you believe
    it?) so break his wing claws. That way he can't latch on to the ice and he'll
    slip around and become slower. You'll also get nice claws as rewards, and you
    might need them to upgrade your Barioth weapon, which would be useful against
    Jhen Mohran.
    Great Baggi can show up. No big deal, just shoo him away.
    The Volcano's Fury
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Uragaan
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    Uragaan starts in Area 6. Be careful of his rolling attacks. Stay away from
    his massive chinface. Since he's High Rank, his chin can only be CUT with
    White sharpness, which you're obviously not going to have unless you got
    CARRIED to G Rank in Tanzia Port.
    Twin Peaks
    Objective:  Hunt 2 Duramboros
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    Two Duramboros means they each have less health, and that makes it overall
    easier. Bring your Poison weapon and lay the hurt on them.
    CANTEEN: The Endless Hunt
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Gobul, 1 Great Wroggi, and 1 Lagiacrus
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Difficulty: Difficult (6/10)
    This quest will upgrade the ingredients at the Canteen, so you should do it.
    This is an Epic Hunt, I believe, so you won't be facing up three at a time,
    which would be awful. Bring a fire weapon (Great Wroggi is resistant to fire
    but he's weak enough that it doesn't matter) and be careful, okay?
    Clobberin' Time!
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Agnaktor, 1 Volvidon, and 1 Rathalos
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: Difficult (6/10)
    Yet another Epic Hunt. Agnaktor is hanging around the lava area, and Volvidon
    will be later. Rathalos follows Rathalos's predictable own patterns. Check
    for him in Areas 1, 2, 3, or 4. Bring your best water weapon. Time, like in
    the Canteen quest above, is of the essence here (although in terms of time I
    never seem to run into too much troubles. That said, be efficient about it
    9-star Quests
    If you've completed every single quest, you'll unlock the two last urgent
    quests that will truly test your mettle and your heroic heart! Step forth,
    hunter, for there is little else for me to tell you, and take on the greatest
    challenge of all! (until G Rank, that is).
    At first, you'll only have a few quests available. How boring. You'll have to
    wait until Argosy arrives. Talk to him and he'll talk about this ivory
    monster sinking his friend's cargo ship. This will trigger a speech bubble
    from the Chief and he'll begin rambling about the Ivory Lagiacrus being
    his one nemesis and the reason he quit being a hunter.
    Then you'll unlock the rest of the quests and once the keys are completed
    the next urgent quests will be unlocked. Remember though: If you haven't 100%
    completionisted every village quest you can't unlocked the final FINAL
    Urgent Quests.
    Desert Storm [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Sand Barioth
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains) NIGHT
    Difficulty: Difficult (5/10)
    Bring Hot Drinks!
    Sand Barioth is the exact same as her snowbound cousin. Similar to Barioth,
    Miss Sandy's claws allow her to move across otherwise unstable sand. If you
    break them, her mobility is seriously hindered.
    Sandy does have some new attacks though. For one, that whirlwind of sand she
    creates can muddy you. And it will stay there for a long time, as opposed to
    Barioth's whirlwind attack which disappeared after a few seconds. Steer clear,
    it will send you flying (literally). Sandy can also use this whirlwind to
    hit like a nuke and send you flying even farther. She'll fly up to it, whirl
    around it and then BAM! She crashes onto you. If you've seen her official art
    (which is really ugly because Capcom picks the worst colors ever) that's the
    exact pose she makes right as she's about to run you over.
    Just like Barioth, when Sandy's landing in a new location, if you're within
    vicinity, she won't land normally. Oh, no, she won't do that. Instead she'll
    do her whirlwind attack but without all the spinning and you'd better watch
    She has the exact same breakable parts and is weakest to Ice. Try to cut that
    tail off to make her tail swipes a bit less annoying. Break her tusks to get
    the reward Indigo Tusks+. And most importantly of all, break the spikes on her
    wings so she can't chain attacks together, just like her Tundra cousin.
    Jumping at Shadows [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Nargacuga
    Location:   Flooded Forest (F. Forest) NIGHT
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    Woah! A new monster! Nargacuga is this PANTHERA AWESOME and she'll be packing
    quite the punch. Head on over to Area 7 to see her intro video. I'll bet you
    had no idea where she was till her eyes began to glow. Well it's nighttime
    and she's black and so it doesn't really help much that you can't see her,
    in addition to the fact that there'll be trees blocking your view. Oh well!
    Nargacuga is like a very unpredictable Barioth but she has totally different
    attacks. She doesn't cause any elemental blights though. She's weakest to
    Thunder (did you turn Zinogre into a weapon if you didn't already have one?).
    Nargacuga can do a 360 spin like Lagombi, only faster, more powerful, and much
    harder to see coming. She might also stomp forward once, twice, up to four
    times, using her wings. If you get clipped by her wings you still take a lot
    of damage. She can also just do the generic Barioth-style charge.
    Doesn't sound that bad? It's Nargacuga's tail that earns her her well-deserved
    fame. That tail is more prehensile than any other tail you'll ever meet. First
    off, when she's enraged, the tail is elongated and spiky. When she's not
    enraged, it's of normal length and looks pretty normal. Nargacuga can leap up
    into the air and then slam her tail onto the ground, kinda like Zinogre's
    backflip. It is DEADLY and if you get HIT you will SUFFER. She can do this a
    lot when she's enraged too. Oh and she can do the same tail swipe that Barioth
    can. With good timing it's totally possible to just roll through it.
    When Nargacuga does her tail slam, it'll get stuck in the ground for a bit.
    That's a good chance to land some free hits and cut off the tail for extra
    rewards and possibly a less threatening tail swipe.
    Nargacuga might also crouch in front of you and lift her tail up. Get as close
    to her as you can. When she does this her tail will FIRE SPIKES AT YOU like
    a porcupine does when it's mad, and those spikes can hurt! Yeah, didn't I
    already say that she's got like a Swiss Army tail? She does. Cutting it off
    doesn't help at all, unlike most other monsters. You can chop off the tip but
    that tail ain't any less of a threat.
    Finally is Nargacuga's very strange-ish attack. Nargacuga will make the same 
    pose your pet cat does when it's about to pounce. She'll stay there for a
    second, and then suddenly she'll stomp forward, very fast, very dangerous.
    As usual she'll swipe her tail a bit to balance herself. You can throw a
    Sonic Bomb to flinch her when she's in that crouching pose but it only briefly
    flinches her and then she becomes enraged.
    Nargacuga may not have the widest attack arsenal, as you can see, but she is
    incredibly unpredictable and when she's enraged, she can chain attacks together
    two, three, four times or even more, and that makes her quite a threat. You
    can't predict what she's going to do (kinda like Monster Hunter Tri's Barioth,
    if you played that) and so you'd better stay on your guard.
    Nargacuga's breakable parts are as follows: You can break her beak, her claws
    on her wings (she'll still be plenty mobile without them, sorry) and you can
    chop off the end of her tail (like I said, it's next to useless to do it except
    for extra carves and rewards). Nargacuga's weapons are for the most part
    pretty mediocre, most of them require the armor skill "Awakening" to possess
    elemental power. And even with Awakening they're still outclassed for the
    most part by much better weapons. Gotta say, they sure look cool though.
    You'll have to wait for Argosy before you can tackle the rest of the keys.
    Heaven and Earth [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Pink Rathian and 1 Azure Rathalos
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficulty: Difficult (6/10)
    Since this is the Key Quest I'll go over Azure Rathalos.
    Azure Rathalos spends even more time in the air than regular Rathalos. I know,
    right? Well that means you should bring Flash Bombs and flash him (and his
    female counterpart) out of the sky as often as possible.
    That said, Azure Rathalos has some new aerial showoffy moves he won't hesitate
    to use on you. First of all, he can change direction much quicker than normal
    Rathalos can. Also, you remember the eagle swipe, right? Well, the tell for it
    is gone. He'll be up in the air. And suddenly he'll swoop down to slash you
    and then he'll be back up again. Keep your distance from him when he's flying
    unless you're nipping at his tail (which is a legitimate but risky way to
    bring him down to the ground also).
    Azure will also chain several aerial moves together at once at a much more
    efficient rate than Rathalos ever did. Flash him when he's not changing
    direction and he'll be a piece of cake.
    Oh yeah, Azure's tail is really hard. Green sharpness bounces off. If you're
    going to chop the tail, attack the very end.
    Pink Rathian, as usual, is going to be the MUCH bigger threat. Her corkscrewing
    antics and her backflipping and her fire explosions...why is Azure Rathalos
    introduced later than Pink Rathian is if he's so easy?
    As for this quest, it's annoying. Bring Dung Bombs. But you might run out.
    Because they like to STALK EACH OTHER ALL OVER THE FREAKING PLACE and if you
    Dung Bomb one, the other might leave promptly after and they'll fly to the
    If you get frustrated feel free to just run around and let them beat the shit
    out of each other as they try to hit you. It's good practice for Mark of a Hero,
    just saying. I had the luck to witness Azure Rathalos smack Pink Rathian in
    the face and flinch her out of the sky. It was golden.
    Midnight Madness [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Black Diablos
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Very Difficult (7/10)
    Black Diablos is Diablos but EVEN WORSE. Could that possibly be true? Use the
    exact same strategy that you did with Diablos, only this time, really literally
    STAY AWAY from Black Diablos when she is in Rage Mode. Her speed AND attack
    increase so much it's disgusting and you really don't want to have to trifle
    with that.
    Yeah, Black Diablos is a female in heat. She's black so that all the males know
    to be careful when thinking they can mate with her because she's very
    aggressive. Gotta protect her offspring! (No, she's not PMS-ing because if
    she were, she wouldn't be fertile because PMS-ing implies that you're on your
    period, which means you can't get pregnant then, DURR)
    Ace in the Hole [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Steel Uragaan
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: Difficult (5/10)
    Steel Uragaan for me died unusually fast (12 minutes). You know what this means?
    You shouldn't sweat it. Steely attacks about as fast as Uragaan does and
    doesn't seem to possess much more health. I used a Plesioth weapon that was
    upgraded as high as possible for High Rank and so you guys should use your
    best water weapon too to lay the waste on this guy.
    Steely will be using the 5-chin-slam attack a lot. Like, he will chain them
    together. Keep yourself together and stay away from his face unless you're am
    Impact weapon user, okay?
    The only thing new that Steel Uragaan has is that instead of giving you
    Fireblight, he'll fart all over and make you Soiled. He'll also fart out
    sleeping gas too. I recommend you bring both Deodorants and Energy Drinks,
    especially if you're a melee user and you won't be able to get out of the way
    before he gasses you.
    You can still break his jaw, wound his tail, and then break his tail off, and
    you can also mine his back as usual to get nifty things like Lava Nuggets and
    FIRECELL STONES. That said, only mine once you know you can kill him in a very
    timely fashion.
    Echo Location [KEY]
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Glacial Agnaktor
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Difficult (5/10)
    Glacial Agnaktor is actually much easier than Agnaktor in that his rage mode
    is far less threatening than Agnaktor's. I think Glacial Agnaktor is a very
    fun fight, but I like the Agnaktor family in general. Anyways, Glacial Agnaktor
    is the Tundra brother to the Volcano-inhabiting Agnaktor. So therefore he
    shares every quality with Agnaktor...including the ability to burrow, and this
    time through ice.
    This brings up Glacial Agnaktor's most challenging barrier: Unlike Agnaktor,
    whose armor softened every time he burrowed, Glacial Agnaktor's armor will
    harden every time he burrows, and the longer he's up above the ground, the
    softer it gets because it melts (you'll know when it's soft, it'll turn a
    pretty torquoise color). Blue sharpness weapons will bounce if Glacial Agnaktor
    is in Armor Mode. Obviously, because Glacie burrows a lot, it can make hitting
    him tough. This is why I must stress this more than ever: You have GOT to break
    as many parts of him as possible. Just like when you break a part on Agnaktor,
    you can still hit it easy when his armor gradually hardens, Glacial Agnaktor
    will remain hittable in a broken part even after he's just burrowed.
    I'll go over Glacial Agnaktor's unique moves. First off, Glacial Agnaktor can
    do an ice laser. Unlike Agnaktor, Glacie will sweep it up, down, left, right
    all over the place, and chances are unless you're hitting him, you're getting
    hit. You'd better bring Nulberries, because it causes Iceblight AND
    Waterblight at the same time, and having both at once pretty much renders your
    Stamina bar useless because it recovers at snail's pace.
    Glacial Agnaktor's other unique move is that his hipcheck has taken a few
    steroids and dance lessons. While still telegraphed and easy to see coming,
    it covers much wider distance and you have less time to dodge, not to mention
    he twists and "dances" a lot as he does so, making it hit a lot harder.
    As usual you can break all four claws, beak, back fin, chest, tail, and then
    you can cut off the tail. And as I said earlier, you'd better be breaking
    parts. It sucks to bounce every other minute.
    URGENT: Conqueror of Land and Sea
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Ivory Lagiacrus
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Difficult (7/10)
    Okay. I know what you're going to say when I say this: Ivory Lagiacrus is a
    Lagiacrus subspecies evolved to live on land.
    Here's what you're thinking: Woo! A Lagiacrus on land! So easy!
    And, well, it would be, if not for...thunder attacks? First of all, Ivory
    Lagiacrus moves faster on land than regular Lagiacrus, but in terms of physical
    attacks you really should find no difference. The big difference is in Ivory's
    electrical capabilities, which you will be very afraid of. You should be.
    Like Lagiacrus, Ivory has several levels of electricity discharge, and with
    similar tells. When he dips his head a bit, it's a small range. When he curls
    up for a second, it's a medium range. The attack to really be wary of, however,
    is when he curls up for a long period of time, like Lagiacrus. This attack has
    ridiculous range and duration. Use it to heal up and reload and sharpen your
    weapon if you avoid it.
    Ivory Lagiacrus can also spit balls of electricity, and in much wider array
    than Lagiacrus could ever dream of. First is his most ridiculous attack. He
    steps back quickly, fires an electroball, and steps back quickly, and does it
    again, up to three times. Secondly he'll just fire electroballs at you, like
    Lagiacrus does. His third attack however, is the very reason why you should,
    at all costs, NEVER be in front of him. He'll swoop his head to the side as
    he throws an electroball that turns into a WIDE EXPLOSION of electricity.
    Think of it like Pink Rathian's explosive fire attack but with far more
    horizontal range. Stay away from it, it hurts.
    Like Lagiacrus, if he's mad he'll have glowing shell shockers, and if you break
    them you'll hinder his electric capabilities. He can do an electrified land
    slide thingy like Lagiacrus can. Bring Nulberries, Thunderblight is never any
    When Ivory Lagiacrus is exhausted, he'll use a shortcut from Area 7 to Area 11.
    My recommendation is you go to Area 8 and jump off the leftmost shortcut to
    land in the water. Then he'll go to sleep in Area 12, Royal Ludroth's den, and
    you can proceed to capture or kill him.
    Oh, and Ivory Lagiacrus's head will bounce anything of blue sharpness or lower,
    and his weakness is to fire. He has all the breakable parts of regular Lagiacrus
    too: Horns, front left claws, front right claws, shell shockers, and tail.
    But cutting off his horns at this point in time will be difficult so don't
    really bother unless you're an impact weapon user or a gunner.
    Once you're done, Kayamba will finally have his ULTIMATE MASK. Then a short
    video will play showing a very interesting twist on Monster Hunter Tri's opening
    video (it's quite funny, I'm not spoiling it). Directly after, you'll play the
    haven't Dragonated Jhen Mohran during the Final Showdown. Then all these new
    videos will get added to your gallery (definitely watch "Ode to Life") and
    the next Urgent Quest will be added with no real explanation lol.
    Oh, something interesting. You can apparently roll through Ivory's hipcheck.
    Like, if you can time it right, you can just roll straight THROUGH him, similar
    to rolling through Nargacuga's tailswipe or Barioth's tailswipe. So for those
    of you who DS or LS or something, fear not! Master the godly ROLL and roll
    through DAT HIPCHECK.
    URGENT: Into the Fire
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Deviljho
    Location:   Volcano
    Difficulty: Difficult (9/10)
    Your very first Deviljho! Up until now I've been telling you to just run away
    from THE DEVIL but that thinking is for children and so now it is time to
    get your revenge on him showing up and having a party in your quests. Bring
    your best Lightning weapon (there was a Zinogre and an Ivory Lagiacrus, you
    have no excuses!) and have at it, will ya?
    Deviljho is actually a hard fight, and if you come unprepared, you might die
    twice and barely kill him with 2 minutes to spare (like me). Anyways, I didn't
    write this section until I'd farmed Deviljho five times for his Dual Swords,
    so I think I know what I'm saying.
    First of all, here are items you will want to bring. Please bring them. They
    are mandatory. Very mandatory!
    Drugged Meat (Raw Meat + Sleep Herb)          I think these
    Tinged Meat (Raw Meat + Parashroom)           combos are correct.
    Poisoned Meat (Raw Meat + Toadstool)
    Barrel Bomb S
    Barrel Bomb S+
    Barrel Bomb L
    Barrel Bomb L+
    In addition to your usual arsenal of items, please bring those. All right,
    Deviljho will be hanging out somewhere up in Area 7. Or maybe 4. He roams
    everywhere except 6, 9, and 10.
    I'll go over his attacks when he's not enraged. He can do the same criss-
    crossing step that Diablos and Black Diablos like to do, and with his enormous
    tail and his fat head, you can get sent flying, and it'll hurt. He can also
    do an enormous shoulderbarge/hipcheck thing. It's like the Great Jaggi/Baggi/
    Wroggi attack but LARGER and STRONGER. He can do the same 360 tail spin that
    all the brute wyverns except Brachydios can do, and he can do a slow double 180
    tail swing that practically every monster with a tail can do. He can also
    utilize his FACE to HUG YOU with his FACE. He might do a very large side chomp.
    If he's drooling and your body touches his FACE his saliva is CORROSIVE and
    will inflict the Defense Down status on you. Trust me: It's not fun. Avoid his
    face if you can. I will soon present to you the best way to break it.
    Deviljho can cause tremors too. He might leap through the air and then land in
    a very stompy fashion--it causes wide tremors. If he lands on you, you'll be
    pinned and he'll begin eating you and inflicting Defense Down if he's drooling.
    As usual, fling a Dung Bomb to escape. Deviljho might also lift up his foot
    and stomp down hard with it, and his belly will crash down onto the ground.
    If you're far away you won't feel tremors, but if you're up close you'll either
    get sent flying or you'll wobble.
    Deviljho has a very special Rage Mode. He'll swell up and turn red (literally)
    and be panting dragon-red-crackly stuff. Now he has access to his new attack:
    He'll lift himself up higher and then breathe a sweeping DRAGONBREATH across the
    area. Unless you have the armor skill Evasion+1 or Evasion+2, you CANNOT roll
    through it. Either shield, superman dive, or try to be underneath him, behind
    him, or plain very far away. It can hit for massive damage and cause the
    issue called "Dragonblight". With Blademasters, it removes the elemental powers
    of your weapon. And lowers affinity for everyone. Use a Nulberry please.
    Deviljho enraged has a substantial increase in attack, but his speed increase
    is hardly noticeable. So he's not terrible in rage mode, he's just hard overall
    mainly because of his enormous size. Take your time.
    Now, here's why I told you to bring those meats. When he's drooling, and it'll
    happen quick because he has a notoriously huge appetite, lay down the Drugged
    Meat. He'll eat it and fall asleep. Now lay down your 2 Barrel Bomb L+'s.
    Then put down one Barrel Bomb S+. They'll explode and break his face in the
    process. Make sure they're next to his face!
    Next time he's drooling, put down a Poisoned Meat. He'll eat it and become
    poisoned. Finally, put down a Tinged Meat. He'll be paralyzed (free Shock Trap
    basically) and wail on him. You can only use each meat once. When he's tired
    he'll go to an area (I think it's 5) to sleep. Put down your Barrel Bomb L's
    and a Barrel Bomb S+ or S, whichever one you have. Blow him up again and then
    you can kill him. Or if you're just aiming for the capture, go ahead and
    capture him.
    Oh and before I forget, he can drag his jaw through the ground to fling rocks
    at you. If he's in the hot part of the Volcano and the rock hits you you'll
    get Fireblight, so roll around or use a Nulberry. If he's in the Tundra, the
    rock will inflict Iceblight and if he's in the Flooded Forest his rock will
    inflict Waterblight.
    His breakable parts are as follows: You can break his tail off (recommended,
    as it makes his criss-cross steps and tailspins much less threatening), and you
    can break his face twice. First time those teeth get a clipping, and second
    time you'll see a massive scar crossing his face. If you use the Barrel Bomb
    strategy, it'll break twice and you can get Fangs and Scalps.
    Some Deviljho weapons require Awakening, like the Long Sword, while some, like
    the Dual Sword, don't. I recommend Deviljho weapons more if you don't need
    Awakening, but if you can get Awakening they're all fairly durable. And Dragon
    weapons in general are hard to come by anyway.
    URGENT: Mark of a Hero
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Ivory Lagiacrus, 1 Brachydios, and 1 Azure Rathalos
    Location:   Land Arena
    Difficulty: Impossibly Difficult (11/10)
    Before you take on this quest, SAVE AT YOUR BED. That way, instead of failing
    and losing your items, or abandoning and wasting your 2,220 zennie, you can
    just reset the software and not lose anything.
    Oh man this quest. The other quests are great but this one really is just
    something you'll have to suffer. The monsters aren't going to have less HP
    and be softer and weaker either to compensate. They're STRONGER than usual,
    with G-Rank attack strength. You might want to go get some G-Rank armor before
    you hoof it back here. This is one time where coming with "overpowered" gear
    is actually a good idea, given that it's G Rank monsters in a High Rank quest.
    You are going to FEEL the difference otherwise.
    The Supply Box won't have much, save First-Aid Meds, Rations, Mini Whetstones,
    some basic Ammo, and a few Phials for Bow users. It's all completley useless
    for this caliber of quest and you'd best just ignore them.
    If you haven't been in the arena yet, it's a small, sterile little place.
    Circular area. No place to flee. If you have to heal, hope that Cha-Cha and
    Kayamba have distracted the monsters. Anyways, Ivory Lagiacrus will show up
    first. Tackle him quick, but since they only give Mega Potions as carves,
    don't focus on breaks, just focus on hitting the guy until he dies. Time is
    literally going to creep up on you and if you can't kill Ivory Lagiacrus in
    under 20 minutes, you're going to have a tough time finishing.
    Ivory Lagiacrus's attacks will take off anywhere between half to three quarters
    of your HP, even if he merely pokes you, and his electrical attacks are a
    thing of the devil. You'd best sprint away as fast as you can if you see it
    coming. Get the Felyne skill "Thundercaller" or something, or otherwise wear
    super Lightning-resistant armor, like Zinogre armor. Upgraded as far as you
    can get. Or you could, you know, go to G Rank and get G Rank armor to make
    things more fair.
    After Ivory's dead (you can potentially capture him but he doesn't limp to
    flee, given that there's no area to flee to), you'll have a brief time, about
    a minute, to carve Ivory Lagiacrus, get your Mega Potions back, sharpen your
    weapon, and buff yourself up more. If you find that you faint, try to only
    faint once with Ivory. If you have a Farcaster, there is a bed for you to sleep
    in, so you can use that as last resort if you're desperate for a break. Combine
    and make more Max Potions, Ancient Potions, Mega Potions, whateverpotions,
    and sharpen your weapon. Down all those Mega Demondrugs and Mega Armorskins
    and hope for the best.
    There is a gathering spot in the splat dab center of the Arena. Normally you
    wouldn't be gathering, you'd be spending time not DYING, but if you've got time
    on your hands, and you're out of Lifepowders, feel free to gather. You'll get
    free Lifepowders from that gathering spot to replenish your bag.
    Azure Rathalos and Brachydios will appear. AT THE SAME TIME. And too bad for
    you, you can't Dung Bomb one away. You'll have to deal with them both. Try
    practicing with "Heaven and Earth" and let yourself deal with Pink Rathian and
    Azure Rathalos at the same time. Or go to Moga Woods and fight two at the same
    time or something to get a feel for how it works. It's hectic and unorganized
    and crazy, that's how it works. I highly recommend you have drunken a Mega
    Dash Juice before they appear. This will let you run around for as long as you
    need to while they rip each other apart.
    My best piece of advice for this one? Don't attack them both. Just spend your
    time dodging and shielding and put Azure Rathalos between you and Brachydios.
    Brachydios can totally take Azure on in a fight and will maul him to pieces.
    When you attack, focus your attacks on Azure Rathalos. Azure will die pretty
    fast. Then hopefully you'll have at least 15 minutes to deal with Brachydios.
    If not, good luck. The silver lining of having this small Arena is that the
    monsters can't eat to restore Stamina, so they'll die faster than normal. Not
    like that's much silver lining though. Although I will say, after about 8 or 9
    minutes, both of them were already drooling and being exhausted (and then they
    both went into Rage Mode and that's when things got...well I will say it didn't
    end well).
    As hard as my text is making it sound (or not very?) this quest is just
    ridiculous. It's pure suffering. Not even fun. But too bad for you, you have to
    deal with the Guild being super hard on you and wanting to see your TRUE GUTS.
    Be careful to the extreme with getting your weapon out during Azure Rathalos
    and Brachydios's rampage. Both times I died (and subsequently failed), it was
    because I got my weapon out to attack Azure, and then Brachydios snuck up on me.
    Then they double combo-ed me, and left me Stunned. And then either one would
    charge me again and finish me off. It WILL happen to you, and you'd best just
    not even attempt to attack. Shield and dodge.
    As for items. Well, bring everything you can. Prepare to die twice. Here's a
    list of what you should bring. You won't have room for everything, unfortunately
    even if you're a Gunner, so pick and choose what's most important to you. I
    found that Dung Bombs and Well-Done Steaks weren't actually all that mandatory,
    each time my Stamina decreased was because my Mega Dash Juice wore off and
    I'd just down another one.
    Honey (to make Mega Potions)
    Mega Potions
    Max Potions (plus Dragon Toadstools and Mega Nutrients)
    Ancient Potions
    Kelbi Horns
    Catalysts (to make Max and Ancient Potions)
    Antidotes (for Azure Rathalos)
    Deodorant (for Brachydios)
    Nulberries (for blights)
    Farcasters (to get back to Base Camp if you desperately need a break)
       PLUS the stuff to make more
    Shock Traps
       PLUS the stuff to make more
    Pitfall Traps
       PLUS the stuff to make more
    Tranq Bombs (if things really get desperate, it's always worth a shot)
    Well-Done Steaks
    Herbal Medicines
    Blue Mushrooms
    Whetstones or Ammo
    Power Charm
    Powertalon (Powercharm + Deviljho Talon)
    Armor Charm
    Armortalon (Armorcharm + Deviljho Talon)
    Demondrugs or Mega Demondrugs
    Armorskins or Mega Armorskins
    Dash Juices and Mega Dash Juices
    Barrel Bombs (of all kinds, especially to make Brachydios easier)
    That's all I can currently think of. If you have any suggestions, feel free to
    email me. Pack your bag full. It's not like the monster carves actually give you
    items. You'll just get more Mega Potions. Do NOT focus on breaks. Focus merely
    on attacking constantly and dealing enough damage. Running out of time SUCKS.
    Do not hesitate to use your Mega Potions either. There's several gathering spots
    in the Arena, you can use them to gather Lifepowders and Mega Potions and
    things. If you're going to craft a set of armor entirely for this quest, here
    are some skills that would be useful for you to peruse:
    Evasion +1 or +2
    Razor Sharp (for Blademasters)
    High-Grade Earplugs
    Guard +1 or +2
    Guard Up
    Oh, the Felyne skill "Defender (Hi)" is surprisingly useful here. You know when
    you get that skill and when you get attacked, you sparkle? That's the damage
    being noticeably decreased. If you want, you could try for that skill?
    Otherwise the most popular is Thunder Res (Hi) to help with Ivory Lagiacrus.
    As far as I know, Rath Soul armor is apparently a very good set to make and
    then you can gem in Evasion if you'd like. Other sets to consider are Nargacuga
    and Rath Heart armor. But Nargacuga armor is very weak to Lightning. So is
    Vangis too, but Vangis has extremely high raw Defense. If you're having serious
    trouble, you could go farm Deviljho for his Vangis armor. Or you could go to
    G Rank and make Volvidon X armor or something.
    And if you're really willing to do some intensive farming--and make a worthy
    investment for the rest of your G Rank career--farm Goldbeard Ceadeus in his
    Urgent Quest "Throne of the Abyss" and make a mixed Helios/Selene X/Z set.
    If you mix the pieces correctly you'll get such skills like Sharpness+1 and
    High-Grade Earplugs, not to mention the 600+ defense if you upgrade a bit and
    you'll find yourself in for a much easier time. Oh, and such a set is what many
    hunters in the TOP GODLY TIERS of G Rank will continue to use. It's a good
    investment of time since by now you've probably put a lot of time into this
    game. Rath Soul Z armor falls in a similar vein, especially since it boosts
    Affinity by 30%, comes with Earplugs that can be gemmed to HGE, and Mind's
    Eye, or ESP, to prevent bouncing.
    Oh, bring an Ice weapon. That'll work best on all three of them. Or a Slime
    weapon, although Brachydios is sorta resistant to that, you know. A G Rank
    weapon never hurt anyone either, but for this quest having good armor is a bit
    more important than having a good weapon. Oh, a Dragon weapon works well too.
    Not the *best* but Ice isn't the best either. Break out your Slime weapon if
    you've got to. Upgrade it to a G Rank Slime weapon if you're desperate.
    Just remember: Only the monster's ATTACK power has been scaled up. Because it's
                   three monsters and you're soloing, the HP has been correctly
                   SCALED DOWN to accomodate one player. The reason time will seem
                   run away from you is because you're too paranoid about getting
                   attacked and killed--and rightly so--and that results in not
                   hitting as hard as you ordinarily would.
    For those curious here's what I was running:
    Selene Z
    Selene Z
    Selene Z
    Selene X
    Selene Z
    Autotracker (this is my go-to G Rank set, that's why this skill is here lol)
    High Grade Earplugs
    Psychic+10, Evasion+4
    Weapon: Dual Swords
    Spectral Demolishers
    Took me about 14 minutes for Ivory Lagiacrus and 42 minutes total (forgot to
    gem in Bombardier and tweak my set, coulda finished this quicker if I did).
    Didn't die.
    URGENT: The Brilliant Darkness
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Alatreon
    Location:   Sacred Land
    Difficulty: Incredibly Difficult (10/10)
    Once again, SAVE AT YOUR BED before tackling this quest. This quest is basically
    Mark of a Hero but all wrapped up into one pretty package that is this
    ridiculous Elder Dragon you now have to deal with. If you invested your time
    into getting yourself that mix Helios/Selene X/Z set, then you should wear it
    to this quest too. Bring a SMOKE BOMB along with every single other item you
    can think of (except traps and tranqs...Alatreon is an Elder Dragon, remember?).
    When you first enter the Sacred Land, Alatreon will notice you IMMEDIATELY
    and begin to attack. But if you USE the Smoke Bomb I just told you to bring,
    he'll remain oblivious, and you can drink your COOL DRINK (because it's
    basically a glorified Volcano area) and whatever else you'll need to buff
    yourself up. I recommend you bring materials to combine to make more Cool
    Drinks, you might run through more than 5 because this quest, like Mark of a
    Hero, has this habit of really coming down to the wire.
    Anyways, Alatreon is really elementally unstable, and so he can use them all,
    but not at the same time. His elemental weaknesses vary too, between Fire and
    Ice and Dragon and Thunder depending on if he's on the ground or in the air.
    Got your very best weapon? That's Fire, Ice, Dragon, or Thunder, or more than
    one? If it's a G Rank weapon that's even better. Got your very best armor?
    That's hopefully not majorly weak to any particular element? If it's a G Rank
    armor set that's even better. Got your Smoke Bomb at the VERY TOP OF YOUR
    ITEM BAG so you can press Y immediately to go unnoticed? Are you ready for THE
    fight of your life? Good. Let's begin!
    (FYI: Alatreon has super low resistance to Slime. Oops was I supposed to say
    First off, the area. It's known as THE SACRED LANDS and you will want to make
    sure you drink your Cool Drink as I mentioned before. There are TWO Gathering
    points in this area and if you use your Smoke Bombs wisely you could gather
    from all of them before engaging in battle but I never did and it is probably
    a waste of time especially because this quest can really come down to the wire.
    The base camp is reachable via Farcaster only but there is no blue or red box,
    just a bed. Use your Farcaster if you need a break/dire need of healing.
    If you Farcaster and arrive back, look to the LEFT. Or, for those that didn't,
    find the back of the area. On the map, you'll see a little arrow that shows
    the route from the base camp to the main Sacred Lands area. There is a machine
    that can shoot the BALLISTA BINDER. There are two other Ballista machines
    spread throughout the area but they only shoot Ballistas. This BINDER machine
    is the one you will rely on to bring Alatreon out of the sky.
    Opposite, near the regular Ballista machines, is a climbable hill thing. If
    Alatreon is charging, you can climb up there and get his horns stuck in the
    wall because the wall is apparently soft. This is a good way to get his head
    low to the ground to break his horns. Breaking his horns not only weakens his
    elemental attributes but also gives you the item SKYPIERCERS. This is the only
    way to get SKYPIERCERS.
    You will ask me the safest place to be when meleeing Alatreon, I just know you
    will. So here's his weakest point: His belly. If you've got a Lance, use your
    upwards poke and poke his tummytumtums. The safest place to BE is either right
    beneath him or between his hind legs. If you're outside his hind legs, you're
    at risk of being clawed. If you're behind his hind legs, mind the tail.
    I'll go over Alatreon's attacks now I suppose, because about 95% of his
    physical attacks imbue some sort of element. So I guess the best thing to do
    would be to go over his attacks by element! Land attacks first.
    When on Land, Alatreon will use Thunder, Dragon, and Fire attacks. His Thunder
    attacks will be the most prolific, followed by Dragon, and then Fire.
    -He will summon lightning straight forward in a line in front of him. If you
     are a Hammer user, now is a great time to superpound his head
    -He will lift his head up and summon lightning either in a random pattern or
     a large area random pattern. Very unpredictable, watch out!
    -He'll do a wacky dragon-imbued charge and end by driving his head into the
     ground and lifting it sharply, similar to Diablos/Black Diablos
    -If you're standing behind him attacking, watch out. Like Ivory Lagiacrus he
     can do an abrupt change of direction as he attacks, but this time he'll do
     a claw swipe imbued with dragon power. If enraged he'll do this twice.
    -Alatreon can use a very beautiful swirly fire ball. It has a large area, if
     you're in the fringe, pray you can roll in time to avoid it. It can deal heaps
     upon heaps of damage too, if you aren't careful. If you're a Gunner, or you're
     using the Kelbi Bow + Gigginox armor for Awaken, consider yourself dead.
    -Or maybe he'll backhop and spit out the fire ball as he does. This one's
     harder to see coming.
    -If he looks back at you and seems to stand motionless, get away from his tail.
     His tail swipes will hit you and cause Fireblight.
    After a few minutes of damage, Alatreon will do a Thunder-imbued move that is
    uncannily similar to Zinogre. You know when Zinogre would spin into a jump and
    then land and roar at you? That really deadly attack? Well, Alatreon will do
    it too, only it's a little slower, easier to see coming, and much, much deadlier
    if you find yourself caught in the blast. Consider yourself OHKOed even if
    you're at near full health with Thunder resistance and G Rank armor. And
    instead of landing, he'll start flying. This is his SKY MODE, and he'll use
    Thunder and Ice attacks now.
    -Alatreon can fly-charge across the stage like Rathalos, imbued with lightning.
     If out of the hitbox but still close, you'll suffer such severe wind pressure
     that it will knock you on your behind.
    -Alatreon can summon random lightning around him, either small area or large
     area, similar to on land.
    -His front talons will be glowing with lightning and he'll punch the ground.
     When not enraged, he'll do it once, when enraged, he can do it up to five
     times. Causes tremors nearby
    -Alatreon will fly forward slowly while spitting a random ice beam thing.
     Causes Waterblight.
    -He can also send out ice daggers into the ground. Causes Snowman status
    -And lastly, his longest, most pointless attack, reminiscient of Rathalos but
     a bit deadlier: He'll fly up to the top of the lavafall and spit out ice
     into the air. It'll fall in the form of very pointy hail. Hard to see it before
     it falls from the sky but keep moving, I have yet to be hit by one
    Then his non-elemental attacks--they occur more as he gets tireder or if you
    break both of his horns.
    -He can do his same charge but without the Dragon element. Usually a bit shorter
    -He will dig his horns into the ground and fling his head back, like Diablos,
     and do it twice. Will send you flying, like Diablos
    -When in the air, he might suddenly swoop to one side. This will cause his
     tail to whip out and can smack you for damage
    When in the air, Alatreon IS vulnerable to Flash Bombs, but only if timed
    just right and only when he's not enraged. The other way to bring him out of
    the sky if the Binder isn't available (it's really easy to aim and stuff, if
    you can reach it in time) is to Farcaster, wait 10 seconds, and head back in.
    You'll see him prowling around back on the ground. Try to make sure Alatreon
    doesn't engage his really long, pointless, timewasting ice attack. You
    really can't afford to waste time watching him waste time. If you Bind him
    right as he does his long ice attack, tough luck.
    Alatreon doesn't really show much evidence of exhaustion. His death will occur
    when you least expect it to because he looks INVULNERABLE and UNKILLABLE but
    then he will die and you can carve his corpse six times. His rare item,
    besides his break awards, are the AZURE DRAGONGEMS and you should definitely
    try to get some. You will also get a COMMENDATION for your efforts.
    His breaks are as follows: You can break his wings, one break for each wing
    (his wings are very tough and Blademasters will bounce, it's almost as if
    it's only possible to break them with a Gunner), you can pop off his tail and
    carve it TWICE, and then you can break one horn, and finally both horns. So
    if you get the tail break you can carve Alatreon eight times.
    Alatreon is a very smart Elder Dragon, do not trifle with him. But you are
    trifling with him!
    It took me four tries, but I know people who went upwards of 20 (it took me
    20+ for Mark of a Hero) and others stayed under 10. My recommendation is to
    do this: Pack like you would for a serious run, but don't be too "serious".
    Instead, run around, dodge, block and at least get a feel for how Alatreon
    works. He's not like any other monster you've faced. When you were up against
    a monster like Rathalos, you could use your knowledge from Rathian. Alatreon
    has no relative and as a result can feel very unpredictable. Also use this
    YOU DON'T. After your test run (or runs, if you're into that), you can get
    SERIOUS and PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS and you will succeed!
    Also eat a Vegetable and a Drink--this will give you Dragon Resistance and
    a chance to get Fire, Thunder, and/or Ice resistance. Most important ones to
    shoot for are Dragon and Thunder.
    Alatreon weapons are all fairly nice Dragon weapons, so if your weapon class
    has an Alatreon weapon available (basically every class present in Tri will
    have an Alatreon weapon) I recommend you go make one. Yeah yeah I know,
    farming Alatreon sucks, but at least he's challenging unlike Ceadeus and
    Goldbeard Ceadeus...and maybe even Dire Miralis. Right?
    For those curious, here is my gear:
    Selene Z
    Selene Z
    Selene Z
    Selene X
    Selene Z
    Weapon: Spectral Demolisher
    -Bombardier (gemmed in)
    -Evasion+1 (gemmed in)
    -High Grade Earplugs
    Talisman: Bombardier+5, Evasion+5
    Died once. Quest time: 40 minutes
    Breaks: Tail only
    Yeah yeah "cheap" set but Alatreon is so stupidly weak to Slime you might as
    well exploit it. If Capcom is going to be cheap and make this quest difficult
    but giving him G Rank strength in a High Rank tier then why don't we play our
    cheap tricks back at them?
    Congratulations you've done all the Moga Village quests! Time to go conquer
    G Rank or if you've already done lots of G Rank, get even farther in and make
    MORE armor and master OTHER weapon classes and 100% the game like a madman!
    Or madwoman!
    And here are the rest of your 9-stars. You should do them. Yup. In fact, you
    HAVE to do them to even fight Alatreon. Ha ha ha!
    Azure Attack
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Azure Rathalos
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Easy (4/10)
    Azure starts out in Area 8 and will later move to Area 5 most likely. If not,
    check for him in Area 3 and Area 7. He follows Rathalos's predictable routes.
    When he goes back to Area 8 to sleep you can capture him and call it done.
    Flash Bomb him to turn him into a cake...that is a lie!
    Really, Azure Rathalos is easy compared to Pink Rathian. It's pitiful.
    Triple Threat
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Nibelsnarf, 1 Volvidon, and 1 Sand Barioth
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    This is another Epic Hunt quest. Bring an Ice weapon since Volvidon's a big
    fat weakling anyways. Trap them if you're lazy, carve them if you need extra
    Mega Potions. Remember that Sand Barioth can be a bit tricky.
    When I did this quest Nibelsnarf died in 7 minutes, Volvidon in 2, and Sand
    Barioth in 10.
    Operation: Paradise Lost
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Great Jaggi, 1 Duramboros, and 1 Azure Rathalos
    Location:   Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    Great Jaggi is...a Great Jaggi? He dies in under a minute. Duramboros can be
    annoying, and Azure Rathalos is pretty easy. I recommend you just bring yourself
    a Poison weapon, their weaknesses are all really random (Great Jaggi and Dura
    are weak to fire but Azure definitely isn't) so Poison will let you take care
    of Duramboros better. Remember to capture them if you want to because they
    only give you Mega Potions.
    Lurkers in the Woods
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Arzuros, 1 Nargacuga, and 1 Zinogre
    Location:   Misty Peaks (M. Peaks)
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (5/10)
    This is an Epic Hunt quest (there sure are a lot of these this tier, but get
    used to it because in G Rank about 75% of the quests involve more than one
    monster). Arzuros shows up first, then Nargacuga, and then Zinogre. Arzuros
    should drop in under 5 minutes, Nargacuga around 10, and Zinogre around 10 - 15.
    Bring an Ice weapon and have your way with them.
    I love this quest. Two of my favorite monsters in one quest!
    Triumph of the Tyrants
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Diablos and 1 Black Diablos
    Location:   Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Difficulty: Very Difficult (7/10)
    Oh man these guys. They're annoying apart and impossible together. Do NOT let
    them attack each other, bring Dung Bombs and please use them. Also bring
    Sonic Bombs, Flash Bombs, and materials to combine to make more since there's
    two. Just get this quest over with.
    Although I'll say, if you farmed Black Diablos as many times as I did (stupid
    desire sensor) then you'll find that Diablos and Black Diablos when not
    enraged move REALLY SLOW compared to Black Diablos in rage mode and so it'll
    be an easier quest than it otherwise would be!
    I captured Diablos in about 15 minutes and accidentally killed Black Diablos
    in another 15. Just keep your attacks up. Time really isn't an issue.
    Frozen Bloodlust
    Objective:  Hunt 1 Glacial Agnaktor and 1 Barioth
    Location:   Tundra
    Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult (6/10)
    This is also another two-monsters-at-the-same-time. Bring Dung Bombs, they
    like to gather in that small Great Baggi den (Area 7) and that's never any
    fun. I suggest you take care of Glacial Agnaktor first since I personally find
    him easier than Barioth. But you take your pick. Remember to bring your
    fire weapon to kill them quicker.
    And break parts on Glacial Agnaktor so that you won't have a big bouncefest.
    Tanzia Port
    Tanzia Port is basically Moga Village on hard mode. Because quests were designed
    for multiple players, you really shouldn't be soloing these. But if you have the
    3DS version, you might have to because Capcom decided that Monster Hunter is as
    popular in the West as it is in Japan (and it isn't) so you're likely the only
    Monster Hunterer you know. Oh well! Lucky for you here's how things scale:
    Tanzia 1-star = Moga 4-star
    Tanzia 2-star = Moga 5-star - Moga 6-star
    Tanzia 3-star = Moga 7-star - Moga 8-star
    Tanzia 4-star = Moga 8-star
    Tanzia 5-star = Moga 9-star
    Tanzia 6-star and up = G RANK
    You can easily do nothing but Tanzia and come back to Moga super overpowered,
    but it's really only feasible if you've got friends, you know? Getting to
    Tanzia means talking to Neko (means "Cat"). So go ahead and chat him up. When
    at Tanzia for long stretches of time, talking to Neko (means "Cat") can allow
    you to access the farm and fishing fleet at Moga without having to physically
    go back. Useful, nya?
    In Tanzia, your HUNTER RANK will increase, which you can show off to other
    people to show off your SKILLS. Also, a higher Hunter Rank will unlock all those
    DLC quests with HR requirements. If you do nothing in Tanzia, your Hunter Rank
    is effectively 1.
    Table of Contents:
    1.  Tanzia Low Rank
    2.  Tanzia High Rank
    3.  6-star Quests (G-Rank 1)
    4.  7-star Quests (G-Rank 2)
    5.  8-star Quests (G-Rank 3)
    6.  The Arena
    7.  DLC Quests 
    8.  Miscellaneous Bits
    Tanzia: Low Rank
    Because of the stunning similarity (oh, surprised?) to the Moga Village offline
    campaign, I will merely list the key quests. The only time I'll bother talking
    about any specific quest is if it involves a new monster or a new subspecies
    (I'm talking about you, G Rank).
    You can do the 1-star quests after doing Moga 3-star or Moga 4-star quests.
    But because the urgent monster is already Lagiacrus, defeat Lagiacrus first in
    Moga before hoofing your way over here, okay?
    Playing with Fire             [Qurupeco]
    Leading the Charge            [Barroth]
    The Merchant's Mission        [Rathian]
    Accident Investigation        [Gobul]
    Urgent: The Fisherman's Fiend [Lagiacrus]
    There are two Canteen quests you should do to upgrade the food:
    Goldenfish           [6 Goldenfish]
    The Snowbound Slider [Lagombi]
    Tanzia 2-star you should do around the time of Ceadeus. It is the last Low Rank
    in Tanzia. Your hunter rank will now be HR 2!
    Here are the KEY QUESTS:
    The Horned Wyvern          [Diablos]
    The Desert Gourmand        [Nibelsnarf]
    The Creeping Venom         [Gigginox]
    Denizen of the Molten Deep [Agnaktor]
    Urgent: Double Trouble     [Rathian and Rathalos]
    Followed by a Canteen quest:
    Road Work [Uragaan]
    Your hunter rank is how HR3!
    Tanzia: High Rank
    Tanzia High Rank operates the exact same as Moga High Rank. You're dropped
    someplace random and supplies aren't delivered immediately. Try doing 3-star
    after you've completed some 7-star Quests, and perhaps even 8-star because the
    end monster is Brachydios and he's an 8-star monster in Moga. Be careful around
    that guy, all right?
    The key quests for 3-star Tanzia are as follows:
    Splash Damage      [Plesioth]
    Mud Brothers       [2 Barroth]
    Bye-Bye, Bloom     [Crimson Qurupeco]
    Supply Constraints [2 Great Wroggi]
    URGENT: Brachydios Mio! [Brachydios]
    There are Canteen quests too:
    Grab a Gobul! [Gobul]
    Your hunter rank will now by HR4. Try to do these around the time you're doing
    9-star Quests because the end monster is Ivory Lagiacrus.
    The key quests for 4-star Tanzia are as follows:
    Unwanted Visitor     [Zinogre]
    Tumble on the Tundra [Baleful Gigginox and Jade Barroth]
    The Volcano's Fury   [Uragaan]
    URGENT: Conqueror of Land and Sea [Ivory Lagiacrus]
    There are no Canteen quests this tier. Your hunter rank will now be HR5.
    You should do the 5-star quests before "Mark of a Hero" and "Alatreon" because
    then you can get into G Rank and get G Rank gear and weapons so that you'll
    have an easier time with these nearly-impossible quests. They are totally doable
    without, but if you want an easier time...
    Here are your keys:
    Desert Desertion   [Sand Barioth and Black Diablos]
    Echo Location      [Glacial Agnaktor]
    Dedevil a Deviljho [Deviljho]
    Azure Attack       [Azure Rathalos]
    URGENT: Throne of the Abyss [Goldbeard Ceadeus]
    Also apparently Goldbeard Ceadeus armor is really good or something for
    Alatreon (*hint hint*) so maybe you should forge some for Alatreon? And upgrade
    Throne of the Abyss: Goldbeard Ceadeus
    All right. If you can get past this urgent quest, you'll be able to unlock the
    G Rank, the TOP GODLY TIER OF HEAVEN. Goldbeard Ceadeus is hardly different
    from his standard brother. There are a few logistic differences, though, and
    a few personality and visual changes.
    First off, the battle. Instead of swimming around really slowly, you are
    immediately at Area 3 in the ruins where Goldbeard Ceadeus is awaiting your
    challenge. Second of all, there are NO REPELS. You heard me, right? You have
    to kill him. If you can't, you fail. Too bad. Lucky for you though, you have
    50 minutes instead of 30, so you'll definitely have more than enough time to
    murder him, even if you're playing solo.
    So let's begin. First off, Goldy has the exact same attacks as Ceadeus, they
    will just do much more damage (because you're probably attacking him with your
    petty High Rank gear) and he will attack faster and more constantly, unlike
    Ceadeus who is pretty much a big fat punching bag. Goldy is an interactive
    punching bag, so you'll have to learn to interact with him, nya?
    One thing special about Goldy here is that his waterbeam has received this
    ridiculous upgrade and a very unusual hitbox. It's not even infuriating like
    Plesioth's hitboxes, it's just weird and strange and no one knows what or what
    or who or I don't know really it's just weird. Every now and then, Goldy will
    swim all the way up to the top of the ruins or down to the bottom. If you happen
    to be able to follow him all the way up and hack at him next to his tail or
    up on his back, lucky you. If not, chug a Mega Potion if you're low on HP and
    suffer his waterbeam.
    **PRO TIP** Bring FARCASTERS, 10 Bomb Casings, and 10 Exciteshrooms. If you're
    sick and tired of Goldy spamming his swim-up-and-waterbeam attack, Farcaster.
    You'll return to the Base Camp that up until now you haven't seen. Sleep on
    the bed, sharpen your weapon, combine to make another Farcaster. If supplies
    have been delivered, you'll see that the box provides you 2 free Farcasters,
    feel free to grab 'em. Then jump in the water, and instead of having to SWIM
    all that way, the game will warp you directly to the end of Area 2. So handy!
    Yeah. You can't block it, you can't dodge it. It will sweep up and down and
    basically hit the ENTIRE stage. Even if, I've found, you're super far away,
    you'll suddenly see your HP bar drop and you have Waterblight. Bring Nulberries
    please, it's no fun swimming around with no Stamina.
    ...Actually I've heard rumors that Evasion+1 is necessary for dodging the water
    beam by pressing B and doing that torpedo thing. Confirmation, please?
    If Goldy's not swimming up or down to let loose a waterbeam, he has an equally
    telegraphed tell for it. He'll curl around himself kinda like that annoying
    thing Ivory Lagiacrus does on land where he'll curl back to his tail, and then
    he'll face upright and begin sucking in water. Sheathe your weapon and swim down
    next to his fin and hack away at his fin/underbelly near his fin. That way 
    you will be safe from his attack. If not...good luck.
    The underwater ruins themselves have hardly changed. The Dragonator is the
    exact same Dragonator. Since this is a 50 minute quest, you could potentially
    use it 4 times...maybe 5 if you're super lucky. Whenever Goldy swims up near
    there, be sure to smash him with it. Since it's a 50 minute quest, especially
    if you're in a group, it's fine if you miss once. But if you're soloing, please
    try your best to hit, and if you're hitting, try to hit his head to break
    his horns, which you'll notice both are weirdly overgrown, so you can break them
    both for 4 potential extra carves. Good for getting Crooked Hardhorns. The
    only way to get 'em too.
    If you traded for some UW Ballista Ammo or you gathered some, you'll be happy to
    know the Ballista is there, and it's another good alternative to breaking his
    horns off, which otherwise will deflect everything without either a white or
    purple sharpness weapon, the skill Mind's Eye (10 "Fencing" points), or a
    Gunner class weapon. THAT SAID, it's a bad idea to deliberately go after Goldy's
    horns because that's right next to his FACE, where he'll be spamming things like
    WATERBEAMS and you don't want to get hit by them too many times! Time the
    Dragonator right!
    When in Rage Mode, Goldbeard Ceadeus will actually move pretty fast, and he
    won't...stop...attacking! Don't fret if you're unable to attack him much at all
    until he calms down (he'll turn pink and the lighting will change just like
    standard Ceadeus). You have 50 minutes and even if you solo you will be okay.
    Bring your best of the best Lightning weapon (or Dragon if you've got one) and
    you'll be fine. Just remember to use the Dragonator when it's available to
    speed things along--if you're soloing and you don't use the Dragonator I don't
    really think it's possible to kill him unless you have weapons at the end of
    their upgrade tree.
    After Goldbeard Ceadeus is dead (I take on average 30 minutes to kill him with
    Despot's Blitz, the Zinogre Dual Swords upgraded as far as High Rank will allow
    me. So if you're a DS user, you should use those too), you have 6 carves from
    him, just like standard Ceadeus. The rare materials here are Dark Dragongems.
    Ceadeus gave you Deep Dragongems, Goldy gives you the Dark kind (and Jhen Mohran
    gives you the Earth kinds!). You'll need all three Dragongems to forge the
    Helios X/Z or Selene X/Z armor.
    As for breakable parts. Goldbeard Ceadeus can have both his horns chopped off,
    and they will yield you 2 extra carves each--you could theoretically, if all
    goes well, get 10 carves off of the guy!, you can shave his beard (once or
    twice? I keep on seeing it shrink twice), and then you can obviously break his
    back and tail.
    Also let me say right off the bat: I highly recommend that you get yourself
    the Helios X/Z (if you're male) or Selene X/Z (if you're female) armor. It will
    be one of the best investments you can make in this game and will be useable
    even up all the way to the very end of G Rank. It will take you time, and lots
    of it, to get FIVE EARTH DRAGONGEMS for example (Helios/Selene X chestpiece),
    but it will pay off.
    The most common mixed Helios/Selene set is called the "Cookie Cutter set" and
    basically has everything Helios/Selene Z except for the waist, which will be
    Helios/Selene X. That way, you get High-Grade Earplugs and Sharpness+1 without
    the Blunt Edge. Those two are key blademaster skills, and HGE is great for any
    hunter. You'll need two Lagia Sapphires for the waistpiece (it took me about
    15 Ivory Lagiacrus captures to find my second one, my first one came from just
    getting lucky a long time back) but that's hardly anything compared to five
    Earth Dragongems. Good practice for Ivory Lagiacrus too, especially if you're
    having issues with Mark of a Hero.
    Here are the blademaster skills that both sets give:
    Helios/Selene X
    High-Grade Earplugs
    Helios/Selene Z
    High-Grade Earplugs
    Water Atk+1
    Blunt Edge
    Gunners have practically identical skills except that Sharpness+1 is replaced
    with Load Up and Blunt Edge by Recoil Down. So basically Helios/Selene X
    Gunner would have HGE, Awaken, Partbreaker, and Load Up, while Helios/Selene Z
    Gunner would have HGE, Load Up, Water Atk+1, and Recoil Down. I think.
    Someone correct me if my math is wrong or if my skills are incorrect or if
    what I said was incorrect.
    Tanzia: G Rank: 6-star Quests
    G Rank is exclusive to Tanzia Port, and soloing in G Rank is something truly
    worth respect. But you have no choice sometimes if you're a 3DS player so get
    used to it. You'll want to be quite careful with G Rank at first if you're
    soloing because you have no G Rank gear or weapons. In G Rank, there's
    nothing in your supply box, not even a Map, so don't bother. There's still a
    bed, however, and that Farcaster tip isn't just for Goldbeard Ceadeus.
    Just like with High Rank, G Rank also has some pretty nifty new items and carves
    that are exclusive to G Rank, and that you will need in order to make armors
    and weapons. G Rank armor has either an 'X' or a 'Z' at the end. X for species,
    Z for subspecies. Some new items you can find in G Rank include Eltalite Ore,
    Meldspar Ore, Emperor Hopper, and Flutterfly. New types of carves include
    "Piels" instead of hides, "Talons" instead of claws, "Hardhorns" instead of
    regular horns, "Furs" instead of pelts, and so on. The annoying, frustrating,
    rare drop items will become things like Fey Wyvern Gems, Large Wyvern Stones,
    Skymeralds, and Mantles (your plates, rubies, sapphires, gems, and dragongems
    will still be rare as well, though, so you're not getting off easy). 
    In G Rank, monsters are EVEN LARGER and EVEN FASTER and do EVEN MORE DAMAGE.
    And something else: Every single quest, unless specifically told otherwise,
    has a risk of a guest monster. It will normally be another monster that lives
    in the area. For example, the G Rank Plesioth quest in Flooded Forest normally
    will have a Gobul come to gatecrash your quest. Deviljho can be common but
    Savage Deviljho is incredibly rare unless you do special Event Quests. That
    said, always bring Dung Bombs. Don't be an idiot.
    G Rank is also the time to really fill your bag. I highly recommend you bring
    an Ancient Potion--that way if you cart (and you will), you can drink one and
    maximize your health AND stamina bars right back to where it was after you
    ate at the Canteen (which you should always do). Things like Powercharms,
    Armorcharms, Dash Juices, Demondrugs, and Armorskins that you normally wouldn't
    use in Low and High Rank are great to bring and use.
    **PRO-TIP: For Dual Swords users especially, MEGA DASH JUICES are your best
      friend. I have lost count of the times I carted because my stamina went down
      to literally zero, leaving me no opportunity to dodge.
    Start on something simple (Arzuros, perhaps?) and make some simple armor
    before you tackle the keys. One of the G Rank quests, "Sweltering Showdown",
    allows you easy access to Great Jaggi and Volvidon, two of the easier monsters
    to fight. Turning Volvidon into a set of armor (or Great Jaggi) is probably
    your best bet to ease yourself into the flow of G Rank.
    The G Rank quest lists have around FIFTY quests, and like Granny Go-To, you
    won't see them all on one given day, so if the quest you want isn't there,
    go do a Harvest Tour or do some random quest or something and advance a day,
    then check back.
    The very first time you get access to G Rank, you won't see anything but three
    pages of keys and other extraeneous quests. Do some keys and you'll start to
    see the quests switch up, along with some "[ADVANCED]" quests. Currently I have
    no idea just what that means or how it's unlocked, it's all really weird. But
    most of them involve hunting 2 or 3 of the same monster in rapid succession.
    Here's your keys:
    The Cherry Blossom Queen [Pink Rathian]
    The Green Flash          [Green Plesioth]
    Playing with Fire        [Qurupeco]
    Sweltering Showdown      [2 Volvidon and 2 Great Jaggi]
    Avenge the Fallen Hunter [Barroth]
    The Desert Gourmand      [Nibelsnarf]
    Axe to Grind             [Rust Duramboros]
    Snowball Fight           [Jade Barroth]
    The Creeping Venom       [Gigginox]
    Thunder on the Tundra    [Barioth and Baleful Gigginox]
    URGENT: Sticky Situation [2 Brachydios]
    Yikes! That's a lot of keys! Good luck! If you use a weapon class that has
    Gigginox weapons, I HIGHLY recommend you focus on upgrading it to G Rank rarity.
    Gigginox weapons are extremely durable and great for when you're easing into
    G Rank due to high natural sharpness and power. Oh and monsters are always
    prone to poison and the materials needed, for the most part, aren't terribly
    rare. At the very least--no gems!
    By the way, are you making that Helios/Selene X/Z armor I told you to make?
    Oh, I know, you can't make it yet. You have 15 of each Dragongem and 500 furs
    and claws and hardhorns and beards and asses and yet you can't make the armor!
    Ohs nos! That's because you don't have CONQUEROR'S SEALs. Best way to get 'em?
    Do that quest "Sweltering Showdown". It's basically an Epic Hunt where you 
    hunt a Volvidon and a Great Jaggi, and then a Volvidon and a Great Jaggi. Even
    in High Rank gear this quest is so easy. Just be careful because Great Jaggi
    is high on crack or something and will move insanely fast. All Epic Hunts give
    you a 100% Conqueror's Seal every time, so do that quest like 5 or 10 times
    and you'll have enough. You might also have enough by then to make Jaggi X and
    Volvidon X armor, both of which are also very competent armors in their own
    There are no Canteen quests. Once you've completed all of these, your hunter
    rank will go up to HR7.
    Below is a list of new monsters/new subspecies you will encounter and a somewhat
    brief guide about them. And then below that, I will even list old monsters that
    have new, G Rank exclusive attacks. The things I do for you! (List is currently
    in-progress, if you have anything you'd like to contribute contact me!)
    Green Plesioth
    Green Plesioth is a Plesioth Subspecies who essentially uses every single attack
    Plesioth can, but GREENER. The only difference is that, obviously, Green
    Plesioth is more powerful and more deadly. Green Plesioth when underwater will
    use the attack that's unique to him (get the Felyne Skill "Waterbearer" and
    you'll be fine). He'll use his water laser and it'll sweep left to right,
    kind of like Goldbeard Ceadeus, but if you have good Water Resistance it
    doesn't do much, and it doesn't even cause Waterblight.
    As always beware the double 180 tailspin and the hipcheck, the hitboxes are
    tolerable now, but that doesn't mean you can be next to its neck and escape
    getting hit, because you won't and you'll just have to suck it up. If you
    asked me, those wonky hitboxes are a far bigger threat to you than his water
    Rust Duramboros
    Rusty is a rusty version of Duramboros who prefers the desert as opposed to
    forests and mountains. He is brown and instead of a hammer he has this...
    axe...thing. As you can expect, Rust Duramboros is also more powerful but
    otherwise sports identical attacks to Duramboros, only with more PUNCH and more
    TAIL. Oh, Rusty gets up faster after being a ballerina and flying through the
    air. Head's up!
    Also is Rusty decides to go airborne, he gets up faster. And when he's in Rage
    Mode it's a bit Diablos-esque in that you're better being farther away and
    letting his poison take him to town. Oh, right, bring a poison weapon. They'll
    slice through him nicely.
    And unlike Duramboros, Rust Duramboros can inflict the muddy status on you,
    like Barroth and Sand Barioth. Bring Cleansers, why don't you?
    HR6 --> HR7 Urgent: Sticky Situation
    When I did this quest Brachydios was farting around in Areas 2 and 3.
    Hoo boy this quest. The bane of every single hunter ever...especially if you're
    a poor unfortunate soul like me with no gamer friends :(
    Best advice I can give you: Go hunt High Rank Brachydios, especially if you
    haven't hunted Brachydios in a while, to "warm up" and re-familiarize yourself
    with them. Remember how they like to punch?
    Then, you'll see that it's not 2 successive Brachydios. It's 2 Brachydios
    AT THE SAME TIME. But Brachydios will roam every single area of the Tundra,
    even 6, which means that actually, there's a slim chance they'll ever be in
    the same room together. I never used a single Dung Bomb my first try.
    You have 50 minutes. I know that a lot of people out there are telling you--
    Hurry and attack! You only have 50 minutes! But trust me: 50 minutes is enough.
    It's enough. You have to attack nonstop while he's in normal mode (easy mode
    lol, he's easy when not enraged) and once he's enraged...well, just stay the
    hell away from him. I took 38 minutes--20 minutes for one, 18 minutes for the
    other, and that's considered slow... Remember that Brachydios is weakest to
    Water, so go upgrade your Nibelsnarf/Ceadeus/Plesioth/something weapon. They're
    all available at G1 so go do it please. And get some G Rank armor.
    Actually, either mode, if you hug his leg and stick to him like glue...he can't
    touch you. When far away, you're in HUMONGOUS DANGER especially if he's angry
    because his jumps, leaps, bounds, and horn attacks are all massive raged moves.
    Just stay out of the way when he does that area-of-explosion explosion. You
    know which one I'm talking about.
    Bring traps and capture the suckers. I recommend you bring Trap Tools and
    Thunderbugs plus a Pitfall Traps and Barrel Bombs. Pitfall Trap a sucker and
    use Barrel Bombs next to its head and then fling a Paintball or something,
    blow him up (and break his horn in the process) and it will generally speed
    things along.
    And don't forget your Hot Drinks, and also Mega Dash Juices are great because
    that way you have endless stamina to run, dodge, and dive. I carted once the
    first time I did this (and of course I did it solo...) because I ran out of
    stamina and couldn't evade Brachydios's jumping double punch.
    Brachydios DOES have openings when he goes into Rage Mode, they're just very
    small. If you have a smaller, more mobile weapon, you'll probably be able to
    make use of them.
    Be cautious but don't be overly cautious, try to take 20 minutes per
    Brachydios. And with time that time will go down. Really, you aren't pressed
    for time. Even when being ridiculously cautious with my hits, the first Brach
    took 20 minutes even to capture.
    New Attacks
    Brief list of EVERY SINGLE MONSTER that has new attacks. Subspecies get their
    own section as time goes along.
    Aren't I a generous one??
         He can now pull off three consecutive shoulderbarges in a row. They are
         more than capable of stunning, by the way, since they happen at the
         exact right speed to hit twice in a row right after you've gotten up.
         But Great Jaggi is still a big fat weakling. Also Great Jaggi is high on
         something because he moves insanely fast.
         Same triple shoulderbarge is new, but also, when he backhops, he will spit
         out his sleepy juice. Watch out, it can easily catch you off guard. In
         addition Great Baggi also has the ridiculous speed increase, and believe me
         when I say DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS GUY. First time I fought him, he
         made me run through EIGHT Mega Potions. Great Jaggi's a pleasant surprise
         but Great Baggi's lethal.
         Same deal as Great Baggi and Jaggi with the triple shoulderbarge. As usual
         watch out, all these little bird wyverns are on crack or something.
         He'll use his tongue a lot more, you'll notice. He'll swivel his head
         around and his overly longue tongue, if it catches you, will send you
         flying through the air. Also, Volvidon can do this new rolling attack where
         he sends him self flying through the air and then lands and rolls a
         short distance. Not hard to dodge if you pay attention.
         Miss Giggles will no longer lay a Giggi egg sac on the floor for you to
         destroy, she'll lay it on her back. This makes it almost impossible to
         destroy unless you're a Gunner, so the issue of Giggi hanging off of you
         could potentially kill you. Remember--roll three times!
         Oh ho you thought it'd be easy, just a Barioth in the desert? You were
         fatally wrong, my friend. Sandy can create those same tornadoes of air
         that her icy cousin is capable of creating, but they will STAY and not
         VANISH and what's worse is that they'll MOVE AROUND with surprisingly
         good aim and if they hit you expect to survive with about 15% of your
         health left!
         Uragaan can now chain a forward straight roll directly into a chin pound
         which will cause tremors. When enraged this can be accompanied by a fart
         of gas that will cause Fireblight.
         Similar to Uragaan, Steely can also chain a forward straight roll directly
         into a chin pound which will cause tremors. When enraged this instead is
         accompanied by straight-up gas which will cause you to be smelly and then
         you can't use items which is super sucky for you. Bring Deodorants!
    Tanzia: G Rank: 7-star Quests
    Well you're pretty deep into G Rank now, just keep on going, okay? Again, there
    are like 50 gazillion quests that will rotate on a daily basis, but as usual
    there's Key Quests.
    Key Quests:
    Night Stalker              [Green Nargacuga]
    The Horned Wyvern          [Diablos]
    Desert Storm               [Sand Barioth]
    Volcanic Activity          [Rathalos and Steel Uragaan]
    Deep-Six a Deviljho        [Deviljho]
    A Sea of Wyverns           [Ivory Lagiacrus and Gobul]
    Infernal Overlord          [Stygian Zinogre]
    Denizen of the Molten Deep [Agnaktor]
    URGENT: The Black Flame of Calamity [Dire Miralis]
    Dire Miralis is an Elder Dragon bearing similar behavior and longevity to the
    Fatalis family. He is the "true final boss" of the guild quests.
    Oh, "Night Stalker" gives a very high chance of Savage Deviljho appearing, so
    that's a good quest to try and farm him from. Just make sure you get the
    Felyne skill "Gamechanger" from the Canteen.
    When you first unlock the 7-star quests you'll notice that only a few are
    available to you. Just follow what Monster Hunter normally does and do some of
    the quests to unlock more quests. Here's what's available at the start:
    Harvest Tour: Volcano
    The Horned Wyvern      [Diablos]
    Desert Storm           [Sand Barioth]
    Sticky Situation       [2 Brachydios]
    Break the Brachydios   [Brachydios]
    Rathalos Alert         [Rathalos]
    The Thrill of the Hunt [Uragaan]
    Hungry Eyes            [Nargacuga]
    Do your keys, spam the Volcano Harvest Tour for rare charms and Ancientshards
    (that's what I did lol), and start sending out your Hunters For Hire to kill
    small fry or (if you're willing to risk it) bigger monsters. I personally send
    them out to kill Bnahabra so I can get the Bnahabra X armor without having to
    waste my own time.
    Also you'll get Maiden Butterflies which you'll need if you're a girl and
    want the oh-so beautiful RHOPESSA X armor set. You get butterfly wings D:
    Guys get Aeleucanth or something (did I spell that right).
    Anyways this tier is really really messy with its unlocks. The only keys there
    are Desert Storm and The Horned Wyvern. Beat those two and you'll unlock "Desert
    Desertion" and "Midnight Madness" respectively. Beat "The Thrill of the Hunt"
    and you'll unlock "Ace in the Hole", and beat "Rathalos Alert" and you'll get
    "Volcanic Activity"...finally a key. So technically "Rathalos Alert" is an
    unofficial key.
    No, "Hungry Eyes" does not unlock "Night Stalker", sorry :\
    Once you've completed "Volcanic Activity", you'll finally unlock "Night Stalker"
    which requires that you go kill a Green Nargacuga.
    Green Nargacuga
    Green Nargacuga, obviously enough, is a more powerful and deadlier Nargacuga
    subspecies (although he's a joke compared to Lucent Nargacuga). He's also the
    ugliest of the trio. Ugh, where'd they get the idea to turn him green? Even
    a White Nargacuga would have looked better. Hmm...Snow Nargacuga? White
    Nargacuga? Even that sounds cooler than GREEN Nargacuga.
    Anyways, Green Nargacuga is basically that--he moves faster and deals out more
    damage, so keep yourself on your toes. He can do new things with that stupid
    tail of his too, you know how Nargacugas are with their Swiss Army tails.
    Things like double-tailslams and more spikes and the like. Greeny when enraged
    will very commonly double his attacks. When he does one tailslam, he'll do
    another following. When he does one 360 spin, he'll do another. So when you
    dodge the first dodge the second or you'll get hit anyways.
    Otherwise treat him as a Nargacuga and you'll be fine.
    Stygian Zinogre
    Go farm Zinogre and turn him into a weapon before you hoof your way over here.
    That or Lagiacrus... Or Brachydios is you're lazy.
    Stygian Zinogre is the Zinogre who decided to TAKE A TRIP TO HELL AND BACK.
    Then he sold his soul to Dire Miralis and this is what he has become. He's
    the exact same as normal Zinogre, but obviously faster and deadlier and much
    more powerful. Just like Zinogre, Stygian Zinogre has his SUPER SAIYAN MODE
    and you'll want to watch out and be on your guard if he gets there. On top of
    that he can also go into RAGE MODE. If he's in Rage Mode, he'll have a dragon
    aura surrounding him, and if he's in SUPER SAIYAN MODE and he's enraged, he'll
    have both the flaring aura of his SUPER SAIYAN MODENESS and the dragon aura
    surrounding his body. Not a monster to mess with. You thought you knew Zinogre?
    You don't know Stygian Zinogre at all. How wrong you are, to think that just
    because you've mastered Zinogre means you've mastered his demonic brother.
    Stygian's biggest gimmick is the fact that he radiates nothing but sickeningly
    huge waves of DRAGON ELEMENT. I HIGHLY recommend you pick up armor with
    POSITIVE resistance to dragon. Not neutrality, and definitely not weak. The
    larger the positive number, the better off you are. If you can, get the food
    skill "Felyne Dragonslayer", gem in Dragon Resistance, and try to get your
    resistance to dragon up to 20. This not only reduces damage you take overall
    but renders you immune to DRAGONBLIGHT.
    This probably is going to be one of the "first" times you're going to find that
    Dragonblight is actually an issue. The last time we ran into Dragonblight, it 
    was with Deviljho way back up somewhere but his breath wasn't the worst thing
    in the world. Well Stygian breathes dragon and Dragonblight takes away any
    status/element of your weapon. For someone like a Switch Axe user, this is
    tolerable. But if you use a weapon that depends heavily upon its element, such
    as SnS or DS, you'd better be prepared to use up all your Nulberries.
    Dragonblight is a SERIOUS problem. That's why +20 Dragon Resist is so darn
    useful--no Dragonblight to worry about in the first place.
    Stygian will chain all sorts of attacks together that would make Zinogre drool
    in envy. He will spam his spinny and fly-through-the-airy attacks a hell of a
    lot more too, and he hits like a truck. His unique attack is where he'll spin
    twice, sending balls of dragon energy into the air. Unlike Zinogre's electro
    ball attack, they'll hover for a moment, and then zoom. They are homing shots
    so they'll either home in on you or your Shakalakas. Either move in close to
    his body to use him as a shield or run and use your Superman dive. Again, if
    you have +20 Dragon Resist, these don't hit for much damage and cannot cause
    If Stygian is fully supercharged and/or enraged, if you knock him over he'll
    get up and immediately chain that into a spinny flying attack. Also, when he's
    charging, no matter what level he's at, there'll be bolts of dragon lightning
    that hit the ground around him. You do not want to mess with those either.
    He's much more consistent about his charging so more often than not he'll
    probably be in SUPER SAIYAN MODE but that's just too bad for you.
    Also occassionally you'll notice that Stygian Zinogre decides to just walk
    casually around. You'll notice something funny going on in his back, like he's
    absorbing some red lightning or something. DO NOT GO UP AND ATTACK HIM. This
    is his passive attack where he walks around with his Stygian Swag and
    lightning shoots around effortlessly around his body. Don't be that hunter
    that gets hit by that.
    Black Flame of Calamity: Dire Miralis
    Section written by BLU and edited by me.
    Congrats, you lucky hunter, you made it to Dire Miralis!! Unfortunately, not 
    only are you fighting the volcanic dragon from hell, you'll be in a long lasting
    fight through hell. For those of you who fought the Fatalis in MHFU, this is 
    pretty similar, with a few twists. I highly suggest either a Slime weapon (fully
    upgraded of course), a Dragon weapon, or an Ice element weapon. Even then I had
    Sharpness+1 to improve it even further. To start off the fight, Dire Miralis
    will start bombarding you with fireballs from an awesome cutscene to
    immediately where you stand. Even if you skip the cutscene, there will be a
    fireball that will land where you're standing. Be careful!
    After dodging the mandatory brimstone rain, you have several options. Let's look
    at the map first. Note that you're on a beach near Tanzia, with ruined ships
    and a cave with a supply box (and Ballista Ammo) as your humble base camp is
    unreachable by all but Farcaster (maybe bring one?). Directly LEFT of where you
    begin, there are some ruined crates that hold First-Aid Meds and EZ Max Potions.
    If you're fighting solo, I highly suggest grabbing these and every potion 
    you can possibly hold.
    Directly RIGHT of you is a wrecked ship with Ballista ammo, a nearby Ballista,
    and a button for a handy dandy Dragonator. DO NOT use these Ballistas yet,
    even if you're fighting in a group. Hold your trigger finger guys. (Another
    useful note, you each gather separately in a group. So if you grab 10
    Ballista, then your 2 other buddies could each grab 10 even though you can't
    gather anymore.)
    On the far left of the map, past the crates/relics is another ship, but with
    only Ballista ammo and a Ballista nearby.
    Underwater in front of you is a very large and largely empty bay. At the top
    left of the map there lies another Dragonator, and Ballista crates.
    These tools are absolute godsends to Blademasters, who without fighting
    underwater need a powerful ranged weapon to hit Dire Miralis's weak points.
    Now to actually begin the fight, it depends on what type of hunter you are. If
    you're a Blademaster, you'll have some trouble reaching his weakpoints, and will
    be VERY annoyed getting him out of Armor Mode (more on that later). If you're
    a Gunner, you'll have a great time shooting his weakpoints and have no
    trouble with Armor Mode, but you have to be insanely careful because you're
    likely to be one-shotted by his fire tornado or other similarly overpowered
    He'll start by coming up out of the water. Begin by either hitting his legs,
    or attack the glowy, swirly magma spot in his tail directly behind his legs
    (such spots are his weak points). Breaking this glowy spot will earn you
    Miralis Smelters, a rare item. After enough hits on the legs, he'll fall over,
    giving you free hits to his chest. I don't care what you're doing, unless you
    need to heal badly, you'd better take this opportunity to land in some hits.
    When he goes underwater, wail on his arms and chest and head. It's entirely
    possible to break everything on Miral in one go, even as a solo Blademaster.
    Gunners, you have range, and therefore options. His chest should be
    your main focus until it's broken (it will cool and harden to stone), but his
    glowy shoulders and his face and wings are also plausible attack options.
    Breaking his wings will give you Miralis Hellwings, his face (which will also
    cool) will give you Miralis Evil Eyes, and his chest will give you Immortal
    Hearts and Dire Dragongems.
    The Dire Miralis itself has 7 breakable parts on him: his head, two wings,
    two arms, his chest, and his smelter located on his tail. His main attacks
    include constant brimstone barrages from his wings, powerful fire balls that he
    can fire from his mouth, the dreaded fire tornado that basically is a Wyvern's
    Fire Gunlance attack used against you, the "Snap-n-Drag", (he'll start biting,
    and will lunge forward twice in a huge attack that does lots of damage) the
    Hell claw (he slams his claw into the dirt, causing a mini fire spread attack
    that does a LOT of damage to you), obnoxious Tail Swipe and the Whine-fall
    (he creates a high pitch whine sound and literally falls on you, doing major
    damage). Breaking his wings will temporarily decrease his Brimstone ability,
    and breaking his arms will PERMANENTLY hinder his wing ability. So you should
    try to break his arms, if at all possible.
    He gets angry often, and has a hugely long scream animation that's just plain
    annoying. After around 5-10 minutes on land he moves underwater, and moves back
    after 5-10 more minutes. When he's underwater, lure him over to the Dragonator
    at the top left of the map and blast him with it. When he is climbing out of
    the water, lure him over to the Dragonator at the bottom right of the map
    and stab him with that too. (These recharge separately, no worries.)
    NOW, there comes a point when he gets very angry, but suddenly your Blade
    weapons will bounce off everything that's not a glowy magma part. Say what??
    Even with Purple Sharpness?? Yep. This is called Armor Mode, and is awfully
    annoying. Remember those Ballistae lying around? NOW is the time to use them.
    Start by blasting his face off, then move to the chest. If you manage to
    break his chest quickly, go to his arms. Continue Dragonating him as usual.
    Now when you've run out of Ballista ammo, attack his Smelter, or...his
    groin. I kid you not, this is a semi-weak point. You won't ever bounce, so it
    is a very safe spot to hit him under. Eventually, he'll move back underwater
    and you can break his chest and arms. If his chest is broken, he will revert to
    Regular Mode. (Rumors of him turning to Reg Mode after enough damage has been
    dealt are still unconfirmed.)
    But after many long minutes of grueling fighting, he will eventually die. You
    can carve 3 times from his head, center, and tail, 9 carves total. Be quick
    about it! Congrats, you just went to, conquered, and carved hell!! 
    Miralis weapons are decent but not unusually phenomenal. They have average
    attack, but godly sharpness and absurd fire element. The Gunner weapons, Long
    Sword, Sword and Shield, and Dual Swords are the only plausible weapons.
    Maybe the Hunting Horn for the rare songs, but that's about it. The armor is
    not worth it. But seriously, the Bow and Heavy Bowgun especially are beastly.
    Earn them, learn them, love them. 
    One other thing: The Rising Tempest Black Diablos Lance can be Awakened to give
    massive Slime Element. With Awaken and Sharpness+1, this Lance is amazingly
    powerful. With similar skills, the Diablos Great Sword is also absurdly
    Tanzia: G Rank: 8-star Quests
    Most consider Dire Miralis the very definitely final boss, so this tier is
    basically you farting around doing whatever you want. After all...
    You're here. The very end. There's nothing left for you to play! Oh no!
    Well there's always making good time records at the Arena...and...well...there
    ARE those DLC quests that could make the game go on...forever...
    Actually basically as of September 10th, 2013, the DLC has officially stopped.
    I know, it sucks. If we do have new DLC (because I don't get Internet at this
    sucky dorm room for my 3DS) then I will correct this statement.
    Here's your keys...I'm just kidding! This tier has no keys. This is the tier
    where your hunter rank no longer ties to your quest tier, it will go up all
    on its own because each quest gives a hidden value of rank points that will
    increase your hunter rank. Each time your hunter rank reaches a certain
    landmark, you'll gain access to a new and hard quest. So have fun! I'll list
    all the quests for you since there's not many:
    Hot and Bothered            [Rust Duramboros and Black Diablos]
    Ring of the Golden Lune     [Gold Rathian]
    Ring of the Silver Sol      [Silver Rathalos]
    The Hammer and the Axe      [Duramboros and Rust Duramboros]
    Fang, Fang: You're Dead     [Zinogre and Stygian Zinogre]
    Qurupeco Two-Step           [Qurupeco and Crimson Qurupeco]
    Ode to Barroth              [Barroth and Jade Barroth]
    Eyes of the Storm           [Barioth and Sand Barioth]
    Opposites Detract           [Agnaktor and Glacial Agnaktor]
    Festival on the Sea of Sand [Hallowed Jhen Mohran]
    Operation: Last Stand       [Diablos, 2 Volvidon, and Sand Barioth]
    Tundra Trump Cards          [Jade Barroth, 2 Lagombi, and Glacial Agnaktor]
    Mountain Massacre           [Nargacuga, Rathian, and Zinogre]
    Now here's the quests that are tied to your hunter's rank:
    HR20:  All-Terrain Terror     [Rathalos, Lagiacrus, and Brachydios]
    HR25:  Awesome Maw            [Nibelsnarf]
    HR30:  Best of Enemies        [Purple Ludroth, Volvidon, Steel Uragaan, 
                                   Great Wroggi]
    HR40:  The Invisible Predator [Lucent Nargacuga]
    HR45:  Rage Match             [Deviljho]
    HR50:  Moonlit Tryst          [Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian]
    HR55:  The Earth Quakers      [Pink Rathian, Rust Duramboros, Brachydios, and 
                                   Stygian Zinogre]
    HR60:  The Sea Shakers        [Royal Ludroth, Gobul, Plesioth, and Lagiacrus]
    HR70:  Abyssal Awakening      [Abyssal Lagiacrus]
    HR80:  Four Point Formation   [Nargacuga, Barioth, Green Nargacuga, 
                                   Sand Barioth]
    HR90:  Clobberin' Time!       [Black Diablos, Jade Barroth, Uragaan, Duramboros]
    HR100: The March of Victory   [Brachydios, Rust Duramboros, Ivory Lagiacrus, 
                                   Stygian Zinogre]
    Plus your all-important Canteen quests:
    Submarine Struggle [Green Plesioth and Royal Ludroth]
    Gold Rathian
    A beautiful golden-colored Rathian. First off, her head and tail and pretty
    much her entire body's super duper tough and you'll want Purple sharpness or
    else you'll have this big fat bouncing party. Gold Rathian obviously attacks
    faster and can chain even the randomnest attacks together for as long as she
    wants to. Like Pink Rathian she's got the explosive side-chomp, backflip
    corkscrew, and explosive fireballs, and like Rathian she's got ye olde backflip
    and stuff like that. Other than that, there's not much new to her except that
    she likes to chain things together. And spam lots of explosive attacks.
    Remember that if you're hacking away at her legs, she will use her corkscrewing
    backflip and kill you. I know, Gold Rathian and every other Rathian can be
    really annoying because of their awesome gymnastics.
    This will be one of your first quests in the TOWER area. It's basically a
    glorified Arena, and there's also an area where you can gather up rare items
    and things if you feel so inclined. Unlike the Arena, however, the Tower has
    this like super hard ground or something like that and so you can't put down
    a Pitfall Trap.
    You can capture Gold Rathian but since there's no area to flee to she isn't
    going to limp. It'll be either a ton of trial-and-error or you should just 
    kill her.
    Maybe you should bring Flash Bombs?
    Silver Rathalos
    Ye olde handsome silver-colored Rathalos acts exactly like a souped up Azure
    Rathalos and will chain stuff and attack faster and etc. He's nowhere near the
    threat that Gold Rathian is. If you can handle Gold Rathian then you can handle
    a Silver Rathalos. Remember to bring a purple sharpness weapon if you are a
    Blademaster (or pack Sharpness+1) because like his golden sister, his hide is
    super tough.
    Oh, and Silver Rathalos will still very frequently use that pointless attack
    where he pointlessly soars around the Tower in a very pointless fashion. But
    he'll also chain that directly into another attack, so be careful.
    Oh and bring Flash Bombs?
    You can capture Silver Rathalos but just like any other Arena-ish quest, there's
    no area to flee to so just kill him I guess.
    Hallowed Jhen Mohran
    Hallowed Jhen Mohran is, basically, a purple Jhen Mohran. However, despite such
    a similarity, Hallowed Jhen Mohran's scripted battle is far, far different
    from normal Jhen Mohran. For example, Jhen Mohran starts off far away, so you
    have to use Ballista and Cannonballs. Hallowed Jhen Mohran immediately does a
    frontal ram from the right of the boat.
    Hallowed Jhen Mohran can also spit out sand much like Nibelsnarf (snarf snarf
    warf warf). Otherwise, the two-stage battle is the exact same and you need to
    keep your Dragonship happy.
    Lucent Nargacuga
    Lucent Nargacuga, or Lucy as she is henceforth called, is a souped up
    Green Nargacuga. With pretty colors. And faster attacks. And super hard fur.
    You'll need Purple sharpness to hit her most of the time. Oh, and no, I do not
    know how fur can be hard.
    What makes Lucent Nargacuga so special is that she can turn invisible. When
    she's not enraged, tough luck. When she is enraged, follow the trails of her
    red eyes (similar to the other two Nargacuga species). Thankfully, Lucy
    will ONLY turn invisible when she's moving/defending herself. When she attacks,
    she'll be visible and you can dodge. Still, her invisifying antics will
    require that you be fast on your feet. Keep your weapon sheathed as much as
    you can, and maybe consider gemming in Quick Sheathe--it's surprisingly handy,
    especially for heavier weapons.
    Lucent Nargacuga attacks very fast and doesn't make many mistakes about her
    attacks either. The spikes she flings from her tail will POISON you, so bring
    Antidotes, and her tail overall is just that much more deadly. Keep your wits
    about you.
    On the other hand, Lucy's attacks are so fast and precise that Evasion+1 or
    Evasion+2 (or just freakishly good rolling skills) will allow you to roll
    through...well, everything.
    When Lucy gets all tired she'll slow down and whatnot. When she's tired her
    speed decrease can be very dramatic, so if it catches you off guard, just tell
    yourself that she's tired and reaccustom yourself.
    Oh and if I haven't mentioned it yet, I'll mention it again: You cannot put
    Pitfall Traps down in the Tower! The ground is "too hard". It's totally possible
    to capture her and like every other monster in the Tower but since it's only
    one area, they won't limp to flee so you're better off just killing her.
    Here's silver lining I guess if you're discouraged: They can't flee so they
    can't eat! Isn't that wonderful?
    Abyssal Lagiacrus
    Here is your rare species of Lagiacrus, just like Lucy is a rare Nargacuga.
    You'll face off with her in the underwater ruins, same place as Ceadeus and
    Goldbeard Ceadeus. Like Goldbeard, Miss Abyss (her name now) is going to be
    in Area 3 awaiting your challenge.
    Miss Abyss is distinctly dark blue with glowing electric blue (no pun intended)
    shell shockers. Similar to G Rank Sand Barioth, she does have a new attack that
    Ivory Lagiacrus and Lagiacrus don't have, and that's to create several
    whirlpools. Otherwise, she's a very souped up Lagiacrus but surprise surprise!
    You can't fight her on land! Too bad!
    Miss Abyss also has the same electric power of Ivory Lagiacrus. As in, you
    remember how Ivory Lagiacrus created the wide electric field that was even
    larger than normal Lagiacrus? Well, Miss Abyss can do that too, but now it's
    underwater so it's in all three dimensions and you really need to watch out.
    Abyssal Lagiacrus can also shoot some pretty souped up lightning out of her
    mouth. Watch out for it.
    Because this is in the Underwater Ruins, the Dragonator is available for use.
    I highly recommend you use the Dragonator. Don't miss, okay?
    Apparently there's this super awesome rare item you can get from Miss Abyss
    called "A. Lagi Hardhorn" or something like that and apparently her head is
    super hard from all that ramming she does into things and so everything will
    always bounce?
    Maybe use the Dragonator? That'd be helpful, right?
    I'm a big proponent of using the Dragonator to break things that are hard to
    Yup. You should do that.
    **PROTIP FOR DS USERS: Abyssal Lagiacrus's DS set is an extremely durable
      and powerful one. But DON'T start with Usurper's Fulgur (Zinogre's) and
      follow the upgrade line up. If you do, you'll have to acquire Hardhorns,
      which for DS uers is basically impossible to get! Directly FORGE the first
      DS that uses Miss Abyss's parts and you'll never need a Hardhorn!
    Savage Deviljho
    Savage Deviljho can only be fought alone in his special HR8 event quest,
    "Bottomless Beast", which is available via DLC. His Japanese name is actually
    "Hungry" Deviljho (as if he wasn't hungry to start!) and so I will be calling
    him that because it's more awesome.
    If you want to fight Savage Deviljho but you're not HR8 yet, go ahead and try
    the event quest "An Ominous Cry". The Qurupeco will always summon Mr. Hungry.
    Also, if you don't have Internet, try out the quest "Night Stalker" involving
    a Green Nargacuga and an unstable environment. Get the food skill "Felyne
    Gamechanger" to guarantee an appearance and it could be HUNGRY DEVILJHO coming
    over to plaaaaaaay.
    Hungry Deviljho has the exact same icon as Deviljho (actually, he did used to
    have a unique icon but it got "dummied out" so to speak). Except that he's
    already in rage mode! Oh no! Well...if he's just in perma-rage mode, he
    couldn't POSSIBLY get worse...
    WRONG! VERY WRONG! HUNGRY DEVILJHO will get very mad and he'll have an eternal
    red haze over his eyes, turning him into a true DEVIL. His speed and attack
    increase exponentially. He is VERY SCARY. His Dragonbreath, which he will
    always have access to because he's always in some sort of rage, will about
    triple in range. Stay away, shield yourself, or master the roll with Evasion+1
    or +2.
    HUNGRY DEVILJHO is still vulnerable to all sorts of meats, so bring some.
    Put him to sleep with Drugged Meat and Barrel Bomb him, it's a very common
    strategy to blow his face up as quick as possible. Try to chop off his tail if
    you can to make his tail swings a bit less threatening. Stick to his belly,
    his weak point.
    Did I mention that HUNGRY DEVILJHO is ANGRY even when he's asleep?
    HUNGRY DEVILJHO can definitely be an extremely hard fight, given his grossly
    increased power, but treat him like a Deviljho and you'll be okay. Some items
    you can only get from HUNGRY DEVILJHO so you'll have to farm him a few times
    anyways. Just be wary, heal when necessary, and don't be afraid to leave the
    area to pull yourself back together.
    If you're not in a very HUNGRY DEVILJHO mood and he shows up to give you a hug
    WITH HIS FACE go ahead and shoo him away with Dung Bombs. That's why you should
    always carry a stack in your Bag!
    But of course, that kind of thinking is for CHILDREN. Dare you be a true
    MASTER HUNTER that you are and face your deepest, darkest fears?
    ...Go on. I dare you.
    Tanzia: The Arena
    The Arena is basically the game testing your skill. Unlike other quests where
    you can buff yourself up with great items and great armor and the bestest weapon
    you've got, the Arena will give you a list of preset weapons, armors, and an
    Item Bag that you'll be stuck with. For example, if the Arena sics you on a
    Low Rank Rathian, you'll be given Low Rank armor, a Low Rank weapon, and a
    Low Rank Item Bag. Also, not all Arena quests have presets for every single
    weapon. Some might have presets for, say, Hunting Horn, Dual Swords, Great
    Sword, and Bow, but not any other weapon.
    The nice thing about Arenas though is that it's also a great place to practice.
    You lose no items, you pay no acceptance fees. It's just you and the monster
    (sorry, Cha-Cha and Kayamba cannot accompany you) and if you die you don't
    lose anything because of it. If you need to get your game on, or you haven't
    touched the game in a while, try your hand at some Arena quests and see what
    All Arena quests go the exact same way: Choose a quest, go to the dock,
    pick the weapon-armor-bag preset, you'll wind up in Base Camp and then you
    jump on in to the Arena where the monster...or monsters...will greet you.
    The rightmost Guild Sweetheart handles the Arena Quests, by the way. Talking
    to the normal left girl may get you some quests that are in the Arena, but
    you still pick your own bag, weapon, and armor.
    One reason you should do Arena quests is because of the rewards. You won't get
    monster parts (not even from carves) but you get special COINS that you can use
    to make all sorts of cute armor and stuff like that. Arena quests are broken
    into two categories, although there really isn't a difference between the two.
    There's Arena, and then there's Challenge. They're, like, the same.
    Owing to the fact that many Arena quests (or maybe all) are from the FREE
    WEEKLY DLC that you should totally take a look at, this list is ongoing and will
    go and go and go until Capcom decides to stop giving us DLC. Hope that doesn't
    happen for a while.
    EDIT: As of late September 2013, there appears to be no more DLC for the West.
          Sucks, looks like we lost a lot of content :\
    Some of the Arena quests have HUNTER RANK requirements. Until you've reached
    HR8, for example, you cannot take the Deviljho Challenge Quest.
    A miscellaneous note is that most of these only allow a max of two people to
    participate. Two people makes quests a lot easier than you'd think, and in
    some cases it's really almost impossible to get an S RANK TIME without having
    an additional person bashing the monster's face in with you. Try to find
    someone to play with!
    Grudge Match: Lagombi
    Grudge Match: Purple Ludroth
    Grudge Match: Barioth
    Grudge Match: Plesioth
    Grudge Match: Gigginox
    Grudge Match: Pink Rathian
    Grudge Match: Rathalos
    Grudge Match: Nargacuga
    Grudge Match: Lagiacrus
    Grudge Match: Rust Duramboros
    Grudge Match: Sea Power (Gobul, Green Plesioth)
    Grudge Match: Stygian Zinogre
    1:  Slay a Brachydios (Land Arena)
    2:  Slay a Green Plesioth (Water Arena)
    3:  Slay all large monsters (Ivory Lagiacrus, Azure Rathalos, Brachydios)(Land)
    4:  Slay a Deviljho (Land Arena)
    5:  Slay 2 Arzuros (Land Arena)
    6:  Slay a Rathian (Land Arena)
    7:  Slay a Crimson Qurupeco and a Pink Rathian (Land Arena)
    8:  Slay a Purple Ludroth and a Black Diablos (Land Arena)
    9:  Slay an Agnaktor and a Sand Barioth (Land Arena)
    10: Slay an Uragaan and a Nibelsnarf (Land Arena)
    Tanzia: DLC Quests
    These are basically ye olde quests. What makes them special though, is that some
    of them allow you to fight monsters without having to make the actual
    requirements (one particular DLC quest allows you to fight a Lucent Nargacuga
    even if your HR is at 8 but isn't high enough for the 8-star Lucy). Even more
    than that are the rewards they give.
    About 80% of the time, the DLC Event Quests give you a special item, like the
    "Shadowed Edge", which is necessary to forge a SPECIAL weapon unobtainable
    ANYWHERE ELSE. Other Event Quests give you items that are necessary to make
    special MASKS for Cha-Cha and Kayamba, or special ARMOR sets. Such Event
    Quests are the ONLY want to get weapons like TENEBRA, BUSHIDO, etc. For the
    most part, said weapons look awesome and are pretty good. So you'll want to
    do some of these. You'll also get monster parts too.
    Again, many of these event quests have Hunter's Rank requirements attached to
    them. Even if you download some of them, you won't see them pop up until your
    Hunter Rank is high enough.
    Streaking with Bullfangos
    Objective: Slay 20 Bullfango
    Location:  Land Arena
    Reward:    Medal Voucher L
    Medal Voucher L can make the ML001: Baltzenger, a special Lance, and Baron's
    Blazon, a special Gunlance. You cannot wear any armor or talismans for this
    The Dark Demon's Sword
    Objective: Slay 1 Gigginox, 1 Great Baggi, and 1 Barioth
    Location:  Tundra
    Reward:    Shadowed Edge
    The Shadowed Edge is necessary to forge Tenebra, a special Long Sword. This
    is an Epic Hunt quest.
    Flooded Forest Free-for-All
    Objective: Slay 1 Royal Ludroth, 1 Lagiacrus, and 1 Gobul
    Location:  Flooded Forest (F. Forest)
    Reward:    Captain's IOU
    The Captain's IOU is necessary to make the Hell Hunter Jacket / Hell Hunter
    Leather, Black Leather Chaps / Black Leather Pants, and Shadow Shades, a three
    piece armor set. This is an Epic Hunt quest.
    Island Egg Hunt
    Objective: Deliver 3 Wyvern Eggs
    Location:  Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Reward:    Exquisite Meat
    The Exquisite Meat is necessary to craft the Kebab-boo Mask for Cha-Cha and
    Kayamba, a Village Request in Moga Village. As with all wyvern egg fetches,
    Rathian could potentially appear to have her revenge.
    Colorful Beasts
    Objective: Hunt 1 Nargacuga, 1 Rathalos, and 1 Zinogre
    Location:  Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Reward:    Top Secret Formula
    The Top Secret Formula is necessary to forge Sinister Saints, a special
    Switch Axe. This is an Epic Hunt quest. Brachydios might appear. Must be
    HR3 at least.
    A Strange Breed
    Objective: Hunt 2 Baleful Gigginox
    Location:  Land Arena
    Reward:    Flashbolt Diploma
    They both appear at the same time. Deal with it. The Flashbolt Diploma is
    necessary to forge the Voltage Verve, a special Hunting Horn, and the Rising
    Soul, a special Long Sword. Must be HR3 at least.
    Herald of Prosperity
    Objective: Slay or repel a Jhen Mohran
    Location:  Great Desert
    Reward:    G-rank Jhen Mohran parts
    This is the only G-rank Jhen Mohran quest. Do this to farm for G-rank Jhen
    Mohran. Must be HR8 at least.
    Volcano Rock Festival
    Objective: Deliver 3 Powderstones
    Location:  Volcano
    Reward:    Charms and ores
    This quest gives some really nice charms. Must be HR7 at least.
    Cruel King of the Sea
    Objective: Hunt an Ivory Lagiacrus
    Location:  Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Reward:    Thunderclap Manual
    The Thunderclap Manual is necessary to forge the Lightning Blaze, a special
    Gunlance. This quest's Ivory Lagiacrus is what is known as a SUPER SAIYAN Ivory
    Lagiacrus. Its attacks will more than easy defeat the hunter, no matter what
    type of armor you are running, within 1 - 2 hits. Tread with caution.
    Interestingly enough this quest will always have a Silver Crown Large Ivory
    Lagiacrus. Must be HR6 at least.
    Gigginox Buffet
    Objective: Hunt at least 2 Gigginox before time expires or deliver a Paw
               Pass Ticket
    Location:  Tundra NIGHT
    Reward:    Lion's Claw
    The Lion's Claw is necessary to forge Lion's Bane, a special Great Sword. A
    Paw Pass Ticket will only show up after 2 Gigginoxes have been defeated. Must
    be HR3 at least.
    Where's the Uragaan!?
    Objective: Hunt 1 Uragaan and 1 Volvidon
    Location:  Land Arena
    Reward:    Miniature Ticket
    The Miniature Ticket is necessary to forge Sanctioned Sword, a special Sword
    and Shield. Similar to Monster Hunter Tri's "The Phantom Uragaan", this quest
    features a mini Uragaan (smaller than even Jaggi) while the Volvidon is of
    normal size. Must be HR6 at least.
    Gathering of Songbirds
    Objective: Hunt 2 Qurupecos and 2 Crimson Qurupecos
    Location:  Deserted Island (D. Island)
    Reward:    Sparkly Fragment
    The Sparkling Fragment is necessary to craft the Cosmic Mask for Cha-Cha and
    Kayamba, viewable in the Village Requests in Moga Village. All of the
    Qurupecos and Crimson Qurupecos are in mini form, similar to the Uragaan
    quest up above, and as such they are extremely tiny. All carves will always be
    Sparkly Fragments. Must be HR3 at least.
    An Ominous Cry
    Objective: Hunt 1 Qurupeco
    Location:  Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Reward:    Normal monster parts
    Must be HR6 at least. Savage Deviljho is the summoned monster in this quest.
    This is one way to farm Savage Deviljho.
    The Mountain in the Desert
    Objective: Hunt 1 Rust Duramboros
    Location:  Sandy Plains (S. Plains)
    Reward:    Far East Sword
    The Far East Sword is necessary to forge the Bushido, a special Dual Swords
    set. The Rust Duramboros is always Gold Crown in terms of size. Must be HR6
    at least.
    Where Gods Fear to Tread
    Objective: Slay 1 Alatreon
    Location:  Sacred Land
    Reward:    Normal monster parts
    Normal Alatreon quest, only it's the Tanzia High Rank counterpart to Moga's.
    That way it's possible to farm Alatreon with other people.
    Deviljho in the Buff
    Objective: Hunt a Deviljho
    Location:  Tundra
    Reward:    Fierce Soul
    The Fierce Soul is necessary to forge the Eisenfaust, a special Great Sword.
    You cannot wear any armor or talismans for this quest (basically, a mandatory
    naked run), and you have to be HR6 at least.
    Hard-Hitting Lineup
    Objective: Hunt 1 Diablos, 1 Uragaan, 1 Black Diablos, and 1 Steel Uragaan
    Location:  Land Arena
    Reward:    Medal Voucher G
    The Medal Voucher G is necessary to forge the Dragon's Roar, a special Switch
    Axe. Must be HR6 at least.
    Bottomless Beast
    Objective: Hunt a Savage Deviljho
    Location:  Tundra NIGHT
    Reward:    Normal monster parts
    This is the only quest that is a guaranteed Savage Deviljho. The only other way
    to farm Savage Deviljho for its unique parts is to have it come as a guest
    monster in other G Rank quests.
    Motley Crew
    Objective: Hunt 1 Barroth, 1 Plesioth, 1 Nibelsnarf, 1 Steel Uragaan, and
               1 Gigginox
    Location:  Land Arena
    Reward:    ?
    Must be HR6 at least.
    A Father and Son Outing
    Objective: Hunt 2 Green Plesioth
                 **Actually, only one needs to die to fulfill the quest**
    Location:  Land Arena
    Reward:    ?
    One of the Green Plesioth is of gigantic size, while the other Green Plesioth is
    a mini Green Plesioth, meaning it's tiny. I am still of the opinion that they
    need to make a mini Deviljho quest. Seriously.
    Must be HR6 at least.
    Descent into Hades
    Objective: Hunt 1 Stygian Zinogre
    Location:  Volcano
    Reward:    Hades's Skull
    The Hades's Skull is necessary to forge a special weapon. Interestingly enough,
    the Stygian Zinogre will always been of a Gold Crown size. It is also a Super
    Stygian Zinogre. Similar to the Ivory Lagiacrus, its damage output is
    exponentially increased.
    Fanning the Flames
    Objective: Slay a Dire Miralis
    Location:  Tainted Sea
    Reward:    ?
    Generic Dire Miralis quest. Must be HR7 at least. I guess it's there in case
    you feel like farming Dire Miralis but haven't unlocked Dire Miralis *shrug*
    Clashing Fists!
    Objective: Hunt a Brachydios
    Location:  Volcano
    Reward:    ?
    Must be HR6 at least. This is the Super Brachydios quest.
    The Second Coming
    Objective: Slay an Alatreon
    Location:  Sacred Land
    Reward:    G-rank Alatreon parts
    This is that super-Alatreon everyone's been talking about, and it's much, much
    worse than those High Rank Alatreons you've been farming. Unfortunately, if you
    want to either max out your Alatreon gear or get the G-rank Alatreon armor,
    you have no choice but to come as a brave yet humble hunter into the most
    dangerous of all quests... Must be HR8 at least.
    Emperor of the Abyss
    Objective: Slay an Abyssal Lagiacrus
    Location:  Underwater Ruins
    Reward:    ?
    Generic Abyssal Lagiacrus quest. Guess it's for people who want to farm Miss
    Abyss but don't have the HR points to unlock her.
    Sight Unseen
    Objective: Hunt a Lucent Nargacuga
    Location:  Tower
    Reward:    ?
    Must be HR8 at least. Designed for people who want to hunt Lucy but don't have
    enough HR points to unlock it, I think.
    The Face of Fear
    Objective: Hunt 2 Deviljho
    Location:  Land Arena
    Reward:    ?
    Woohoo! Have to be HR8 at least. Have fun, especially if you're soloing it!
    The Greatest Hunter
    Objective: Hunt a Rathalos, a Zinogre, a Brachydios, an Ivory Lagiacrus, and
               a Deviljho
    Location:  Land Arena
    Reward:    ?
    Last DLC for the West :( I think they show up one at a time. So it's basically
    just some epic hunt quest thingy in the Land Arena. Like Mark of a Hero but
    not Mark of a Hero? Anyways have fun I guess.
    This section is dedicated to stuff completely unrelated to hunting boss monsters
    or minions, questing, gathering/farming other materials, multiplayer, armors,
    or weapons. Basically, this section is for all that other fluff that ain't
    nobody got time for.
    Guild Card
    Your oh-so-customizable ID CARD is back! You can choose a pose, customize your
    own greeting (nothing vulgar or personal, please), and choose a lovely
    background that matches your personality!
    When you Streetpass with the 3DS, anyone else that plays Monster Hunter will
    receive your Guild Card, and you will receive theirs. This is incredibly useful
    because not only will you suddenly realize you're not lonely and that THERE ARE
    OTHER HUNTERS NOT IN JAPAN, but these hunters will become hunters you can use
    for "Hunters for Hire", which is the ONLY way to get the Rhopessa armor (I
    think there's a male Rhopessa counterpart? Not sure).
    You can also look at their own achievements and how far they've gone, their
    weapon usage stats, and their Arena times. Better make your own times as good
    as possible, eh?
    But the MOST IMPORTANT part of anybody's Guild Card is obviously the ACHIVEMENT
    SECTION. Because you want everyone to know that you're a MASTER HUNTER, you
    must obtain ALL the achivements!
    Some of the achievements you'll get by simply playing through the game. Some
    achivements require a little bit of effort on your part, sort of like side
    quests but they fall in pretty easily with the main body of the game. And as
    for the rest... Well, let's just say you'll have to be moon crazy to get them.
    I will list all the Achivements that I know of here. If anyone else has anything
    I'm missing, let me know!
    CHIEF'S GARB: Proof you have finished the early village Quests. This garb has
                  seen a lot of use.
                    Obtain: Complete Low Rank village.
    CHIEF'S PIPE: Proof you have completed the later village Quests. A memento of
                  the Chief's youth.
                    Obtain: Complete High Rank village.
    AISHA'S PENDANT: Proof you have completed all the village Quests. This charm
                  brings safety and success to hunts.
                    Obtain: 100% all the village quests.
    COPPER MEDAL: Proof you have completed all 1 to 2 star port Quests. Awarded to
                  yeoman hunters.
                    Obtain: Complete 1* and 2* Tanzia Port quests
    SILVER MEDAL: Proof you have completed all 3 to 5 star port Quests. Awarded to
                  tamed hunters.
                    Obtain: Complete 3*, 4*, and 5* Tanzia Port quests
    GOLD MEDAL:   <I don't have a description, I just know it exists>
                    Obtain: <pretty sure it's complete all G Rank quests>
    CHAMPION'S BADGE: Proof you have conquered all the Arena Quests. A validation
                  of your great effort.
                    Obtain: Complete all Arena quests. Don't know if Challenge count
    ARENA TROPHY: Proof of earning Rank A in all Arena Quests. A validation of your
                  keen judgment
                    Obtain: Get Rank A time in all Arena quests.
    MARK OF STRENGTH: Proof you have completed all Advanced Quests. A medal that
                  signifies immense strength.
                    Obtain: Complete all the G Rank [Advanced] Quests
    TIDAL NECKLACE: Proof you have defeated a Lagiacrus. Its blue brilliance grants
                    Obtain: Defeat Lagiacrus in its Urgent Quest
    HUNTER'S MARK: Proof you have saved the port from impending disaster. Awarded to
                  hunters honored by the Guild
                    Obtain: Repel Ceadeus in its special Urgent Quest
    GEM OF THE DEPTHS: Proof you have repelled a Ceadeus. Said to have the power to
                  prevent calamity
                    Obtain: Repel Ceadeus
    PLATINUM BLADE: A double-edged sword awarded in honor of defeating the Chief's
                  nemesis, the Ivory Lagiacrus
                    Obtain: Defeat Ivory Lagiacrus in its Urgent Quest
    GOLDEN MIRROR: Proof you have defeated a Goldbeard Ceadeus. Said to be able to
                  drive away calamity.
                    Obtain: Slay Goldbeard Ceadeus in its Urgent Quest
    JHEN CRYSTAL: Proof you have defeated the magnificent Jhen Mohran. It is said to
                  grant luck.
                    Obtain: Complete the Jhen Mohran village quest
    HALLOWED SHARD: Proof you have defeated the Hallowed Jhen Mohran. Could this be
                  the source of its life force?
                    Obtain: Complete the G Rank Hallowed Jhen Mohran quest
    OBSIDIAN BROOCH: Proof you have defeated a Brachydios. Crafted from its armor,
                  it has an ominous shine.
                    Obtain: Defeat Brachydios in its Urgent Quest
    MIRALIS RING: Proof you have defeated the mighty Dire Miralis. It shines red in
                  resonance with the earth.
                    Obtain: Complete the Dire Miralis Urgent Quest
    ALATREON'S RING: Proof you have defeated the ferocious Alatreon. It has the
                  power to alter weather.
                    Obtain: Complete the Alatreon Urgent Quest
    LUCENT HAORI: Proof you have defeated a Lucent Nargacuga. The coat's moonlit
                  glow dazzles viewers.
                    Obtain: Slay a Lucent Nargacuga in its quest
    MALNOURISHED BLOOD: Proof you have defeated a Savage Deviljho. Heaven knows what
                  evils lurk within the dark red liquid.
                    Obtain: Slay a Savage Deviljho anywhere
    ABYSSAL NECKLACE: Proof you have defeated an Abyssal Lagiacrus. Emits a pale
                  blue light even in the depths of the abyss.
                    Obtain: Slay Abyssal Lagiacrus in its quest
    OLD CHILDHOOD MASK: Proof you have acquired all Masks and Dances. Cha-Cha wore
                  this one as a child.
                    Obtain: Get all the masks (including Argosy masks) and dances
    LACKEY TESTIMONIAL: Proof Cha-Cha is maxed out. The certificate testifies that
                  you are his #1 lackey.
                    Obtain: Level Cha-Cha up to 50, the maximum level.
    MINION CERTIFICATE: Proof Kayamba is maxed out. The certificate testifies that
                  you are his #1 minion.
                    Obtain: Level Kayamba up to 50.
    CHUM CHUM: Proof of Cha-Cha and Kayamba's friendship. This odd couple have
                  become true bosom buddies.
                    Obtain: Get Cha-Cha and Kayamba's Chum-Chum level up to 5.
    CHARMSMAN'S CHARM: Proof you have unearthed an absurd number of charms. Not a
                  stone remains once you've passed through.
                    Obtain: You get it after getting enough charms from mining rocks
    FARM CERTIFICATE: Proof that you maintain a top-class Farm. The judging
                  standards were quite harsh.
                    Obtain: Get fields, honey box, shroom box, and bug box to
    VOW OF BROTHERHOOD: Proof you have maxed out the Hunting Fleet. The crew has
                  accepted you as family.
                    Obtain: Max out the 3 boats. Rare trade with Argosy.
    CHIEF'S CAULDRON: Proof you have collected all the best ingredients. A Tanzian
                  cookware specialty.
                    Obtain: Get all the Canteen upgrades
    POOGIE BALL: Proof you have collected every Poogie costume. Round, soft, and
                  snuggly--just like the real thing!
                    Obtain: Rare trade with Argosy to get all the Poogie outfits.
    I know I'm missing some, because I haven't gotten them all and my Guild Card
    list hasn't gotten them all either. Here's a few I'm pretty sure exist, I would
    appreciate confirmation:
    -Get 1,000,000 Resource Points
    -Get 1,000,000 Hunter Rank Points
    -Get 10 weapons in every single weapon category, fully maxed out, plus 10 G
     Rank armors (i.e. 120 fully maxed out weapons)
    -Have a Gold Crown large and small for every single boss monster with variable
    Yeah, and you thought that 100%ing this game would be hard.
    Thank you for reading!

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